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Entering the dating world may be intimidating for some people but with the help of Bravo TV star and sex and relationship expert, Dr. Emily Morse, knowing the do’s and don’ts will make dating a bit easier. Voted as the No. 1 dating expert to follow on Twitter as well as the No. 1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice.com, Emily continues to answer questions on her website, Sex With Emily, that most might be too embarrassed to ask in person. There she discusses topics varying from proper first date etiquette to how to spice things up in the bedroom. Besides helping both men and women approach the opposite sex, Dr. Emily gives helpful advice on how to make sure first dates goes as smooth as possible. Here are Dr. Emily’s top 5 tips for a successful date.对有些人来说,约会可能是很恐怖的一件事,然而,在电视明星兼性学和恋爱专家艾米丽斯士的帮助下,了解哪些该做,哪些不该做将使约会更加轻松。艾米丽经Twitter投票成为第一约会专家,经DatingAdvice.com网站投票成为第一约会性学专家,她继续在个人网站——Sex With Family——为人们解惑答疑,大多都是人们不好意思当面问的问题。她在网站上讨论的话题包括:初次约会需要注意的礼节;如何在卧室增添乐趣。此外,她还帮助两性接近异性,关于确保初次约会顺利进行的方式提供有益的建议。下文是艾米丽士关于成功约会的5大建议。1.Be Present1.享受现在Don’t play out your future relationship with the person in your head. This is a first date. You are not in a relationship so don’t act like you are in one. This isn’t a good time to mention that you want to have their babies in the next year. On the other hand, don’t go into a date thinking that it is doomed. Try to enjoy the company of another person and analyze later. Worst case scenario, it’s a chance to tell all the funny stories your friends are sick of hearing.切勿在脑海中计划你与她的未来关系。这只是初次约会,还没有确定恋爱关系,因此,不要表现的像在谈恋爱一样。这样的场合不适合提到明年你想要和她生孩子诸如此类的话。此外,不要进入约会思维模式,认为你们是命中注定的。尽量享受另外一个人的陪伴,事后再做分析。如果你认为可以趁这个机会把所有朋友们讨厌听到的幽默故事讲给她听,那就太糟糕了。2.Don#39;t Be Glued to Your Cell Phone2.切勿紧盯手机I realize that pretending to check your cell phone is a great way to avoid awkward silences, but resist the urge. Stay engaged. Make eye contact with your date instead of with your phone, and ask them how many siblings they have or if they’ve seen Gravity yet.我知道假装查看手机是避免冷场的妙招,然而约会时务必要抵制这一冲动。与她保持互动,进行眼神交流。问她家里有几个兄弟,或有没有看过万有引力这部电影。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201509/401543Western Jin西晋Cao Pi established the Wei Kingdom with the support from General Sima Yi.曹丕在丞相司马懿的持下建立了魏朝。Throughout the Wei period the Sima family assisted three out of five kings of the Wei Kingdom.从魏朝诞生至其灭亡,司马家族共辅佐了魏国五位皇帝中的三位。Gradually, they gained the control of the executive and military powers of the kingdom.渐渐地,他们掌控了国家的执政和军事大权。After the death of Sima Yi, both of his two sons consequently became the dominant men of the kingdom.司马懿去世后,他的两个儿子最终成为了王朝最重要的人物。In 265 AD, Sima Yan, the grandson of Sima Yi, deposed the emperor of Wei and established his own regime Jin, making Luoyang his capital city.公元265年,司马懿的孙子司马炎罢黜了魏朝的皇帝并建立了他自己的政权——晋,定都洛阳。Historically the dynasty is known as the “Western Jin Dynasty” and Sima Yan was known as Emperor Wu.这个朝代就是历史上的西晋,司马炎即晋武帝。In 280 AD, the Western Jin wiped out the Wu, the last surviving regime of the Three Kingdoms Period (220—265) and reunified the south and north.公元280年,西晋灭掉了三国时期(220——265)的最后一个国家吴国,统一了南北方。Emperor Wu conferred dukedoms to many of his kinsmen due to their contributions in the founding and consolidation of the empire.晋武帝因自己的族人为国家的建立于稳定做出了卓越的贡献而把土地分封给他们。Since the Jin was based on the power of hereditary aristocrats, measures were taken to protect the interests of the privileged, which often upset the big family.由于晋朝建立在世袭制之上,政策都倾向于保护贵族的利益,这引得了一些大家族的不满。And consequently, conflicts between the aristocratic families increased.