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上饶吸脂哪里好广丰区妇幼保健人民中医院去疤多少钱Europe is juggling five simultaneous crises, all unforeseen shocks in different stages of development: refugees from Syria, eurozone periphery debt, a global economic downturn, Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its aftermath, and Volkswagen’s crimes and misdemeanours. [is there such a thing? i can’t find one]欧洲正疲于应对五场未曾预见、正处于不同阶段的危机:叙利亚难民、欧元区国家债务危机、全球经济低迷、俄罗斯吞并克里米亚及其余波、以及大众汽Volkswagen)的罪行与过错。Chaos theory’s favourite metaphor is the wing flap of a butterfly that sets off a tornado in another part of the world. An innocuous crisis trigger in Europe has been Angela Merkel’s principled decision to open up Germany to refugees from Syria. Most Germans greeted her decision with exuberance, but she did not prepare her country, and the rest of Europe, politically and logistically for what was to come. In Berlin and Hamburg the housing situation is so desperate that the authorities are preparing legislation to confiscate empty privately owned apartments and, in Hamburg, commercial properties too. There have been cases where local governments terminated rental contracts of tenants in social housing to give shelter to refugees. When the public sector behaves this way, xenophobia is only nanoseconds away.混沌理论最钟爱的比喻是,一只蝴蝶扇动一下翅膀,引发一连串反应,最终引发世界另一个地方的一场龙卷风。安格拉默克Angela Merkel)出于原则决定向叙利亚难民开放德国大门,在无意中引发了一场危机。大多数德国人热烈欢呼她的决定,但是她并未带领自己的国家乃至整个欧洲在政治上和后勤上为后续问题做好准备。柏林和汉堡的住房状况非常严峻,以至于地方当局准备立法没收空置的私有公寓,在汉堡甚至包括商业地产。已经发生了地方政府终止社会福利住房的租房合同、把房子让给难民的多起事例。当公共部门如此行事时,仇外情绪很快就会浮现。No one in Germany is quicker to notice a shift in the public mood than Horst Seehofer, leader of the CSU, the conservative Bavarian sister party to Ms Merkel’s Christian Democrats. He says Germany will be paying for the consequences of Ms Merkel’s policies for a long time. The chancellor’s once gravity-defying approval ratings have recently come down.在德国,没人比保守派的巴伐利亚基社盟(Bavarian CSU,与默克尔领导的基民CDU)结盟的政党)的党魁霍斯特泽霍费尔(Horst Seehofer)更早意识到公众情绪的变化。他称,德国将在未来很长时期为默克尔的政策付出代价。德国总理一度貌似不受地心引力的持率最近已经下滑。My ing of the situation is that the refugee crisis, perhaps more than any other single event, will end up reducing Germany’s room for manoeuvre. But it is not the only factor. A further constraint is the global economic slowdown. Its impact on the eurozone is not visible now, but that might soon change.我对当前局面的解读是,难民危机最终将压缩德国的回旋余地,其影响或许超过其他任何单一事件。但它并非唯一因素。全球经济增长放缓构成了进一步的制约。眼下它对欧元区的影响还不明显,但这可能很快就会改变。As Simon Tilford of the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank, recently argued, there is no way the eurozone will be able to shrug off the global downturn because its post-crisis recovery strategy rests on net exports. The eurozone is headed for a current account surplus of 3.5 per cent of gross domestic product this year. It is generally unwise for large economies such as the eurozone to depend on beggar-thy-neighbour-type policies. Now that the neighbour the rest of the world has fallen sick, there is no plan B.正如智库——欧洲改革中Centre for European Reform)的西蒙舠尔福Simon Tilford)最近所提出的,欧元区不可能摆脱全球经济低迷的影响,因为其后危机时代的复苏战略依赖净出口。今年欧元区的经常账户盈余有望达到国内生产总GDP).5%。像欧元区这样的大型经济体依赖于“以邻为壑”型政策通常是不明智的。在邻居——世界其他地区——病倒的情况下,拿不出B计划。The combination of an economic slowdown and the refugee crisis will transform the German fiscal surplus into a small deficit, which would be fine under normal circumstances. Germany should be running a modest deficit to support the eurozone economy[cd you give a date so we can link to a specific col? cantfind one on search]. But Germany imposed on itself a constitutional law that enforces budgetary balance over the economic cycle. Once the surpluses are gone, the political and legal room for discretionary policy will have disappeared. To put it more crudely: the Germans have decided to spend the surplus on the refugees, not on Greece.经济增长放缓与难民危机的组合,将使德国的财政盈余变成小额赤字,这在正常情况下没什么问题。德国应该维持适度赤字以持欧元区经济。但是,德国给自己强加了一条宪法法律,要求在整个经济周期期间达到预算平衡。一旦财政盈余不复存在,德国采取自由裁量政策行动的政治和法律空间也将消失。说得更直白些,德国人已经决定把财政盈余花在难民(而不是希腊)身上。来 /201510/402449上饶自体脂肪填充额头 A group of men sit in a Kamaz truck one of those big Russian 4x4s that regularly wins the Dakar rally speeding down a highway. Some of them sense that they are going the wrong way fast but nobody dares do anything.一群人坐着一辆卡玛斯卡车(Kamaz,俄罗斯的一种大型四轮驱动卡车,经常在达喀尔拉力赛(Dakar Rally)上夺冠),在一条高速公路上急驶。车上有些人感到他们正朝着错误的方向疾驰,但谁也不敢有所动作。This graphic scenario is how the head of an oligarch-backed investment group close to the Kremlin describes the predicament in which Russia’s political and economic leadership finds itself.一家接近克里姆林宫的、寡头背景的投资集团的主管称,上述这幅图景符合俄政治与经济领导层对自身目前所处困境的看法。