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武汉/阿波罗医院有检查不育不孕吗武汉/治疗早泄哪家医院专业SAN FRANCISCO — Apple’s iTunes has grown stale. It is difficult to use and feels dated when compared with online music services like Spotify and Pandora. Pick your critique, and Apple has heard it.旧金山——苹果(Apple)的iTunes越来越老迈。它很难用,而且和Spotify、Pandora等其他在线音乐务平台相比,感觉已经过时了。提出你的吧,苹果已经听到了。But an overhaul of Apple’s music products, which includes an integration of the Beats music service that the Cupertino, Calif., company acquired last year for billion, shows that Apple, if anything, knows it has to grab attention while playing catch-up.但苹果音乐产品的大幅改革——包括整合去年出资30亿美元(约合190亿元人民币)收购的Beats音乐务——表明苹果其实知道,自己必须在迎头赶上的同时吸引注意力。In a thoroughly choreographed presentation at Apple’s annual conference for software developers, celebrities including the movie director J. J. Abrams and the rapper Drake helped Apple on Monday perform the nifty trick of matching competitors like Google and Spotify while still appearing to be on the cutting edge of the tech scene.周一,在苹果面向软件开发者的年会上,包括电影导演J·J·艾布拉姆斯(J.J. Abrams)和说唱歌手德雷克(Drake)在内的名人,在一场精心安排的演示中帮助苹果完成了一次聪明的宣传,显示苹果在与谷歌(Google)和Spotify等竞争对手旗鼓相当的同时,看上去依然处在科技领域的前沿。“We weren’t the first phone, we weren’t the first music player. That’s not where revolutions are made,” Eddy Cue, Apple’s head of software and Internet services, said in an interview after the event. “Revolutions are about bringing it all together and having the best product that actually works.”“我们不是世界上第一款手机,也不是世界上第一款音乐播放器。变革不在于这些,”苹果的软件和互联网务负责人艾迪·库伊(Eddy Cue)在会后接受采访时说。“变革是要把一切整合起来,要有一个真的好用的最佳产品。”The new music service was one part of a wide-ranging slate of announcements. Apple detailed new versions of its software systems for iPhones, iPads and Macs, offering features like public transit directions to its mapping software — a feature that Google and other mapping providers have supported for many years.新版音乐务是一系列新推出产品的一部分。苹果详细介绍了面向iPhone、iPad和Mac的新版软件系统,提供的功能包括地图软件的公共交通路线——谷歌和其他地图供应商多年前就已持该功能。For years, Apple’s strategy for selling iPhones and Macintosh computers has been to offer exclusive, high-quality software as a lure to reel people into buying its hardware. But the quality of its software started to slip last year, when the latest versions of the iPhone and Mac operating systems shipped with major bugs, including one that disabled the cell signal for a number of iPhone users last September.多年来,苹果销售iPhone和Mac电脑的战略一直是提供高质量的专属软件,以此作为诱饵去吸引消费者购买其硬件。但去年,其软件质量开始下滑,最新版本的iPhone和Mac操作系统推出时存在严重的缺陷,其中一个缺陷导致去年9月众多iPhone用户没有信号。To avoid a repeat, Apple on Monday introduced upgrades for its mobile and computer systems, iOS and OS X, with a strong focus on improving things under the hood, like stability, performance and battery life.为避免重蹈覆辙,苹果周一推出了移动和电脑系统,即iOS和OS X的升级版本,着重改善软件方面的表现,如稳定性、性能和电池寿命。The new version of iOS, called iOS 9, expands on existing features like Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled assistant. The updated assistant can respond to commands like “Show me photos from last August” to load the specific photo roll taken that month.新版iOS,即iOS 9,扩展了苹果的语音控制助手Siri等现有功能。升级后的助手能执行对“显示去年8月以后的照片”,或载入那个月拍摄的具体某个相簿等命令。When a user is receiving a phone call from an unfamiliar number, a user can ask “Who is calling?” and Siri will search emails for that phone number to identify the caller.接到一个不熟悉的号码打来的电话时,用户可以问“来电的是谁”,Siri就会在电子邮件中寻找那个号码,以识别来电者的身份。