最终,贵族间的矛盾不断增加。They contested with each in the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of the luxurious life.他们互相比较财富的多少与生活的奢侈程度。Thus the power of the Jin imperial government was seriously impaired.因此,晋朝皇室的能力被削弱了。Meanwhile, the struggle for power intensified in the imperial court.同时,朝廷之上对于权力的斗争也在加剧。From 291 onwards, eight dukes of the royal family stirred up a series of wars against each other.自291年起,八位诸侯国的首领不断挑起彼此之间的战争。These wars lasted 16 years, greatly dislocating the social economy and weakening the empire’s power.这些斗争持续了16年,极大地损害了社会经济与帝王的统治。After these disturbances, the country was deep in chaos.在这些动乱过后,整个国家处于极度混乱之中。In 308, Liu Yuan, the chief of the Huns tribe, crowned himself the king of Han.308年,匈奴首领刘源自立为大汉的国君。His army captured Luoyang, the capital of the Western Jin Dynasty and captured the emperor.他的军队攻占了西晋的都城洛阳并抓获了皇帝。The survivors of the Jin named another emperor in Chang’an (present Xi’an),the Huns army broke into Chang’an in 316 and put an end to the Western Jin Dynasty.晋朝的幸存者在长安(今天的西安)拥立了另一位皇帝,匈奴部队与316年攻入长安,灭掉了西晋。The Western Jin Dynasty ruled fifty-one years with four emperors on the throne.西晋存在了51年,一共有四位帝王。After it, China went into another troubled period of disunity for 272 years.在这之后,中国再次进入到了长达272年的割据分裂时期。 /201510/398399

Is it good to be bored (or will it be the death of you)?无聊对你有好处还是致命呢?Boredom traditionally has a bad reputation. In 2009, a study of 7,524 civil servants found that those with the highest levels of boredom were nearly 40% more likely to have died by the end of the 25-year trial, compared with those who weren’t bored. The bored civil servants were also more prone to rate their health worse and to be less active and have more menial jobs. The authors speculated that boredom and inactivity might drive people to drink more heavily and smoke – activities not related to longevity.传统意义上,无聊是个不好的词。在2009年,一项针对7524个行政人员的研究发现,那些有最高无聊程度的人,跟不无聊的人相比,有超过接近40%的可能在25年后死去。那些无聊的行政人员还更容易轻视自己的健康状况,变得更不积极并从事更多脑力劳动。作者推测,无聊和不活跃或许会驱使人加重酗酒和吸烟,即一些违背长寿的活动。Boredom is often defined as a state of dissatisfaction with the dullness of a situation – usually with a bit of restlessness and fatigue. So it may seem counterintuitive that researchers are suggesting boredom might have benefits, and, indeed, be an evolutionary insurance scheme for making us seek new experiences. A series of studies from the University of Virginia, published in the journal Science in 2014 found that 18 out of 42 students who were left in a room with nothing to do for 15 minutes gave themselves at least one mild shock on the ankle to alleviate the boredom. The authors concluded that people would rather do something unpleasant than nothing.无聊通常被定义为对某种单调情况感到不开心的状态,常带有些许的不安和疲惫。因此这件事或许看起来是违反直觉的:研究者认为无聊也许有好处而且事实上可以成为一种改进的保障策略,让我们寻求新的经历。2014年发布在科学家杂志上,弗吉尼亚大学一系列的研究发现,被留在房间里15分钟没有事情做的42个学生有18个为了消除无聊至少轻敲过自己的踝关节。作者总结,相比较于什么都不做,人们宁愿做一些不开心的事。So whatever happened to daydreaming? A study from the University of Central Lancashire links a period of boredom with heightened creativity immediately afterwards. It is not the most robust study: 40 people copied numbers from a telephone directory for 15 minutes and then had to come up with different uses for a pair of polystyrene cups. Their ideas were rated more creative than those of 40 people who didn’t do the boring task first. Another group, who the numbers, were even more creative with the cups than those who wrote them out. Dr Sandi Mann, one of the authors, concluded that we should embrace boredom “to enhance our creativity”.因此做白日梦会发生什么呢?一项中央兰开夏大学的的研究认为一段时间的无聊过后将会马上增加创造力。40个人先从一个电话号码簿中摘抄一些数字,然后需要想出一对聚苯乙烯杯子的不同用处。根据评价,他们的想法比40个没有先做这些无聊任务的人更加有创造力。另一组的读数字的人甚至比那些摘抄的更有创造力。作为作者之一的Sandi Mann医生总结,我们应当接受无聊以“加强我们的创造力”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430236

