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毕节市第一人民医院引产多少钱贵州天伦医院不孕不育Liverpool and China利物浦与中国Here comes the yuan人民币驾到A city’s bid to revive its fortunes through the local and the global利物浦努力通过本地特色和全球投资重振其经济Sep 3rd 2011 | LIVERPOOL | from the print edition AT THE new Museum of Liverpool (above), a sleek limestone affair of Danish design, the city’s Chinese community, which began with an influx of sailors at the start of the 19th century, gets an exhibit to itself. The emphasis seems a little odd, until you consider the city’s regeneration strategy, which rests on a characteristically 21st-century mix of the local and the global. The aim is to use Liverpool’s storied past to attract investment from around the world—and from China in particular.在一座丹麦风格的优美石灰石建筑——新建的利物浦物馆里(上图),城市的华人社区开了一个展览会。利物浦的华人社区兴起于19世纪初期大量中国水手涌入城市之时。如此强调这件事,似乎有些奇怪,除非你仔细考虑过城市的复兴策略。利物浦的复兴策略的基础是一个典型的21世纪本地特色与全球投资的混合体。这个策略的目的在于:利用利物浦赫赫有名的历史吸引来自世界各地的投资,尤其是中国。Liverpool has been through tough times. Once an imperial entrepocirc;t, the city built its wealth on the exchange of slaves, cotton and commodities. But the end of empire, the rise of air travel and the advent of shipping containers slashed maritime employment after the 1960s. Manufacturing failed to compensate for the losses, even if a cultural efflorescence led by the Beatles accompanied the economic woes.利物浦曾经历艰难困苦的时期。从前,作为帝国的贸易中心,利物浦通过交换奴隶、棉布和日用品创造财富。但是在19世纪60年代之后,大英帝国的衰落、航空交通的兴起和集装箱船的出现这种种因素使航海业的员工被大幅裁员。即使披头士在经济萧条下引起了一场文化繁荣,制造业仍无法弥补这种损失。Many problems persist. A city that held 856,000 people in 1931 now houses just over half that number. In the suburb of Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club, an aborted regeneration scheme has bequeathed row after blighted row of boarded-up houses; gardens are overgrown with weeds and poppies sprout on street corners. The proportion of people on state benefits is twice the national average, as is the proportion of Liverpudlians who lack formal qualifications. Health is poor and life expectancy is low. Only two-thirds of residents work—41% of them in the public sector, which puts the city at especial risk in an era of government austerity.很多问题继续存在。一个在1931年人口为85万6千的城市,如今的居住人数却只有那时的一半多一点。利物浦足球俱乐部的所在地安菲尔德郊区曾实行过一个复兴策略,但最终流产,遗留下来的是一排又一排门窗被木板钉住的房屋,景象一派衰颓;住宅的花园里野草丛生,街头角落处罂粟疯长。安菲尔德郊区领取政府救济的人数比例两倍于全国平均水平,利物浦没有正式文凭的市民比例也是如此。健康状况相当不堪,平均寿命也不高。只有三分之二的居民有工作——其中41%在政府部门上班,在政府采取紧缩财政措施的年代里,这种情形会使城市的处境特别危险。201109/152524贵阳处女膜修复医院 Poland is preparing for state funerals for President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, and is awaiting the repatriation of the bodies of many of its political and military elite - all killed in a plane crash in western Russia on Saturday. Many Poles are slowly coming to grips with this tragedy.波兰准备为遇难的总统卡钦斯基和总统夫人玛利亚举行国葬,同时等待其他同机遇难的政治和军事高层人士的遗体运送回国。星期六所有这些人都在俄罗斯西部发生的坠机惨案中丧生。与此同时很多波兰人都在慢慢地开始正视这个悲剧。More vigils and tributes - hundreds of people crowded into the Church of Saint Anna in central Warsaw for a special mass for those killed in the crash.数以百计的人们涌入座落在华沙市中心的圣安娜教堂参加为遇难者举行的一次特别弥撒,这是波兰人守夜和悼念的一部分。Many mourners young people, mostly students who earlier had marched silently through the city carrying Polish flags and pictures of the President and his wife.