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宜春韩美整形医院整形科美白针多少钱宜春宜丰县耳部整形多少钱宜春袁州区中人民医院额部额头额下颏要多少费用 The mobile network growth in China has been remarkable, with some 80 million new subscribers joining every year for the past decade. But in some ways the real communications revolution has only just begun, B reported.过去十年间,中国手机网络的发展可谓有目共睹,几乎每年都会新增约八千万用户。但据英国广播公司报道,在某种程度上,真正的通讯革命才刚刚开始。This year, China will overtake America as the world#39;s biggest Smartphone market.今年,中国将取代美国成为世界最大的智能手机市场。For many Chinese, the Smartphone offers them their first personal route to internet access. That presents IT developers, mobile phone app makers in particular, with an extraordinary opportunity.对很多中国人来说,智能手机使他们第一次拥有了通向互联网的私人路径。这对于信息技术开发商、尤其是移动手机应用程序开发商来说是非比寻常的机遇。So how then do you make money as an app developer in China?那么,应用程序开发商是怎么在中国赚到钱的呢?One way is to try to target in-app sales; give away the app for free, get users hooked, and then sell them the chance to enhance their experience at a low fee.一种方法就是尝试“应用内销售”——他们推出免费的应用程序,一旦用户被吸引,再以较低的价格卖给他们体验增强版。Although users in China may be only willing to pay a few cents for the enhanced service, when you#39;re talking millions of users, that can soon add up to a lot of money.虽然中国的用户只愿意出几分钱来购买升级务,但只要想想用户多达数百万,加在一起很快就是一大笔钱。But for non-gaming app developers, advertising revenue is the way forward.不过,对于非游戏类应用程序开发商来说,要发展就得有广告收益。However, one major recurring challenge remains: the country#39;s weak protection rights regarding intellectual property.然而,中国在知识产权保护方面“绵软无力”这一大问题始终存在。That will need to change if China is really going to unlock the creative potential offered by its ever growing mountain of mobile hardware.如果中国真的想发掘不断增加的移动终端所带来的创造性潜能,就必须改变这一状况。 /201206/185917高安市做永久脱毛多少钱

宜春唇腭裂修复最好的医院The European Commission’s antitrust investigation of Google is a test of the continent’s ability to reverse the invisible conquest of its sovereignty. Much of the fault lies with the commission’s own unimaginative technology policy, for which an episode of Google-bashing is no substitute.欧盟委员会(European Commission)对谷歌(Google)的反垄断调查,将检验其是否有能力扭转自身权力受到无形侵犯的情况。大部分过错在于欧盟委员会自身缺乏想象力的科技政策,打压谷歌抵消不了这个问题。The “extended search” features that are at the centre of the commission’s complaint save us a few clicks and cut out a few middlemen. Search for “weather”, and Google will now show the forecast itself instead of sending us off to another site. Google says it is being helpful. Who could disagree?让欧盟委员会感到不满的核心问题是谷歌的“延伸搜索”功能,它让我们省去几次点击,减少几个中间人。搜索“天气”时,谷歌现在将直接显示天气预报,而不是引导我们去别的网站。谷歌表示,这么做是有益的。谁能反对呢?But the search engine is going further. To truly anticipate our needs, the company wants to know our habits, schedules, social circles. So it is planting sensors wherever they might pick up the faintest trace of our aura. First they popped up in our inboxes, which Google continuously scans in order to sell advertising. Next it was our smartphones, glasses and thermostats. Soon it will be our cars. The ultimate step would be to abolish the search box altogether, and try to satisfy our information needs before we have even expressed them. Google’s Eric Schmidt once described this approach as a “serendipity engine”, arguing that this is the future of search.但这家搜索引擎公司还要走得更远。为了正确预知我们的需求,谷歌公司想掌握我们的习惯、日程和社交圈。所以,谷歌在所有能捕捉到我们一丝一毫气息的地方安置传感器。最开始,谷歌会在我们的收件箱里冒出来,那是谷歌在连续扫描,为的是销售广告。接着是我们的智能手机、眼镜和自动调温器。很快就会轮到我们的汽车。最后一步将是完全取消搜索框,努力满足我们甚至尚未表达出来的信息需求。谷歌的埃里克#8226;施密特(Eric Schmidt)曾把这种特色称为“巧遇引擎”(serendipity engine),声称这就是搜索的未来。