Three Moves by Mencius’Mother孟母三迁In Biographies of Outstanding Women ·The Biography of Mencius’Mother, Liu Xiang recorded:据汉刘向《列女传·母仪·邹孟轲母》记载:Meng Ke’s mother, also known as Mencius, mother, is a great mother of Zou State.邹国孟轲的母亲很了不起.人称孟母。Meng Ke, later known as Mencius, lived near a graveyard in his childhood.开始的时候,孟轲的家靠近墓地,Therefore, as he played, he amused himself by imitating the others’ digging tombs.当时孟轲还很小,整天在坟墓之间玩耍,蹦蹦跳跳地玩一些筑坟埋葬之类的游戏。His mother said,“It’s not good for a child to live in this kind of place. ”孟母说:“这里不是我们可以居住教子的地方。”They moved to a house near a market.于是就搬走了,在市场旁边找了间房子住了下来。Then the son took pleasure in imitating the peddler’s hawking.孟轲又开始玩一些商人叫卖之类的游戏。Again the mother said “It’s not good for a child to live here. ”孟母又说:“这里也不是我们可以居住教子的地 方。”She changed their residence a second time and housed themselves near a school.于是第二次搬家,住到了学宫旁边。There her son played imitating the sacrificial rites on ceremony and formalities of courtesy.孟子便开始玩一些设供祭礼、揖让进退之类的游戏。The mother said, “This is the right place for a child.”孟母说:“这个地方真的可以让我的儿子住下来了。”They settled there.于是就住了下来。After Meng Ke grew up, he acquired six classical arts (rites,music, archery, riding, writing and arithmetic) and became a scholar well-known for his erudition and one of the representatives of Confucianism.孟子长大成人后,精通六艺,成了一位学鸿儒。Since then this idiom has been used to eulogize mothers’ inculcation.后人因此将“孟母三迁”用作颂扬母教之词。 /201509/395391

Statistics show that Chinese women are #39;fatter#39; than ever before. But most have no idea how to exercise - and would rather take diet pills, fast and play on their phones instead, according to an article published on the Telegraph recently.统计显示中国女性比以往任何时候都要“更胖”。英国《每日电讯报》最近发表的一篇文章称,大多数中国女性不知道如何进行锻炼——她们宁愿吃减肥药、禁食或是玩手机。Today, an average woman in China is 1.57 meters tall and weighs 57kg - 1.7kg heavier than a decade ago.如今,中国女性的平均身高为157公分,平均体重为57公斤——比十年前重1.7公斤。While 57kg might not seem much by Western standards, it is a dramatic change given the short time span in which it#39;s occurred.依照西方标准来看,57公斤似乎并不太重,但鉴于其是在短时间内增长至此的,所以改变依然巨大。A 2009 study showed that British women#39;s weight had increased by 2.5kg from the 1950s. While China does not have an adult obesity problem, yet, there is a worrying trend in child obesity and experts have aly warned of ;an emerging epidemic;. Last year, the Lancet reported that 46 million adults were overweight or obese in China – 27 per cent of women and 28 per cent of men.2009年的一项研究显示,自20世纪50年代以来,英国女性的体重增长了2.5公斤。虽然中国并不存在成人肥胖问题,但儿童肥胖的趋势令人担忧,并且专家也警告过这是“一种新出现的流行病”。去年,英国医学杂志《柳叶刀》曾报道,中国有0.46亿成年人超重或是肥胖——27%的女性和28%的男性都存在肥胖或超重问题。Western women see beauty in strength, while “being thin and weak represents femininity and beauty in China;, says the article. Even with weight loss being the primary motivation, most Chinese women still opt for #39;softer#39; exercises such as brisk walking, yoga and dancing. Anything that builds strength, or muscle definition, is considered unattractive and masculine.文章称,西方女性视力量为美丽,而“在中国,纤瘦和柔弱被视为女性特质和美丽”。即使原始动机是减肥,大部分中国女性仍会选择更为“柔和”的锻炼方式,比如健步走、瑜伽和舞蹈。任何锻炼力量或肌肉线条的健身方式,都被视为没有魅力或是太男性化了。Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also has a big influence on perceptions of the female body and what it#39;s capable of physically. Many in China believe that strenuous exercise is actually bad for women – based on the idea that a woman#39;s body is intrinsically weaker than a man#39;s and requires special nurturing.