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武汉/不举怎么办武汉/阿波罗男子医院不孕不育专科Men and women might wax lyrical about looking for someone who is kind, sensitive and funny. But a new study shows that when it comes to finding partners, the ded cliché seems to be true.无论男女都有可能诗意地幻想自己的另一半是一个善良、敏感而幽默的人。但一项最新研究发现:当人们在真正寻找另一半时,现实似乎又一次验了那些可怕的陈词滥调。A study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human behaviour shows what really matters to men is looks - while women want a man with a booming bank balance.The study asked hundreds of young men and women what mattered when choosing a partner. The categories were attractiveness, wealth, ambition, kindness and intelligence.在《进化与人类行为》上刊登的一则调查研究显示:男人择偶的关键是外表,而对于女人来说则更想要一个有钱人。这次调查面对几百个年轻男女发起,询问他们哪些因素可能影响他们对伴侣的选择,结果包括了以下几类:吸引力、财富、事业心、善良和聪明。And results shows men were overwhelmingly swayed by an attractive face and body, while women were hooked on wealth and ambition.调查结果显示,压倒性数量的男人都会被漂亮的脸蛋和身材所吸引,而对于女人来说她们则更关注男人的金钱和事业心。Professor Gad Saad, who co-authored the study with Tripat Gill, said the research seems to highlight how evolution has led us to this #39;irrational#39; decision-making.嘉德·萨阿德教授和特里帕特·吉尔合作完成此项研究,称这一研究正反映了自然演化是如何引领我们做出这种看似“荒谬”的决定的。Mr Saad said: #39;Choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and for her offspring.#39;萨阿德教授说:“选择一个穷困潦倒的人来养家糊口或者一个缺乏爱心的父亲,势必会对这个女人和她的孩子的生活造成严重的影响。”The survey, carried out at Concordia University in Montral, Quebec, Canada, gave overall descriptions of potential partners, along with positive and negative descriptions.本次调查在加拿大魁北克省蒙特利尔市的肯高迪亚大学进行,调查的内容是对你所期待的伴侣进行全面的描述,包括正面和负面双重描述。It showed that an attractive body and an attractive face were seen as more important to men, while earning potential and ambition were more important to women. Both said kindness and intelligence were equally important to both.调查显示长相和身材迷人对于男人择偶似乎更为重要,而对女人而言她们更在乎男人的收入潜力和事业心。然而无论男女都认为善良、聪明和以上两点同等重要。 /201405/298730华润武钢总医院男科医生 Who should pay for the first date? The majority says it’s the guy’s responsibility. A survey released this month found that about 77 percent of people in heterosexual relationships believe men should settle the bill on the first date. The survey was put together by US financial website NerdWallet. The site polled roughly 1,000 Americans who had been dating their partners for six months or more.第一次约会该由谁买单?多数人认为这是男士的责任。本月初,美国财经网站NerdWallet公布了一项针对近1000名交往6个月及以上情侣的调查结果。数据显示,77%(异性恋)受访者认为应该由男士来买单。The financial chivalry began when, in the past, women had no access to employment and therefore couldn’t fend themselves financially. But nowadays, more and more women have become the bwinners. According to The Atlantic, between 1960 and 2011 in the US, the proportion of two-parent US households in which the mother earned all or most of the income roughly quadrupled.过去,这种勇于付款的“骑士精神”是因为女性没有工作,不能经济独立。但现如今,越来越多的女性都成为养家糊口的主力军,据美国《大西洋月刊》报道,从1960年到2011年,美国双亲家庭中母亲是家中主要或全部经济来源的家庭所占比例几乎翻了两番。So why, amid economic changes and gender equity advancements, are men still expected to pay for the bill?那么,在经济变革、两性更加平等的今天,为什么依旧应该由男士来买单呢?