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#Ug^16aFiAw5@2dL4d,sgn.Xc#a]mID6He changed our lives.Steve Jobs had a vision.Like the world lost a John Lennon.He demanded perfection.He could rip into people, be tough to work for.And led a technological revolution.^|_bhc^LkR0RYluEV他改变了我们的生活!KO)_cp!r888rBa!。史蒂夫;乔布斯独具慧眼SRF.n*nYB。就像世界失去了一个约翰;列侬一样h%y,YNRb_pi#K)K*。他要求尽善尽美Yb5|~hS,cs!Jl@EF!o。他对人严厉抨击,对事一丝不苟,vv,jmru6Qd*。他领导了一个技术革命U4Gh4xPax),s。tzIya~Vn5OFfThe personal computer. A light bulb goes off. And he says, wow, I can put computers on every desktop.个人电脑x9FV1~^90bCa6。一个灯泡灭了Hk(Gc*eRh39#|。他说道,哇,我可以把电脑放在每个人的桌子上A-]5,UL(QJwV。uJAmi~y),E8B|The iPod.When they first came out, oh, my god, they are so sleek, they are so sexy.It was new and small. I had to have it.iPod当他们第一次登台的时候,他说道,我的上帝,它们多么柔滑,性感;5N1dT8|Ssk.e%CZ!W。如此时尚新潮,小巧玲珑6nekkXYb%)#fWHiA。我必须拥有它_aqsSv0bla];HeU。The iPhoneI have an iPhone, which is an extension of me and I love using it.I was able to text messages and send them.iPhone我有一部iPhone,这是我的延伸和我就是喜欢使用它BWq#Se_MlH89Ms#9ir。我能读短信,并且将它们发送出去beOhEy@E!JoMyw。Ufh(Eo6]LX6The iPadPeople didnt know they want it or need it and turns out they did.Its kind of like, well, were gonna make a portable music player. I need that.Were going to make a phone. I need that.Were going to make a toaster. I need that.iPad人们不知道他们想要或需要它,结果人们还是拥有了它cccig-patB~V-]9gl9!;。这是一种喜欢,嗯,我们要制造便携式音乐播放器@;UT5+~pRE。那是因为我需要它mv~;xeA3s-@y07k。我们需要制造电话12*XXjzkvx_。那是因为我需要它]_PiWs)hBwDlbu0eOr)0。我们要做一个烤面包机;Fe)vtM^J+rR48。那是因为我需要它rLdK7tPf-vO@r。BFpj)(e-AiGenius Steve Jobs Change the World.天才史蒂夫;乔布斯改变世界uAg6vpQBJnQLdi|O+1POL,tM2gdAD0mr_8su3g9zH]T.N(mQ^Zd201111/160665This is Wild Chronicles. I am White Matthews.这里是《野生动物日记》。我是怀特;马修斯。At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, an infant gorilla named Wumundi gets some tender loving care from a dedicated keeper and lots of attention from curious visitors.在夏延山动物园,一个名叫Wumundi的婴儿猩猩在一名专业看护员及很多好奇游客的帮助中得到了温柔呵护。He is on with a keeper all the time 24 hours a day.他所有的时间甚至一天24小时都无时无刻在看护。Zoo spokesman Sean Anglum explains that the babys real mother abandoned him at birth. Twelve-year-old Kwisha was hand raised by humans with diapers and bottle. She had nowhere to learn how to raise her own young.动物园发言人肖恩;安格鲁姆解释说,婴儿的亲生母亲在它出生时弃他于不顾。十二岁的Kwisha的吃喝拉撒都是经由人类之手抚养。她没有办法学习如何抚养自己的下一代。His mom gave birth to him and didnt really know what to do with him. She was hand reared; she never had a child before; she had never been around other gorillas that have a baby so she really didnt know any of the procedure. She didnt know what to do.他的妈妈生下他,真的不知道拿他怎么办。她被人类养育,她从未有过孩子,她身边从未有过其他猩猩母亲,她举棋不定不知道下一步该怎么做。她真的不知道怎么办才好。Wild gorillas, on the other hand, have plenty of role models.另一方面,野生大猩猩,有大量的榜样。I often tell people of the human, has never seen a baby and never seen, you know, anything on TV, or books about a baby, and have a baby, they probably wouldnt know what to do either. We just take it for granted that, so much around us teaches us what we need to know. And they are really about the same way; they need to learn most of things they know.我经常告诉别其他人类,虽然从来没有见过婴儿,但你能从任何相关的电视、书籍中获得婴儿的相关信息。而在有孩子的时候,他们也可能不知道要做什么。我们只是想当然地认为,我们周围的环境告诉我们需要知道的。他们应该是相同的方式,他们需要学习很多他们知道的东西。With his own mom unable to care for him, the task of rearing little Wumundi has fallen on keepers like Mandy Hollingsworth. But he is not being raised to be like his mother. Instead of treating Wumundi like a human baby, Mandy is acting like a gorilla mom.既然他自己的妈妈无法抚育他,小Wumundi的抚养任务就落在看门人曼迪?赫利沃斯身上。但他没有像个母亲,而是把Wumundi当成了人类婴儿,曼蒂表现的像一只猩猩母亲。词语解释:1. gorilla n. 猩猩2. diaper n. 尿布201111/161417North Korean Leader Chooses Successor Amid Signs of More Brinkmanship外界称金正日已安排小儿子继位 The North Korean leader has apparently chosen person who will eventually succeed him. That news accompanies possible signs of North Korean mid-range missile tests, in addition to the long-range rocket the North may be planning to launch, later this month.北韩领导人金正日看来确定了继位人选。与此同时,北韩有迹象将试射中程导弹,并在本月稍后时间发射远程火箭。South Korea's National Intelligence Service disclosed to lawmakers in Seoul Tuesday North Korea's long-awaited plans for leadership in a future, post-Kim Jong Il era. 韩国国家情报部门星期二向首尔的议员报告了北韩为后金正日时代的领导安排所做的准备。