中医学对女性身体及其生理机能的认知有着深远影响。许多中国人认为剧烈运动对女性不好——这基于“相较于男性,女性体质更为虚弱,需要特殊调养”这一理念。The article comments at last that Chinese society is clearly having a hard time accepting that women are fatter. It#39;s happened so fast that attitudes have not had time to catch up.文章在最后说,中国社会显然很难接受女性正变得越来越胖。这发生得太过迅速,人们的态度还来不及转变。 /201511/411135Do you ever feel like you#39;re in over your head and at any moment you#39;re going to burst? You#39;re not alone. As humans, we overthink, overanalyze and dramatize. Lucky for us, we also have the power to take a deep breath, sit back and turn our lives around. It#39;s not easy to stop our negative thoughts from flooding through, especially during hard times, but it#39;s also not impossible. Here are the top 10 ways you can stop your personal insanity:你是否曾有过头脑发胀、随时要崩溃的感觉?其实,并非只有你如此。我们是人,处事总是思虑过度、分析过度,遇事爱夸大其词。但所幸的是,我们还能够去调整自己,回归生活,使之照常运转。虽然我们难以制止心中涌现的消极想法,尤其是身处逆境时,但这并不绝对。下面为大家介绍10种缓解崩溃情绪的方法。10.Meditation10.冥想The practice of meditation has been around for centuries, and for good reason. When you feel like you have 50 different thoughts running through your head every 60 seconds: Meditate. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and repeat a simple mantra. Keep it short and sweet, especially when you#39;re feeling stressed. For example, you can repeat #39;relax#39; or #39;breathe#39;, or even just start counting. You#39;re literally training your mind to sustain single-pointed concentration, which helps you prioritize your thoughts… and life.在几个世纪前,人们已经开始冥想,也实了冥想是有好处的。当你觉得每分钟有50种不同的想法在你的脑海里横冲直撞时:试下冥想。你只需调整出舒适的坐姿,然后闭上双眼,反复默念简单的祷语。当你感到紧张的时候,就更要注意保持祷语简洁性与愉悦性。例如,你可以反复默念“放轻松”或“深呼吸”,或者只是数数。冥想能让你把注意力集中在一个点上,这会助你理顺思路,从而更好地规划生活。9.Move Your Body9.运动Whether you like vigorous exercise or something more low-key, your body craves movement. It#39;s easy to practice at home; these 4 yoga poses to help you relax are easily accessible for anyone. Exercise with strong breath control and a little bit of sweat helps you release tension while embracing positivity and self-worth.不管你是喜欢剧烈运动还是休闲运动,你的身体都渴望运动。其实,在家里锻炼也是很方便的。这四个简单易学的瑜伽姿势可助你放松身体。运动时,深呼吸控制法和少量出汗都可助你缓解紧张的情绪、提高积极性以及提升自我价值。8.Be Honest With Yourself8.对自己坦诚Be true to yourself. This sounds obvious and simple, doesn#39;t it? It#39;s one of the hardest things to do. We#39;re always influenced by the people and media around us; it#39;s easy to lose yourself in the chaos. At the end of the day, always come back to what you want to do and don#39;t be scared to veer away from the crowd. It#39;s ok to become a little selfish, you#39;re the one that lives with your decisions, after all.做真实的自己,这听起来似乎很简单,不是吗?但是,做起来就非常困难。我们往往会受周围的人和媒体的影响,容易在混乱中迷失自我。而往往是在一天结束的时候,你才会回归到自己真正想要做的事情上。这时,不要为远离大众而感到害怕,即使这么做会显得有些自私也不要紧,毕竟你是有理想、有目标的年轻人。7.Clear Your Clutter7.整理杂物Are your magazines stacking up and trinkets suddenly taking over your countertops? Having clutter around the house can bring clutter into your life. Clearing and refreshing your space is a great way to start fresh; here are 6 simple ways you can renovate your kitchen space that are inexpensive space savers and re-vamps. Try to keep things off the floor and your draws from overflowing, this simple strategy can really shift into your life.你的杂志是否已经堆得很高了?你的小饰品是否已经占据了整个桌面?屋里的杂物放任不管也会使你的生活变得杂乱无章。从整理你的房间做起,开启新生活,也不失为一个好办法。这里有六个简单且经济实惠的方法能让你的厨房焕然一新。你可以试一下把东西搬离地面,同时不要把抽屉塞太满。这些简单的小策略都可以让你的生活变得更加有条理。6.Nourishment6.补充营养You are what you eat! Honestly… the saying is true. When you eat foods that not only fulfill your hunger but nourish your body, it makes you feel good physically and mentally. Having a fresh juice rather than can of soda gives a feeling of accomplishment, like you have control over your diet and your life.俗话说:“人如其食。”这是有道理的。你吃的食物不仅满足了你的温饱需求,还滋养了你的身体,令你身心健康。喝一杯新鲜的果汁所带来的满足感远胜于苏打罐头,这种感觉就像是你已经完全控制了你的饮食与生活。翻译:Humen 审校:阿饭 来源:前十网 /201601/420652

