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宜春韩美整形美容医院韩式三点好吗宜春市第七人民医院鼻子隆鼻鼻骨鼻部多少钱This College Student Used Coupons to Donate 0,000 Worth of Products to Charity这个大学生用优惠券为慈善机构捐赠了价值10万美元的商品The latest advocate for charitable couponing may just blow the U.K.#39;s Holly Smith--who used coupons to nab more than ,700 worth of groceries for a homeless shelter--out of the water.近期针对可捐赠优惠券的倡议让英国的Holly Smith火了一把,她用优惠券为一个收容所捐赠了价值超过1700美元的物品。Over the past five years, Hannah Steinberg, 20, has donated more than 0,000 in food and supplies to shelters, hospitals and international aid organizations, People reports.人民日报报道称,过去的五年内,20岁的Hannah Steinberg捐赠了价值10多万美元的食品和物料给救济站,医院和国际援助组织。A couponing reality show inspired her to start shopping for a cause when she was in ninth grade. At the time, the high schooler couldn#39;t get the stockpiles of stuff off her mind.一个优惠券真人秀节目给了她灵感,还上9年级的她便开始有目的地采购。在那时,这个高中生时时刻刻都想着大量囤积的物料。;I was shocked they would keep it for themselves and they wouldn#39;t do anything with it,; said the Tufts University junior. ;They#39;d have like 50 cans of tomato sauce and they#39;d never be able to use all of it.;“我很震惊他们宁愿自己留着而不愿用它们做任何事,”塔夫茨大学的大三学生说。“他们有大约50罐的番茄酱,而且他们永远不可能用完。”So she started couponing as part of her school#39;s community service requirement, using the vouchers to collect items for a family shelter.因此她开始用优惠券采购来作为学校社区务要求的一部分,用抵用券来为一个家庭救济站收集物品。While her first haul was meager (a few toothbrushes and some yogurts) she later invested 0 of babysitting money into the project, resulting in her first big donation. She sent a photo to her network along with the message: ;If you donate 0 to another charity that#39;s amazing, but that 0 is only 0 – look what I was able to get for that amount.; That#39;s when a family friend helped her establish a tax-deductible charity, Our Coupons Care. 虽然她第一次采购只是些不起眼的东西(一些牙刷和酸奶),但不久她就将照顾小孩的500美元投资到这个项目中,这也是她第一笔大数额捐赠。她在社交平台上发布了一张照片,并写道:“如果你向一家慈善机构捐赠了500美元,那好极了,但那500美元只是500美元,看看我能用这些钱弄到什么。”那时她的家人帮她建立了一个免税慈善机构,“我们的优惠券慈善”。Today, Steinberg balances studying for a double major (psychology and child development) with running a nonprofit by using spsheets to track store promotions, taking time off for vacations, and getting help from friends.如今,Steinberg通过电子数据表追踪商店促销活动来运营这个非营利组织,并权衡了学习双学位(心理学和儿童成长)与运营组织,度假和获得朋友的帮助之间的关系。;If you would#39;ve told me three years ago that in college I would still be doing this I would#39;ve been like, #39;Nope, that#39;s absolutely impossible,#39; ; she said. ;But I think I just missed it so much so I definitely think that as long as there are funds to keep going up I will definitely be doing it.;“如果你三年前告诉我说大学后我还在做这件事,我一定会说,‘不,这一定不可能,’”她说。“但是我认为我只是太喜欢了所以只要还有资金我一定会继续做下去。”Steinberg is currently working on a step-by-step guide on to using coupons effectively, which she#39;ll post on the charity#39;s Facebook page.Steinberg目前正在开发一个更有效使用优惠券的步骤指导,她会将其发布到慈善机构的Facebook主页上。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430204宜春韩美整形医院共振抽脂共振吸脂菲思挺膨体要多少费用 It is an outfit that attracts attention - and one that can stare back.这是一件引人注目,同时也能“反观外界”的外套。Fitted with a range of gadgetry, this fabric is covered with smart fibres that can expand and contract depending on who, and where, people look at it.衣的面料上配有一排小部件,表面附着一层智能面料,可以根据注视者目光的位置伸缩。By detecting how old they are and whether they#39;re men or women, it knows just how much to respond.通过追踪注视者的年龄和性别,面料就知道该做出多大反应。Those features may not make #39;Caress of the Gaze,#39; as creator Behnaz Farahi calls it, creep-proof, but it certainly lets them know something#39;s blocked their gaze.这些功能可能未必会让这件被发明者本纳兹·法拉希(Behnaz Farahi) 称为“目光的爱抚”的衣成为防狼利器,但是绝对能让他们觉察到有东西阻挡了他们的视线。Beneath the garb#39;s spotted spikes lie a hidden camera and microcontroller.在这件衣斑驳的尖状物下,隐藏着一个摄像头和微型控制器。They use an algorithm to spot onlookers and determine exactly where they#39;re looking, twisting around the wearer to match where they#39;re glancing.他们通过算法法则辨认观看者,并确定他们具体在看哪里,衣会随着观看者所看的位置在穿着者身上扭动。#39;What if our outfit could recognize and respond to the gaze of the other?#39; Farahi writes on her website.“如果我们的衣能识别并对他人的目光做出反应会是怎样的?”法拉希在其网站上写道。#39;This is an interactive 3D printed wearable, which can detect other people#39;s gaze and respond accordingly with life-like behaviour.#39;“这是一件交互式3D打印可穿戴外套,它可以追踪到别人的目光,并相应的给予生动的回应。”It#39;s not the first kind of clothing to change according to its surroundings—Chinese fashion designer Yin Gao, for instance has also made clothing that moves and lights up when people look at it.这并不是第一件能随环境改变的衣物——比如,中国时尚设计师高银(Yin Gao)也做过被人们注视就会移动、发光的衣。But when it comes to Farahi#39;s garment, its sophisticated ability to identify viewers and move exactly in line with their gaze set it far apart.但法拉希的这件衣,其通过辨别注视者并与注视者目光进行动态调整的复杂功能,确实令其脱颖而出。Another reason: its futuristic material, designed to flex like skin, was made by special 3D printer.还有一个原因:它充满未来感、可以像皮肤一样收缩的面料由特殊3D打印机制成。That #39;allows the fabrication of composite materials with varying flexibilities [and] densities,#39; Farahi said.“这就让复合材料制成的面料具有极大的灵活性和多变的密度。”法拉希如是说。#39;Inspired by the flexible behaviour of the skin itself, this outfit therefore exhibits different material characteristics in various parts of the body ranging from stiff to soft.#39;这件衣的灵感源自皮肤本身柔韧、有弹性的特点,因此它展示了身体不同部分的组织特性,软硬兼备。Farahi isn#39;t an ordinary designer—she#39;s an architect and interaction designer working toward her Ph.D. at University of Southern California.法拉希可不是普通设计师——她不仅是位建筑师,还是名交互设计师,目前正在南加州大学攻读士学位(University of Southern California)。And this isn#39;t her first foray into printed attire -her previous projects include a flexible collar and helmet.这并非她首次进军打印装界,此前她还做过可伸缩衣领和头盔等项目。But #39;Caress of the Gaze#39; is the first to directly respond to outside observers.但“眼神的爱抚”是首个能直接回应外界观察者的作品。She made it during Pier 9 artist residency at Autodesk, getting support from non-profit Madworkshop.她在欧特克公司(Autodesk)举办的“九号码头艺术家居所”活动中得到非营利组织“疯狂工作坊”(Madworkshop)的持,从而做出了这件衣。And while it may not be coming to stores anytime soon, it#39;s certainly showing what novel technology can do for fashion.虽然这种装或许不能很快进驻商店售卖,但它肯定显示出了新技术对时尚界的影响。 /201509/401596靖安县下颌角整形多少钱