Since a Malaysia Airlines flight was downed in eastern Ukraine on July 17, killing all 298 people on board, things have gone very wrong, very fast for President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The belief in most western countries that a band of pro-Russian rebels shot the Boeing 777 down with a missile provided by Russia has transformed frustration at Moscow’s support for the insurgents into fury. Western media headlines are labelling the Russian leader a murderer and a pariah, and European governments are discussing new sanctions which, if implemented, could wreck the country’s economy.77日,一架马来西亚航Malaysia Airlines)客机在乌克兰东部被击落,机上298人全部遇难。对俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)来说,自那时起,形势就朝着非常错误的方向急速发展。大多数西方国家相信,乌克兰的一小撮亲俄叛军使用俄方提供的导弹击落了那架波音777 (Boeing 777)客机。这种看法使得俄持乌克兰叛军引发的失望转变成了愤怒。西方媒体头条为普京贴上了杀人犯和社会弃儿的标签。欧洲国家政府正在讨论新的对俄制裁,倘若这些新制裁得以实施,可能会摧毁俄罗斯的经济。This dramatic turn of events is leading some observers to warn that Mr Putin, long viewed as a master tactician, has overplayed his hand this time. “Everyone just sits and watches the crazy things our government is doing,says Roman Lokhov, chief executive of global markets and investment banking at S, the largest independent broker on the Moscow Stock Exchange.事态的戏剧性变化促使一些观察人士告诫普京说,他这次玩得有些太大了。长期以来,普京一直被视为一位战术大师。“每个人都只是坐在那里,看着我们的政府在搞那些疯狂的事情,”S全球市场与投行业务的首席执行官罗#8226;洛霍Roman Lokhov)表示。S是莫斯科交所(Moscow Stock Exchange)最大的独立经纪商。During his 14 years in power as both president and prime minister, Mr Putin has often gambled big and mostly won. He went to war with Georgia in 2008 but less than a year later the action was all but forgotten as the US decided to “resetthe bilateral relationship. He muscled Russia back into its global power position with his involvement in the Syria crisis. With a mixture of economic incentives and threats, he worked tirelessly to strengthen Russia’s influence over former Soviet republics an endeavour that has hit a bump only now with Ukraine.普京在作为总统和总理掌权4年里经常展开豪赌,而且基本上都赌赢了008年,他发动了与格鲁吉亚的战争,但过了还不到一年,那次行动就几乎已被国际社会忘掉,美国也决定“重置”美俄双边关系。通过介入叙利亚危机,普京帮助俄罗斯强行重新跻身全球大国之列。他综合运用经济激励和威胁,不知疲倦地致力于强化俄对前苏联加盟共和国的影响力——这一努力只是最近才碰了钉子,这个钉子就是乌克兰。This year, Mr Putin appeared to have accomplished the biggest feat of all with the annexation of Crimea. Although a wave of western sanctions put further strain on Russia’s slowing economy, there is little likelihood of Moscow being forced to give the territory back to Ukraine. Mr Putin upped the ante by declaring Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine part of a wider “Russian worldthat Moscow was prepared to defend, regardless of national borders.今年,随着俄罗斯吞并克里米亚,普京似乎完成了一项最大的壮举。尽管西方的一波制裁让正在放缓的俄罗斯经济承受了更大的压力,但俄被迫把克里米亚交还给乌克兰的可能性微乎其微。普京还加大了赌注,称乌克兰东部讲俄语的人群是更广泛的“俄罗斯世界Russian world)的一部分,俄政府准备保护这一世界,不管其具体属于哪国。At home, this has been hugely successful. On the back of euphoria that Mr Putin has restored Russian pride and power, his popularity ratings have soared to close to a record 90 per cent, according to state-run VTsIOM and independent Levada, Russia’s biggest pollsters.这样做法在俄国内取得了巨大的成功。官方的全俄民意研究中心(VTsIOM)以及独立的勒瓦达中心(Levada)的数据显示,在普京恢复俄罗斯自豪感与影响力带来的狂喜的撑下,他的持率大幅上升,逼近90%这一最高纪录。The sentiment has allowed Mr Putin to divide and crush what remains of a shortlived rebellion by Moscow’s middle class against his increasingly autocratic rule in late 2011 and early 2012.这种民意使得普京能够分化并扫清一次短命反抗的残余影响—010年末012年初,莫斯科中产阶级曾站出来反抗普京专制色日渐浓厚的统治。Pavel Surikov, a German-educated interior designer who says he took part in the anti-Putin marches back then, no longer speaks to two former friends because they criticised Mr Putin’s Ukraine policy. “Ever since the Soviet Union fell apart, the US has been encroaching on Russia’s sphere of influence, and Ukraine is no exception,he says. He rejects western media reports about the downing of MH17 as lies and propaganda and accuses the west of ignoring the plight of Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine. “I know Putin has done a lot of bad things, but he is right on this one,says Mr Surikov. “We are strong. And we will stand together no matter what they do to us.”帕维尔#8226;苏里科夫(Pavel Surikov)是一名在德国受过教育的室内设计师,他说自己当时参加过反普京的游行。但他现在不再理睬以前的两位朋友了,因为他们批评普京的乌克兰政策。他说:“自苏联解体以来,美国一直在蚕食俄罗斯的势力范围,在乌克兰也不例外。”他不相信西方媒体关于马航MH17航班被击落的报道,认为那是谎言和宣传攻势,并指责西方罔顾乌克兰东部讲俄语人群的困境。“我清楚普京做了很多坏事,但这件事他做对了,”苏里科夫说,“我们很强大。无论他们怎么对付我们,我们都将团结在一起。”But such beliefs might soon be put to a tough test, which observers believe could be Mr Putin’s undoing. They argue that economic decline could quickly deflate the nationalist euphoria fed by a relentless state media campaign. “You have to keep raising incomes,says the Russian investment group executive. “There’s not a lot of historic precedent for containing an isolated system except North Korea. You can’t do it, not today.”但这些信念可能很快就会面临严峻考验。观察人士认为,这次考验可能成为普京的滑铁卢。他们辩称,官方媒体无休止宣传催生的民族主义狂喜,可能很快就将被经济衰退所冲淡。“你得保住收入的增长势头,”上述那名俄罗斯投资集团的高管说,“除了朝鲜以外,历史上并没有多少先例告诉你如何掌控一套闭关锁国的体制。你做不到这一点,现在这个时代做不到。”Alexei Kudrin, a former finance minister and one of Mr Putin’s most trusted economic advisers, warned the president this week against going further down the path of hostility with the west, which he said was hurting business.普京最信任的经济顾问之一、俄罗斯前财长阿列克#8226;库德Alexei Kudrin)最近告诫普京称,不要在对抗西方的道路上越走越远。他说,那样会伤害俄罗斯的商业利益。