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《哈克贝里·费恩历险记》第6章:第6节 相关专题:· 有声读物-安徒生童话故事·有声读物-浪漫满屋· 新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200809/47647。

  • ;I have every reason in the world to think ill of you. No motive can excuse the unjust andungenerouspart you acted THERE. You dare not, you cannot deny, that you have been the principal, if not the only means of dividing them from each other--of exposing one to the censure of the world forcapriceand instability, and the other to its derision for disappointed hopes, and involving them both in misery of the acutest kind. ;“我有足够的理由对你怀着恶感。你对待那件事完全无情无义,不论你是出于什么动机,都叫人无可原谅。说起他们俩的分离,即使不是你一个人造成的,也是你主使的,这你可不敢否认,也不能否认。你使得男方被大家指责为朝三暮四,使女方被大家嘲笑为奢望空想,你叫他们俩受尽了苦痛。”She paused, and saw with no slightindignationthat he was listening with an air which proved him wholly unmoved by any feeling of remorse. He even looked at her with a smile of affected incredulity.她说到这里,只见他完全没有一点儿悔恨的意思,真使她气得非同小可。他甚至还假装出一副不相信的神气在微笑。;Can you deny that you have done it?; she repeated.“你能否认你这样做过吗?”她又问了一遍。With assumed tranquillity he then replied: ;I have no wish of denying that I did everything in my power to separate my friend from your sister, or that I rejoice in my success. Towards HIM I have been kinder than towards myself. ;他故作镇静地回答道:“我不想否认。我的确用心了一切办法,拆散了我朋友和你的一段姻缘;我也不否认,我对自己那一次的成绩觉得很得意。我对他总算比对我自己多尽了一份力。”Elizabeth disdained the appearance of noticing this civil reflection, but its meaning did not escape, nor was it likely to conciliate her.伊丽莎白听了他这篇文雅的调整词令,表面上并不愿意显出很注意的样子。这番话的用意她当然明白,可是再也平息不了她的气愤。;But it is not merely this affair, ; she continued, ;on which my dislike is founded. Long before it had taken place my opinion of you was decided. Your character was unfolded in the recital which I received many months ago from Mr. Wickham. On this subject, what can you have to say? In what imaginary act of friendship can you here defend yourself? or under whatmisrepresentationcan you here impose upon others?;“不过,我还不止在这一件事情上面厌恶你,”她继续说道,“我很早就厌恶你,对你有了成见。几个月以前听了韦翰先生说的那些话,我就明白了你的品格。这件事你还有什么可说的?看你再怎样来替你自己辩护,把这件事也异想天开地说是为了维护朋友?你又将怎么样来颠倒是非,欺世盗名?”;You take an eager interest in that gentleman#39;s concerns, ; said Darcy, in a less tranquil tone, and with a heightened colour.达西先生听到这里,脸色变得更厉害了,说话的声音也不象刚才那么镇定,他说:“你对于那位先生的事的确十分关心。”;Who that knows what his misfortunes have been, can help feeling an interest in him?;“凡是知道他的不幸遭遇的人,谁能不关心他?”;His misfortunes!; repeated Darcy contemptuously; ;yes, his misfortunes have been great indeed. ;“他的不幸遭遇!”达西轻蔑地重说了一遍。“是的,他的确太不幸啦。”;And of your infliction, ; cried Elizabeth with energy. ;You have reduced him to his present state of poverty--comparative poverty. You have withheld the advantages which you must know to have been designed for him. You have deprived the best years of his life of that independence which was no less his due than his desert. You have done all this! and yet you can treat the mention of his misfortune with contempt andridicule. ;“这都是你一手造成的,”伊丽莎白使劲叫道。