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Bamboos tough reputation is such,竹子坚硬的名声是如此的显赫that another bamboo specialist was known by the Chinese as ;The Iron Eating Animal;.另一个食竹高手被认为是中国的“攻坚专家”The giant panda is famous for its exclusive diet.大熊猫以其独特的日常饮食而闻名于世Giant pandas are thought to have originated in southwest China, millions of years ago,大熊猫被认为在几百万年前起源于中国的西南部but they are no longer found in Yunnan.大熊猫现在已经在云南绝迹Recently, their specialised diet has had dire consequences.近年来,恐怖的结果降临到了大熊猫钟爱的食物上Bamboo has a bizarre life cycle,竹子有着难以预测的生命周期flowering infrequently, sometimes only once every hundred years or so.不常见的花季,有时在百年之内竹子才会开一次花But when flowering does occur,its on a massive scale,一旦竹子的花季来临,就会影响到可观数量的竹子and its followed by the death of all of the plants.所有的植株都将追随死神的召唤Sometimes an entire bamboo forest may die.有时,整片竹林都可能随之消亡In undisturbed habitat, pandas simply move to another area在没有受到干扰的栖息地中熊猫往往只是迁移到另外一片区域而已where a different bamboo species grows.未受开花影响的不同品种的竹子依旧生机勃勃But as human activity has fragmented their forest home,人类的活动已经破坏了熊猫生存区域的连续性pandas find it increasingly hard to find large enough areas in which to survive.大熊猫所面临的生存环境日益窘迫Wild pandas are now found only in the forests of Central China,野生大熊猫现在仅存活于中国中部的森林里far to the east.远离东部But in the hidden pockets of lowland jungle in Yunnans tropical south,在隐秘的云南南部热带的小型低地丛林里live one of Chinas best-kept wildlife secrets.居住着中国最神秘的野生动物之一 /201208/193514。

This will teach you how to safely, and correctly build up neck muscle using wrestling techniques called the wrestlers bridge and static hold. Its important to work up to more advanced exercises since the neck is such a fragile part of the body.本期视频将会告诉你如何安全,正确地使用摔跤训练方法锻炼颈部肌肉。由于颈部是人体的软弱部位,因此进行高强度的训练很有必要。Hi. My name is Nick Mitchell. Im the owner of Ultimate Performance training here in London, and today were going to talk about how to build muscle.大家好,我是尼克 米切尔,是终极训练联盟伦敦区的负责人,今天给大家讲述如何进行肌肉训练。Were going to look at various different topics and cover everything that we can to help get you the muscle mass, the muscle development that you want, and to give you all the little tricks of that trade that helps make this personal training business here the best in the business. Today, were going to learn how to build neck muscles. The neck is actually quite an easy muscle to develop, and the easiest way for me to give you some exercises that you can do either in the gym or in the comfort of your own home, is to take a lesson from all-time strong man and wrestlers.我们将会按照不同的主题,竭尽所能地帮助你进行训练,并最终帮助你塑造出完美的肌肉线条。今天我们将学习如何锻炼颈部肌肉,实际上颈部的肌肉很容易成型,而我给你的建议既不是去体育场馆也不是待在自己家里,而是向天生强壮的男人和摔跤手们学习。If you remember, wrestlers often have that very, very, thick neck. You might not want such a thick neck, but the way these guys always trained is very, very, very affective at developing strong, powerful necks that can help break holds and can also give this look of power to the, especially, to the male physique. The best movement for building the neck is called the wrestlers bridge.不知道你平时注意到没有,摔跤手都有一个很粗很粗的脖颈,你可能不太想要自己也到那样的地步,但是他们训练的方法是很有效的,可以借鉴。试想一个雄伟的男性体格,一个强壮的充满力量的脖子,棒极了。最好的一种训练方法叫做角力者桥的方法。If we look at Dave down here, there are various different variations we have of the wrestlers bridge. The easiest and most simple variation is just a static hold. Now if theres a problem with your head, you can use a towel to help support it or something like that.我们来看看戴夫,看他如何做。这里有各种各样的运动形式,最简单的形式是身体保持静态平衡。如果觉得头部不适,可以使用毛巾进行扶持,或者像他那样用手进行辅助。Dave, as you can see, is very good at doing this and just going to hold that. The best way to build the neck muscles, using this exercise, would be to hold the static hold for maybe 20 or 30 seconds. Do about 3 or 4 sets.你可以看到,戴夫很擅长做这个。这是锻炼颈部肌肉最简单的方法:身体保持静态,持续20到30秒。最好能连续做上3-4组。When you can do 4 sets of 30 second holds, you can move onto a more advanced version of the exercise, which Dave is going to show you. So youre going to lie flat on your back, head on the floor, now watch what he does. All the way up, then he goes slowly and controlled.当你能连续做四次,每次30秒钟,你可以向更高级的形势迈进。戴夫将会向你展示如何做。像现在这样背部平躺,头部着地,现在看看他做的怎么样。他先是身体悬空,然后慢慢地让背部重新着地。All the way down, all the way up. Now, the crucial thing here is hes going up quite quickly but hes going down under control. You must do this! The neck is obviously a very fragile part of your body so this must be done under control.下去,起来。现在很残酷的事情是他起来的速度非常快,但是下去的时候用力控制。由于颈部太过于脆弱,因此需要在保安全的情况下进行锻炼。If you feel that you havent got control, concentrate on doing the static holds first until you feel more safe and more secure. Just one more, one more Dave.then he controls it down, 4-5 seconds on the lowering part of the movement. And thats my best advice on how to build up your neck muscle as quickly as possible. .如果觉得无法控制自己,那么要在你感觉安全可靠的时候再做。再做一个,戴夫,再来一个,然后他把时间降低到4-5秒来做恢复性动作。以上内容就是如何做颈部肌肉锻炼。Thanks for watching How To Build Neck Muscles.谢谢收看本期“锻炼颈部肌肉”节目。 /201208/196965。