Igor Yurgens, a former Kremlin adviser close to Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, says there is a chance to repair things if Mr Putin acts now. “We can reset our relationship with the west. We will never be the same as Poland or the Czech Republic, but we could return to pragmatism and find reasonable terms with the west, as we have done before.”与俄罗斯总理德米特里#8226;梅德韦杰Dmitry Medvedev)关系密切的前克里姆林宫顾问伊格尔#8226;尤尔根斯(Igor Yurgens)说,如果普京现在采取行动,还有机会补救。“我们可以重置与西方的关系。我们绝不会变成波兰或捷克那样,但我们可以重回实用主义,与西方谈妥合理的条件,就像我们以前所做的那样。”Mr Putin does not like the choice with which he is confronted. When he addressed the nation on the downing of MH17 in a message recorded in the early hours of Monday, he stepped nervously from one foot to the other, his face sweaty and rigid, his eyes blinking heavily and an eyebrow twitching.普京不喜欢摆在他面前的选择。在最近录制的一段视频中,普京就MH17航班被击落一事向全国发表讲话。视频画面显示,他紧张地不停切换站立撑脚,脸上冒汗,神情僵硬,频繁眨眼,眉毛颤动。The threat is that he could lose the solid economic ground that has underpinned his hold on power for so long. Economists and executives believe that the latest US sanctions, which partly bar some Russian banks and energy companies from US capital markets, will hurt Russia’s economy. While broader punitive measures from the EU could throw it off the rails.他面临的威胁在于,可能会失去长期以来撑他掌权的坚实经济基础。经济学家和高管们认为,美国最近推出的制裁措施——在一定程度上禁止某些俄罗斯和能源企业进入美国资本市场——将对俄经济构成伤害。而欧EU)更全面的惩罚性措施,可能会使俄经济脱轨。A total of 1bn in foreign debt owed by Russian banks and companies comes due over the next 12 months, according to the central bank. “Given the relatively strong fundamentals of Russian corporates, we believe that the external funding requirements are manageable, but would be at risk if sanctions continue to increase in degree and in duration,Jacob Nell, chief Russia economist at Morgan Stanley, said in a research note this week.俄央行数据显示,俄罗斯和企业有总计1610亿美元的外债将在未2个月内到期。“考虑到俄罗斯企业相对强劲的基本面,我们认为当前的外部融资需求是可控的,但如果制裁程度继续加大、制裁时间继续延长,外部融资需求将面临风险,”根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)首席俄罗斯经济学家雅各布#8226;内尔(Jacob Nell)上周在一份研究报告中表示。VTB24, the retail arm of Russia’s second-largest lender, cut back new loans to small businesses dramatically “the first indicator of a general worsening of the situation with the economy Mikhail Zadornov, the state bank’s chairman, said on Wednesday. In the first half of the year, VTB24 gave out just 68.7bn roubles worth of new loans to small businesses, a drop of more than 20 per cent compared with the previous year.俄罗斯第二大的零售部门VTB24大幅削减了对小企业的新增贷款,这家国有的董事长米哈伊#8226;扎多尔诺Mikhail Zadornov)上周三表示,“这是经济状况整体恶化的首个迹象”。今年上半年,VTB24仅向小企业新发放了价87亿卢布的贷款,同比减少0%。Economists say the growing squeeze will lead to a further decline in aly anaemic investment. They also fear the rising pressures on the budget could lead to a smothering of consumer spending and exports which have kept the economy afloat so far. “The GDP growth forecasts range between 0.5 per cent and 1 per cent for this year, but with these problems on the horizon, we could well be headed into negative territory,says the representative of an international economic organisation in Moscow.经济学家表示,日益严重的资金吃紧将导致原本已经不足的投资进一步减少。他们还担心,不断上升的预算压力可能会抑制消费出和出口,而这两者迄今为止维系了俄经济的正常运行。“今年国内生产总GDP)预期增长0.5%%,但随着这些问题的浮现,增长很可能变成负数,”一家国际经济机构驻莫斯科的代表表示 . .……The kneejerk reaction of conservatives on Mr Putin’s team is to close ranks further and clam up. This week, government officials discussed resuming production of the Ilyushin 114, a small passenger aircraft, which ended two years ago. “It is a good time to make our own instead of getting a foreign one,tweeted Dmitry Rogozin, the nationalist deputy prime minister who is in charge of the military-industrial complex.普京班子里保守派的本能反应是进一步提升凝聚力和闭关锁囀?上周,俄政府官员讨论了恢复小型客机伊尔-114 (Ilyushin 114)的生产,该机型已于两年前停产。“这是我们自主生产、停止向外国购买飞机的好机会,”持民族主义立场、主管军工联合体的俄副总理德米特里#8226;罗戈Dmitry Rogozin)在Twitter上表示。Mr Nell predicts that under such economic pressures, the Russian government will loosen its budget discipline, suspend its currency liberalisation plans and turn towards a more static, protectionist economic policy.内尔预测称,在这样的经济压力下,俄政府将放松预算纪律,暂停汇率自由化计划,转向更为静态、保护主义的经济政策。Three people with knowledge of economic policy discussions said conservatives in favour of isolationist policies were gaining the upper hand amid accusations by western governments against Mr Putin and the threat of further sanctions. “It has become a lot easier to argue along the lines of, ‘let’s close the doors, we can do just fine without themsaid one.三名了解经济政策讨论的人士称,在西方政府指责普京并威胁实施进一步制裁的背景下,倾向于孤立主义政策的保守派正占据上风。其中一人表示:“现在提出‘关上大门,没有他们我们做得也不错’这样的观点,要远比以前更容易得到认同。”Russian business, although very careful not to comment on politics, is terrified at that prospect. Many of the country’s large groups could be forced by more sanctions and an inward turn by Russia to sell overseas assets, reduce investment and rely mostly on government contracts. Smaller companies could be hit hardest in any credit crunch because they lack the political connections to soften the blow.