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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Some folks in Michigan were walking around outside with t-shirts this past weekend, and just in case you havent checked the calendar, its February! Its just the latest chapter in the often unpredictable and strange weather here in the Great Lakes State.This has caused some problems for a number of events in Michigan, especially in the lower peninsula. The Michigan Pond Hockey Classic on Whitmore Lake was canceled, however, the U.P. Pond Hockey Championship had just barely enough ice on Chain Lake near St. Ignace to keep the event on schedule.Elsewhere, Michigan Techs Winter Carnival and the massive ice sculptures that come with it just missed the warm weather as the annual event was held the weekend before last.Ernie Ostuno is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service and he joined Stateside to talk about this sudden burst of warm weather we received.;Its unusual, but not unprecedented,; said Ostuno. ;I think youd see something like this on an average of about 15 years or so.;Listen to the full interview above to hear why were getting this weather in February, if fruit growers should be concerned and how long we can expect this warm spell to last.201702/4930841. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. 我想要借着这个机会来谢谢你。2. We’d like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 我们由衷的感谢你。3. I’m grateful for all your support. 感谢你的全力持。4. I don’t know how to thank you for all your help. 我不知该如何感谢您的鼎力相助。5. We couldn’t have done it without you. 没有你(们),我们是不可能做到的。 /201412/346187

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:英语中有关“下雨”的表达  1. Itrained cats and dogs last night. 昨晚雨下得很大。  Rain cats and dogs 是一句非常受欢迎的俚语,几乎每个学英语的学生都懂得用rain cats and dogs 来形容雨下得很大。当然如果你不想用俚语的讲法,你可以说:;Its raining really hard. (雨下得很大);或是;Were having a heavy rain.; 同样也是;雨下得很大。;  那;雨下得很大,我被淋成了落汤鸡;这整句话要怎么讲? ;落汤鸡;在英文里常用;I am soaked.; (我湿透了) 来形容,所以整句话就成为. ;Its raining cats and dogs out there so I am soaked.;  2. We had a downpour. 我们刚遇到了一场倾盆大雨。  中文里常形容下雨像是用;倒;的一样, 这在英文里也有同样对等的字眼喔! 英文里用的是downpour 这个词。所以;下雨像是用倒的;我们可以说:;We had a downpour.;  另外有一个十分口语的讲法就是;Its really coming down out there.;,也是形容雨下得很大, 像是用;倒;的一样。  3. Its just sprinkling. 只是在下毛毛雨而已。  在英文里不管下;毛毛雨;或是;毛毛雪;我们都可以用drizzle和sprinkle 这两个动词来表示。Drizzle 这个词就是气象术语;下毛毛雨;的意思,而sprinkle 则是一个动词表示;撒;, 但也常被用来形容毛毛雨,常听到的用法就是:;Itsdrizzling.; 或是;Its sprinkling.;  另外还有一个词叫scattered rain,指的则是;零零星星地降雨;.例如:;We have to cancel the trackand field contest because of the scattered rain. (因为零星的降雨所以我们必须取消田径赛); /201212/214795

Experience is the teacher of all things.经验就是最好的老师Sky注意k变成g的发音star注意t变成d的发音 /201507/385309

