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赛罕区复合彩光祛斑多少钱呼和浩特哪家医院疤痕3 检验明3句英文任你选Well accept the goods only if the results from the two inspections are identical with each other.如果双方的检测结果一致,我们就收货。Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality do not confirm to the contract?如果货物的质量与合同不符,由谁出具检验明书呢?You may have another certificate showing the goods to be free from radioactive contamination.你们还有出具另一份明书,以明货物没有收到放射物污染。半个句型要记牢only if ~(只有……才)Tip:在 only if这个短语中,副词only是中心词,而从属连接词 if则只是用来连接从句的,因此,它表示;只有……(才);只有在……的时候,唯一的条件是……;的意思。例如 I told him he would succeed only if he tried hard. (我告诉他,只有努力才能成功。), only if有时也写成。only...if,表示唯一的条件,但是意思不变。例如 I will only come home if you come with me. I will come home only if you come with me. (只有你跟我一起走,我才回家。)该词组容易与 if only混淆, if only意思是;但愿;、;要是……该多好啊通常用来表示说话人对某事所寄予的某种强烈愿望,相当于 as long as 。 /201605/434138呼和浩特妇保医院整形 Cantrell and 11 other hackers are apprehended. Thanks to the FBI's secret weapon, the magic box and agent Mike Morris, the nation's first computer detective, dozens of cyber crooks are taking the information superhighway directly to jail. If they're hacking and we find out about it, the FBI will definitely be on it, we'll find them.Cyberspace may be the new frontier for some FBI agents. But others still have to meet the enemy face-to-face. Oakland, Arkansas, the FBI surrounds a 240-acre compound which is guarded by these heavily-armed and camouflaged soldiers. They call themselves the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord or CSA. Hundreds of lives are at stake in this potentially explosive standoff, including those of 125 women and children inside the compound. The tragic consequences of a deadly showdown like this one would be fully realized 10 years later in Waco, Texas. But here in the Ozarks, the FBI is about to attempt a top-secret negotiation strategy in (the) hopes of ending the siege peacefully. March 1985, the soldiers of the CSA have been training for a self-described holy war to overthrow the US government. We managed to obtain this exclusive footage shot inside the CSA compound. The group is led by James Ellison, a paramilitary preacher from Illinois who has been sping hate across the Ozarks. If God does not judge this nation, and put the rod of correction on this nation, then He's gonna have to resurrect, Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize, because this nation is guilty before God. Here, Ellison is attempting to recruit new members. You can't walk the street without seeing homosexual and queer, and being accosted by thieves and robbers and when they get caught, they might spend the night in jail, because the vows of God have been forsaken.But Ellison is unaware that FBI agents have been sent in to arrest him on weapons charges. The bureau's mission is to make Ellison surrender without bloodshed. It is a seemingly impossible task, considering that Ellison is the leader of the most formidable fighting force that US law enforcement has ever faced. Tactical commander Danny Coulson is the FBI's man in charge. Problem was compounded for us by the fact that they had a religious philosophy that made the murder of an FBI agent justifiable and even a good thing to do.Sodom and Gomorrah: two cities that God destroyed because of their wickedness (Biblical)queer: homosexual person (Offensive Slang)200810/51502creepy ———— 毛骨悚然的(形容词,非正式)英文释义 (adjective, INFORMAL) Describing something unpleasant and annoying that makes you feel like insects are crawling on your skin.例句 I saw a creepy movie yesterday and I had terrible nightmares last night.我昨天看了一部毛骨悚然的电影,晚上做了一个可怕的梦。 /201606/448956呼和浩特市复合彩光祛斑多少钱

呼和浩特武川县做双眼皮多少钱Honestly! I was in the middle of an important call.老实说!我正在打一个非常重要的电话。Yeah, and you never got see those firemen in action, did you Denise?是啊,而且你再也不能看见那些消防员了,是吧丹尼斯?Look at the time. I really need to get on with my work.看看都几点了。我要赶紧去做我的工作了。Yeah, and Ive got to check up on the latest football… I mean share prices.是啊,我也要去查一下最新的足球……我的意思是股票价格。Hold on, can anyone smell smoke?等一下,大家闻没闻到一股烟味?I dont believe it! The fire alarms gone off again.天啊,真不敢相信!火警又响了。Ill call you back Marge. Oh, wheres Paul when you need him?玛吉,我一会再打给你。天啊,保罗上哪去了?关键时刻总找不到他。Anna, youre going to have to take charge.安娜,你来接管。Me? What about Tom?我?让汤姆来吧?It looks like Tom has gone aly.看起来汤姆早已经走了吧。Remember Anna, use those phrases to keep everyone calm and informed about what to do.记住,安娜,用那些我教给你的句子来让大家保持冷静,并告诉他们该怎么做。OK.Err… theres no need to panic. Please leave the building and meet outside.好的。大家不要惊慌。请离开室内,到外面集合。Hold on, I just need to grab my elephant dung notepad and red pen.等等,我要拿着我的象粪笔记本和红笔。Come on then Anna, into the lift.来吧安娜,进电梯。No Denise. We must use the stairs not the lift.不行,丹尼斯。我们不能用电梯,只能走楼梯。Oh, with my knees! Jump up Denise, Ill carry you.我的膝盖! 跳上来,丹尼斯,我来背你。Could I have your attention please.大家请注意。Louder Anna. This is urgent!声音大点,安娜。