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鹰潭一八四医院四维彩超价格江西中医学院第三附属医院有四维彩超吗After decades of slumping property sales, Tokyo is abuzz with news of hot properties, rising prices and a new wave of international buyers. 东京房地产市场在经历了数十年的下滑后,正迎来一轮新的热潮,楼盘热销、房价飙升、以及新一波国际买家涌入的消息充斥着东京地产市场。Last fall, a major Japanese developer put 22 new condominiums on the market in a building overlooking the lush green of the emperor#39;s palace. All 22 sold on the first day of sales. The average price per square foot -- ,219 -- was the highest seen in Japan since 2008. 去年秋天,日本某大型地产商一栋能俯瞰皇宫绿色景致的大厦开盘,推出的22套新公寓在销售的第一天即被抢购一空,其均价更是达到了每平方英尺2,219美元(约合每平米人民币14.8万元),创下2008年以来日本房价的新高。Such a tale may be commonplace in cities such as New York, London and Singapore. But in Tokyo, where property prices have been tumbling for more than two decades, it is a sign of hope that the market is finally experiencing real recovery. 这样的销售神话在纽约、伦敦和新加坡已经成为了家常便饭,但对于房价在过去20多年来一直萎靡不振的东京,这却是一个希望的象征,表明房地产市场终于迎来了真正的复苏。Many in the real-estate industry credit the boom in the luxury condo market to so-called Abenomics -- an aggressive stimulus plan pursued since December 2012 by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. They also say Tokyo is seeing strong interest from foreign buyers. Adding to the city#39;s appeal are the Summer Olympic Games to be hosted in the city in 2020. 许多房地产业界人士将豪华公寓市场的繁荣归功于所谓的“安倍经济学”(Abenomics),即日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)自2012年12月以来推行的积极的经济刺激计划。他们还认为,东京将会引起外国买家浓厚的兴趣。另外,东京将举办2020年夏季奥运会,这无疑也会增加东京市场的吸引力。According to Real Estate Economic Institute Co., a Tokyo think tank, the average selling price for all types of condominiums in central Tokyo rose 10.8% in 2013 from a year earlier, even as the supply of new units surged by 46% to 28,340. 据东京智库日本不动产经济研究所(Real Estate Economic Institute Co.)的数据,2013年,东京市中心所有类型公寓销售均价较上年上涨了10.8%,而这还是在同期新公寓供应量激增46%、达到28,340套的情况下实现的。No formal indicator exists for high-end properties on the city#39;s prime blocks, but real-estate executives give anecdotal evidence suggesting a strong recovery for the segment. For example, a two bedroom in a high-rise residential building near the U.S. embassy in Akasaka was recently put on the market for about .93 million, up more than 30% from its price when the building was completed 1 1/2 years ago, real-estate executives say. 东京主城区高端房地产销售状况没有正式的数据,但房地产业管理人士给出了一些例表明该市场正在强劲地复苏。比如,在东京赤坂(Akasaka)地区美国使馆附近的一栋高层住宅楼,里面一套两卧室公寓最近报价达到了193万美元,较一年半前它建成时的价格高出了30%以上。Foreign buyers -- led by investors from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan -- are helping to push up prices. They tend to prefer properties in the neighborhoods considered the most fashionable: Aoyama, Akasaka, Azabu and Roppongi, referred to locally as #39;3As and an R.#39; 以香港、新加坡和台湾投资者为首的外国买家也助推了房价的飙升。他们一般喜欢购买公认是最时尚街区周边的房产,像青山(Aoyama)、赤坂、麻布(Azabu)和六本木(Roppongi),当地人称之为“三A一R”。After years of surges in property prices in other Asian cities, these buyers are finding bargains in Tokyo, once one of the world#39;s most expensive cities. Sharp depreciation of the yen over the past two years helps make Japan attractive to investors. 在亚洲其他城市的房价连续数年飙升之后,这些买家开始在东京寻找价格划算的房产,这里曾经是全世界消费最高的城市之一。过去两年日元的大幅贬值也增加了日本对投资者的吸引力。