“As social roles start to change, people often embrace the changes that make their lives easier, but resist the changes that make their lives more difficult,” David Frederick, a professor of psychology at Chapman University, US, told The Huffington Post. “Who pays for dates … is one arena where women may be resisting gender changes more than men,” he suggested.美国柴普曼大学心理学教授大卫#8226;弗里德瑞克在接受《赫芬顿邮报》采访时表示,“在社会角色开始发生变化时,人们往往愿意接受那些使生活更容易的变化,排斥令生活更麻烦的变化。而谁来买单的问题?(在这个问题上)女性比男性更抗拒性别角色的变化。”Men pay more男士付得多Frederick is a co-author of a study released last year that also found men tend to pay for dates. The study was larger than NerdWallet’s and polled about 17,000 people, according to The Atlantic. The study also found 39 percent of its female respondents admitted that they hoped men would reject their offers to help pay. Frederick and his colleagues called paying for dates “a rare case” in which women are motivated not to fight old-school gender dynamics. In the same way, men who are no longer bwinners aren’t as eager to take up domestic responsibilities such as parenting and homemaking.弗里德瑞克教授去年与别人共同进行的一项研究发现,男士依旧是约会买单的主力。《大西洋月刊》报道称,这项调查的规模比NerdWallet网站的还大,约17000人参与了调查。数据显示,39%女性受访者承认就算自己提出买单要求,内心仍希望男士抢着付钱。弗里德瑞克教授和他的同事们认为,这是女性不抵触传统性别角色的“特例”。与之类似的还有,男士虽然不再独挑养家糊口的重担,却仍不愿承担教育小孩、操持家务等家庭责任。Many people would argue men’s paying for dates is a form of respecting women. But Joe Pinsker, writing in The Atlantic, says this seemingly “benevolent” form of sexism can lead to a sense of entitlement on men’s part — they tend to think that women owe them because they have paid.不少人认为男士在约会时买单是一种对女性的尊重。但乔#8226;皮斯科在美国《大西洋月刊》上撰文称,这种看似“善意”的大男子主义会让男人感觉自己拥有更多权利——他们为约会买单,因此认为女性对他们有所亏欠。Money can twist men’s opinion of sexual consent. Pinsker cites a 2010 study published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence. It found that men were more likely than women to think that sex should be expected when a man pays for an expensive date.此外,付钱还会让男性将其误解为允许发生性关系的许可。皮斯科还援引了一份2010年发表于《人际暴力杂志》的调查,其结果显示,在为昂贵的约会买单后,男性比女性更容易认为将与对方发生关系。This really is disturbing. But Frederick found something optimistic in his study that might serve as a warning to some women. Almost half of the men surveyed in the study he co-authored said that they would break up with a woman if she never offered to help pay the bill on a date. “In this single telling finding about dating and paying interactions, we see evidence of a sea change,” Frederick wrote.这确实让人感到不安,但弗里德瑞克教授在他的研究中也发现了一些好消息,供一些女士参考:调查中,几乎一半男性都表示如果约会对象从未有过要买单的意思,他们会选择分手。弗里德瑞克教授说,“从这一结果可以看出,在约会与买单的互动关系上,我们可以看到巨大的不同。” /201410/335410;You#39;re so great -- why don#39;t you have a boyfriend?;“你这么好,怎么会没有男朋友?”This misguided compliment, often doled out to young successful women, has given birth to a new thought experiment: If a woman is great and no romantic partner is there to appreciate her, can she still lead a happy and fulfilling life?人们常常在舆论的误导作用下,将这种恭维话“施舍”给单身成功女性,由此我们提出了一个新的思维实验课题:如果一位女性品貌甚佳,却没有情人来欣赏,她是否仍能生活的快乐而充实呢?Women often feel bad about being single, despite how satisfying their lives are otherwise.无论一位女性对生活的其他方面如何满意,单身的感情状况总是会让她感到郁闷。Turns out, there are a few reasons you might feel that romantic ennui:实际上,你的“单身厌烦症”可能是出于以下几点原因。you may not be prioritizing what you really want.你没有首先考虑自己想要的是什么。