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宜春隆胸需要多少钱宜春如何去掉红血丝Britain英国Studying languages学习语言Shout louder再大声一点A woeful approach to language education continues苟延残喘的语言教育THE last time she was recruiting for her export-sales team, Sarah Grain hired a Lithuanian who speaks Russian, Polish and German. Her two previous hires for Eriez Magnetics, which makes industrial equipment in South Wales, were an Italian who also speaks French, and a Venezuelan who speaks Spanish and Portuguese. All of them speak fluent English. “There were no British applicants who had the requisite language skills,” she says.最后一次为自己的海外销售团队招聘,Sarah Grain聘用了一位可讲俄语、波兰语和德语的立陶宛人。她为艺利磁铁—位于南威尔士的一家制造工业设备的公司—先前两次聘用的人分别是会讲法语的意大利人和会讲西班牙语与葡萄牙语的委内瑞拉人。而他们都能说流利的英文。Sarah表示,“没有符合必备语言技能的英国求职者。”Ms Grains conclusion is not unusual for a British company. In 2012 a European Commission survey tested the foreign-language proficiency of 54,000 students aged 14 and 15, in 14 nations. Sweden came top, with 82% of pupils reaching an “independent” or “advanced independent” standard. The average for all 14 states was 42%. England came bottom, with just 9%.Grain女士对一家英国公司的此般结论已经让人见怪不怪了。早在2012年,欧盟委员会就针对来自14个国家、14到15岁年龄不等的54000名学生进行了外语熟练程度的测试。瑞典学生以其中82%的人可达到“灵活使用”和“驾轻就熟”的程度而位居榜首。所有14个国家的平均人数为42%。英国垫底,仅仅有9%。Part of the explanation is that many peoples second language is English, while many Britons continue to believe that, as native speakers of the lingua mundi, they do not need to bother with foreign languages. They may be right—in terms of communication. But it means that, not only are they missing out on much cultural interaction, they may also be harming their own job prospects.部分原因是许多人的第二外语就是英语,这也是大部分英国人始终坚信的事,而作为以lingua mundi为母语的人,他们着实无需为外语而烦心。他们可能是对的——从沟通方面来说。但这却意味着他们不仅会错失多文化交流机会,也会危及到他们的工作前景。They have not been helped by the educational policies of successive governments. In 2004 Tony Blairs Labour government abolished the requirement to learn a language after the age of 14, causing the numbers taking a language GCSE exam at 16 to fall by half in state schools over the next seven years.历届政府的教育政策并未使他们获益。2004年,托尼布莱尔的工党政府废除了年满14岁就要学习一门语言的要求,此举直接导致之后的七年,公立学校的学生在语言方面GCSE(普通中等教育书)考试的通过率直降一半。Concerned about this rapid decline, the coalition government brought in a new performance indicator called the English Baccalaureate, or EBacc, in 2011. A modern language was one of its five core disciplines. Language teachers—an embattled breed—rejoiced. The number of students entering a GCSE language exam in 2013, the first year the changes took effect, rose by 20% (see chart).考虑到人数骤降,联合政府在2011年颁布了一项名为英国文凭书(EBacc)的技能指标。现代语言是5个核心学科之一。语言老师——随时严阵以待的一群人—都欣喜若狂。新指标颁布后第一年就见成效,2013年参加GCSE语言考试的学生人数增长了20%。Now, however, those gains could be lost, as the government has seemingly loosened the requirement. From 2016, under a new initiative called Progress 8, it has extended the number of core subjects to eight, appearing to make learning a language voluntary. This has pleased some teachers, who felt the EBacc was too narrow, but linguists are aghast.但是现在,随着政府对此项要求的逐渐放松,这些成绩可能会慢慢丢失。