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London cabbies shut city down over Uber Drivers of Londons famous black cabs brought traffic to a standstill over the car service app Uber. Jim Boulden reports.All of this over an app. London Cabbies Stage, a one-hour protest here in central London, basically bringing traffic to a halt. The reason, of course, is London cabs say that anybody who uses the Uber service is taking business from them. They say that this app called Uber makes your iPhone a metered taxi service, and they should be regulated, they should have to follow the same rules as the black cab companies have to follow. Now we ask some taxi drivers why they decided that they had to take this step to take a protest.Well Ive spend three years learning a knowledge meanwhile run in London,to provide a good service for Londoners where apps dont do that. You just, anyone can come and drive.laws says Uber which is an illegal act because theyve given their drivers a meter. Any bylaw, in this country, laws is technique, technique carries taxi, were the only one allowed to have meters, thats what makes us a taxi.Well, I just want people to realize what’s going on really, cause I think thats the thing they dont know before. So, yeah, hopefully, thats the idea. So hopefully , it will bring peoples attention to whats going on.Now the protests werent just here in London. There are also protests scheduled by taxi drivers in places like Berlin* and Paris. Uber has aly been effectively outlawed in Brussels by court. Here in London the transfer for London has said because of this uprising by taxi drivers they will ask the high court a judge to decide once for all. Is Uber on your iPhone a metered taxi service or can it operate the way Uber would like to see it operate which they say? Of course, brings down the cost on traveling. /201406/306114Bruce Lee has the big middle finger raised toward any form of authority.李小龙对一切形式的权威都不屑一顾All kinds of dogmas, all kinds of traditions.Hes saying a big;Screw you; To all of them.他会对所有教条、所有传统说一句-去死吧。This guy was preaching back in the 60s you shouldnt stay to one style.No one style is the best. Have a piece of everything.他在六十年代一直教育人们不要只盯着一种流派,没有最好的流派,要兼收并蓄。In 1968 he says, ;JKD in 69 will be different.;他在1968年说 1969年的截拳道会与现在不同I said, ;This is really good stuff were doing now.He says, ;JKD in 69 will be different.JKD in 1970 will be different.;我说现在这样就很好啊,他说1969年截拳道会有所改变,1970年的截拳道又会不同。Martial arts has evolved more in the last ten years than it has in the last 10,000 years,because all the stuff that Bruce Lee talked about and his philosophies and things that he believed were finally proven and now this new art was able to start to grow and evolve.martial武术在近十年里的发展比过去一万年都要多,这要归功于李小龙的理论和他的哲学,他所相信的最终都得到了验。现在新武术正要进一步发展、进化。Our main event, for the light heavyweight title,here we go!轻重量级拳击的一场重要赛事,现在开始。You talk about Chinese boxing.How does it differ from, say, our kind of boxing?Well, first we use the feet.Second to none.And then we use the elbow.你说过中国式拳击,它跟我们的拳击有什么不同。首先我们可以用脚,这点独一无二,而且我们可以用手肘。Oh! Beautiful elbow!Do you use the thumb too?You name it, man, we use it.You use it all. -You have to.漂亮的肘击。拇指能用吗?凡是身上的部位都能用。你们全都用 -必须的。