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深圳大鹏新治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱深圳哪家医院抽脂好If somebody from 1973 looked at what was on a dormitory message board in 1993,如果一个1973年的人看着1993年一个学生宿舍信息栏,the slang would have changed a little bit since the era of Love Story,俚语等习惯用语会跟爱情故事时代有些不同,but they would understand what was on that message board.但是他们会看明白那个信息栏上的内容。Take that person from 1993-not that long ago,我们让1993年的那个人-这可不算太久远,this is Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure-those people.那还是比尔和泰德历险记时代,Take those people and they a very typical text written by a 20-year-old today.我们让这些人读现在20岁年轻人写的一段短信。Often they would have no idea what half of it meant because a whole new language has developed among our young people doing something as mundane as what it looks like to us when theyre batting around on their little devices.他们应该通常连一半的内容都猜不出来,因为我们的年轻人已经发展出了一种新的语言,它是通过在孩子们的小设备上的看似平常的敲敲打打中演变出来的。So in closing, if I could go into the future,总结一下,如果我可以穿越到未来,if I could go into 2033,如果我去到2033年,the first thing I would ask is whether David Simon had done a sequel to The Wire. I would want to know.我会问的第一个问题就是大卫?西蒙拍没拍火线的续集。And I really would ask that and then Id want to know actually what was going on on Downton Abbey.我真的会问这个的,我还会想知道唐顿庄园到底发生了什么。Thatd be the second thing.这是第二个问题。And then the third thing would be,第三个问题就是,please show me a sheaf of texts written by 16-year-old girls,请给我一叠16岁姑娘们写的短信,because I would want to know where this language had developed since our times,因为我想知道这个语言已经发展成什么样子了,and ideally I would then send them back to you and me now so we could examine this linguistic miracle happening right under our noses.更好的就是我可以把这些短信发给现在的大家和我,我们就可以研究研究这个当下正在发生着的语言奇迹。Thank you very much.非常感谢。Thank you.谢谢大家。 201511/412544深圳市中医院做隆胸手术多少钱 You might be driven by a fear of failure quite as much as a desire for success. Indeed, your conception of failure might not be too far from the average persons idea of success, so high have you aly flown.你们对失败的恐惧很可能与你们对成功的渴望一样强烈。实际上,你们眼中的失败可能在常人看来就是成功,毕竟你们在学业上已经相当成功了。Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it. So I think it fair to say that by any conventional measure, a mere seven years after my graduation day, I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless. The fears that my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.最终,我们所有人都必须自己判断什么事失败,但是如果你乐意的话,这个世界是非常渴望给你一套标准的。因此根据任何传统的标准都可以说,我在毕业后短短七年里经历了惨痛的失败:短暂的婚姻闪电般破裂,失业,成为单身母亲。在现代化的英国,我变得极度贫困,只是还没有到无家可归的地步。父母和我自己对未来的担忧,当年都变成了现实。无论按什么标准,当时我都是我所知道是最失败的人。Now, I am not going to stand here and tell you that failure is fun. That period of my life was a dark one, and I had no idea that there was going to be what the press has since represented as a kind of fairy tale resolution. I had no idea then how far the tunnel extended, and for a long time, any light at the end of it was a hope rather than a reality.现在,我不打算站在这里告诉你们失败是有趣的。那段日子是我生命中的黑暗岁月,我不知道我会写出被新闻界成为“童话故事的革命”的作品。我也不知道自己还要在黑暗中走多久,不知道还要过多久才能看到希望的光芒而不是现实的黑暗。 /201207/190430深圳光明新做眼角除皱手术多少钱

深圳市人民妇幼保健医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱Like my friend Warren Buffet,就像我的朋友沃伦·布非一样,I feel particularly lucky to do something every day that I love to do.我为每天都能做自己热爱的事情而感到无比幸运。He calls it ;tap-dancing to work.;他称之为“踢踏舞工作”。My job at Microsoft is as challenging as ever,我在微软的工作永远充满挑战,but what makes me ;tap-dance to work; is when we show people something new,但使我一直坚持“踢踏舞工作”的是我们向人们展示某些新成果的那些时刻,like a computer that can recognize your handwriting or your speech, or one that can store a lifetimes worth of photos,当他们看到计算机能辨认笔迹、语音或者能存储值得保留一辈子的照片时and they say, ;I didnt know you could do that with a PC!;就会赞不绝口:“我不敢相信个人电脑竟如此万能”。But for all the cool things that a person can do with a PC,但是,除了能用电脑做出很酷的事情之外,there are lots of other ways we can put our creativity and intelligence to work to improve our world.我们还能通过许多别的方式在工作中发挥自己的创造力和聪明才智,以改善我们的世界。There are still far too many people in the world whose most basic needs go unmet.全球仍有许许多多的人连最基本的生存需求都未能解决。Every year, for example, millions of people die from diseases that are easy to prevent or treat in the developed world.举例来说,每年仍有数以万计的人死于那些在发达国家易于预防和治疗的疾病。I believe that my own good fortune brings with it a responsibility to give back to the world.我认为,我所拥有的大量财富也使我负有回馈社会的责任。My wife, Melinda, and I have committed to improving health and education in a way that can help as many people as possible.我的妻子梅林达和我致力于为尽可能多的人改善健康和教育.As a father, I believe that the death of a child in Africa is no less poignant or tragic than the death of a child anywhere else.作为一个父亲,我认为,非洲孩子死去所引起的痛苦和悲伤丝毫不亚于任何其他的孩子的死亡;And that it doesnt take much to make an immense difference in these childrens lives.我认为,使这些孩子们的命运发生翻天地覆的变化并不费太大力气。Im still very much an optimist,我仍是一个坚定的乐观主义者,and I believe that progress on even the worlds toughest problems is possible -- and its happening every day.我坚信即使世界级难题取得进展都是有可能的——其实每天也都在发生着这种事情。Were seeing new drugs for deadly diseases, new diagnostic tools,我们看到治疗致命疾病的新药、新的诊断器械不断出现,and new attention paid to the health problems in the developing world.而且,发展中国家的健康问题进入了人们的视野并日益得到重视。Im excited by the possibilities I see for medicine, for education and, of course, for technology.我为医药、教育,当然还有技术发展的诸多前景而欢欣鼓舞。And I believe that through our natural inventiveness, creativity and willingness to solve tough problems,我相信,凭借人类与生俱来的发明创造能力和不畏艰难、坚忍不拔的品格,were going to make some amazing achievements in all these areas in my lifetime在我的有生之年里我们将在所有这些领域都创造出可喜的成就。201308/251406福田区中医院双眼皮多少钱 深圳做腋下手术多少钱