Apple also made changes to iOS that will significantly change the way iPads work. The company introduced a split-screen mode that allows multiple apps to run side-by-side, a big change from the current interface, which loads one app that takes up the entire screen.还有一些变化将大大改变iPad的运行方式。新版iOS推出了一种屏幕分割模式,允许多款应用并行运行,而不是像现在这样,运行一款应用便会占据整个屏幕,这是一个重大的变化。Apple made the change in anticipation of releasing a jumbo iPad that it plans to market as a device for professionals, according to a person briefed on the product.据一名了解相关产品的人士透露,苹果做出这一改变是在为一款大屏iPad做准备。该公司计划将其作为一款面向专业人士的设备来推销。The new Mac system, called El Capitan, also focuses on refining existing features. Apple added a button to its Safari web browser that mutes sound that unexpectedly starts playing from a webpage. Apple also expanded its search feature, called Spotlight, to do smarter searches. Typing “SF giants,” for example, will bring up the game scores and games schedule for the San Francisco Giants baseball team.新推出的Mac系统叫El Capitan,重点也在优化现有功能上。苹果在Safari网络浏览器上增设了一个按钮,可以降低网页上突然开始播放的声音。苹果还扩展了自己的搜索功能Spotlight,让用户进行更智能的搜索。比如,输入“SF giants(旧金山巨人)”,搜索结果中会出现旧金山巨人(San Francisco Giants)棒球队的比赛得分和赛程安排。El Capitan also emphasizes improving performance. Apple said apps would start about one and a half times as fast as in the previous version of OS X, and switching between apps would also be much snappier. The free upgrades for both the Mac and iPhone operating systems system will be available in the fall.El Capitan还强调改善性能。苹果称应用的启动速度大约是在上一版OS X环境下的1.5倍,应用之间的切换也会快很多。用户9月便可以免费更新Mac和iPhone的操作系统。Many of Apple’s new features represent an effort to make iPhones smarter and more contextually aware of users’ daily rhythms and needs. In doing this, the company is mimicking features that Google’s Android operating system has had for years.苹果的很多新功能表明,它希望iPhone更智能,更能根据情景意识到用户的日常节奏和需求。在这个过程中,公司正在效仿谷歌的Android操作系统多年前就已具备的一些功能。Google Maps has long had public transit directions, for instance. Apple’s new personal assistant, which would use cues like location, time of day and user patterns to suggest specific apps to use at that moment, is similar to the Google Now assistant, which is available on Android devices and can be downloaded to iPhones through the App Store.比如,谷歌地图(Google Maps)早就已经持公共交通路线。而苹果新推出的私人助理会以地点、时间和用户习惯等信息为依据,在某个时候推荐用户使用某个应用,这也类似于Google Now的功能,后者不仅可以在Android设备上使用,还可以通过App Store下载到iPhone上。Siri’s expanded ability to search through photos is also similar to the new Google Photos software that the search giant unveiled two weeks ago at Google I/O, its own developer conference.经过扩展后,Siri在照片中搜索的能力也与新面世的软件Google Photos类似,后者是谷歌这个搜索巨头两周前在自己的开发者大会“Google I/O”上推出的。“Developers need Apple to compete seriously with Google on these ‘intelligent’ features to keep users on the platform,” said Justin Kaufman, director of engineering in the West Coast office of Raizlabs, a company that builds mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms.“开发者需要苹果真正做到在这些‘智能’功能上与谷歌相抗衡,以便让用户留在自己的平台上,”Raizlabs公司驻西海岸工程总监贾斯廷·考夫曼(Justin Kaufman)说。该公司在iOS和Android平台上开发移动应用。Apple expanded Apple Pay, its mobile payments service, to include a loyalty and rewards programs for some merchants. For example, users paying with Apple Pay at Walgreens and Dunkin’ Donuts can redeem points they have accrued through the retailer’s rewards program.苹果还扩展了移动付务Apple Pay,推出了针对部分商家的顾客忠诚度和奖励项目。比如,若在沃尔格林(Walgreen)和唐恩都乐(Dunkin#39; Donuts)使用Apple Pay付,用户可兑换在这两家零售商的奖励活动中积累的积分。