Because that is the expression of the human body.I mean the... everything, I mean, not just the hand.因为这是一种身体的展现,我是说一切部位,不光是手。201311/266090The trick to helping your better, albeit unemployed, half? Motivate them without nagging.更好地帮助你失业伴侣的方法?不要唠叨,用心激励他们。You Will Need你需要Networking skills社交技能Professional associations职业联合会A job seekers group求职团体Temp work临时工作Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Decide if you need to get tough1.是否需要严厉Decide if you need to get tough. It’s normal for you to feel resentment, especially if they have been out of work for a while. The trick is to determine if you’re angry at the situation, or if you are justifiably annoyed because they are not doing enough to find a job. If it’s the latter, let them know it’s time to step up their game.决定是否需要严厉。你感到怨恨是很正常的,尤其是如果对方已经失业一段时间。应对这种情绪的方法就是确定一下自己是对这种状况感到愤怒,还是因为对方没有尽全力找工作而愤怒。如果是后者,应该让他们知道是时候努力了。Step 2 Identify the problem2.辨别问题If your spouse is not getting many interviews, take a look at their resume. You may be able to beef it up by identifying strengths and skills they don’t know they have. If they are getting plenty of interviews but no job offers, stage some mock interviews with them to see if you can pinpoint what they’re doing wrong in the hot seat.如果你的配偶面试机会不多,看一下他们的简历。指出他们自己没有意识到的长处和技能,或许可以让简历更出色。如果他们进行了足够多的面试但是没有聘用通知,配合他们进行模拟面试,看一下能否指出他们面试时的问题。Step 3 Help them network3.帮助他们联系他人Encourage them to call anybody and everybody they can think of who might have a job lead, and you do the same with your network of friends, family, and business associates.鼓励他们联系能够想到的可以帮助找工作的任何人,你也联系自己的朋友,家人和企业联合会。Social-networking sites are a great way to reconnect with old friends and classmates.社交网站是重新联系老朋友和同学的好方法。Step 4 Encourage them to join groups4.鼓励他们加入团体Urge them to join professional associations and to find a job seekers group through your house of worship or community center. Besides widening their list of contacts, it will help combat the isolation that many unemployed workers feel.鼓励他们通过礼拜会或社区中心加入职业联合会,寻找求职团体。这样不仅可以扩大交际圈,还可以打消许多失业者都会感到的孤独感。Step 5 Consider temp work5.考虑临时工作Suggest they take on some temp work. It’s a good way to stay busy, earn some money, make new contacts, and perhaps even land a full-time gig. Plus, it will take some pressure off your relationship if they’re once again contributing to the family coffers.建议他们做一些临时工作。这是保持忙碌,赚钱,建立新的关系的好方法,或许甚至可以帮助你找到一份全职工作。此外,这样可以让他们重新对家庭做出贡献,为你们的关系减轻一些压力。Step 6 Be patient6.耐心Be patient. It takes about six months to find a new job, so try not to get discouraged if the search at times seems fruitless.耐心一点。找到一份新工作一般需要六个月的时间。所以,如果求职过程看上去遥遥无期,不要沮丧。The average American has 10 jobs in their lifetime.一般美国人一生中从事10份工作。201411/343536

Hanging out with the folks can be fun. Really. Trust us.和一堆老友在一起或许比较开心。不过,要相信我们。You Will Need你需要An open mind开放的头脑A project, event, or activity一个项目,事件或活动A positive attitude积极的态度Steps步骤STEP 1 Do something active1.做一些积极的事情Do something active. Take a hike together, go cycling, rent some Jet Skis. Exercise increases the brain’s production of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals, putting everyone in a good mood.做一些积极的事情。一起远足,骑自行车,租一些喷气滑雪板。运动可以促进大脑产生内啡肽,让人感觉舒适的化学物质,让每一个人情绪良好。STEP 2 Try something new2.