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In recent years, among the truly committed, truly discerning jeans shopper, a beau ideal has taken hold: raw selvage denim in styles that evoke the rugged workpants of yesteryear. Think Marlon Brando in “The Wild One” (or his jeans, anyway).近年来,那些品味卓越,一心专注的牛仔裤购买者开始追求一种理想:不同风格的带有织边的粗糙丹宁牛仔布,这让人想起昔日结实的工装裤。想想《飞车党》(The Wild One)里的马龙·白兰度(Marlon Brando),或者他的牛仔裤吧。Where does one go to buy a pair? Ideally, Japan, where denim brands use old-school shuttle looms to fastidiously reproduce the styles of 1947. Luckily for New Yorkers, raw selvage can be found at several shops in the city that carry the coveted Japanese brands or make their own denim in that vein, or both.要到哪里才能买到这样一条牛仔裤呢?最理想的地点是日本,那里的牛仔品牌都使用老式的梭织机器,一丝不苟地仿制1947年的款式。不过幸运的是,纽约人也可以在几家店里买到粗糙织边的牛仔裤了。它们有的专营抢手的日本品牌,也有的自己制作这种质地的牛仔裤,抑或二者皆有。Consider Self Edge, at 157 Orchard Street, a store open for six years that treats denim like a religion. Self Edge stocks only brands from designers who have “soul to what they do,” said Andrew Chen, a partner of Self Edge New York.果园街157号的Self Edge拥有六年历史,把丹宁牛仔视为一种信仰。它只出售那些“在产品中灌注灵魂”的设计师品牌,Self Edge纽约的合伙人之一安德鲁·陈(Andrew Chen)说。To illustrate the point, he held up the “foreman pant,” the latest release from Roy Slaper, who makes every pair of Roy jeans himself in his workshop in Oakland, Calif. The pocket bag material is a funky design; the inside stitching is made on a vintage machine that leaves a seashell pattern. “You just can’t do this on a production line,” Mr. Chen said.为了阐明自己的观点,他拿起一条“领班裤”,这是罗伊·斯拉帕(Roy Slaper)的最新作品。“罗伊”的每一条牛仔裤,都是他本人在加利福尼亚州奥克兰的工作室里亲手制成的。裤兜的质材是一种很放克(funky)的设计;里面的针脚是用一种老式缝纫机制作,呈现贝壳般的样式。“生产线上做不出这样的东西,”陈先生说。Elsewhere, hanging on iron hooks, were a highly edited sampling of jeans by 3sixteen, a denim brand founded and carried by Self Edge, as well as Japanese favorites like Flathead and Sugar Cane. Another Japanese brand, Iron Heart, makes the heaviest denim the shop carries, jeans that wear like a stiff canvas sack until broken in.店里的铁钩上还挂着3sixteen品牌精心修饰的牛仔裤样品,这个丹宁品牌和在日本大受欢迎的Flathead与Sugar Cane一样,是由Self Edge自己创立和开发的。另一个日本品牌Iron Heart是店里所售最重的丹宁牛仔,没穿上身的时候,好像帆布袋一样。“After a year or two, you end up with a jean that you’re really proud of, that you did work on,” Mr. Chen said.“一两年后,你就可以拥有一条自己真正引以为傲的牛仔裤,可以继续穿着它,”陈先生说。Prices range from 0 to 0. And Self Edge also offers hemming and repair services; the hemming is performed on a Union Special, which Mr. Chen assured was the holy grail of vintage chain-stitch machines.这里的牛仔裤价格从190美元到360美元一条。Self Edge还提供缝边和修补务;缝边是用Union Special牌缝纫机做的,陈先生说,这是老式缝纫机中最好的型号。Brooklyn Denim Company, at 85 North Third Street, Brooklyn, carries selvage and non-selvage styles. In contrast to the minimalist gallery approach of Self Edge, Brooklyn Denim stacks its jeans in piles on tables and shelves, an initially daunting shopping experience made navigable by the store’s expert staff.布鲁克林丹宁公司(Brooklyn Denim Company)位于布鲁克林北三街85号,它有织边和非织边两种式样。和Self Edge那种极简主义的画廊风格不同,布鲁克林丹宁把牛仔裤摞在桌上和货架上,在专业店员们的设计之下,购物体验最初有些吓人,其实却很方便。Brooklyn Denim carries the brand, First Standard, which is made in the shop, along with labels like Levi’s Made amp; Crafted, Tellason, Strom and the Japanese brands Big John and Japan Blue.布鲁克林丹宁经营着First Standard品牌,是在店内制作的,店内还销售李维斯(Levi’s)旗下的Made amp; Crafted、Tellason、Strom等品牌,以及Big John和Japan Blue等日本品牌。Kenny Abiog, a co-owner, said the store also makes custom jeans for denim heads who have something in mind that they can’t find in the store. Prices for custom start at 5. Repairs and hemming are also offered.店主之一肯尼·阿比奥格(Kenny Abiog)说,如果丹宁死忠们觉得他们想要的东西这里没有,店内还提供定制牛仔裤务。定制价格795美元起,此外同样提供缝边和修补。Perhaps the city’s best source for custom denim, though, is 3x1, at 15 Mercer Street, the brand founded by Scott Morrison, formerly of Paper Denim Cloth and Ernest Sewn. Here, the feeling is a denim atelier, with bolts of selvage fabric in indigo hues hanging on the wall and workers operating sewing machines in the middle of the store.