自2016年起,在一项名为Progress 8(8步走)的新倡议下,核心学科扩展至8门,这一举措使得语言学习更自主化。这让部分老师十分欣喜,他们认为Ebacc范围狭窄,而语言学家却对此举大为震惊。The decline of languages at GCSE has inevitably had an effect higher up the academic food chain. Though the number of those studying languages to A Level—the exams taken at 18—will increase thanks to the GCSE cohort of 2013-14, it is likely to fall back again. French and German are half as popular as they were 20 years ago. The number of universities offering language degrees has fallen, too: by 50% for German and 40% for French since 1998. The number offering Spanish has also fallen. Degrees in other languages, such as Chinese and Arabic, are becoming more popular, but they are still rare.GCSE中语言的减少,不可避免的会对提高学术竞争有所影响。尽管随着2013-14年GCSE的人气回温,那些语言学习高达A级—18岁方可参与的考试—的人数将会增加,但它仍可能再次降低。相较于20年前,法国和德国的人数已降了一半。提供语言学位的大学数量也已减少:自1998年起,德国减少了50%,法国减少了40%。提供西班牙语学习的学校也已减少。其他语种学位,比如汉语和阿拉伯语,正变得越来越多,但它们依然很稀缺。The economy and the labour market bear the consequences. In 2012 the British Chambers of Commerce found, in a survey of 8,000 British companies, that 96% had no foreign-language speakers. First-time exporters cited language as a barrier to entering international markets.经济和劳工市场直接承担此般后果。在2012年,英国商会发现,在一份涉及8000家英国公司的调查中,有96%的公司都没有会外语的人。首次试水的出口商将外语定为打入国际市场的一大障碍。Though Britain makes up 12% of the population of the EU, less than 5% of EU civil servants in Brussels are British. Not enough Britons can fulfil the language requirement of being able to work in French or German. And even if monoglot Brits can get jobs at multinationals, claims Richard Hardie, non-executive chairman of the British arm of UBS, a bank, “the chances of getting to the top if you only have English are much lower than before”.虽然英国占欧盟总人口的12%,但在布鲁塞尔担任欧盟公务员的英国人却少于总人数的5%。没有完全合格的英国人能够满足可在法国或德国工作的要求。而且即使只会单一语言的英国人在跨国公司工作,来自瑞银集团—一家—英国分公司的理查德·哈迪表示,“若你只会讲英语,那么你能高升的机会相比于以前已经大大降低了。”This lack of language skills also lowers growth. By exactly how much is hard to say, but one estimate, by James Foreman-Peck of Cardiff University, puts the “gross language effect” (the income foregone because language barriers alter and reduce international trade) in 2012 as high as £59 billion ( billion), or 3.5% of GDP.语言技能的缺乏也降低了增长。很难精确到用多少来说明,但是据卡迪夫大学James Foreman-Peck估计, “恶劣的语言效应”(由于语言障碍改变和减少了国际贸易)给2012年带来高达590亿英镑(合900美元),或是3.5%的国内生产总值的损失。In the linguistic gloom, there are a few bright spots. Some British universities are moving away from literature-based degrees towards joint degrees linked to practical subjects such as law or business studies. Some scientists are learning languages outside their course requirements to make themselves more employable.在幽暗的语言世界,有些许明亮之处。部分英国大学正在从以文学导向的学位转变至与类似法律和商业学习的实践学科关联的联合学位。一些科学家正在学习他们学科需求之外的语言,这会使他们更加称职。Meanwhile, in September 2014 the government mandated that all primary schools must teach a language. Getting children started at a young age is admirable. But, with so few language graduates coming out of universities, who is going to teach them ?与此同时,政府在 2014年9月要求所有的小学都要教授语言。让孩子们在幼龄时期接受语言教育是极好的。但是,从大学走出的语言学毕业生几近为零,谁又能来教他们呢?