Youngest sonIntelligence analysts say the North Korean leader appears to have selected his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, to take his place. 情报分析指金正日已经选择自己最年轻的儿子金正云接替自己的位子。Relatively little is known about the younger Kim. He is 26 or 27 years old. He is the son of Kim Jong Il's third wife, Ko Yong Hee. He was sent to a private boarding school in Switzerland for part of his education. Media reports e his schoolmates as saying he is a fan of NBA basketball - especially star athlete Michael Jordan.外界对这个金正云的了解不多。他大概二十六、七岁,是金正日第三任妻子高永姬所生,被送到瑞士的一家私人寄宿学校学习。有传媒引述他的同学说,金正云是美国职业篮球赛NBA的粉丝,特别是麦克尔-乔丹的崇拜者。Lee Sang-hyun, an international security analyst with South Korea's Sejong Institute, is among many scholars who believe North Korea's recent nuclear weapon test is linked to Kim Jong Il's plans for succession.韩国世宗研究所国际安全分析员李相贤和其他学者相信北韩近日的核武实验和金正日的让位计划有关。He says, if North Korea can become recognized as a nuclear weapons nation, it can demand more compensation from the ed States at international disarmament talks. That, says Lee, would allow a more stable transition of power in the North.李相贤表示,如果北韩能够成为核武国家,就能在国际消除武器谈判中向美国要求更多,这能够使北韩的权力转移更加稳定。More missile testsThe North's succession plans accompany what analysts say are actions consistent with test launch plans for medium and long-range missiles - possibly within the next few weeks.分析还认为,北韩的权力转移与其中段程导弹测试的安排一致,很可能在最近几星期进行。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak wrapped up a summit of Southeast Asian leaders Tuesday, saying the group agreed to cooperate more tightly on security issues like North Korea.星期二刚结束东南亚领导人峰会的韩国总统李明表示,各成员国同意对北韩等安全问题更加紧密的合作。He says the leaders reaffirmed their commitments on getting rid of nuclear weapons, and called North Korea's nuclear test a serious threat to peace in Northeast Asia.他还表示各国领导人都重申北韩废除核武的承诺,并认为北韩测试核武器严重威胁东北亚地区安全。No sanctionsNorth Korea has warned of what it calls "additional defensive measures," if it is sanctioned for its recent nuclear test. South Korean defense officials say they are stepping up surveillance of the North's activities on land and at sea.北韩警告一旦因核试验受到制裁,将会采取"特别防卫措施"。南韩国防官员表示正加紧对北韩海陆活动的监测。Seoul is particularly concerned about a disputed maritime area west of the Korean peninsula, where the two Koreas have fought two naval battles in the past ten years. North Korea has never recognized the ed Nations-drawn sea border there and warned last week it could not "guarantee the safety" of American and South Korean ships there.首尔特别关注朝鲜半岛西面的一片有争议海域,过去十年里双方曾在这里发生两次海上军事冲突。北韩从不承认联合国在这里划出的海界,并在上周警告不保经过这里的美国和韩国船只安全。South Korea's navy has redeployed some of its top ships, included an Aegis class destroyer and a new guided missile ship with stealth capabilities, to the area. Bae Myung-woo is a South Korean navy spokesman.韩国海军已经重新将最先进的舰艇派往该海域,其中包括宙斯盾级驱逐舰和拥有隐身功能的新型导弹舰艇。He says South Korea will secure an overwhelming and predominant position of military power in its territorial waters. He says this will deter North Korea from any provocation at sea.韩国海军发言人裴明友表示,韩国在其所属海域将确保军事力量的绝对优势,将挫败北韩任何来自海上的挑衅。06/72680

Chinese public debt中国公债Coming clean快要清零了China faces up to the hidden debts of itslocal governments中国勇敢面对地方政府的隐藏债务BANKS in Westerncountries dragged their economies into the great recession. Banks in Chinapulled the country out of it. Much of the Chinese government’s stimulus effortfrom 2008 to 2010 was left to financial institutions, which proved better at shovingmoney out of the door than America’s federal government.西方国家的将经济拉到一个大衰退中,而中国的却将这个国家拽出这个泥淖。2008年到2010年间中国政府间的刺激计划都交给金融机构执行,相比美国联邦政府,中国的这一做法在贷款方面要更有效。The banks lent tothousands of investment corporations set up by local governments, which cannotborrow in their own name. With the help of some initial capital and collateral,like land, these investment vehicles directed the lending into local bridges,tunnels and real-estate ventures. But many of the loans have turned bad,threatening the balance-sheets of the banks that made them.贷款给地方政府成立的数以千计的投资公司,这是因为地方政府不能以自己的名义贷款。凭借着初始资金和诸如土地之类的抵押物,这些投资机器把这些贷款投资建设当地的桥梁、隧道以及房地产行业。但是很多贷款最后变成了坏账,搞得的资产负债表很不好看。Now the centralgovernment has at last resolved to clean up the mess, according to unnamedofficials cited by Reuters this week. China’s government will consolidatethousands of investment vehicles and hive off some of their debts into separatecompanies open to private investors. It will force the banks to write offanother slice of the bad debt, and repay a chunk of it from its own budget.Much of the stimulus lending of 2008-10 may turn out to be public spending after all. 据路透社报道,一名不愿意透露姓名的官员说,中央政府终于下定决心收拾这个烂摊子。中国政府将合并数以千计的投资公司,将一部分债务分离到独立公司,并且对私人投资商开放。当局将强迫注销另一部分坏账,并用自身的预算填补这个大缺口。2008年到2010年间的多数刺激性贷款最终可能会变成公共事务出。201106/140036