At dinner the other night with 50 partners in a corporate law firm, I looked around the room and noticed something alarming. I was one of the oldest people in it.有一天,我和一家从事公司法事务的律师事务所的50位合伙人共进晚餐。环顾四周,我发现了一件令人惊恐的事情——我在里面属于年纪最大的一拨。Where were all the lawyers in their late fifties and early sixties? I put the question to the man sitting next to me, who said they had mostly been eased out. The trouble with the law, he explained, is that it takes its toll on you, and if you’ve been at it for 30 years it is almost impossible to hold on to any sense of urgency. By the time you reach your mid-fifties, it is usually time to start thinking about going.那些六十岁上下的律师们都去哪儿了?我问坐在我旁边的人,他说这些人大多都离开了。他解释道,法律行业的问题就在于它会给人带来负面影响。如果你已经在这个行业里干了30年,那你基本上无法再保持任何紧迫感了。等你到了55岁左右,通常就会考虑离开了。There was only one exception to this rule, he went on, and that was lawyers in their fifties who had recently been divorced and were starting again with mortgages and young children. They had all the experience of their years — and all the drive of someone 30 years younger. They were propelled by the need to make a vast amount of money but, instead of having a lifetime in which to do it, they had a mere decade. The combination of extreme wisdom and extreme hunger made them unbeatable.但是这种规律只有一种例外,他接着说,也就是那些刚离婚不久,背着抵押贷款、带着年幼子女重新开始的五十多岁的律师。他们不仅有着多年来积累的经验,还跟比他们年轻30岁的律师一样干劲十足。他们被挣大钱的需求驱使着。可是,不像那些年轻的律师有一辈子的时间来挣钱,他们只有10年。极度的智慧与极度的渴求相结合,这让他们不可战胜。I don’t think the man realised quite how well this divorce-is-great-for-your-career argument was going down with me. In the past six months I have a) separated from my husband, b) bought a wildly expensive house, and c) been feeling more than usually keen at work.我觉得那个人一定没有想到,这番“离婚有助事业”的论断如何深得我心。过去的6个月里,我1)和丈夫分居了,2)买了一套贵得离谱的房子,3)感觉工作热情不同寻常地高涨。Until that minute it hadn’t occurred to me that the three things were connected, but then I saw what was perfectly obvious: a) and b) have caused c).我之前一直没想到这三件事是联系在一起的,但那一刻我发现这再明显不过了:正是前两点导致了第三点。Everyone will tell you that divorce is ruinous to a career. It makes you so unhinged that you can’t think straight. A couple of years ago the hedge fund boss Paul Tudor Jones told a conference that as soon as he hears that any of his managers is going through a divorce he stops them trading. The emotional turmoil renders them too unpredictable to be trusted with anyone else’s money.每个人都会告诉你,离婚会对事业造成毁灭性打击。离婚会让人心智失常,以至于无法正常思考。几年前,对冲基金老板保罗图德琼斯(Paul Tudor Jones)在一次会议上说,只要他听说公司任何一个经理正经历离婚,他就会让他们暂停交易工作。情感的波动让他们的言行难以预料,因此无法放心让他们管理别人的资金。That may be so. But then again, it may not be. People, marriages and divorces come in many varieties, yet all divorces have one thing in common — they make you poor. Or at least they make you poorer than you were before. To comfortable, middle-aged professionals, feeling a little short of funds can be an unwelcome shock, and the effect of it can, in the right circumstances, be agreeably galvanising.可能是这样,但也可能不是。人、婚姻和离婚多种多样,但是所有的离婚都有一个共同点——让你变穷。或者至少让你变得比以前穷。对于过着舒适生活的中年专业人士来说,觉得手头稍微紧点就可能带来非常难受的冲击。在合适的条件下,这种难受会变为一种有益的激励。For me, it has meant that any thought of sloping gently towards retirement is out of the window. And because there is to be no such sloping, I can no longer allow myself the luxury of mild disillusionment. Instead, I am applying myself to the job, and, to my amazement and delight, find that instead of feeling trapped or sorry for myself, I’m rather enjoying it. The work itself has not changed a bit, but I am doing it with more conviction.