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Business商业报道German companies德国公司An unhappy business不幸的商业The new governments reforms worry German bosses新政府改革使德国企业的老板们担心不已FOR German businesses, the elections were bad enough.对于德国的商业来说,这次的选举真的糟糕透了。In September voters denied the business-friendly, small-government Free Democrats the 5% of the vote required to stay both in parliament and in the centre-right coalition government.九月份投票者拒绝了对商业友好、小政府型的需要5%投票继续在过会和右翼联盟中待下去的自由民主党员们。The election result has led to a grand coalition between Angela Merkels Christian Democratic Union, its Bavarian sister-party, the Christian Social Union, and the leftish Social Democrats.这个选举结果引发了默克尔的基督民主联盟及它的巴伐利亚党,基督社会联盟和左倾的社会民主党的大联盟。Though the SPD finished well behind the CDU-CSU, their coalition agreement, signed at the end of November, looks to many like a wishlist for the left.尽管跟社会民主党的联合结束远远在CDU-CSU后面,他们的联合协议,11月末尾签字,看上去更像一个左派的愿望单。Business and financial leaders are barely bothering to conceal their disappointment at a new national minimum wage, increased pension payments, lower retirement ages for some workers and new pension entitlements for some stay-at-home mothers.商业和金融领导者们几乎不费劲去隐藏他们对新的全国最低工资、增加了的退休金、对某些工人更低的退休年龄和对一些在家母亲生活津贴权益的失望之情。The head of the Federation of German Industry, Ulrich Grillo, called it a wasted chance that would submit the German economy to new stress tests.德国工业联合会首领,Ulrich Grillo,称之为可能会导致德国经济面临一个新的严峻考验的机会浪费。The Cologne Institute for Economic Research has compared the agreement to a cheque without the funds to cover it.科隆经济研究所将这个协议比作为一个没有资金担保的票。Company bosses are more circumspect than leaders of industry bodies about criticising Mrs Merkel publicly. But they too are wary.公司老板们比工业团体领导人们在公开批评默克尔女士上更加的谨慎。但是他们太小心翼翼了。One German chief executive complains that the chancellor ignored structural reform when she had a business-friendly partner in the Free Democrats, and frets that she can hardly be expected to find new courage with the SPD.一个德国首席执行官抱怨道当她在自由民主党人中有一个对商业友好的伙伴,总理可能会忽略结构性改革,并且他担心道可能很难期待她在SPD的伴随下找到新的勇气。A lobbyist for another big company says that with the Free Democrats you didnt need an interpreter to explain industrys concerns to the government, but now he fears he will.另一家大公司的一个游说者说道有德国自由民主党人的话你不需要一个翻译者去解释政府的工业关注点,但是现在他担心他需要了。He grumbles that Mrs Merkel understands the importance of a free economy but does not actually understand what it means.他抱怨道默克尔女士明白一个自由经济的重要性但是她可能并未真正懂它的含义。He even praises Gerhard Schr?der, Mrs Merkels predecessor and a Social Democrat.他甚至赞赏格哈德施罗德,默克尔女士的前任和一个社会民主党人。Mr Schrder would listen, ask questions, and then say I can do this; I cant do that.施罗德会听、问问题然后接着说我可以做这个;我不能做那个。Mrs Merkel does listen carefully—but then keeps her own counsel.默克尔女士确实听得很认真——但是接着保持她自己的想法。The CDU-CSU has kept one promise: the coalition treaty pledges not to raise taxes, which the parties of the left all favour.CDU-CSU联盟保一个承诺:联盟条约保税收不增加,这也是左派全都持的。Growth-friendly spending, such as on infrastructure and research, will increase.对增长有利的政府花销,如基础设施建设和研究,会增长。But Deutsche Bank estimates that social spending will rise by three times as much.但是荷兰估计社会花费会增长三倍之多。Businesses are far less happy about changes that will affect the labour market.商业会更不乐于见到会影响劳动力市场的变化。Germanys best-performing, export-oriented companies will be little affected by the minimum wage, as they employ few low-skilled workers.