深圳医院疤痕修复公众人物毕业英语演讲(Mp3+中英字幕)第3期:雪莉桑德伯格哈佛大学2014毕业典礼演讲But in order to get there但要实现目标Hillary Clinton is gonna have to overcome 2 very real obstacles希拉里·克林顿需要克两大重要障碍unknown and often ununderstood gender bias一是未知 通常也未被理解的性别偏见and even worse, a degree from Yale二是更糟的 从耶鲁获得的文凭You can challenge stereotypes thats subtle and obvious你们可以挑战老一套的做法At Facebook, we have posters around the wall to inspire us在Facebook 我们会贴海报激励自己Done is better than perfect完成重于完美Fortune favors the bold. What would you do if you werent afraid?财富偏爱勇敢者 不要害怕 勇往直前My new favorite我最近又喜欢上一条nothing at Facebook is someone elses problem在Facebook 没有别人的问题I hope you feel that way about the problems you see in the world我希望你们也能像这样看待世间的问题because they are not someone elses problem问题都不只是别人的问题Gender inequality harms men along with women性别不平等对男性和女性都没好处Racism hurts Whites along with Minorities种族主义对白人和少数族裔都是伤害And the lack of equal opportunity keeps all of us缺乏平等机会让我们所有人from failing our true potential无法发挥自己的真正潜能So as you graduate today在你们毕业的今天I want to put some pressure on you我希望给你们一些压力I want to put some pressure on you to acknowledge the hard truths让你们认识到 真相虽然有时难以接受 但很重要not shy away from them不要逃避and when you see them to address them碰到时就要勇于面对The first time I spoke out about what it was like to be a woman in the workforce我第一次站出来 公开宣扬职场女权主义was less than five years ago仅仅是不到五年前That means that for 18 years from where you sit to where I stand也就是说 毕业后我有18年时间都保持着沉默my silence implied that everything was okay这种沉默似乎是在说 一切像这样就行了You can do better than I did你们肯定能比我做得更好And I mean that so sincerely我由衷地这样认为At the same time同时I want to take some pressure off you我也希望给你们减轻一些压力Sitting here today you dont have to今天坐在这里的你们know what career you want or how to get the career you might want不需要知道自己该如何走上正确的人生道路Leaning in does not mean your path will be straight or smooth;向前一步;并不意味着你的前路将一帆风顺and most people who make great contribution start way later than Mark Zuckerberg很多人对世界的重大贡献都远远晚于马克·扎克伯格Find a jungle gym you want to play and start climbing找到你想爬的立体方格铁架并开始攀爬not only will you figure out what you want to do eventually你最终会找到你想做的事情but once you do, youll crush it并最终获得成功Looking at you all here today看到今天的你们Im filled with hope让我充满了希望All of you who were admitted to a ;small school; near Boston你们所有人都被录取到了波士顿附近的这所;小学校;either for your academic potential or your personality or both也许是由于学术潜质 也许是由于个人品性youve had your first, whether its a winter coat, a love or a C你们经历过第一次穿冬装 第一次恋爱 或第一次Cyouve learned more about who you are and who you want to be你们更加了解了自己是谁 以及自己想成为什么And most importantly还有最重要的youve experienced the power of community你们体会到了团结的力量you know that while you are extraordinary on your own你们知道 虽然你们每个人都很出色we are all stronger and can be louder together但团结起来后 你们将会更强 并能发出更大的声音I know that you will never forget Harvard我知道 你们永远不会忘记哈佛and Harvard will never forget you哈佛也不会忘记你们especially during the next fundraising drive特别是在下次募集捐款的时候Tomorrow明天you all become part of a lifelong community你们都将步入社会 这将是一生的旅途which offers truly great opportunity途中会碰到很好的机遇and therefore comes with real obligation也会有很重大的责任You can make the world fair for everyone你们能够让世界对于每个人更加公平expect honesty from yourself and each other对自己和他人 你们需要坦诚相待demand and create truly equal opportunity要求并创造真正平等的机会not eventually, but now不是最终 而是现在And tomorrow by the way顺便说下 明天you get something Mark Zuckerberg does not have你们将获得马克·扎克伯格所没有的东西a Harvard degree一份哈佛学位Congratulations, everyone祝贺每一位毕业生201409/332179 盐田区人民医院激光去痘多少钱深圳大学第一附属医院隆鼻多少钱




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