这可是紧要事! /201702/491102呼和浩特去疤的店 国家地理:Survive the Sahara 走险撒哈拉For centuries, nomads and traders have made their way here. George is determined to follow in their footsteps. There is a timelessness about this place. And desert ghosts seem to haunt the hills. But that's not the wail of lost souls echoing through the cliffs. George is drawn deeper and deeper into the canyon by the sound of bellowing camels. It's a world-class beautiful place and all the camels are communicating. You could hear their voices echoing off the walls. It's kind of like being in a, in a cathedral. This is Gilt Arshell, a water pool visited by the ancients and a kind of grand central station for nomads and their camels. Gilters are like highway rest stops for those who travel in the desert. Here they can fill their goatskins with water, swap news and rest their animals. This wind-scoured canyon catches and holds rainfall like a barrel. Water in the desert is a rare gift and the much-trafficked reservoir is opaque with use. They're not really going to tell you about the peril of the walk through the water that's black with the dung of 10,000 camels. There are other reasons to watch your step when wading through these dark waters. Reasons that have teeth: there are crocodiles here, another vestige of a wetter time. Unlike their much larger cousins along the Nile, these crocs are only five feet long and at least for now, not very aggressive. George and Dan count only 6, though there may be a few more around. It's a mystery how such a small population manages to survive here. This is very strange seeing these pre-historic creatures that are, are trapped there like there, stuck on a little desert island if you will. In the desert, the islands are the water. And they are just got trapped there by the time. Later, in the upper reaches of the narrow canyon, George gets another surprise---cave art from thousands of years ago. Who were these ancient people? What were their lives like? You, when you are sitting there, you know you are sitting in exactly the same place as people did three, four, five thousand years ago. You don't know what they saw at their cave, but you can see what their impressions of that world were on the walls behind you. It's kind of like a window into an ancient dream.wail: (n.) A long, loud, high-pitched cry, as of grief or pain. 嚎啕声opaque: (a.) Impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent. 不透光的200709/17383乌兰察布妇幼保健院祛眼袋手术多少钱

内蒙古呼和浩特丰胸医院哪家好H: Well, are you still looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Of course presents like candy, flowers or jewelry / always nice, but we're turning to an unusual source of inspiration. Financial author and radio host Ramsey Dave. Dave, good morning. D: Good morning. I, I take it you are not buying this.H: You know, it's nothing I don't look at you and think: What a romantic kind of guy!D: Of course.H: Yeah. But you've come up, you've come up with this concept called " a love drawer". I wanna ask you why you think that is an ideal Valentines Day gift?D:Well, it's an ideal Valentines Day gift if you are smart enough to put chocolates and roses with it..H: Thank you. A diamond at the bottom, like I said.D:Yeah.That'll work. That'll work.H: Sure.D:Well, it's an ideal gift 'cause the way you say you know, when you're a real man, a real woman. The way you say I love you to your family is you are prepared, you know, you got your act together if something happens to you, you know, I lost a good friend this year, under 30 years old with brain cancer. He left his wife and three days later she had their son, and they had their whole life planned out financially, it was all together and in the middle it's a horribly devastating situation, all of these grief, there's a smile, because he said I love you in a whole different way.H: And it must have meant a great deal to her, a great source of comfort inspiration certainly.D:Well it really did, (Yeah.)'cause it gave her all the stuff to walk with and we've of course walked with her through that. H: You know, I hate to bring this up, but it see(ms), doesn't like some kind of unusual, unusual gift, though. I mean, you know, right? I'm not sure what I would do if I, you know my husband ,when we got married he said I'm gonna buy you a diamond book, instead of a diamond, which I think it's a sort of long the same lines. The first thing in the love drawer is: a will.D:Put a will. 78% of the public dazzled at a will. That's stupid.H: 78%?D:That is Stupid. Cause you can get a will online, it's something like USlegalforms.com, and..., just these websites and get online wills, that are state -specific, that are easy to do. And even if you don't have money, you got somebody you care about. You probably got a kid and you want to stay to not to manage that. You wanna tell folks what to do with your stuff and that's just wise.H: And it needs to be