“你害得他这样穷……当然并不是太穷。凡是指定由他享有的利益,你明明知道,却不肯给他。他正当年轻力壮,应该独立自主,你却剥夺了他这种权利。这些事都是你做的,可是人家一提到他的不幸,你还要鄙视和嘲笑。”;And this, ; cried Darcy, as he walked with quick steps across the room, ;is your opinion of me! This is the estimation in which you hold me! I thank you for explaining it so fully. My faults, according to this calculation, are heavy indeed! But perhaps, ; added he, stopping in his walk, and turning towards her, ;these offenses might have been overlooked, had not your pride been hurt by my honest confession of the scruples that had long prevented my forming any serious design. These bitter accusations might have been suppressed, had I, with greater policy, concealed my struggles, and flattered you into the belief of my being impelled by unqualified, unalloyed inclination; by reason, by reflection, by everything. But disguise of every sort is my abhorrence. Nor am I ashamed of the feelings I related. They were natural and just. Could you expect me to rejoice in theinferiorityof your connections?--to congratulate myself on the hope of relations, whose condition in life is so decidedly beneath my own?;“这就是你对我的看法!”达西一面大声叫嚷,一面向屋子那头走去。“你原来把我看成这样的一个人!谢谢你解释得这样周到。这样看来,我真是罪孽孽深重!不过,”他止住了步,转过身来对她说:“只怪我老老实实地把我以前一误再误、迟疑不决的原因说了出来,所以伤害了你自尊心,否则你也许就不会计较我得罪你的这些地方了。要是我耍一点儿手段,把我内心矛盾掩藏起来,一昧恭维你,叫你相信我无论在理智方面、思想方面、以及种种方面,都是对你怀着无条件的、纯洁的爱,那么,你也许就不会有这些苛刻的责骂了。可惜无论是什么样的装假,我都痛恨。我刚才所说出的这些顾虑,我也并不以为可耻。这些顾虑是自然的,正确的。难道你指望我会为你那些微贱的亲戚而欢欣鼓舞吗?难道你以为,我要是攀上了这么些社会地位远不如我的亲戚,倒反而会自己庆幸吗?” Article/201111/161213。
  • Figure On The Proch 02门廊鬼影 02  I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep. After I had lain there for about 5 minutes, I started to hear a tapping sound. I listened for a minute, and that was when I realized that the sound was coming from underneath my bed! I was too afraid to look under it, so I just tried to ignore it and go to sleep. After it did it for almost 10 minutes, the tapping suddenly stopped. What happened next I will never forget for as long as I live.  There was a lone window in the room, and that night the curtains were pulled back. I was facing the window, and just moments after the tapping stopped, a white transparent figure slowly moved past the window from right to left. It seemed to be walking on the front porch, which covered the entire front of the house. The figure appeared to have a glow to it, kind of like the moon has. Needless to say, I was horrified. I froze in terror, with my eyes fixed on the window. Fortunately I didn’t see it again. I tried to rationalize what I had just seen, but I couldn’t. We were in the middle of nowhere! There were no roads, no cars, no nothing, just a long dirt road and a bunch of trees. Everyone else was asleep, so I was the only one who saw this. I was too scared to sleep after that, so I just lay there for the rest of the night. The next morning I was thinking about what I had seen, and I remembered that sometimes my aunt would hang clothes out to dry on the front porch. This must have been what I had seen, right? Maybe it was a sheet or something. I asked her at breakfast if she had left any clothes out on the porch last night. She said she didn’t dry anything at all yesterday! There was no other explanation for what I had seen. Honestly, I really didn't think a sheet could have looked like that, anyway. This thing’s movement was too animated to be a sheet. I guess I just wanted to think that.  