This is the vision that aly informs Google Now, Google’s flagship virtual assistant – available on smartphones and in the Chrome browser – which draws on all the information at Google’s disposal. It provides traffic information, reminds users of upcoming travel reservations, announces trendy restaurants nearby, shows film listings at local cinemas, and much else. Such insights are possible because Google studies our search habits, tracks our emails, and understands our location. The company argues that, far from occupying a dominant position, it is a sitting duck for any start-up that comes up with a better algorithm. But in truth, it is Google’s vast repository of data that sets it apart – and here it has such a big head start that no competitor is likely to catch up.这一设想已在可下载于智能手机和Chrome浏览器的谷歌旗舰虚拟助手——Google Now——中有所体现。该务可以让一切信息为谷歌所用。它能提供路况信息,提醒用户即将到来的旅行预订,告诉他们附近的时尚饭店,显示当地电影院的放映单,等等。它之所以具备这种预见能力,是因为谷歌研究我们的搜索习惯,追踪我们的电邮,掌握我们所处位置。谷歌声称自己绝对没有占据配地位,任何一家研究出更好算法的初创企业都能对其构成致命冲击。但事实上,谷歌掌握的海量数据让它与众不同,它在这方面拥有如此巨大的领先优势,以致没有哪家竞争对手可能追上它。Still, if there is a problem with Google’s ambitions, the commission has yet to put its finger on it. That is because Europe has come under the spell of American neoliberalism, with its unashamed celebration of monopolies in the name of consumer welfare and market efficiency. It is time to recover the almost-forgotten language of politics, and treat users as citizens first and consumers second.尽管如此,如果说谷歌的雄心壮志有什么问题的话,欧盟委员会还没有确切地指出来。这是因为,欧洲已被美国的新自由主义所迷惑了——新自由主义打出消费者福祉和市场效率的幌子,厚颜无耻地赞美垄断。现在是时候找出几乎被忘记的政治语言,首先把用户当公民对待、然后再把他们当消费者对待了。The dangers are real. By coupling advertising with the pre-emptive possibilities of its serendipity engine, Google could turn citizens into automata, who entertain an illusion of free will while living in a world of options, nudges and suggestions generated by autonomous algorithms optimised for profit alone.危险是真实存在的。谷歌把广告与“巧遇引擎”先知先觉的种种可能结合起来,就可能把公民变成机器人——他们将一方面沉浸在自由意志的幻觉中,另一方面却生活在一个由选项、推送和建议组成的世界里,而这些选项、推送和建议是由仅为盈利目的而优化的自主算法生成的。It is also shortsighted to allow Google to guard the key to a trove of user data that could do immense good if, once suitably cleaned up and anonymised, it were placed in public hands.允许谷歌保管用户数据宝库的钥匙也是短视的。一旦这些数据进行适当清理并隐去姓名,然后交到公众手中,就可能会带来巨大好处。Google is not the ideal information intermediary and it might be making it harder for better ones to emerge. This should prompt greater regulatory scrutiny of its power, but that alone will not suffice. A pressing task for Brussels is to create the conditions in which a strong and genuinely European alternative for information-sharing – and not just another Google but with an EU address – can thrive.谷歌不是理想的信息中介,它可能让更好的信息中介的出现变得更困难。为此监管机构应加大对谷歌权力的审查力度,但仅靠这一点还不够。欧盟委员会的一项紧迫任务,是创造条件,让一家实力强大、真正欧洲的信息共享机构——而不是仅仅一家注册于欧盟地区、但跟谷歌一样的公司——能够成长壮大。It can start by ramping up investment in digital infrastructure – in a way that does not channel more money to national telecoms monopolies or homegrown Google-wannabes. Instead, Europe should support (and, if needed, create) digital platforms that are decentralised and advertising-free, that provide privacy and security by design, and that treat data as a way to promote public good.欧洲最开始可以增加在数字基础设施方面的投资——在此过程中不要把更多资金引导至国家电信垄断企业或本土那些希望成为谷歌的公司。相反,欧洲应当持(并创建,如有必要的话)一些数字平台,它们具有分散化、无广告的特点,注重隐私保护和安全措施,把数据用于增进公众利益的目的。This a daunting task. There are few signs that Europe can handle it. So far, it is in China and Russia that alternative visions – spurred by fears of foreign espionage – have emerged, though in a way that pays scant respect to privacy.这是一项十分艰巨的任务。目前几乎没有迹象显示欧洲能办到这一点。迄今为止,仅在中国和俄罗斯出现了类似谷歌的公司——动因是担心来自外国的间谍活动——尽管其业务模式几乎毫不尊重个人隐私。