#39;Finally, we can say properties in Tokyo can offer capital appreciation,#39; said Akihiko Mizuno, international director and head of capital markets in Tokyo at Jones Lang LaSalle, a Chicago real-estate-services company. #39;There has always been potential demand for properties in Tokyo from foreign investors who like visiting the city, including fans of its great food. But until now, we just couldn#39;t say Japan was a good investment.#39; 芝加哥房地产顾问公司仲量联行(Jones Lang Lasalle)驻东京的国际董事兼资本市场主管Akihiko Mizuno说,我们终于可以说,东京的房地产可以带来资本增值了。他说,喜欢来东京、包括喜欢这里各色美食的外国投资者一直是东京房地产市场的潜在买家。不过,直到现在,我们还不敢说日本是个投资的好地方。JLL estimates that compared with Tokyo, prices of condos in brand-new buildings on prime city blocks are 30 to 40% more expensive in Singapore and 70% higher in Hong Kong. 仲量联行预计,对比不同城市主城区新楼盘的公寓价格,新加坡要比东京高出30%至40%,而香港更是要贵出70%。Last year, the real-estate company held eight seminars in Singapore and Hong Kong to pitch Tokyo#39;s residential market. Each was attended by about 200 investors, Mr. Mizuno said. Some bought properties sight unseen. 去年,仲量联行在新加坡和香港举办了八场研讨会,推介东京的住宅。Mizuno说,每场研讨会都有大约200名投资者参加。一些人连房子都没实地考察过就直接买了下来。Such efforts have brought to Tokyo buyers like Alex Chen, a Taiwanese business owner with extensive experience in investing in real-estate developments in China. With six others from Taiwan, the 54-year-old investor took a whirlwind tour of central Tokyo on a recent Saturday, looking at scores of condos and small commercial buildings for investment. Just a month ago, Mr. Chen bought a studio apartment in another part of Tokyo for about 0,000 as his first real-estate investment in Japan. 此类活动把像Alex Chen这样的买家带到了东京市场。54岁的Alex Chen是一名台湾企业主,他在中国大陆市场进行过大量的房地产投资。Alex Chen和其他六个台湾人一起在最近的一个周六对东京中心区进行了一次旋风式的考察,他们参观了一批投资型的公寓和小型商业楼。而就在一个月前,Alex Chen刚刚在东京另外一个区完成了他在日本的第一笔房地产投资:一套50万美元的开间公寓。The group made a stop at a midrise apartment building next to the Russian embassy in the Azabu neighborhood and looked at available apartments, including a 732-square-foot, two-bedroom unit offered at 0,000. Mr. Chen walked through its narrow kitchen with marble countertops and checked out the view. #39;Fantastic!#39; he declared. 这群投资者还考察了麻布区俄罗斯使馆附近的一栋中高层公寓楼,参观了待售的公寓,包括一套732平方英尺(约68平方米)、要价75万美元的两卧室公寓。Chen穿过装有大理石台面的狭窄厨房,看了看窗外的景观,赞叹道,“真棒!”Mr. Chen said he became interested in Japan last year after the Chinese government#39;s move to cool the local property market made investing in the country less attractive. #39;The Japanese market has been coming down for 25 years now. Japan is cheaper,#39; he said. Chen说,他是去年开始关注日本市场的,之前中国政府推出措施为房地产市场降温,使得中国市场不再那么有吸引力。他说,日本市场迄今已经连续下跌了25年,这里的房产更加便宜。By the time the participants were served lunch in bento boxes on their bus to save time, Mr. Chen said he was seriously considering making a bid on a one-bedroom. 为了节省时间,参观者们在乘坐的巴士上吃便当午餐,这时Chen说,他在认真考虑是不是要出手买套一卧室公寓。The tour was organized by Tokyu Livable Inc., an agency that has five Chinese-speaking brokers and several English-speakers for its growing business targeting non-Japanese investors. Recently, the company signed an agreement with a Taiwanese travel agency to organize a weekly property tour for 16 people, who will combine property viewing with shopping and sightseeing. 这次考察是由一家名为Tokyu Livable Inc.的房产中介公司组织的,为了适应公司越来越多的外国投资者业务需求,该公司配备了五名能讲汉语的经纪人,还有几位能讲英语的经纪人。最近,该公司和台湾一家旅行社签署了一份协议,每周组织一次16人的日本看房游,内容包括看房、购物和观光。