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I#39;ve got super powers, so I never need any help, I even fly, so I don#39;t even have use for the infrastructure ... 我有超能力,所以我从不需要任何帮助,我甚至可以飞,所以我基本没有使用基础设施…So, yes, I think it#39;s unfair I need to pay taxes like everybody else ...所以,我认为像其他人一样纳税这是不公平的…… /201601/420339Shortly after the Forbes family sold control of its magazine and publishing business in 2014, Tim Forbes held a meeting in Hong Kong with one of the new owners. Mr. Forbes, younger brother of Steve Forbes, had been trying for weeks to collect an interest payment from the buyers. But in the October meeting, Mr. Forbes said his family had waited long enough for the ,000 payment. The refusal to pay, he said, was “a disrespect to my family and disrespect to me personally.”2014年,福布斯家族卖掉了对杂志和出版生意的控制权。不久之后,史蒂夫·福布斯(Steve Forbes)的弟弟蒂姆·福布斯(Tim Forbes)在香港与其中一位新所有者会面。数周来,他一直在努力要求买家们付利息。但是在10月份的会面中,福布斯称,他的家族等这4.6万美元的欠款已经等得太久了。他说,拒绝付是“不尊重我和我的家族”。The fight over a mere five figures has since exploded into an all-out war over the future of Forbes Media and the reputations of the Forbes family as well as the Asian tycoons who bought the company for 5 million. In a strange twist, the buyer and seller of Forbes magazine, famous for listing the world’s wealthiest people, have accused each other of being short on cash.从那以后,对这区区几万美元的争夺发展成关于福布斯媒体的未来、福布斯家族声誉以及以4.15亿美元买下这家公司的亚洲富豪们的声誉的激战。令人意想不到的是,以世界富豪榜闻名的《福布斯》杂志的买家和卖家都指责对方缺现金。The Forbes family says that because of the missed interest payment, a loan of million it made to the buyers is now in default. It wants the entire amount of the loan, as well as million that was set aside in case of any breaches of the sales contract, bringing the total claim to over 0 million. If the family doesn’t get paid, it says, it will liquidate Forbes Media’s new parent company, which could force another sale of Forbes Media.福布斯家族表示,买家们未能及时付利息,6500万美元的贷款合同出现违约。它想收回全部贷款以及为防止销售合同违约而留出的3500万美元备用金,索要总额达到1亿多美元。该家族称,如果对方不付款,它将清算福布斯媒体的新母公司,迫使福布斯媒体再次出售。Both sides say the dispute hasn’t affected the daily operations of Forbes Media, which showed a revenue increase of 15 percent last year over the previous year. But some employees say it’s another potential distraction less than two years after the company was sold.双方均表示,这场纠纷没有影响福布斯媒体的日常运营,去年,该媒体的收益较前一年增长了15%。但是有些员工表示,这是该公司被出售后不到两年内的又一次潜在干扰。Forbes’s new owners, operating under a company called Integrated Whale Media Investments, say the lawsuit is without merit and that the Forbes family breached the sales contract by failing to disclose costly legal claims against the company. Integrated Whale says in court documents that it sweetened its purchase of the company to “accommodate the Forbes family’s personal financial reasons.” In a statement, the family said that it “has plenty of cash and no debt, unlike Integrated Whale, which defaulted on its debts to the family only a few weeks after the deal closed.”福布斯的新所有者们通过一个名叫本汇鲸媒体投资(Integrated Whale Media Investments)的公司进行管理。