尝试新鲜事物Try something new and preferably daring. Research shows that sharing a new experience—especially one that’s a little scary—helps people bond.尝试新鲜事物,最好是比较大胆的举动。研究显示,共享新鲜的经历,尤其是有点害怕的事情,可以增强人们之间的感情纽带。STEP 3 Play a team game3.集体游戏Play a game where the family can divide into teams—like you and your dad against your mom and brother in a game of bowling, tennis, or golf.尝试集体游戏,一家人可以分成几个小组,比如你和妈妈一组,兄弟和爸爸一组打保龄球,网球或高尔夫球。Ask your parents about their past. It’s a safe subject that they’ll warm to; plus, it will remind you that your parents were once young, too.向父母询问他们的过去。这是他们比较欢迎的比较安全的话题;此外,这可以提醒你,你的父母也曾经年轻过。STEP 4 Laugh with each other4.一起大笑Laugh with each other. Rent a few comedies, take in some stand-up acts, or just exchange funny family stories around the dinner table. Psychologists who have researched laughter say that it builds strong connections.一起大笑。租几个喜剧片,表演一些单口喜剧或者饭桌上交换一些有趣的家庭故事。对笑进行研究的心理学家表示,笑可以建立牢固的感情联系。STEP 5 Play cards5.打牌Play cards together. According to one study, you can learn more about a person in one game of cards than you could on 12 dates. Imagine what insights you could gain into people you’ve known your whole life!一起打牌。根据一项研究,在一次纸牌游戏对一个人的了解超过12次约会。想象一下,你可以从已经结识一生的人那里洞悉到什么样的消息!According to one poll, 67% of American teens say they want to spend more time with their parents.根据一项民意调查,67%的美国青少年表示他们希望与父母共度更多时间。视频听力译文由。 /201407/313998

Dont let heat and humidity throw your running schedule off track. With a few precautions, you can safely stay on your feet in high temperatures.不要让炎热和潮湿阻挡了你跑步的计划。通过一些预防措施,高温天气你依然可以按部就班地享受跑步的乐趣。You Will Need你需要The heat index热指数Water水A sports drink with electrolytes电解质运动饮料Waterproof sunscreen with SPF 30防晒系数30的防水防晒霜A hat帽子Sunglasses太阳眼镜Light-colored clothes made of moisture-wicking fabrics用排汗布料制作的浅色装A post-run snack跑步后点心Steps步骤STEP 1 Know the heat index1.了解热指数Check the heat index, which is how hot it feels when the temperature and the humidity are combined. According to the National Weather Service, exercising in a heat index over 89 degrees Fahrenheit puts you at risk for heat-related health problems like sunstroke.查看热指数,也就是温度和湿度结合起来的感觉。根据国家天气预报局,在热指数超过华氏89度的天气锻炼会导致与炎热有关的健康问题,比如中暑。STEP 2 Hydrate2.补水Drink 16 to 20 ounces of water two to three hours before running; drink another 12 to 16 ounces 15 minutes before you begin; and drink about 5 ounces of water every 10 to 15 minutes during your run. If you plan to run more than 60 minutes, substitute a sports drink that contains electrolytes and 6 to 8 percent carbohydrate concentration for the water.跑前两到三小时饮用16至20盎司的水;开始跑步前15分钟再饮用12至16盎司的水;跑步期间每10至15分钟再饮用大约5盎司。如果你计划的跑步时间超过60分钟,用含有电解质和6%至8%的碳水化合物的运动饮料来代替水。By the time youre thirsty, youre aly dehydrated.当你感到口渴的时候,你已经脱水了。STEP 3 Protect yourself from the sun3.阳光下保护自己Slather on waterproof sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, wear a hat with a broad bill, and put on sunglasses. Caps with a ;sun skirt; around the back offer additional protection for your ears, back of head, and neck.涂抹防晒系数至少30的防水防晒霜,戴一顶有宽帽檐的帽子,戴上太阳眼镜。后面有遮阳设计的帽子能够更好地保护耳朵,脑袋后部和脖子。STEP 4 Wear moisture-wicking fabrics4.排汗布料Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing made of moisture-wicking fabrics. Dark colors absorb more heat and cotton retains moisture.