So where does this incredible relationship come from?那么 这种神奇的关系到底从何而来When did it start and how?何时开始 又是如何开始的?Its a question that has puzzled scientists ever since Darwin.这个问题从达尔文时代就困扰着科学家He recognised the special relationship we have with dogs达尔文发现了我们与之间存在着特殊关系but was at a loss to explain it.但他却无法科学地解释它Darwin couldnt even say for sure达尔文甚至不能确定which animal was the true ancestor of the dog.什么动物才是的真正的祖先Its a complex puzzle that both archaeologists这是个难解的谜团And molecular geneticists have been working to solve.要考古学家与分子遗传学家来共同解决Theres a huge amount of variation in present-day dogs.现代的类有着数量众多的变种Consider the difference between a pekinese and a great dane.考虑到大巴与丹麦大的巨大区别Could they really all be descended from one wild ancestor?他们是否真的拥有共同的野生祖先呢It could have been a coyote that可能曾经有一头非洲豺(体型较小)might have intergressed with a wolf and then that may与其他狼共同繁衍 然后have been slightly selected upon to create就此轻微地影响了物种的进化one particular breed of dog, or jackals or african wild dogs.就出现了一种犬或豺之类的野生动物Any number of these other dog-like species that are out there而还有许多其他的犬科动物must have come together and聚集在一起(交配繁殖)thats where that variation must have come.这也是为什么会出现这么多的变种201302/224892。

Louis XV, himself, must be intensely mortified路易十五自己一定非常心烦意乱by the fact that he is not loved,因为他不再受人民爱戴that he faces opposition at court,被当庭质问and for the fact that he is so isolated他在自己掌权时期within his own courtly environment.却如此孤立无援If the Abbe intended to wound Louis,就算神父有心伤害路易he could not have expected what happened next.他也完全意料不到接下来的事Weeks after this humiliating dressing down这场屈辱性的训斥之后的数周后by the Abbe Beauvais at Easter, Louis XV falls ill.路易十五病倒了Nobody knows whats wrong with him.无人知晓病因And it takes the doctors, gathered around him,御医们聚集在他周围several days to work out whats going on.连续数日 想搞清楚病因They bleed him, which can only weaken him, to my mind,给他放血 但我认为这只会让他更虚弱and then, suddenly, one of the doctor sees familiar blotches,突然 其中一名御医看到熟悉的斑点and they realise that he has smallpox.他们才意识到他得了天花It is a complete bolt out of the blue.这犹如晴天霹雳Smallpox, in the 18th-century,天花 在18世纪is still an absolute killer disease.仍是一种致死性疾病201206/185450。

In Italia Serie A, all eyes were focused on the match between AC Milan and Inter Milan late on Sunday night.Champions Milan came into the match with one game in hand, though one point behind leaders Juventus who was tied with Cagliari in an earlier clash.Zlatan Ibrahimovic led the Milan front-line as usual with Inter featuring veteran Diego Milito who was struggling most of the season.It would be Inter striking first 4 minutes into competition. Thiago Motta headed in Maicons free kick. But the goal was ruled out with the Brazilian getting stuck in the offside trap.The hosts would have the answer 6 minutes later. Alexandre Pato found space in the area, but the young striker blooned the ball onto the stand.Around the half-hour mark, Ibrahimovic would threaten, but his trademark back-heel flick turned out wide.Milan would come closest to scoring just before the break. Mark Van Bommel launched a thunderbolt which bounced back after hitting the crossbar. The two sides remained scoreless in the first half.However Javier Zanetti led the visitors to rally back 8 minutes after the break. The Inter captain broke clear of the defence to place a long pass right into Diego Milito. The Argentine striker cut into the box, shooting inside the far post. Inter would enjoy a 1-0 lead at San Siro.Milan would strive for an equalizer the rest of the way. But Inter held on the 1-goal lead to end Milans unbeaten 12-match league run.在意大利甲级联赛,所有的目光都集中在周日晚些时候的米兰德比上。国际米兰凭借米利托下半时的进球,在米兰德比中以1:0战胜AC米兰,取得意甲六连胜,同时遏止对手连续12场比赛不败的势头。下半时开战9分钟,国米队长扎内蒂边路横传门前,AC米兰后卫阿巴特阻截失误,皮球落到米利托脚下。他顺势冲到门前,冷静推射打进比赛唯一进球。201201/168591。

This is Turpan Oasis吐鲁番绿洲And its famous in China for an unexpected product它以品质出众的特产而驰名中国grapes这就是葡萄But how on Earth can a water-hungry crop grow in such abundance为何如此需水的植物却能在沙漠中in a desert?获得丰收The secret lies below ground秘密就在地下A subterranean network of canals known as karez一种被称为坎儿井的地下水渠网is used to channel water around Turpan streets引导着水源在吐鲁番街道之间流动and into raving yards并将之引入美丽的庭院当中But where does the water come from?但水从何而来The clue lies on the desert floor线索就掩埋在荒漠之中in these lines of holes which mark the course of the subterranean water ways在这些标志着地下水路的洞穴所连成的线上Over 2 millennia ago两千多年前local people carved more than 3000km of当地人挖掘了长达3000多千米的these canals beneath the desert地下水渠diverting water from the distant mountains将水从远处的山上引来Channeling the flow underground在地下引水means that less water is lost to evaporation in the desert heat可以减少水在沙漠酷热下的蒸发量 /201208/197542。