Allowing what other people want for you to cloud your judgement can send you down that dark, ;I#39;m dying alone; spiral. Global surveys have found that cultural norms and expectations are what determine our self-esteem, even if we claim we#39;re above the pressure. The truth is that marriage won#39;t make everyone happier.从他人对你的期望,使自己的判断力受到遮蔽,这会使你越来越觉得“我会孤独终老”,在这种想法的泥潭里越陷越深。全球范围内的研究结果显示,我们的自尊心是由文化规范和社会期待所决定的,即使我们声称自己不受这两者影响。事实上,结婚成家并不一定会使人更幸福。And those fear-inducing headlines aren#39;t helping.那些令人恐惧的新闻宣传也在帮倒忙。;It#39;s amazing how year after year after year, people are making this claim that if you get married, you#39;ll get happier,; author of Singled Out, DePaulo said.《单身更快乐》一书的作者德保罗说,“年复一年,人们一直在宣扬这样的观念,即结婚成家会使人更加幸福,这真不可思议。”She explained that many of those academic studies that make for splashy, fear-inducing headlines aren#39;t procedurally sound. The main problem is that conditions in clinical studies have to be randomly assigned -- which isn#39;t possible when you#39;re researching single vs. married people.她解释道,许多虚张声势、耸人听闻的舆论宣传及其背后的学术研究在研究程序上并不严谨。主要的问题在于,临床研究应该随即分配身份不同的研究对象——当你的研究对象是未婚/已婚人群时,这根本是不可能的。Another ;methodologically shameful; tactic in these studies, she explained, is that many only compare those who are currently married to single people and completely ignore those who got married, hated it and got divorced.她认为,此类学术研究中是另一种“令研究者蒙羞的方法论”伎俩,即许多研究都只是将婚姻幸福的人群与单身人群进行对比,而完全忽略了那些结过婚,然后厌倦婚姻、离婚的人群。Moral of the story?这篇文章的寓意何在?Yes, you#39;re still ;great; and more than capable of living a happy, fulfilling life, whether or not you#39;re involved with someone romantically. But also know that feeling waves of self-doubt and insecurity are totally normal. You may never want to get married-- or you may be open to the possibility of meeting someone without actively looking for a relationship.是的,无论你是否有一个恋人,你都很优秀,完全能够过上幸福,充实的生活。但是也要记住,自我怀疑和不安全感等情绪上的波动是完全正常的。也许你一辈子也不会想结婚——亦或你会怀着一种开放的心态,不对恋爱抱有期待,而是静待着遇到某人。All of this awareness, however, won#39;t always assuage all of your fears and insecurities, and that#39;s OK. If you feel sad sometimes, it#39;s not because you#39;re single -- it#39;s because you#39;re alive.即使了解了上述一切,也不能保祛除你所有的恐惧和不安,但这没有关系。如果你偶尔会感到心情沮丧,那并不是因为你单身,而是因为你活着。 /201406/304498汉川男科挂号

武汉/哪家医院开展阴径矫正手术What to Eat Before a Workout?运动之前吃什么?What’s the best thing to eat before a workout, game, or race?在开始运动,游戏或者比赛之前,吃什么最好呢?(a) a candy bar or other sugary food 15 minutes before, (b) a protein shake or bar 30 minutes before, (c) a low-fat, high-carb meal or snack one to four hours before, (d) nothing; you should fast.(a) 锻炼前15分钟,吃块状糖或者其他含糖的食物。 (b) 锻炼前30分钟,补充喝蛋白奶昔或者能量棒。 (c) 锻炼前1到4小时,吃低脂高碳水化合物食物或者点心。 (d) 都不吃,你可以空腹The answer is usually (c), but it depends on the type, length and intensity of your activity, what you ate onprevious days, your metabolism and your personal preferences.通常是(c),但取决于你锻炼的种类,时长和强度,你运动前吃什么,你的新陈代谢以及你个人的饮食爱好。If you’re just walking briskly or cycling for30 to 60 minutes, it doesn’t matter what you eat beforehand. But if you’re about to play singles tennis, go on a three hour bike ride or run for more than an hour, whatyou eat before—and during—the activity can affect your performance and how you feel.