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丰城激光祛痘哪家医院好宜春市第一人民医院填充脸颊自体脂肪填充厚唇改薄哪家便宜价格Wendi: Alright, weve been watching some comedy lately. I wanna know who your favorite comic is?温迪:我们最近看了几部喜剧。你最喜欢的喜剧演员是谁?Ken: My favorite comic? Its a draw between Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.肯:我最喜欢的喜剧演员?戴夫·查佩尔和克里斯·洛克。Wendi: Is Chris Rock really like, is he still doing something?温迪:克里斯·洛克还有在活动吗?Ken: No, he really hasnt done anything recently, but still like, yeah, hes pretty, a pretty funny guy.肯:没有,最近他没推出什么作品,不过他仍然是非常有趣的人。Wendi: He it totally funny.温迪:他真的特别搞笑。Ken: Hes hard to top.肯:很难有人超越他了。Wendi: When is the last time he was totally working a lot, though?温迪:他上次说脱口秀是什么时候?Ken: Its gotta be maybe five years ago.肯:应该是五年前了。Wendi: Yeah, its been awhile.温迪:嗯,有一段时间了。Ken: Yeah. Now hes like... I dont even know what he does anymore. Maybe hes an actor now.肯:对。现在他……我都不知道现在他在做什么。他可能去演戏了。Wendi: Hes flipping burgers.温迪:也许他去快餐店工作了。Ken: Yeah, he has to feed his family.肯:嗯,毕竟他要养家。Wendi: Yeah, what about Dave Chappele? Whats his deal? Hes kind of?温迪:对,戴夫·查佩尔呢?他怎么样?他的情况呢?Ken: Dave Chapelle?肯:戴夫·查佩尔吗?Wendi: Hes still working?温迪:他还在说脱口秀吗?Ken: Yeah. Maybe. He was really popular a couple of years ago when he was doing the Chapelle Show, a couple of his stand-ups came out, but...肯:对,可能吧。几年前他非常受欢迎,当时他在做《查佩尔脱口秀》,出了几部单口喜剧,不过……Wendi: Is that finished?温迪:那个节目完结了吗?Ken: He...which?肯:他……哪个?Wendi: The Chappelle Show.温迪:《查佩尔脱口秀》。Ken: Its taking a break or something. What I heard was that he went crazy and he like checked himself into an insane asylum.肯:节目可能是暂停之类的。我听说他疯了,住进了精神病院。Wendi: For serious. For real.温迪:真的吗?Ken: Like all the pressure from work was getting to him and stuff. Like he just wanted break.肯:好像是他承受了太多的工作压力。他只想休息一下。Wendi: Thats so amazing.温迪:这太不可思议了。Ken: Or he ran off to Africa or something.肯:还有人说他逃到非洲去了。Wendi: You know what, that is just incredible because, its like you know, the whole grass is greener concept. Its like, you think if youre a comedian and youre making people laugh all day and youre on stage and youre laughing too that youre probably having fun but at the end of the day, I guess works work.温迪:这真是难以置信,这就是不满足于现在的情况。喜剧演员是让人们发笑的人,他们在舞台上表演的时候也会大笑,好像很开心,但实际上每天结束后,对他们来说这其实就是工作。Ken: Yeah, works work and he was doing, like he mentioned in stand-up he was working maybe 16, 18, 20 hours a day.肯:对,工作就是工作,就像他在单口喜剧里说的那样,他一天要工作16或18个小时,甚至是20个小时。Wendi: Really!温迪:真的吗?Ken: Yeah, so even like hard to study...肯:对,要努力研究……Wendi: What was he doing for 20 hours a day?温迪:他一天20个小时都干什么?Ken: Uh, like just doing his show. Like I guess it takes a lot of preparation and...肯:做脱口秀。我想可能需要进行大量的准备工作……Wendi: Thats crazy.温迪:这太疯狂了。Ken: Even with all the help in the world, I guess hes still, you know, you have to make it quality, so it takes time and effort.肯:虽然有其他人的帮助,我想他可能仍要花大量的时间,付出很多努力才能保节目的质量。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。Ken: So, even if it is comedy, it might not be fun twenty hours a day.肯:即使是做喜剧,也不可能一天24小时都开心。Wendi: I guess thats like the funny thing, you just think if someones a comedian, it just all comes naturally. Its like it all just comes spur of the moment, but I guess the real thing is that a lot of work goes into it.温迪:一般人们认为对喜剧演员来说,讲出搞笑的事情很正常。他们能在一瞬间想到这些点子,但其实为了做出节目他们有许多工作要做。Ken: Yeah, I think so. Like to be creative on a consistent basis is probably isnt the easiest thing in the world.肯:对,我也这么认为。要一直保持创造力并不是容易的事情。Wendi: Yeah. I think so. It sure is for me anyways. Are you a Seinfeild fan?温迪:对,我同意。对我来说就是这样。