于是,我又躺回去,抓紧时间睡觉。在我躺下不到五分钟,就开始听到有轻轻的叩击声从我床底下传来,吓得我也不敢下去看,只好置之不理,继续睡觉。就这样过了足足十分钟,敲击声突然停了,而接下来发生了一件令我今生难忘的事情!  这间屋子有一个很高的窗户,那天夜里窗帘没拉上,而我就正对着窗户。在敲击声刚刚结束的瞬间,一个白色的、轮廓明显的身影就慢慢地从右向左经过了窗前,看上去好像是沿着前面的门廊走了过去,房子的前面都用这种门廊遮盖着,这个身影看上去带着跟月光一样的亮光。毫无疑问,我被吓呆了,我愣在那里,两眼直勾勾的紧盯着窗户,幸运的是,我没有再看到他。我想给我刚才所看到的找一个合理的解释,但是,我做不到。我们是在一个荒无人烟的地方,这儿没有公路,没有汽车,什么都没有,只有一条长长的土路和树丛。当时,他们几个都睡着了,而我是唯一一个看到这个影子的人,第二天早上我还在琢磨昨晚我看到的那一幕,突然想起来姑妈有时候会在前面的门廊上晒衣,是不是我看错了呢?也许,那只是一张床单或者其它什么的。于是在吃早饭时,我问姑妈昨晚上她有没有在前面门廊上留下衣。她说昨天一天她什么也没有晒!我再找不到什么可以用来解释我所看到的这一切了。说实话,不管怎样,我打心眼里也不认为床单看上去会是那个样子,床单不会像它这样活生生地动啊!  我觉得也许我只是那么想而已。 Article/200811/56138。
  • 7 Friday第7章 星期五For two years I never went anywhere without my gun.两年来,没带我从不四处乱走。I felt lonely and afraid,and had many sleepless nights.我感到孤独和害怕,许多晚上无法入睡。One night there was a very bad storm,and I thought I heard the sound of guns out at sea.一个晚上来了一场非常厉害的风暴。我想我听到海上的声。The next morning I looked out,and saw a ship.第二天早晨我往外望去,看到一只轮船。It was lying on its side not far from the shore.它斜搁在离海岸不远的海面上。Quickly,I put my little boat in the water and sailed out to it.我迅速地把我的小船拖下水并朝大船驶去。There were two dead men on the ship,but no one alive.船上有两个死人,但没有人活着,The bodies of the other sailors were lost in the sea.其他水手的尸体都消失在海上。I took some clothes and tools,and also a box of Spanish gold and silver money.我带走一些衣和工具,还有一箱西班牙金币和银币,I was a rich man now,but what use was money to me?现在我成了一个富翁,但这些钱对我有什么用呢?I could not buy anything with it.我用它们什么也买不到。I wanted people,a friend,somebody to talk to…我渴望人类,一个朋友,可以谈话的人……somebody who could help me escape from my island.可以帮助我逃离孤岛的人。One morning I woke up and made a plan.有天早上我醒来作了个计划。#39;I#39;ll try to catch one of the prisoners of the wild men,#39;I said to myself.“我将试图能救一个那些野人的俘虏,”我自言自语,#39;He#39;ll be happy to be alive and perhaps he#39;ll help me to escape. #39;“他将因为活着而高兴,可能他会帮助我逃跑。”I watched day and night,but for a year and a half there were no boats.我日夜观望着,但一年半过去了,却再也没见到船只出现。Then one day five boats came.有一天,海上来了五只船,There were about thirty men and they had two prisoners.大约有30个人和两个俘虏。They made their fire on the sand and danced round it.他们在沙滩上生火并围着火跳舞,Then they killed one of the prisoners and began to cook their terrible meal.然后他们杀了一个俘虏并开始煮可怕的食物。The second prisoner waited under the trees,with two men to watch him.另一个俘虏在树下等候,留有两个人看守,Suddenly,the prisoner turned and ran.突然,这个俘虏转身就跑,The two men ran after him,两个人在后面追赶,but the other wild men were busy round the fire and did not see what was happening.但其余的野人围着火忙着,并没有看见发生的事。The prisoner ran like a wild goat,那俘虏像一只野山羊在奔跑,and soon I saw that he was coming near the bottom of my hill.