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铁门关市韩式安全隆胸手术价格乌鲁木齐/市中医院减肥瘦身多少钱库尔勒做文眉手术多少钱 China said Friday it will seek to curb domestic debt growth and slash industrial overcapacity in 2014 without hurting growth, reaffirming a longer-term course laid out at a conclave of senior party officials last month.中国周五表示,2014年将在保持经济稳定增长的同时控制国内债务规模增加和解决工业产能过剩问题,即重申了上月中共十八届三中全会制定的中长期改革目标。In a statement at the end of a four-day meeting, the Communist Party#39;s top leaders spelled out their priorities in managing the economy in the short term.在为期四天的中央经济工作会议闭幕时发布的公告中,中共最高领导人列出了短期经济工作的主要任务。The document on state radio and television referred to the role of consumption as an economic driver, a sign the leadership is looking to overhaul the economy and reduce the role of government investment.公告提到了消费对拉动未来经济增长的作用,这一迹象表明中国领导人希望对经济进行重大改革,降低政府投资的作用。中国国有电台和电视台均对公告内容进行了报道。The statement also referred to local government debt, which has worried policy makers, and overcapacity in key sectors such as steel, glass and cement.公告还提到了两个问题,一是令决策者头疼的地方政府债务问题,二是钢铁、玻璃和水泥等关键行业产能过剩问题。UBS China economist Tao Wang agreed with the leader#39;s priorities in addressing the debt, but added, #39;it#39;s hard to tell if they can walk the walk because of the rapid development of shadow lending.#39; So-called shadow banking is lending by non-bank financial institutions, such as trust companies, securities firms and informal lenders.瑞银(UBS)中国经济学家汪涛对中国领导人将解决债务问题作为首要任务表示赞同,但补充称,现在很难说这能否被付诸实施,因为影子业正快速发展。所谓的影子业是指通过信托公司、券公司以及非传统贷款机构等非类金融机构发放贷款。Since 2008, domestic debt has ballooned to 216% of GDP from 128% and could climb to 271% by 2017 if not corrected, according to Fitch Ratings. Economists note similar credit run-ups in countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America have ended in crashes, although few predict an imminent crisis in China.据惠誉国际评级(Fitch Ratings)的数据显示,自2008年以来,中国国内债务占国内生产总值(GDP)的比重已经由128%飙升至216%;若不加以控制,到2017年这一比例将进一步提高至271%。虽然经济学家们曾指出欧洲、亚洲和拉美一些国家类似的信贷猛增最终以崩盘告终,但很少有人预计中国短期内将面临危机。The sharp rise in debt occurred when China began to combat the global financial crisis in 2009 and 2010, and banks ramped up funding of infrastructure, real estate and industrial projects. The credit growth has continued despite the recovery, as the shadow banking sector has increased lending in place of banks.为应对2009年和2010年的全球金融危机,中国国内加大了对基础设施、房地产和工业项目的融资力度,导致中国债务水平激增。虽然中国经济有所回暖,但信贷仍在持续增长,因为影子业取代传统扩大了放贷规模。The statement released by the Central Economic Work Conference, the meeting of top leaders, said that China#39;s policy makers faced the #39;core task#39; of ensuring stable growth amid continuing economic headwinds and troubles with domestic security.中央经济工作会议发布的公告称,中国政策制定者在经济遭遇持续阻力且行业安全问题堪忧的情况下面临确保经济稳定增长的“核心任务”。The conference comes about a month after a conclave of senior Communist Party officials, called the Third Plenum, set out a blueprint for longer-term reforms. On Friday, the leaders said they would maintain #39;the spirit#39; of the plenum, but their focus was on tackling more immediate problems.今年的中央经济工作会议召开前,中共刚刚召开过十八届三中全会,并在全会上为中长期改革制定了蓝图。中国领导人周五表示,将全面贯彻落实党的十八届三中全会精神,但会着重解决当前更突出的问题。Local governments have been among the big drivers of debt, borrowing heavily to finance infrastructure and real-estate projects that are frequently mired in debt.