B News with David Austin.Ten suspected Russian spies currently appearing in a New York court have entered guilty pleas. The ten men and women were arrested in the ed States last week on suspicion of running a long-term spy ring. From outside the court in New York, Madeleine Morris has just sent this report.To a courtroom packed with supporters, family members, lawyers and media, the five men and five women pleaded guilty to acting as agents for Russia. It emerged they had reached a plea agreement, but their admission of guilt, a more serious charge of money laundering, was dropped. There was a glimpse of the life that now awaits the ten when they are immediately returned to the country they tried to provide information to. The lawyer for one defendant, Vicky Pelaez, said Russian officials had promised her a lifetime monthly payment of 2,000 dollars, free housing, and all-expenses-paid visits from her children. It's unclear if the other nine people were given a similar deal.And within the past few minutes, the judge in the case of the ten Russian agents has ordered all of them to be deported and, in an apparent swap, a US prosecutor told the New York judge that the Russian government had agreed to release prisoners held in Russia.The authorities in Iran have announced that a woman convicted of adultery will not be stoned to death. But it's not clear whether they have lifted the death sentence against her. John Line reports.Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, an Iranian woman in her forties, was convicted of adultery and, according to her lawyer, sentenced to death by stoning. The lawyer, who has a long record of fighting against the practice, said he feared that she could be executed at anytime. The news prompted a growing international campaign, with British ministers describing the punishment as medieval. The Iranian Embassy in London has not exactly denied any of that, but it has now said that she's not going to be stoned to death and warned of false news.The B has learnt that football's governing body FIFA will make changes to its refereeing system for the next World Cup. The organization has long resisted such changes, but several bad decisions in this World Cup, in particular a disallowed goal for England against Germany, have increased the pressure for reform. FIFA's Secretary General Jerome Valcke told the B it was considering adding two extra assistants to help referees."If for the referee at the end to have an additional four eyes, with these two additional assistant referees plus the goal line technology gives him the feeling of the comfort that eases life and work, and duty will be easier to perform, why not then?"A prominent Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas has ended a long hunger strike after the government said it would release 52 political prisoners. Mr. Farinas began refusing food four months ago to demand the release of jailed dissidents who were ill. Last week, doctors who'd been feeding him intravenously said that he was close to death.World News from the B.Thousands of Israelis have been holding a rally in Jerusalem at the end of a 12-day march for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who's been held captive in the Gaza Strip for four years. His family and their supporters want their government to agree a prisoners swap with Hamas which controls Gaza. Israel says it's agreed in principle to release 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.The Palestinian authority has called on President Obama to end tax breaks for American donations to illegal Israeli settlements built on the occupied West Bank. An official statement said stopping such exemptions would be more in line with the declared