选择用排汗布料制作的宽松浅色装。深色会吸收更多热量,棉会锁住水分。STEP 5 Get wet5.浇冷水Consider dousing yourself with cold water right before your run so you dont heat up as fast. Take a shower; jump in the pool; or just dump a pitcher of cold water over your head.开始跑步之前用冷水浇湿自己,这样就不会很快变热。洗冷水澡,在水池中跑步,或者直接在头上浇一盆冷水。STEP 6 Run with the wind6.风中跑步Begin your run with the wind at your back so youll have a nice breeze in your face on the way back.顺风而跑,这样回程的时候就可以享受迎面凉风。STEP 7 Take it slow7.慢跑Dont go for any records; keep your first couple of miles below your usual pace.不要追求任何记录;最初几英里的速度低于平时的速度。STEP 8 Dont ignore warning signs8.不要忽视预警信号If you stop sweating and begin to feel dizzy or nauseous, stop running, get in the shade, drink some water, and get medical attention. Those are symptoms of heatstroke.如果你停止排汗,开始感到眩晕或恶心,那就停止跑步,走到荫凉下,喝点水,注意身体。这些都是中暑的症状。Heat cramps, which usually strike runners in the legs, are the first sign that youre overheating. So if you experience one, stay on the safe side and terminate your run.热痉挛经常发生在跑步者的双腿,这是过热的第一个信号。所以,如果你出现这种症状,安全最重要,终止跑步。STEP 9 Bottoms up!9.喝水Drink another 16 to 20 ounces of water or a sports drink after you finish your run.跑步后再次饮用16至20盎司的水或运动饮料。The optimum temperature to run a marathon in is 54 degrees Fahrenheit.进行马拉松式跑步的最佳温度是华氏54度。视频听力译文由。201407/315548

but jobs with his eye ever on the bottom line, Had a different view.但是从乔布斯看来,这还没有触及他的底线There were too many people at apple有太多人站在苹果这一边了And in the apple ecosystem playing the game of而且在苹果公司系统里,常常玩着的游戏便是;for apple to win, microsoft has to lose,;;苹果会胜利,微软会失败;And it was clear that you didnt have to play that game然后你很清楚你没必要再玩这个游戏了Because apple wasnt going to beat microsoft.因为苹果公司不会想去打败微软Apple didnt have to beat microsoft.苹果公司没必要击败微软Apple had to remember who apple was.苹果需要牢记自己为什么是苹果It was just crazy what was happening at that time,那段时间真的很疯狂,And apple as very weak, and so I called bill up苹果很虚弱,所以我打给比尔And we tried to patch things up.然后我们尝试修补关系I think he learned to be a better businessman.我认为他学习到了如何成为一个更好的商人I think he learned a little more humility.我认为他学会了如何变得更加谦逊Steve really changed in a number of ways,史蒂夫真的在很多方面改变了自己And he changed primarily because of failure.最重要的因素便是失败Failure affected him, and he learned from it.失败影响着他,他从中学习教训jobs created a brand-new product at apple, the imac.乔布斯创造了一个全新的产品线,iMacI think there was a decision to look different.我认为那是一种从不同角度思考的决心Remember,记得吗,their motto immediately after his return was ;think different,;他们在他刚刚回到苹果时候的广告就是;Think Different;And he didnt say that because he didnt believe it.他从来不那样说因为他坚信这点.He really did want to think different,他确确实实做到了不同凡想And they would have to appear different To show that they were thinking different.并且他们乐于用各种不同的方式展现他们不同的想法.the pair joked about the relationship Between ;mac man; jobs and ;pc man; bill gates.有一恶搞;Mac Man;乔布斯和;PC man;盖茨之间的搞笑组合Pc guy is great but not a big heart.用PC的家伙很伟大,但是没有雄心His mother loves him.他的妈妈爱他His mother loves him.他的妈妈爱他Pc guy is what makes it all work actually.PC guy是那种让任何事情循规蹈矩发展的家伙Mossberg: all right.没错.Its worth thinking about.这样想是很有价值的The truth about bill gates is a brilliant man事实上比尔盖茨是一个很有才华的人Who you could and I did talk to for long periods about the future.