如果你只是快走或者骑车30到60分钟,那之前吃什么都没关系。但如果你要玩单人网球,骑3个小时的单车或者跑多于一个小时的步,那你运动前或者运动中吃的东西会影响你的表现和感觉。It’s important to find what works best for you. There’s no magic pre--exercise meal, but there are somegeneral guidelines for vigorous workouts lasting more than an hour.It’s best to eat one to four hours before the activity: the shorter the time to the event, the smaller the meal orsnack should be.找到最适合你的饮食很重要。不存在运动前不可思议的食物,但有一些一般的准则,针对持续一个小时以上的强力运动。运动1到4个小时前吃东西:越靠近运动前,那越要少吃,无论是正餐还是小吃。Choose foods that are high in carbs (preferably complex carbs that are not high in fiber), low in fat andmoderate in protein—such as crackers, fruit, pasta or low--fat yogurt—and that “sit well” with you. The goal is to maintain blood sugar and carbohydrate stores in the body, but not have much undigestedfood in the stomach, which can cause indigestion, gas or other discomfort.选择一些含碳水化合物比较高的食物(最好是含纤维不高的复合碳水化合物),低脂并含适量蛋白质的食物比较靠谱,诸如咸饼干,水果,面团或者低脂酸奶。目标是保持人体内的血糖和碳水化合物,但不多吃胃难消化的食物,这会导致消化不良,胃胀或者其他不适。Why should athletes love carbs?为什么运动员喜欢碳水化合物?Carbohydrates are essential for athletic performance—in fact, for all physical as well as mental activity.They are the body’s major source of energy—in the form of glucose in the blood and glycogen (the stor-ageform of carbohydrates) in the muscles and liver—and are used more efficiently than proteins or fats. It’sparticularly important to eat enough carbs in the hours and days before prolonged activity (though special“carb--loading” regimens are no longer recommended).碳水化合物对运动员的发挥很重要。事实上,对所有的心理或生理运动都很重要。他们是人体主要的能量源,以葡萄糖的形式存于肌肉和肝脏的血液或者糖原(碳水化合物的储存模式)中。它们比蛋白质或脂肪更加有效。在长时间锻炼的前几个小时或者前几天,吃足够多的碳水化合物尤其重要。If you’re doing strength training, shouldn’t you eat more protein than carbs beforehand?如果你正做力量训练,此前难道不该多吃蛋白质而不是碳水化合物吗?No, the focus should stay on high-#172;carb foods. Weight lifters and endur-ance athletes do need more proteinthan other people, but because of their greater food intake, they get the extra protein with little trouble.Some research has found that consuming some protein shortly after strength training can boost musclesynthesis, however.What about the final hour before a workout?当然不是,主要应侧重高碳水化合物的食物。举重或者耐力运动员比别人需要更多的蛋白质,但由于他们吃很多东西,所以补充额外的蛋白质不成问题。有些研究表明,在力量训练之后快速补充蛋白质能提高肌肉生成能力,但是,如果运动前的一个小时补充蛋白质会怎么样呢?Years ago, experts advised not eating anything, especially sugary foods or drinks, shortly before exercising,since that can boost insulin levels and result in a drop in blood sugar, which could impair performance. Butinsulin levels go back down when you start to exercise. And the great majority of studies have found thateating carbs shortly before exercise actually improves performance or else has no effect on it.多年以前,专家建议在运动前不要吃东西,特别是含糖的食物或者饮料,因为那能提高胰岛素水平或者降低血糖,会使发挥变差。但是当你开始训练时,胰岛素水平就下降了。并且大量研究表明只有运动前补充碳水化合物能提高发挥水平,吃其他的东西都没用。Again, it depends on what you’ll be doing, what you ate earlier and what you’ll consume while exercising. Ifyou do eat during the final hour, try a small low-fat snack (less than 200 calories) or a lightly sugared beverage.同样,这取决于你要做什么运动,你之前吃了什么或者你训练中吃了什么。如果你运动前一个小时确实要吃东西,那就试试一些小的低脂零食(少于200卡路里)或者少量的含糖饮料。Is it better to get your pre--exercise calories and nutrients from liquids than from solid foods?