The company highlighted the announcement of Apple Music, an app and music service that it developed with Beats Electronics. The new application includes features that have long been familiar to customers of subscription-based streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, but Apple executives say their offering is better because it takes a confusing torrent of different methods to listen to music and ties them together in one place.Apple Music的推出是重头戏,这是苹果与Beats电子(Beats Electronics)共同开发的应用和音乐务。对新推出的这款应用所包含的功能,Spotify和Pandora等流媒体务的订阅用户早就司空见惯了,但苹果的高管称,他们的产品更胜一筹,因为它结合了大量不同的听音乐的方式,并将它们融为一体。“The music industry is a fragmented mess,” said Jimmy Iovine, the music executive who joined Apple after the Beats acquisition. The main difference with Apple’s offering is that a customer’s music downloads, the streaming music service and an Internet radio service can all be found inside the Apple Music app, he said.“音乐行业一片混乱,离破碎,” 在Beats被收购后加入苹果的音乐业务高管吉米·艾欧文(Jimmy Iovine)说。他说,苹果这款产品主要的区别在于,消费者的音乐下载、流媒体音乐务和网络电台务都可以在Apple Music里找到。Apple Music allows users to search for songs and stream them over the Internet, similar to Spotify. The streaming service makes recommendations for other playlists and albums for people to listen to. The service will cost a month or a month for up to six family members.与Spotify类似,Apple Music允许用户搜索并通过网络传输歌曲。流媒体务会向用户推荐其他播放列表和专辑。该务的收费是每月10美元,如果每月付15美元,则最多可有六位家人同时使用该务。The music app, which will be available June 30, also includes an overhauled version of iTunes Radio, the Pandora-like radio service Apple released in 2013. The radio service has added a live station, called Beats 1, that is curated by major names in the music industry, like the former B producer Zane Lowe.该音乐应用将于6月30日面市,改良后的iTunes Radio也被融入其中。2013年推出的这项电台务与Pandora类似。此次iTunes Radio增添了一个名叫Beats 1的现场频道,由诸如前B制作人赞恩·罗维(Zane Lowe)这样的业界大腕负责。Apple has also integrated social media elements into Apple Music, enabling artists to publish posts about their albums and concerts, and allowing customers to post comments.苹果还在Apple Music中融入了社交媒体元素,让艺人能够发表有关其专辑和音乐会的帖子,消费者则能发帖。James McQuivey, a technology analyst for Forrester Research, said Apple was late to the streaming music party, but still has a chance to leapfrog the competition.弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)的科技行业分析师詹姆斯·麦奎维(James McQuivey)表示,苹果进入流媒体音乐领域的时间晚了,但依然有机会超越竞争对手。“Can Apple beat Spotify?” he asked. “Yes, it can, not because its service will be any better, but because it can build its new music service into the hundreds of millions of devices that its loyal Apple users aly love.”“苹果能打败Spotify吗?”他问道。“能,但不是因为它的务会略胜一筹,而是因为它能把自己新推出的音乐务安装到数亿台设备上去,这些设备已经得到了忠实的苹果用户的喜爱。”Apple also demonstrated a news-ing mobile app called News, which will allow users to load articles from media outlets including The New York Times, ESPN and Wired. The app reformats web articles into magazinelike formats, similar to Flipboard, the popular ing app offered on Apple and Android devices.苹果还演示了一款名叫News的新闻阅读移动应用。用户可以用它从《纽约时报》、ESPN和Wired等媒体机构下载文章,它会将网络文章转换成类似于杂志的格式。这一点与颇受欢迎的阅读应用Flipboard类似,后者在苹果和Android设备上均可使用。 /201506/380100武汉/市协和医院龟头炎症 阅读提示:英文原文在下,对应译文在上,并非直译,敬请谅解“当你成为家族的下一代接班人时,我们也要启动‘陈-扎克伯格计划’(Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)了,与全世界的人一起努力,为下一代所有的孩子们,激发人类潜能并促进平等。在起步之初,我们将把重心放在个性化学习、疾病治疗、互联网连接,以及社区的发展上。”As you begin the next generation of the Chan Zuckerberg family, we also begin the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to join people across the world to advance human potential and promote equality for all children in the next generation. Our initial areas of focus will be personalized learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities.