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  • 双语:大宗商品价格出现两年最大跌幅 -- 1:57:7 来源: The sharp sell-off comes a day after Glencore, the largest commodities trader, unveiled details of its multi-billion dollar initial public offering. Some investors have drawn comparisons with the IPOs of Goldman Sachs and Blackstone, the private equity group, which marked the top of their respective markets.   在全球最大的大宗商品交易商嘉能可(Glencore)公布其巨额首次公开发行(IPO)细节后的第二天,大宗商品价格大幅下跌一些投资者将此次上市与高盛(Goldman Sachs)和私人股本集团黑石(Blackstone)的IPO进行了比较——那两宗上市也分别代表了各自市场的最高水平    Commodities prices were heading their steepest one-day fall in two years on Thursday, as investors fled the market en masse amid concerns about the global economy.   周四,大宗商品价格出现两年来最大单日跌幅在各方担忧全球经济之际,投资者集体逃离市场   Investors fear the surge in raw material prices is denting demand and cing emerging countries’ central banks to raise interest rates to try to prevent runaway inflation.   投资者担心,原材料价格的飙升正削弱需求,并迫使新兴国家的央行加息,以努力抑制失控的通胀   The benchmark Reuters- Jefferies CRB index, a basket of commodities, dropped by 3.9 per cent, its biggest fall in two years. Excluding the volatile period of - during the financial crisis, the fall in the CRB index would be a record.   追踪一篮子大宗商品的基准路透杰佛瑞大宗商品期货价格指数(Reuters-Jefferies CRB)下跌3.9%,为两年来最大跌幅若刨去-年金融危机期间的动荡,CRB指数这一跌幅将是创纪录的   “This is one the books,” said Edward Meir, a commodities analyst at broker MF Global in New York. “Across the board you’re seeing a general unwinding of the commodity trade.”   经纪商全球曼式金融(MF Global)驻纽约的大宗商品分析师爱德华?梅尔(Edward Meir)表示:“这一笔值得记载你看到所有人都在退出大宗商品交易”   Gayle Berry, base metals analyst at Barclays Capital, added: “It’s a horrendous move. It just reflects how jittery these markets are.”   巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)的贱金属分析师盖尔?贝瑞(Gayle Berry)补充道:“这是可怕的举动这反映出这些市场有多么不安”   However, analysts cautioned that commodity markets could rebound rapidly, as they have done after similar corrections over the past year. While high prices are denting demand, miners, oil companies and farmers are struggling to boost supply enough to resolve the tightness in the market. Economic growth in Asia also remains strong.   不过,分析师警告称,大宗商品市场可能会快速反弹,就像过去一年经历类似的调整之后市场的表现一样尽管价格高企削弱了需求,但在另一方面,矿商、石油企业和农场主难以增加供应以解决市场的紧张亚洲经济增长也仍然强劲   The sell-off was confined to commodities, with equities remaining relatively unaffected. The SP 500 index of US shares dipped 0. per cent by midday in New York.   抛售行为仅限于大宗商品市场,股市仍相对稳定至纽约午盘时分,标普500指数下跌0.%   The commodities sell-off began in silver, which had flirted with an all-time high of per troy ounce last week after a 5 per cent run-up in less than a year. Retail investors, who have been piling into the small silver market months, scrambled an exit to protect their gains. The metal has tumbled 5 per cent over the past week. Gold was off .1 per cent at ,8 an ounce.   大宗商品抛售从银市开始上周,银价创下了每盎司50美元的新高,在不到一年的时间里,飙升了5%过去数月蜂拥进入规模较小的银市的散户投资者争相退出,以保护自己的收益过去一周内,银价下跌了5%金价下跌.1%,至每盎司8美元
  • 要慎用的五个"简历杀手"句子 -- :55:5 来源: Job-seekers know from harsh experience that the toughest hurdle in a job search is getting the interview. Once you get the interview, you've got some control over the process -- at that stage, you just have to do your research, and be on your game. 求职者们都从经历过的残酷现实中明白一个道理,那就是在求职中最难的就是怎样得到面试机会一旦你得到了面试的机会,你就在这个过程中掌握了一些主动权,在这个阶段后,你就只需要做一些调查,然后发挥好就可以 The resume has a harder job than you do. It's got to get you in the door. That's why it's essential job-seekers to avoid these five resume-killing phrases. Take a look -- are any of these toxic claims poisoning your resume now? 在这个过程中,简历担负的责任要比你本身担负的要重得多它将你带入工作的大门这就是求职者要避免在简历中使用以下5个“简历杀手”句子的原因了看一看吧,你的简历中是否有这些句子呢?1."I am the best candidate the job." “我是适合这份工作的最佳人选” At the resume stage, this is an irresponsible and presumptuous thing to say. Obviously, you don't know who else is applying the job or how your qualifications stack up. Say instead, "I am very interested and believe I'm qualified the job." Then, use the next sentence of your resume or cover letter to say how. 在简历上说这句话是很不负责任、过于自负的行为很明显,你不知道还有哪些人在应聘该职位,也不知道你的条件是否比得上别人你可以这样说:“我对该职位非常有兴趣,并且我相信我有资格胜任此份工作”然后,用简历上的下一句话或者求职信来说明你符合资格的原因."I have a proven track record of success." “我有成功的经验” Apart from its -out-of- rating on the Legendary Clich scale, this sentence makes no sense. What other kind of track record is there? There's no such thing as an unproven track record. The "success" bit on the end only lowers the perceived IQ of the writer. Replace this boilerplate phrase with a story about something specific you did to help your last employer. 除了是百分百的陈词滥调外,这句话没有一点意义还能有什么样的业绩记录呢?未被实的记录压根就不存在用在句尾的“成功”一词只不过让别人觉得笔者的智商低还是详细地描述你曾经做过的对你前任上司有帮助的事情来代替这一陈词滥调吧3. "I left this job because of disagreements with management." “我离职的原因是和管理层不合” I would never advise you to lie on a resume, but the problems-with-management message stands out like a neon sign on a resume and spells trouble. Instead say, "A shift in organizational priorities made this role less of a fit me over time" or, "I'd learned a ton at that job, but it was time to go." 我永远不会叫你在简历上撒谎,但是在简历上透露和管理层有矛盾就好像是一个突兀点,这也会给你带来麻烦的你可以这样说:“随着时间的推移,在公司组织事务上的变迁使得这份工作不再适合我”或者“我在那个工作上已经学会了很多东西,是时候迈出前进的步伐了”."I am an out-of-the-box thinker." “我是创新的思想家” The thing about true out-of-the-box thinkers is they'd never use this clich. Don't tell us that you're creative. Give us an example of your creativity, like "I revamped the s Payable process and saved our company M." 真正的创新思想家是不会说出这句陈词滥调的不要告诉我们你是有创意的给我们一个你创新的实例吧,比如“我修正了应付帐系统,并为我们公司节约了一百万美金”5."My qualifications are evident." “我的资质是显而易见的” Don't assume that your qualifications shine though -- spell them out us. Employers want to know that you're qualified this job, and that means you've got to customize your resume (as well as your cover letter) every single opening you apply . The extra time investment is worth it -- there's a good job available someone, and it might as well be you! 不要想当然地认为你的资料非常突出,向我们表达出来吧雇主都想知道你能够胜任此份工作,这就意味着你要为应聘的每一个职位定制一份简历这些额外投入的时间是值得的,每个人都会有一份好工作的,很可能这份好工作就是你的
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