俄罗斯企业虽然非常小心地不去谈论政治,但仍对这种前景感到恐惧。在更多制裁和俄罗斯变得更加锁国的影响下,俄罗斯许多大企业可能会被迫出售海外资产、削减投资,主要依赖政府合同过活。万一发生信贷紧缩,最受影响的可能是中小企业,因为它们缺乏能够缓解冲击的政治人脉。Some western analysts argue, however, that Washington could be mistaken in its calculation that raising the pressure on Mr Putin will make him change course.然而,一些西方分析人士辩称,华盛顿方面的盘算可能是错误的,加大对普京施压可能并不会使他改弦易辙。“Sanctions will be costly to Russia; there is no disputing that#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;But if the motivation is defence of vital national interests and survival, Russia like any state will resort to import substitution and even more radical sorts of interventions to defend itself, no matter what the cost,Clifford Gaddy and Barry Ickes wrote in a paper for the Brookings Institution in May. “History tells us that Russians can endure enormous hardship. Coping and survival are part of Russian history and the Russian national identity.”“制裁将给俄罗斯带来沉重代价,这是毋庸置疑的……但如果动机是捍卫国家关键利益和谋求生存,那么俄罗斯将像任何国家一样,不惜代价地寻求用国货来替代进口货,甚至采取更为激进的干预措施来保护自己。”克利福#8226;加迪(Clifford Gaddy)和巴#8226;伊克Barry Ickes)今年5月在为布鲁金斯学Brookings Institution)撰写的论文中写道,“历史告诉我们,俄罗斯人能够忍受巨大的苦难。应对艰难和谋求生存是俄罗斯历史和俄罗斯民族认同的一部分。”So far, Mr Putin is not showing his hand. At a national security council meeting this week, he said Russia was not facing a direct threat to its sovereignty right now a remark widely interpreted as a signal that he does not want to step up the tension in eastern Ukraine.迄今为止,普京还没有展露意图。在上周的一次国家安全委员会会议上,他称俄罗斯主权目前还未受到直接威胁,该言论被普遍解读为他无意升级乌克兰东部的紧张局势。But that will hardly be enough. With pro-Russian rebels having shot down two more Ukrainian military aircraft since the MH17 crash and no sign that Russian support has stopped, Mr Putin remains on a confrontation course.但这远远不够。MH17航班坠机后,乌克兰亲俄叛军又击落两架乌克兰军机,而且没有迹象显示俄停止了对这些叛军的持,所以说,普京仍然在走对抗的道路。And he alone will decide whether there is a way out. Nobody in Mr Putin’s inner circle has the clout to challenge him, says the Russian executive. “Have you ever tried to jump in front of a speeding Kamaz truck?”至于是否存在出路,则完全取决于普京一人。上述那名俄罗斯高管表示,普京的小圈子里没有任何人有实力对他构成挑战。“你试过跳出来挡在疾驰的卡玛斯卡车前吗?”来 /201407/316266上饶中医院整形中心

上饶市第二人民医院激光去胎记多少钱Once again the question of sex discrimination when it comes to politics and fashion has reared its pundit-baiting head.“政治与时尚界的性别歧视”这个话题又一次投下了诱饵,等着员们去咬钩。The announcement that Alyssa Mastromonaco, a former deputy chief of staff for President Obama, would join Marie Claire as a contributing editor has talking heads from Politico to New York magazine up in arms about whether it is demeaning or about time for serious women to have a serious relationship with glossy magazines, why fashion is belittling to female power players (Politico calls this “the princess effect, why this is never an issue when it comes to their male counterparts and how, if we were really being fair, we would pay beady-eyed attention to men and their garb, so on and so forth. You know the story.据有关消息,奥巴马总统的前任副幕僚长阿丽莎·马斯特洛莫纳Alyssa Mastromonaco)即将加入《Marie Claire》杂志,担任撰稿编辑。从《政客》到《纽约》杂志,众多者纷纷发表意见,探讨她是不是自贬身份;何时才是严肃的职业女性和时尚杂志发展严肃关系的好时候;为什么卷入时尚会使那些女性权力玩家们显得渺小(《政客》称之为“公主效应”);为什么男性政客就不会遇到这种事;还有,如果我们真正公平的话,应该对男人和他们的着装密切关注到什么地步,等等等等,诸如此类。你们懂的。But here’s the thing: While everyone has been shouting about the above (Ms. Mastromonaco has written an editorial in her defense), the very same issue, which is to say, a major public figure’s relationship to fashion, has actually become something of a cause célèbre in France. But in this case, the public figure is a man.但是问题就在这儿:正当所有人都在叫嚷着上述这些问题的时候(马斯特洛莫纳克也写了一篇社论为自己辩护),重要公众人物与时尚的关系这个同样的问题在法国也引发了一场公开论战,只不过主人公是男性。I offer as proof positive that these days sartorial politics is an equal opportunity arena (and taken equally seriously for both sexes) the recent hoo-ha over President Fran#231;ois Hollande’s new ... eyeglasses. Truth is, when it comes to image, male leaders are under scrutiny just as much as women are. Perhaps even more, as they have fewer options for self-expression, resulting in greater attention to every detail.我可以拿出的铁是——弗朗索瓦·奥朗德总统(President Fran#231;ois Hollande)的……新眼镜问题掀起的轩然表明,现在装政治完全是个机会均等的舞台(对于男女来说都是严肃的事情)。事实是:当涉及形象问题时,男性领导人也和女性领导人一样,会受到人们细心审视。或许人们对男性领导人的关注更多,因为他们没有多少选择可供自我表达,其结果就是人们对所有细节更加关注。A few weeks ago, Mr. Hollande swapped his clear rimless glasses for a geekier, horn-rimmed style. They are not as extreme as stereotypical black-framed architect’s numbers, but they come close. And this started a vociferous debate among the French.几个星期前,奥朗德把原来清澈明朗的无边眼镜换成了有点书呆子气的角质框架眼镜。它不像典型的黑边建筑师眼镜那么极端,但也差不多了。这在法国人当中引发了一场热闹的讨论。The glasses, made by Lindberg, a Danish company whose glasses are also worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Bill Gates, Miuccia Prada and Brad Pitt, have been condemned by French businesses for being both unpatriotic and hypocritical. The glasses prove, Mr. Hollande’s critics said, that he does not practice what he preaches: that is, supporting local industry. (The president made the somewhat ill-considered decision to do the glasses swap as his government embarked on a heightened Made in France push.)