“我们将捐出Facebook 99%股份,市值约450亿美元,我们知道这只是杯水车薪,但我们希望能为改善这个世界略尽绵薄之力,我们将与他人一起,竭尽全力来改变世界。”We will give 99% of our Facebook shares -- currently about billion -- during our lives to advance this mission. We know this is a small contribution compared to all the resources and talents of those aly working on these issues. But we want to do what we can, working alongside many others.小札喜当爹,还为广大男同志们带来利好消息:初为人父的男员工们将拥有为期四个月的带薪陪产假!Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said he would take two months of paternity leave, the social media company announced it is extending its parental leave policy to full-time employees outside the ed States. /201512/413750武汉/医院预约系统

武汉/治疗早泄医院那里比较好Several factors have dogged the nascent wearable technology market. The lack of breakthrough innovation around batteries, for one, requiring wearers to plug in on-the-go gadgets more than they’d like. The lack of sophistication around tiny user interfaces is another, though that will no doubt improve over time.有几个因素一直困扰着依然处于襁褓期的可穿戴技术市场。比如,电池领域缺乏创新,导致用户只能随身带着充电宝之类的设备。此外,可穿戴设备的界面过于简单,尽管随着时间的推移,这方面无疑将获得改善。But a big one? The social factor. Beyond the geeks of Silicon Valley and elsewhere, it’s just not cool to wear a watch, glasses, or headset that’s as big as a hood ornament.还有一个大问题,即社交因素。除了硅谷等地的少数极客以外,很少有人觉得戴着一个像汽车徽标那么大的手表、眼镜或耳机之类的设备,是件很酷的事。That’s going to change, according to Juniper Research. The British market observer believes that the wearable technology market will grow to billion by 2020—and the key will be making the connected gadgets virtually indistinguishable from their disconnected peers.英国市场观察机构瞻研究公司声称,这种情况可能会发生变化。该公司认为,到2020年,可穿戴市场的价值将增长至800亿美元。关键在于如何让可穿戴设备和谐地融入人们的穿着,看起来不那么“显眼”。That means that Apple must be on to something as it continues to make atypical hires from the fashion and apparel world. Observers, includingFortune‘s own Philip Elmer-Dewitt, believe the new talent will help smooth the rough edges of a technology that’s as personal as a bracelet, watch, or ring. (So, apparently, does Google.) The best wearables, and the ones best positioned for profitability, may be those that allow their technology to completely recede into the background.由此可以发现,苹果公司不断从时尚和饰领域挖人的反常举动,必定是有所图的。包括《财富》记者菲利普o艾尔默o德怀特在内的许多观察人士都认为,新招募的时尚界人才将把智能手镯、手表、手环之类的私人物件打磨得更加精致(谷歌公司显然也在这样做)。最好且最有可能获利的可穿戴产品,可能就是那些能使它的技术完全融入到背景中的产品。Nevertheless, wearables will be a diverse growth market that’s not merely Internet-connected jewelry. Wearables that attach to the skin, such as MC10’s Biostamp, are also part of this category—though they’re in a “more embryonic state” and require a much larger shift in consumer habits than a smart watch, Juniper says.然而,可穿戴产品毕竟是一个多样化的增长市场,它的意义不仅是一件能上网的饰物。那种能够依附在皮肤上的产品,比如MC10公司开发的“生物印章”,也可归入这一类别,不过这种技术还处于“萌芽初期的状态”,和智能手表相比,它需要消费习惯的更大转变。Many technology companies—including Apple, ARM, Google, Intel, Lenovo-Motorola, LG, MC10, Microsoft, Omate, Qualcomm, Sony, and Withings, plus wearables-savvy design firms like Gadi Amit’s NewDealDesign and Yves Béhar’sFuseproject—are well-positioned to benefit from the boom. With the right features, consumers are, too.许多科技公司都准备从可穿戴潮流中获益,包括苹果、ARM、谷歌、英特尔、联想—托罗拉、LG、MC10、微软、Omate、高通、索尼、Withings,以及一些知名的可穿戴设备设计公司,比如加迪o阿米特的NewDealDesign和维斯o贝哈的Fuseproject公司。只要有了恰当的功能,消费者也会从中受益。 /201503/362738武汉/市第三医院首义院区治疗早泄多少钱 武汉/阿波罗男子生殖健康门诊部