对我而言,这意味着混日子等退休的想法都不在考虑之列了。因为不会再有混日子的事情,我也就不能再允许自己沉浸于轻微的幻灭之中。相反,我投入到工作之中。让我感到惊讶和喜悦的是,我非但没有觉得自己受缚于工作或很可怜,反而觉得很享受。工作本身一点也没有变,但是我工作的时候更深信不疑了。This may not alter the quality of the finished product, but it does affect how it feels to be making it. Every time I am offered an additional piece of paid work, I no longer think: I’m not sure I can be bothered; I think: let me at it.这可能不会改变工作成果的质量,但的确改变了工作时的感觉。每当我被指派一份额外的有偿工作时,我不会再想:我不确定自己愿不愿意费那个麻烦;而是会想:让我来做吧。I am not saying that everyone in their sixth decade should ditch their spouse to give their flagging careers a bit more oomph. Neither am I suggesting that everyone who gets divorced can look forward to this kind of professional dividend. Some people are so poleaxed by the misery of it all that they can hardly crawl into the office, let alone feel relatively gung-ho once they get there.我的意思不是说,每个人都该在六十多的时候抛弃他们的配偶,来给他们日渐衰微的事业注入一点热情。我也不是说每个离婚的人都有望在职业上获得这样的意外好处。有些人被这些痛苦彻底击垮,几乎连勉强去办公室上班都做不到,更不用提感到工作劲头更足了。Instead, what this proves is that the link between boredom, money and motivation is not what I thought it was. I used to think it was obvious why people in their fifties felt stale— it was because 30 years was simply too long to be doing the same thing.相反,这正明了无聊、金钱和动力这三者之间的联系不是我之前所想的那样。我过去一直认为五十多岁的人感到厌倦的原因很明显——30年做同一件事实在太长了。I now discover it is more complicated than that. People in professional jobs work for three reasons: money, status and the interest of the work itself. The main reason those in their fifties become sluggish is not that their minds are going, nor that the work itself has become too monotonous. It is that neither money nor status move them as they used to and the interest of the job is not enough to keep them going on its own.可现在我发现,事实比这更复杂。专业人士为了三个原因工作:金钱、地位和对工作本身的兴趣。他们在五十多岁变得懈怠的主要原因,既不是因为他们的脑力在减退,也不是因为工作本身变得太单调乏味,而是不管金钱还是地位都不能像从前那样驱使他们了,而只靠对工作的兴趣并不足以撑他们继续保持对工作的热情。You would have to be a most peculiar person to be prepared to stay up all night doing the legal slog on an Mamp;A deal for the sheer fun of it. And even though journalism is arguably more enjoyable than corporate law, it is not so fabulously entertaining that I would consider doing it if I didn’t have to.如果一个人仅仅是为了其中的乐趣而彻夜工作,处理一桩并购案相关的法务工作,那这个人一定怪到家了。虽然可以说记者工作比公司法工作更有意思,但是也没有有趣到哪怕没有必须做的原因,我也会考虑做着玩。Almost all the scientific studies will tell you that money doesn’t motivate. Yet when you have just parted company with your nest egg and lost some of the financial security you thought you had, every pay cheque becomes a minor cause of celebration — and the same old, same old work suddenly seems as fresh and full of possibility as it ever did.几乎所有的科学研究都告诉你,金钱不是动力。然而,当你刚刚失去了一笔储蓄,失去了一些你本以为享有的经济保障时,每一笔收入都能成为小小庆祝一下的理由——同样一成不变的工作突然就会像曾经那样,变得充满新鲜感和各种可能性。 /201511/412462LUGU LAKE, China — A young man clad in a white shirt, black pants and red belt suddenly scrambled up the side of a log house and slid feet first into a second-story latticed window.中国泸沽湖——一名身穿白衬衫、黑裤子和红腰带的年轻男子突然沿着木屋侧面爬上去,从二层的花格窗跃入房间。“This is how Mosuo men would climb into the `flower room#39; of the women,” Ke Mu explained to visitors as the triumphant swain stuck his head out the window of the flower room, or private bedroom, and waved his hat.“梭男人就是这样爬进女人的‘花房’,”可木(音)对游客解释称。这名得意洋洋的情郎把头伸出花房的窗外,挥舞着帽子。“花房”即为女性的私人卧室。It was morning in the lakeside village of Luoshui here in southwestern China. On a narrow side street, dusty from hotel construction nearby, a group of young workers, including Ke, 18, was preparing for another day of cultural pageantry at the Mosuo Folk Museum.