这副眼镜是由丹麦公司林德伯格制造,伊丽莎白女王二世(Queen Elizabeth II)、比尔·盖茨、缪西娅·普拉Miuccia Prada)和布拉德·皮特(Brad Pitt)也戴这个牌子的眼镜。法国商界批评总统戴这个牌子的眼镜显得不爱囀?虚伪。奥朗德的批评者们说,奥朗德鼓吹持本土工业,这副眼镜却和他的话自相矛盾(总统做出这个某种程度上欠考虑的换眼镜决定正值他的政府大力鼓励“法国制造”之际)。Ludovic Brochard and Maxime Rolandeau, directors of the French glasses manufacturer Roussilhe, posted a letter on the company’s website that they also sent to the #201;lysée Palace, in which they wrote (and I have translated): “You are, Mr. President, an important figure around the world, and your choice of glasses could suggest that no French company can satisfy your needs.”法国眼镜公司卢西勒(Roussilhe)的经理卢多维·布罗夏尔(Ludovic Brochard)和马克西姆·罗兰多(Maxime Rolandeau)在公司网站上发表了一封公开信,同时这封信寄到了爱丽舍宫,信中写道(由我翻译成英文):“总统先生,你是世界要人,你对眼镜的选择暗示着没有任何法国眼镜公司能够满足你的需求。”Instead, they continued, “You could have been an ambassador for French glasses and witness to the dynamism of our sector in France and beyond.They invited him to meet them at the Salon Mondiale de l’Optique at the end of September to check out their wares.他们还写道,“你本应成为法国眼镜的大使,以及我们的公司在法国乃至国外的活跃势头的见人。”他们邀请奥朗德月底的世界光学镜片沙龙上与他们见面,看看他们的产品。Another optician, Sabine Bégault-Vagner, stepped in and gave Mr. Hollande a model from her brand, Sabine Be, in the colors of the republic (red and blue) with a slightly more diplomatic note saying, “I modestly propose you try a pair ‘hand made in Francewith much love.”另一个眼镜制造商萨宾娜·贝格尔-瓦格Sabine Bégault-Vagner)也参与进来,她送给奥德朗一副本公司品牌萨宾娜·比(Sabine Be)的样品,它有国旗的颜色(红与蓝),还附上了一则略带外交口吻的便条:“谨此,满怀爱意地建议你试戴这副‘法国手工制造’的眼镜。”For their part, the #201;lysée Palace-ologists have been speculating on the potential symbolism of the glasses swap. Is it about “rose-tinted nostalgia asked the news channel France24, apropos of the retro style. Bruno Roger-Petit, a columnist in the weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur, posited that the specs were a clear nod to the style of the politician Jacques Chirac in the golden years of French prosperity during the 1960s-70s, and thus “an object that embodies a clear relationship to a past perceived as positive, the nostalgia for an era of fun both prohibited and conquered.(This despite the fact that the last French leader to actually wear Lindberg glasses, albeit a different style, was Mr. Hollande’s fellow socialist, Lionel Jospin, who was prime minister from 1997 to 2002; Mr. Chirac was the founder of the Gaullist party, Rally for the Republic.)爱丽舍宫的研究专家们也在思考换眼镜背后的象征意味。这副眼镜是复古的样式,所以,这是“玫瑰色调的怀旧”吗?新闻频道France 24问道。新闻周刊《新观察者Le Nouvel Observateur)的专栏作家布鲁诺·罗格-波蒂(Bruno Roger-Petit)认为,这副眼镜显然是0世纪六七十年代便开始担任政客的雅克·希拉Jacques Chirac)的风格致敬,那段时期正值法国的黄金时代。它“承载了与被认为是积极进取的过去时光的联系,是对一个乐趣被禁止也被征的时代的怀旧”。(其实上一位戴林德伯格牌眼镜的法国领导人是奥朗德的同僚、社会主义者里昂内·乔斯班[Lionel Jospin],他997年至2002年担任首相;希拉克是戴高乐党,即共和联盟的创始人)。What has not come up in all the discussions is the price of the glasses: ,300, according to Peter Warrer, Lindberg’s director of sales and marketing. That seems like a fair amount to spend on frames for a president who ran on the idea of a 75 percent “millionaires tax.”争议中没有涉及眼镜的价格——根据林德伯格的市场销售部门主管彼得·沃Peter Warrer),这副眼镜售300美元。对于一位提出征5%税率的“百万富翁税”的总统来说,这可是一笔不小的数字。Since the brouhaha began, the #201;lysée Palace has been engaged in some damage control, hinting to the disgruntled local manufacturers that the president would try out their brands as well, which leads to the somewhat unsettling picture of Mr. Hollande changing glasses daily, simply to prove his evenhandedness. This might work to satisfy his various constituencies, but if I were his adviser, I would argue against it, as it seems to open the door to all sort of potential flip-flopping charges. Better, really, to demonstrate a consistent point of view through dress.这场喧闹开始以来,爱丽舍宫就忙于将此事的损害降至最低,向不满的本国眼镜制造商们暗示,总统也会尝试他们的品牌,这在某种程度上给人一种混乱的感觉,好像奥德朗得每天换眼镜,只为明自己是公平的。这或许能令他的选民们感到满意,但如果我是他的顾问,我会表示反对,这有可能令人们指责他喜欢变卦。其实更好的办法还是通过着装展现出持续性The sheer existence of l’affair lunettes suggests that perhaps Mr. Hollande’s advisers are not as canny when it comes to image as they might be, and maybe the French should take a cue from the British, and start luring American spin doctors like David Axelrod and Jim Messina across the channel, because they are aly across the Atlantic.)(奥朗德眼镜事件表明奥朗德的顾问们或许也不是表面看上去那么能干,或许法国人应该听听英国人的指点,雇用海峡对岸的大卫·阿里克尔洛德[David Axelrod]和吉姆·梅西纳[Jim Messina]等来自美国的政府媒体顾问,他们已经从大西洋彼岸来到欧洲了。)Possibly the fact that Mr. Hollande has actually been wearing Lindberg glasses for the last four years according to the company (those rimless numbers were theirs) might have led everyone involved to conclude the change of glasses would make no difference. My guess, however, is that they were a pre-existing condition on his election, and therefore not up for debate ... until he decided to change. At which point the manufacturers felt free to point out that he should have seized the day, and decision, to support French business.