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They keep you warm in winter, protect your skin in summer, and are your go-to for bad hair days – but is your hat doing your face any favors?帽子可以在冬天保暖,夏季保护皮肤,发型糟糕的日子也可以向它求助。但是你的帽子有没有为你的脸型加分呢?You Will Need你需要Knowledge of your face shape了解自己的脸型Confidence自信Steps步骤Step 1 Try them on1.试戴Try on hats in a variety of colors and note which ones flatter your skin tone. Pale complexions look best in warm tones, such as pink. If you’re dark-skinned, avoid black hats. Make sure the hat fits your head and doesn’t fall over your ears or squeeze your forehead.试戴不同颜色的帽子,看一下哪种颜色更能衬托你的肤色。比较苍白的肤色更适合暖色调,例如粉红色。如果你的肤色较暗,不要戴黑色的帽子。确保帽子尺寸与头部相衬,不要遮到耳朵或额头。Step 2 Choose a hat based on face size2.根据脸的大小选择帽子Choose a hat proportionate to your face size. If you have a small face, avoid hats with large brims and crowns. If you have a large face, don’t wear face-hugging hats.选择适合脸部大小的帽子。如果你的脸比较小,避免有大帽圈的帽子。如果你的脸比较大,不要戴包住脸的帽子。Tuck your hair behind your ears or wear it in a low ponytail or bun before donning a hat.戴帽子的时候把头发扫到耳朵后面,或者梳成较低的马尾或发髻。Step 3 Get the right hat for your face shape3.适合自己的脸型Create length in a round face by choosing hats with high brims and sharp angles, such as a fedora or a bucket hat, and avoid rounded crowns. Long faces look best in hats with a low crown, such as a newsboy cap, or hats with large brims, such as sun hats or panama hats. Oval faces look good in just about any hat.如果脸比较圆,可以尝试帽圈比较高,有尖锐的角度的帽子,例如爵士帽或水桶帽,将面部拉长,避免圆形帽冠。长脸最好选择较低的帽冠,例如报童帽,或者有大帽圈的帽子,例如太阳帽或巴拿马帽。椭圆形脸戴任何帽子都好看。Step 4 Flatter your features4.彰显自己的特征Wear a hat that sits forward on your head and has a distinct brim if you have a large nose. A swept-up or angled-brim hat is the most flattering if you wear glasses. For every face shape, the hat’s crown should never be wider than your cheekbones. Play with angling so the hat looks its best on you.如果你的鼻子比较大,戴一顶将头部向前拉伸,帽圈比较别致的帽子。如果你戴眼镜的话,有角度的帽圈最能增加你的风度。对于任何脸型,帽冠都不要比颧骨宽。Position the hat so that it sits in the center of your head, covering half of your forehead. Most people wear their hats too far back.帽子一定要刚好戴在头部中央,覆盖额头的一半。大部分人都把帽子戴的太靠后了。Step 5 Wear it with confidence5.有自信Wear your hat with confidence. A hat definitely draws attention, so make sure you feel comfortable in it and let it show.自信满满地戴自己的帽子。帽子无疑会吸引注意力,所以一定要感觉舒适,尽情彰显自己的风采。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/234701。

Dr Karlsson is part of卡森教授是2005年基因组the team that in 2005 mapped the dog genome,绘制团队的成员All 2.4 billion letters of the dogs DNA code.这种的DNA码 有24亿个字母Once we had the dog genome sequence,一旦我们知道了基因组序列we could design a gene chip, which would allow us to compare我们就可以设计基因芯片 让我们可以all of our sick dogs and our healthy dogs把那些生病的和健康的做比较and find the genes that are causing diseases.找到那些引起疾病的基因Using a genotyping machine, Dr. Karlsson利用基因分型设备 卡森士is able to simultaneously analyse thousands of regions of DNA可以同时分析取自生病的 和健康的拳师From boxers with and without cardiomyopathy.的数千个区域的DNAWhat you see when you compare sick dogs to healthy dogs把生病的和健康的相比较and go across the genome from chromosome one从染色体一比较to chromosome two and across is that most of the points到染色体二 看到大多数的点are right near zero and theres not a lot都很接近零 就是说在病和健康之间of differences between the healthy dogs and the sick dogs,这些基因没有明显的不同Until you get to chromosome 17, and there直到我们看到染色体17的地方all of a sudden you have a huge number of differences.