译者:张娣 校对:石海霞 译文属译生译世 /201503/362466高安市中医院点痣多少钱 But it was hard for wolves.但对狼而言却是难事。Wolves that have been raised by people should have had the same success at finding the sealed container, but they didnt.被人类所抚养的狼应该和一样找到密封容器,但它们却未能成功。Even chimpanzees, which are very smart animals indeed, werent as fast at finding the food as dogs.甚至是黑猩猩这种非常聪明的动物也无法像那样能够迅速发现其中诀窍。What does this mean?这代表着什么呢? One interpretation is that dogs do, in fact, have a natural ability to understand forms of human communication.一种解释是们事实上有一种天然理解人类交流形式的能力。Even nine-week old puppies found the food, suggesting the skill is there before training.即使出生刚满9周的小也可以找到食物,这表明未经过训练就已经拥有天生技能。Wolves dont have the skill, suggesting that it has developed in dogs since the time they branched off from their evolutionary predecessors.而狼并不具备这种能力,这表明自从从先祖中分离时狼已经从类中得以进化。There is debate about this idea.关于这个想法存在着争论。But Tomasello thinks that in the past fifteen thousand years, as human beings and dogs have evolved together, the basis for fidos ability to understand what you mean may have become encoded in his genes.但是托马塞洛认为在过去的15000年里,随着人类和一同进化,理解人类意图的能力可能已经融入到自身基因当中。201502/358581宜春市人民医院激光去斑多少钱

江西省宜春哪家割双眼皮比较好Europe Germanys energy transformation欧洲 德国的能源转型Energiewende能源大变身German plans to cut carbon emissions with renewable energy are ambitious, but they are also risky德国计划通过可再生能源削减碳排放。雄伟的能源计划风险犹存。“The quieter the evening, the more you hear it,” says Wilfried Bockholt, mayor of Niebull in North Friesland. He mimics the sound of a 55-metre-long rotor whirling round a windmill’s mast. He is a driving force behind the “citizens’ wind park”, but he has mixed feelings. A region famed for broad horizons is now jagged with white spires. “They alter the landscape completely,” he laments.北弗里兰县的尼必尔市市长Wilfried Bockholt说,“夜愈是寂静,风车的声音就愈震耳。”他随即模仿了长达5米的风车翼片在桅杆上急速旋转的声音。Bockholt是“市民风电场”背后的推动力量,然而于此项目,他却是喜忧参半。曾以视野广阔盛名的尼必尔,现今却挤满了高低起伏的白风车。他抱怨道,“风车完全改变了这儿的地形。”North Friesland’s wind boom is part of Germany’s Energiewende (energy transformation), a plan to shift from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewables. It was dreamed up in the 1980s, became policy in 2000 and sped up after the Fukushima disaster in March 2011. That led Angela Merkel, the chancellor, to scrap her extension of nuclear power (rather than phasing it out by 2022, as previous governments had planned). She ordered the immediate closure of seven reactors. Germany reaffirmed its clean-energy goals—greenhouse-gas emissions are to be cut from 1990 levels by 40% by 2020 and by 80% by 2050—but it must now meet those targets without nuclear power.北弗里兰县蓬勃发展的风力是德国能源转型计划的一部分,该计划旨在将德国利用的能源从核能、矿物燃料转变为可再生能源。能源转型计划构想于上世纪80年代,于2000年出台相关政策,并在2011年3月福岛灾难发生后加快了政策进程。上届政府曾计划在2022年前彻底废除核能,而福岛事故促使现任总理安吉拉·默克尔改变对扩大发展核能的态度。她下令立即关闭7座核反应堆。德国重申了本国的清洁能源计划,即在2020年和2050年,温室气体排放量分别比1990年减少40%和80%,但如今德国需在不利用核能的情况下完成目标。