德国业绩做的最好的,出口导向的公司几乎不会被最低工资影响,由于他们雇佣很少的技术不高的工人。But the ability to employ workers on short-term contracts will be curtailed.但是他们用短期合同雇佣工人的能力被剥夺了。Some firms have been criticised for abusing such methods as a way of keeping workers from benefits that full-time employees would receive.一些公司曾经批评滥用这些方法作为一种剥夺工人们享有全职雇员能够享受到利益的方式。But now a tool that has made the labour market more flexible, and helped to bring unemployment down, will be made harder to use.但是现在一个工具,可以使劳动力市场更加的灵活并且帮助降低失业率,会更难使用。Energy policy is a particularly sore point.能源政策更是一个痛处。Germanys renewable-energy law has boosted green sources through guaranteed high prices for renewable power, preferred access for renewables to the grid and easier financing, from a tax on electricity bills.德国的可再生能源法通过保可再生能源的高价、对可再生能源管道网络更优先的许可和更容易的来自电力税的融资来促进绿色来源。German industrial electricity prices are among the highest in Europe.德国工业用电价格属于欧洲最高行列。Power-hungry industries get partial relief from the tax that finances renewable subsidies; but they complain nonetheless, of a lack of long-term clarity in energy policy.能源密集型工业通过提供可再生能源补贴税减轻部分负担;虽然如此但是他们仍然抱怨能源政策缺乏长期确定性。Firms are voting with their euros.公司们用他们的欧元投票。The value of fixed capital in energy-intensive industries has declined over the past decade.在能源密集产业的固定资本价值在过去十年下降了。As companies kit is wearing out, they are simply not replacing it, or investing abroad.由于公司的设备磨损了,他们仅仅是不更换它,或者投资国外。The coalition treaty speaks of an energy policy triangle of sustainability, supply security and affordability, but fills in little detail about how the government can achieve all three competing goals.这个联盟条约提起一个集持续性、安全保和可付的能源政策三角,但是没有透露任何关于政府如何实现所有三个具有竞争力目标的细节。The government has set a deadline of April 2014 to publish a fundamental reform of the renewable-energy law, which it hopes to pass by summer.政府设定了2014年4月一个最后期限去公布可再生能源法基础性改革,Udo Niehage, the head of government relations at Siemens, a big engineering firm, is not panicking yet.大型工程公司西门子政府关系部门领导Udo Niehage一点都不惊慌失措。He is certain that the coalition understands the worries of German businesses, and praises Ms Merkels toughness and cleverness.他很肯定联盟很明白德国商业的担忧,并且赞赏默克尔的坚韧和聪明。She is certainly good at wrong-footing political opponents, and so it is possible that the coalition deal is an unreliable guide to what the new government will actually do.她肯定很擅长使政治对手手忙脚乱,所以可能联盟处理方式是一个对新政府实际上会做什么不可靠的指引。But the lack of certainty about future plans is the loudest complaint about the chancellor coming from businesses.但是未来计划缺乏确定性是来自商业关于总理最大的抱怨。Trusting in her cleverness is not enough.相信她的聪明是不够的。 /201312/270912Romanian politics罗马尼亚的政局Oh, brother兄弟之情Traian Basescu is ending his presidency amid a corruption scandal特拉扬·伯塞斯库因腐败丑闻结束总统任期Left or right in Bucharest布加勒斯特,向左走,向右走。THERE is no shortage of drama and intrigue in Romanian politics. Traian Basescu, a former sea captain, was elected in December 2004 after an anti-corruption campaign that deliberately echoed Ukraines Orange revolution at the same time. On June 19th, in tears, he said: “Between the need to ensure an independent justice system and the natural reflex of protecting your brother, I choose justice.” His younger brother, Mircea, had been put in preventive custody after being accused of taking a 250,000 bribe from a convicted criminal, Sandu Anghel, who hoped that a presidents brother might help to get him out of an eight-year prison sentence for stabbing his nephew.