地方政府债务增加是造成国内总体债务水平上升的主要原因,地方政府因大量举债为基础设施和房地产项目融资而经常深陷债务困境。The statement called resolving local debt problems #39;an important economic task,#39; and said Beijing would #39;strictly control the process by which governments#39; raise debt.#39;公告称,要把控制和化解地方政府性债务风险作为经济工作的重要任务,严格政府举债程序。Signaling that the central government didn#39;t envision a large bailout, the statement added #39;every level of government will be responsible for their own debt.#39;公告还称,省区市政府要对本地区地方政府性债务负责任,这暗示中央政府并未考虑向地方政府提供大力援助。Another reason for the debt buildup is borrowing by firms, often state-owned, despite huge production gluts in industries such as steel, solar energy components and shipbuilding. Over the past few years, as the economy has slowed, many companies are finding there isn#39;t enough demand to keep all their production lines running or their workers employed. Often with the political support of local government, the firms have borrowed to avoid major layoffs.中国债务增加的另一个原因是企业(通常为国有企业)借款,尽管钢铁、太阳能组件和造船等行业存在巨大的产能过剩。过去几年,随着经济增长的放缓,许多企业发现国内需求已不足以维持其所有生产线的运作和员工就业。通常是在地方政府的政治扶持下,企业才得以通过借款来避免重大裁员。The leaders pledged to #39;unswervingly resolve industrial overcapacity#39; -- a pledge that Beijing has made before and failed to carry out. For instance, steel capacity has increased in recent years even as factories have been underutilized.中国领导人此次承诺要坚定不移化解产能过剩。中国政府此前也作过类似承诺,但未能付诸行动。例如,在钢厂没有进入全负荷运转的情况下,近年来钢铁产能仍有所增加。But Ms. Wang, the UBS analyst, said the leaders signaled more resolve this time by adding that they would also focus #39;on re-employment of people laid off from industries with overcapacity.#39; Beijing usually does all it can to avoid layoffs, which it fears could lead to social unrest.但瑞银分析师汪涛表示,中国领导人这一次展示出了更大决心,因为他们还提到要重点抓好化解产能过剩中出现的下岗再就业工作。由于担心失业现象会引发社会动荡,中国政府通常会尽一切所能避免企业裁员。Even so, the statement doesn#39;t make clear how much risk Beijing is willing to take to tackle debt and overcapacity. The statement stressed the need for #39;stable#39; growth. although a slowdown in credit is likely to lead to a slowdown in GDP growth.即便如此,公告并未明确说明中国政府愿承担多少风险来化解债务和产能过剩问题。公告强调了维持经济稳定增长的必要性,但信贷的放缓可能会导致GDP增速放慢。Economists have been looking for signs of whether China would maintain a 7.5% growth target for next year, unchanged from this year, or dial back the target to 7%. A lower growth target would signal that the leadership would press harder to resolve structural problems.对于中国是将明年经济增长目标与今年7.5%的水平保持一致,还是会下调至7%,经济学家一直在寻找相关迹象。若增长目标被下调,将意味着中国领导人将加大结构性问题的解决力度。But the document sent mixed messages. Ms. Wang thought the leadership was signaling a 7% target while, Royal Bank of Scotland analyst Luis Kuijs thought it indicated 7.5%.但中央经济工作会议公告所传递出的信息并不清晰。汪涛认为中国领导层暗示的明年经济增长目标为7%,而苏格兰皇家(Royal Bank of Scotland)分析师高路易(Luis Kuijs)则认为是7.5%。 /201312/268920乌鲁木齐/botox瘦脸针哪家医院好

哈密市治疗腋臭多少钱For the legions of dancing retirees in China whose late-night public gatherings have made them the target of noise complaints and worse, one popular Beijing group may have hit on the solution: corporate sponsorship.在中国,退休人员成群结队地在公众场所大跳广场舞直至深夜,引发人们抗议噪音扰民,对此北京的一个高人气团体或许找到了解决办法――商业赞助。