Unless it rethinks its reliance on Silicon Valley, Europe risks being left behind – politically, technologically and economically. For the incoming European Commission this is an existential challenge. Punching Google might be fun and it probably has to be done. But that should be the beginning of the story, not the end.除非欧洲反思一下其对硅谷的依赖,否则可能在政治、技术和经济方面居于落后地位。对于欧盟委员会的新领导班子而言,这是一个事关存亡的挑战。打压谷歌可能很有趣,而且很可能必须这么做。但这应当是故事的开头,而不是结尾。 /201410/332585宜春剖腹产疤痕共花费多少 It’s not official, but good journalists at Wired and the Financial Times reported Thursday that Apple’s next generation of consumer devices — iPhones for sure, wearable devices maybe — will come equipped with a NFC (near field communication) chip for making mobile payments.虽然并非官方消息,但《连线》(Wired)和《金融时报》(Financial Times)的资深记者在上周四报道称,苹果(Apple)的下一代电子消费品(确定包括iPhone,可能还包括可穿戴设备)将会配有可用于移动付的NFC(近场通讯)芯片。This is big news, in part because Apple is so late to the NFC party.这是个重大消息,部分原因在于苹果终于迈入了NFC领域,虽说有点姗姗来迟。The rest of the world switched to the technology years ago. Google, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, Visa, MasterCard. It’s the way credit cards talk to banks and retailers in most of the countries of Europe and Asia.早在数年前,全球的其他地区就已经开始采用该技术。参与者包括谷歌(Google)、三星(Samsung)、诺基亚(Nokia)、索尼(Sony)、黑莓(Blackberry)、Visa和万事达(Mastercard)。在欧洲和亚洲的大部分国家,信用卡都采用这种技术与和商家进行交易。But not in the U.S.但在美国不是这样。That’s about to change. Visa and MasterCard have set an October 2015 deadline for U.S. retailers to switch from magnetic strips to embedded chips. If Apple wants in on the game, now’s the time.这一点即将改变。Visa和万事达已经设定截止日期,要求美国的零售商在2015年10月前将磁条卡换成芯片卡。如果苹果想要入局,现在就是个合适的时机。In April, re/Code’s Jason Del Ray reported that Apple was holding job interviews with senior payments industry executives. In July The Information’s Amir Efrati reported that discussions between Apple and the payments industry had heated up in advance of the launch of what the tech press is calling the “iWallet.” The Financial Times reported Thursday that Apple has tapped the Dutch chipmaker NXP to supply the NFC technology.今年4月,科技客re/Code的杰森o德尔o雷报道称,苹果正在对付行业的高管进行招聘面试。今年7月,科技客The Information的阿米尔o埃弗拉提报道称,在发布科技媒体所谓的钱包类产品“iWallet”之前,苹果已经和付业打得火热。上周四,《金融时报》也报道称,苹果已经与荷兰芯片制造商NXP接洽,让后者为其提供NFC技术。Apple can’t change the way most Americans pay for things. As Stratechery’s Ben Thompson observes, it’s hard to disrupt cash and credit cards because they both work pretty well.苹果无法改变大多数美国人的购物方式。正如科技客Stratechery的主本o汤普森所指出的,要阻止人们使用现金与信用卡十分困难,因为它们都很好用。But for Apple’s customers — the “affordable luxury” crowd — the pieces of a new payment platform are falling into place.但对于苹果用户,即“平价奢侈品”的用户而言,新的付平台即将浮出水面。In her report on an NFC-equipped iPhone, Wired’s Christina Bonnington ticked them off:《连线》的克里斯蒂娜o伯宁顿围绕装备NFC芯片的iPhone这个话题撰写了一份报告,列举了苹果的一些有利因素:o More than 800 million credit card numbers on iTuneso 苹果的iTunes记录了超过8亿个信用卡号码o An installed base of 300 million bluetooth-equipped iPhoneso 苹果售出了3亿台配备蓝牙的iPhone,拥有庞大的客户群。o A fast-growing network of Bluetooth-LTE transmitting iBeaconso 苹果用于发射iBeacons信号的蓝牙-长期演进技术(LTE)网络正在迅速发展o A patent on dual-use NFC and bluetooth payment systemo 苹果拥有NFC和蓝牙两用付系统的专利o A patent on storing financial data in a “secure element”o 苹果拥有将财务数据存储于“安全环境”的专利o A patent on a payment system that is location and context aware.o 苹果拥有能够感知地理位置和情境的付系统的专利According to Bonnington, the payment platform will be one of the tentpoles of the Sept. 9 press circus in Cupertino.根据伯宁顿的说法,在9月9日库比蒂诺的苹果发布会上,付平台将会作为最大亮点之一隆重登场。