American policy of considering the settlements an obstacle to peace. Hardy reports.The Palestinian demand came shortly after the American newspaper, the New York Times, revealed that 40 local organizations have channelled millions of dollars to Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank over the past decade. Some of the money, the paper said, went to settlements regarded as illegal even under Israeli law. According to the paper, the money goes mostly to schools and synagogues, which is legal according to the American tax legislation. But some of it, according to the New York Times, has also paid for what it described as "legally questionable commodities", such as bullet-proof vests and other military gear.The US government has told BP to provide detailed plans for its latest efforts to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The official heading the US response to the crisis, Thad Allen, wrote to BP asking to be given the information after they meet for talks on Friday.The aid agency Medicins Sans Frontieres says there's growing anger and frustration in Haiti at the slow pace of reconstruction six months after the devastating earthquake there. MSF said there was a staggering gap between the promises of help in the first weeks after the disaster and the dire reality on the ground half a year later. That's the latest B News.背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108641Apple beyond Steve Jobs The CEO is the heart and soul of Apple Inc. yet he's got a deep management bench from which to choose his eventual successor Apple is undoubtedly one of the most secretive company in the American, may be in the world. There are two secrets that people really want to know the answer to about the Apple right now.One is what is the status of Steve job's health. He had a treatable form of pancreatic cancer four years ago. He says he is got it beaten, but he isn't giving any more details. And he looks thin and gone, and that's got people concerned about his health.The second secret people want to know the answer too is who would replace Steve Jobs. If he would step down the CEO. The most logical candidate is the chief operating officer of Apple, an executive named \ Tim Cook. Not a lot is known about him, he is 48 years old. He is an operations expert. He spent many years at IBM, and He makes the chains run on time at Apple.He is health from fittness enough.He loves the cycle and hike and he is a big fan of Auburn football where he went to school.But it’s not a foregone conclusion that Cook would succeed Jobs. There are other prominent Apple executives who people talk about including Jonathan Cohnthe head of design, Ryan Janson the head of Apple retail stores. And Peter Oppenhemier the company's chief finance officer. None of those candidates however has the same combination of technical engineering chops and business acumen that Cook has.Of course it’s also possible the Apple board could go outside and get somebody completely outside of Apple,but remember before Steve Job's came back to Apple in 1997,the board had gone to an outsider, that didn't work out so well.200811/55958

Michael Kors joins In Style's Katrina Szish to discuss shoes, beach bums and politics before presenting his collection. Gov. Sarah Palin says success on a local level exemplifies experienceWe are backstage with Michael Kors, just moments before show. And I noticed up there, it says something about the most glamorous beach bums in the world.Boy, isn't that my fantasy? I don't know, maybe everyone's. To me, you know, it's interesting , now it's funny. I guess, sinc the internet, you know, I know more and more people especially in New York and L.A, who ,you know, they live in the Hampton and see around while in L.A. , people are moving malleable. And I'm like, wait a minute. What am I doing wrong?Hampton 汉普顿:美国弗吉尼亚州东南部的一个独立城市Rough life.Right, exactyly. So you know, there's definitely, I wanna this to be very American . I think there are to many, honestly, there are too many collections in New York that try to look up to European.And I think that, hey ,we invented the way the world dresses. You know, Americans invent the idea of comfort and