英语快乐风又吹来了。大家好,欢迎来到这里,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。今年流行些什么呢?在谈到流行这个话题,我们会用到这个形容词:popular,adj. 受欢迎的,通俗的,流行的,大众的,以及它的名词:popularity,先来看popular的用法:He is a very popular folk singer. 他是一位很受欢迎的民歌手。The popular song rings far and near. 这首流行歌曲到处流传。I dont go in for loud popular music. 我不喜欢喧闹的流行音乐。Be popular among somebody: 在某某人群当中受欢迎,喜爱,流行Hes very popular among girls. 她太受女孩子欢迎了。Professor Smith is popular among the students. 史密斯教授很受学生的欢迎。The rock bands are usually very popular among young people. 通常摇滚乐队在青年人中很流行。Ice cream is popular among children. 冰淇淋深受孩子们的欢迎。Popularity: n. 普及,流行,名望,受欢迎Golf has gained popularity among the wealthy in my country. 高尔夫球已在我国富有的人中流行起来。His popularity among teenagers remains as strong as ever. 他在青少年中一如既往声望很高。Her books have been in popularity recently. 她的书近来很流行。你所在的城市近来流行些什么呢? /165946大家好,欢迎《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,很多人都说我是个“vibrant woman”,那么我究竟是怎样一个女人呢?什么是“vibrant woman”?请来今天的课堂寻找……Vibrant: adj.振动的;颤动的,充满生气的;精力充沛的;兴奋的;(尤指颜色)鲜明的,醒目的The leaves were vibrant in the breeze. 叶子在微风中抖动。Faith, youre such a vibrant woman, how can you keep yourself energetic every day? Faith,你真是个充满活力的女人,你每天是怎么做到精力充沛的呢?This is one of the most vibrant districts in Shanghai. 这里是上海最有活力的地区之一。That color is too vibrant for this room. 对这个房间来说那种色太鲜了。我的性格是很爽朗的,不喜欢说话时拐弯抹角,但有些人就很复杂,就喜欢beat about the bush(拐弯抹角)。Beat about the bush: 不直截了当地说;旁敲侧击,东拉西扯Get to the point. Dont beat about the bush. 说主题,不要拐弯抹角。Instead of answering my question he began to beat about the bush. 他没有回答我的问题, 而是给我兜起圈子来了。If youve got bad news, dont beat about the bush, just let me know. 如果是个坏消息,不要转弯抹角,告诉我吧。He beat about the bush without coming to the point. 他转弯抹角就是不说正题。Why should you beat about the bush when asking for a raise? 你要求加薪又何必拐弯抹角呢?Im in a hurry for a friends wedding. You might as well come straight to the point, dont beat about the bush. Tell me, how much do you want? 我赶着去参加一个朋友的婚礼呢。你不妨直说吧,不要拐弯抹角。告诉我,你要多少钱? /201204/178067It is such a good.You were good,you were good in it.好棒 你配得很棒Thank you.You were very good.I had a lot of fun.Your voice is okay.谢谢 你表现得很棒 我配的额很开心 你的声音还行Thank you,probably my weakest feature but thank you.谢谢 那可能是我的最弱项 但还是谢谢你You apparently panicked when you were hired for archer.Is that true?When you got job you panicked.当你受雇为《间谍亚契》配音时 你慌了 这是真的吗 你拿到这份工作的时候慌了I didnt the script.Notoriously underprepared for everything.我没读过剧本 完全没做好准备And then when I found out I was a spy I panicked,Because I thought I would have to do a british accent.A british accent.当我发现我是一名间谍时 我慌了 因为我还以为我要模仿英国口音 英国口音Yeah,because all spies are british.因为所有间谍都是英国人And you dont have a strong british accent?I have a little one.I can do a little bit.lets hear it.你不擅长英国口音吗 我会一点 学来听听Hello.How are you.Cup of tea,please.Thank you sir.你好 你好吗 请给我来杯茶 谢谢你 先生Cup of tea.You cant just say cup of tea.Cup of tea.来杯茶 你不能就说来杯茶 来杯茶That is what I did when I was in Britain.And they kept keeping me tea.Cup of tea.Cup of tea.Cup of tea.我在英国的时候就这么说 他们一直给我上茶 来杯茶 来杯茶 来杯茶Archer has a catch phrase danger zone and that has caught on.Fans love danger zone.《间谍亚契》中有句流行台词 危险地带 剧迷们喜欢危险区Do you get that a lot when you walk around in the world.你走到世界各地经常听到这句话吗People shouting danger zone?I do.Sometimes people shout it out of their car.人们会喊危险区 是的 有时候人们会坐在车里喊and its complicated because not a lot of people know what I look like,you know.这很复杂 因为 许多人不知道我长什么模样201703/497048