When Grosvenor Ltd., a London-based developer of luxury residential properties, offered 20 renovated apartments in the Westminster in Roppongi last year, some units fetched ,941 per square foot. That is believed to be the highest sales price for renovated condos in Tokyo, where brand-new buildings typically command big premiums, said Koshiro Hiroi, Grosvenor#39;s chief representative in Japan. About 40% of the buyers were non-Japanese, mostly from Hong Kong and Singapore, he said. 去年,伦敦高档住宅开发商高富诺(Grosvenor Ltd.)位于六本木的Westminster项目推出了20套重新修葺一新的公寓,部分单位成交价高达每平方英尺1,941美元(约合每平米人民币13万元)。高富诺驻日本的首席代表Koshiro Hiroi说,据信这创下了东京翻修公寓售价的新高,而在东京一般是新公寓楼才能卖出更高的价格。他说,其中40%左右的买家是外国人,多数来自香港和新加坡。To make the condos more appealing to wealthy foreign investors, Grosvenor did extensive renovations -- overseen by New York interior designer Paul Davis -- in the 11-year-old building. Enclosed kitchens -- generally preferred by Japanese -- were replaced by open kitchen suitable for entertaining. Second bathrooms also were added. The interiors are simple, emphasizing materials and texture. 为了让公寓更加吸引外国富豪,高富诺对这栋建成11年的公寓楼进行了全面的翻新,请来了纽约室内装饰师保罗#12539;戴维斯(Paul Davis)主理。原来受日本人普遍喜爱的封闭式厨房被更适合宴请的开放式厨房取代,并添加了次卫。室内装饰以简洁为基调,突出用料和质感。A test case will be a new mixed-use tower to be completed in June by Mori Building Co., a prime Tokyo developer. Mori plans to offer 172 apartments on 10 high floors of the building, Toranomon Hills. Details of the sale haven#39;t been set, but real-estate executives in Tokyo are aiming to sell them for up to ,606 per square foot -- a price that hasn#39;t been seen in Tokyo since Japan#39;s property bubble burst in the early 1990s. 东京大型开发商森大厦株式会社(Mori Building Co.)的一栋商住两用楼将于今年6月份完工,它将成为东京市场的一块试金石。这个名为Toranomon Hills的项目计划推出高层10层共172套公寓。销售细节尚未确定,但东京房地产业管理人士预计其最高售价为每平方英尺3,606美元(约合每平米人民币24万元),将创下20世纪90年代初日本房地产泡沫破灭以来东京房价的新高。 /201404/283471鹰潭希正妇科医院产检怎么样 This is the horrific moment schoolchildren crowded around to watch as the body of a perfectly healthy giraffe was chopped up before being fed to lions.对于围观的孩子们来说这简直是可怕的一幕——一只健康的小长颈鹿被处死还被当作饲料喂狮子。Despite more than 20,000 people signing an online petition to save two-year-old Marius, staff at Copenhagen Zoo yesterday went ahead and shot the animal with a bolt pistol.尽管超过两万人在网上签名请愿拯救小长颈鹿“马里乌斯”,哥本哈根动物园方面还是用一把螺栓手结束了“马里乌斯”的性命。Young children stood at arm’s length as his carcass was skinned and dissected before the meat was thrown to the lions.站在近处的孩子们看着“马里乌斯”被剥皮、解剖,并被送给狮子当饲料。The Danish zoo said the drastic move was needed to combat inbreeding and insisted the display was educational.丹麦动物园称这一极端举措是为了禁止近亲交配,并坚称当众解剖是为了普及动物学知识。But animal rights campaigners last night condemned the killing of Marius, saying it exposed the cruel reality of welfare even in Europe’s top zoos.但在昨晚,动物权利倡导人士谴责了丹麦动物园杀死“马里乌斯”这一举动。他们称这一行为暴露了人类剥夺动物幸福的残酷现实,即便是在欧洲最好的动物园里。Marius’s plight had triggered worldwide outpourings of protest, including an offer to rehome him in Britain, with many saying they were sickened by a zoo killing a healthy animal.“马里乌斯”陷入困境曾引起世界范围内如潮的抗议,一家英国动物园也曾提议收养这只小长颈鹿。很多人称他们对于动物园处死健康动物的这一举动感到恶心。A spokesman said parents were allowed to decide whether their children should watch what the zoo regarded as an important display of scientific knowledge about animals, adding that it would have been ‘foolish’ to let the meat go to waste.