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Deal Close For G20 Summit Leaders Keith Graves reports from the G20 summit of world leaders in Washington DC, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown is calling for worldwide cuts in taxes and interest rates to try to rescue the global economy from a deep recession. Between them they represent 90 percent of the world's economic activity, 20 world leaders are trying to find a way to dig the global economy out of the hole. Even their host President Bush admits they can only make a start if that at the summit which kicked off last night to the White House dinner and will end after lunch today, not much time to save the world.This problem did not develop overnight and it will not be solved overnight. But with continued cooperation and determination it will be solved. And whilst they obviously agreed that something must be done and done quickly. They are whatever their final communiqué may say far from in an agreement about what. Mr. Bush is a lame duck president of a nation, blamed by some world leaders for being at the root cause of economic crisis. His successor Barrack Obama's declined the invitation to attend but whether that things are going to get worse before he moves into the White House and wisely keeping his distance from Mr. Bush.Prime Minister Brown is trying to impose his ideas on the summit, lobbying for support with fellow leaders.I’m determined to do everything in my power to make sure that the economy move forward in such a way that people with homes could be more secure, that people with small businesses can get the cash flow that they need and people can be less worried about the effect on jobs. This is my undivided attention. I’m determined we do everything in our part to do the right things. And whilst some leaders including President Bush have reservations about the prime minister’s plans for more cross border regulations to keep international financial institutions on the strait and narrow. One thing they do seem to agree upon is that it's going to get worse before it gets better. Caise Graves Sky News WashingtonKeith Graves在华盛顿的20国领导人峰会上发回报道,英国首相布朗呼吁世界范围内削减税率和利率,来使世界经济免于进一步的衰退。他们代表了全世界90%的经济实体,20国领导人试图寻找一个解决方案来拯救全球经济。虽然东道主布什总统承认,峰会从昨天晚上白宫的晚宴开始,到今天中午的午餐就会结束,对于拯救世界经济来说时间有点仓促,但是可以开一个头。这个问题不是一夜之间形成的,也不是一夜之间可以解决的。但是只要团结协作,决心坚定,就一定能够解决。当时他们一致同意,必须尽快采取措施。但是他们远远没有达到公报上所说对某项计划达成完全一致。布什总统是这个国家无用的领导人。他被有些国家的领导人认为是世界经济危机的根源。他的下一任总统奥巴马拒绝参加这次峰会。但是至于他入主白宫,明智的和布什保持距离之后形势会不会恶化就不得而知了。布朗努力阐述他的观点,试图游说他国领导人。我决定尽能力所及的一切努力来确保经济向前发展,使得有家的人更安全,做生意的人有他们需要的流动资金,人们不再为工作担忧。这是我唯一关注的问题。我认为我们应该尽职尽责,采取正确的措施。当时包括布什在内地一些领导人对布朗所提出的越境调控来保国际金融环境稳定的计划都有所保留。他们唯一达成共识的是形势将会恶化。200811/56559Despite economy, Nike soars Nike has seen its third-quarter income leap by 32% compared to a year agoIt looks like the weakening US economy is not weighing on Nike whatsoever. The athletic apparel giant out with its earnings late last night after the closing bell and they did shock---profit up 32% from the same period a year ago. That is for its fiscal third quarter.Now the stock got such a pop-off that it did have to suspend trading for just a bit. So what is helping Nike, is it the US? No, not really. The stock is up almost 7% right now. But again, those gains not in the US. It did see a respectable 5% increase in sales here in the US, but those gains were overseas--- in Europe, sales up 23%; in Asia, sales up 27% . Now, of course, the Olympics in Beijing are coming up. Nike is doing a lot to prepare for that. Nike doesn’t always sponsor the Olympics but it of course does work with a number of those top Olympic athletes. So some great news out for Nike, the stock is benefiting from it. Here back up again, close to that 52-week high that we saw back in November, looks like it could top that now after this news.Notes:Weigh on: to exert influence01/60356lips and ears Rumor has it: Simon Cowell has a heart; Halle Berry working on babe No.2; Joel and Benji Madden rock the hill 精听建议:先完整地把一条新闻听一到三遍,争取掌握大意。然后,一句一句精听,力争每句话都听明白。遇到实在不懂的地方,再听写。下面的文本材料中空缺部分里面要填的词都很简单,不过是一些值得注意的连读或者典型的美式发音哦,有些语速比较快。试试看,你能不能全部写对? 1 Lips and Ears.Simon has a secret. Halle has one too. Joel and Benji are rock and mad. But at who?Hi, Lips and Ears fans, I am Diane Macedo, in for Courtney Friel. 