Subject: Stick to the guns. 迷你对话A: Some of my colleagues look down upon me, because I am considered to be a man without my own standpoint.我的一些同事瞧不起我,因为我被认为是一个没有自己立场的人。B: You should change yourself right now. Stick to your guns!你应该从现在开始就改变自己,坚持自己的立场! 地道表达 stick to one’s guns 1. 解词释义Stick的意思是“坚持”,短语stick to的意思是“坚持做某事”。Stick to one’s guns的字面意思是“坚持拿着自己的抢”,比喻为“坚持立场”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Pumpkin, I hear that some of the students at your school are fooling around with drugs. But I hope, young woman, that you stick to your guns and keep saying no! 小鬼,我听说你们学校的学生里有吸毒的现象。我希望你坚持正道,坚决抵制这种恶习! e.g. I have to admire the ladies who fifty years ago worked so hard to get women the right to vote. People laughed at them at first but they stuck to their guns and got the congress to pass the 19th Amendment back in 1920. 我很钦佩以前那些女士们,她们五十年前努力为妇女争取选举权。开始,许多人都笑话她们。但是,她们坚定不移,最后在1920年终于促使国会通过了美国宪法的第十九项修正案。 3. 视野拓展stick to something:坚持做某事e.g. Lionel, you just tell the cops what you saw; stick to your story. 莱昂内尔,你就把自己看到的告诉警察,实话实说。e.g. Remember, stick to the issues and dont take it personally. 记住,就事论事,不要把问题个人化。 Ps 1:look down upon sb.的意思是“蔑视某人,瞧不起某人,看不起某人”等意思。例如:e.g. We must not look down upon those who have lagged behind. 我们不应该瞧不起后进的人。e.g. People usually look down upon social climbers.人们通常瞧不起社会上那些攀龙附凤的人。 Ps 2:right now是表示时间的副词性短语,意思是“马上,现在”。例如:e.g. Ill lay odds that Dean is at your office right now. 我敢打赌迪安现在就在你办公室。e.g. Right now the poor old devils drinking himself silly. 这会儿那可怜的老家伙又喝得糊里糊涂的了。 Ps 3:standpoint的意思是“立场,看法,观点,看问题的角度”。对话中“without one’s won standpoint”的意思是“没有主见”。例如:from the standpoint of the customer的意思是“从顾客的角度来说”。再如:He believes that from a military standpoint, the situation is under control.他认为从军事角度来看,局势已得到控制。 Ps 4:consider是考虑的意思,注意它的结构,它后面可以接2个名次,即:consider sb. sb.,第二个sb.是做第一个sb.的宾语补足语。实际上,它的用法是consider sb. as sb,这里省略了解词as。例如:He will be considered a weak leader.他会被认为是个软弱无能的领导人。 /201411/342787关键词:tip-top 顶呱呱的,一流的短语释义:今天我们看到的图片是一种冰棒的广告,这个冰棍儿品牌叫做Tip-Top ,很多企业都很青睐于用Tip-Top作为他们的名称,比如就我所知的:深圳市利谱信息技术有限公司、德国蒂普拓普公司、深圳天凌高实业发展有限公司都叫做Tip-Top。那么这个词到底有什么魔力呢?Tip-top这个单词读起来非常地顺口,而tip和top有“尖端”“顶端”这样的意思,组合起来这个单词的意思是“顶呱呱”“一流的”。通常我们还会在后面加上各种名词,比如:tip-top service 最佳务,tip-top condition / tip- top shape 最佳状态,tip -top quality 顶级质量。情景领悟:1. A great big wish that youll soon be back in tip - top condition.深深地祝愿你早日痊愈。2. He kept his house in tip - top shape.他把房子保养得非常好.可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201212/213567

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