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2017年10月22日 14:33:23

Saudi Arabia lost market share in more than half of the most important countries to which it sold oil in the past three years, even as the kingdom increased crude output to record levels. 在沙特销售原油的半数以上最重要国家里,过去三年里沙特的市场份额都有所降低,即便该国把原油产量提高到创纪录水平Oil-producing nations including Russia and Iraq are putting pressure on Saudi Arabia in markets it regards as strategically important trading partners. 在被沙特视为具有战略重要性的贸易伙伴国的市场上,俄罗斯和伊拉克等产油国正给沙特带来压力The world’s biggest oil exporter lost ground to rivals in nine out of 15 top markets between 2013 and 2015, including China, South Africa and the US, according to customs data. 海关数据显示,从2013年至2015年,世界最大石油出口国在最重要5个市场中个市场(其中包括中国、南非和美国)被对手夺走了份额“Saudi Arabia has had a very difficult time selling oil in this environment,said Ed Morse, analyst at Citigroup. “Its rivals are going into a very crowded market in a very aggressive way.“在这一环境下,沙特在原油出口上遇到了巨大的困难,”花旗集Citigroup)分析师艾#8226;尔Ed Morse)说,“其竞争对手正以非常咄咄逼人的方式打入一个非常拥挤的市场。Saudi set itself a goal in late 2014 of maintaining its crude market share amid a glut that prompted a collapse in oil prices. It led a landmark Opec decision not to cut output to support prices. But import data compiled by FGE, an energy consultancy, suggest the country’s strategy suffered setbacks in some of its key customer countries last year. 2014年末,在原油供应过剩引发油价崩盘的背景下,沙特制定了维护本国原油市场份额的目标。该国主导欧佩克(Opec)做出了一个具有里程碑意义的决定,即不通过减产来持油价。但能源咨询公司FGE汇编的进口数据表明,去年,沙特的策略在一些关键的客户国家遭遇了挫折Other data show a limited rise in market share in 2015 compared to 2014, although last year’s figure was lower than that recorded in 2013. 其他数据显示,跟2014年相比,2015年沙特的市场份额出现有限增加,但去年的数字低013年This illustrates the strategy’s perils as low prices and a war in Yemen wreak financial havoc. Riyadh unveiled deep spending cuts in December and is set to tap bond markets for funds this year. 这表明,在油价走低和也门战争造成财务损失之际,沙特的这一策略存在诸多危险。去2月,沙特宣布将大幅削减出,并打算在今年利用债券市场筹集资金Brent crude, the global benchmark that plunged to a 13-year low of less than a barrel in January, has fallen from 5 in mid-2014 to .88 yesterday. 作为世界油价基准的布伦特原油(Brent crude)014年年中的115美元/桶下跌至昨日9.88美元/桶。今月,布伦特原油曾大跌至不0美元/桶的13年低点FGE’s data show the Saudi share of Chinese oil imports fell from more than 19 per cent in 2013 to almost 15 per cent in 2015 because of increased supplies from Russia. Share of South African imports dropped sharply in that period, from almost 53 per cent to 22 per cent, as Nigeria and Angola raised shipments. The Saudi share of US imports fell from 17 per cent to almost 14 per cent. It also lost ground in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and some European countries. FGE数据显示,由于中国从俄罗斯增加石油进口,沙特在中国石油进口市场的份额013年的9%下跌015年的5%。同期,由于尼日利亚和安哥拉提高了发货量,沙特在南非石油进口市场的份额从3%降到22%。沙特在美国石油进口市场的份额从17%下跌到近14%。在韩国、泰囀?台湾和部分欧洲国家,沙特的份额也有所降低Saudi Arabia remains the largest supplier to many countries, including China and it secured market gains in Brazil, India and Japan between 2013 and 2015. 沙特仍是对包括中国在内的许多国家出口原油最多的国家,在2013年至2015年间,还提高了在巴西、印度和日本市场的份额。来 /201603/434352袁州区妇幼保健院去痘印多少钱宜春市激光治疗痤疮价格When Lieutenant General HR McMaster enters the West Wing of the White House as the US national security adviser, the widely respected soldier and military historian will face one of the biggest challenges of his career.当H?R?麦克马斯HR McMaster)中将进入白宫西翼办公楼开始担任美国国家安全顾问时,这位广受尊敬的军人兼军事历史学家将面临他职业生涯中最大的挑战之一。President Donald Trump on Monday named Gen McMaster a decorated three-star army general who commanded US troops in Iraq and also served in Afghanistan to succeed Michael Flynn, who was fired after 24 days in the role. Mr Trump first asked Robert Harward, a retired admiral, to succeed Mr Flynn, but he offered the job to Gen McMaster after Mr Harward turned him down over concerns about lines of authority and staffing inside the White House.上周一,总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)任命麦克马斯特接替在上任24天后被解职的迈克弗林(Michael Flynn)。