不一会儿我看到他已跑到我的山脚下。As fast as I could,I ran down the hill and jumped out of the trees between the prisoner and the two wild men.我尽快地跑下山去,在俘虏和另两个野人之间的树丛里跳出来。I hit the first man with the wooden end of my gun and he fell down,我用木制的柄击倒第一个野人,but I had to shoot the second man.但我却不得不开打死第二个。The poor prisoner did not move.可怜的俘虏没有移动,He was afraid of the noise of my gun.他被声吓呆了。I called to him and tried to show him that I was friendly.我大声招呼他,努力向他表明我是友好的。Slowly,he moved nearer to me,but just then the first wild man began to get up from the ground.他慢慢地向我靠近,但这时第一个野人开始从地上爬起来。Then the prisoner spoke and I understood that he wanted my sword.然后这俘虏说话了,我明白他需要我的刀。How happy I was to hear words again!能够听到人的语言我是多么高兴啊!I gave him my sword,and at once he cut off the head of his enemy.我给他我的刀,他立刻砍掉了敌人的脑袋。Hurriedly,we hid the dead bodies under some leaves,and then left quickly.我们急忙把尸体藏在了落叶下,然后迅速地离开。I took my prisoner to my secret cave on the other side of the island and gave him food and drink.我把俘虏带到岛的另一面我隐蔽的洞穴,并给他食物和水,After that,he went to sleep.不久,他睡着了。He was a fine young man,about twenty-five years old,他是一个可爱的年轻人,大约25岁,tall and well-built,with a kind face and a nice smile.身材高大健壮,和善的脸上带着开心的微笑。He had a brown skin,black hair,bright eyes and strong white teeth.他褐色皮肤,黑头发,明亮的眼睛和坚固的白牙齿。I decided to give him the name of#39;Man Friday#39;,because I first saw him on a Friday.我决定叫他“仆人星期五”,因为我是在星期五第一次见到他。When he woke up in the morning,he ran out to me.当他早上醒来时,他跑到我的身边。I was milking my goats in the field,and he got down on the ground and put his head near my foot.我正在田里挤羊奶,他跪在地上把他的头贴在43我的脚边。I understood that he was thank-ing me,and I tried to show him that I was his friend.我明白他在感谢我,我努力向他表明我是他的朋友。I began to teach him to speak English,我开始教他说英语,and soon he could say his name,#39;Master#39;,and#39;Yes#39;and#39;No#39;.不久,他能够说他的名字,“主人”及“是”与“不是”。How good it was to hear a man#39;s voice again!重新听到人的声音是多么美妙啊!Later that day we went back to my first house.那天傍晚,我们回到我的第一次建造的房子,We went carefully along the beach,but there were no boats and no wild men.我们沿着海滨小心走着,但那儿没有船和野人,Just blood and bones all over the sand.只有血迹和尸骨散落在沙滩上,I felt ill,but Fri-day wanted to eat the pieces of men#39;s bodies which were still on the ground.我感到恶心,但星期五想吃地上的尸体的碎块,I showed him that this was terrible for me,and he understood.我向他表示这对我来说很可怕,他明白了。When we got to my house,I gave Man Friday some trousers,当我们回到房子里,我给星期五几条裤子,and I made him a coat and a hat.而且给他做了件外套和一顶帽子,He liked his new clothes very much.他非常喜欢他的新衣。Then I made him a little tent to sleep in,然后我给他搭了一座小帐篷睡觉,but for a few weeks I always took my gun to bed with me.但一连几个星期我总是带睡觉,Perhaps Friday was still a wild man and would try to kill me in the night.或许因为星期五还是一个野人,也许他会在夜里杀了我。At first,Friday was very afraid of my gun.开始,星期五害怕我的,Sometimes he talked to it,and asked it not to kill him.有时他对说话,叫不要杀死他。Friday was a quick learner and his English got better day by day.星期五学得很快,他的英语讲得一天比一天好。