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导购口语:We may either pay you an allowance or have the goods replaced.我们或者给你折价,或者给你换货We could exchange them you if you like.我们可以给您换一双If you have the receipt, I can replace it you.如果您有发票,我可以给您换 语句:Pay you an allowance给你折价;have the goods replaced给你换货;exchange sth. sb. replace sth. sb.都表示“为某人换某物” 情景再现:There is something wrong with the plug. Ill get you another one.这个插头有问题,我给您换一个You can exchange it, provided that you havent taken off the tag.只要你没有把吊牌拿掉便可换货

1.惯用口语句子:Id like to open an .我想开个账户I want to open a savingsdeposit .我想开个储蓄账户,(美式/英式)Ill open a checkingcurrent .我想开个活期账户、(美式/英式) n. 账户deposit n. amp; v. 存款current a. 当前的,流通的Here is my ID card. Here is my ID.这是我的身份I lost my ID card.我的身份丢了Is other identification okay?其他的件行吗?identification n. 身份明Could you tell me how to do it?你能告诉我怎么办理吗?Could you tell me what I should do?你能不能告诉我,我该怎么做?Is there a service charge if I open a checking ?开活期账户有务费吗?service charge“务费”Please go check with your supervisor.请去问一下你们的主管吧I need to speak to a bank officer.我需要跟的高级职员谈一下Where is your bank manager?你们的经理在哪里?supervisor n. 管理人,主管Id like a bank card. Id like an ATM card.我想办张卡bank card“卡”(既可指“不可透的卡”,也可指“可透的卡”)ATM card“储蓄卡”(cash card)(不可透)ATMAutomatic Teller Machine“自动取款机”Id like to apply a credit card.我想申请一张信用卡apply v.申请credit card“信用卡”(可透)I want a bankbook.我想要存折bankbookpassbook“存折”Can I press my PIN number now?裁现在可以输密码了吗?press v. ,压PIN PIN number personal identification number(个人身份识别码,就是通常所说的“密码”)Is there a handling charge? Do you charge that?收手续费吗? 36577

Check Out退房Good moming.What can I do you?早上好,我能帮您忙吗?I would like to check out.我想退房OK.sir.Here is your bill.That all together.好的,先生这是您的账单一共是00美元Can I pay by credit card?我能用信用卡付吗?Of course.you can.当然可以 386693

  面试英语口语Lesson6:About Ways to Contact You (Ⅰ)经典对话:70.Well send you a letter then,if youre hired.我们如果决定雇佣你,就会给你去信71.Your phone number?你的电话号码是多少?7.What number could we reach you?你的联络电话是?73.My home number is 3755818.我家电话是37558187.In case Im not there,please leave a message and I will call back your instruction.假如我不在,请留言,我将打回电话询问您的指示75.We will let you know probably next Tuesday.I hope to give you the positive reply.我们大概会在下星期二让您知道,我希望让您有个肯定的答复76.Thank you,I will be glad to hear that.谢谢,如能听到这消息我将很荣幸77.If your application is successful,we will notify you by mail.如果你申请成功,我们会去信通知你78.When can I know whether I am accepted or not?我什么时候才能知道是否被录用呢?79.I think well send you a letter by early next week,if you are wanted.我想,如果你被聘用,我们将在下周初给你去信80.We may give you a call.我们可以打电话给你81.By the way,have you got a telephone?顺便问一下,你有电话吗?8.Yes.My office phone number is 373833.我办公室电话是37383383.What the best time to call you,then?那什么时候给你打电话最合适呢?8.Between four and five in the afternoon,Im afraid.恐怕在下午点至5点之间85.When can you give me your final decision?您什么时候可以给我答复?86.Well notify you next Thursday at the latest.Shall I tele-phone you?我们最迟下周四就通知你我打电话给你行吗?87.You wont be able reach me directly by phone.您打电话找不到我88.But you can page me over BP.My BP number is 7-6566.不过您可以呼我的BP机,我的BP机号码是7-656689.Do you have my number?你知道我的电话号码吗?90.Yes,I see it here on the resume.是的,我看到你的简历上有情景案例:Dialogue A(IInterviewer主试人 AApplicant受试人)A: When can I know whether I am accepted or not?I: I think well send you a letter by early next week,if you are wanted.Or we may give you a call.By the way,have you got a telephone?A: Yes,My office phone number is 373833.I: What the best time to call you,then?A: Between four and five in the afternoon,Im afraid.I: Thank you coming,Miss Yan.A: The pleasure is mine.It been nice talking with you,madam.Good-bye.Dialogue BA: When can yon give me the final decision?I: Well notify you next Thursday at the latest.Shall I telephone you?A: You wont be able to reach me directly by phone,but you can page me over BP.My BP number is 7-6566.I: All right.Thank you coming today.A: Thank you your interview with me,madam.Dialogue CI: How can we contact you about our decision?A: By telephone,please.De you have my number?I: Yes.I see it here on the resume.May I call you at your office about our final decision?A: Yes,please.I: Thank you,Miss Zhao, your interest in this job.Good luck to you.Notes 注释:1.The pleasure is mine.我也感到很荣幸.How can we contact you about our decision?我们决定下来后怎么跟你联系?3.Good luck to you.祝你好运Words and Expressionsin case 万一,假如positive a.肯定的,正面的notify v.通知,告知by mail 邮寄want v.聘用by the way 顺便问一下page v.找寻,呼唤,打传呼 60