新所有者们表示,这场诉讼缺乏法律依据,福布斯家族没有公布针对该公司的高昂的索赔额,违反了销售合同的约定。本汇鲸公司在法庭文件中称,“为了满足福布斯家族的财务需要”,它在购买该公司时作出了妥协。福布斯家族在一项声明中称,自己“有足够的资金,没有债务,不像本汇鲸公司,在合同签署之后数周就拖欠债务”。The Forbes family has sold off many of its trophies, including its collection of Fabergé eggs; its New York City headquarters building; a Fijian island; its 151-foot yacht, called Highlander (along with the matching helicopter displaying the motto: “The Capitalist Tool”); an art collection; and a 17th-century house in London. The Forbes crown jewel — Forbes Media, which includes Forbes magazine, the website and other properties — was chopped up in 2006. Forty-five percent of it was sold to Elevation Partners, a private equity firm, for about 0 million. In 2014, Elevation and the Forbes family started shopping the whole company to possible buyers.福布斯家族已经卖掉了它的很多资产,包括它收藏的法贝热蛋(Fabergé eggs)、纽约市的总部大楼、斐济的一座小岛、名为苏格兰高地人(Highlander)的151英尺长的游艇(以及配套的写着座右铭“资本主义工具”的直升机)、艺术收藏品、伦敦的一座17世纪的房子。福布斯家族最重要的资产是福布斯媒体,包括《福布斯》杂志和网站等。2006年,福布斯媒体解体。其中45%的资产以约2.3亿美元卖给了私募公司增值投资公司(Elevation Partners)。2014年,增值投资公司和福布斯家族开始向各种可能的买家出售整个公司。Integrated Whale ended up as the winning bidder. Little is known about the company, other than the names of three of its principals: Yam Tak Cheung, known as TC Yam; Wong Siu Wa, known as Sammy Wong; and Wayne Hsieh. Mr. Yam is said to be a Hong Kong businessman who invests in private and public companies. Mr. Wong often acts as Mr. Yam’s go-between. Mr. Hsieh, a co-founder of Asustek Computer, a Singapore-based computer hardware maker, is not as directly involved in Forbes Media.本汇鲸公司成为最终的中标者。关于这家公司我们知之甚少,只知道它的三位主要负责人的名字:任德章(英文名TC Yam)、黄秀华(音译,英文名Sammy Wong)和谢伟琦。据说,任德章是香港的一名私募和公募公司投资商。黄秀华经常担任他的中间人。谢伟琦是新加坡电脑硬件制造商华硕电脑的联合创始人,他并不直接参与福布斯媒体的管理。Under terms of the deal, Integrated Whale bought 95 percent of the company, and the Forbes family retained 5 percent, along with board seats and certain rights. Of the 5.6 million purchase price, 0 million was in cash and .6 million was structured as a loan, meant to give the Forbes family tax benefits. The first interest payment of ,459 was due Oct. 1, 2014. Integrated Whale said the missed interest payment was because of “internal logistical errors,” according to court filings.按照协议,本汇鲸公司买下福布斯媒体95%的资产,福布斯家族保留剩下的5%以及董事会席位和某些权利。总计4.156亿美元的购买款中有3.5亿美元是现款付,剩下的6560万美元被列为贷款,目的是为了让福布斯家族享受税收优惠。第一笔利息额为4.6459万美元,2014年10月1日到期。本汇鲸公司在法庭文件中称,利息未能按期付是因为“内部后勤出现失误”。On Oct. 10, Tim Forbes sent an email to Mr. Wong reminding him that the money was 10 days past due.10月10日,蒂姆·福布斯给黄秀华发了封电子邮件,提醒他利息已拖欠十日。“I know we all agree that it is important that we get off to a harmonious start to our relationship,” Mr. Forbes wrote. “Please let me know when we can expect payment of what we are due.”福布斯在邮件中写道,“我知道,我们都认为,我们的合作关系有个和谐的开头很重要。请告知我何时能收到欠款。”Integrated Whale paid the interest on Nov. 18. But the Forbes family claimed the delay caused a default of the loan and that Integrated Whale owes it the entire million. The dispute first landed in court in the British Virgin Islands, where Integrated Whale is registered. Last October the Forbes family, through its investment vehicle Highland Management L.L.C., sued in Chancery Court in Delaware.11月18日,本汇鲸公司付了利息。