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Most of us have shiftily looked something up on Google that we#39;d rather keep private.曾经偷偷用谷歌搜索过不为人知的小秘密?我们大多都经历过吧。From slightly embarrassing medical issues, naff guilty-pleasure pop songs, to researching issues which are personal to you, the search engine never judges you.因为搜索引擎的好处在于,无论你搜什么——小到些许难为情的内科杂症,低俗却酸爽的流行乐,大到与个人隐私相关的事宜,它都绝不会戴有色眼镜来看你。We#39;re not here to judge, either. What you look up on Google is your business.它不会,我们也不会。毕竟,这是你的个人隐私。Sort of.不过,这事儿也没法打包票。There is in fact a way of finding out what the person just before you searched.如今的确有方法查出,前一个用户在搜什么。Here#39;s how it works.操作流程是这样的。The tool is called Mystery Search and while there#39;s no way of knowing who that person is, it does throw up their results.这里我们用到一个工具,那就是神秘搜索器,通过它,虽无法确定搜索人身份,但却能看见此人的搜索内容和结果。So when you type something in, the person after you will be able to see what that was.所以说,如果用了“神秘”搜索,你之后的用户会看见你的隐私哦。For example, we were daydreaming about dinner, so decided to look up some inspiration.比如说,有一天,我们正在幻想自己晚餐吃什么,于是决定上网搜搜寻找灵感。And got, er, whatever this is.然而,我们这次用的是神秘搜索器,呃,这搜索结果到底是什么鬼……A search for flowers which bloom in winter got us a result for how old Tom Hardy is (39 in case you were wondering), but the possibilities are endless and capable of being VERY weird - worryingly so sometimes.此外,用它来搜索“冬季盛开的花有哪些”得到的却是“汤姆?哈迪的年龄”(39岁,如果你好奇的话),当然,这还只是小意思,你还会看到无数千奇百怪的搜索结果,要多怪有多怪,有时甚至到了让人担忧的地步。Because now people are cottoning on to this tool, they#39;re having some fun with it.现如今大家已熟知“神秘”的功能,所以一直乐此不疲地拿它找乐子。Taking to Reddit to share what the Mystery Search churned up for them, users revealed the results they got.用户们在红迪网上分享自己都用“神秘”搜索翻出来些什么内容。There were alarming ones.有格外扎眼的内容:;I got #39;how to join KKK,#39;; someone disturbingly revealed.某用户忐忑道:“我搜到的是如何加入3K党”。There were nonsense ones.有些则比较无厘头。#39;I spent ages pondering before going for #39;origin of shiver me timbers#39;. I got #39;lol lol lol#39;;一名用户写道:“我想了很久才决定搜shiver me timbers(吓老子一跳)这个短语的出处,结果我得到的搜索结果是三个大笑的缩略语。”Better luck next time.只能祝这位用户下次好运。Other results were #39;sexy Pikachu#39;, #39;text me pictures of Chewbacca#39; and someone in Russia who is worried about what#39;s eating wild and domestic raccoons.还有诸如“性感皮卡丘”、“给我发些楚巴卡的图片”这样的搜索结果,某俄罗斯用户甚至关心野生和驯养的浣熊吃什么。There is of course a downside to the Mystery Search fun. Some results probably aren#39;t the sort of thing you want on your internet history.当然了,神秘搜索欢乐多,隐患也多。总有一些搜索记录是你不愿被他人窥见的。Take it from Redditor FlyAwayWithMeTomorrow, who said, ;I#39;m stopping due to possibly highly legally questionable material showing up for my ISP in a search.;正如红迪网某ID为“明天老子带你飞”的用户表示:“我要停用它了,有一次搜索时我的务器居然跳出了一些严重违法的内容。” /201701/488730Samsung has confirmed that its much-anticipated answer to Apple#39;s Siri will be delayed.近日,三星公司实,其备受期待的、应对苹果Siri的语音助手将推迟发布。The Bixby voice-powered assistant was unveiled at a special event last month and was meant to debut on the South Korean giant#39;s new flagship devices.三星方面在上个月的一场特别活动中公布了这款Bixby语音助手,并预计将和三星最新旗舰设备同步推出。But the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will now ship without voice control for Bixby.但现在的消息是,三星Galaxy S8和S8 Plus将不会搭载Bixby了。However, Google#39;s voice assistant, which is now a standard part of the Android operating system, will be available.不过现在已经成为安卓系统标配的谷歌语音助手将可以使用。The full Bixby will be made available as an update later this spring, Samsung said.三星公司称,完整的Bixby语音系统将会在今年春天晚些时候才能使用。It did not give a reason why, but early tests - by the B and others - suggested the software was lacking in the days ahead of its launch.虽然三星并未给出推迟的原因,不过之前由B和其他公司进行的测试的结果显示,软件在发布前仍有不足。 /201704/504636Airbnb has announced a raft of policies to fight discrimination at the home-sharing platform, after user complaints and academic studies found bias against non-white users.在用户投诉以及学术研究发现非白人用户遭遇偏见后,Airbnb宣布了一系列政策来解决这个居所共享平台的歧视问题。The issue of discrimination is one that cuts to the quick at many Silicon Valley tech companies, where most start-up founders and executives are white men.歧视问题戳到了很多硅谷科技公司的痛处,多数初创公司的创始人和高管都是白人男性。Airbnb’s new policies include increasing the number of instant book rooms (which are less prone to discrimination), establishing a team of engineers to fight bias, and asking all Airbnb users to sign an anti-discrimination agreement.Airbnb的新政策包括增加即刻预定房间(不容易出现歧视),组建一个工程师团队来对抗偏见,同时要求Airbnb所有用户签订一份反歧视协议。The online room-letting service is also experimenting with reducing the prominence of profile photos for guests, to reduce discrimination by hosts.