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蚌埠割双眼皮那里好蚌埠隆鼻方法有哪些Unleash the power of your mind to quit biting your nails. In this VideoJug tutorial, a certified hypnotist teaches you how to banish bad habits.拿出精神力量,控制自己咬指甲的习惯吧,本期视频汇催眠师将会告诉你如何去除坏习惯。Hello, Im Ben Huss. Im a certified hypnotherapist, and Im going to show you tools and techniques to help you unlock your potential. Im going to show you how you can stop biting your nails.我是本休斯,一名获得资格的催眠师。我会告诉你如何释放自己的潜能,以及如何用这种前能去掉咬指甲的坏习惯。Make sure youre comfortable, relaxed, and wont be disturbed for the next couple of minutes. What do you see, hear, and feel when you get that urge to bite your nails? Maybe bring your nails to your mouth to help trigger those feelings. Now pretend your eyes are cameras, and take a snapshot of that moment.保持良好状态,放松,并且在接下来的几分钟内要全神贯注。是什么东西让你产生咬指甲的而冲动呢?现在设想你的眼睛是摄像机,并且当你想要咬指甲时照几张快照。Lets call this the ;cue picture.; Now close your eyes, and were going to create a new picture, this time with yourself in it. How are you going to look when youve made the changes you desire? Put this in the picture.我们把这个叫做“提示照片”。闭上眼睛,我来制造出另一张照片,把你的形象加进去。当你想要这个结果的时候会是什么样的呢?Notice how you feel, what you can see, and what you can hear. Lets add some positive qualities to this, like confidence and inner strength and anything else you desire. Anything else desirable, just tuck it in.注意你的感受,你的所见、所闻。来增加些积极的因素吧,比如自信和内心的强大,或者任何你想要的积极因素,统统塞进去。Were going to call this your ;desired outcome; photo. Now, take this picture and make it bigger, double its size, make it brighter, make it even brighter, amplify that brightness. Thats right.我们会姑且把这叫做你的愿景照片。先来放大它,两倍,更明亮,以象征光明。Make it fill the whole of your minds eye. Good. Now, just send it all the way off into the distance.现在脑子里只想着这一张照片,好,现在把它拖下去。Now clear your mind, make it blank again. Were going to bring back that cue picture, the first picture, bring back that snapshot. Now, I want you to make this big again, to make it really big and really clear.现在整理下思绪。把屏幕弄成空白,稍后我们将重新放上提示照片,快照。现在先放大,很大而且很清晰。But, in the bottom left-hand corner, I want you to put a desired outcome picture, but its going to be very dim. In a moment, Im going to say the word ;swish,; and when I do, I want you to shrink down the cue picture, and make really bright, really big, so it covers the whole of the cue picture, that desirable outcome picture. And were going to do this quickly, in the time it takes me to say ;swish.在左下角我要铺上一张目标照片。开始时要昏暗些,之后我会说“嗖嗖”,然后在我发出这个声音的时候,照片放大,增加亮度,铺满整个屏幕并覆盖目标照片。; So, you y? Lets go. Swish! Good. Open your eyes.准备好了吗?那么来吧,先睁开眼睛。Were going to try that again. So, close your eyes. Get the cue picture up.再来试一下,然后闭眼,将这些提示照往上移。Make sure its filling the whole screen, its nice and clear. And in the bottom left-hand corner, we have the desired outcome photo, and were going to make that desired outcome photo really big and bright so it covers the cue picture. Are you y? And, swish! Good.保这张照片能填满整个屏幕,并且要干净整洁。屏幕右下角有我们想要达到的目标照片,这张照片要更明亮,是的,请闭上眼睛。Were going to do it a couple more times. Open your eyes. Close them again.我们要重复一组动作,睁眼之后闭眼。Swish! One more time. Open your eyes. Close your eyes.再来一次,请睁眼,请闭眼。And, swish! Excellent. Take a break for ten minutes, and when you come back think about that old habit, and notice how you think about it differently and how, when you think about it, the new desired outcome comes to mind. You may find that no matter how hard you try, this new desirable outcome comes straight to your mind.再来一次,好,休息十分钟,十分钟后想想自己的旧习惯,然后当你想到这一点的时候,潜意识里就会有不同的期望。你会发现无论如何困难,这些想法还是会直达你心。And thats how you stop biting your nails. .这样你就不会再咬指甲了。Thanks for watching How To Stop Nail Biting谢谢收看本期“放弃咬指甲”教程,我们下期节目再见。201208/192990蚌埠激光祛斑 Obviously, over time,显然 随着时间的推移the subtle signals for any specific earthquake任何一次地震留下的细微痕迹disappears very quickly,都会很快消失and this has virtually disappeared in less than six months,事实上 它不到6个月就消失了so as were scrabbling around the hillsides,只要我们在山坡周围寻找we see signals every now and then,就可以不时地发现一些痕迹but the data is very sparse,但是这些数据很分散 very difficult to put together.很难把它们收集起来Geologists like Mike hope麦克等地质学家们希望 that by mapping the past,通过测绘已发生的地震遗址theyll come closer to predicting the future.能让他们更进一步地预测未来的地震But even if you know where to measure,但即便你知道测量从何处下手every earthquake is complicated by a significant factor,仍有一个关键因素使地震趋于复杂how big its going to be.即地震的规模We dont know what makes an earthquake start today我们不清楚地震为何发生在今日instead of yesterday.而不是昨天We also dont know what makes it stop我们也不知道它为何停止and thats what controls the size of the earthquake.而这决定着地震的规模A magnitude three starts at a point,比如 3级的地震由一点开始爆发you start to slip at a point地壳从这一点开始滑动and you have a rupture front that travels out并产生了一个延伸的破裂前沿and causes more of the fault to slip,造成了断层的更多滑动and in a magnitude three, you travel out this far.3级地震会延伸这么远In a magnitude five, it travels out for a kilometre or two.5级地震的时候 延伸1至2千米In a magnitude eight, it travels out for 500 kilometres,8级地震的时候 延伸500千米so when were trying to predict what the earthquake will be所以当我们去预测地震大小时were saying, it starts here,我们会说 它从这里开始but does it stop after one kilometre,但它是在1千米后就停止呢or does it stop after, um, 100 kilometres?还是在100千米后才停止201305/239258蚌埠附属医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

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