罗马尼亚政治体系中高潮迭起,阴谋不断。曾任船长的特拉扬·伯塞斯库于2004年12月反腐倡廉运动之后当选为总统,那次运动是用以呼应当时乌克兰的橙色革命的。在6月19日,他满含泪水的说:“在维护司法系统独立的召唤与爱护手足之情的天性面前,我选择前者。”他的弟弟米尔恰被控受贿25万欧元。行贿的是一个被判刑的罪犯桑杜·安格尔,他原本指望总统的弟弟可以帮他逃脱因刺伤侄子而面临的八年有期徒刑。米尔恰之后便因此被防范性拘留。Mircea Basescu claims that he is the victim of blackmail and that he never approached the president about the case. The president blames his brother for mingling with the “wrong people” and insists he did not take any money and never intervened in favour of anyone with legal problems. Mircea Basescu, who owns a meat-import business in the port of Constanta at the Black Sea, in 2010 became the godfather of one of Mr Anghels granddaughters. He claims that this was a “purely Christian thing to do”. Mr Anghel is an illiterate local gangster from Constanta who made his fortune selling scrap metal from stolen railway tracks and other installations left in decay after the fall of communism.米尔恰·伯塞斯库声称自己是被勒索的,并且自己从未因桑杜的案子找过总统。总统责怪弟弟与“错误的人”搅合在一起并且坚称自己并未收取任何财物也从未因帮助任何人而干涉任何法律问题。米尔恰·伯塞斯库在黑海的康斯坦察港做肉类进口的生意,于2010年成为安格尔其中一个孙女的教父。他称这是一个“纯粹的基督教徒所做的事”。安格尔是康斯坦察当地一个从未受过教育的恶棍,他在东欧剧变之后通过售卖从铁轨和其他废气设施偷得的废金属而发家。The scandal comes just five months before presidential elections in which Mr Basescu cannot run again. It is a final blow to a scattered centre-right and a boon to the Social Democratic prime minister, Victor Ponta, who now hopes to become president himself. Mr Ponta and his allies have called on Mr Basescu to step down early in order to preserve the independence of the judiciary. “I think that not only Traian Basescu, but any president in a European country, faced with such a situation, should resign immediately in order to dispel any doubts that from his position he can influence the probe,” he said.丑闻在离总统选举前仅五个月的时候曝光,而伯塞斯库也无法再参选了。这是给原本已经离破碎的中右翼政党的最后一击,也是给社会民主党的总理维克多·彭塔的福利,他希望自己可以当选总理。庞塔和他的伙伴曾拜访伯塞斯库希望他早点辞职以维护司法独立性。“我认为不仅仅是特拉扬·伯塞斯库,欧洲所有国家面临过这种境况的总统都会立即辞职来打消认为他利用职位之便影响调查的任何怀疑。”他认为。Yet at least for now, Mr Basescu refuses to quit, since there is no evidence of his intervening in the Anghel case. His election in 2004 was based not just on his popular stand against corruption, but also on hopes that he would help to shepherd Romania into the European Union, which it joined three years later. His nemesis and predecessor, Adrian Nastase, was put behind bars for corruption, along with many other ministers, MPs and judges caught red-handed.但至少目前,伯塞斯库拒绝辞职,因为并没有他干涉安格尔案子的据。他赢得2004年选举不仅是因为他反对腐败这个受欢迎的立场,还因为他希望他可以带领罗马尼亚加入欧盟,三年之后他确实做到了这一点。他的主要对手同时也是前辈艾德里安·纳斯塔斯曾因为贪污被监禁,与艾德里安一起被抓正在作案的还有很多其他的部长、国会议员与法官。Yet his rivals and opponents have always accused Mr Basescu of going only after political enemies, turning a blind eye to corruption in his own party ranks. Laura Stefan from Expert Forum, a Bucharest-based think-tank, says the Anghel case shows that justice is finally working independently, since even the presidents brother is being put behind bars. “Surely this is no pleasant situation. Many politicians would choose differently and rather back their friends and relatives,” she says. She is sceptical that the case will be a big issue in the presidential election.但他的对手和反对者们经常指责伯塞斯库只顾对政敌揪着不放,对于自己党派的贪污视而不见。位于布加勒斯特的智库专家论坛的专家劳拉·斯蒂芬认为安格尔的案子说明司法体系最终正在独立运行,因为就连总统的弟弟也没能逃脱制裁。“这确实不是一个好境况。很多政治家会做出其他选择而而宁愿袒护他们犯错的亲友。”她称。同时她也怀疑这个案子会成为总统选举的一个大事件。