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美国非盈利组织Sightline Institute的学者Jennifer Langston和Eric Hess以美国农业部的水果价格排行为基础,参照有机食品连锁超市Whole Foods Market使用的“总计营养密度指标”If you want to watch your budget and also buy fruits that provide pretty good nutrition, below are the choices that offer the best combination of those factors.如果不想多花钱就能买到营养价值最丰富的水果,就请参考以下水果价值排行榜:Here are their rankings of the best, cheapest fruits to get your vitamins from:这里是21种水果的价格和营养的综合排行:1. Watermelon西瓜2. Plums李子3. Oranges橙子4. Apples苹果5. Strawberries草莓 /201107/144448

Billions of pounds have been wiped off the value of shares after recession fears sparked panic selling across the world. The experts say there is more pain to come - and everyone will eventually feel the impact of the market downturn.I have shares, should I worry?If you are still holding stocks and shares in individual companies you're either a hardy soul or have been burying your head in the sand as the markets have been jittery since the start of the year. "This is fairly late in the day - nervous investors will have aly moved into cash or safer investments," says Martin Bamford, an independent financial adviser at Informed Choices.BabyIf you do hold money in the market you need to decide if it is time to crystallise your losses, or if you have the stomach to sit tight and hope for a recovery. Parents who have invested their child trust fund (CTF) voucher in the stockmarket should not be too alarmed - there are years to go before the money can be withdrawn, or in the case of a stakeholder CTF is moved to safer investments, in which time the market could recover.I moved my money - will I be OK?It depends where and when you moved it. Money market funds, which had traditionally been seen as a safe haven for investors, have been falling too, while commodities prices have also been dropping. Property funds are doing badly and even cash accounts, which used to be regarded as the safest of safe places to put your money, have had a bad week with the collapse of Icesave. Fixed-interest securities, which traditionally do well when stock markets fall, have failed to ignite this time round, but Bamford reckons they will bounce soon. But he adds: "There is risk in every type of asset class in a recession."My pension is invested in the stock market. Should I be worried?Most people start moving money into safer investments as they near retirement, so those with pensions invested in stocks and shares should still have time on their side. However, Bamford says there will be some people approaching retirement who are still exposed to the markets. "There will be people who have been completely caught out by this," he says. "They might have to reconsider their plans for retirement - the timing and their lifestyle may have to be different."Earlier this week, Hargreaves Lansdown said the value of personal pensions had fallen by a fifth since last year. The latest wave of falls will have wiped even more off their value. However, the firm's head of pensions research, Tom McPhail, says if you have more than 10 years until retirement the best strategy "is just to ignore what is going on at the moment". He explains: "This will all have probably played out by the time you get to retirement, so you should keep paying your regular contributions to your pension."I have an occupational pension - will I be hit?You could be. If it is a defined contribution scheme, where the amount you receive when you retire depends on the performance of the assets in which it is invested, then you are in the same boat as anyone with a personal pension. If you are about to retire the company operating your work pension should have been moving your share of the money into safer assets, so you won't be hit too hard. If you have years to go before you finish work, then there is time for losses to be recovered.If you have a final salary scheme, where the amount you get is linked to your earnings, then you will be insulated from the falls in the short term, says McPhail. "In the medium term it will have an impact, though. One result that we will see is final salary schemes closing at a faster rate than at the moment."Ros Altmann, an independent pensions analyst, says most employers are likely to give up on final salary schemes: "Most of them were in deficit before the market falls, and almost all will be now." More worrying, she says, is that if your company fails and you end up having to claim your pension through the Pension Protection Fund, you will only get 90% of what you had saved.My pension has plummeted and now I have to buy an annuityUnless you have reached 75, at which point the rules say you have to use your fund to buy an annuity to provide you with an income, you might want to sit tight in case the market recovers. The sum of money you have with which to buy the annuity will determine how much you have to live on for the rest of your life, so you might want to wait to see if your fund recovers some of its value and you can buy a better income. The government is considering suspending the rules so that those who have reached 75 can also wait.However, McPhail warns: "The risk of not cashing in your investment is that there is no certainty that the market will recover soon." And while you wait for it to bounce back, annuity rates could fall. "If you are keeping your money in the market waiting for a recovery, then keep your eye on annuity rates too," he says.If you are concerned, it would be wise to take advice.I don't have shares or a pension - will I be OK?"It's easy to see it as just problems in the financial markets, but this is going to have a knock-on effect on everybody," says Bamford. "The only questions are to what extent and how long it will take to feel the impact."As the FTSE falls value is knocked off the UK's biggest companies, leaving them with less money to invest. Instead of expanding their businesses they could start reducing staff numbers, leading to redundancies.Those companies do not exist in a vacuum - they do business with other firms who will also be hit if they start to rein in their spending. Workers everywhere could eventually feel the impact of the downturn.Is there any good news?A little. The price of oil has slumped in recent weeks, which should mean cheaper petrol and could ultimately push down gas prices. Interest rates have been cut by 0.5% this week and further cuts are likely as the Bank tries to prop up the UK economy, which is good news for the third of borrowers on tracker mortgages. And while base rate cuts are usually bad news for savers, the fact that banks and building societies are seeking cash means they are still offering attractive interest rates on deposits. /200810/54039

