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Learn English while learning about daily life in Australia, with Rob McCormack.和罗布·麦考马克一起学习英语,并了解澳大利亚的日常生活Podcast Number 1播客第一期Hi, my name is Rob McCormack. I have just turned 60 years old and I have been retired about 18 months. I live in Melbourne Australia with Silvia, my wife of 35 years, and our youngest son Andrew, who still lives at home. Im very happy in my retirement, as I have many personal interests and I now have time to spend on them. But why am I making these podcasts? Let me explain that by telling you about my most important personal interest.大家好,我是罗布·麦考马克我刚满60岁,在18个月以前退休我和结婚35年的妻子西尔维娅以及我们最小的儿子安德鲁一起住在澳大利亚墨尔本,我们的小儿子目前还和我们生活在一起我很高兴我退休了,因为我有很多个人兴趣,现在我终于有时间专注这些兴趣了我为什么要做这个播客呢?这和我最重要的个人爱好有关,下面我就来解释一下You see, I am learning to speak German. I started to learn German because my wife, Silvia, was born in Austria and came to Australia when she was 8 years old. She still speaks German fluently. She learned to speak English very well and throughout our 35 years of marriage, we have always spoken English together. But when we go back to Austria to visit her relatives, I find that I cant understand what is being said unless everybody speaks English. 现在我在学习德语我学习德语是因为,我妻子西尔维娅出生在奥地利,8岁的时候来到澳大利亚她现在依然可以说流利的德语她的英语说得非常好,结婚35年来,我们在一起时一直说英语可是我们回奥地利去看望她的亲戚时,我发现如果他们不说英语,我完全不明白他们在说什么译文属 3970Part . Language study and language appreciation.Listen to the following statements you have learned in the previous and present s.Pay special attention to the parts in bold part. Learn to appreciate and use the language.1. to reduce the sp of virus a disease.Health experts say washing you hands reduces the sp of virus and other organisms that cause disease.Experts say hand washing is the simplest and most effective way to reduce the sp of infectious diseases.. to be blamed on.In addition, millions of food poisoning cases each year are blamed on people who prepare food who do not wash their hands.The sp of infections often is blamed on health workers who do not wash their hands after treating patients.3. a reminder of...So I think this should be a reminder of how large the role of prevention can be reducing cancer deaths.. to act as a clearing house ...Doctor Rifkin told A news that America Doctor Online acts as a clearing house the hundreds of thousands of responses, a web browser might turn up in answer to a question.5. To be bathed in...The observatory changed the astronomers views of the heavens, after showing that the entire universe is bathed in the invisible gamma rays, but highest energy m of light. 35366

Cell phone courtesy month 手机礼貌月 It's time to keep things private and avoid "cell yell." Josh Levs gives cell phone etiquette tips.You often hear safety rules about how not to use your cell phone. What about etiquette rules restaurants or other places?Actually it just happened, I was in the bathroom when some guy in the next urinal was taking a call.This guy suffers on the subway. Just the other day, this lady was talking to her doctor about some ailment she had and I was flaring back up.Sprint's Etiquette Spokeswoman Jacqueline Whitmore declared a National Cell Phone Courtesy Month because it was time to drill in some basics.She says even her masseuse once took a call.This went on 5 minutes while she was massaging my one shoulder with her one hand.Rules the annual event include: keep calls private, avoid "cell yell" and let some calls go to voicemail.We show people the rules.It’s all kind of common sense, you would think. She was put to the test. I don't answer, if I know that I'm doing something. It’s ringing right now, isn't it? It is. It's ringing right now. I just ignored it, cuz I'm doing something.Courtesy Month's founder says most people do the right thing like this guy who lowered his phone bee ordering, but plenty don't. They are here, they're always, they'll never look at you and they’re always right here.Will Courtesy Month catch on?I think maybe you should start with a day like a no-smoking day, something like that. An Annual National Cell Phone Courtesy Day will be better. There you go.That would at least be a step in a country that now has more than 50 million wireless subscribers.Josh Levs, CNN, Atlanta.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. etiquette : n-uncountEtiquette is a set of customs and rules polite behaviour, especially among a particular class of people or in a particular profession. . urinal : n-countA urinal is a bowl fixed to the wall of a men's public toilet men to urinate in.3. aliment : n-count An ailment is an illness, especially one that is not very serious. 59519