很多前来悼念年轻人是学生,他们稍早参加了游行,人们手举波兰国旗和已故总统夫妇画像,在华沙默默地举行了哀悼游行。This young woman, Katherine, says she came in tribute to the country's leaders and because the rector of her university was among those killed.年轻女子凯瑟琳说,她到这里悼念国家遇难的领导人,因为其中有她所在大学的校长。Nearly 100 people were aboard the flight from Warsaw to the western Russian city of Smolensk. The plane crashed as it tried to land amid heavy fog, killing all onboard - President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and a delegation that included Poland's top military leaders as well as many political and cultural figures.将近100人乘坐从华沙到俄罗斯西部城市斯棱斯克的专机。飞机在浓雾里试图降落过程中坠毁,机上所有人遇难,包括总统卡钦斯基及其夫人,以及一个由波兰高级军事领袖和多名政治及文化重要人物的代表团。201004/101336Business education商业教育Field of dreams梦想之地Harvard Business School reinvents its MBA course哈佛商学院改良其工商管理硕士 (MBA) 课程YOUNG mums shopping in the Copley Mall in downtown Boston last month found themselves being questioned about their use of soap by students from Harvard Business School. The students were not doing odd jobs to earn beer money. They were preparing to help a firm in Brazil launch an antibacterial cleanser.上月,年轻的妈妈们在波士顿市区的科普利商场 (Copley Mall) 购物时,发现有来自哈佛商学院的学生询问她们使用肥皂的情况。这些学生并不在打临时工赚取啤酒钱。他们在帮助一家巴西公司发布一款抗病菌洁面乳做准备工作。Fieldwork;ie, going out and talking to people;is a big change for HBS. Its students used to sit in a classroom and discuss case studies written by professors. Now they may also work in a developing country and launch a start-up. ;Learning by doing; will become the norm, if a radical overhaul of the MBA curriculum succeeds.实地工作;;走出教室,与人交谈;;是哈佛商学院的一项大变革。哈佛商学院的学生过去常常坐在教室里讨论教授们写的研究案例。现在,他们也可能在一个发展中国家工作,并且建立一家新兴企业。如果这项对 MBA 课程的重大改革成功,那么,;做中学;将变为常规。The 900 students arriving in Boston this summer for their two-year course were told they would be guinea pigs. The new practical addition to HBSrsquo;s curriculum is known as ;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development). Not all the staff and students are overjoyed to be experimented on. But the man responsible, Nitin Nohria, who became dean of HBS in July 2010, says that ;if it works, the FIELD method could become an equal partner to the case method.;今年夏季哈佛商学院通知接受其两年制课程的 900 名新生:他们将是试验对象。哈佛商学院实际新增课程称为;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development)(实地浸入式体验的领导力开发)。并非所有的员工和学生都对成为这次实验的对象而感到欣喜若狂。但于2010 年 7 月就任哈佛商学院院长的项目负责人尼廷bull;诺里亚 (Nitin Nohria) 称,;如果成功,实地教学法(FIELD 法)将与案例教学法并驾齐驱。;Long before he became dean, Mr Nohria lamented the failure of business schools to fulfil their mission of turning management into a profession similar to law or medicine. Asked what should be expected from someone with an MBA, he replies that ;obviously, they should master a body of knowledge. But we should also expect them to apply that knowledge with some measure of judgment.; MBA students have long been sent on summer internships with prospective employers, but HBS, like most business schools, did little else to help them with the practical application of management studies.早在担任院长以前,诺利亚就曾抱怨,商学院未能实现自身使命,将管理转变为类似于法律或医学的一门职业。当问及应当对工商管理硕士抱以怎样的期望时,他回答说;很显然,他们应该拥有大量知识。但是,我们也应期望他们能在应用知识的时候运用一些判断力。;长久以来,工商管理硕士专业学生都会派到潜在雇主那里参加暑期实习,但是,与大多数商学院一样,哈佛商学院很少再采取措施,来帮助他们将管理学运用于实践。