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高安人民医院膨体隆鼻膨体垫下巴妙桃假体哪家便宜价格宜春靖安县中人民医院去眼袋多少钱女士去国外美容 Ladies' Salon -01-01 :1:0 来源: Hairdresser: Good morning, madam.Guest: Good morning. I would like a shampoo and set.Hairdresser: Yes, madam. What style do you want?Guest: I'd like to try a new hair-style. Could you show me some pictures of hair styles?Hairdresser: Sure. We have various models: hair bobbed, hair sweptback, chaplet hair style, shoulder-length hair style, hair done in a bun. Please have a look at them, madam.Guest: Thanks. Please give me the style in this picture here but make the wave longer. I would like hair spray, please.Hairdresser: Yes, madam.Guest: Oh, your hair dryer is too hot. Would you adjust it, please? Hairdresser: Sorry, madam. I'll adjust it right away.Hairdresser: Is that all right now?Guest: Yes, thank.Hairdresser: Please have a look. Guest: Beautifully done. Please trim my eyebrows and darken them.Hairdresser: All right, madam. And would you like a manicure?Guest: Yes. Use a light nail varnish, please. 美容师:上午好,太太客人:上午好我想洗头、做头发美容师:是,太太做什么式样? 客人:我想换个新发型你能不能给我看些发型式样的照片?美容师:可以我们有各种各样的发型,如剪短发、后掠式、盘花冠式、齐肩式,还有把头发挽成发髻太太,您请看客人:谢谢请你这张照片上的发型烫,波浪烫长些请喷些发胶美容师:好的,太太客人:哎呦,吹风太热了,请调整一下吧美容师:对不起,太太我马上调整美容师:现在可以了吗?客人:可以了,谢谢美容师:请您看一看客人:做得好极了请把眉毛修一下,再画深一点美容师:好的,太太您还要修一下指甲吗?客人:要的请用浅色指甲油Vocabulary 单词表1. bob: 剪短(头发). sweptback: 向后倾斜的3. chaplet: 花冠. spray: 喷,洒5. adjust: 调整6. manicure: 修指甲7. varnish: 清漆,油 女士 国外 美容丰城市中人民医院激光脱毛多少钱 文字的力量(The Power of Writing) -- :: 来源: 文字的力量(The Power of Writing)   when: 1998  photographer: richard t. nowitz  "dedicated[供奉] to the egyptian god amun, the mortuary[陵墓的] temple of ramses iii, madinet habu, towers on the west bank of the nile[尼罗河]. its elaborate[详尽的] hieroglyphs[象形文字] describe battles with libyans[利比亚人] and invaders[侵略者] called sea peoples."四年级英语作文:How to study English? --1 01:59:6 来源:   Study English,You do need to use English with eakers who are not teachers of English. This it easy, since everyone feels cotrained eaking English with friends with whom it would be natural to use a shared mother tongue. Joining an English Club is a good idea and joining a club with an international membership (where English is in use at least some of the time) is, many people, even better. If nothing like this is acceible, you might coider what would be involved in getting something going.宜春市第七人民医院胶原蛋白线面部提升胶原蛋白线锯齿线多少钱