但是福布斯家族认为,拖延导致违约,本汇鲸应该归还全部的6500万美元。最初,诉讼在本汇鲸公司的注册地英国维尔京群岛(Virgin Islands)进行。去年10月,福布斯家族通过其投资公司苏格兰高地管理有限责任公司(Highland Management L.L.C.)在特拉华州的衡平法院提起诉讼。The payment dispute has quickly become ugly. Integrated Whale has begun “a retaliatory, multifront campaign of oppression” against the family, according to court filings by the Forbes family. In its own court filings, Integrated Whale is seeking to hold on to the escrow, in part because of what it calls a “commercial bribery claim” involving Forbes Media’s operations in Ukraine.关于欠款的诉讼很快变得非常难看。福布斯家族在法庭文件中称,本汇鲸公司开始针对福布斯家族进行“报复性的、多层面的迫害”。本汇鲸公司在法庭文件中努力争取将资金暂时交由第三方保管,一个原因是它考虑到福布斯媒体在乌克兰进行的“商业贿赂”。When the deal was announced, the Forbes family praised the new buyers as “a forward-looking investor group” that respects “our brand and our values.” Now it has a different view. In a statement, the family said Integrated Whale’s actions “have only confirmed and deepened grievous doubts as to its intent and its ability to fulfill its contractual obligations.”当年合同公布时,福布斯家族称赞新买家们是“前瞻性的投资集团”,尊重“我们的品牌和价值观”。现在,它有了不同的看法。福布斯家族在一项声明中说,本汇鲸公司的行为“正好佐并加深了我们对它的意图以及合同义务履行能力的强烈质疑”。 /201601/424083

Jindong Cai, 59, is an orchestra conductor and a professor at Stanford University. He has conducted many orchestras in China and has been a guest conductor at numerous orchestras in the ed States since moving there in 1985. With his wife, the writer Sheila Melvin, he has written numerous articles on China and two books on music in China: “Rhapsody in Red: How Western Classical Music Became Chinese” and their latest, “Beethoven in China: How the Great Composer Became an Icon in the People’s Republic.”蔡金东是管弦乐团指挥,斯坦福大学教授。59岁的他曾在中国指挥过许多乐团,自1985移居美国以来,在美国许多乐团做过客座指挥。他的妻子是作家梅文诗(Sheila Melvin),他和妻子写了许多关于中国的文章,还写过两本关于中国音乐的书,一本是《红色狂想曲:西方古典音乐在中国》(Rhapsody in Red: How Western Classical Music Became Chinese),另一本是最新的《贝多芬在中国:这位伟大作曲家如何在人民共和国成为偶像》(Beethoven in China: How the Great Composer Became an Icon in the People’s Republic)。During a visit to his native Beijing, Mr. Cai discussed Beethoven, classical music and why China has so many new concert halls.在访问家乡北京期间,蔡金东谈论了贝多芬、古典音乐,以及中国为什么有这么多新建的音乐厅。Q. Chinese only began listening to and performing Western classical music in the 1920s. And yet Beethoven was popular even before he was heard. Why was that?问:中国人在20世纪20年代才开始欣赏和演奏西方古典音乐,然而贝多芬的名字在这之前就广为人知了。这是为什么呢?A. Beethoven was introduced to China by a writer named Li Shutong, who wrote an essay about Beethoven in 1907 and even made a charcoal drawing of him. He admired Beethoven’s fighting spirit, and thought that this was what China needed.答:贝多芬是由一位名叫李叔同的作家介绍到中国的,他在1907年写过一篇关于贝多芬的文章,甚至还画了一幅贝多芬的素描。他钦佩贝多芬的奋斗精神,认为这正是中国所需要的。Q. Had Li ever heard Beethoven?问:李叔同听过贝多芬的作品吗?A. Probably not. He studied in Japan, but it’s not clear he even heard him there. It was Beethoven’s spirit and life story he admired.