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武汉/男科医院哪家比较权威大冶市人民医院有泌尿科吗武汉/梅毒治疗费用 In one of the world#39;s richest countries, it may soon become illegal for homeless individuals to beg for money or other means of assistance. In fact, 60% of Norway’s population believes that begging should be a crime. The country aims to ban begging, and those who are caught may be fined with up to three months in prison.作为世界最富有国家之一,很快无家可归者乞讨金钱或者其他救助就要成为非法了。事实上,有60%的挪威人认为乞讨应该是犯罪,挪威准备禁止乞讨,那些被抓的乞讨者可能面临三个月的监禁。According to The Financial Times (F T), if this new law is passed, it will allow local municipalities to introduce an immediate ban on begging that will take effect nationally by summer 2015.根据金融时报报道,如果法律通过,会让乡镇地方政府立即禁止乞讨,可能在2015年夏天实施。However in- humanitarian this movement may be, it seems the Norwegians in favor of such a law agree with it because a majority of beggars in Norway are not residents. Nova research institute released a report that claims there are up to 1,000 foreign beggars among the country’s 5 million population.这种做法可能有点没有人道主义精神,但挪威人都认同这种做法,因为大多数挪威的乞讨者都不是本地居民,有调查显示在这个500万人口的国家,有1000名外国乞讨者。FT told Himan shu Gulati, State Secretary at the Justice Ministry and member of the Populist Progress Party,;In the past few years we have seen an increase in beggars in many cities and towns in Norway and we have a deep concern for the association between the flow of beggars from outside Norway and organized criminality.;金融时报援引Himan shu Gulati的话说,“在过去多年我们注意到了挪威乞讨者人数的上涨,我们担忧这与外国乞讨者的进入以及有组织的犯罪组织有关”。Those that oppose such view point argue that such a law is shameful and unfairly targets the most vulnerable. Opposition politicians also claim that the measures could spoil the international image of the country, especially following the debates on whether Norway should shelter Syrian refugees.那些反对的人称这一法律是可耻的,对于弱者来说是不公的。反对党也称这会影响挪威的国际形象,特别是关于挪威是否应该为叙利亚难民提供庇护的讨论。;The [begging] ban is very bad and it sends out a very bad signal. It is not that all beggars are criminals or that the problem is so big. It is more like it seems to be a ban to help us to not meet them, the needy who are sitting on our streets,; Kjell In golf Ropstad, justice spokesman for the Christian Democrats, was ed in the F T.Kjell In golf Ropstad说,“这一禁令非常糟糕,也传递了不好的信息,不是所有的乞讨者都是罪犯,或者问题很大,更像是让我们不再见到他们,那些需要坐在大街上的人”。Frode Sul land, the head of defense group at the Norwegian Bar Association, said that the ban could counter European human rights rules.挪威律师协会领导人Frode Sul land,称这一禁令有违欧洲人权准则。;You can go to almost any city in Europe and there will be a bigger problem with beggars than there is in Oslo. We think there is a right for every body to ask every body else for help. This is an activity that in it self doesn’t harm any body,; spoke Sul land.Frode Sul land说,“你去欧洲任何国家,乞讨问题都要比这里奥斯陆严重的多,我觉得所有人都有权利向他人寻求帮助,这一行为本身不会伤害任何人”。Whether such a law will pass remains to be seen. Apparently a similar anti- begging ban was overturned in 2005.这一法律能否通过还不得而知,显然一个类似的反乞讨法案在2005年被推翻。But in a country that has the highest GDP per capita--at about 0,000 in 2013, according to the International Monetary Fund--perhaps a solution not severing the symptom can be offered so that real, long-term solution may be realized.但作为有最高人均GDP的国家—2013年大约为10万美元—可能一个不会恶化这一现象的解决方法可以长久解决这个问题。 /201407/310231武汉/男性医院哪个比较好