不过,纽约最好的丹宁牛仔定制店或许还要算是默西街15号的3x1店。这个品牌由斯科特·莫里森(Scott Morrison)创立,他曾是Paper Denim Cloth 和Ernest Sewn品牌的成员。3x1店内的感觉完全是一座丹宁牛仔的艺术工作室,一匹匹各种靛蓝色调的织边丹宁牛仔布挂在墙上,工人们在店中间操作着缝纫机。The brand offers three options: a y-to-wear collection (0 to 5); a custom jean where you pick the fabric, buttons, zipper, th and other details (starting at 5); and a tailor-made jean (starting at ,200), ideal for athletes and others with specific sizing requirements.这个品牌提供三种选择:成衣(250美元到325美元);定制牛仔裤,自选制裁、纽扣、拉链、缝线和其他细节(525美元起);裁缝特制牛仔裤(1200美元起),后者特别适合运动员以及其他对尺寸有特殊要求的人。Mr. Morrison walked a customer through the 3x1 custom process, explaining the difference between red and green cast fabric (the red is the all-American blue jean, the green is favored in Europe and Japan) and dispensing tips like how to create a dressier jean (choose a matching th color).莫里森陪着一个客户在3x1店内走着,向对方解释红色与绿色织料的不同(红色是美国的蓝色牛仔裤上都会用到的,绿色则更受欧洲与日本青睐),他还讲了不少小窍门,比如怎样设计更雅致的牛仔裤(要精心选择配套缝线的颜色)。Still, Mr. Morrison said, 3x1 will make any custom jean you can think of using its hand-loomed denims and detail kit, no matter how bold.但是,莫里森说,3x1拥有手织丹宁牛仔布和各种精细的配套设备,不管客户的要求有多么大胆,店里都能定制。“This is about whatever you want,” he said.“想要什么我们就能做什么,”他说。 /201511/411308

Detainees held at Scotland#39;s sole immigration removal centre (IRC) were asked for their wife#39;s national insurance number as well as bra size amid suspicions of sham marriages, according to evidence heard by an independent review commissioned by the UK Government.英政府授权的独立审查据显示,苏格兰移民遣返中心要求被扣押的假婚嫌疑移民回答妻子的社保号码、内衣尺码等问题。Former prisons and probation ombudsman for England and Wales Stephen Shaw visited Dungavel immigration removal centre as part of a sweeping review into the welfare of immigration detainees.前英格兰和威尔士刑和缓刑监察专员史蒂芬·肖日前访问了邓盖夫尔移民遣返中心,这是广泛审查被被扣押移民福利状况的工作之一。His report said a ;surprisingly large number; of those who attended a forum organised at the South Lanarkshire facility had been detained because of alleged sham marriages, with most held after Home Office interviews in Liverpool or Manchester.肖在审查报告中称,在南拉纳克郡接受法庭审理的人中,有;数量惊人;的一部分因涉嫌假结婚已被拘留,其中大部分人是在利物浦或曼彻斯特接受内政部面谈后被扣押的。;The questions they said they had been asked by caseworkers to ascertain whether their marriage was a sham included their knowledge of their wife#39;s National Insurance number, the colour of her underwear, and her bra size,; added his report.报告还称:;为了确认他们是否假结婚,办案人员会详细询问嫌疑人妻子的社保号码、妻子的内衣颜色及尺码等。;;If this was indeed the case, it is questionable whether such questions were either appropriate or useful.;;若此情况属实,这些问题的适当性和有用性则有待讨论。;The Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman Alistair Carmichael MP slammed the tests as demeaning.苏格兰自由民主党国内事务发言人阿利斯泰尔·卡迈克尔议员对这些测试问题进行了严厉抨击,认为这有辱人格。;I have been in a genuine marriage for over 28 years and would not know the answer to these questions.;;我和我妻子已经真结婚28年了,但我也回答不出这些问题。;The six-month review suggests that ;both for reasons of welfare and to deliver better use of public money;, the number of people held in IRCs across the UK should be reduced.这项为期六个月的审查显示,;为社会福利和更好地利用公共资金着想;,应当缩减全英各地移民遣返中心扣押的移民数量。Over 3,000 people - comprised of asylum seekers, ex-offenders and those who had been deemed not to have a legal right to remain in the UK - are currently being detained, while the number of people detained at one time or another during the year exceeds 30,000, Shaw said.扣押在移民遣返中心的人包括寻求避难者、释囚和无留英合法权的人。肖表示,目前扣押人员已超过3000人,但过去一年扣押人次已超过3万人。 /201601/422859From your first date to that all-important first kiss, new relationships are marked by a series of milestones.从你们的第一次约会再到重要的初吻,一系列的“里程碑”都标志着你们的情侣关系。