答:可能没有。他在日本学习过,但不清楚他在那儿有没有听过贝多芬的作品。他钦佩的是贝多芬的精神和生平。Q. When was Beethoven first heard in China?问:贝多芬的作品第一次在中国演奏是什么时候?A. Beethoven was first performed by the Shanghai Municipal Orchestra — now the Shanghai Symphony — in 1911. But that was an all-foreigner orchestra and Chinese were not allowed to attend its concerts until 1925. So the first time that Beethoven was played by and for Chinese was thanks to Xiao Youmei. He was a follower of Sun Yat-sen and later got a Ph.D in music at Leipzig University in Germany. He returned to China in about 1919 and the great educator Cai Yuanpei asked him to start an orchestra at Peking University. He created the Peking University Conservatory, and in 1922, the Peking University Orchestra performed the second movement of the Fifth Symphony and the first movement of the Sixth Symphony. They only had 15 musicians, but that can sound pretty good.答:最早演奏贝多芬的是上海工部局乐队(Shanghai Municipal Orchestra),也就是现在的上海交响乐团,那是在1911年。不过那是个完全由外国人组成的乐团,1925年之前不允许中国人观看他们的音乐会。所以贝多芬作品第一次面向中国人、由中国人演奏,要归功于萧友梅。萧友梅是孙中山的追随者,后来在德国莱比锡大学(Leipzig University)拿到了音乐士学位。他大约在1919年回到中国,伟大的教育家蔡元培请他在北京大学组建一管弦乐队。他创办了北京大学音乐传习所(Peking University Conservatory),1922年,北京大学管弦乐队演奏了《第五交响曲》的第二乐章和《第六交响曲》的第一乐章。他们只有15个音乐家,但听起来可能很不错。Q. And this is what you performed recently in Beijing? How was it?问:您最近在北京的表演就是这样的吧?演出怎么样?A. Yes, we recreated this 1922 performance of Beethoven. We did it in the Stanford Center at Peking University, with 15 musicians from the Peking University Orchestra. It was something like time travel and it was very magical. We projected an image of the original orchestra — all its players were wearing changpao magua, traditional Chinese robes — and we performed in front of it. The orchestra was small, but it captured the same spirit as a big orchestra. And of course, when Beethoven was alive, the size of an orchestra was much smaller, maybe around 30 people.答:是的,我们再现了1922年那场贝多芬作品的演出。我们和北京大学管弦乐队的15名音乐家,在北大斯坦福中心进行了演出。有点儿像穿越时空,非常神奇。我们展示出原来乐队的图像——所有的演奏者都穿着中国传统的长袍马褂——然后我们在图像前面表演。乐团人很少,但它体现了和大乐团一样的精神。当然,贝多芬在世的时候,管弦乐队的规模要小得多,可能有30人左右。Q. And since then, Beethoven has become the symbol of classical music in China. You write about how when Kissinger visited in 1971, they had to bring musicians back from the countryside, where they had been exiled in the Cultural Revolution.问:从那以后,贝多芬在中国已经成为古典音乐的象征。你写过1971年基辛格(Kissinger)访华时,他们不得不把文革时期下放到农村的音乐家召回的事情。A. Yes, they had a debate over what symphony to play. The conductor, Li Delun, wanted the Fifth, but this was about “fate,” and in Communist China you couldn’t say that fate existed.答:是的,他们当时争论要演奏什么交响曲。指挥家李德伦希望演奏《第五交响曲》,但这首交响曲是关于“命运”的,而在共产主义的中国,你不能说存在命运。So then he suggested the Third, but that was the “Eroica,” which the leftists said was “about” Napoleon. [Beethoven had originally dedicated it to Napoleon, although he later retracted this when Napoleon declared himself emperor.] So they settled on the Sixth — the “Pastoral.” That was okay because it was about rural life. Kissinger said it was the worst Sixth he had ever heard.