孝感中心医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱武汉/治疗阳痿哪里好 Most brides dream of throwing a white wedding which will make other women green with envy.大多数新娘梦想着身穿洁白美丽的婚纱,让其他女人羡慕嫉妒恨。But one bride has instead painted herself and her husband-to-be green, for their fairy-tale wedding based on the film Shrek.但有一位新娘与众不同,为了她们童话般的婚礼,她把自己和未婚夫全身涂成绿色。这个童话般的婚礼以动画片《怪物史莱克》为原型。Amanda, 44, and Nathan Gibbs, 39, from Kingswinford, West Midlands planned their rather unusual ceremony after eight years together.44岁的阿曼达和39岁的南森·吉布斯来自西米德兰兹郡金斯温福德,在相恋8年后,他们开始筹备这场非同寻常的婚礼。After losing a number of friends to cancer, the couple decided to dress as the fairytale couple and use the day to raise money for charity.这对夫妻曾失去了好几位因患癌症而去世的朋友,他们决定在婚礼上把自己打扮成童话故事里的人物,并利用这一天为慈善机构筹钱。Dressed in full costume, the pair wed this morning at Priory Hall near Dudley. Guests also dressed up for the themed celebrations - dressing up as the Gingerb Man, Mickey Mouse and Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean.身着盛装,这对新婚夫妇出现在英国Dudley的修道院大厅。婚礼宾客也衣着华,与婚礼主题十分搭配。他们有的打扮成姜饼人,还有的打扮成米老鼠以及加勒比海盗里的杰克·斯派罗。Instead of wedding gifts, the couple - who run an ironing service business, asked that people donate money to Cancer Research.这对夫妻运营熨烫务业务,他们不收新婚礼物,而是请人们为癌症研究捐钱。Mr Gibbs said: #39;In the last 15 months we#39;ve lost seven of our customers to cancer. It just broke our hearts. We wanted to do something to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage more people to go and get checked out.#39;吉布斯先生说:“在过去的15个月中,我们失去了7位身患癌症的朋友。这真的非常令人痛心,我们想做点事来引起人们对癌症的关注,并鼓励更多的人去做身体检查。”The former bricklayer said the couple used to joke that if they ever got married, they would have a fairytale wedding.一位以前当瓦工的朋友说,这对夫妻过去经常开玩笑,说如果他们结婚一定会举办一场童话般的婚礼。#39;It was a standing joke between us. All our friends started getting married and I said ;When we do it we#39;ll have a fairytale wedding. I#39;ll be Shrek and you can be Princess Fiona;.“这是我们之间常开的一个玩笑。我们所有的朋友都先后结婚了,我就开玩笑说‘如果我们结婚,那就来场童话般不一样的婚礼。我扮演史莱克你扮演菲奥娜公主。’”#39;Earlier this year we held a fundraiser for Cancer Research and we were talking about what else we could do when Shrek came on the TV. We turned to each other and laughed.#39;“今年早些时候,我们为癌症研究组织了一场募捐。就在我们正在谈论着还能做些什么的时候,史莱克突然出现在电视上,我们面对面大笑起来。”Plans got under way for the fairytale wedding but the couple were then hit with more bad news.这场童话般的婚礼正在紧锣密鼓地筹备中,但这对夫妻得到了一条坏消息,倍受打击。#39;My sister Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was such a shock. We were trying to do something to help others and then it happened to us.#39;“我堂娜被诊断出患有乳腺癌。这对我们来说真的是个冲击。我们正努力做些事情来帮助别人,但突然它就发生在我们身上了。”Luckily his sister has been given the all-clear but it made the couple even more determined to raise awareness of the disease.幸运的是,他已经脱离病情险境,但这件事使这对夫妻更坚定地去努力唤起人们对这种疾病的意识。Mr Gibbs said: #39;We#39;ve had a great day today and it#39;s fantastic to think the money raised will go towards helping to support those with cancer and their families.吉布斯先生说:“今天我们的大日子过得很棒,筹集的这些钱将被用来持那些身患癌症的患者及患者家属,这令我们感到很奇妙。”#39;Also, if this story encourages just one person who has found a lump to go and get checked out then we will have succeeded.#39;“并且,如果这个故事鼓励了发现肿块的人去做身体检查,即使只有一个人,那么我们也成功了。” /201312/270521武汉/哪家男科医院治疗非淋好

武汉/江夏区割包皮多少钱 Some 87 per cent of gum-chewing teenagers who suffer regular headaches can cure themselves by giving up chewing gum, new research suggests.最新研究表明,那些爱嚼口香糖又常容易头痛的青少年中,87%的人会在停止咀嚼口香糖后症状消失。Scientists at the Tel Aviv University-affiliated Meir Medical Centre, in Israel, found that most adolescents who give up the habit experience significant relief.以色列特拉维夫大学附属梅尔医学中心的科学家发现,绝大多数青少年在改掉咀嚼口香糖的习惯后头痛症状明显减轻。The scientists, led by Dr Nathan Watemberg, believe the finding could allow doctors to cure thousands of patients of migraines and tension headaches without the need for additional tests or medication.