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The longest sentence imposed on the parent of a truanting child last year was 90 days. Most were fined. 英国孩子逃学家长被拘禁的最长达到了90天,而大多数的惩罚都是罚款。 Nearly 12,000 parents were prosecuted and 25 given prison sentences because of their children's truancy from school last year, the Guardian reported. 据《卫报》报道,去年,英国有近1.2万名家长因孩子逃学而被起诉,25名家长被判刑。 Just over 9,000 were convicted, and nearly two-thirds of those were fined. 有超过9000名家长被宣布罪名成立,其中三分之二的被判罚款。 The longest jail sentence imposed on a parent was 90 days, according to the Ministry of Justice. The highest fine imposed last year was 850 pounds. 司法部称,最长刑期是一名家长被判坐牢90天,而最高额罚款达850英镑。 Government figures show that more than 450,000 children — 7 percent of the school population — persistently missed school in autumn 2010 and spring 2011. 政府提供的数据表明,2010年秋季学期和2011年春季学期,英国有45万多学生经常性逃学,这个数据占到在校学生人数的7%。 That means they missed 15 percent of school days — a level of absence equivalent to skipping a month's worth of lessons in a year. 这意味这他们逃课逃掉了整个学期天数的15%,相当于整整一个月的课程。 /201111/160927

Nuclear power is so expensive compared with other forms of energy that it has become ;really hard; to justify, according to the chief executive of General Electric, one of the world#39;s largest suppliers of atomic equipment. 世界最大的核电设备供应商之一通用电气(General Electric)首席执行官表示,与其他形式的能源相比,核电成本如此之高,以至于;很难;明其合理性。 ;It#39;s really a gas and wind world today,; said Jeff Immelt, referring to two sources of electricity he said that most countries are shifting towards as gas becomes ;permanently cheap;. 杰夫#8226;伊梅尔特(Jeff Immelt)表示:;现在真的是天然气和风能的天下。;他指出,随着天然气变得;永久廉价;,大多数国家正在转向这两种发电来源。 ;When I talk to the guys who run the oil companies they say look, they#39;re finding more gas all the time. It#39;s just hard to justify nuclear, really hard. Gas is so cheap and at some point, really, economics rule,; Mr Immelt told the Financial Times in an interview in London. 伊梅尔特在伦敦接受英国《金融时报》采访时指出:;当我在与石油公司高管谈话的时候,他们说,他们正勘探到越来越多的天然气。因此很难明核电的合理性,真的很难。天然气这么廉价,到了某个阶段,经济性将决定一切。; ;So I think some combination of gas, and either wind or solar …#8201;that#39;s where we see most countries around the world going.; ;因此我认为,目前世界上大多数国家正在转向天然气和风能或者天然气和太阳能的组合。; His comments underline the impact on the global energy landscape of the US shale gas revolution, Japan#39;s Fukushima nuclear meltdown, and falling prices for some types of renewable power. Such factors pose dilemmas for countries such as the UK, which is trying to build nuclear plants without public subsidy. The ruling coalition is also split over whether to set a new target to make the electricity sector virtually free of carbon emissions by 2030 – a plan opposed by Conservatives but backed by Liberal Democrats. 他的观点突显美国页岩气变革、日本福岛(Fukushima)核熔毁、以及某些可再生能源价格下降对全球能源格局产生的影响。这些因素给英国这样正试图在没有公共补贴条件下建设核电站的国家带来两难。与此同时,对于是否要设定新的目标,使发电行业到2030年基本实现零碳排放,英国执政联盟也存在分歧。保守党(Conservatives)反对,而自由民主党(Liberal Democrats)持这项规划。 Mr Immelt lent weight to the Lib Dem argument, saying that GE had found EU carbon targets helpful. ;I think standards sometimes really drive innovation,; he said. 伊梅尔特赞同自由民主党的立场并表示,通用电气认为欧盟(EU)的碳排放目标是有用的。他说:;我认为有时候标准的确能够推动创新。; Analysts estimate GE#39;s nuclear revenues, from a joint venture with Japan#39;s Hitachi, at an estimated bn, or less than 1 per cent of annual global sales. 分析师预计,通用电气从其与日立(Hitachi)合资企业得到的核电设备收入大约为10亿美元,不到其全球年销售的1%。 GE will announce today that it has made more than bn in sales from Olympic host cities since 2006, including 0m from the London games. 通用电气今天将宣布,2006年以来该公司在奥运举办城市的销售收入已经超过10亿美元,包括伦敦奥运的1亿美元。 /201207/192759