于是他建议演奏《第三交响曲》,但那首是“英雄”(Eroica),而左派说那是“关于”拿破仑(Napoleon)的。[贝多芬原本将这首交响曲献给了拿破仑,不过后来当拿破仑自称皇帝时,他收回了这个说法。]因此他们决定演奏《第六交响曲》——“田园”。这没有问题,因为它是关于农村生活的。基辛格说那是他有生以来听到的最糟糕的第六交响曲。Q. When did you first hear Beethoven?问:你第一次听贝多芬是什么时候?A. That was also in the Cultural Revolution. It was 1969 and a friend said, ‘Come to my home. I’ve got something.’ He had an old, hand-cranked record player, 78 r.p.m.s and you had to change the needle regularly. It was either the Fourth or the Fifth Symphony.答:也是在文革时期。那是1969年,一个朋友说,‘来我家,我有好东西给你听’。他有一台老式的手摇唱机,每分钟78转而且还得定期更换针头。那是第四或第五交响曲。I didn’t know Beethoven then. I just saw the name. It was Victor label, Japanese. It was amazing. How come so many things were sounding at the same time? The complexity and power of the music really struck me, since I was used to Chinese music with a one-line melody.那时我还不知道贝多芬,那是我第一次看到这个名字,是日本的“胜利”(Victor)厂牌出的。真是令人惊奇,如此多的乐器怎么能在同一时间响起?那段音乐的复杂性和力量,确实打动了我,因为我之前习惯的是单旋律的中国音乐。Q. Why was Beethoven the focal point of so much struggle and diplomacy?问:为什么贝多芬会成为这么多斗争和外交的焦点?A. Chinese people believe that to succeed you have to chi ku [literally “eat bitterness,” meaning endure hardship]. He fit the bill. He struggled all the time and then he succeeded. This made him popular, as famous in China as Shakespeare in literature or Darwin in the sciences.答:中国人认为要想成功,就必须“吃苦”[字面义是“吃苦的东西”,意思是承受艰辛]。他刚好符合要求,他一直以来都在同命运斗争,最后他成功了。这让他很受欢迎,在中国就如同文学方面的莎士比亚,或者科学方面的达尔文一样著名。Q. Mao didn’t ban Western classical music.问:毛泽东并没有禁止西方古典音乐。A. In 1957, Mao invited musicians for a talk in Zhongnanhai [the leadership compound in Beijing]. He said, we need foreign things, but they should serve China.答:1957年,毛泽东邀请音乐家到中南海[国家领导人在北京的居住区]座谈。他说,我们需要外国的东西,但应该务于中国。This goes back to his 1942 talk on arts in Yan’an. Art had to serve politics. Obviously, it has created many problems, but one positive effect is that Chinese artists want their music to be understood by people.这种观点可以追溯到1942年,他在延安文艺座谈会上的讲话,艺术必须为政治务。很明显,这产生了许多的问题,但其中的一个积极影响是,中国艺术家希望他们的音乐能被人们所理解。Q. And you see a flourishing musical scene here.问:于是你在这里看到音乐界蓬勃发展。A. China probably has the most composers in the world who make a living by composing. In America it’s not possible. Almost no one does that. You have to teach or do something else.答:中国通过作曲来维生的作曲家可能是世界上最多的。在美国,这是不可能的。几乎没有人做得到,你要教学或做其他事。In China, there are many new concert halls, and that has created new orchestras and they want to stage premieres. So there’s a huge demand for new music. It might just be folk music or arrangements of it, or a piece for political purposes or for tourism. Every city wants a symphony or an opera that spotlights its history or famous sites, for tourism purposes. It’s all mixed up together.在中国有很多新的音乐厅,这导致了新乐团的组建,而他们期待进行舞台首演。因此,新的音乐作品有巨大的市场需求。它可能只是民间音乐,或对民间音乐的改编,或是用于政治或旅游目的的音乐作品。出于促进旅游的目的,每个城市都想要编排交响乐或歌剧,彰显它的历史和名胜。这一切都混杂在一起。Q. What about the quality of these new pieces?