Paresh: Are you shopping an army?帕雷什:你是在为军队采购吗?Sandy: Oh hi, Paresh. No, my three nephews have come to live with me. I’m not sure how I’m going to feed them on a tight budget.桑迪:哦,嗨,帕雷什不是的,我三个侄子过来跟我一起生活我不知道我拮据的生活该如何抚养他们Paresh: My mother was a master at making a little go a long way. There are seven kids in my family.帕雷什:“细水也可长流”,我妈妈是这方面的专家我家里面有七个孩子Sandy: What did she do?桑迪:她是怎么做到的?Paresh: She only bought fruits and vegetables that were in season and generic or store brands.帕雷什:她只买那些普通的商店自产的应季果蔬Sandy: I’m trying to do that and also buying only staples.桑迪:我也想这样做并且只买需要的东西Paresh: My mother also bought in bulk and stocked up when things were on sale.帕雷什:当商品打折的时候,我妈妈会批量购买然后存储起来Sandy: I’ll need to start doing that.桑迪:我也得开始这样做了Paresh: She was also able spend less by using some time-tested recipes. She planned meals an entire week and each ingredient did double duty. Nothing went to waste.帕雷什:那些经过时间考验的食谱也能为她省下不少钱她花一周的时间准备菜谱,所有的东西都物尽其用什么也不会浪费Sandy: That sounds like a good plan.桑迪:听起来倒是个不错的计划Paresh: My mom also never turned her nose up at day-old b or marked down food. She was amazing and she made it work.帕雷什:我妈妈也不会嫌弃隔夜的面包或者降价商品她非常伟大而且她真的做到了Sandy: I need to take a cue from your mother. I love those boys but they’re going to eat me out of house and home!桑迪:我需要向你妈妈取取经我虽然喜欢这些孩子但是他们快要吃掉我的家底儿译文属 619

American Presidents-James Monroe; to oppress versus to suppress versus to repress; fruit and vegetables versus fruits and vegetables; file not sentfile not supportedWords:delegateto appointgovernorenvoySecretary of Stateprosperityeign affairsWestern Hemisphereto colonizedoctrineto be in debtto reimburseto oppressto suppressto repress 6

北美地区最具传奇性的脱口秀主持人和电视名人里吉斯#86;菲尔宾在新节目里扮演一个同性恋美发师,但他似乎很讨女性们的的喜欢本期来看看80岁高龄的美国著名影星贝蒂是如何看待的吧!I know,I was talking to give the expression Regis Philbin,我知道,我曾与里吉斯#86;菲尔宾谈论原谅的表达and he said he was on year other show,the Clevlon Show.他称自己是在其他节目中He was on a hearting Clevlon,and he played a gay hairdresser,他在一档克莱文节目中全心全意的扮演了一位同性恋美发师,and he said today that he played so well that he wasnt sure about becoming guys too well was gale.而他今天表示,他演的如此之好,他不知道成为男同性恋的感觉如何So he decided..所以他做出了决定And by the way,dont let it influence the rest of our show.而且,不让其影响我们余下的节目Oh,but he go to meet my fit and he kissed me like I havent been.哦,但是他要去检查自己的健康,之后他吻了我,我以前从没有过如此待遇What time is it ?会在什么时间?You really let me ever, No,you just kills me.你真的让我永远,不,你刚刚杀了我一样Wow,all right,you really get all different story.哇,好吧,你真的说的是个不同的故事注:听力文本来源于普特 187

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