这里的数据突然出现了很大的差别This is exciting, because this means这很让人兴奋 因为这意味着this is the region of the正是基因组的这个区域genome that holds the gene causing our disease.含有引起疾病的基因Karlssons team have honed卡森的团队锁定这个区域in on this region to pinpoint the exact gene.精确的找到了致病基因Weve found a gene related to sudden cardiac death.我们发现了一种与心脏病猝死有关的基因We think theres another one我们认为还会有另外一个基因because we havent told the whole story yet.因为我们还不能完全解释病症是如何发生的But we think we know what the但是我们相信mutation is in that gene causing the disease.那个基因的突变导致了这类疾病Now the mutation has been identified,现在突变的基因找到了the team have been able这个团队可以着手to locate the corresponding gene in humans.在人类身上定位类似的基因Its accelerated a process that,这样就加速了整个过程without dogs, could have taken decades.而如果没有 这可能要花费数十年时间201303/228390。

You Will Need你需要Manners礼貌Grooming修饰Taste品位Listening skills倾听技巧Steps步骤Step 1 Say please and thank you1.说“请”和“谢谢”Mind your manners. Say please and thank you everywhere, in every situation. Seek to make every social experience a positive one.注意礼貌。任何地方,任何情况下都要说“请”和“谢谢”。将任何一次社交经历都看作积极正面的。Step 2 Be well groomed2.打扮得体Be well groomed and polished as a matter of respect for yourself and for those you encounter.注意修饰,既是对自己,也是对你遇到的人的尊重。Step 3 Help out3.乐于助人Go out of your way to help others -- hold doors, offer directions, share your time, money, and advice without expecting anyone to reciprocate.乐于助人——开门,指路,分享时间,金钱和建议而不图回报。Remember -- what you learned in kindergarten about sharing and mutual respect will go a long way.记住——你在幼儿园时期学到的分享和互相尊重将会持续很长时间。Step 4 Make tasteful observations4.发表有品位的Make tasteful observations and jokes. Avoid jokes told at the expense of other people.发表有品位的,讲有品位的笑话。避免以取笑它人为代价的笑话。Step 5 Listen well5.认真倾听Listen well, making eye contact. Wait to speak and steer clear of arguments.认真倾听,进行眼神交流。等别人说完之后再说,避免争吵。Step 6 Admit mistakes6.承认错误Admit mistakes and accept criticism graciously. People appreciate being around someone who is self-aware and personally responsible.大方地承认错误,接受批评。人们喜欢和有自知之明,负责人的人在一起。Step 7 Don’t stare7.不要盯着别人Don’t shame, embarrass, or taunt others. Never stare at someone.不要使别人感到羞愧,尴尬或嘲讽他人。永远不要凝视别人。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/233428。

The new H1N1 swine flu virus has infected at least 1 million Americans, according to the latest estimates from the CDC. Thankfully, most cases are mild. But reports on patients in Mexico confirm that this new virus behaves more like a pandemic string than a typical flu virus. Doctors studying Mexican patients found that 87% of death were in younger people between the ages of 5 and 59. In contrast, just 17% of typical flu death are in this age groupResearchers conclude that if supplies of pandemic vaccine turn out to be limited, then priority should be given to younger generations. A separate analysis notes that this new virus is a relative of an old foe, the 1980 flu that killed millions worldwide. The genes of the 1980 virus have been mixing with other flu strings ever since, triggering periodic pandemics. But there are signs that the pandemics are lessening in severity through the years, possibly because the genes have learned that they can not survive if the virus kills its hosts.