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荆州市洪湖县治疗龟头炎多少钱武汉/广州军区医院不孕不育多少钱大冶看男科医院 Science and technology科学技术Colony collapse disorder蜂群崩坏症候群Bee off蜂群崩坏A possible explanation of why beehives sometimes vanish有可能解释清楚为什么蜂群有时会突然死亡HONEYBEES are sensitive creatures.蜜蜂是一种敏感的生物,From time to time a hive simply gives up the ghost and vanishes.时不时就有蜂巢凭空消失。Colony collapse disorder, as this phenomenon is known, has been getting worse since 2006.这种现象被称为蜂群崩坏症候群,自2006年开始就愈发严重了。Some beekeepers worry that it may make their trade impossible, and could even have an effect on agriculture.有些养蜂人担心这会使得他们的生意难以维持下去,甚至会对农业造成影响。Since many crops rely on bees to pollinate them.因为很多庄稼依靠蜜蜂授粉。Climate change, habitat destruction, pesticides and disease have all been suggested as possible causes.气候变化、栖息地被破坏、杀虫剂的使用和疾病都是可能的原因。但Nothing, though, has been proved.是尚无一个得到实。But the latest idea, reported in Naturwissenschaften by Jeff Pettis of the Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland,最新的想法刊登在《自然科学》杂志上,作者是位于马里兰贝茨维尔的蜜蜂研究实验室的杰夫佩蒂斯,suggests that this may be because more than one factor is involved.他说可能的原因也许不止一个。Dr Pettis and his colleagues knew from previous reports that exposure to a pesticide,佩蒂斯士和他的同事们从之前的报告中得知接触到一种杀虫剂,called imidacloprid has a bad effect on honeybees ability to learn things,这种叫做吡虫啉的会影响蜜蜂的学习能力,and wondered whether it might be causing other, less noticeable, damage.他们怀疑这种杀虫剂还对蜜蜂造成其他不太明显的伤害。Since one thing common to colonies that go on to collapse seems to be a greater variety and higher load of parasites and pathogens than other colonies,要死亡的蜂群有一个共同点,就是蜂群里所含的寄生虫和病原体的种类和数量比一般蜂群的都多,they wondered in particular whether it might be weakening the insectsimmune systems,他们特别怀疑是吡虫啉削弱了蜜蜂的免疫系统,and thus allowing infections to sp through a hive.进而使得传染病在蜂巢里扩散开来。To find out, they gave 20 hives protein food in the other ten it was 20 ppb.为了实猜测,佩蒂斯士和同事们把加了吡虫啉的蛋白食物喂给20个蜂群。Previous experiments have shown that neither dose perceptibly harms bees.之前的实验显示这两种剂量对蜜蜂都没有明显的伤害。A further ten hives were given unspiked food as a control.还有10个蜂群作为控制组,喂给它们的食物未加杀虫剂。Then, when the young bees emerged a few weeks later,几周后,幼蜂出生,Dr Pettis collected them and fed them with spores of a fungal parasite called Nosema.佩蒂斯士把它们收集起来,喂给它们真菌寄生虫小孢子虫的孢子。Twelve days later, he killed them and estimated the extent of their infestation.12天后,他把这些幼蜂都杀了并测量它们体内感染程度。Both of the groups that had been exposed to imidacloprid harboured an average of 700,000 parasite spores in each bee.接触到吡虫啉的两组蜜蜂每只体内寄生孢子的平均数量是700000。Bees from the control colonies, by contrast, harboured fewer than 200,000 spores in their bodies.与之对比,控制组的蜜蜂体内则含不到200000个孢子。The insecticide, in other words, was exposing bees to infestation,换句话说,这种杀虫剂使蜜蜂更容易受到感染,and thus to a much greater chance of dying prematurely.因而早亡的几率更大。Whether this is actually the reason for colonies collapsing remains to be determined.至于这是不是就是蜂群崩坏症候症的真正原因还有待进一步实。But it is a plausible hypothesis, and is likely to get beekeepers buzzing with interest.但是它的确是一个说得通的假设,养蜂人也会对此很感兴趣。 /201403/281265武汉/治疗前列腺炎哪里最好