麦克马斯特是一位被授过勋的陆军三星将军,他不但曾在伊拉克指挥美军作战,也曾在阿富汗战场出力。特朗普原本曾请退役海军上将罗伯特?哈沃Robert Harward)接替弗林,但出于对白宫内部权力结构和人事问题的担心,哈沃德没有答应特朗普。接着,特朗普把这个职位给了麦克马斯特。Gen McMaster is highly regarded inside the military. During the 1991 Gulf war, his troops destroyed a large number of Iraqi tanks in a battle that developed his reputation as a smart tactician. Over the past two decades, his peers have come to see him as a brilliant strategist a reputation cemented by his role creating and implementing counter-insurgency operations during the second Iraq war.麦克马斯特将军在军界名望极高。在1991年海湾战争中,他率领的部队在一次战斗中摧毁了伊拉克军队的大量坦克,此役给他带来了英明机智的战术家的名声。过0年里,他的同仁们渐渐把他视为一位杰出的战略家。在第二次伊拉克战争中,他在发起和执行打击叛乱行动中所发挥的作用,为他巩固了这一名声。In announcing that Gen McMaster would run the National Security Council and that Keith Kellogg, a retired general, would be chief of staff, Mr Trump praised them as a “tremendousteam. But one question that remains is how Gen McMaster will deal with the competing factions in the White House, particularly Steve Bannon, the political strategist who has been given an unusual formal role in the national security apparatus.在宣布麦克马斯特将军将执掌国家安全委员会(NSC)、退役将军基凯洛Keith Kellogg)将担任幕僚长的消息时,特朗普称赞他们是一个“极佳”团队。但有个疑问仍然存在:麦克马斯特将军将如何跟白宫内立场不同的派别、尤其是史蒂班农(Steve Bannon)打交道。班农是一位政治战略家,在国家安全机关中被授予了一个非同寻常的正式职位。David Petraeus, the retired four-star army general who worked closely with Gen McMaster during the 2007 surge in Iraq, said his former subordinate was a “seriously high-quality guywho had the organisational skills and the ability to navigate competing personalities and administration power centres.曾在2007年对伊增兵时与麦克马斯特将军共事的退役四星上将戴彼得雷乌David Petraeus)表示,他的这位前下属是个“素质极高的人”,具备组织能力,并且有能力应对人员勾心斗角、不同行政权力中心彼此较劲的环境。“He is an exceptional strategic thinker and is a great team builder. He has superb organisational skills and has a wonderful enthusiastic attitude,said Mr Petraeus, who was approached for the job but balked because of concerns about potential parallel security structures in the White House. “Obviously he knows what it is like to be on the ground and command soldiers in battle as a captain and a colonel. He knows when to keep his head down, but will not shrink from offering his forthright and well-considered assessments and recommendations.”“他是一个杰出的战略思想家,是一个伟大的团队建设者。他具有卓越的组织能力,有着非常热情的态度,”彼得雷乌斯说。彼得雷乌斯也曾获邀出任该职位,但是由于对白宫内潜在并行的安全架构感到担心,结果他没有接受。“很显然,他知道在战场上指挥士兵作战该是什么样子。他知道什么时候保持低调,但他敢于提出他的直截了当、深思熟虑的意见和建议。”James Stavridis, a retired admiral who was Supreme Allied Commander of Nato and US forces in Europe, also said Gen McMaster was a strong choice. “He is a superb blend of detail-oriented planner and highly creative thinker an unbelievably rare combination in a senior military officer. He worked for me in Afghanistan and I found him terrific,said Mr Stavridis.曾任北约(Nato)盟军最高指挥官和驻欧美军司令的退役海军上将詹姆斯?斯塔夫里迪斯(James Stavridis)也表示,麦克马斯特将军是一个有实力的人选。“他极好地兼具了注重细节的规划者和创造力极强的思想家这两种特质——两种特质罕见地在一名高级军官身上结合到一起,令人难以置信。在阿富汗时,他在我手下效力,我发现他太棒了,”斯塔夫里迪斯说。Gen McMaster is the first active duty military officer to be national security adviser since Colin Powell during the Reagan administration. Some experts believe this could impact his ability to do the job, particularly given the infighting inside the White House and an unclear chain of command. “As an active duty military officer, he has zero leverage in terms of selecting his own team,added Mr Stavridis. “That will be his biggest challenge.”麦克马斯特将军是自里根(Reagan)政府的科鲍威Colin Powell)以来,第一位以现役军官身份出任国家安全顾问一职的。有些专家认为,这可能会削弱他履行职责的能力,尤其是在白宫内斗和指挥链条不清晰的情况下。“现役军官身份,会使他在挑选团队成员方面一点都说不上话,”斯塔夫里迪斯接着说,“这将是他面临的最大挑战。”Gen McMaster is viewed in a similar light to Mr Petraeus, Mr Stavridis and defence secretary James Mattis, a class of warrior-intellectuals. He converted his PhD thesis into a book called Dereliction of Duty which argued that during the Vietnam war the joint chiefs of staff supported White House policies that they had privately said would not work. Supporters of Gen McMaster say he will not forget these lessons as he attempts to provide unvarnished advice to a president who has shown that he does not like criticism.