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Visit the Zoo 参观动物园英语作文 -- :3:5 来源: Visit the Zoo 参观动物园英语作文It's Sunday today,i'm very happy,because i visited the zoo.今天是星期天,我非常开心,因为我参观动物园了I was woken up by mother at 7 o'clock this morning.After breakfast we went to the zoo by bus.It's not far away from my home,we arrived there about minutes later.There were many people in the zoo.We saw naughty monkeys making faces in the tree,Yangtze alligators lyingin the sun lazily,fierce lions lying in the cage quietly,and so on.早上七点,妈妈就把我叫醒了吃过早饭后,我们坐公交车去了动物园动物园离我们家不远,分钟后我们就到了那里有好多人我们看到了顽皮的猴子在树上做鬼脸,扬子鳄懒洋洋地躺在太阳底下,还有凶猛的狮子安静地躺在笼子里,等等We had a great day today,i wish to go to the zoo next time.今天是愉快的一天,我希望下次再去动物园玩经历-- :5:   What sort of experience do you have?  你有什么样的经历?  sort of的意思和kind of一样,都是表示某种的sort of还是一句非常流行的口语  在你说不大清楚某件事或语言有些迟钝时,你可以用这个词来调整一下

Failure in Mid-exam -- :3: 来源: Two days ago, I hadthe mid-exam this term and I did badly. I worked hard on my study, but itjust happened. In Chinese, I wrote a bad composition, because I didn’t write tothe requirements. And the math, I made many mistakes in counting. I was too careless.My teacher told me that I did not do well in this exam. He hoped me to find thereasons. My parents encouraged me and they believed I would do better nexttime. I must work harder.

周末计划(My Weekend Plan) -- :: 来源: 周末计划(My Weekend Plan)It's weekend again,what's your plan the weekend?又到周末了,你的周末计划是什么呢?To me,it's a busy weekend this time. On Saturday, I am going to a magazine in the morning,and go to the zoo with my grandparents in the afternoon. On Sunday, I will go to the bookstore to buy some books ing in the morning,and go to the train school to learn Kongfu in the afternoon. At night, I will stay at home and have a good rest. 对我来说,这次是个忙碌的周末星期六早上我要阅读杂志,下午我要和爷爷奶奶去动物园星期天,我上午要去书店买些书来看,下午要去培训班学功夫晚上我会待在家好好休息pen pal --3 :: 来源: pen palin one english class, the teacher told us to write their own data, in the cross-up, those of mixed inmation about the ban issued to students next door, and then, that the person is your pen pal. it is with emotion that i wrote. the next day, i received a class of students next door. my pen pal, he was a boy, from his inmation i have seen his likes to eat instant noodles, his favorite color is blue. he also told me that a secret " he has been like a very lovely girls. at noon, i am not happy, because i do not know what pen name. in the afternoon, i was at work in the class, all of a sudden, a boy came to my class, came to his pen pal from his mouth, i know he was my pen pal, i am glad.雪(Snow) -- ::50 来源: 雪(Snow)it was snow just now, there are lots of snow in the sky. the rivers are stopping flowing. the ground is covered with a layer of snow.    the snow looks like smoke, it’s white. it likes a piece of paper. the snow fall from the sky. it kisses the ground. how white the snow is! how beautiful the snow is!    i like snow! i like winter!

初中英语短剧:考试 -- ::5 来源: A Difficult Questionfour girls went to school every day by taxi .one day one of the girls said,"there's a test this morning . let's get to school late then we won't have to take the test .""what can we tell the teacher?" one of the girls said.he'll be angry . we'll need a good excuse moments ."the girls though several moments ,than one of them said ,"let's tell him that our taxi had a flat fire .""that's a good idea ,"the other girls said."we'll tell him that." they arrived at school an hour late . the test was finished ."why are you late?"the teacher asked ."you missed the test.""our taxi had a flat fire,"one of the girls said .the teacher thought a moment ,then he said ,"sit down ,one of you in each corner of the room ."the four girls did this than the teacher said ,"write on a piece of paper the answer to this question :which tire was flat?" 初中英语 短剧 :纯的-- ::59   I want some whiskey straight up.   我想要些纯威士忌   Whiskey里最著名的就是Scotch.苏格兰有世界上最多的酿酒厂,生产最纯正的Scotch.这种酒饮用前至少要在木桶里酿造三年Scotch这个词就来自“苏格兰人”(Scottish).   straight up的意思是only, not mixed--“纯的”.包公祠英文导游词 --30 :19: 来源: 包公祠英文导游词包公祠位于市中心的包河公园,为纪念北宋有名的清官包拯首建于公元年  Lord Bao Memorial Temple is located in Baohe Park just southwest of the city center. It was initially built in in memory of Baozheng, a famous upright officer during the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - ).   Lord Bao Memorial Temple is a typical ancient architectural complex with style imitating that of the Song Dynasty. Covering an area of one hectare, it mainly consists of Entrance Gate, the Second Gate, the Stele Pavilion, the Main Hall, the Second Hall and the east and west exhibition rooms.   In the main hall, a bronze statue of Lord Bao, which is three meters in height and .5 tons in weight, is displayed. With his hat and waist   band on, Baozheng sits upright. One of his hands placed on the chair with the other clenched.In the second hall, the historical materials and classic books about Lord Bao, the poems made by Lord Bao, monument inscription, and "Kaifeng Residence and Office monument inscription" are exhibited.   The eastern and western halls, using some pictures and essays, show visitors many stories and tales about Lord Bao.   Admission Fee:   Opening Hours:8:00 - 18:00   Recommended 英文导游词

我十岁了(I Am Ten Years Old) --9 ::7 来源: 我十岁了(I Am Ten Years Old)  in a blink of an eye, i am aly ten years old.  when i was in china, i only went to kindergarten and i did not go to elementary school. in the three years in canada, not only have i learned english, but also i have learned how to speak mandarin, because when i was in china, i could only speak cantonese.  right now, i am aly a fifth grade student and i need to work hard to become a good student. i need to learn english, chinese and french well; learn about science and computers well.i really like computers. through computer i have learned a lot of things. i know how to send e-mail to my father who works in china. when i grow up, i want to become a technician, just like bill gates.  i am ten years old. i think i have improved a lot, example, i know how to swim and play the piano, and i also know how to ride a bicycle.  i want to let my mother and father relax, and i will be a good child and a good student.Animals -- 3:57:36 来源: Animals   I like animals very much. I have a dog, It’s my favourite animal. It’s white, It looks like a snow ball. It has two big eyes and ears. But its nose and mouth are very small. It’s very naughty.  It often stares at my food when I have a meal. When I’m home it follows me all the time.  When I do my homework, it often sits beside quietly, but sometimes runs around me and shouts: wom wom.  I like my dog very much.家庭是什么 What is family ? --19 :19:9 来源: Everybody has his own family. What is family?I don’t think everyone really knows. There are six letters in the word “ FAMILY ”. I think“ F ” means “father”, “A” means “and”, “ M ” means “mother” , “ I ” means“ I”, “ L” means “ love” and “ Y ” means “you”. So “ FAMILY ” is the short m of “ Father and mother , I love you.”Don’t you think so ? Father and mother love us , and we love father and mother . That’s a happy family.

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