由Nathan Watemberg医生领衔的研究组认为,该发现将使医生在不借助任何额外测试和药物治疗的前提下治愈数千患者的偏头痛和紧张性头痛。‘Out of our 30 patients, 26 reported significant improvement and 19 had complete headache resolution,’ said Dr Watemberg.Watemberg医生表示,(在该方法的引导下)参与实验的30名患者中,26名的症状有显著改善,其中有19位患者头痛症状完全消失。‘20 of the improved patients later agreed to go back to chewing gum, and all of them reported an immediate relapse of symptoms.’“20名症状缓和的患者随后同意恢复咀嚼口香糖习惯,然后他们的头痛症状很快复发。”Headaches are common in childhood and become more common and frequent during adolescence, particularly among girls.头痛现象普遍存在于儿童时期,并且在青少年时期日益普遍和发作频繁,女生中这种现象尤为明显。Typical triggers are stress, tiredness, lack of sleep, heat, games, noise, sunlight, smoking, missed meals, and menstruation.常见的触发因素包括压力、疲劳、缺乏睡眠、发热、视频游戏、噪音、日光、吸烟、不吃饭和生理期。But until now there has been little medical research on the relationship between gum chewing and headaches.但直到现在,很少有关于嚼口香糖和头痛之间关系的医学研究。At Meir Medical Centre#39;s Child Neurology and Child Development Centre, Dr Watemberg noticed that many patients who reported headaches were daily gum chewers.在梅尔医学中心儿童神经病学和发展中心,Watemberg医生注意到很多父母说起换头痛的孩子都常嚼口香糖。Dr Watemberg found that in many cases, when patients stopped chewing gum at his suggestion, they got substantially better.Watemberg发现很多案例中,当父母根据他的建议不让孩子再嚼口香糖时,孩子们头痛的状况会大为改善。Taking a more statistical approach, he asked 30 patients between six and 19 years old, who had chronic migraine or tension headaches and chewed gum daily, to quit chewing gum for one month. They had chewed gum for at least an hour a day and some had chewed for more than six hours a day.为了更科学地研究,他要求参与实验的30名6-19岁间,患有慢性偏头痛和紧张性头痛的哎嚼口香糖患者在一个月内停止嚼口香糖。这些患者平时每天至少嚼一个小时口香糖,有的甚至每天嚼口香糖超过6小时。After a month without gum, 19 of the 30 patients reported that their headaches went away entirely and seven reported a decrease in the frequency and intensity of headaches.一个月没嚼口香糖后,19名患者报告头痛症状完全消失,7人报告头痛发作频率和强度均有所下降。To test the results, 20 of them agreed to resume gum chewing for two weeks. All of them reported a return of their symptoms within days.为了测试结果,其中20人回复嚼口香糖的习惯两个星期,然后所有人表示几天后头痛发作。Two previous studies linked gum chewing to headaches, but offered different explanations.之前有两个关于嚼口香糖和头痛之间关系的研究,但得出完全不同的结论。One study suggested that gum chewing causes stress to the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ - the place where the jaw meets the skull.其中一个结论认为咀嚼口香糖的动作导致颞颌关节——下颔与头骨结合处的压力。The other study blamed aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in most popular chewing gums.另一个研究则归咎于阿斯巴甜——口香糖中最常见的人工甜味剂。TMJ dysfunction has been shown to cause headaches, while the evidence is mixed on aspartame. Dr Watemberg favours the TMJ explanation.颞骨关节功能紊乱已被明会导致头痛,但其中的据与阿斯巴甜有关。Watemberg医生倾向于颞骨关节功能紊乱导致头痛的结论。Gum only has a flavour for a short period of time, suggesting it does not contain much aspartame, he says.他说,口香糖的口味只能停留一小段时间,其中阿斯巴甜的含量不高。If aspartame caused headaches, he reasons, there would be a lot more headaches from diet drinks and artificially sweetened products which also contain it.如果阿斯巴甜引起头痛,那膳食饮料和其他含有阿斯巴甜的人工加糖食品会导致更多的头痛。On the other hand, people chew gum well after the taste is gone, putting a significant burden on the TMJ, which is aly the most used joint in the body, he says.另一方面,人们在口香糖甜味消失后继续咀嚼,会给身体最常用的颞骨关节带来更多负担。‘Every doctor knows that overuse of the TMJ will cause headaches,’ said Dr Watemberg. ‘I believe this is what#39;s happening when children and teenagers chew gum excessively.’他说道,“每个医生都知道颞颌关节负担过重会引起头痛,我相信青少年们过度咀嚼口香糖导致了这一状况。” /201312/270083湖北省汉口治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好咸宁男科挂号



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