He helped me with the goats and with the work in the cornfields,他帮我养山羊和在田地里干活,and soon we were good friends.不久我们成了好朋友。I enjoyed teaching him and,most of all,having a friend to talk to.我乐于教他,最重要的是有一个朋友可以谈话,This was the happiest of all my years on the island.这是我在岛上最快乐的时光。Friday and I lived together happily for three years.我和星期五幸福地一起生活了三年,I told him the story of my adventures and about life in England,我告诉他我的冒险经历和在英国的生活,and he told me about his country and his people.他告诉我有关他的国家及人民。One day we were at the top of the highest hill on the island,一天,我们站在岛的最高的山顶,and we were looking out to sea.眺望大海,It was a very clear day and we could see a long way.天气十分睛朗,我们可以看得很远。Suddenly,Friday began to jump up and down,very excited.突然,星期五跳上跳下,非常兴奋。#39;What#39;s the matter?#39;I said.“发生了什么事?”我说。#39;Look,Master,look!#39;Friday cried. #39;I can see my country. Look over there!“看,主人,看哪!”星期五叫起来。“我能看见我的国家。看,就在那儿。”I looked,and there to the north-west,between the sea and the sky,was a long thin piece of land.我看到从这儿往西北,在海天之间,有一片狭长的土地。I learnt later that it was the island of Trinidad,我后来知道这是特立尼达岛,and that my island was in the mouth of the River Orinoco on the north coast of South America.而我的岛在南美洲北部海岸的奥里诺科河的河口。I began to think again about escape.我又重新开始考虑逃离。Perhaps Friday wanted to go home too.也许星期五也想回家。Perhaps together we could get to his country.或许我们能一起回到他的国家。But what then?但那会怎样呢?Would Friday still be my friend,or would his people kill me and eat me?星期五仍会是我的朋友么?他的伙伴会杀死并吃掉我么?I took Friday to the other side of the island and showed him my big canoe.我把星期五带到岛的另一边,向他展示我的庞大的独木舟。It still lay under the trees.它仍躺在树下。It was very old now,and there were holes in the wood.现在它非常旧,木头上有些洞。#39;Could a boat like this sail to your country,Friday?#39;I asked him.“星期五,像这样的船能驶到你的国家吗?”我问他。#39;Oh yes,#39;he answered.“哦,能,”他回答说。#39;A boat like this can carry a lot of food and drink. #39;“像这样的船能装运许多食物和水。”#39;Then we#39;ll make another canoe like it,and you can go home in it,#39;I said.“那么我们将制造差不多的另一只独木舟,你就可以乘着它回家了。”我说。But Friday looked very unhappy.但星期五看起来很不开心。#39;Why are you angry with me?#39;he asked.“为什么你生我的气呢?”#39;What have I done?Why do you want to send me home?#39;他问。“我做了什么?为什么你想送我回家?”#39;But I thought you wanted to go home,#39;I said.“但我认为你想回家,”我说道。#39;Yes. But you must come with me.“是的。但是你一定要和我一起去。Kill me if you want,but don#39;t send me away from you!#39;假如你想杀我也可以,但不要把我送走!”Then I saw that Friday was a true friend,and so I agreed to go with him.此后我发现星期五是一个真诚的朋友,因此我同意和他一起走。We began work on the canoe at once.我们马上开始建造独木舟。Friday chose the tree himself—he understood wood better than I did—and we cut it down.星期五亲自挑选木头——他比我更懂得木材的好坏——我们砍倒树木。We worked hard and in a month the boat was finished.我们辛苦地工作,一个月就把船造好了。Two weeks later it was in the sea,and we began to get y for our long journey.两个星期后船下水了,我们开始为长途旅行作准备。 Article/201202/172673。
  • 有声名著之远大前程 Chapter7 远大前程Great Expectations英语原版下载 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 Article/200809/48722。
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