“The Social Democrats are riding high in opinion polls, they dont need this agenda. Mr Ponta basically has no counter-candidate,” says Ms Stefan. Opinion polls put Mr Ponta at over 45-51% in voters preference. The economy is improving, as is the countrys ability to absorb EU funds. The recent arrest of a media-owning businessman has stirred concerns over freedom of the press, but to many voters it is a welcome sign of an improving judicial system.社会民主党在民意调查中遥遥领先,他们不需要操心工作议程。庞塔基本没有重要对手。“斯蒂芬认为。民意调查显示庞塔拥有约45%—50%的民意持。经济正在提升,这也是罗马尼亚吸收欧盟基金的能力体现。最近对经营媒体的商人引发了人们对新闻自由的担忧,但对于很多选民来讲,这正是司法体系正在改进的体现。An attempt to reunite parts of the centre-right, with the Liberal Democrats joining forces with the Liberals, formerly allies of Mr Pontas, may be the only real threat. This group wants to put Klaus Johannis, an ethnic German who is mayor of the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, forward against Mr Ponta. Mr Johannis has done some controversial property deals, but he is the countrys second-most popular politician. Even so, at around 23-26%, he is far behind Mr Ponta, who looks almost certain to succeed the sea captain in the winter.将中右翼党派团结起来的一个尝试因为自由民主党加入自由党,即庞塔党派之前的同盟党,这或许是唯一真正的威胁。这个组织想要将一个德意志民族的人、同时也是锡比乌县特兰西瓦尼亚市市长克劳斯·约翰尼斯推出来对抗庞塔。约翰尼斯有过一些有争议的房地产交易,但他是罗马尼亚第二受欢迎的政治家。即便这样,他的持率只有23%—26%,远低于庞塔的持率。看样子庞塔已经基本上可以确定今年冬天可以获得胜利了。 /201407/310876

Leaders-Britain社论Britains floods洪水泛滥大不列颠Canute Cameron卡梅伦祸从口出The prime ministers response to the floods has been patchy; but it is wrong to blame him for them首相治洪引发质疑,归咎于他有失公允BIBLICAL—that is how David Cameron described the floods sping misery through southern England.过去几周,英格兰南部洪灾泛滥,数千公顷农场一片汪洋,Thousands of hectares of farmland have been under water for weeks and over 5,000 houses abandoned.五千家庭流离失所,无奈之际首相卡梅伦称之为上帝的旨意。Local railways are damaged and their services in chaos. Soldiers have been deployed to leafy Thames-side suburbs, where looters were rumoured to be splashing through abandoned stckbrokers palaces.如今,洪灾区铁路中断,公共务陷入混乱。政府已经调遣军队维持泰晤士河沿岸洪水侵蚀地区的治安,据称大量歹徒已经将被富人遗弃的豪宅洗劫一空。The prime minister was scarcely exaggerating;对于此次洪水的破坏力,卡梅伦丝毫没有夸大其词。yet his recourse to scripture also invited the uncomfortable question of who, exactly, is to blame.然而,首相引经据典的说辞却引发了一个尴尬的问题,即谁该对此次洪水负责。The question matters to Mr Cameron.对于卡梅伦来说,这个问题至关重要。His reputation for competence underpins his partys electoral chances.是否具备应对危机的能力,关系着其党内选举成败。He may be able to brush off the councillor from the UK Independence Party who saw the floods as divine retribution for the prime ministers successful campaign to legalise gay marriage.卡梅伦此前顺利通过同性恋婚姻合法化提案,英国独立党议员认为这是上帝对他的惩罚,对此卡梅伦或许可以选择漠视。But British newspapers are full of semi-submerged people blaming his government for their plight:然而,英国报纸上充斥着灾区人民将自己现在的困境归咎于政府:73% of Britons support a Daily Mail campaign to divert money to flood victims from Mr Camerons unloved foreign-aid budget.据《每日镜报》发起一项调查表明,73%的英国国民希望将卡梅伦不受国人待见的国外援助预算用于此次洪水受灾群众。There is even an echo of the opprobrium thrown at George Bush for his useless response to Hurricane Katrina.甚至有人旧事重提,将席卷美国的飓风卡特里娜造成的严重灾害归责与小布什的应对不力,以此含沙射影指责卡梅伦。Some of these recriminations are justified.上述部分指责并非毫无根据。In the Environment Agency, which is charged with keeping water in its proper place,requested an annual increase in spending on flood defences.年,负责治理河道的英国环境局,曾提出增加年度防洪预算。