问:那么这些新作品的质量如何?A. The quality is a big issue. It’s state-driven. They get commissions from the government. Composers say: “I can get 200,000 renminbi for a new piece. Do you think I can refuse it?” But they think that they can do that and do their serious music on the side. And some do succeed at this.答:质量是个大问题。这是国家推动的,他们从政府那里接任务。作曲家会想,“一部新作品我可以得到20万元人民币。你觉得我能拒绝吗?”但他们认为他们可以一边做这些,一边业余做他们的严肃音乐。而一些人确实成功做到了这一点。Q. You just came from Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. Tell us about that.问:你刚刚从郑州回来,给我们讲讲这次行程吧。A. They just built a new concert hall and have a symphony orchestra. To me, this is phenomenal. Zhengzhou is a real second-tier city, but now it’s got this wonderful hall.答:他们刚刚建造了一个新的音乐厅并组建了一个交响乐团。对我来说,这是很惊人的。郑州是一个真正的二线城市,但现在它有了一个非常棒的音乐厅。But, of course, the buildings are easy. The leaders can point to them as accomplishments. The human side is harder.但是当然,建造音乐厅很容易。领导人可以将它们视为政绩,而人的因素就困难多了。Q. What’s the challenge?问:挑战是什么?A. It’s education. To play a piece well, you have to look at the notation and think about the music. The orchestras, the young people — they can do that. They can play anything technically, but it’s often just notes.答:教育。要想把一部作品演奏好,一定要看着乐谱,并仔细地思考音乐。那些乐团,那些年轻人——他们能做到这一点。从技术上讲,他们可以演奏任何乐曲,但往往只是把乐谱弹奏出来。You also have to know how to present the piece and you need an idea of the meaning. You need a theory to support your interpretation, and then you can convince people that it should be played in this fashion. Then the orchestra can be united by one idea.你还必须懂得如何呈现作品,需要了解作品的意义。你需要一套理论来撑你的理解,然后你才能让人们信,应该以这种方式来演奏。然后乐团才能通过同一种理解,凝聚成一个整体。If the conductor doesn’t have an idea, then they just play what they want. Much of this is related to conductor, but also to basic education in conservatory. We don’t teach enough style or enough history.如果指挥没有一种理解,那他们就只会随心所愿地演奏了。这其中很大一部分和指挥有关,但也和音乐学校的基础教育有关。我们传授的风格和历史不够。Q. Can this be improved?问:这个方面能改善吗?A. Yes, it is getting much better. China has some very strong orchestras in its major cities and is building new conservatories at an amazing rate. There’s a new conservatory in Hangzhou that is supposed to have 5,000 students in 10 years. Five thousand! And Harbin is creating one. You look at the buildings. The Harbin one is amazing. It’s like the Pentagon. An incredible building, an incredible facility.答:能,现在好多了。中国的大城市有一些非常有实力的乐团,中国也在以惊人的速度新建音乐学院。杭州就新建了一所音乐学院,10年后能培养出5000名学生。5000名呐!哈尔滨也正在建一所学校。看看那些学校的建筑。哈尔滨那栋楼令人惊叹,像五角大楼。建筑设施都特别棒。Q. And it all started with Beethoven.问:所有这一切都是从贝多芬开始的。A. Yes.答:是的。 /201511/412026

Mei Wending (1633~1721) was a Chinese writer on astronomy and mathematics whose work represented an association of Chinese and Western knowledge.梅文鼎(1633~1721 ),天文学家、数学家。梅文鼎的著作是中西知识联合的结果。In 1645 China adopted a new, controversial calendar that had been prepared under the direction of the Jesuit Adam Schall von Bell.1645年中国采用了一种新的、有争议的历法,这种历法是在耶稣会传教士汤若望指导下编制的。Together with his three younger brothers, Mei studied calendar design under the Daoist Ni Guanghu.梅文鼎和三个弟弟一起跟道士倪观湖学历法。