一位发言人称,家长有权决定是否携带孩子去动物园围观这一过程。园方认为这是对科学知识的重要展示,并称浪费长颈鹿肉是“愚蠢的”。 /201402/275662Moscow is taking the EU to court over the sanctions slapped on some of its largest companies, in a sign of the pain their exclusion from global capital markets is inflicting on the Russian economy.针对欧盟制裁俄罗斯一些大企业,莫斯科方面正把欧盟告上法庭。这个迹象表明,把这些企业挡在全球资本市场门外,正给俄罗斯经济带来极大痛苦。Rosneft, the state oil company, and Arkady Rotenberg, a long-time friend and former judo sparring partner of President Vladimir Putin, have both launched legal challenges to the sanctions, imposed over Russia’s actions in Ukraine.国营的俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)以及俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)长期好友、前柔道陪练伙伴阿尔卡季#8226;罗滕贝格(Arkady Rotenberg)都向制裁措施发起法律挑战。这些制裁是因为俄罗斯插手乌克兰事务而实施的。The EU bans, together with similar measures adopted by the US, have all but frozen Russian companies and banks out of western capital markets, at a time when they have to refinance more than 0bn of foreign debt due for redemption by the end of 2015.与美国采取的类似措施相互配合,欧盟的禁令基本上把俄罗斯企业和挡在西方资本市场门外,而后者在2015年底之前必须为1300多亿美元的到期外债安排再融资。Rosneft filed a case against the European Council in the general court under the European Court of Justice last week, requesting an annulment of the council’s July decision that largely barred it and other Russian energy companies and state banks from raising funds on European capital markets. Mr Rotenberg, who was hit with an EU visa ban and asset freeze in July, filed a legal case in the same court a day later challenging the move.俄罗斯石油公司上周在欧洲法院(European Court of Justice)的普通法院对欧洲理事会(European Council)提起诉讼,请求废除后者在7月份作出的决定,即禁止该公司、俄罗斯其它能源企业以及国有在欧洲资本市场上筹集资金。次日,7月遭遇欧盟签禁令和资产冻结的罗滕贝格在同一法院提起诉讼,挑战针对他的制裁措施。A Russian lawyer who advises one company on legal strategies over sanctions said the challenges might help sway some EU member states when the bloc discusses whether to renew its sanctions against Russia next spring. However, as the sanctions generally remain in place during the often lengthy appeals process, legal action does not promise quick relief from the economic pain such measures inflict.在制裁问题上为某公司提供法律策略建议的一名俄罗斯律师表示,在明年春天欧盟讨论要不要延长对俄制裁时,这些法律挑战也许有助于影响某些欧盟成员国。然而,在往往漫长的诉讼过程中,制裁措施一般会继续实施,因此法律行动不能很快缓解制裁造成的经济痛苦。Rosneft’s request was filed on behalf of the company itself and other unidentified parties. The capital markets sanctions that the company wants overturned also affect Russia’s largest state lenders Sberbank, VTB, VEB, Gazprombank and Rosselkhozbank, as well as Gazprom Neft, the oil arm of the state gas monopoly, and Transneft, the state-owned pipeline monopoly.俄罗斯石油公司的诉讼请求是代表该公司本身和其它身份不明的当事人提起的。该公司希望推翻的资本市场制裁还影响到俄罗斯各大国有,包括俄罗斯联邦储蓄(Sberbank)、俄罗斯外贸(VTB)、俄罗斯国家开发(VEB)、俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprombank)和俄罗斯农业(Rosselkhozbank),以及俄罗斯天然气工业公司(Gazprom)的石油业务部门Gazprom Neft,以及国有管道垄断企业Transneft。The EU said the council would defend the sanctions in court. “The council takes great care to ensure legal robustness when adopting restrictive measures,” it said. “The fact that court proceedings are brought does not mean that the restrictive measures will be suspended during those proceedings.”欧盟表示,欧洲理事会将在法庭上为这些制裁措施作出辩护。“理事会在采取限制措施时非常谨慎,以确保法律依据充分,”它说。“启动诉讼程序的事实并不意味着这些限制措施将在诉讼期间暂停。” /201410/336809鹰潭哪家妇科医院好啊

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