你喜欢看《宋飞正传》吗?Ken: Seinfeild...肯:《宋飞正传》……Wendi: Not really. Im ing your body language.温迪:看来你不太喜欢,我可以从你的身体语言上看出来。Ken: No, I did watch a few episodes, here and there, when it was on TV and I was bored, but...肯:那部剧在电视上播出时,我无聊的时候断断续续地看过几集,不过……Wendi: Youre not a big fan?温迪:你并不是很喜欢?Ken: Like I started watching it after the show ended like you know when everybody was watching the season finale, like I had never really regularly watched the show and I didnt even catch the season finale, but so, me friends were like, ;Did you watch it? Did you watch it?; and Im like, ;No.;肯:我在那部剧完结以后才开始看,当时所有人都看了结局,可是我基本上还没怎么看过,而且我也没有看结局,我朋友问我你看结局了吗?你看了吗?我回答他说没有。Wendi: I think its brilliant. I think its incredibly brilliant.温迪:我认为那部剧很精,非常非常精。Ken: Yeah, its a good show.肯:对,那是部好剧。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。 译文属 /201508/389698宜春市中医院点阵激光点阵激光术耳软骨垫鼻尖哪家便宜价格 Dont give me that look. 别给我脸色看。例句:Its not my fault.Dont give me that look.不是我的错,别给我脸色看。I didnt touch your bag.Dont give me that look.我没有碰你的包,别给我脸色看。A:Please dont do that again.请别再那么做了。B:Dont give me that look.I said I didnt do it.别给我脸色看,我说了我没有做。背景音乐:Nancy Wilson-Thats what I want for Christmas关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201610/471105樟树妇幼保健人民医院打瘦脸针多少钱

宜春鼻头鼻翼缩小价格Kara: So, you mentioned theres a large gap between the oldest and you being towards the youngest. What do you think the differences growing up were between your life and their life and what were the advantages and disadvantages?卡拉:你之前提到过,在你的家庭里,最大的孩子和最小的孩子之间有很大的年龄差距。你认为在成长过程中,你的生活和他们的生活之间有什么不同?这种年龄差距又有何利弊?Lupe: Well, I think for the most part, it was a great advantage to be one of the younger ones. Im the second youngest, so having ten, you know, ten siblings, ten older than me definitely helped be growing up because I always had a lot of people to look up to and, you know, telling me right from wrong, which was always a great help. Financially, it was the biggest advantage because, you know, I hear stories from my older siblings about them growing up because they didnt have a lot of resources and financially my family wasnt very stable so as they got older, I started working and helping out with, you know, all the expenses. It really helped us little ones to really be, you know, grow up in a better way and have all the things that maybe they didnt. And also, one of the biggest advantages was that once the older, my older siblings started working, making enough money, you know, they raised enough money to move here to the ed States, and bring the rest of us here and we had the great advantage of going to school here in the ed States and being able to learn another language, educate ourselves, continue to go onto college, which is something that my older siblings didnt have, so Im very grateful for that. I think the only disadvantage of being one of the younger ones is a lot of the traditions that were being passed in our family from generations didnt quite make it to us when we moved here to the ed States. We werent able to do many of the things my older siblings got to do when they lived in Mexico, but you know I really cant complain because we have a lot of other things that they didnt have when they were little.卢佩:我认为,大多数情况下,年龄小的孩子有很大优势。我是家里倒数第二小的孩子,我有十个哥哥和,10个年纪比我大的哥哥在我成长过程中会帮我很多,因为他们会为我树立榜样,教我区分对错,这有很大的帮助。当然经济上的优势是最大的,因为我听我的哥哥们说过他们成长的故事,当时家里没有足够的能力,家里的经济状况也不稳定,所以他们渐渐长大以后,就要工作帮家里分担开。这使年纪小的我们能更好地成长,我们有的东西他们可能都没有。另外一个大优势就是哥哥开始工作以后,他们能赚到、攒到足够搬来美国生活的钱,而且还可以把其他家人都带过来,在美国学校上学使我们获得很大的优势,而且还可以学习另一门语言,自我教育,继续上大学,这些都是我的哥哥们没有享受到的,所以我对此非常感激。