锻炼前补充卡路里和营养时,进食液态的食物会比固态的食物更好吗?Whatever works for you. It takes longer for solid foods to be digested compared to liquids, which could be agood or bad thing when you exercise, depending on the timing. But studies have generally found that itdoesn’t matter whether you get your pre--workout calories from food or beverages.这两种都好。固态食物比液态食物需要更多时间去消化,你训练期间这也许是好事但也可能是坏事,取决于你锻炼的时间。但通常研究表明,你运动前吃东西或者喝饮料都没太大区别。Will fasting before exercise burn more body fat?锻炼前绝食会燃烧更多脂肪吗?No, what you eat before exercising has little or no effect on fat burning (oxidation). The body uses stored fatand carbs as fuel in varying pro-portions, depending on the length and intensity of the activities and othervariables.不会,你锻炼前吃什么几乎不影响脂肪燃烧(氧化)。人体使用所储存的脂肪和碳水化合物作为燃料,它们的比例取决于锻炼的时长和强度,或者其他因素。Studies on fasting in athletes have produced inconsis-tent results, and when they have found extra fatburning it is very modest. And some research has shown that people burn more fat when they eatsomething before exercising than when they fast. What’s more, for most people, fasting before intense orprolonged exercise will reduce energy levels and impair performance.研究表明运动员的绝食产生了与之前矛盾的结果,有些调查结果表明,人们在运动前先绝食再进食会燃烧更多脂肪,这是一个十分保守的说法特别是他们发现额外的脂肪燃烧时候。还有,对绝大多数人来说,在剧烈的长时间运动之前绝食,会降低能量水平和影响发挥。Should you eat while exercising—and what?你锻炼期间可以吃东西吗?吃什么?Yes, if you’re doing prolonged events such as long- distance running or cycling. For most people, a fewhours of sustained, vigorous activity will deplete their stored carbs, resulting in weakness, fatigue, and/orpain—what’s known as “hitting the wall.” So it’s important to eat small high--carb (again, low in fat and fiber)snacks to maintain blood sugar and fuel your muscles and brain. You can also get the carbs from beverages.可以,如果你在做一些时间较长的运动,比如长距离跑步或者骑车。对大多数人而言,几个小时的持续有力的锻炼会消耗他们存储的碳水化合物,导致虚弱,疲惫或者酸痛。这就是众所周知的“撞墙”。因此吃一些少量高碳水化合物的零食很重要(同样要低脂和少纤维),有利于保持血糖平衡和为肌肉和大脑提供能量。你同样也可以喝饮料补充碳水化合物。What#39;s the best way to stay hydrated?保持身体水分的最好方法是什么?If you exercise moderately for less than an hour, all you need to do is drink when you’re thirsty—and wateris fine. But for prolonged exercise, especially in hot weather, drink plenty of fluids.如果你运动量少于一个小时,你只需口渴的时候喝点东西就好了——喝水即可。但对于长时间的锻炼,特别是夏日炎炎的时候,那要喝足够多的液体。The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking fluids (about 15 ounces for a 165-#172;poundperson) at least four hours beforehand. Also drink at regular inter-vals during long workouts, even if you arenot thirsty, and drink adequately afterwards. For such endurance exercise, beverages with low to moderate sugar content as well as some potassium and sodium, such as sports drinks, are recommended.美国运动药物大学建议锻炼前至少4个小时补充液体(15盎司或者165磅每人)。在长时间锻炼的休息间隔里也要补充,尽管你不渴,在锻炼之后要大量补充液体。对于像耐力训练这样的训练,建议喝像运动饮料,含有低或者中度的含糖量,同时补充钾和钠。 /201407/310205武汉/武昌区治疗男性不育多少钱 From nerdy TV shows like Big Bang Theory to ancient poetry, there are plenty of factors influencing whether Chinese tourists end up eating cheesecake in Pasadena or, say, admiring a willow tree in Cambridge. 从《生活大爆炸》(Big Bang Theory)这种傻乎乎的电视剧到优雅的古典诗词,影响中国游客去哪里度假的因素很多,这些因素最终决定他们是到帕萨迪纳吃芝士蛋糕还是去剑桥赏柳。