This was not unreasonable: more people are living in flood-prone areas, and global warming is likely to lead to more extreme weather.这也是现实所需,很多人居住在易发洪涝区,全球气候变暖很有可能会导致更多极端天气。The agencys budget for capital expenditure has instead been cut by 28%.然而,防洪预算不但未增加,反而减少了28%。The extra cash now promised must be spent on repairing damaged defences, not investing in new ones.现今政府许诺增加的预算势必会用于修复损毁防御设施,而无法投资新建。It was a failure characteristic of a government that has too often sacrificed long-term spending on infrastructure to the exigencies of short-term belt-tightening.政府常常会牺牲掉用于基础设施的长期预算,弥补短期节省开造成的经济状况,这是政府失职的表现之一。The governments initial response to the disaster was also poor.对于英国国内的洪灾,政府最初的反应同样令人不敢恭维。Mr Cameron implied the flooding on the Somerset Levels, an area of land below sea-level, had been exacerbated by a decision to stop dredging the man-made rivers that drain it.卡梅伦暗示称由于此前政府终止了用于排涝的人工河疏浚工程,低于海平面的Somerset Levels地区的洪灾影响加重。That suggested the last, Labour, government was to blame.这表明上届政府,工党政府需要对此负责。Yet dredging would at best have mitigated the flooding only a bit.然而,即便是用于排涝的人工河得以疏浚,也只是稍微减小此次洪水的危害。The Environment Agency is right to give low priority to protecting farmland. Towns are more valuable.英国环境局不优先考虑保护农场的决定是正确的,城镇更为重要。Torn between conflicting desires to appear in control of the calamity and blameless for the suffering, other ministers blathered.在治理洪灾过程中,不同利益群体的矛盾开始显现,英国其他部长开始喋喋不休,互相推诿责任。Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, sniped at the Environment Agency—which is led, not coincidentally, by Lord Smith, a Labour Party grandee.社区大臣埃里克?皮克斯抨击由工党要员史密斯勋爵领导的环境局,绝非偶然。Other Tories unconvincingly blamed their usual bogeys:难以置信的是其他托利党成员谴责一贯被英国妖魔化的对象:the European Union, on the basis of one directive or other, and the Liberal Democrats, their main rival in the south-west.欧盟,理由是其指挥不力,他们还谴责国内西南地区的主要竞选对手自由民主党。For a government that takes pride in its efficiency, this was a shambles—and one seized on not just by Labour but by Mr Camerons many enemies in the press and his own party.对于一个向来以高效引以为豪的政府来说,这简直是倒退。这一点不仅会被工党,而且会被卡梅伦的敌对媒体及自身保守党内,都会借题发挥。It never rains but it pours不鸣则已,一鸣惊人How much this will hurt Mr Cameron electorally is unclear: most of the flooded areas are safe Tory seats.这会对卡梅伦的连任选举造成多达影响尚不得而知:大部分被淹地区都是可靠的保守党议员。But the scale of the opprobrium is wildly unfair.但是,对卡梅伦的广泛指责有失公允。That is partly because Mr Cameron has got his act together, promising the acceleration of insurance payouts, giving affected companies more time to meet tax obligations and stopping the ministerial blather.原因之一是卡梅伦已经开始有条不紊的采取相应措施,承诺加快各项保险赔付,允许受灾地区公司延后纳税,勒令停止部门之间的口水战。But the bigger reason is simple: in this instance virtually all the blame should fall not on the government but on that other British bugbear, the weather.但是,引发洪灾的主要原因不言而喻:事实上这次洪水灾害不应全部归责于政府,而是归咎于英国恶劣的天气,Recent weeks have been the wettest in a century.近几周的降雨量创英国过去一个世纪历史新高。A giant storm surge and some of the biggest waves on record have contributed to a triple whammy of flash floods, waterlogging and burst riverbanks.暴风雨激增,有史以来最大的波浪都助涨了此次迅猛的洪流、积水,这些都对河岸形成了强烈的冲击。Even if Mr Cameron had the wisdom of Solomon and the wealth of Croesus, he could not have prevented the flooding.即便卡梅伦有所罗门的智慧、克里萨斯王的财富,也无法阻止此次洪水。With climate science indicating that future inundations are more likely, Britons will therefore have to assume more responsibility for their own property.气候科学表明英国未来或许会遭遇更多洪水,Anyone tempted to build or buy a house on a flood-plain or low-lying sea front should think again.任何打算在冲积平原或者海平面以下地区建造或购买房屋的人都需要三思而后行。And on this subject, at least, they should stop blaming Mr Cameron.无论如何,至少对于此次洪灾,他们不应在谴责卡梅伦。 201402/277295