speed and easiness. So, it's really very much about that. You know, atheleticism, architecture. But again, architecture, that's kind of user-friendly. This cloth gets too architectural sometimes , it'll get a little frightening .But it's all that optimism.Now, I took a look at some of the shoes over there. They did have an architecture feel to them.But they were still very user-friendly, kind of that, as you said. Tell me a litte bit about the fine architectural heel.Well, you know, the odd thing is you know, it's shoes. I don't know one that on the planet who doesn't say,oh I wanna be taller , I wanna be taller. But of course, you know, crazy high heels are first of course--not that easy to walk in. So we really dealt with these sculptural platforms. And i want to keep them sporty though.So , kind of the architectural bottom, and then you have the spoty top of the shoe. So it's great with the dress, it looks great with the jeans. Because, again, you know, isn't that really the ideas , I think,a fashion that is versatile. So you can mix it, wear however you wanna wear it. And again, it's the Ying and Yang. It's the architecture with the sporty. There is always something that makes it kind of user-friendly. You are the first person who ever taught me about fashioh math that if you buys, you invest in a piece and you wear a thousand times versus buying something cheap and wearing once, you are making a good investment . Do you still think about investment pieces, especially in this economy, but even when you are designing something that more glamourous?I think that's the one thing we are finding more and more and more. You know, it's not just about a classic. Becasue if it's super classic, i have one sitting in the closet,so that doesn't turn me on. But then if it's so out there. You know, I'm gonna wear once. So right now, I think with this economy. People want something that's fresh and exciting, changes their wardrobe but still has versatilities. And fabric is key. So I always said to you: buy the best quality you could buy and also we talk about eco-fashion,what's green? Well, it's certainly not green to buy cheap-cheap cloth, wear them once, and throw them out. What's green, is to buy something that's beautifully made, beautifully crafted and wear it for years. You know that's what's green.eco-fashion:One of the tenets of the unofficial definition of eco-fashion is this: takes into account the working conditions of people in the fashion . (fashion that's green)Every one is also talking about the election of course, policitics and fashion. People are asking is it really fair to be questioning the personal style or something like that Sara Palin, even talking about the first lady. How important is fashion in politics? I don't know, that it's about fashion per se politics nor do I know that it should be. I think it's about, though, what's works on camera. So that's not about the fashion with the capital F.It's about really, I think, what also can make the person feel more confident. But I always think, what I do, you know, kind of give you a visit to the strength, without going to the strength. And you know, politicians are so dissected. So if they are wearing the right suit, with the right dress, the right color, the right tie. That can make them feel better at campaign, they can perform at the debate better. You know, and all of those things are very important, but fashion with a capital F, you know I'm not voting for the fashion designer or stylist.You know, I want someone smarter than me, and not quite as absorbed in the fashion. That's what's important to me. 200811/54790The Post Office 邮政局Neither snow nor rainNor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers. But the internet will鹅毛大雪 倾盆大雨 炎炎烈日,昏暗夜色都无法使邮差停止送信。但因特网能。Aug 20th 2011 | LOS ANGELES | from the print editionTHE US Postal Service has an unofficial creed (above) that harks back to Herodotus, who was admiring the Persian empire’s stalwart messengers. Its own history is impressive too, dating to a royal licence by William and Mary in 1692, and including Benjamin Franklin as a notable postmaster, both for the crown (which dismissed him in 1774 for his revolutionary leanings) and then for the newly independent country. Ever since, the post has existed “to bind the Nation together”.