宜春有没有便宜点的做冰点脱毛的医院小学:超级老鼠SUPER MOUSE --01 3:: 来源: 小学:超级老鼠SUPER MOUSESUPER MOUSEHengmei Kindergarten of South District表演单位:南区恒美幼儿园 (此话剧荣获南区第三届中、小、幼学生、幼儿英语话剧比赛一等奖)Bobo: I am back. Daddy?Mummy?Where are you? Where are you? Nobody is at home. Father Mouse、Mother Mouse、 little mice:(Jumps out.)Happy birthday. Bobo. Other:Happy birthday!!Mother Mouse:Today is your birthday, Bobo.Bobo:Oh!! Today is my birthday?Father Mouse:Yes. We have something you.Mouse 1:Look. Open it!Bobo:What’s this?Mouse 1: It’s a cucumber.Bobo:Mm. Thank you. What’s this?Mouse : It’s cauliflower. Bobo:Mm. Thank you. What’s this?Mouse 3:It’s a peanut. Bobo:Mm. Thank you. What’s this?Mouse :It’s a tomato.Bobo:Mm. Thank you. Thank you.Father Mouse、Mother Mouse:A big gift you. little mice: Oh?Mother Mouse: Go.Father Mouse、Mother Mouse:Look.(Computer):Hello. My name is Mouse:Ken.Others:Oh? Hello, Ken.Others:(Sing.)Hello, hello. I am Mouse. I am Mouse.Mouse: Hi. I am Ken.Others:(Sing.)Hello, hello. I am Mouse. I am Mouse.Mouse: Hi. I am Ken.Others:Who are you?Mouse: Me? (Chant.) I am a mouse. I have a house.Others:I am a mouse. I have a house.Mouse: I have a tail. I can send e-mail.Others:I have a tail. I can send e-mail.Together: (Chant.)I am a mouse. I have a house. I have a tail. I can send e-mail.So, we are super mice.Exits.(Written by Ivan Lee) 小学英语 话剧 剧本江西省宜春韩美整形医院真皮移植术羽毛线面部提升像素激光去痘坑要多少费用 Our Library 我们 的图书馆 -- :57:7 来源: Our Library 我们 的图书馆  Our school library is a bright and quiet place. We can do some ing there. Look, in the middle of the big ing room stands a long desk. Some students are sitting at it. They are ing or writing something. At the further end is the Service Desk. The middle-aged woman behind the desk is the librarian.  She is serving students. She is a warm-hearted woman. The other young assistant is looking some books the students. To the right side of the desk, there are two bookshelves. Students can choose magazines or newspapers freely. Most of the students like ing and writing here because there are many helpful books here.  我们学校的图书馆是一个明亮而且安静的好地方,我们可以在那里读书请看,在大阅览室的中央放着一张长的桌子,一些学生坐在它的周围,读书或写一些东西在很远的尽头是一张务桌,桌子背后的中年妇女是一位为学生务的图书管理员  她正在为学生务,她是一位很热心的人另一位年轻的管理员正在为学生寻找书籍在这张桌子的右边,有两个书架,在这儿学生们可以随意选择报纸和杂志大部分学生都喜欢在这里读书或写东西,因为这里有许多有用的书宜春万载县脸部去痣价格

宜春中医院美容整形科旅行(Traveling) -- :3: 来源: 旅行(Traveling)  i love traveling. traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. what's more, it refreshes me. you can go to disneyland and experience what it's like to be “a child again!” you can visit one of the “seven wonders of the world,” such as the grand canyon and feel the magnificence of nature!  you can taste the “magicial” ice water on a glacier, which can help you become more beautiful and make you live longer. just get all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. experience is a type of living knowledge. you'll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. you don't even need a tour guide if you long more freedom. just don't get to bring your backpack! On the Playground 在操场上 -- :55:5 来源:   Class is over. Most of the students go to the playground to take part in all kinds of sports.  Look! There are many students playing basketball. One is jumping up and casting the ball into the net. In the distance there're some girls doing rope skipping. How swift their actions are! They're like sparrows. Not far away from them. a few boys are playing ping-pong. What an interesting school life!  They know clearly that having a strong and healthy body is very important both to their study and their future success.  下课了,大部分学生都到操场参加各种运动  瞧!那儿有许多学生在打篮球一个学生正跳起来往蓝中投球在远处,一些女孩在跳绳他们的动作真敏捷,就像麻雀一样离他们不远处,几个男孩在打乒乓球多有趣的学校生活呀!  他们都清楚地知道,拥有一个强壮健康的身体对他们的学校和未来的成功至关重要宜春中药祛黄褐斑哪家医院好宜春韩美整形光子脱毛多少钱



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