notarized, though, right. (Absolutely.)You just go to a bank or, whatever, a notary. D:And again make sure it's state-specific, because probate law is to your state.H: All right. The next thing is an estate plan. What's in an estate plan? And this is something, I think, we commonly think of with the wealthy.D:Well, it is pretty much for the wealthy. In the sense, that if you've got over a million dollars' assets, you've gotta have some other things that you are doing to keep the government's hands off the money in the process. But of course, the first element of the biggest estate plan is the will, where there may be trust, there may be some other things built into that, and you know, that, that's not for everybody, but there's something you kind of need to think through.H: All right. So the will and the estate plan kinda go hand in hand.D:Absolutely.H: All right. That could be actually one folder.D: Could be.H: More,more room for chocolates.D:And diamonds.H: Yes! Funeral instructions. How you want to proceed, you want, yes.D:You know, we don't wanna do it in wills, we don't like doing this stuff. One guy tell me, say I can't do a will, I might die! So dude, you're gonna die. (Yeah.) You need a will, so you need to lay out the game plan(that you're gonna die.) of what you gonna do . And this could be something as simple as you know, I don't want the Mercedes casket, and I like the Chevy casket. You know, I don't want, I don't just spend nine millions bucks to put me into the ground. Just, just take it, you know, and you leave instructions and directions that way. Some people even pre-plan their funeral in detail.(and it's ok?) I don't..I haven't done that personally. I would not prepay, (Oh, really?)I've aly invested in state. Let the investments cover it.H: Really. Ok. Er, speaking of investments, that brings us right to our next folder, which is all about investments.D:Right. You put everything you've got in there, the house file, your stocks, your bonds, your mutual fund, your rough IOA, your 401k at work, your kid, you know your kids' college funds. Mutual fund statement's going there again, the whole point is you can reach to one place, win some that happens. And it's all taken care of and it's easy, it's not like I wonder where I will go here, / bury the mutual fund statement at backyard, you know. Now!we're gonna, we've got a game plan, it's all right here together. And it just makes the whole process so much easier. H: You know, this is such a great idea too. Because you know, I rare, rarely venture into my husband's office, because the stuff is everywhere. As suppression, I shouldn't have said it on TV. But anyway, it is everywhere. It's nice to, when you're still alive, to be able to find it all, you know, in one place.D:You know, my wife Sharon is a very bright lady. But she is not a financial geek like me. You know, and so, it's all layed out there, and there is a cover and there's a little bit. I'm a nerd. I mean there's a little outline on each file. But you know, the way I look at it is that it's diligence and again it's a way I tell my family I care about them. H: Yeah. I wouldn't have picked a page for a nerd. (You wouldn't have done that...)A love or lover drawer. No! In, insurance folder is next one.D:Of course that's all the different kinds of insurance, you know, your health insurance polices in there, your disability polices in there, life insurance. And you should have about 8 to 10 times of your income on you, for life insurance, if your family is to depend upon your income, so if you make like 40,000 dollars a year ,you ought to have like 400,000 in life insurance. So if you die, then your spouse could take that 400,000 and invest it, at 10% it creates 40,000 dollars a year's worth income. H: And the last thing is the deposit box.D: It says the deposit box, right. And you keep a copy of the will in the deposit box and you keep the key. So many states and so many places you can't get into a deposit, save the deposit box one thing when someone passes away. So it's a good place to keep duplicates of things and other things too. Sometimes, people keep you know, antique jewelries or something in there and there's way to get to it later. But again, everything's organized. It's in one place. And it's simple in the midst of one of the worst time you'll face.H:Yeah. It's true. Cupid. It's so good to see you. Dave Ramsey(Bless you too!), thank you, and forget about Chocolates. Boff, give me a love drawer. All right.200809/47062 black sheep ------ 另类(成语) 英文释义(IDIOM) An outcast, disgraced, or non-conforming member of a group, such as a family. 例句My sister was always the black sheep in our business-minded family, and no one was surprised when she became an artist.我一直是我们这个有着生意头脑的家庭的另类,对于她后来搞艺术,家里没有人感到奇怪。 /201609/466478呼和浩特京美整形去痘印多少钱呼和浩特武川县治疗黄褐斑要多少钱



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