我认为作为家里的老小唯一的坏处就是,因为我们搬到了美国,所以家庭里一些代代相传的传统并没有在我们身上延续。我们的哥哥在墨西哥生活时做过的很多事我们都没能做,不过我不能抱怨什么,因为我们拥有了他们小时候没有的东西。 译文属 /201511/410051宜春奉新县中人民医院激光脱毛多少钱 We made the go-around because our landing gear wouldnt extend normally. Request holding pattern to perform checklist.621. 我们刚才复飞的原因是起落架无法正常放出。申请等待来做检查单。We have exhausted all options. We will land without the nose gear fully locked.622. 我们用尽了所有选项。现在只能够尝试没有前起落架完全锁住的情况下落地。We cannot extend the left landing gear. Request foaming the runway.623. 我们不能放出左起落架。申请在跑道上喷洒泡沫。Request diversion to a nearby airport with foaming capability.624. 申请备降到附近一个能够喷洒防火泡沫的机场。We applied maximum braking when we rejected takeoff. Request fire services to escort the aircraft back to the apron.625. 刚才中断起飞时我们使用了最大刹车,申请消防车护送飞机回停机坪。The tyres are deflated. We will have to hold at present position for maintenance inspection.626. 轮胎瘪了,我们需要原地等待机务来做检查。I think we blew a nose wheel tyre. Request holding position.627. 我认为我们的前轮爆胎了。申请原地等待。We no longer have airspeed and altitude on our primary displays.628. 我们的主显示器上不再有空速和高度显示了。We have errors with our navigation. Request radar monitoring.629. 我们的导航有误差。申请雷达监控。Our inertial reference system has failed, unable GPS approach. Request ILS or VOR approach.630. 我们的惯导失效了,不能够使用GPS进近。申请盲降或VOR进近。We made the go around because the GPWS warning was triggered.631. 我们复飞是因为触发了近地警告。We have to recalibrate our instruments. Request to level off and maintain heading.632. 我们需要重新校准仪表。申请改平飞并保持航向。Our ADS-B transmitter appears to be malfunctioning. Terminating further ADS-B transmissions.633. 我们的ADS-B发报机似乎故障了。终止ADS-B发报。ADS-B equipment degradation, will advise when able to resume operations.634. ADS-B设备降级,当恢复使用时将告知。GPS unreliable, terminating ADS-B transmissions.635. GPS不可靠,终止ADS-B发报。Our ADS-B has malfunctioned. Is there any weather advisory at our destination?636. 我们的ADS-B发报机已故障。有目的地机场的气象报吗?We made an overshoot because our ADS-B indicated a possible runway incursion.637. 我们复飞是因为我们的ADS-B显示可能有跑道人侵。We made a go-around due to head-up display problem. We’ll inform you when we are y for the approach.638. 我们复飞是因为平视显示故障。准备好进近时我们将通知你们。Our airspeed is unreliable. Request climb to minimum safe altitude to perform checklist.639. 我们的空速指示不可靠。申请爬升到最低安全高度来做检查单。Our airspeed is unreliable. Request radar vectors for long final.640. 我们的空速指示不可靠,申请雷达引导到长五边。 /201704/499307宜春市中医医院朝天鼻宽鼻大鼻头大鼻子要多少费用

丰城市中人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱Dont Quote Me On That---不是非常确定大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。最近,小强在和外国朋友聊天的时候,他说:I heard that Justin Bieber is coming to China, but dont e me on that.前面这半句我听懂了,说的是听说贾斯汀比伯要来中国,可是后面这半句是什么意思呢?but dont e me on that,但不要引用他的话?我们来听一下美国外教Coach Shane的讲解:What does that mean? It means ;but I am not exactly sure;. I might be wrong. Im just guessing. This is a great expression. ;Dont e me on that; can mean ;Dont tell anyone I said that;. Thats possible. But it can also mean ;Im not sure;, ;Im not exactly sure;.不知道大家是否听懂了,其实,but dont e me on that有两个意思,一个是说不要跟别人说我说过这话,Im telling you this in confidence. Please dont tell anyone that I said it. I dont want people to know that I was the source of this information.;而它更常见的另一个意思则是我不是非常确定:I am not exactly sure. I might be wrong.具体是什么意思呢则要根据语境稍微揣测一下。比如:I think hes going to resign, but please dont e me on that.我觉得他要辞职,但我可不确定哦。节目的最后我们来听一下来自Madness的一首歌曲,歌名就叫Dont Quote Me On That!本栏目由原创,。 /201506/377974 宜春韩美美容医院韩式隆鼻多少钱樟树第二人民医院下垂乳房下垂眼皮下颌骨后缩价格



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