林德伯格公司说,其实奥朗德过去四年里戴的都是该公司的产品,包括之前那副无框眼镜。或许这个事实能让所有参与者得出结论:这次换眼镜其实没什么大不了的。不过我猜想,在他选举上任之前就已经戴这个牌子的眼镜了,那时候根本没有引起什么争议……直到这次他换眼镜。如今他换了眼镜,眼镜公司们才纷纷指摘他应该把握机会,做出决定,持国货。Indeed, I’m surprised he hadn’t considered it. I mean, it’s not as if Mr. Hollande is a stranger to issues of sartorial spin, or the importance of the right pair of eyeglasses.事实上,我很惊讶他居然没考虑到这一点。我的意思是,奥朗德似乎对装公关并不陌生,也了解一副好眼镜的重要性。He ran on an election platform of “Mr. Normal,after all: his blandness and slightly rumpled suits the visual counterpoint to the Nicolas Sarkozy “President Bling-Blingschtick. And to get there Mr. Hollande nevertheless underwent his own pre-campaign makeover under the tutelage of his former partner, Valérie Trierweiler, who helped him lose weight and settle on those rimless, rectangular Lindbergs. (Previously he had worn rounder, more goggly- eyed styles.)毕竟,在选举期间,他把自己塑造为“普通人”形象:他平易近人,穿着稍微有点皱的西装,在视觉上正好和尼古拉·萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)那种“Bling-Bling总统”的噱头形象截然相反。为此,奥朗德在前伴侣瓦莱丽·特里埃维Valérie Trierweiler)帮助下设计了选举期间的形象,她还帮他减肥,选了那些无边的长方形林德伯格眼镜(更早以前,他戴的是更圆、更突出眼珠的样式)。This suggests that the most recent glasses flipper-roo may actually have had to do with shedding some emotional baggage when Mr. Hollande’s relationship with Ms. Trierweiler went south, a motivating factor that thus far has not been raised in the discussion. We have all been there, after all: dumping T-shirts or even shoes that remind us unhappily of a former lover. Indeed, Mr. Warrer seems to think this may be the case, seeing Mr. Hollande’s switch as a sign “he wanted to renew himself.”也就是说,最近奥朗德换眼镜,其实可能和他与特里埃维勒每况愈下的感情纠葛有关,迄今这个动机在讨论中尚没有人提起。毕竟我们都经历过这种事——扔掉衣或鞋子,只因为它们让我们想起令人不快的老情人。其实,沃勒似乎也是这么想的,他觉得奥朗德换眼镜是“他想重新开始”的信号。But in the end, and whatever the motivation and the mistakes involved, the kerfuffle shows that it’s not just first ladies who are seen as potential billboards for local industry (remember the outcry in the ed States when Michelle Obama wore Alexander McQueen to the China state dinner?), but first executives, too.但是,不管动机如何,不管出了什么错,这次的风波表明,不仅是第一夫人们才会成为国产工业潜在的宣传公告牌(还记得米歇尔·奥巴马[Michelle Obama]穿亚历山大·麦昆[Alexander McQueen]时装出席中国国宴时,美国上下一片哗然的景象吗?),首席执政者也有同样的功能。At a time when the global economy dictates that every possible tool in a national arsenal be used to increase employment and promote industry, it’s a part of the job (admittedly unwritten) that should be taken seriously. Fact is, unlike Freud’s supposed remark that sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, in politics a new accessory is never just a new accessory. It’s always a symbol. No matter which gender it’s on.当今,全球经济形式令国家需要动用所有手段去增进就业,宣传本国工业,这也成为领导人工作中(不成文)的一部分,必须被严肃对待。事实是,虽然弗洛伊德说过,有时候一雪茄就是一雪茄(指研究中就事论事,不过度引申——译注),但在政治当中,一个新配饰的意义永远不仅仅是一个新配饰而已。它永远都具有象征意义,不管佩戴它的是男人还是女人。来 /201407/316244上饶打玻尿酸哪家医院好 China said it warned and tracked a U.S. Navy warship as it came close to one of its artificial islands in the South China Seas contested waters.中方在一艘美国海军战舰靠近它位于南海争端水域的一座人工岛时,发出了警告并且进行了追踪。Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the ed States, told CNNs Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday that the U.S. operation is ;a very serious provocation, politically and militarily.;中国驻美大使崔天凯在周二告诉CNN的Christiane Amanpour,美方的行为一种非常严重的政治和军事挑衅。Cui said it was a clear attempt by Washington to militarize the region.崔天凯称,很明显,这是华盛顿企图军事化该区域的一种尝试;It is a very absurd and even hypocritical position to ask others not to militarize the region while ones self is sending military vessels there so frequently,; he said.他说,“一边要求别人不要军事占领该区域,一边自己频繁地派兵是一种可笑甚至虚伪的行径和立场”。The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the vessel ;illegally entered into the waters of Chinas Spratly Islands.;外交部称,该军舰非法进入中国南沙群岛;The action taken by the U.S. warship has threatened Chinas sovereignty and security interest, and has put the safety of personnel on the reefs in danger,; a ministry statement said.一位外交部官员称,“美国军舰的行为已经威胁到了中国的国家主权、安全利益以及在珊瑚礁附近的个体的人身安全”。Two Chinese warships and naval warplanes monitored and warned the American vessel, the Defense Ministry said.国防部称,两艘中国战舰和两家海军战机监控到并且警告了美国战舰。A U.S. defense official told CNN that the destroyer USS Lassen ;conducted a transit; within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands on Tuesday morning.一名美国国防部的官员告诉CNN,周二早晨,驱逐舰拉森在南沙群岛的渚碧2海里内经过。The operation put the ship within an area that would be considered Chinese sovereign territory if the ed States recognized the man-made islands as being Chinese territory, the official said.官员说,如果美国政府意识到人工岛是中国领土的一部分,让船只航行的行为会被和中国领土主权相连。The ed States hadnt breached the 12-mile limit since China began massive dredging operations to turn three reefs into artificial islands in 2014 -- even though maritime law doesnt usually accord territorial waters to islands built on previously submerged reefs.014年中国开始大规模进行疏浚行动,把三片珊瑚变为人工岛以后,美国从未为北2海里限制,尽管海事法通常不同意在之前的暗礁领海内建立岛屿。U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, testifying before a Senate panel, said the missions will continue.美国国防部秘书长Ash Carter在参议院调查组前作,说任务还将继续;We will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits and whenever our operational needs require,; he said.他说,“无论国际法允许在何处,只要我们有任务需要,我们都会飞行,航行和运动”。来 /201510/406827万年县妇幼保健人民中医院割双眼皮手术多少钱