China#39;s public dancers - often referred to as tiaowu dama, or #39;dancing grannies,#39; because they tend to skew older and female - have found themselves at the center of a passionate public debate in recent months. Numbering as many as 100 million nationwide, they argue the dancing is an enjoyable form of exercise that helps reduce health care costs. But neighbors point to their boom boxes, which blast everything from saccharine Mandopop to sanitized hip-hop, as a public nuisance, saying the noise disrupts sleep and study.中国的广场舞舞者(常被称作“跳舞大妈”,因通常是年龄较大的女性)近月来成为了公众热议的焦点。有人估计全国的“跳舞大妈”达到1亿之众。跳舞大妈们认为,跳舞是一种愉悦的锻炼方式,有助于减少看病费用。然而社区居民抱怨轰鸣的音箱十分扰民,干扰了居民的睡眠和学习。大妈们的广场舞音乐包罗万象,从甜腻的国语流行音乐到“和谐版”嘻哈音乐都有。The grannies have even managed to court controversy abroad, recently inviting police intervention in places from New York to Moscow.大妈们还在海外引发争议,在纽约、莫斯科等地大跳广场舞,引发当地警方出面制止。One group of Beijing dancers, the Nanguan Art Troupe, has managed to buck the trend, winning fame and fans (as well as extensive media coverage from foreign and domestic news outlets) despite playing their music at volumes that would be unfathomable for other groups.一个名为“南馆艺术团”的北京广场舞舞团则力挽狂澜,尽管高声播放乐曲(其他广场舞团体这样做会饱受诟病),却仍赢得了声誉和粉丝,并受到国内外媒体的大力报道。The Nanguan Art Troupe is named for the park in southern Beijing where its members met before 2011, when they grew too numerous and noisy and were forced to move. Over the past year, it has become famous for its unusually elaborate set-up: a sound system comprised of multiple speakers, microphones, a drum kit, saxophone and other instruments, plus an impressive array of costumes and props.南馆艺术团取名自北京南部的一处公园,2011年以前舞团成员在那里会合,但后来人数太多且太吵,只得被迫离开。过去一年该舞团凭藉其不同寻常的豪华装备而日渐成名:多台音箱、麦克风、一套架子鼓,还有萨克斯和其他乐器,以及一系列令人印象深刻的舞和道具。Its theatrical performances, and the appreciative crowds they draw, are likely a major reason the group hasn#39;t been chased from its new home outside the Raffles City mall in central Beijing.戏剧化的表演及其吸引来的围观人群,可能是该艺术团没有被赶出位于北京中央城区的来福士广场这个新大本营的一个重要原因。On a recent Tuesday night, around 20 members of the troupe marched to the Mao-era patriotic song #39;Tunnel War#39; wearing identical striped shirts and red berets. A thick cordon of spectators and a handful of journalists watched as they took up toy guns and danced around a man dressed as a Japanese solider, their movements acting out the familiar lyrics: #39;Plows in one hand, guns in the other, everyone is a solider...#39;在最近一个周二的晚上,该艺术团大约20位成员穿着统一的条纹衬衫和红色贝雷帽,伴随着毛泽东时代的爱国歌曲《地道战》的节奏行进。里三层外三层的围观人群和几个记者在旁边观看他们拿起玩具,围着一个打扮成了日本兵的男人跳舞,舞蹈动作是按照人们熟悉的歌词“一手拿锄头,一手拿杆,全民皆兵”编排的。The head of the troupe, who asked to be identified only by her surname, Dai, told China Real Time that the equipment cost them more than 20,000 yuan (,225). She said they raised the funds by soliciting donations from group members - and by striking a sponsorship deal with a branch of the state-run China Citic Bank located in the nearby mall.这个艺术团的领头人物要求只透露她姓戴(音),并且告诉“中国实时报”栏目,这些行头花了他们人民币两万多元。她说,他们资金来源包括向团队成员募集捐款以及与中国国营的中信(China Citic Bank)坐落在旁边商场里的行达成了赞助协议。#39;They bought us two speakers and some instruments, such as harmonicas,#39; Ms. Dai said. In exchange, the group helps advertise for the bank with a banner hung from trees near where they dance - #39;Citic Bank and Nanguan Park Art Troupe - Dancing With You for a Lifetime of Fortune#39; - and by occasionally touting the bank#39;s products.戴女士称,中信给她们买了两个扬声器和口琴等一些乐器。作为交换条件,该舞蹈队要替打广告,在她们跳舞地点附近的树上拉起横幅,上面写着:“中信来福士行和南馆艺术团与您共舞财富人生”,而且还时不时地宣传一下该的产品。