湖北省妇幼保健院治疗生殖感染价格Its the middle of october现在是十月中旬and its exciting cause the leaves are changing colors,多么振奋人心的季节 树叶正在悄然变色and ...and the smell of pumkin is in the air.空气中弥漫着南瓜的气息And so you know whats on everythings mind?你们知道大家都在盼什么吗Christmas, and...圣诞节You can never start your christmas shopping too early圣诞购物永远没有为时尚早的说法especially if youre shopping for me.特别是你们在为我扫货的时候And neiman marcus just came out with their annual fantasy gift guide.所以neiman marcus的年度梦幻大礼指南已经火热出炉了It costs anywhere between 1100 dollars and 2 million dollars for their fantasy gift.这些梦幻大礼的定价在一万一千刀到两百万刀之间Theyre perfect for people whose fantasy is to go broke.简直就是为那些梦幻着破产人士而量身打造的嘛I checked it out before the show做节目之前我去查了查这些大礼and I gonna share some things that I...接下来要和大家分享一下I thought maybe youd be interested in buying.我想你们可能会有兴趣收入囊中的Heres the cheapest item right here,its 11000 dollars.第一件单品是最便宜的 价值11000刀Its called the CICLOTTE,它叫CICLOTTEand its a luxury exercise bike made in Italy.是由意大利制造的土豪级建设自行车Its the Ferrari of things youll never use.这是自行车中的法拉利 却永远都派不上用场It has the state-of-the-art design, carbon fiber handles.它设计一流 配备了碳纤维的手把If you padel hard enough, you can go back in time如果你踩得够快够给力 快到时光倒流and not buy this bycicle.你就能回到过去不必买它了 注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/266105武汉/包皮过长费用 Frankie: You know Rose, I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world. 你知道吗,罗斯,我认为你是这世上最漂亮的女人。Rose: Do you… love me, Frankie? 小法法,你。。爱我吗?Frankie: Why yes my little Rosie-wosie. In fact, I want to ask you something. 当然,我的小罗罗。事实上,我还想问你点事儿。Rose: Oh, ask me! 哦,问吧!Frankie: Will you… will you… will you…Will you… be angry if my friends come round to watch the football tonight? 如果今晚我的朋友来看球赛你会。。你会。。你会。。你会生气吗?Rose: Frankie! 弗兰基!M: Yes, Frankie and Rose have been through all of the stages of love. Let’s take them back to the start of their relationship and hear their love story. 是的,Frankie and Rose已经顺利度过了恋爱的所有阶段。让我们把他们带回过去,听听他们的爱情故事。Announcer: Day one. Frankie and Rose have just met. 第一天。弗兰基和罗斯刚刚遇见。Frankie: I’ve just met this gorgeous girl. We’re just friends, but I’d like to ask her out. 我遇到了个非常漂亮的女孩。我们仅仅是朋友,但我想约她出来。Announcer: Day three. Frankie and Rose have just had their first date. 第三天。弗兰基和罗斯第一次约会。Rose: This really cute guy asked me out. We went on a date to the zoo to see gorillas. He loves gorillas. I think I’d like to see him again. Frankie that is, not the gorilla. Or maybe the gorilla too?这个可爱的家伙把我约出来了。我们去动物园看的大猩猩。他喜欢大猩猩,我想我愿意再陪他看一次。是看Frankie不是看大猩猩,或者也许都是吧?201307/249988武汉/市男科专科医院

武汉/那家医院治疗前列腺比较好Science and technology科学技术Synaesthesia通感Smells like Beethoven闻起来像贝多芬Using the word note to describe an odour may be more than just metaphor用音符来描述气味可能并不仅仅是个隐喻What do you hear?你闻到了什么?THAT some people make weird associations between the senses has been acknowledged for over a century.有些人的感觉之间存在着奇怪的联系,这种情况一百多年来已为世人所知;The condition has even been given a name: synaesthesia.它甚至还有了个名字,叫做通感。Odd as it may seem to those not so gifted,也许常人会觉得奇怪,synaesthetes insist that spoken sounds and the symbols which represent them give rise to specific colours or that individual musical notes have their own hues.通感者却坚持说听到说话的声音时,他们脑子里出现的是特殊的颜色,还会说每个音符都有自己的色。Yet there may be a little of this cross-modal association in everyone.其实所有人可能都有点这种跨感官感知联合现象。Most people agree that loud sounds are brighter than soft ones.大多数人都同意响亮的声音比轻柔的声音亮些。Likewise, low-pitched sounds are reminiscent of large objects and high-pitched ones evoke smallness.同样,低音让人联想起宏大的物体,高音给人渺小的感觉。