美国邮政务有条非正式的信条。这一信条的出处要回溯到希罗多德,他对波斯国王忠实可靠的信使大为赞赏。美国邮政,历史悠久,于1692年得到威廉国王和玛利皇后的皇家许可,开始邮政务。本杰明.弗兰克林出任邮政总长更是值得一提:他曾先后为英国皇家(因他的革命倾向,于1774年被解雇)和刚刚独立的美国务,出任此职。从此以后,邮政的存在象征着“整个国家连在一起”。But as ever more Americans go online instead of sending paper, the volume of mail has been plummeting (see chart right). The decline is steeper than even pessimists expected a decade ago, says Patrick Donahoe, the current postmaster-general. Worse, because the post must deliver to every address in the country—about 150m, with some 1.4m additions every year—costs are simultaneously going up. As a result, the post has lost billion in the last four years and expects to lose another billion this fiscal year.自从越来越多的美国人选用网络而不是用邮政收寄信件,邮政的递送量便直线开始下降。现任邮政总长,帕特里克.多纳霍谈到,十年前对邮政事业持悲观态度的人都没预料到衰退会如此之快。更要命的是,邮政务必须送抵全国每一个邮政地址——美国现有邮政地址约一亿五千万个,每年都会多增加一百四十多万个——这使得邮政出同时增加。结果一目了然,邮政局在近四年损失合计二百亿美元,本财政年度预计损失为八亿美元。201108/150683If threw these nails out into the crowd, extremely deadly shrapnel. Once the FBI knows what materials were used to build the bomb and how it was concealed, agents make a public appeal for information about the bomber. Today in showing you this backpack of this reconstructed bomb here, we believe we've given every possible opportunity to recount to the public to refresh their memories and perhaps can follow additional information. But Sachtleben reveals another secret for rebuilding bombs. Actually go to a bombing range and use, and sometimes, thousands of pounds of explosives inside of a vehicle that we think similar to the one used, detonate it. Go out, measure the crater, measure where the pieces were, were found, collect the evidence that we find there and compare it to what we had at the bombing scene. There is also another reason for these dramatic recreations. These images give jurors an unforgettable look at the devastation a bomb can cause. Sometimes, we'll actually go to our explosive range and reconstruct the device, detonate it, film that, so we can go into court and show that to the judge and jury. Eric Rudolph, the man accused of the bombings of both the Olympics and the abortion clinic in Atlanta has yet to face a jury, he remains at large. But thanks to the Explosives , McVeigh and Kaczynski will never again pose a threat to society. However, the FBI's ultimate goal is to catch terrorists before they strike. Bridgeport, Texas, the residents of this sleepy farm town outside Dallas have no idea that their lives are in danger. That's because the people caught on this surveillance are planning a terrorist attack. The suspected bombers are members of the Ku Klux Klan. They are scheming to destroy the Mitchell Energy refinery as a diversion for another crime, an armored car heist which would fund the war they are planning against the US government. But these terrorists are unaware that the FBI is watching their every move, that's because one of their own is secretly working undercover for the FBI as an informant.201001/93846

Americans waste more energy in the food they throw away, than Switzerland or Sweden consume in a year.Researchers at the University of Texas, Austin say that points to a painless way to save energy: stop wasting food. 美国德克萨斯大学奥斯丁汀分校的研究人员发现了一个不费劲的节能途径,这就是停止浪费食品。According to a new study in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, food waste and the energy required to produce it, represent an unrecognized opportunity to conserve energy and reduce climate changing emissions.环境和技术杂志新发表的一篇报告说,食品浪费以及生产浪费掉的食品所消耗的能源是人们尚未意识到的节省能源、减少温室效应气体的途径。Scientists at the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy set out to answer three questions about the relationship between food and energy use: how much energy is in food, how much food is wasted and how much energy is in the wasted food. 德州大学国际能源和环境政策中心的科学家们最初是探寻三个有关食品和能源消耗方面的问题。该中心的副主任迈克尔.韦伯说:“我们必须弄清楚食品里面到底包含多少能源,有多少食品被浪费掉,被浪费掉的食品包含多少能源。”Wasting energyMichael Webber, the center's associate director and co-author of the study, says between eight and 16 percent of U.S. energy consumption is tied up in food production, transportation, preservation and disposal. "And then we throw away at least a quarter of that food. Some people say even 50 percent." 