So much for the whims of Chinese tourists. But just how happy are they when they finally arrive in their actual destinations of choice? 中国游客往往凭一时心血来潮决定去哪玩一圈,这暂且不论。不过到达目的地之后,他们的满意度怎样?A new report from a Chinese think-tank has some answers. According to the China Tourism Academy, among 22 destinations studied, the most satisfying destinations for tourists from the Middle Kingdom in this year#39;s first quarter were New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada. At the bottom were Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. 中国旅游研究院(China Tourism Academy, 简称CTA)一份最新报告在一定程度上回答了这个问题。这家智库对22个旅游目的地做了调查,结果显示,在今年第一季度,中国游客最满意的三个国家是新西兰、美国和加拿大,垫底的是柬埔寨、印尼和越南。Rounding out the middle of the pack were countries such as France (No. 9), this year#39;s hot-spot destination of Japan (No. 12) and Russia (No. 15). (See list below for full rankings.) The think-tank is affiliated with the China National Tourism Administration, a government body. 排名居中的有法国(第九位)、今年比较火爆的日本(第12位)以及俄罗斯(第15位)(参见文章末尾的总排名)。CTA隶属于中国国家旅游局。The report found that Chinese tourists were most dissatisfied about the level of safety abroad, as well as poor Chinese-language services and the cost of travel. By contrast, overall atmosphere, transportation and urban management overseas got higher marks. 报告发现,中国游客对出境游最不满意的地方是安全问题、蹩脚的中文务和旅游成本。而在整体环境、交通和城市管理方面,出境游得分更高。Meanwhile, the number of outbound Chinese tourists has continued to climb. By CTA#39;s estimates, there were an estimated 26.4 million who went overseas in the first quarter of the year, an increase of 17% from the same period last year. Total spending by such tourists, CTA said, was likewise up at .4 billion, a rise of 16%. 与此同时,中国公民出境游人数正持续攀升。CTA估计,今年第一季度中国出境游客数量约为2,640万,同比增长17%,游客旅费出34亿美元,同比增长16%。Those numbers are expected to jump considerably: Brokerage CLSA estimates that by 2020, the number of mainland tourists headed overseas will hit 200 million per year, double the 100 million who went abroad last year. 预计这个数字还将大幅攀升。里昂券(CLSA)推测,到2020年,大陆游客境外游人数每年将达到2亿,去年为1亿。Given the levels of smog and crowds that await tourists across China, it#39;s perhaps no surprise that more Chinese tourists are choosing to pack their passports and holiday overseas. CTA said that the level of satisfaction among domestic tourists is the lowest it#39;s been since 2009, with their analysis citing air quality as one driving factor. 考虑到中国严重的雾霾和交通拥挤,不难理解越来越多的中国游客选择到海外享受假期。CTA称,目前国内游满意度是2009年以来最低的,空气质量是一个原因。Whether because of pollution or some other reason, foreign tourists have also been voting with their feet: The number of inbound visitors fell by 3%, down to 31 million, the agency said. CTA称,可能是担心污染或其他什么原因,海外游客也用脚投了票:中国接待入境游客人数减少3%,至3,100万。Top-Ranked Destinations For Chinese Outbound Tourists: 中国出境游目的地排名:1. New Zealand2. The ed States3. Canada4. Australia5. Singapore6. Italy7. Thailand8. The ed Kingdom9. France10. South Korea11. Germany12. Japan13. Spain14. Philippines15. Russia16. Malaysia17. Brazil18. South Africa19. Cambodia20. Indonesia21. Vietnam 1. 新西兰2. 美国3. 加拿大4. 澳大利亚5. 新加坡6. 意大利7. 泰国8. 英国9. 法国10. 韩国11. 德国12. 日本13. 西班牙14. 菲律宾15. 俄罗斯16. 马来西亚17. 巴西18. 南非19. 柬埔寨20. 印度尼西亚21. 越南 /201404/289089武汉/哪里有专治不孕不育的吗

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