The rest of the world watches with wonder, annoyance—and anticipatory Schadenfreude. Rather than stabilising Europe’s electricity, Germany plagues neighbours by dumping unpredictable surges of wind and solar power. To many theEnergiewende is a lunatic gamble with the country’s manufacturing prowess. But if it pays off Germany will have created yet another world-beating industry, say the gamblers. Alone among rich countries Germany has “the means and will to achieve a staggering transformation of the energy infrastructure”, says Mark Lewis, an analyst at Deutsche Bank.其他国家看德国的眼神里带有一丝惊奇,些许厌恶,幸灾乐祸。德国理应维护欧洲供电的稳定,现今却用廉价出售琢磨不定的风能、太阳能给邻国添堵。对多数人而言,能源转型计划就是用德国强大的制造业来进行一场疯狂的。然而一旦有所回报,德国将创建另一个世界级行业,“赌徒们”如是说。在所有发达国家中,德国是唯一“有方法、有决心完成能源基础设施交错转型”的国家,德意志的分析师Mark Lewis说道。Much could go wrong. Wholesale electricity prices will be 70% higher by 2025, predicts the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Germany must build or upgrade 8,300km (5,157 miles) of transmission lines (not including connections to offshore wind farms). Intermittent wind and sun power creates a need for backup generators, while playing havoc with business models that justify investing in them. Hans-Peter Keitel, president of the Federation of German Industry, likens theEnergiewende to “open-heart surgery”.仍有很多地方会出现差池。据卡尔斯鲁厄理工学院预测,截至2025年,发电成本将整体上涨70%。德国必须修建或升级8300千米(5157英里)的电力传输线,其中不包括将海上风电站连到电网的线路。风能、太阳能的间接性在搅乱专为其投资建立的商业模型的同时,也产生了对备用发电机组的需求。德国工业联合会主席Hans-Peter Keitel就将能源转型计划比作“开胸手术”In May Mrs Merkel sacked the environment minister, Norbert Rottgen, after he led her Christian Democrats to a disastrous defeat in a regional election. His successor is Peter Altmaier, a canny parliamentarian who will share responsibility with the economy minister, Philipp Rosler. In fact Mrs Merkel has taken charge herself. She convenes energy summits with leaders of the 16 states, and promises to incorporate grid operators’ plans into federal law by the end of the year. But even she admits the Energiewende is a “Herculean task”.今年五月,Norbert Rottgen代表基民盟竞选州长失败,默克尔随后解除了其环境部长职位,并任命精明谨慎的国会议员Peter Altmaier接任。Altmaier将同财政部长Philipp Rosler共担重任。事实上,默克尔早已亲自接管此事。她召集16个州的州长举行州长能源峰会,并向各州长保,将会在今年年底前,把电网运营商的计划纳入联邦法律。但就连她自己也不得不承认能源转型计划是一项异常艰巨的任务。 翻译:王葭苇译文属译生译世 /201607/453688宜春哪里整形医院效果比较好 铜鼓县妇幼保健人民医院额头纹干纹抗皱小帽子鼻沟多少钱

宜春妇幼保健院激光祛痣多少钱Volkswagen has reportedly reached a settlement with the ed States government over charges that it gave its diesel vehicles software to cheat federal emissions tests. 据报道大众与美国政府达成一项协议,关于控告其在柴油车使用软件欺骗联邦的排放测试。According to The Associated Press, the company will spend just over billion to compensate U.S. owners of the vehicles and German media says that each owner of an affected diesel car will be paid ,000. 据美联社报道,大众将花费超过10亿美元来补偿美国车主,德国媒体表示每位受影响的柴油车主将获得5,000美元。The AP adds in its report that negotiations about fixing the cars are currently ongoing. 美联社在报道中补充道,关于修理汽车的谈判正在进行中。Earlier this week, lawyers for thousands of Volkswagen owners in the U.S. asked a federal judge in California to order a settlement if Volkswagen couldn’t agree to a fix by Thursday.本周早些时候,美国数千名大众车主的律师要求加利福尼亚的一名联邦法官安排方案,如果到周四大众不同意解决。译文属。