宜春学院医学院激光去红血丝多少钱宜春市中医医院太田痣鲜红斑痣点痣切痣痣价格 宜春哪家医院去疤效果好又便宜

江西省宜春市第二人民医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱Han Yu (768~824), called Han Changli or Han Wengong, courtesy name Tuizhi, was the master of Chinese prose, outstanding poet, and the first proponent of what later came to be known as Neo-Confucianism, which had wide influence in China and Japan. 韩愈(768~824),字退之,也叫韩昌黎或韩文公,中国散文大家、杰出诗人,首倡对中国和日本有广泛影响的宋明理学。An orphan, Han initially failed his civil service exams because the examiners refused to accept his unconventional prose style, but he eventually entered the bureaucracy and served in several high government posts.韩愈是个孤儿,起初因考官不接受其非传统的文风而科考落地,但是他最终进了官场,做了高官。At a time when the popularity of Confucian doctrine had greatly declined, Han began a defense of it.当时,儒家学说已如昔日黄花盛况不再,于是韩愈开始捍卫儒学地位。He attacked Daoism and Buddhism, which were then at the height of their influence. So outspoken was he that he castigated the emperor for paying respect to the supposed finger bone of the Buddha; this act of criticism almost cost Han his life and caused him to be banished to South China for a year.韩愈攻击当时盛极一时的道教和佛教,非常直率地批评了皇帝对所谓的佛骨舍利的尊敬;此举差点要了韩愈的命,他因而被流放到南方过了一年。In defending Confucianism, Han ed extensively from the Mencius, the Daxue (;Great Learning;), the Zhongyong (;Doctrine of the Mean;), and the Yijing (;Classic of Changes;; known to many as Yijing-Ching), works that hitherto had been somewhat neglected by Confucians.为了捍卫儒学,韩愈广泛引用《孟子》、《大学》、《中庸》和《易经》里的话。这些书已经有点被当时的儒生忽视了。In so doing, he laid the foundations for later Neo-Confucianists who took their basic ideas from these books.就这样,韩愈为后来的宋明理学家(他们的基本思想是从这些仔里得来的)奠定了基础。Han advocated the adoption of ;ancient style;, the free, simple prose of these early philosophers, a style unencumbered by the mannerisms and elaborate verse-like regularity of the pianwen (“parallel prose;) style that was prevalent in Han#39;s time. 韩愈提倡写作古文。古文是早期哲学家使用的一种自由、简单的散文文体,这种文体并未受阻于汉代流行的辞藻华丽、崇尚对句等形式的骈文。His own essays (e. g. On the Way, On Man,and On Spirits) are among the most beautiful ever written in Chinese, and they became the most famous models of the prose style he espoused.韩愈自己的论文(《原道》、《原人》和《原性》)也在中国最优美的文章之列,并成为他所提倡的文体的范文。In his poetry also, Han tried to break out of the existing literary forms, but many of his efforts at literary reform failed.在写诗方面,韩愈也试图突破原有的文学形式,但是他在文学改革方面的许多努力都失败了。He is considered the first of the renowned ;Eight Masters of the Tang and Song;. At his death the title of president of the ministry of rites was conferred upon him, as well as the epithet “Master of Letters;, both great honours.韩愈被尊为“唐宋八大家”之首,去世时被追封为礼部尚书(应该是吏部侍郎),谥号“文”。 /201601/420560 江西省宜春彩光祛痘多少钱宜春医学整形美容垫高颧骨鼻翼减薄整形颧骨降低价格



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