But if you#39;re wondering when the #39;right#39; time is to spend the night with your new squeeze, a new survey may answer that question once and for all. The results from more than 2,000 men and women have mapped out the journey of your average long-term relationship, with everything from holding hands to having babies.但是,如果你想知道,和你的新伴侣共度良宵的最佳时机是什么时候,那么一项最新的研究也许能帮你彻底解决这个问题。这项来自2000多个男人和女人的调查结果,已经帮你描绘出了长期的恋爱旅程,涉及了从牵手到生子一系列的问题。According to the research, saying #39;I love you#39; normally happens after five months of dating (144 days), whereas you#39;ll have to wait a total of six months before being given a drawer at your partner#39;s house.调查显示,说“我爱你”通常是在约会的144天,也就是相识大约五个月以后。而一般在六个月后,你才会去你的伴侣的家里。It also takes us longer to hold hands with than to kiss a new partner, with 31 per cent claiming they would snog their date immediately, and 34 per cent revealing they would wait between one and two weeks to holds hands.并且调查显示,情侣间的亲吻要比牵手来得更早。31%的人称他们初次约会便有了亲吻拥抱的行为,而34%的人表示,大约过一两周才会有牵手的行为。Meanwhile, more than a quarter (27 per cent) of Brits wait between one and two weeks to sleep with their partner, while 23 per cent wait one month. However, three fifths (60 per cent) would introduce their partner to their best friend within the first month.同时,超过四分之一(27%)的英国人会在一两周之后和伴侣共眠,而23%的人则会在一个月之后。此外,五分之三(60%)的人会在一个月以内把恋人介绍给朋友认识。The study also sheds some light on that all-important six-month mark, suggesting that this is when three major relationship milestones take place: the revealing of one#39;s imperfections (173 days), the first argument (170 days) and when most parental introductions take place.研究还指出,关系发展到六个月的时候是最重要的,有三个主要的“里程碑”通常会发生在这个时候:发现对方的不足(173天);第一次争吵(170天);还有互相见家长。Once the crucial six-month milestone has passed, daters feel it#39;s safe to splash out on the relationship by spending the night away (seven months/ 204 days) or jetting off on holiday together (ten months/ 298 days).一旦这六个月坚持住了,情侣会认为,这段关系开始稳定,并且开始一起过夜(7个月或204天),或者一起度假(10个月或298天)。The study also revealed that a third of Brits (33 per cent) will have their first conversation about their long-term future within a year, whilst the big commitment milestones of engagement rings, wedded bliss and babies all come later.研究还显示,三分之一(33%)的人会在一年之内,对他们长久的伴侣关系而进行第一次谈话,同时,重大的“里程碑”也将陆续发生:订婚戒指、婚姻的约定,还有生小孩。The average couple is said to get engaged after two years (743 days), married after just over three (1,190 days) and has a family after almost four years of dating (1,422 days).一般,夫妻们会在两年后(743天)订婚,三年后(1190天)结婚,并且在四年后(1422天)生小孩组建家庭。Finally, in terms of when people can expect to find love, the research found that 27 is the average age British daters meet their partners, with women more likely to meet them earlier in life at age 25 than men at 28.最后,至于人们什么时候能找到自己的另一半,研究表示,英国情侣们互见家长的平均年龄是27岁,而女性见家长的时间更早,约25岁,男性为28岁。 /201601/423389

;Leaders Number One;, a perfume inspired by Vladimir Putin, went on sale in Moscow on Thursday, just in time for Russians to pick them up as presents ahead of New Year#39;s Eve.一款以普京为灵感来源的香水——;领导人一号;24日在莫斯科上市,这对于在新年前夕挑选礼物的俄罗斯人来说,实在是适逢其时。The scent for men, called Leaders Number One, is now on sale in Moscow for 6,000 rubles, or about 57 pounds.这款领导人一号香水售价约6000卢布,大约57英镑。It comes in a sleek black bottle featuring a profile of the Russian president#39;s head and the words ;Inspired by Vladimir Putin; in English, despite the Russian president#39;s distaste for the use of English in marketing.其流线型的黑色香水瓶上印有俄罗斯总统普京的侧面头像,以及;灵感来自普京;的英文字样。虽然这位俄罗斯总统很厌恶在营销中应用英语。;It#39;s a warm scent, a textured scent. It#39;s soft but at the same time it#39;s very firm, ; said the perfumer who came up with the scent.推出这款香水的香水商说:;这是一种温暖的香型,一种有质感的香型。它温柔,但同时也非常坚定。;Staff at the stand said orders had aly come in from Germany and China, and they were also hoping to present a bottle to Putin himself.专柜的销售人员称,目前已经有了来自德国和中国的订单。销售人员还希望能够送一瓶给普京本人。 /201512/418573

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