汉川男科预约Ant Financial, Alibaba’s online payments affiliate, has completed a fund raising that values the company at bn-bn, according to people close to the Chinese ecommerce group.熟悉阿里巴巴(Alibaba)情况的人士表示,该集团在线付分公司蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)已完成一轮募资,令其估值达到450亿美元到500亿美元之间。The bn-bn valuation would place Ant Financial among the world’s most valuable private technology companies, alongside smartphone maker Xiaomi and US car hailing app Uber.450亿美元到500亿美元的估值,将令蚂蚁金与智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)及美国打车应用优步(Uber)一道,成为全球估值最高的未上市高科技企业。Xiaomi was valued at bn last year, while Uber is reportedly in the process of raising funds that value it at bn.去年,小米的估值曾达到450亿美元。而优步据报道也在募资过程中,其估值在这轮募资中达到500亿美元。Ant Financial operates Alipay, the Paypal-like online payments company, that handled 8bn in the year to end-June 2014, according to Alibaba.蚂蚁金旗下运营着类似Paypal的在线付公司付宝(Alipay)。根据阿里巴巴的说法,在截至2014年6月底的一年里,付宝处理的付业务规模达7780亿美元。That is three times the amount handled by US peer Paypal, and equivalent to one-third of the .5tn in total global online payments last year, according Juniper Research.根据Juniper Research的说法,这一数额是其美国同行Paypal的三倍,也等于去年全球2.5万亿美元在线付总额的三分之一。Last year Ant Financial was among a handful of internet companies given permission to open an internet bank, with the launch scheduled for next week.去年,蚂蚁金成为少数几家被许可创办互联网的互联网企业。该公司定于在下周启动这一。Ant Financial’s main shareholder is Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman, while other shareholders include David Yu, co-founder of Yunfeng Capital, Mr Ma’s private equity fund. Mr Yu was among the investors in the latest Ant Financial private share placement, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.蚂蚁金的主要股东是阿里巴巴董事长马云(Jack Ma),其他股东包括云锋基金(Yunfeng Capital)联合创始人虞锋(David Yu)。云锋基金是马云的私募股权基金。知情人士表示,虞锋是蚂蚁金最新一轮私人配股的投资者之一。China Development Bank Capital, an investment arm of China Development Bank, was another investor, according to a person familiar with the transaction. Ant Financial has also revealed that investors include China’s National Social Security Fund.熟悉该交易的知情人士表示,中国国家开发(China Development Bank)旗下的投资分公司国开金融(China Development Bank Capital),也是蚂蚁金的投资方。此外,蚂蚁金还曾披露其投资方包括中国全国社保基金(National Social Security Fund)。Ant Financial refused to disclose the amount of funds raised, nor the number of shares placed.蚂蚁金拒绝透露募资规模,也拒绝透露定向配股的股份数。Mr Ma has previously said that Ant Financial has plans for an initial public offering in China but has declined to say when, although press reports have suggested that the likely date would fall in 2017.在此之前,马云曾表示蚂蚁金有计划在中国上市,但拒绝透露何时上市。不过,多家媒体报道暗示,可能的日期会落在2017年。“We don’t deny were working towards an IPO, but we don’t have a timeline,” said Ant Financial.蚂蚁金表示:“我们不否认正在向着上市努力,但我们没有上市时间表。”Alipay was the subject of one of China’s most controversial corporate governance scandals, when in 2011 Mr Ma took it out of Alibaba and placed it under the direct control of himself and some associates. Yahoo, at the time a 40 per cent shareholder in Alibaba, was among the main protesters.2011年,马云将付宝从阿里巴巴剥离,并将其置于自己及部分合伙人的直接控制之下,此举令付宝陷入中国最具争议的企业治理丑闻之一。当时,持有阿里巴巴40%股份的雅虎(Yahoo),是主要的抗议者之一。Mr Ma claims he needed to do this in order to satisfy new Chinese regulations on online finance. Alibaba later settled with Yahoo and SoftBank, the Japanese technology group that is its other major shareholder.马云声称,为满足中国在网络金融领域的新规定,他不得不这么做。在那之后,阿里巴巴与雅虎和软银(SoftBank)达成了和解。软银是一家日本高科技集团,也是阿里巴巴另一家大股东。 /201506/382347 武汉/哪家医院看泌尿系统武汉/阿波罗男子医院割包皮好还是男科医院好



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