#39;During breaks, we might say, #39;Go check out Citic Bank. Wealth management products give you a higher return than savings,#39;#39; one elderly male dancer said.一名年纪较大的跳舞大妈说,在休息的时候,她们可能会说“去中信看看,理财产品比存款收益高”。Ren Shanshan, an employee of Citic#39;s Raffles City branch, confirmed the branch has sponsored the group as a way to #39;support the community,#39; but she declined to offer further details.中信来福士行的雇员任珊珊(音)实,该行的确赞助了这个艺术团以“持社区”,但是未予透露进一步的细节信息。The relationship has helped Citic attract at least a few new customers. Ms. Zhao, a member of the dancing group who asked to only be identified by her surname, said she had put all of her savings into a Citic wealth management product with a projected annual return of 4.5%. #39;It#39;s not that high, but it is safe. You are guaranteed to get your money back,#39; she said.这种合作关系至少帮助中信吸收到了一些新客户。舞团的成员赵女士说,她把所有积蓄都投到了一款中信理财产品上,预期年化收益率为4.5%。她说,收益并不是很高,但很安全。保能返还本金。Another dancer, surnamed Liu, said he opted for a riskier product with a more lucrative 6% return. #39;All banks belong to the state, so putting money there is like making contribution to our country,#39; he said. #39;I#39;m not worried at all.#39;舞团的另外一位成员刘先生选择了高风险产品,回报率为6%。他说,都是国有的,把钱投给它们就是为国家做贡献。他完全不担心。Wealth management products have surged in popularity in recent years as an alternative to conventional bank deposits, which offer paltry returns that often fail to keep up with inflation. Banks and other financial institutions have scrambled to meet demand for the products, fueling concerns among many analysts that customers have too little understanding of the risks they#39;re taking.传统的存款回报率极低,常常无法跟上通货膨胀的速度,而作为其替代品,理财产品近年来人气飙升。和其他金融机构竞相满足客户对这类产品的需求,而客户对自身承担的风险却一无所知,这引发了许多分析人士的担忧。Despite support from the bank, Ms. Dai appeared eager to keep things low-key, at one point chastising a group member who told a Taiwanese journalist that the dancers developed their #39;Tunnel War#39; routine out of hatred for Japan. #39;Don#39;t say that, we can#39;t say that,#39; she said to the dancer, then turned to the reporter. #39;Don#39;t write that down. Say that it#39;s just for fun. We grew up in the Mao era and are nostalgic about that time.#39;尽管得到的持,戴女士似乎仍希望保持低调,之前一名舞团的成员告诉台湾记者,他们编排的《地道战》之舞是出于对日本的仇恨,而这遭到了戴女士的斥责。她对那名成员说:“不要这样说,我们不能这样说。”之后戴女士对记者表示:“不要把这写下来。这是说着玩的。我们只是生在毛泽东时代,对逝去的成长经历很怀念而已。”#39;China#39;s dancing grannies are taking over the world,#39; one Chinese Internet user wrote after a group of elderly dancers were shut down in Moscow#39;s Red Square earlier this year. With financing from China#39;s state banks and a little public-relations polish, that eventuality may not be a far-fetched as it sounds.今年早些时候,一群中国大妈在莫斯科红场(Red Square)跳广场舞引来警察干预,之后一位中国互联网用户写道,中国大妈的广场舞正在“攻陷”全世界。获得中国国有的融资,再加上一些公关“美化”,这一幕未必不会实现。 /201407/316553乌鲁木齐/做狐臭手术哪个医院好 博乐去除疤痕多少钱

新疆/玻尿酸注射隆鼻These are challenging times for world leaders seeking to stimulate the global economy. The G-20 wants to see trillion of global GDP and tens of millions of jobs added by 2018 through what officials described in Sydney in February as #39;ambitious but realistic policies.#39; Multilateral talks are aly underway to drive growth by further liberalizing trade, which are important initiatives but which have yet to bear fruit. So businesses will be particularly encouraged to see dialogue restarting that aims to give cross-border investment a boost, especially since the talks involve the world#39;s two largest economies.