  The Busiest Street询问最热闹的街区Excuse me, Can you do me a favor?打扰一下,你能帮我个忙吗?Sure.当然可以Where the busiest street of this city? I am a stranger here.这地方最热闹的街区是哪里?我对这地方很陌生的You mean the saventh seven? It not far from here. You can walk there.你是说77街?离这里不远,你可以走着去那里的Well,we are so tired today. Can you tell me which bus should I take?噢,可是我很累你能告诉我坐哪路公交车吗?Bus No..乘坐路公交车Thank you so much.非常感谢 56。



  The Euro's Next Battleground: SpainGreece set off the crisis rattling the euro zone. Spain could determine whether the 16-nation currency stands or falls.The euro zone's No. 4 economy, Spain has an unemployment rate of 19%, a deflating housing bubble, big debts and a gaping budget deficit. Its gross domestic product contracted 3.6% in and is expected to shrink again this year, leaving Spain in its deepest and longest recession in a half-century.Worries over Greece's ability to finance its huge debts have sp to other, weaker members of the euro zone, but these same fears are now nipping at Spain's heels. The problem is that, thanks largely to its membership in the euro, Spain lacks tried-and-true means to heal its economy.Spain can't devalue its currency to make its exports more attractive and its sunny beach resorts cheaper because the euro's value is driven by Germany's bigger, competitive industrial economy. Madrid can't slash interest rates or print money to spur borrowing and spending, because those decisions are now made in Frankfurt by the European Central Bank.Spain could still try to stimulate growth through tax cuts and spending increases. But it has aly mounted enormous stimulus spending that swelled its budget deficit to 11.4% of GDP last year, and it would need to sell more bonds to raise fresh cash. Buyers of Spanish government bonds, spooked by the prospect of a Greek default, have aly demanded higher interest rates from Madrid.'Spain is the real test case for the euro,' says Desmond Lachman of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. 'If Spain is in deep trouble, it will be difficult to hold the euro together...and my own view is that Spain is in deep trouble.'The government rejects talk of crisis. 'The fundamentals of our economy are solid,' Elena Salgado, Spain's economy minister, said in an interview.Euro-zone heavyweights Germany and France have pledged to support Greece if necessary. But any bailout for Spain-whose .6 trillion economy is nearly double those of troubled euro-zone partners Greece, Portugal and Ireland combined-would be far costlier.A 'shock and awe' infusion aimed at renewing faith in Spain's finances, should it be necessary, would take roughly 0 billion, according to an estimate by BNP Paribas. It estimates similar confidence-restoring moves in Greece, Ireland or Portugal would require billion, billion and billion, respectively.Most economists see three options for Spain.The first is for the government to do nothing, leaving the economy to wallow through years of high unemployment and debt defaults. The second is for the government to take a more active role, slashing its spending while taking unpopular measures to boost the supply side of the economy, including overhauling a rigid labor market.On Tuesday, Spain's top central banker strongly urged this path, calling in a speech for swift government action to reduce the budget deficit and reform the labor market.Mr. Lachman of the American Enterprise Institute is among the pessimists who doubt the government will take this course. He thinks Spain's chronic inability to restart growth will lead it to contemplate a third option: splitting the euro zone asunder by withdrawing from the common currency. That would permit a devaluation that would, at a stroke, increase Spain's competitiveness and allow the economy to grow again.A more mainstream view holds that no government, Spain's included, would dare to brave the financial chaos such a move would unleash.'It's extremely costly to leave the euro,' said Jean Pisani-Ferry of Bruegel, a pro-European think tank in Brussels. The moment a government hinted at a possible devaluation, there would be a run on the banks and an effective default on every euro financial contract with that country. 'The day you start to admit that you're thinking about it, you're in a financial mess.' /201002/97311

