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英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 Problems in My Life --31 ::5 来源: In the life, everybody has a lot of problem. example, I am a wonderful student. I can usually get a high mark. I study very well. But sometimes I reckless of the examination, so, I can’t do it very well. After the exam, I blow it. Most of my teachers usually apprehend me, but my mother sometimes makes little of me. She usually says that,’ Honey, why you blew the exam, don’t get, you are an excellent student, you must study hard, and you must get the high mark next exam.’ When my mother says that, I always feel very chagrin. I am not oracle, why I can’t make mistakes. But my father apprehends me. He thinks I am a children, so I can make a little mistake. I always study hard after I blew the exam, because my father cheers on me. I study hard me, him, of course, I study hard my mother too. When we barge up against, don’t trepidation, don’t be scared, and tell the tribulation to our kiths, they can help you.


     The tyrants might array their cruelty, but the people would oppose their bravery.

  写作范文:童年期在人的一生中占的比例 --3 18:7:3 来源: 题目:  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?  A person’s childhood years (the time from birth to twelve years of age) are the most important years of a person’s life.  范文:  Childhood build the very foundation of an individual development. Although many theorists emphasize the importance of environs, family background, and commy atmosphere to which an individual is exposure during the adolescence period, childhood times have been figuratively described by such neurologist as Freud as the seeds in which all genes are ingrained or embedded. Environs are the soil in which the seed grows. Mark Twain, the greatest American novelist, is said to write in Vienna of images that he began storing at age four. The childhood sunny delights naturally shaped Mark Twain’s metaphor. The Mississippi river, the boat, the prairie, the woods in autumn dress, the motionless hanging hawk in the sky, the oaks, and the rustles of the fallen leaves in his childhood all created the novels and thus the novelist, whom the course of human events has never ever had bee and the one who will be able to match him in the talent of writing has not yet loomed. Perhaps the unique childhood cannot be duplicated.  Childhood time lists itself at the top of importance to personal development because it is in the childhood that human beings m the rudimentary language skills that develop in the course of growing into one of the most important abilities to live and learn. Child behavior researchers claim that at the age of about two years old human beings begin to speak, and this is the very start point of childhood. In the following five years child language ability grows at a tremendous speed. At seven years old, children have aly had the basic language skills in presentation, discourse, and self-expression. In a certain sense, at the childhood time, human beings foster or ge the verbal communication competence. In fact, many linguists also claim that childhood is the best time to learn a eign language.  Childhood is the most important period also because during this period children shape the competence to observe and perceive natural and society. The ability to perceive is the first step human beings to learn or cognize. Language follows. Childhood time also implants the personality, characteristics, and interest, although all of these possibly yield to the changes and challenges in the post-childhood environment.  In fact, the importance of childhood time to the development of an individual human being has not yet fully unfolded. If we study this topic with insights and details, the restriction of 50 words in an essay seems to be too narrow. 写作 范文。

  年(TOEFL)考试词汇分类归纳:进步VS退步 -- :3: 来源:qnr  发展进步加强丰富增加  developadvanceevolveexpandflourish  fostergrowmaturatematurepromoteripen  thriveamplifyaugmentbroadencultivate  deepenenlargeenrichextendintensify  magnifyperfectrefinespstrengthen  enhancestretchwidenhikeaidassist  boostboomblossomexpedi(a)te  退步  declinehaltrepressrecessionceasefall 词汇 退步 归纳 词汇 考试 TOEFL

  In Japan, more and more young people have joined in the Neet group who neither go to college nor go to work.(越来越多的日本青年加入到既不上学又不工作的啃老族)锅贴——Guotie (Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings)  [分析]对比原文与译文的句子结构会发现二者的一些不同之处:①原文是一气呵成的一个长句,译文分成了个短句;②原文中的三个定语从句得到了不同的处理:who从句变化成了“如果”引导的条件状语从句;where从句保留定语的功能;which从句与其先行词分离,译成了含递进意味的条件状语从句,且其先行词重新出现一次

    恋人独处时当然希望清静,不愿外界打扰对话双是一对热恋中的情侣电话铃声大作时两人在上演作爱前奏,怪不得女口出租言“shit”一词的脱口而出恰如其分地表现出了她此时的厌烦、不满之情,成“讨厌”比较合适(Joanna是男与前妻所生的女儿,Bloom则是他同事)年(TOEFL)考试词汇分类记忆:医学相关词汇 -- :55:5 来源:qnr  1.microbebacteriagerm 细菌.health and well-being 健康3.improper or unhealthy diet 不健康的饮食.artificial chemicals 人工化学品(添加剂)5.poisonous 有毒的6.taste enhancer 味觉提高剂7.artificial sweetener 人工增甜剂8.protein 蛋白质9.fat 脂肪.mineral 矿物质.vitamin 维他命.ingredient 成分.vegetarian 素食主义者.overweight 超重.obesity 肥胖.poor dietary habit 不良饮食习惯.be on a diet 节食减肥18.cut lifespan 减少寿命19.proper nutrition 适当营养.maintain physical fitness 保持身体健康1.calorie 卡路里.high-calorie intake 高卡路里的摄入3.organ 器官.heart 心5.liver 肝6.lung 肺7.kidney 肾.cell 细胞,蜂窝9.nerve 神经30.chronic illness 慢性病31.cut the risk of suffering…(heart attack) 降低患..风险3.cancer 癌症33.hypertension—high blood pressure 高血压.heart attack 心脏病35.diabetes 糖尿病36.stroke 中风37.asthma 哮喘38.pneumonia 肺炎39.hepatitis 肝炎0.influenzaflu 流感1.immune system 免疫系统.lower the immune response 降低免疫力3.sleeplessnessinsomnia 失眠.foods low in fat and high in fibre 低脂肪高纤维食物5.cholesterol 胆固醇6.metabolic 新陈代谢7.renew one’s energy 恢复精力8.physical activity 体育活动9.blood circulation 血液循环50.prevalence of disease 疾病的流行 词汇 词汇 记忆 医学 考试 TOEFL