A member of a loyalist family, Mei remained independent rather than join the ;foreign; Manchu administration, but his fame sp far beyond the boundaries of his Province.作为忠于明朝的家庭的一员,梅文鼎没有在外族满人的政府做官,但是他的声名传到了外省。The Kangxi emperor was interested in Mei#39;s work, the Lixue yiwen(c. 1701; ;Inquiry on Mathematical Astronomy;), and summoned him to an audience in 1705.康熙帝对梅文鼎的著作《历学疑问》(约1701)很感兴趣,于1705年召见梅文鼎。Mei#39;s comparative studies of Chinese and Western mathematics and astronomy expanded on the earlier work of Xu Guangqi (1562~1633).梅文鼎对中西数学和天文学的比较研究是以徐光启(1562一1633 )的著作为基础的。Mei tried to situate the new European knowledge properly within the historical framework of Chinese astronomy and mathematics.梅文鼎试图将欧洲知识恰当地融入到中国天文学和数学的历史框架中去。In his view, Chinese astronomical knowledge had advanced following the adoption of the new, more accurate Jesuit calendar following the reform initiated by Xu Guangqi in 1629. 在他看来,中国天文学知识随着采用比较精确的汤若望历法之后已经取得了进步,而这次更改历法是徐光启1629年发起的改革的结果。In his historical studies, Mei stressed that Chinese astronomy had improved from generation to generation, progressing from coarseness to accuracy.在他的历史研究中,梅文鼎强调中国天文学在一代一代地进步,从粗糙走向精确。Mei gave precisely the same description for the development of Western astronomy.他也对西方天文学进行了同样的描述。In other words, he believed that progress was a universal historical pattern. This was Mei#39;s historical rationale for synthesizing Western and Chinese knowledge.换句话说就是梅文鼎认为进步是一个普遍的历史规律,这是梅文鼎融汇中西方知识的基本原理。In Jihe bubian (“Complements of Geometry”) Mei calculated the volumes and relative dimensions of regular and semi-regular polyhedrons by traditional Chinese methods. 在《几何补编》里,梅文鼎使用中国的传统方法计算了正多面体和半正多面体的体积和相对尺寸。He reinterpreted Euclid#39;s Elements in his Jihe tongjie (;Complete Explanation of Geometry;), by reference to the chapter devoted to right-angled triangles in Jiuzhang suanshu (Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Procedtcres), a mathematical classic completed during the Han Dynasty.梅文鼎在《几何通解》里,通过提到《九章算术》里处理正三角形的那一章,重新解释了欧几里德的《几何原本》(约前300年)。《九章算术》是中国汉代完成的经典数学论著。Mei helped rehabilitate traditional Chinese mathematics, and he was most widely admired by the scholars of the Qing Dynasty, who generally assumed that the Nine Chapters included all of mathematics without exception. 梅文鼎促进了中国传统数学的地位的恢复,受到清朝学者的广泛钦佩。清朝学者一般都认为《九章算术》涵盖了数学的各个方面。The comprehensive collection of Mei#39;s works, Lisuan quanshu, was published in 1723.梅文鼎的著作总集《历算全书》出版于1723年。 /201603/431768

The Embassy of China in Canada confirmed in a statement on its official website Monday that Chinese citizens have been deported for having pornographic pictures or s of children on their cellphones or laptops.中国驻加拿大使馆周一在其官方网站发表声明表示,近日有中国公民在入境加拿大时,因个人手机或笔记本电脑上存有未成年人色情图片或视频而被遣返回国。An official account ;iask-ca; on the WeChat social network, claimed Sunday that two Chinese students who were separately trying to enter the country were recently deported by Canadian customs for having child pornography on their mobile phones.一个名为“iask CA”的微信官方公众号声称,周日两个试图进入加拿大的中国学生被海关驱逐出境,因为在他们的手机上发现了未成年人色情信息。