对于寻求刺激全球经济增长的世界各国领导人而言,这是一个颇具挑战性的时代。二十国集团(Group of 20,简称G20) 2月份在悉尼召开会议时,官员们希望通过“宏大但务实的政策”,在2018年前将全球经济总量提高2万亿美元,同时增加数千万个工作岗位。通过进一步推动贸易自由化来促进经济增长的多边谈判正在进行之中,这样的谈判是非常重要的举措,但目前尚未取得成果。因此,企业尤其希望看到重启意在扩大跨境投资的对话,特别是在全球最大两个经济体也展开对话的情况下。The talks concern the U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty, or BIT. Such an agreement would clarify the rules for investment between the two countries while removing many barriers that remain to such investments--rather like a free-trade agreement for capital flows instead of goods and services. A high-standard BIT will help remove ambiguities that detract from greater investment and broader economic activity, and give the U.S. and China increased stakes in each other#39;s success. In the interest of stability and predictability, the BIT should be a strategic imperative for both countries.这样的对话关乎美中双边投资协定(Bilateral Investment Treaty,简称BIT)的命运。该协定将阐明两国之间的投资规则,同时打破这些投资领域仍然存在的诸多壁垒,这更像是一个允许资本流动的自由贸易协议,商品和务贸易则不包括在内。达成高标准的BIT有助于消除妨碍扩大投资和经济活动的歧义条款,美国和中国在彼此经济成就中的利益会更大。从保持稳定行和可预见性的角度看,BIT对中美两国都应该是一种战略需要。A comprehensive investment treaty would be good business for both sides. In general, investment treaties prohibit favoritism for local investors; protect foreign investors from arbitrary treatment (by requiring fair compensation for any expropriation or nationalization of assets); provide for dispute resolution in international arbitration; and protect foreign-invested enterprises from local content requirements and export as.达成全面的投资协定可令两国实现共赢。总的来说有以下几个益处:投资协定能够防止对本地投资者的偏袒行为;能够保护外国投资者免受不公平待遇(因为投资协定会要求资产被征收或国有化时获得合理补偿);能够解决国际仲裁纠纷;还能够保护外资企业不受当地成分要求和出口配额的影响。For the U.S., the case for attracting more inbound Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) is compelling. Out of the 5 billion in FDI into the U.S. in 2012, China, as the world#39;s second-largest economy, accounted for a mere billion of that amount. A BIT would help bring greater transparency and clarity to investment approval processes.对美国来说,获得更多来自中国的外商直接投资(FDI)的前景非常吸引人。2012年美国的FDI总额为1,750亿美元,来自中国的投资仅为40亿美元。BIT将提升投资审批程序的透明度。Recent research suggests that Chinese-owned companies provided more than 70,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. in 2013, a more than eight-fold increase compared to 2007. More two-way investment under a successful BIT means many more American jobs.近期调查显示,2013年中国控股的公司在美国提供的全职岗位超过了70,000个,较2007年水平增加了八倍多。若BIT成功签署,将增加双边投资额,这意味着美国将增加更多就业岗位。The BIT also would increase the global reach of American businesses, allowing them to invest in Chinese markets in industries that are largely restricted today, such as financial services, transportation and telecommunications. This treaty would allow American manufacturing and agricultural exporters to establish critical distribution platforms in China to facilitate their sales of American products into that market. As a condition of restarting the talks, Beijing has agreed to put almost all industries on the table, dropping its earlier desire to shelter a large number from American investment.BIT还能帮助美国企业在全球的扩张,让美国企业投资于如今在中国基本不对外开放的一些行业,比如金融业、运输业和电信业。该协定还将允许美国制造业和农业出口商在中国建立起至关重要的分销平台,这样一来,向中国市场出售美国产品就会变得更容易。作为重启相关谈判的一个条件,北京已经同意把几乎所有行业都摆到桌面上,放弃了此前希望保护多个行业不受美国投资冲击的立场。