The number of babies born out of wedlock in Korea last year increased for the ninth consecutive year to 10,000, accounting for 2.1 percent of all births in 2011.韩国去年出生的非婚生儿连续第九年数量上升,达到了1万名,占2011年韩国新生儿总数的2.1%。According to Statistics Korea on Sunday, the figure rose 3.3 percent from 2010 to 9,959 last year, the highest since the data began to be compiled in 1981.根据韩国统计局周日的数据,去年婚外新生儿人数达到了9959名,相比2010年增加了3.3%,这是自1981年开始收集该数据以来的最高峰。The previous high was 9,741 babies in 1981 but the number fell to 5,200 in 1989. In 1994, it made an upward reverse to top 9,000. The figure again dropped to 4,200 in 1997 but has steadily increased since 2003.1981年也曾出现过非婚生儿的出生高峰(9741名),但这一数字在1989年回落至5200名。1994年,趋势又发生逆转,婚外新生儿人数再度上扬,超过9000名。1997年这一数字再次回落到4200名,但自2003年以来婚外新生儿人数一直不断增加。In the early 1980s, the high number of babies born to unmarried parents was due to lack of social awareness on contraception. The higher number in recent years, however, was linked to shifting social attitudes on marriage and childbirth.在20世纪80年代早期,婚外新生儿人数多是因为社会上的非法同居父母缺乏避意识。近年来婚外新生儿人数增加则是因为社会对婚姻和生子的态度的转变。 Consequently, the number of babies born out of wedlock among overall newborns in Korea rose to 2.1 percent last year, a steady increase from 1 percent in 2001, 1.5 percent in 2005, and 2 percent in 2009.结果,韩国去年出生的非婚生儿增加到全国新生儿总数的2.1%,而在2001年这一数字是1%,2005年是1.5%,2009年是2%,呈不断上升的趋势。The percentage of babies in Korea born to a single parent, however, remains one of the lowest among member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The organization#39;s average rate was just 11 percent in 1980 but increased to 36.3 percent in 2009.韩国由单身母亲所生的小孩比例一直是经济合作与发展组织成员国中最低的。该组织成员国的这一比例在1980年平均只有11%,而在2009年增至了36.3%。 As of 2009, more than half of newborns were born out of wedlock in Iceland (64.1 percent), Mexico (55.1 percent), Sweden (54.7 percent) and France (52.6 percent). The figure in the UK was 45.4 percent and that of the Netherlands 41.2 percent.2009年,冰岛、墨西哥、瑞典和法国超过半数的新生儿是非婚生儿,冰岛为64.1%,墨西哥为55.1%,瑞典为54.7%,法国为52.6%。英国的这一数字为45.4%,荷兰为41.2%。 /201208/197054

If this languishing economy has left you pressed for time and short of money, you might consider stretching that relaxing getaway into bite-sized breaks.Experts say mini-vacations, brief holidays of four days or less, offer today's traveler a restorative pause without the pressure or expense of a long journey."The mini-vacation is a fantastic way of changing the scene without breaking the bank," said Amelie Hurst of travel website TripAdvisor."The trip you spend 12 months planning and pouring all your budget into has to live up to a dream," she explained. "With a mini-vacation travelers can find themselves more y to go with the flow."In a recent Trip Advisor poll of almost 1,700 Americans, 22 percent said they opted to take shorter vacations of two-to-four days due to finances and six percent said it was due to vacation time.Peter Yesawich, CEO of Ypartnership, which tracks travel trends, said the weekend getaway has reigned as the most popular American leisure trip for over a decade.Last year, with the economy still stuck in the doldrums, it accounted for almost half of all U.S. vacations."To Americans a vacation is a birthright," said Yesawich. "It doesn't matter how low the Dow goes, how high the unemployment, the majority Americans are still taking vacations."Yesawich said work habits reinvented vacation habits in the prosperous 1980s and 1990s, when employment rates were rising, along with the number of two-income households."Work habits began to constrain vacation habits," he said. "We became more beholden to work and that drove vacation around weekends."Yesawich said the Internet accelerated the trend and the latest economic downturn sealed it."Prior to 1996 there was a sanctity to Saturday, but that has disappeared in this 24/7 environment," he said.Genevieve Brown, of Travelocity, said autumn is traditionally a popular season for mini-vacations because the kids are back in school and families have less time."People are still committed to taking vacations, but they're watching travel dollars closely," Brown said. "Shorter vacations make sense." /201009/114235

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