Business this week一周商业要闻Oct 19th 2013 |From the print editionAmerica’s big banks reported earnings for the third quarter. Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo posted solid profits, though the mortgage-loan businesses in all three suffered. In contrast, JPMorgan Chase declared a 0m net loss, its first under Jamie Dimon as chief executive, as it set aside .2 billion for potential settlement costs in a slew of legal cases brought by American regulators.美国各家大型报告了第三季度的收入情况。尽管美国,花旗以及富国在抵押贷款业务中遭受了损失,但它们仍保持强劲的利润。相比之下,根大通却宣布净亏损3.8亿美元,这是自杰米·戴蒙担任其首席执行官以来出现的首次亏损情况;究其原因是根大通留出了约92亿美元的资金,用以付美国监管机构提出的一系列法律案件中的潜在结算费用。A light touch低干涉On a trip to China George Osborne, Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer, outlined proposals to smooth the way for Chinese state-owned banks to operate inLondon, such as classifying them as branches rather than subsidiaries, thereby avoiding rigorous scrutiny. International trading in the yuan has tripled over the past three years to 0 billion a day, withLondon emerging as the global hub.英国财政大臣乔治·奥斯本到访中国,并概述了旨在为中国国有在伦敦开展业务铺平道路的几点建议。建议包括将中方的国有归入分行而非子公司,以避免受到严格的监管。随着伦敦成为全球中心城市,过去三年里,该地的国际贸易日成交额(以人民币结算)已达到1200亿美元,是过去的三倍。BlackRock’s net income in the third quarter rose by 10% to 2m. In September assets under management at the giant investment company passed trillion for the first time.美国大型投资公司——黑石集团第三季度净收入6.72亿美元,涨幅达10%。今年九月,该公司管理的资产额首次超过了4万亿美元。It emerged that Sir Hector Sants is taking three months off as head of global compliance at Barclays because of stress. Sir Hector used to headBritain’s financial regulatory authority. He was parachuted into Barclays with the responsibility of making sure the bank’s staff follow the letter of the law in the dozens of countries in which it operates. American authorities are investigating its capital-raising activities in theMiddle East.有消息爆出,巴克莱合规负责人、前英国金融务全球监管局CEO赫克托·桑特爵士由于压力过大,决定将休假三个月。桑特是空降到巴克莱的,他负责确保工作人员遵守与巴克莱打交道的国家的法律条文。美国当局正在对巴克莱在中东的融资活动展开调查。In a regulatory filing Twitter disclosed that it will list shares in its eagerly awaited IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, a slap in the face for NASDAQ after the technical mishaps that beset Facebook’s flotation last year. Twitter also revealed that its revenue in the third quarter had doubled to 9m from the same period a year earlier, but that its net loss had tripled, to m.在一份监管文件中,推特披露将在纽约交所上市发行股票,它早已翘首以盼这一刻的到来。同时,此举也给纳斯达克一记响亮的耳光,因为去年由于技术失误,脸书在纳斯达克的上市计划一直备受困扰。推特还透露其第三季度的收益较去年同期翻了一番,达到1.69亿美元,但其净损失也增加了两倍,达到6500万美元。Carlos Slim’s América Móvil gave up its bid for KPN, a Dutch telecoms company, after the foundation that looks out for the interests of KPN investors “and Dutch society more generally” exercised its right to buy 50% of the shares.卡洛斯·斯利姆旗下的移动运营商墨西哥美洲电信公司放弃对荷兰皇家电信公司的收购。此前,一家基金会为了避免荷兰皇家电信公司投资人,或者从更广义上说整个荷兰社会的利益不受损害,它设法运用自己所拥有的认购期权收购了荷兰皇家电信集团每股不足50%的比例。Apple appointed Angela Ahrendts as head of its retail operations. She has been the chief executive of Burberry for seven years and is credited with reviving the British fashion house with designs that eschew its ubiquitous plaid. Apple’s retail strategy could also do with a bit of a makeover; sales at its stores were down earlier this year for the first time since .