词汇:Mild: a mild illness or health problem is not serious 温和的,轻微的,不严重的a mild form of the disease 病势不重pandemic: (adj.) (疾病)流行性的;传染于(全国、全洲、全世界)的(n.) 流行病,大流行病the Aids pandemic in Asia 亚洲流行的艾滋病foe: 敌人,仇敌This is the most serious challenge from his political foe. 这是来自他政敌的最严重的挑战。Host: (寄生动植物的)寄主,宿主07/76715。

Today in History: Saturday, March 30, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月30日,星期六On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and seriously injured outside a Washington, D.C., hotel by John W. Hinckley Jr.1981年3月30日,里根总统在华盛顿一酒店外被约翰W.欣克利杀并受重伤。1822 Florida became a U.S. Territory.1822年,佛罗里达成为美国领土。1867 Secretary of State William H. Seward reached agreement with Russia to purchase Alaska for .2 million, a deal roundly ridiculed as ;Sewards Folly.;1867年,国务卿威廉H.苏华德与俄罗斯达成协议愿意以720万美元购买阿拉斯加,交易彻底被嘲讽为“苏华德的愚蠢行为”。1870 The 15th amendment to the Constitution, giving black men the right to vote, was declared in effect.1870年,给予黑人选举权利的美国第15次宪法修正案宣布生效。1870 Texas was mitted to the Union.1870年,德克萨斯州重新加入联盟。1945 The Soviet Union invaded Austria during World War II.1945年,二战期间苏联入侵奥地利。1964 The TV game show ;Jeopardy!; premiered on N.1964年,电视游戏节目《Jeopardy ! 》首次在N上演。1995 Pope John Paul II issued an encyclical condemning abortion and euthanasia as crimes that no human laws could legitimize.1995年,教皇约翰·保罗二世教皇发布通谕谴责堕胎和安乐死并将其视为犯罪,称人类的法律不能将其合法化。1999 A jury in Portland, Ore., ordered Philip Morris to pay million to the family of a man who died of lung cancer after smoking Marlboros for four decades.1999年,俄勒冈州波特兰评审员命令菲利普莫里斯公司向一名抽了四十年万宝路香烟后死于肺癌的男子家庭赔付8100万美元。2002 Britains Queen Mother Elizabeth died at age 101.2002年,英国女王伊丽莎白的母亲去世,享年101岁。2006 American reporter Jill Carroll, a freelancer for The Christian Science Monitor, was released after 82 days as a hostage in Iraq.2006年,基督教科学箴言报的美国自由记者吉尔卡罗尔在伊拉克被关押82天后释放。 President Barack Obama asserted unprecedented government control over the auto industry, rejecting GM and Chryslers restructuring plans and engineering the ouster of GMs chief executive, Rick Wagoner.年,美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马声称政府将史无前例的控制汽车行业,拒绝通用和克莱斯勒的重组计划并策划罢免通用汽车首席执行官里克·瓦格纳。本节目属 /201303/232858。

Fonts are brillo, they come in all shapes and sizes and colours. That doesnt mean youre allowed to go mad and use just ANY font though: these ones are banned, for the public good.字体千姿百态,从形状,大小到颜色各有不同。然而,这并不意味着你可以肆无忌惮地使用任何字体。在公共场合,有一些字体是禁用的。Step 1: Arial1.ArialArials been around so long, now, that its comforting and familiar in the same way that makes middle-aged men trade in their wives for a younger, sexier model. Arial is therefore the pixel equivalent of a frumpy, disappointing housewifeArial已经面世太长时间了,已经太舒适,太熟悉了,就像一个中年男子想要把自己的妻子换成更年轻,更性感的模特的那种感觉。因此,Arial字体就像没见过世面的失望的家庭主妇。Step 2: Times New Roman2.Times New RomanTimes New Roman is rarely appropriate in a futuristic web2.0-enabled society. Its clumsy, and has weird ugly sharp twisty bits coming off each of the letters. Ack, what a mess. Pick something properly classy like Verdana or Calibri, and let Times die.