What happens in the second year of the new course is still being worked out. But the first year has three elements. First, team-building exercises. Students take turns to lead a group engaged in a project such as designing an ;eco-friendly sculpture;. They learn to collaborate and to give and take feedback. These exercises are loosely based on ones used in the US army.新课程第二学年的安排仍在制订中。但第一学年有三个要素。第一,团队建设训练。学生轮流领导一个组织。这个组织参与一个项目,比如;生态友好型雕刻;。他们学习相互合作、给予并接受反馈。这些训练大致建立在美军的训练方法之上。Second, students will be sent to work for a week with one of more than 140 firms in 11 countries. Aly the new intake have had conference calls with these companies, ranging from the Brazilian soapmaker to a Chinese property firm, and gone off-campus to conduct product-development ;dashes; like the one in Copley Mall. This sort of structured learning-by-doing is a world away from HBSrsquo;s traditional encouragement of students to ;go on an adventure; outside of classes.第二,把学生派往 11 国家里逾 140 家公司之一工作一周。这些新生已经同这些公司(范围涉及巴西的肥皂厂到中国的房地产公司)举行了电话会议,走出学校,为产品开发在附近;四处奔波;,例如去科普利超市。此类有组织的;做中学;不同于哈佛商学院鼓励学生到教室外;去冒险;的传统做法。In the third novel part of the course, students will be given eight weeks, and seed money of ,000 each, to launch a small company. The most successful, as voted by their fellow students, will get more funding. It remains to be seen if this amounts to much more than a souped-up business-plan competition, though Mr Nohria says he hopes some real businesses will be created. (If only HBS had thought of this when Bill Gates was thinking of starting Microsoft, or Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook;perhaps the school would have received shares in those firms.)此门课程的第三个创新之处是,给予学生八周时间以及每人 3,000 美元基金来创办一家小型公司。按照同学投票,最成功的公司将给予更丰厚的资金。仅管诺利亚称,他希望创造出一些真正的企业,但是,它是否不仅仅是一个花哨的商业计划比赛尚待观察。(当比尔bull;盖茨 (Bill Gates) 开始创办微软,马克bull;扎克伯格 (Mark Zuckerberg) 打造脸谱 (Facebook) 时,哈佛商学院就已想到这个主意该多好;;或许哈佛商学院可能已经收到了这两家公司的股份。)It is unclear how much the one-week working assignments will achieve. Pankaj Ghemawat, a management guru, says ;the literature suggests that an immersion experience needs to be at least 2-3 weeks and be backed up with time in the classroom.; The HBS studentsrsquo; classroom preparation will have to be pretty thorough, then, to make up for the brevity of their field trips. Moreover, some of the HBS alumni who have agreed to offer work experience at their firms say they are unsure what meaningful work they can offer the students.一周的工作任务有多大成效还不得而知。管理大师潘卡基bull;格玛沃特(Pankaj Ghemawat)称;文献资料显示,浸入式体验至少需要 2-3 周的时间且需要课堂时间的配合。;这样,哈佛商学院学生的课堂准备将必须非常充分,以弥补他们实地体验期的短暂。还有,已经同意提供工作经历的哈佛商学院校友们称,对提供给学生们何种有意义的工作他们并不确定。Privately, some faculty members are sceptical that all this change will be worthwhile. In January, the vote in favour of trying the field method was ;as enthusiastic as you could get from a faculty,; says Mr Nohria, wryly. He wisely ensured that ownership of the idea was widely sp by delegating design of the new curriculum to several faculty committees. The vote gave the go-ahead to run a ;delicate experiment for 3-5 years to see if we can move the needle;, he says, compared with the 13 years it took to develop the case method into more or less what it is today.