上饶隆胸The lack of reaction from the Arab and wider Muslim world after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut is both shameful and unfortunate. The US-led coalition to fight Isis in Iraq and Syria is reeling from desertions by Arab states that have increasingly found excuses not to take part in military actions against the Islamist militant group, even though some of their own capitals have been targets.在巴黎和贝鲁特恐怖袭击发生后,阿拉伯乃至整个穆斯林世界没有做出反应,这既可耻又遗憾。尽管一些阿拉伯国家自己的首都已经成为“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)攻击的目标,但阿拉伯国家越来越多地找借口退出了针对ISIS的军事打击行动,被它们撇下的以美国为首在伊拉克和叙利亚打击ISIS的联盟越来越难以撑。The Paris aftermath has led in the west to an excess of discussion on military and political policy on Iraq and Syria, how to deal with the Syrian leadership and how to cope with the refugee crisis. Yet in the Arab world there has been little policy reassessment or debate.在西方,巴黎遭遇恐袭促使人们就对伊拉克和叙利亚的军事和政治政策、如何处理叙利亚领导层、以及如何应对难民危机等问题,展开了无休无止的讨论。不过,在阿拉伯世界里,人们几乎没有对相关政策进行重新评估或辩论。International pressure is mounting on the Arab states. Anwar Gargash, the ed Arab Emirates minister for foreign affairs, was ed on Monday by the official WAM agency as saying that the UAE would “participate in any international effort demanding a ground intervention to fight terrorismin Syria. But unless western nations galvanise the states into action and their governments to act more responsibly over the crisis in the Middle East, the situation across the Muslim world will become increasingly dangerous. Isis is aly killing far beyond its heartland most recently in Afghanistan and Bangladesh.阿拉伯国家面临的国际压力日益增加。阿联酋官媒阿联酋通讯WAM)不久前援引阿联酋外交事务国务部长安瓦尔愠尔卡什(Anwar Gargash)的话称,阿联酋将在叙利亚“参与任何需要地面干预的打击恐怖主义的国际努力”。但是除非西方国家促使阿拉伯国家行动起来、同时在中东危机问题上更负责任地行事,否则整个穆斯林世界的局势将越来越危险。ISIS的屠刀已经伸到了距离其中心地带很远的地方,最新遭殃的是阿富汗和孟加拉囀?After Paris, there have been no urgent meetings of the Arab League or the Organization of the Islamic Conference the premier Arab and Muslim policymaking groups. There have been no united calls to combat and defeat Isis, while individual states have excused themselves from taking any action.在巴黎事件发生后,阿拉伯国家联盟(Arab League)和伊斯兰合作组织(Organization of the Islamic Conference)——阿拉伯和穆斯林政策制定最高组织——没有召开任何紧急会议。也没有任何关于抗击和击败ISIS的联合呼吁,个别国家还容许自己不采取任何行动。The UAE and Saudi Arabia long ago stopped bombing Isis targets in Iraq and Syria, claiming that they were too busy with Yemen where the conflict is localised rather than a regional threat. (Remember the smiling face of the UAE female fighter pilot who took part in the first bombing runs of the coalition earlier this year? Well, that participation has ended.) Bahrain is too busy battling its own majority Shia population. In November, at a conference in the Gulf, officials from numerous Gulf states told me that they considered the Iranian threat far more serious than that posed by Isis. For Iran, the presumed Shia threat, even though all the Gulf states have some Shia population. Last month’s suicide attacks in Paris, Beirut and Tunis and the bomb placed aboard a Russian airliner in Egypt have done nothing to change that analysis.阿联酋和沙特阿拉伯早已停止了在伊拉克和叙利亚轰炸ISIS目标的行动,声称它们忙于处理也门问题,但也门冲突仅局限于当地、不构成区域性威胁。(还记得今年早些时候,参与了首轮联合轰炸行动的那位阿联酋女战斗机飞行员微笑的脸吗?嗯,此类参与已经结束。)巴林忙于打击占其人口多数的什叶派1月,在海湾地区的一次会议上,来自无数海湾国家的官员告诉我,他们认为伊朗构成的威胁比ISIS严重得多。他们口中伊朗构成的威胁,其实就是什叶派构成的所谓威胁——尽管所有的海湾国家都有一些什叶派人口。发生在巴黎、贝鲁特和突尼斯的自杀性袭击,以及置于埃及境内俄罗斯客机上的炸弹,都没能改变这一结论。Iran certainly has been predatory in the Middle East, creating Shia militias and opposition groups in Lebanon and Iraq and funding groups opposed to the royal families of Saudi and Bahrain, according to their governments. But it is not now trying to bomb every Arab city, seize Arab oil or kill off every ruling family, as Isis would like to do.据相关政府的说法,伊朗在中东无疑一直处于攻势,在黎巴嫩和伊拉克创建了什叶派民兵组织和反对派团体,还为反对沙特和巴林王室的团体提供资金。但是眼下伊朗并未试图轰炸每一座阿拉伯城市、攫取阿拉伯地区的石油和杀光每一个执政家族,是ISIS想要这样干。There is deep, misplaced suspicion among Arab states that after the nuclear deal with the US, Washington is trying to leverage Iran into playing a major security role in the Gulf, displacing the Arabs even though Iran does not have the capability to do so and the US’s current oil-rich allies are far more valuable than an unknown quantity such as Iran.阿拉伯国家存在一种根深蒂固的错误怀疑,认为在伊朗与美国签订核协议后,华盛顿正试图让伊朗在海湾地区扮演重要的安全角色,取代阿拉伯国家——尽管伊朗没有这样的能力,而且美国眼下这些石油资源丰富的盟友比伊朗这样的未知数要有价值得多。The wealthy Arab states also cannot agree on who to finance and arm among the myriad Syrian groups, causing competition among them. Nor have they provided enough funding for UN and other aid organisations operations in the refugee crisis that erupted in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon and has now sp to Europe. While the Europeans debate how many refugees to take in, the wealthy Gulf states have yet to agree to rehabilitate any Syrian or Iraqi refugees.