Feeling regret about having bought something is a very unpleasant sort of unhappiness. Even with my under-buying ways, I sometimes come home with something I didn't really need to buy. Stores use extremely clever strategies to winkle customers into making purchases. Here are some strategies to make sure you don't make purchases you regret: 买了东西又后悔是种非常不愉快的感受。即便像我这种“少买”的人,有时还是会买回一些不需要的。商店采用极其聪明的手段引诱顾客消费。下面这些方法能让你买了东西不至于后悔:1. Be wary of the check-out areas. 留心收银台区。There are lots of enticing little items here; ask yourself if you really need something before you add it to your pile. How many times have I picked up a jar of Balmex?那里有许多诱人的小商品。在把它扔进购物车之前,问一问自己是不是确实需要这件东西。有多少次我拿起了一罐Balmex尿片? /201008/111204

Justin Timberlake named most stylish man in AmericaJustin Timberlake listens to a question during a news conference at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 15, 2008.Grammy-winning pop singer Justin Timberlake has topped GQ magazine's list of the "10 most Stylish Men in America," and gives his banker stepfather the credit for his dress sense.The men's magazine praised Timberlake, 28, for his impact on fashion, his willingness to take risks and "knack for targeting trends" including hats, three-piece suits, skinny ties and beards.The timing of the award is good news for Timberlake. William Rast, the clothing line he and friend Trace Ayala launched in October 2006, is on the runway at this week's New York Fashion show for its second outing.Timberlake said in the March issue of GQ that he got his sense of style from his stepfather, Paul Harless, a banker who laid out his suit for the next morning every night and went to work looking "like Richard Gere in (American) Gigolo."As for his signature style of wearing a suit with sneakers, Timberlake said it was more a matter of practicality than design."I just put sneakers on because I couldn't dance in the shoes I had. I couldn't leap with just insoles and dress shoes. I would've hurt myself," said Timberlake, who rose to fame as a singer with the boy band 'N Sync and went solo in 2002.Other honorees on the list of "Stylish Men" include music producer Mark Ronson, who took second place, and photographer Alex Lubomirski, who was third.They were joined by rappers Kanye West and T.I., actor Jason Schwartzman and hotelier Andre Balazs. /200902/62693

A new book Apollo: Through The Eyes Of The Astronauts marks the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings.   David Scott emerges from the command module as it docks with the lunar module.   新书“阿波罗宇航员眼中的宇宙”问世,以纪念阿波罗登月四十周年。   图为太空对接时,大卫·斯科特从指挥舱中出现。 /200910/87307

1.对你的工作、学习、生活情况极为关心,甚至对你的兴趣爱好也特别感兴趣Care about your work, study and life, and even try to like what you like /200911/89409

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