苹果公司任命安吉拉·阿伦茨担任其零售业务总管。过去七年,阿伦茨一直担任巴宝莉公司首席执行官;她凭借故意回避该品牌的经典格子款的创新设计使巴宝莉得以振兴,人们认为她功不可没。苹果的零售策略可能也需要一些美化元素,因为今年,苹果经销商自年以来首次在销量上出现了下跌情况。The “Double Irish”“双面”爱尔兰Meanwhile, the Irish government closed a tax loophole that had allowed Apple to register “stateless” subsidiaries in the country, through which it was able to shield billion from the American taxman. But Apple and others can still set-up business inIreland and list a low-tax jurisdiction, such asBermuda, as their home country and park income in the lower-tax regime.与此同时,爱尔兰政府填补了一个税收管理漏洞,因为苹果公司借助此漏洞在爱尔兰登记注册了一家“无国籍”的子公司,这样便能避免向美国税务机构缴纳400亿美元的赋税。但是,爱尔兰政府仍允许苹果等公司在此建立企业,并欢迎这些公司将百慕大等低税收区域选为母公司所在地,并根据当地的低税收制度储存公司收益。In the biggest deal yet in mobile gaming, Japan’s Softbank acquired a 51% stake in Supercell, which is based inFinland, for .5 billion. Supercell has had success with two bestselling games that are free to download on smartphones and tablets, and then entice users into paying a fee if they want to quicken the pace of play.日本软银以15亿美元的高价收购位于芬兰的游戏开发商Supercell,这成为了移动游戏里最大规模的交易。Supercell公司成功开发了两款最热门的游戏,并且可供智能手机和平板电脑免费下载;但是,随后如果玩家想加快游戏升级的速度,就需要付一定的费用。Blue greens绿色主义Big industry scored two wins when the European Union moved to water down policies on curbing emissions from cars and planes. The EU agreed to review a German proposal for more flexibility in reducing emissions from new vehicles (German carmakers produce models with lower fuel efficiency than French and Italian ones). And it presented amendments that will curb emissions on jets only when they enter EU airspace, after airlines objected to emission curbs on total flying times.欧盟放宽了限制汽车和飞机碳排放量的政策,这算是大工业赢得的两场胜利。欧盟同意重新考虑德国的提议,在减少碳排放量时采取更为灵活的措施;这些措施是针对德国汽车制造商生产的新型汽车,它们的燃油效率比法国和意大利的要低。此外,由于航空公司反对欧盟对其总飞行时间内碳排放量的限制,欧盟还出台了关于喷气机进入欧盟领空碳排量限制的修订案。The Italian government’s proposed bail-out of Alitalia drew criticism.Italy’s national airline has not made a profit in a decade and lost euros 1.6m (.1m) a day in the first six months of the year, but the government has proposed a share restructuring that is backed partly by the state-owned post office, Poste Italiane. International Airline Group, which owns British Airways, fumed that the plan was protectionist.意大利政府提议给意大利航空公司划拨援救资金,引来了一片骂声。这家意大利国家航空公司在过去十年没有任何盈利记录,今年上半年日亏损达到160万欧元(约合210万美元);但是政府却提议进行股票重组,由该国的国有邮局——意大利邮政集团承担部分重组计划。拥有英国航空公司的国际航空集团怒斥此计划具有贸易保护主义色。Royal Mail’s share price soared after it was floated on the stockmarket in the biggest privatisation inBritain since a sell-off boom in the 1980s and early 1990s. There were some differences with that time. Around 690,000 people applied for shares, far fewer than the4.5m who sought shares in British Gas in 1986. And investors traded their shares on the internet, despite the inevitable crashes on overloaded websites. One aspect struck a familiar ring. Despite being given 10% of the shares in Royal Mail, postal workers voted to strike in November.英国皇家邮政挂牌上市,成为该国自上世纪八九十年代出现股票抛售潮以来规模最大的国有资产私有化项目;随后,其股价一路飙升。但情况每况愈下。约69万股民申购皇家邮政的股票,远远低于1986年申购英国天然气公司股票的450万人。尽管网络由于负载过重,不可避免的出现了系统崩溃现象,但股民们仍选择在网上进行交易。祸不单行,尽管皇家邮政的员工们获得了10%的企业股票,但是他们仍投票决定在11月举行罢工。201310/262512

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