201604/438505 Yemenis and Saudis也门人和沙特人之间Love across the line跨越边界的爱恋The geopolitics of illicit love地缘政治间的非法恋爱FOR daysYemenhas been abuzz with talk of Huda and Arafat. Huda al-Niran, a 22-year-old Saudi woman, fell in love with Arafat Muhammad, a Yemeni, while he was working inSaudi Arabia. In October the couple fled toYemenafter her parents refused to let them marry, but Ms Niran was arrested for entering the country illegally. She seemed set for a quick trial and deportation. Then their love story became a cause célèbre for young Yemenis, who view it as a version of Romeo and Juliet in the south-west of theArabian peninsula. On November 26th Ms Niran was freed into the custody of the UN for a period of three months, allowing her to seek refugee status.近几天以来,也门一直在谈论胡达和阿拉法特之间的故事。胡达是一名22岁的沙特女子,她与一名曾在沙特阿拉伯工作的也门男子阿拉法特·穆罕默德相爱了。在其父母不同意他们的结婚请求后,他们十月逃往了也门。但是胡达却因非法入境被捕了。她似乎面临着快速审判和驱逐出境。他们的爱情故事也将在也门的年轻人中产生轰动,他们认为他俩的爱情就像阿拉伯半岛西南部版的罗密欧与朱丽叶。11月26日,胡达被转交给联合国监护,以寻求难民身份,时间长达三个月。Yemenis have been gripped by the saga for several reasons. The countrys deep-rooted conservative traditions are slowly changing. Young middle-class men and women have grown increasingly willing to challenge their families expectations, with many now bidding to choose their own spouse rather than submit to an arranged marriage. But more often than not, unlike Mr Muhammad and Ms Niran, they end up putting their adolescent relationships aside and fulfilling their parents wishes.因为多种原因,也门人一直被这个传奇笼罩着。该国根深蒂固的保守传统正在渐渐改变。年轻的中产阶层男人和女人越来越渴望挑战他们家庭的期望,他们中许多人正自由选择自己的配偶,而非从包办婚姻。但往往不会像默罕默德和胡达一样,放弃他们的青春爱情而从父母的意愿。Yemeni interest in the star-crossed lovers touches on geopolitics, too. The case has presented an opportunity for Yemenis to score a point against the Saudis, who want the Yemeni authorities to return Ms Niran. Many Yemenis resent their richer and more powerful neighbours interference in their countrys affairs. Moreover, the kingdom recently deported tens of thousands of Yemeni workers after deciding to cut down on foreign labour.也门人对跨越界限又触犯地缘政治的恋人也很感兴趣。这个案件有机会让也门人胜了沙特人一分,沙特想要也门当局送回胡达。许多也门人憎恨比他们富强的邻国干涉他们国家事务的行为。与此同时,沙特王国最近宣称为了削减外来劳务,遣返了成千上万的也门工人。Many of the Yemeni campaigners who spearheaded the protests that led to the ousting of President Ali Abdullah Saleh two years ago have enthusiastically taken up the cause of Ms Niran and Mr Muhammad, organising street protests to press the government to drop the charges against Ms Niran and grant her refugee status. They describe their temporary shift in focus from agitating for political change as ensuring the “victory of love”.两年前,许多也门竞选者带头反对导致了总统萨利赫的下台,他们热情地接手了胡达和默罕默德案件,组织了街道游行抗议,迫使政府撤销了对胡达的控告,并承认其难民身份。他们认为暂时转移鼓动政变的重心是为了确保“真爱的胜利”。Some Yemenis whisper that public opinion might have been different if the nationalities had been reversed. “Lets face it,” says a young Yemeni. “If Huda were a Yemeni who ran across the Saudi border with her Saudi boyfriend, wed be cursing the Saudis and demanding that they send her back.”一些也门人私下说,如果两恋人的国籍调换过来,公众的意见可能有所不同。一位年轻的也门人说道:“我们一起来期待吧,如果胡达是一名也门姑娘,与她的沙特男友逃到沙特,我们会诅咒沙特人,要求把她送回来。”译者:彭瑶 译文属译生译世 /201507/386475宜春双眼皮手术宜春市中医院痘痕痘坑青春痘痘痘痤疮哪家便宜价格



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