是那种可以和你与我谈论起未来滔滔不绝的人He could think quite intelligently About the future,他对于未来的想法很明智,but the way microsoft worked As a business was far more incremental than apple.但是微软比起苹果 有着过于商业化的运作All the while, they were working on some big leap,在那时,他们都是在巨大的变革之中And microsoft tended to do the incremental stuff Almost all the time.而微软趋向于任何时刻都在提升自己的附加值 /201309/258255In 1947 kajukenbo was the first to put all these different martial arts in one title:karate, judo, kenpo, boxing.1947年的混合自卫术是第一个把所有武术混合在一起的项目,有空手道、柔道、流空手道和拳击。Like Bruce Lee,they put all these practical things together but kajukenbo had it first.和李小龙一样,他们把所有实用技法进行了结合,但混合自卫术开了先河。I agree with Dana White.He is one of the pioneers of mixed martial art.The reality is, everybody has been a part of this evolution from Benny ;The Jet; Urquidez to Joe Lewis to all these guys,to Joe Lewis the boxer, too, and the list goes on and on and on.我同意丹纳·怀特他是综合格斗的先驱之一,其实每个人都为它的发展做了贡献,从宾尼·尤奎德兹到乔·路易斯的所有人,还有拳击手乔·路易斯 多得数不清。When the UFC came in,they werent talking about Bruce Lee.- They were talking about Royce Gracie. - Royce Gracie!终极格斗出现之后 人们就不再提起李小龙了。他们在说罗伊斯·葛雷西 -罗伊斯·葛雷西The Gracies were a piece of that too,a piece of the history of not only the UFC but of the martial arts evolving.葛雷西家族也是贡献者之一,不仅是终极格斗冠军赛,对武术的发展都有重要意义。For a while they owned those competitions.Theres the tag.What the Gracies did was they took the ground game, the submission game,and really refined it to a whole other level.很长时间他们统治了那些比赛,葛雷西获胜。葛雷西家族的贡献是他们把地面战和控制战结合起来,并将它提炼到了一个新高度。Bruce would have loved Brazilian jiujitsu.I think if he saw the Gracies, he would have studied.He really embraced wrestling and he really embraced judo.布鲁斯一定会爱上巴西柔道,我觉得如果他见过葛雷西家族,他一定会学。他向柔道和摔跤都敞开了怀抱。The difference between the Gracies and Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee was never stuck and married to one thing.I think once everybody started to learn jiujitsu and then people started to do more stand-up in there...葛雷西家族和李小龙的不同在于李小龙从不会只认定一种流派,人们一旦开始学日本柔术就会有更多人开始进行站立比赛。My goodness!天哪Then I think they started talking about Bruce Lee.Oh, man. That is the Karate Kid.我觉得这时人们就会谈论李小龙,天哪,这就是功夫小子。201311/266448To kiss or not to kiss? Find out all the who, what, where, when, whys, and hows of social kissing.亲吻还是不亲吻?看一下社交亲吻的六个要素吧。You Will Need你需要Social kissing etiquette社交亲吻礼节Consideration of situation and level of familiarity考虑场合和熟悉程度Proper technique恰当的技巧Steps步骤STEP 1 Kiss strangers socially only1.只在社交场合亲吻陌生人Kiss people you are being introduced to only if you are introduced in a social environment, like a party or at a bar, and only if the person introducing you two knows both of you well. Otherwise, a handshake is usually appropriate.只在社交场合,比如派对或酒吧里,亲吻别人刚刚介绍给你认识的人,而且只在介绍人跟你和对方都很熟悉的情况下。否则,只是握手就可以了。STEP 2 Consider colleagues2.考虑同事Consider factors like level of familiarity and profession when kissing colleagues. A kiss in the boardroom would be inappropriate in most businesses, but is common in the fashion and theater worlds.亲吻同事的时候,考虑一下熟悉程度和职业等因素。在大部分企业中,在会议室亲吻是不合适的,但是在时尚界和戏剧界很常见。STEP 3 Let others lead3.让其他人主动Let the other person take the lead if youre not sure if kissing is appropriate. Although its becoming more common, its still not right in all circles.如果你不确定亲吻是否合适,让对方来主动。