洛水村位于中国西南部的泸沽湖畔。早晨,在一条狭窄的小巷中,附近在建的旅店弥漫着灰尘,一群年轻的工作人员又在为梭民俗物馆的文化盛典做准备,其中包括18岁的可木。Their task is to showcase the traditions of the Mosuo, a minority ethnic group said to be the country#39;s last matrilineal society, where children take their mothers#39; surnames and daughters are preferred to sons.他们的任务是展示梭人的传统。这个少数民族据称是中国的最后一个母系社会,孩子跟母亲姓,女儿比儿子更受欢迎。A fascination with such traditions has led to a booming tourism industry in this once-isolated region.这种传统极具吸引力,促使这个曾经很偏远的地区成为旅游胜地。Lured by the promise of spectacular natural beauty and exotic cultural experiences, hundreds of thousands of visitors, mostly Chinese, are making the journey to Lugu Lake, nestled on a plateau in the mountains between Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.在壮丽的自然景观及独特的文化体验的吸引下,成千上万的游客来到位于云南与四川省交界山区高原的泸沽湖旅游,其中大部分是本国游客。Those numbers are expected to rise with the opening of a local airport this month and later an expressway connecting Lugu Lake to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan.随着当地的机场在本月开放使用,以及随后连接泸沽湖及四川省会成都的高速公路的开通,这些数据预计会继续攀升。In response, a number of family-run hotels have popped up along the lake#39;s pristine blue waters. Visitors can watch residents perform traditional dances in colorful costumes and can take boat rides on the lake as young Mosuo men serenade them with love songs in Naru, the Mosuo language.为了迎接客人,泸沽湖湛蓝的湖水旁突然冒出了很多家庭经营的旅店。游客们可以观看当地居民身穿色斑斓的装表演传统舞蹈,可以乘船游湖,欣赏梭青年男子用梭人的语言纳汝演唱情歌。All around the village are signs that , “Welcome to the Kingdom of Daughters.”村庄周围有很多“欢迎来到女儿国”的标语。Lively as its traditions seem, however, the Mosuo community is facing a crisis. As its interaction with the wider society increases, residents and outside experts fear that the group#39;s unique cultural practices are facing a grave threat.虽然这里的传统看起来充满活力,但梭社会正面临一场危机。随着与外界互动的增加,当地居民及外部专家都担心,梭人独特的文化习俗面临严重的威胁。Experts say the population of Mosuo in the Lugu Lake region, estimated to be about 40,000, is decreasing as more young people marry outside the group or move to larger cities for work. And without a written language, Mosuo culture is particularly vulnerable to disappearing.专家表示,估计泸沽湖地区的梭人口大约为4万,随着越来越多的年轻人与族群外的人通婚,或者前往大城市工作,这一数字在不断减少。由于没有书面文字,梭文化特别容易消失。Even within the community, young Mosuo are increasingly choosing marriage over the foundation of Mosuo culture: the centuries-old practice of tiesese (pronounced tee-say-say). Known in Mandarin as zouhun, or walking marriage, tiesese is an alternative to matrimony in which men visit women at night to fulfill the need for procreation and sexual gratification. Traditionally, a Mosuo woman might have several tiesese relationships during her life, sometimes simultaneously. Though this has changed as outside values of monogamy and lifetime partnership seep in.甚至在梭社会内部,年轻人也越来越多地在选择婚姻,而非作为梭文化基础的延续了几个世纪的走婚习俗。走婚不同于传统婚姻形式,男性在夜间来到女性家中,满足生殖及性需求。传统上,一名梭女性可能一生会有几段走婚关系,有时是同时保持。不过,随着外界的一夫一妻制及终生伴侣的价值观的渗入,这种传统有所改变。“It would be great to get married one day,” said Lu Ru, 34, who is in a tiesese relationship. “Can you imagine loving someone that much?”“如果有一天能结婚,那很好,”处于走婚关系中的34岁的鲁如(音)说。“你能想象那么深爱某个人的感觉吗?”With tiesese, sex is kept separate from family, and men and women are generally expected to spend their lives in the houses in which they were born. As a result, sexual partners rarely occupy the same dwelling. Household harmony is valued above all else, including conjugal relationships.在走婚关系中,性爱与家庭分离开来,男性和女性通常会在他们出生时的住所度过一生。因此,性伴侣很少生活在同一屋檐下。家庭和睦高过一切,包括婚姻关系。