  A newser who slipped up and said bloggers were debating whether Prime Minister Vladimir Putin should be buried has become an Internet sensation and received thousands of grateful posts in Russia.俄罗斯一位新闻女主播近日走红网络,她在节目中出现口误,称人们在客上讨论是否;埋葬普京;。俄罗斯网民已为她发布数千条;感谢;。Maria Bukhtuyeva, a newser from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, made the mistake when wanting to say presidential hopeful Mikhail Prokhorov had proposed holding a referendum on whether Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin should be removed from a Red Square Mausoleum and buried.俄罗斯总统候选人米卡bull;普罗霍罗夫提议进行全民公投,决定是否将布尔什维克领导人弗拉基米尔bull;列宁的遗体从红场陵墓迁出埋葬。俄罗斯西伯利亚城市克拉斯诺雅茨克的女主播玛利亚bull;布赫图耶娃出现口误时谈及的正是这件事;Shall we bury Vladimir Putin?; Bukhtuyeva of Krasnoyarsks TVK television channel inquired instead last week. ;This topic is now being actively discussed on the Internet.;克拉斯诺雅茨克TVK电视频道的女主播布赫图耶娃上周在节目中问道;我们应该埋葬弗拉基米bull;普京吗?现在这可是网上的焦点话题;The Russian blogosphere exploded with delight, with thousands of commentators sending her virtual flowers and leaving numerous posts on the young womans page on the social site VKontakte, a Russian version of Facebook.这句话引爆了俄罗斯客圈,人们欣喜若狂。数千位发表的网友给她送上虚拟鲜花,在女主播的VKontakte个人主页上留言。社交网站VKontakte是俄罗斯版的Facebook;Masha is the voice of the people,; one post, referring to her by her diminutive name. ;Masha, you said everything right,; another post.有贴子写道:;玛莎,你说出了我们的心声;玛莎是对这位女主播的爱称。另一个帖子写道:;玛莎,你说的都是对的;In a bid to address the controversy, Bukhtuyevas colleague asked her on air how she managed ;to become an Internet star in a matter of 26 seconds,; noting that the recording uploaded on YouTube was viewed half a million times over three days. She said it was just a slip of the tongue.为了应对这起争议,布赫图耶娃的同事在广播节目中问她是怎样;6秒内成为网络红人;,并提到上传至YouTube的这段视频在三天内被播放0万次。布赫图耶娃说这只是口误。Putin is seeking to reclaim his old Kremlin job in the March presidential election, but is wrestling with growing unpopularity.普京希望月的选举中胜出,重返总统宝座,但他也将面临越来越大的阻力。Tens of thousands took to the streets in Moscow last month, and the nascent protest movement is hoping to muster another big rally in Moscow on Saturday.上月,数万名民众走上俄罗斯街头。而这次的初期抗议活动还有望于本周六引发莫斯科的另一次大规模集会活动。Lenin, who led the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, died in 1924 and his body, which regularly undergoes repair, was preserved in a mausoleum open to visitors.列宁917年领导了社会主义革命924年去世。他的遗体保存在红场陵墓中,向参观者开放,并定期进行护理。来 /201202/169850


  第一句:Where’s the men’s room?男卫生间在哪儿?A: Excuse me. Where the men’s room?打扰一下,请问男卫生间在哪儿?B: Go along the corridor and youll see it at the end.沿着楼道走到尽头你就会看到第二句:Where the gentlemen’s room?男卫生间在挪里?A: Excuse me. Where’s the gentlemen room?打扰一下,请问男卫生间在哪儿?B: I dont know, youd better ask someone else.我不清楚,你最好问问别人其他表达法:May I use the bathroom?能借用一下洗手间吗?I need to go to the bathroom.I have to go to the bathroom.我得去趟洗手间 53600

  星级典句:第一句: Where do you keep the Swiss watches?瑞士表在哪儿出售?A: Excuse me, where do you keep the Swiss watches?打扰一下,瑞士表在哪儿出售?B: Over there on your right.在那边,在您的右边第二句: Do you have some leather jackets in your store?贵店有卖皮夹克吗?A: Excuse me, do you have some leather jackets in you store?打扰下,请问贵店卖皮夹克吗?B: Yes, we do.是的,卖呢A: Where do you keep them?在哪儿摆放的呢?B: It on the second floor.在二楼其他表达法:Have you got anything plainer?有颜色浅一点的吗? 3998


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