韦伯是新发表的研究报告的作者之一。他说,研究报告提出一些令人意外的。“我们这个国家有百分之八到百分之十六的能源消耗用于食品系统,食品生产、运输、储存和处理。我们拿出美国百分之十的能源用于食品,然后,我们又扔掉这些食品中至少四分之一。有些人说,我们扔掉了百分之五十。”What Americans spend on food has declined in relative terms for decades. And, because food is so abundant and cheap, Americans are not as concerned about tossing it out. 几十年来,美国人用于食品的消费相对来说下跌了。由于食品如此丰富,如此便宜,美国人也就不太在乎,随便丢弃。So, Webber and his colleagues calculated how much energy was needed to produce the trashed food. "We found that there's at least two percent of the nation's energy consumption is embedded in food we throw away. And that ends up being a pretty big number because of how much energy we consume overall as a nation."韦伯和他的同事计算了生产被丢弃的食品所需要的能源。他说:“我们发现,美国能源消耗量当中至少百分之二是用于被扔掉的食品中。这是一个相当大的数字,因为美国的能源消耗量非常大。”201010/116109Laughing Yoga: Exercise for the mindGiggles and guffaws filled the halls of an elderly home in Manila as its residents gathered for an unusual therapy session.The seniors were practicing laughter yoga, a form of exercise that aims to help them awaken their senses and punctuate their long bouts of solitude.Guidance counsellor Paolo Trinidad says laughing away problems will promote a healthier mindset, and he has embarked on a mission to sp the laughter and the good vibes.Laughter yoga involves self-triggered laughter that is not necessarily initiated by humour. The exercise routines combine yoga breathing techniques and laughter simulation with stretching, chanting and role playing."That's the gist of laughter yoga. We will be laughing without any reason, no jokes. We will be laughing because we want to be healthy. We have to have a good mind, good mindset," laughter yoga professor Paolo Trinidad said.Mr Trinidad conducts laughter yoga sessions in other institutions, including an abused children's shelter, a cancer ward, schools and corporate offices.Vocabulary:guffaw: to laugh noisily(大笑;哄笑;狂笑)punctuate: to interrupt something at intervals(不时打断)laugh away: 用笑驱除embark on: 从事;开始做vibe:气氛;环境背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110025Paul the octopus backs England 2018 bid Paul the octopus, theoracleof the World Cup in South Africa, has become an official ambassador for Englands bid to host the tournament in 2018, organizers said Friday.Paul, who was hatched in England but has spent the last two years in an aquarium in western Germany, joins footballers David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and singers Noel Gallagher and Sting in backing the bid.;Paul has spent the last two years of his life in Germany, but he is definitely a proud Englishman and is therefore delighted to put his support behind England 2018,; said Nicola Hamilton, manager at the Weymouth Sea Life Centre in southern England, where Paul was born.;We have had a number of football approaches from around the world but Paul was only ever going to choose his homeland.;She said Paul had officially retired from predicting matches, a skill that won him worldwide fame during this years World Cup when he correctly predicted the outcome of seven Germany games and that Spain would win the final.;With his predicting days behind him Paul is now concentrating on a number of new projects and the England 2018 campaign is something we are sure he feels passionately about,; Hamilton said.Following his prediction success, Paul has signed a book deal, is due to appear in a film and is the face of a range of merchandise, with theproceedsto be donated to charity, according to the England 2018 bid team.A delegation from world football body FIFA arrives on Monday for a four-day visit to assess Englands bid.England is competing with Russia, the ed States, Australia, and joint bids from Spain and Portugal, and Holland and Belgium to host the 2018 tournament.The winning bids for 2018 and the 2022 World Cup will be revealed on December 2.Vocabulary:oracle: any person or thing believed to indicate future action with infallible authority(神谕,权威)proceeds: the profits or returns from a sale, investment, etc.(收益,进款)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112023

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