这个在线房间出租务还在尝试降低租客档案照片的重要性,以减少房东的歧视。A report that Airbnb commissioned from Laura Murphy, a former official at the American Civil Liberties Union, found that part of the reason the company was slow to address discrimination concerns was the company’s employees are not sufficiently diverse.Airbnb委托美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)前官员劳拉#8226;墨菲(Laura Murphy)所作的报告发现,该公司解决歧视问题进程缓慢的部分原因是该公司员工不够多元化。In response, Airbnb has pledged to increase its ratio of minority employees, from 9.6 per cent today to 11 per cent by the end of 2017, and to increase its procurement from minority suppliers.作为回应,Airbnb承诺提高少数族裔员工的比例,从当前的9.6%提高至2017年底的11%,并且增加从少数族裔供应商采购。The company is also working with community-based organisations to encourage more minorities to act as Airbnb hosts.该公司还与社区组织合作,鼓励更多少数族裔成为Airbnb的房东。Airbnb, which has shaken up the global hospitality industry, is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent private tech companies, but in recent months it has become a lightning rod for discussions about diversity in the industry.撼动了全球酒店行业的Airbnb,是硅谷最著名的私有科技公司之一,但是最近几个月它在业内引发了围绕多元化的讨论。Last December a Harvard University study found Airbnb travellers with black-sounding names were less likely to book a room, and this year several Airbnb users complained of discrimination from hosts. 去年12月,哈佛大学(Harvard University)的一份研究显示,Airbnb上名字听起来像黑人的旅客不太可能租到房屋,今年一些Airbnb用户投诉受到了房东的歧视。In her report, Ms Murphy said Airbnb’s own research had confirmed that minorities struggle more than others to book a listing.墨菲在报告中称,Airbnb自己的研究实少数族裔比其他人更难订到房间。Since those complaints emerged Brian Chesky, chief executive, has been frank about Airbnb’s shortcomingsin dealing with discrimination. 自从接到投诉后,Airbnb首席执行官布赖恩#8226;切斯基(Brian Chesky)对公司在处理歧视时的缺陷毫无隐瞒。We have been slow to address these problems, and for this I am sorry, he said in an email sent to all Airbnb users yesterday. I take responsibility for any pain or frustration this has caused members of our community.我们在解决这些问题时进程缓慢,我对此表示抱歉,他在昨天发送给Airbnb所有用户的电子邮件中表示,我对这给我们社区成员造成的任何痛苦或失望负责。The company’s plans also include mandatory anti-bias training for all employees, as well as an Open Doors policy that will provide special assistance for any guest who experiences -discrimination.该公司的计划还包括对所有员工强制进行反偏见培训,并推出了一项开门政策,为经历了歧视的房客提供特别协助。 /201609/465863

Buddy is a sleeping beauty: Reddish brown, he's usually asleepon his back, snoring loudly with his large tongue lolling out.He was wide-awake Monday, though, when he was crowned winner of a "Beautiful Bulldog" contest."He doesn't have a good stamina to him ... he's been laying around all winter," said George DuBois from Ankeny, Iowa, who owns Buddy with his wife, Cindy. "Just in the last 10, 15 days we've done some walking. We've been getting in shape for this."Buddy was among 50 bulldogs from mostly Midwestern states who came to compete. The contest was among events leading up to the Drake Relays, one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious track and field competitions."I'm so excited. I didn't think he had what it took to get it," said Cindy DuBois.Buddy competed unadorned, unlike many of his rivals. They dressed up as fairy princesses, rock stars, cheerleaders, bumblebees and even Snow White and Mr. T.Bella Star of Elmwood, Ill., had her nails painted red and wore a Hawaiian lei, pink bikini top and a grass skirt. The skirt slipped off as she strutted down the "dogwalk" before the judges.Buddy panted heavily as he sat on his throne, getting used to his new crown and cape as photographers snapped his picture. On Saturday, he'll ride in a golf cart at Drake Stadium before about 18,000 spectators."I don't think he really wants attention all that much," said George DuBois. "He's just a rascal." 一身红棕毛的巴迪可是个名副其实的“睡美人”:他总是仰面朝天,拖着大舌头,呼呼大睡。但周一那天他很清醒,因为他夺得了“最靓斗牛犬选美大赛”的冠军。巴迪是来自艾奥瓦州安科尼市的乔治#8226;杜波伊斯和妻子辛蒂的爱犬。乔治说:“巴迪体力不好,整个冬天他几乎都在躺着。直到比赛前10天到15天,我们才带他出去遛了遛,主要是为比赛做准备。”今年的选美比赛共有50只斗牛犬参加,其中大多数来自美国中西部地区。该比赛拉开了德雷克大学接力赛的序幕,德雷克大学接力赛是美国最古老、最具名望的田径赛事之一。辛蒂说:“我太激动了。没想到他能拿冠军。”参赛的斗牛犬们有的打扮得像公主、有的像摇滚明星、有的像拉拉队队长、大黄蜂,有的甚至打扮成了白雪公主和Mr.T。而与其它参赛选手不同的是,巴迪几乎“未施粉黛”。来自伊利诺伊州艾尔姆伍德市的参赛选手贝拉#8226;斯塔尔涂着红指甲、头戴夏威夷花环,身穿粉色比基尼内衣和草裙。不过她在裁判面前秀“步”时,草裙不慎滑落。巴迪气喘吁吁地坐在冠军宝座上,头戴王冠、身穿披风,从容不迫地面对摄影师的镜头。他将于本周六乘坐一辆高尔夫球车进入德雷克体育馆,与约18000名观众见面。乔治说:“他肯定不愿受到这么多关注。他只不过是个淘气鬼。” /200804/36816

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