关于在众多叙利亚组织中资助和武装谁,富裕的阿拉伯国家也无法达成一致,导致这些组织相互竞争。对于在土耳其、约旦和黎巴嫩爆发,如今扩散至欧洲的难民危机,他们也没有为联合国和其他援助组织的行动提供足够资金。在欧洲人讨论该接纳多少难民的时候,富裕的海湾国家还尚未同意安置任何叙利亚和伊拉克难民。The struggle against Isis has to be Arab-led and Arab-fought, although doubtless with US and European backing. Politically, it must present an Arab face to win the ideological battle against Isis. After the disastrous US occupation of Iraq, Arab leaders are well aware that the more the US increases its exposure in the Middle East, the greater the anti-American feeling in the region, and the more difficult it becomes to gain support for action from a reluctant White House and Congress.抗击ISIS的斗争必须由阿拉伯人领导、由阿拉伯人来打,虽然无疑也得有美国和欧洲的持。从政治角度而言,要打赢抗击ISIS的意识形态战,这场斗争必须是阿拉伯人的斗争。有了美国占领伊拉克的前车之鉴,阿拉伯领导人很清楚美国在中东露面越多,该地区的反美情绪就越高涨,而他们的行动也越难得到不情愿的白宫和美国国会的持。The 21-nation talks in Vienna led by the Americans to decide on a common policy towards Syria and the future of President Bashar al-Assad have offered the first real opportunity in five years of mayhem in the country for all parties to achieve common policy goals. But the Vienna talks cannot succeed unless the Arab states show determination and unity. Sunni and Shia must fight together, not each other.21个国家在维也纳举行的谈判,首次给陷入混乱长达5年的伊朗带来了真正的机会,使各方可以实现共同的政策目标。该谈判由美国人主导,旨在决定对叙利亚的共同政策以及未来如何处置叙利亚总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)。但是,除非阿拉伯国家表现出决心和团结,维也纳谈判无法成功。逊尼派和什叶派必须共同作战,而不能互掐。来 /201512/419105 WASHINGTON The Supreme Court on Monday blocked one of the Obama administration’s most ambitious environmental initiatives, one meant to limit emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants.华盛顿——美国最高法院周一推翻了奥巴马政府最雄心勃勃的环保措施之一,该措施旨在限制燃煤发电厂汞及其它有毒污染物的排放。Industry groups and some 20 states challenged the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to regulate the emissions, saying the agency had failed to take into account the punishing costs its regulations would impose.行业团体及约20个州对美国环境保护局(Environment Protection Agency,简称EPA)控制排放的决定提出挑战,称该机构没有考虑其规则会带来的惩罚性成本。The Clean Air Act required the regulations to be “appropriate and necessary.The challengers said the agency had run afoul of that law by deciding to regulate the emissions without first undertaking a cost-benefit analysis.《清洁空气法Clean Air Act)要求规则需是“适当和必要的”。挑战方认为,环保局在没有先做出成本效益分析的情况下,就决定控制排放,违反了法律。The agency responded that it was not required to take costs into account when it made the initial determination to regulate. But the agency added that it did so later in setting emissions standards and that, in any event, the benefits far outweighed the costs.环保局回应说,机构在做出要控制排放的初步决定时,无需考虑成本问题。但该机构补充说,在后来制定排放标准时考虑了成本,而且不论如何,收益都远远大于成本。The two sides had very different understandings of the costs and benefits involved. Industry groups said the government had imposed annual costs of .6 billion to achieve about million in benefits. The agency said the costs yielded tens of billions of dollars in benefits.双方对所涉及的成本和收益有非常不同的理解。行业团体说,政府为得到00万美元的收益,强加了每年高达96亿美元的成本。环保局则称,这些成本产生了数百亿美元的收益。The decision, Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 14-46 was a setback for environmentalists.最高法院对14-46号案、密歇根州诉环境保护局(Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency)的判决对环保人士来说是个挫折。In the term that ended in June 2014, the justices heard cases on two other sets of environmental regulations one aimed at limiting power plant pollution that wafts across state lines, the other at cutting planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions. The E.P.A. won the first case and largely prevailed in the second, though the Supreme Court indicated that it remained prepared to impose limits on the agency’s regulatory authority.014月结束的最高法院开庭期里,大法官受理了有关其他两组环保规则的案件,一个旨在限制发电厂的污染跨州排放,另一个旨在减少导致地球变暖的温室气体的排放。环保局赢了第一个案子,并在第二个案子上取得了很大程度的胜利,虽然最高法院当时曾表示,它仍准备对环保局的控制权做出限制。Monday’s decision reversed one from the ed States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which ruled that the agency’s interpretation of the Clean Air Act was reasonable.最高法院周一的决定推翻了哥伦比亚特区联邦巡回上诉法院的判决,该判决裁定,环保局对《清洁空气法》的解释是合理的。“For E.P.A. to focus its ‘appropriate and necessarydetermination on factors relating to public health hazards, and not industry’s objections that emission controls are costly, properly puts the horse before the cart,Judge Judith W. Rogers wrote for the majority.巡回法院法官朱迪斯·W·罗杰Judith W. Rogers)代表多数派意见在判决书上写道,“EPA把其‘适当和必要的’注意力集中在与公众健康危害有关的因素上,而不是行业反对控制排放的理由、即控排成本高这个因素上,是合乎道理的做法。”In dissent, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh said that, in context, the statute required attention to costs “as a matter of common sense, common parlance and common practice.”法官布雷特·M·卡瓦纳夫(Brett M. Kavanaugh)在反对意见中写道,从上下文来看,该法律对考虑成本的要求“是常识、俗言与惯例之事”。来 /201507/383694玉山县人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱上饶哪里能打瘦腿针



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