Whether any part of the system works for people who own older iPhones — or for people who can’t afford Apple’s products — remains to be seen.而这一平台能否部分应用于拥有旧款iPhone的用户,或是那些买不起苹果产品的人,我们仍需拭目以待。Correction and clarification:Reader James Wester suggests on Twitter that I’ve just conflated NFC and EMV. I’m sure he’s right. EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is the international standard for credit card er interoperability. According to Datacard Edge修正及澄清:读者詹姆斯o韦斯特在Twitter上称我把NFC与EMV混为一谈了。我相信他是对的。EMV代表Europay卡、万事达卡和Visa卡的首字母简写,是一种让信用卡读卡器互通互用的国际标准。金融网站Datacard Edge表示:“NFC technology isn’t directly associated with financial transactions like the EMV standards. One of NFC’s applications, however, is enabling contactless payments via mobile devices, in addition to its much broader applications for data transfer, keyless door entry and much more.” See EMV vs. NFC Technology: Setting the record straight.“NFC技术与EMV标准等金融交易领域的问题没有直接关系。然而,该技术能够让移动设备的非接触式付成为可能,此外还在数据传送、无钥匙进门和许多其他领域有着更为广泛的应用。”(财富中文网) /201409/326519宜春宜丰县中人民医院骨粉隆鼻清创水刀水滴型假体价格

宜春哪家整形医院脱毛最好 General Motors on Monday announced a new slew of vehicle recalls and more than doubled its estimate of the costs of recalling faulty vehicles this quarter as Mary Barra, chief executive, prepared for a grilling from sceptical US legislators.通用汽车(General Motors)周一宣布新召回一批汽车,此举令该公司本季度耗费在召回有问题汽车上的成本比原先估计的高了不止一倍。同时,通用汽车首席执行官玛丽#8226;巴拉(Mary Barra)正准备就该公司汽车此前遇到的安全问题接受美国国会议员的质询。The latest recall covers 1.3m older vehicles – the most recent from 2009-10 – that GM said could experience “a sudden loss of electric power steering assist.” The vehicles add to 2.2m compact cars that GM has recalled over potentially dangerous ignition switches and another 1.5m vehicles that it recalled over other issues in mid-March.最近这次召回涉及130万辆较早车型(涉及的最新车型是2009-2010年款),通用表示这些车可能会“突然丧失电力转向装置的助动”。除了这次召回之外,通用汽车还曾因可能导致危险的点火开关召回220万辆汽车。另外,三月中旬该公司还曾因其他问题召回150万辆汽车。GM said its expected charge this quarter for recalls had risen from the 0m it announced in mid-March to 0m.通用表示召回产品所花费的费用已从3月中旬宣布的3亿美元增至7.5亿美元。The latest news adds to the pressure on Ms Barra as she testifies on Tuesday before the House of Representatives’ energy and commerce committee about safety. The committee is investigating why it took GM until February to recall the vehicles with faulty ignition switches when GM knew of some problems with the components as long ago as 2001.这一召回消息加大了巴拉在众议院能源和商务委员会(Energy and Commerce Committee)就安全问题做的压力。该委员会正在调查为什么通用汽车早在2001年就知道点火开关存在问题,却直到今年2月才召回配备有缺陷点火开关的汽车。The ignition switches could shift from “run” to “accessory” while the vehicles – all compact cars such as the Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac G5 – were being driven. The shift could cut power to the engine and prevent airbags from deploying in a crash.该点火开关可能会在行车时从“运行”状态转换至“辅助”状态,从而切断供给引擎的电力,并导致发生事故时安全气囊无法弹出。这个问题涵盖包括雪佛兰Cobalt和庞蒂亚克G5车型在内的所有小汽车。至少12人在与该故障有关的车祸中丧生。In prepared testimony before her appearance, Ms Barra apologises for the faults and the failure to report them earlier, while stressing that the new, restructured GM operates differently from the old company. GM underwent a government-managed bankruptcy in 2009.在此次动力转向装置问题中召回的部分车型,已被包括在此前因点火开关召回的车型中。不过,还有些车型并未包括在此前的召回中,这些车型包括较早版本的雪佛兰迈锐宝(Chevrolet Malibu)。“I would like this committee to know that all of our GM employees and I are determined to set a new standard,” she says in the prepared testimony.最近这次召回以及由此导致成本增加的消息传出之际,通用汽车的股价下跌了0.89%,跌至每股34.42美元。 /201404/283673宜春韩美整形美容医院祛红血丝怎么样宜春万载县中人民医院伊婉玻尿酸伊婉玻尿酸型号艳冠假体艳冠假体隆鼻价格



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