  年(TOEFL)考试词汇分类归纳:DEFI -- ::55 来源:qnr  disseminate-spimpartinm 传播-散布传播传播 distinct-different 截然不同的-不同的 distinct-obvious 明显的-明显的 distinct-separate 分别的,截然不同的-分离的 distinction-difference 区别-差别 draw-attract 吸引-吸引 embrace-welcome (欣然)接受-欢迎 embrace-recipient 接受者-接受者,收件人 enable-allow 使能够-允许 end-goal 目的-目的 entomb-trap 埋葬-使陷于…之中 eradicate-eliminate 根除-清除 execute-create (计划和设计)做成,制成-创造 expedient-makeshift 权宜之计-权宜之计 exponential leaps-rapid increases 几何级数般的跳跃-快速增加 expose-uncover 揭露-揭露 first rank-highest quality 顶级的-最高档次的 fixture-commonplace object 固定设备-常规物体 flatter-compliment 奉承-赞美 frame-pose给…设框-使摆好姿势 fundamental-basic基本的-基本的 glow-shine发光-发光 hard-firm坚硬的-坚硬的 hemisphere-side半球-一侧 incise-carve切割-雕刻 ingot-a block of metal金属锭-一块金属 initially-at first最初-第一 instance-case案例-案例 instantaneous-immediate立杆见影的-立即的 intervention-influence干涉-影响 inviting-attractive吸引人的-吸引人的 lament-complain about令人对…感到遗憾-抱怨 lure-attract引诱-吸引 maneuver-trick策略,花招-诡计 margin-edge边缘-边缘 词汇 归纳 词汇 考试 DEFI TOEFL

  gross 或是 nasty凡是看到的、吃到的、闻到的甚至是听到的,让人有一种恶心的感觉,我们都可以用 gross 和。

  考研英语 近五年考研英语出现过的650高频词汇(8) -- :18: 来源: 对考研英语的复习是一个非常好的向导,我们可以根据来了解考研英语的常考题型和高频词汇,复习的时候就不会盲目了但有些同学观察力和总结能力比较弱,不太会总结常考题型和高频词汇没关系,爱语吧老师给大家总结了近五年考研英语出现过的650个高频词汇下面,爱语吧考研小编给大家分享一下:generate[?d?en?re?t] vt.产生,发生;生殖delight[dla?t] n.快乐v.(使)高兴enlighten[?n?la?tn]v.启发,启蒙,教导deny[dna?]v.否认,否定;拒绝negative[?neg?t?v] a.消极的n.负数density[?dens?ti]n.密集,密度,浓度dependent[dpend?nt]a.依靠的,依赖的,从属的deprive[dpra?v]vt.剥夺,夺去,使丧失privacy[?pr?v?si] n.(不受干扰的)独处,自由,隐私private[?pra?v?t] a.私人的,个人的,秘密的privilege[?pr?v?l?d?] n.特权v.给予特权desirable[dzar?bl]a.值得做的;合意的;期望得到的desperate[?desp?r?t] a.不顾一切的;绝望的despite[dspa?t]prep.不管,不顾detect[dtekt]v.察觉,发觉,侦察determine[dt?:m?n]v.决心,决定;确定develop[dvel?p]v.发展;显现;发育trivial[?tr?vi?l] a.琐碎的;无足轻重的previous[?pri:vi?s] a.先前的,以前的devote[dvt]v.(to)奉献,致力vote [vt] n.投票v.表决indifferent[?n?d?fr?nt] a.冷漠的,不关心的,不积极的dilemma[dlem?]n.(进退两难的)窘境,困境intelligence[?n?tel?dns] n.智力;情报intellectual[ntlekt?u?l] n.知识分子 a.智力的discern[ds?:n]v.发现;辨别disgrace[d?s?gre?s]n.失宠v.使失宠disposal[dspzl]n.处理,处置;布置oppose[pz] v.反对,使对立,使对抗positive[?p?z?t?v] a.肯定的,积极的,绝对的possess[pzes] v.占有,拥有possession[pze?n] n.持有;所有权;(pl.)财产obsession[?b?se?n] n.迷住, 困扰solution[slu:?n] n.解答,解决办法;溶解distinct[dstkt]a.清楚的,明显的;(from)截然不同的disturb[dst?:b]v.扰乱,妨碍,使不安turbulent[?t?:bj?l?nt] a.狂暴的,无秩序的doctrine[?d?ktr?n]n. 教条,教义;法律原则domain[dme?n]n.(活动,思想等)领域,范围;领地dominate[?d?m?ne?t]v.配,统治;占优势prominent[?pr?m?n?nt] a.突起的,凸出的;突出的masterpiece n.杰作,名著dramatic[drm?t?k]a.戏剧的,戏剧性的;剧烈的rough[r?f] a.粗糙的,大致的;粗野的 以上就是“近五年考研英语出现过的650高频词汇(8)”,接下来小编会持续给大家更新,希望各位考研的小伙伴们能在暑期强化复习阶段将这些词汇全部拿下最后,预祝各位考生考研英语获得高分,顺利通过硕士研究生入学考试

  Hold High the Great Banner of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics and Strive New Victories in Building a Moderately Properous Society in All Respects

  ()I'm afraid he is out, but he'll be in soon.

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