Anne-Sylvie Crisinel and Charles Spence of Oxford University think something similar is true between sound and smell.牛津大学的Anne-Sylvie Crisinel和Charles Spence认为,气味和声音之间也存在类似的联系。Ms Crisinel and Dr Spence wanted to know whether an odour sniffed from a bottle could be linked to a specific pitch, and even a specific instrument.Ms Crisinel 和Dr Spence想弄清楚瓶装的气味能否与特定的音调甚至乐器联系起来。To find out, they asked 30 people to inhale 20 smells—ranging from apple to violet and wood smoke—which came from a teaching kit for wine-tasting.为了找出,他们测试了30人,让每人吸入20种气味从苹果、紫罗兰的气味到木材烟尘这些气味来自品酒师教材。After giving each sample a good sniff, volunteers had to click their way through 52 sounds of varying pitches, played by piano, woodwind, string or brass,在认真体味每种气味后,志愿者要从52种音调不同、and identify which best matched the smell.音色各异的声音中点选出听起来感觉与气味最相配的。The results of this study, to be published later this month in Chemical Senses, are intriguing.研究结果十分有趣,本月将被发表在《Chemical Senses》杂志上。The researchers’ first finding was that the volunteers did not think their request utterly ridiculous.第一,研究者发现志愿者并不认为这项实验荒唐透顶。It rather made sense, they told them afterwards.试验结束后,志愿者们说实验还是有点意义的。The second was that there was significant agreement between volunteers.第二,志愿者的意见有重要的共同点。Sweet and sour smells were rated as higher-pitched, smoky and woody ones as lower-pitched.他们认为酸、甜的气味音调高,烟味和木头的气味音调低;Blackberry and raspberry were very piano.黑莓味和覆盆子味闻起来很像钢琴,Vanilla had elements of both piano and woodwind.香草味像钢琴和木管乐的混合体,Musk was strongly brass.麝香味则非常像铜管乐。It is not immediately clear why people employ their musical senses in this way to help their assessment of a smell.为什么人们会用乐感来帮助自己评价味道?并不能被立刻揭晓。But gone are the days when science assumed each sense worked in isolation.但是科学已不再认为人的各种感觉之间没有联系了。People live, say Dr Spence and Ms Crisinel,士Dr Spence和Ms Crisinel说:in a multisensory world and their brains tirelessly combine information from all sources to make sense, as it were, of what is going on around them.人们生活在这个世界上,万事万物会引起各种感觉。大脑似乎在不停地综合来自各方面的信息,判断周围发生的事情。Nor is this response restricted to humans.这种反应也不仅仅发生在人类身上。Studies of the brains of mice show that regions involved in olfaction also react to sound.研究显示,老鼠大脑的嗅觉区同样会对声音做出反应。Taste, too, seems linked to hearing.味觉似乎也与听觉有关联。Ms Crisinel and Dr Spence have previously established that sweet and sour tastes, like smells, are linked to high pitch, while bitter tastes bring lower pitches to mind.此前Ms Crisinel和Dr Spence已经确定,酸味、甜味就像酸、甜的气味一样与高音相关;苦味则带来低音的感觉。Now they have gone further.如今他们走得更远。In a study that will be published later this year they and their colleagues show how altering the pitch and instruments used in background music can alter the way food tastes.在今年计划发表的一项试验中,二人与同事揭示了背景音乐中乐器和音调的改变会如何引起食物味道的改变。In this experiment, each volunteer was given four pieces of toffee.在这项试验中,每位志愿者得到了四块太妃糖。They consumed the other two, however, to the accompaniment of a higher-pitched piano piece.他们在忧郁低沉的铜管乐声中吃掉两块,又听着音调较高的钢琴曲吃掉另外两块。Volunteers rated the toffee eaten during low-pitched music as more bitter than that consumed during the high-pitched rendition.志愿者评价说,音乐的音调低时吃的糖较苦,音调高时吃的糖较甜。The toffee was, of course, identical.当然,所有的太妃糖都一样。It was the sound that tasted different.声音才是尝起来味道不一样的东西。 /201403/279795 孝感市大悟县割痔疮多少钱武汉/阿波医院怎么样



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