2 , Simon Cowell looks to be hiding something juicy from us all. Dorothy, what’s the scoop?Grumpy Simon Cowell is hiding a huge secret. He has a tender heart. Sources tell the inquirer the American Idol judge rescued the 2004 winner Fantasia from being tossed out of her North Carolina home. Fantasia apparently has fallen on hard times and was planning to sell her 1.3 million-dollar home to satisfy unpaid loans. But Simon promised to help Fantasia take care of some of her debts. So the house wouldn’t have to 3 . Our insider told us Simon wanted to keep his charitable deeds on the down low and prevent her from any further public embarrassment. What a nice guy!I agree. Simon is a nice guy. I knew there is a soft side in there somewhere. Thanks, Dorothy.Halle Berry looks like she is y to bring another 4 into this world. Noah, what have you heard?Hollywood is buzzing with speculation that Halle Berry is pregnant after she was spotted leaving a Westwood medical center on Jan. 26th. And Insider reveals Halle sought fertility treatments in late 2008. It has been hinting to pals that she and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry are expecting a sibling for baby Nahla who turns one in March. It looks like this family is about to get even more beautiful.Yes, Noah, that family is nothing short of gorgeous. Good Charlotte rockers Joel and Benji Madden have been rocking Capitol Hill lately. Emily, what’s the Beltway buzz?Joel and Benji Madden might be best known as the boy-toys of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton respectively, or as rockers in the band Good Charlotte. Now the brothers can add another line to their resumes: lobbyists. The Maryland natives visited Washington this week to chat up lawmakers and raise the awareness of so-called “conflict minerals”, similar to “conflict diamonds”, they are mined in Congo and used in devices like cell phones. There are feuling wars in central Africa and the Brothers Madden stormed Capitol Hill to help 5 . Too bad, Benji’s ex Paris wasn’t successful in her presidential bid or their job might be a lot easier. Thank you, Emily. Hey, Lips and Ears fans, make sure to send us your celebrity tips, clips and pics to our uREPORT address: www.foxnews.com/ureport. and remember, from your lips to our ears, we’ve got you covered. 填空 :1. On tap for 2. Up top 3. go on the block 4. head turner 5. get the word out on tap for: y forup top: 今日头条scoop: an exclusive of a storygo on the block: to be offered on salehead turner: something that attracts a lot of attention03/65496谷歌在华广告代理商联名致函谷歌说,如果谷歌关闭旗下的中文搜索引擎,它们的业务将陷入危险,并要求谷歌给代理商合理的解决方案。《华尔街日报》马塞洛·普林斯(Marcelo Prince)报道。201003/99032

Reports that a large convoy of Moammar Gadhafi's supporters has fled Libya for Niger have angered many in the Libyan capital. Citizens want to see their former leader and those around him facing justice at home.有关卡扎菲持者的一大批车队已离开利比亚逃往尼日尔的报导激怒了利比亚首都的许多人。利比亚人想要看到他们的前领导人及其周围的人在国内接受司法审判。A convoy of some 200 armored vehicles is said to have crossed into Niger from southern Libya late Monday, possibly via Algeria. As the reports sp, so, too, did speculation that some of the Gadhafi loyalists may be headed on to Burkina Faso, which has offered safe haven to the ousted leader.据报导,一个由大约200辆装甲车组成的车队9月5日(星期一)晚上已从利比亚南部进入尼日尔境内,有可能是经过阿尔及利亚。随着这一报导的流传,社会上也流传着一种揣测,认为一些效忠卡扎菲的人可能朝布基纳法索的方向走了,布基纳法索主动提出让被推翻的卡扎菲去该国避难。Burkina Faso has straddled the line on events in Libya, recognizing the National Transitional Council, but also willing to flout its obligation to the International Criminal Court, which has issued an arrest warrant for Gadhafi on war crimes. 布基纳法索在利比亚的问题上采取了骑墙的做法,它一方面承认利比亚全国过渡委员会,一方面违背它对国际刑事法庭的责任,国际刑事法庭以战争罪的指控发出逮捕卡扎菲的命令。Jalal al Galal, a spokesman for the provisional authorities, says the NTC wants Gadhafi to stay in Libya.利比亚全国过渡委员会发言人加拉尔说,他们想让卡扎菲留在利比亚。"The NTC has made it very clear all along that they requested from all the neighboring countries not to aid and abet criminals on the escape. We don't know the content of the convoy. It could be gold. It could be money. It could be members of his family. We hope that it is not members of his family and we hope it is not him," he said.他说:“全国过渡委员会一直明确表示,他们要求所有邻国不要当在逃犯的帮凶。我们并不知道这个车队里运载的是什么。它也可能运载的是黄金,也可能是钱,还可能是卡扎菲的家人。我们希望车上没有他的家人,也希望没有卡扎菲本人。”201109/152908

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