外界把麦克马斯特将军与彼得雷乌斯、斯塔夫里迪斯和国防部长詹姆马蒂James Mattis)视同一类人,都是军人知识分子。他将自己的士论文改写成一本名为《玩忽职守Dereliction of Duty)的书。书中指出,在越南战争期间,参谋长联席会Joint Chiefs of Staff)持白宫的政策,其实他们私下曾说过那些政策不会奏效。麦克马斯特的持者说,当他试图向一位已表现出不喜欢被批评的总统提出坦率建议时,将不会忘记这些教训。David Barno, a retired general who worked with Gen McMaster, says the decorated soldier brings an “out of the boxapproach that has been informed by experience in war zones. “He is an unusual combination of muddy boots war fighter and intellectual,said Mr Barno, adding that one former chairman of the joint chiefs made Dereliction of Duty mandatory ing for his top brass.曾跟麦克马斯特将军共事的退役将军大巴诺(David Barno)表示,这位被授勋的军人将带来一种从战地经验中学到的“打破陈规的”方法。巴诺说,“他是一个非同寻常的混合体,既是战靴沾满污泥的战士,又是知识分子。”他接着说,参谋长联席会议的一位前主席曾把《玩忽职守》列为他手下高级军官的必读书目。Peter Mansoor, a retired army officer who served with Gen McMaster in Iraq, said his friend would remain “outspoken in his convictions adding that “he will be a forceful advocate within the walls of the White House for policies that he believes will work. He rejected suggestions that Gen McMaster being an active duty officer would curtail his ability to provide honest advice, but said his uniformed status might make him more willing to “salute and executive forcefullyonce a decision was made.曾在伊拉克与麦克马斯特将军共同役的退役军官彼曼苏Peter Mansoor)说,他的朋友将继续“直言不讳地表达自己的信念”,并接着说:“在白宫内,他将大力倡导他认为会奏效的政策。他驳斥了有关麦克马斯特身为现役军官将削弱他坦率建言能力的说法,但表示,他的军人身份会使他在一旦决定作出后更愿意“积极地称赞和执行”。John Allen, a retired Marine general who served in Afghanistan and was deputy commander of US Central Command, described Gen McMaster as a “brilliant strategistwho was also a “very accomplished planner which he stressed was a rare combination. He said it was important that Gen McMaster would have the ability to bring in his own people when needed, but said the White House was increasingly in a position where it could not afford to antagonise serious people.曾在阿富汗战场役并担任过中央司令部(US Central Command)副司令的海军陆战队退役将军约艾伦(John Allen),形容麦克马斯特将军是“杰出的战略家”,同时也是一个“非常成功的策划者”——他强调这是一个罕见的特点组合。艾伦表示,麦克马斯特将军能否在需要的时候用自己的人这一点很重要。他还表示,白宫越来越承受不起让恪尽职守的人反感的后果。“Steve Bannon has no authority over the national security adviser. Trump knows that and so does McMaster,said Mr Allen, who was a candidate for a senior position in the administration had Hillary Clinton won the election. “I hope that Bannon figures that out quickly before we have a collision. Trump can’t afford to have a highly qualified person the likes of HR McMaster walk out of the White House because of confused or tortuous lines of authority.”“史蒂夫?班农并不具备凌驾于国家安全顾问之上的权力。特朗普知道这一点,麦克马斯特也知道,”艾伦说。当初如果希拉里?克林Hillary Clinton)赢得大选,艾伦会有望在政府中担任一个高级职位。他说:“我希望班农很快搞清这一点,以免我们发生冲突。如果因为纷繁复杂的权力结构而导致像麦克马斯特这样资历极其优秀的人离开白宫,那么特朗普可能是承受不起的。”来 /201702/494583Thousands of people -- black and white, Muslims and Jews, old and young -- packed Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky Thursday for a traditional Muslim funeral for Muhammad Ali.星期四,成千上万人聚集在肯塔基州路易斯维尔市的自由堂,参加为拳王阿里举行的传统穆斯林葬礼,参加的人有黑人、白人、穆斯林、犹太人、老人和年轻人。The boxing legend, who was known by billions around the world, died last week at age 74 after a long fight against Parkinsons disease.这位世界闻名的传奇拳王于上周去世,享4岁。他生前长期患有帕金森症。His service was held in the same place in Alis hometown where he fought his first professional match in 1960 shortly after his gold medal triumph at the Summer Olympics in Rome.阿里的追思仪式在他的故乡举行960年,阿里在家乡参加了自己的首场职业拳击比赛,他之前不久在罗马奥运会上荣获拳击金牌。Worshippers and admirers called Ali the true face of Islam -- one that promotes peace and tolerance of people of all faiths.敬仰者称阿里体现了伊斯兰教的真正精神,那就是促进和平,并主张对任何宗教信仰的人持包容态度。Ali will be remembered again Friday at a public interfaith memorial service in Louisville.星期五将在路易斯维尔要再举行一场有各界宗教人士参加的阿里追思仪式。来 /201606/448521宜春第一人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱


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