私下里,某些教职员工对是否值得进行所有这些变革持怀疑态度。1 月份,;你能从教职员工那里得到的顶多;也就是持实地教学法的投票而已,诺利亚嘲讽地说道。通过将设计新课程的权力下放到几个教职员工委员会,他明智地确保了更广泛的教职员工能参与到这项变革中来。教职工投票同意进行;3-5 年的谨慎试验,看下能否产生显著影响;,诺利亚称。而案例教学法整整用了13年才走到今天这一步。The experiment does not come cheap, adding 10-15% to the coursersquo;s cost (students pay at least ,000 a year), which HBS will bear while it figures out what works. A lot is at stake. For where Harvard leads, other universities may follow.这试验并不便宜,课程成本由此增加了10-15%(学生一年至少付 84,000 美元)。在弄清弄什么是有效的之前,这笔费用将由哈佛商学院承担。太多吉凶未卜。因为哈佛领先之处,可能就是他校追随的地方。downtown n. 城市商业区, 闹市区practical adj.实际的fulfill vt. 履行,实现collaborate v. 合作assignment n. 作业; 工作enthusiastic adj. 热烈的, 热心的164067贵州医科大学附属医院妇产科

贵阳天伦不育不孕医院贵阳铁路医院怎么样 Matt Damon is the sexiest man aliveJulie Jordan tells TODAY's Ann Curry why 'People' magazine picked the 'Bourne' hottie for this year's sexiest man.Well it's always a nice surprise when you are standing in line at a grocery store and you spot People magazine's annual 'Sexiest Man Alive' issue. Especially, if you happen to be the 'Sexiest Man Alive', of course, you don't have that experience, but Julie Jordon is People magazine's special correspondent and she's here to reveal this year's 'Sexiest Man Alive'. Julie! Good morning! Good morning! How many years have you been doing this? Many! And it's always fun. Many, many, many? 22 years! It's always good! And you've got to tell us this morning who's gonna be on the cover. Yes! Finally, Matt Damon for the weekend. Wow! Yeah! Right! The cam(paign), the campaign worked.You know, you know women had campaigned. Did he campaign for it? Well, you know. Brad and Matt have always said that he is deserving. And this is a guy who actually said that he didn't want to be the sexiest man because he considers himself, you know, a suburban house-dad. So we enlisted the help of friends like Ben Affleck, George Clooney. George said that he and Brad have actually worked with Matt on his walk and his posture. And that's why, that's why Damon will be a very good topic here.Oh, those guys! That's good. I didn't think he had a bad walk. In fact, somebody wrote a letter on his behalf, didn't that? Actually Matt wrote a letter, yeah! He wrote a letter. Yeah! And it was just so great. And it only showed why we chose him, so with his permission, we will print it in the issue and it's pretty fantastic. I say, and I think he says that you've made an aging suburban dad the ego boost of a lifetime, part of the letter. Exactly, (.......), so... Oh, I mean, Come on. The guys are really the born trilogy. I mean, he's hot. He's....This...And this is his year. I mean, in love with wife and in love with kid. Why it takes so long? Well, you know, we just, we, we wanted it like the, the campaign going and make sure that um, all the ers were as excited as we were. And yeah, this is just fun for him. It's fun for all of the families and friends, and it is a good story. Alright!When will it get out on People magazine?(when does it hit newsstands?)On newsstands tomorrow. Ok. You've heard it here first. Julie Jordon. Thanks so much! Thank you! Thank you guys.A lucky job you've got. Ah Yeah. . . . . my pleasure!Okay. Anyway...03/63672清镇市人民医院孕前免费吗?