In traditional Mosuo culture, family life is structured around the basic social unit, known as the “grand household,” in which children are raised by their mother and her side of the family. And while children typically know their biological fathers, maternal uncles are responsible for taking on the paternal role, helping to raise and provide for their sisters#39; children.在传统的梭文化中,家庭生活围绕基本的社会单位“大家庭”展开。在大家庭中,孩子由母亲及母亲一方的亲人抚养长大。虽然孩子通常知道他们的生父是谁,但舅舅负责扮演父亲角色,帮助抚养其的孩子。Men stay with their mothers, and the several generations live in the grand household together.男性与母亲住在一起,几代人生活在一个大家庭中。According to Chuan-Kang Shih, an expert on the Mosuo and an anthropology professor at the University of Florida, the system is underpinned by a fundamental belief that women are more capable than men, mentally and even physically. The Mosuo also believe that everything people value in the world came from a woman, not a man. All male deities are secondary to their patron goddess.研究梭人的专家、佛罗里达大学(University of Florida)人类学教授施传刚(Chuan-Kang Shih)表示,这套体系的基础在于一种基本信条,即女性在心智乃至身体上都强于男性。梭人还认为,世界上人类所珍视的一切均源于一名女性,而不是男性。所有男性神灵都低于他们的守护女神。“The system makes so much sense when you think about the overall ways in which family systems have to navigate between sexual desire, stability, domesticity and claims for children,” said Judith Stacey, a professor of sociology at New York University who has written about the Mosuo.纽约大学社会学教授朱迪丝·斯塔赛(Judith Stacey)表示,“想想家庭制度需要在性欲、稳定、家庭生活和孩子的归属问题方面进行协调的方式,就会觉得这个体系非常说得通。”斯塔赛一直在撰写有关梭人的文章。“But it depends on a lack of mobility, which is why now, with all of this inequality as well as economic and geographic mobility, it can#39;t survive as a system,” Stacey said.“但这取决于流动性的缺乏。就是因为这个原因,随着各种不平等及经济和地域流动的加强,这个体系现在无法维持,”她说。According to historical accounts, life in the Mosuo community was relatively stable for hundreds of years. Starting in the Yuan dynasty, which ruled China from 1271 to 1368, the Mosuo were governed by a native chieftain system with a rigid social hierarchy. While they lived alongside several other ethnic groups who practiced marriage, almost all Mosuo continued to practice tiesese.根据史料记载,数百年来,梭社会的生活相对稳定。梭人从元朝(1271年至1368年)开始实行土司制度,遵从严格的社会等级。虽然他们与实行婚姻制度的其他几个少数民族比邻而居,但几乎所有梭人都延续走婚传统。That changed in 1956, when the chieftain system came to an end and the Mosuo were incorporated into the recently established Communist system. Under Communist rule, the social ranks were abolished and the Mosuo were subject to continuing efforts to change what the Communists saw as their “backward marriage customs.”这种情况在1956年发生了改变。当时土司制度走向终结,梭人纳入了确立不久的共产主义制度。在共产党的统治下,社会等级被废除,梭人被迫努力改变共产党员眼中的“落后婚俗”。These efforts culminated in 1975 with an official “one husband, one wife” campaign, which required Mosuo sexual partners to marry and live under the same roof.这些努力在1975年达到顶峰。当时官方开展“一夫一妻制”运动,要求梭性伴侣结婚,在同一屋檐下生活。Since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, the government largely receded from everyday life among the Mosuo. But experts say the increased scrutiny left many members of the group with a conflicted attitude toward tiesese.自1976年文化大革命结束以来,政府基本上从梭人的日常生活中退出。但专家表示,日益加强的关注致使很多梭人对走婚持有矛盾的态度。“In the late 1980s, the Mosuo were either very defensive or denied the existence altogether of the so-called walking marriage,” Shih said. “Then in the mid-1990s, when tourism began in the Lugu Lake area, they began to see it as capital to attract tourists, and they started to boast about it.”“在80年代末,梭人或是有很强的戒备心,或是干脆否认有所谓‘走婚’的存在,”施传刚说。“然后在90年代中期,当泸沽湖的旅游业开始发展时,他们开始将它视作吸引游客的资本,开始宣扬。” /201510/406134

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