According to iask-ca, Canadian customs found obscene content in the two students#39; WeChat, a messaging app.根据iask-ca表示,加拿大海关发现这两位学生的社交APP微信上有淫秽内容。Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy statement did not specifically confirm the truth of these two cases. The embassy warned Chinese citizens who plan to come to Canada to delete sensitive or illegal content on their phones, computers or hard disks before traveling.同时,中国大使馆的声明并未明确确认这两起案件的真相。大使馆提醒那些打算到加拿大旅行的中国公民,在来之前要删除他们的手机、电脑或硬盘上的敏感或非法内容。According to Canadian laws, persons who make, possess, distribute, or access child pornography can be sentenced to a jail term of between six months and 14 years.加拿大法律规定,凡制作、持有、传播或浏览涉及未成年人色情信息的人员,将被判处6个月至14年的监禁。While many on Chinese social media questioned whether Customs officials violated passengers#39; privacy by going through their phones, but according to Canada Border Services Agency#39;s code of conduct, Customs officers have the right to search passengers#39; electronic devices.国内社交媒体上许多网友质疑加拿大海关人员查看乘客手机是否侵犯隐私,但依照加拿大边境务局行为规范,海关人员有权搜查乘客的电子设备。 /201602/427218

It#39;s peak fall, and people are going nuts over foliage.秋意正浓,人们为秋叶而痴狂。As mid-October approaches, New Englanders wait in anticipation for that iconic time of year when the vibrant colors of fall foliage finally reach their peak. For many locals, leaf peeping - yes, that#39;s a thing - is as simple as stepping out into the backyard or taking a ride on Amtrak#39;s Autumn Express train.每每临近10月中旬,新英格兰地区的居民就开始期待这个黄金时节,此时秋叶色泽最好,可谓五纷呈、绚丽无比。对于许多当地人而言,赏叶——没错,这是一种时尚——很简单,只要走到后院或者坐上“美铁”(Amtrak)的“秋季特快列车”(Autumn Express)就够了。Meanwhile, those stuck in season-less regions are deprived of this annual treat.而那些生活在四季不分明地区的人就没有这一年一度的眼福了。But now, green-leafed West Coasters - or anyone else who really, really likes fall - can get New England foliage delivered straight to their door. Avid hiker Kyle Waring and his wife have searched throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont for the perfect few leaves that typify the fall season. They sell them on ShipFoliage.com. Customers receive a .99 bundle that has been hand-picked and assembled by the Warings.但现在,只能赏绿叶的西海岸人或真地特别喜欢秋天的其他人,也能看到新英格兰的树叶了,而且直接送货上门。徒步旅行爱好者凯尔·华林(Kyle Waring)和妻子搜寻了整个新罕布什尔州、马萨诸塞州和佛蒙特州,只为找到少数能象征金秋的完美叶子。他们在“寄送叶子”(ShipFoliage.com)网站上出售搜集到的树叶。客户只需花19.99美元就能得到一组华林夫妇亲手采摘并包装好的树叶。Once the leaves are collected, they ;undergo a unique preservation process; that involves soaking them for 2-3 days and allowing them to dry for a few more. This ensures that they#39;ll last long after the fall season is over - an estimated 5-7 years, according to the company#39;s site.叶子被收集起来后,会“经过一种独特的保鲜处理”,包括浸泡2-3天,干燥数天。这可以确保秋季结束后树叶仍长期不褪色,该公司的网站称,树叶颜色预计可维持5-7年。So far, Waring has seen the most demand from season-starved customers in California, Texas, and Florida. ;I guess there#39;s something about New England foliage,; he says.到目前为止,以四季不分明的加利福尼亚州、得克萨斯州和佛罗里达州的客户需求最大。华林说:“我想是因为新英格兰树叶与众不同吧”。 /201510/402400

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