贵州天伦医院男科医生The very first Steve Jobscomputer was actually the brain child of his friend, Steve Wozniak. Wozniak did the wiring and Jobs did the dreaming and be hold the Apple I. No power supply. No casing, just began. Jobs and Woz unveiled the prototype to their fellow tech geeks at the home brew computer club in 1976.史蒂夫;乔布斯的第一台计算机实际上是他朋友的一次杰作。他的朋友斯蒂夫;沃兹尼亚克负责布线而乔布斯梦想成真,拥有了苹果1代。没有电力供应,没有套管,一切都只是刚刚开始。1976年乔布斯和沃兹在家中向技术高手揭开了计算机的原型。201111/161188 Business Bulletin The latest in business news with the CNN.com business bulletinToday's closing bell marked the end of the first quarter on Wall Street.And as Stephanie Elam reports from our Business desk in New York. It wasn't a good one, was it Steph?No, no, it wasn't, Reggie. And I hate to say that 'cause I feel like I always start over the negative news but it's the case on this one, it just was not a good first quarter. During the 3 months of 2008, the market was driven lower by the housing crisis then there was that credit crunch and growing fears of a recession. So for the quarter, the DOW Industrials fell more than 7%, NASDAQ lost about twice as much and the broader Samp;P 500 lost nearly 10%. Now also impressuring the markets this quarter were rising oil prices. However, today, erase, oil actually erased much of those gains, tumbling 4 dollars to settle at 1.58.So, to take a look at the stock markets from today, look at those numbers, here we go. The DOW, on the upside, by 46 points at 12262, gain of little more than a third of a percent. NASDAQ, up 17 points at 2279 and that is a gain of about 3 quarters and the Samp;P 500 up a little more than 0.5%, Reggie.This next story is interesting to me. Because it goes to the heart of the matter, where these companies now see the money, because people are kind of maxing out their credit cards, then they have to obviously find a new market, and that new market, it's the young, right?Oh yeah, I don't know if this, this. Maybe this didn’t happen when you were in college. But when I was there, there were definitely tables and (Oh please, free T-shirt) get a free T shirt, sign up for a credit card. Why was that so exciting?And it, kids got... Why was that exciting? I have no idea. But it was exciting. People love getting it.Maybe I'm old now, because a T-shirt doesn't excite me. But I remember back in the day, people were pretty excited about the T-shirt. But this is in fact the new trend here. Not new, but a bigging, a growing trend here, it's a bigger trend. Some credit companies might see college kids as their golden goose. A study released by US Public Interests Research Group shows that 76% of students say credit cards have been marketed to them on their college campuses. The companies often set up tables on or near campus and lure students with free gifts like those T-shirts and frisbees and candy and pizza. All things you don't need probably at that age. And in some cases, even iPods. And all you have to do is fill out an application. There are about a dozen states that have restrictions on credit card marketing on campuses. But the report shows that the companies have become more aggressive, often calling or even emailing students, but it's not just the credit card companies that are to be blame here. Many colleges' webs, actually partner with the banks to issue code-branded credit cards or ID cards that double as debit cards .Some schools defend these partnerships as a way to offset cuts in state funding, Reggie. But obviously, I remember at my school they were just off campus but still everyone walked by themselves. So there was easy access.Oh really? They weren't off campus at mine. They were right in the student center!Like Hello!Yeah, come spend money. I mean, you know that, obviously kids don't really have a lot of money when they are in college. Or most kids don't. So why are the credit cards companies going after with such gusto, these college students.Well yeah they may not have a lot of money but they do have a lot of wants, and probably need at that age too. So there’s money to be made. And you know, a lot of these college students usually don't have financial ties, meaning that once they set out signing up for a credit cards through a certain bank, it's more likely they will go back to the same provider when they need a car loan or savings loan. So it kind of engenders some sort of loyalty, Reggie.I, well, I think that's, in my case, that was true actually .They got me right in the beginningAnd you probably still have that frisbee up the other wall. And that T-shirt somewhere!Yeah!Well , let's talk about there was a major deal that was announced today in the music world that gives a company that actually have not really had its hands in that much, prior to this, it really gives them a lot of power.Oh yeah, Irish rock band U2 has agreed to a twelve-year contract with concert promoter Live Nation. The move gives Live Nation control of U2's concerts, their merchandise and U2 website and fan-club. Live Nation which operates more than 100 concert venues around the country is ending its relationship with Ticket Master at the end of the year in order to compete with the ticket giant. Over the past few years, Live Nation has actually acquired several companies which run websites and create merchandise for artists. And last year, it signed a 10-year, 120 million-dollar deal with the Material Girl. That’s right Madonna was the one they got on there.Yeah so I mean everyone's jumping on the Live Nation bandwagon. I'm so glad that you wanna talk about Madonna.Ha, I always find a way to throw in some pop for you, Reggie.Thank you so much, yeah, I am listening to the new single I heard it's good, I haven't heard it yet.You gotta get it.But there's probably a different discussion that we will have to have somewhere else.Ok, could you work it into some business report this week? We'll get to that.OK I'll work on it.Alright, thanks Stephanie, see you later.Bye! Reggie!01/60673贵阳天伦医院疏通输卵管多少钱昭通市中医医院取环要多少钱



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