在比较新潮的web2.0互联网时代,Times New Roman是非常不适用的。这种字体非常笨拙,在每个字母的末尾都有非常丑陋的弯曲的一点。乱七八糟。选择Verdana或Calibri这样比较经典的字体,让最先使用Times New Roman的泰晤士报去死吧。Step 3: Papyrus3.PapyrusPapyrus makes everything you type look like it was written in Ancient Greece!, albeit by a ROBOT FROM THE FUTURE. Thats not a good thing. If youre using it, why not go whole hog and flip the colour to green and write “Save the trees! Please dont print this e-mail unless you really need to...” in your email signature like any of your emails are worth printing off.Papyrus从任何角度看上去都像是古希腊文,不过是由来自未来的机器人书写的。这并不是好事。如果你正在使用这种字体,为什么不更彻底一点,在你的邮件签名中,把颜色调成绿色和白色,书写“拯救树木!请不要打印此邮件,除非确实需要!”这样看上去好像你的邮件都值得打印出来一样。Step 4: Comic Sans4.Comic SansThe granddaddy of all unusable fonts. Initially intended to be a quick comic book substitute, Comic Sans quickly found itself over used to the point of eye-bleeding saturation, and is now rarely seen outside the realm of ignorant passive aggressive office notes.这是所有不适用的字体的鼻祖。最初用于一本喜剧书籍,后来,Comic Sans字体逐渐被滥用到令人眼睛充血的饱和状态,现在,在被动的具有攻击性的疏忽的办公室便条之外已经很少使用。Step 5: Curlz5.Curlz“Look at me!”, this font says. “Look at how what I write perfectly embodies the sort of person I am! Im a bit crazy, and a bit different. I stand out!”这种字体说,“看看我!看一下我书写的多么完美,体现了我是多么完美的一个人!我有点个性张扬,有点与众不同,我鹤立鸡群!”It doesnt matter that you cant actually what theyre writing, because the sort of person that chooses a nonsense font like this invariably hasnt got anything important to say anyway.你认不出他们写的是什么并不重要,因为选择这种毫无意义的字体的人没有任何重要的事情要说。Invariably written in pink, and accompanied by acres of rubbishy clip art.有人还偏偏喜欢选用粉红色字体,还用大量垃圾一样的艺术字。TRUE STORY: the email invite to last years VideoJug Christmas Party was written entirely in red and green ‘Curlz and the entire office was SICK BLOOD.一个真实的故事:去年VideoJug的圣诞节派对邀请函就是完全用红色和绿色的Curlz字体书写的,办公室所有人都感到恶心。In short: be careful about which fonts you use, because the wrong one makes you look like a proper wally.简言之,谨慎选择自己使用的字体,因为错误的字体会让你看上去像个十足的笨蛋。Thanks for watching The Top Five Fonts To Never Ever Use感谢收看“永远不要使用的五种字体”视频节目。201209/200102。

Louis took this路易始终难以走出amateurishattempton his life very badly.这场非职业刺杀给他带来的的阴影Although his doctors promised a full recovery,尽管御医保他能痊愈he was convinced that this was the end of him.他却坚信自己命数将尽Its a flesh wound, the mildest of cuts, effectively,他只是受了点皮肉之伤 而且伤口很浅but it has a disproportionate effect on Louis XV.但这轻伤却带给了路易十五沉重的打击He goes into a very deep depression after this,从这以后 他变得终日郁郁寡欢because he feels that,因为他感觉到you know, he has become, instead of the Well-Beloved,他从一个万民爱戴的君王hes become the Well-Hated.沦落成了一个人人憎恶的昏君Rather amusingly,an old marshal comes along更令人好笑的是 一位老军官过来and asks him to cough, spit, and piss,让他咳嗽 吐唾沫和尿尿and he says, ;Well, youre OK, my lad.然后他说 你没事的伙计Theres nothing important been touched.一点也不严重But thats not, of course, the way Louis XV sees it.但这可不是路易十五的看法The psychological shock of one of his own subjects attacking him.对臣民袭击他一事的精神冲击This situation is the culmination他认为这是臣民对他of his lack of virtue,缺乏德行这一积怨的爆发so hesboundto feel that its his own fault,所以他认为这都是他的错hes bound to feel guilty,他也必然会有负罪感and its bound to give rise to a great deal of self-questioning.这事也必然让他拷问自己201205/182896。