尽管亲吻已经越来越常见,在许多行业仍然是不合适的。STEP 4 Be clear4.明确Be clear of your intention when going in for the social kiss so the receiver is sure of the gesture and can react appropriately.想要奉上社交亲吻时意图一定要明确,这样对方才能确定你的姿势,可以做出相应的回应。STEP 5 Begin with the right cheek5.右脸颊开始Begin kissing the right cheek of the receiver or offer your own right cheek to them if they go in for the kiss first. Be prepared to change direction at the last minute, though, in case of a mix-up.先亲吻对方的右脸颊,或者如果对方主动首先亲吻的话,奉上你的右脸颊。做好最后一分钟改变方向的准备,以免搞错。STEP 6 Dont reject a kiss6.不要拒绝亲吻Dont reject another persons social kiss, which is considered extremely rude. Pucker up!不要拒绝其他人的社交亲吻,这会被其他人认为很没礼貌。加油吧!A 2010 survey conducted in the ed Kingdom found that most adults under the age of 25 prefer to touch fists, air kiss, or wave instead of shaking hands.2010年英国进行的一项调查发现,25岁以下的大部分成年人选择碰拳,飞吻或挥手,而不是握手。视频听力译文由。201404/290802

You just know your pal is making a terrible mistake. But you’re going to need more than your intuition to stop the wedding.你刚刚得知你的朋友做了一个糟糕的决定。但是要阻止婚礼,你需要的不仅仅是直觉。You Will Need你需要A calm approach冷静的态度Reasoned arguments理性的辩论Acceptance of the final decision接受最终决定Steps步骤STEP 1 Time it1.寻找合适的时机Find a time when you can speak with your friend privately, in a quiet setting. Don’t wait until the last minute (like a week before the wedding)—one to six months before the big day would be ideal.找个合适的时间,你可以和朋友在安静的场合私下谈话。不要等到最后一刻(比如说婚礼前最后一周)——婚礼前一到六个月是最理想的。STEP 2 Stay calm2.保持冷静Broach the subject calmly. Your argument is not going to hold much sway if you’re on the verge of hysteria when you deliver it.冷静地讨论这个话题。如果你表述自己观点的时候歇斯底里,你的辩论可能不会产生很大的效果。STEP 3 Be reasonable3.合理Present all the reasons you believe your pal will regret it if he or she walks down that aisle. Deliver them as you would a well-thought-out work presentation.表述出让你认为朋友走上结婚殿堂之后会后悔的所有原因。认真表述,就像在做一场工作汇报。You’ll no longer be able to screw other people, is not really a valid argument.“你不能再和其他人混在一起”并不是一个有效的理由。STEP 4 Anticipate objections4.预料到对方的反对Anticipate the betrothed’s objections so you’re prepared to answer protests like, But my parents will lose ten grand if we cancel the reception hall this late.预料到对方的反对,这样你就可以做好准备回答这样的抗议,比如“如果我们这么晚才取消招待大厅我的父母会损失很多钱。”STEP 5 Paint a picture5.描述一幅图画Paint a vivid picture of the grim life you foresee for your friend if he or she goes ahead with the wedding.如果你的朋友坚持举行婚礼,描述一幅悲惨的婚姻生活的图画。Keep referring to the wedding as a travesty. Research shows that if you repeat something enough, people start to believe it.坚持把婚礼比作“令人嘲弄的事情”。研究表明,如果你重复某件事情足够多次,人们就会开始相信。STEP 6 Offer support6.提供持Offer to support the person with the fallout that accompanies canceling a wedding.如果对方决定取消婚礼,提出持并陪伴他们。STEP 7 Offer a compromise7.做出让步Offer a compromise. Suggest that the person at least postpone the wedding for a while.做出让步。建议你的朋友至少把婚礼延期一段时间。STEP 8 Accept it8.接受现实If, despite your best efforts, the person decides to ignore your advice and say I do, accept the decision and put on a happy face. Hey, maybe your friend really does know best.如果,尽管你做出了最好的努力,对方仍然决定忽略你的建议,说“我愿意”,那就接受他们的决定,摆出愉快的表情。或许你的朋友是最清楚的。About 20% of engaged couples end up calling off their wedding.大约20%的订婚情侣最终取消了婚礼。视频听力译文由。201409/332555

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