The protections of a BIT are especially important in markets where Chinese state-owned enterprises dominate, because it will require that those companies act based on commercial and not political principles. For example, state firms#39; access to non-commercial financing would be challenged. The BIT would also end the occasional Chinese practice of requiring American firms that manufacture in China to transfer their technology to Chinese businesses or use local technology in their manufacturing processes. This would help to address the concerns about intellectual-property theft that often discourage American investment.在那些国有企占主导地位的中国国内市场中,BIT尤其具有重要性,因为这将要求那些企业按照商业原则而非政治原则行事。举例来说,国企利用非商业融资的做法就会受到挑战。BIT还将结束中国偶尔会采取的某种做法:要求在中国生产商品的美国制造企业将技术转移给中国企业,或在生产过程中使用中国的技术。这将有助于缓解有关知识产权方面的忧虑。这种担忧常令美国投资者望而却步。For China, the BIT will help advance the economic reform goals reiterated by its leaders at last month#39;s National People#39;s Congress. It can help China achieve these goals by increasing capital available to private firms (especially small- and medium-sized businesses), which often rely on informal lending. The foreign capital, and the management expertise that so often comes with it, would promote innovation and entrepreneurship, which are critical to any economy#39;s long-term success. Deploying private capital also helps foster healthy competition, making state-owned enterprises more efficient and better suited to compete in the global marketplace.对中国来说,BIT有助于推进上个月两会时重申的经济改革目标。它能让民营企业(特别是中小型的企业)可获得的资本越来越多,从而帮助中国实现这些目标。在中国,民营企业通常依靠非官方渠道获得融资。外国的资本以及随同带来的管理方面的专长会推动创新和创业,而对任何一个经济体来讲,创新和创业都是长期成功不可或缺的要素。动用民营部门的资本还有助于实现良性竞争,让国企变得更有效率,更能适应在全球市场的竞争。Nor are business benefits the only advantage to a U.S.-China investment treaty. There would also be considerable political advantages to concluding a deal. The difficulties faced by each country#39;s investors in the other#39;s economy have created significant friction between Washington and Beijing over the years. This is the case both when Chinese investments in the U.S. generate political controversy, and when American companies discover they aren#39;t allowed to invest in booming Chinese industries. An investment treaty would help ratchet down such tensions by improving market access and ensuring greater predictability.而且,企业受益也不是美中投资协定能带来的唯一利益。达成这样一项协议也会带来相当大的政治利益。多年来,这两个国家的投资者在对方国家遇到的困难已经让华盛顿和北京产生了重大擦。不管是中国投资在美国引发政治争议,还是美国企业发现自己不被允许在中国欣欣向荣的行业投资,这些都是擦的来源。投资协定将改善市场准入,提高可预测程度,从而有助于缓解此类紧张局面。Leaders of the two largest economies in the world should focus on policies and initiatives big enough to result in meaningful economic growth but modest enough to be achieved. The U.S.-China investment treaty is one such initiative. Both sides have a great opportunity to advance their countries#39; interests and the global economy. The business communities on both sides of the Pacific have much to gain and should come together to play a constructive role supporting the negotiations and seizing the opportunity to do our BIT for global growth.两个全球最大经济体的领导人应该把注意力集中在规模足以令经济出现明显增长的政策和倡议上,同时,这样的政策和倡议又要避免因太过宏大而无法实现。美中投资协定就是这样一个倡议。双方有一个绝佳的机会推动实现两国的利益,也让全球经济受益。太平洋两岸的企业都将获益良多,因此,两岸企业界人士应该协力扮演一种建设性的角色,持相关谈判,抓住这个机会,为全球经济增长尽一份力。 /201404/284540 乌鲁木齐/祛痣去哪个医院比较好和田市麦格假体隆胸多少钱



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