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As my brother Jim would say, ;go figure; International terrorism, stateless actors, pandemic disease. 我兄弟吉姆竟然说 ;没人说得清; 国际恐怖主义 无国籍行动者 大范围流行病A political movement that can be organized from your cell phone Twitter can literally unleash a revolution. 一场政治运动可以由你们的手机来组织 毫不夸张 推特能够发动一场革命And ground breaking journalism can be transmitted around the world from your kitchen table. 惊天动地的新闻 能从你的餐桌传播到全世界Todays technology has transformed the way we interact with the rest of the world and among one another. 今天的科技深刻变革了 我们同自己 同世界的交流方式There are more voices today than ever influencing governments and the course of events. 比起以往任何时候 现在都有更多声音 影响着政府及事件进程So it should be no surprise why those who understand this world less well than you do. 所以 并不让人惊奇 那些人正是因为不能像你们一样理解这个世界Feel uneasy But Im not at all surprised by the confidence. 所以才会感到不安 你们如此的自信 我并不感到惊奇You all feel today as you graduate from this great University You are so much better prepared. 你们今天都将毕业于这所伟大的大学 你们准备得如此充分And youve aly begun to change things significantly even before youve stepped off this field. 你们已经开始了对世界的深刻影响 从你们踏出这块场地之前就已开始Just look at whats happened since youve entered high school The fundamental shift thats taken place in America. 回想你们进入高中时的情景 美国对LGBT群体(同性恋 双性恋 及跨性别者)201610/470332

14. Yasser Arafat in 1994 Received the Nobel Peace Prize Speech14. 阿拉法特1994年接受诺贝尔和平奖的演讲Your Majesties,哈拉尔德国王隆下,索尼娅王后隆下,Chairman of Nobel Prize,诺贝尔委员会主席希杰斯特德教授,Ladies and Gentlemen,女士们,先生们:Since my people entrusted me with the hard task of searching for our lost home, 自从信任我的人民把寻找失去家园这一艰巨的任务交给我的那一刻起,I have been filled with warm faith that those who carried their keys in the Diaspora as they carry their own limbs, 我就坚信:那些漂流异乡的人们会像爱惜自己不可分割的肢体一样珍藏着自己家国的钥匙,and that those who endured their wounds in the homeland 那些留守在故乡的人们也忍受着各种痛苦和创伤,and maintained their identity will be rewarded by return and freedom for their sacrifices.我坚信他们所做的这些牺牲必将换来返回家园和获得自由的回报。I have also been filled with faith that the arduous trek on the long path of pain will end in our homes yard.我还坚信,这条充满荆棘的艰难之旅必将通往幸福的家园。Peace, to us, is a value and an interest.和平对我们来说是一种财富,是我们的利益所在。Peace is an absolute human value which will help man develop his humanity with freedom that cannot be limited by regional, religious or national restrictions.和平能够使个人自由发展其个性,而不受地域、宗教和种族的限制。和平将恢复阿以关系纯洁的本质。It restores to the Arab-Jewish relationship its innocent nature and gives the Arab conscience the opportunity to express它将是阿拉伯人通过纯粹的人类感情来表达through absolute human terms—its understanding of the European tragedy of the Jews.他们对欧洲地区犹太人的悲惨遭遇的深刻理解。It also gives the Jewish conscience the opportunity to express the suffering of the Palestinian peoples 同样,也使得犹太人能够对巴勒斯坦人民因多种历史原因which resulted from this historical intersection and to find an echo for this suffering in the pained Jewish soul.所遭受的苦难表示无限的同情。The pained people are more capable than others of understanding the suffering of other people.只有受过苦难的人才能真正了解那些正在承受苦难的人。201612/482676

「美国习惯用语」第五讲in hot water to throw cold water on something英语里有好些习惯用语都和“水”,就是water这个字有关系。有的用:hot water;还有的用:cold water or deep water。在英语里用这些词汇组成的习惯用语就和水一样普遍。但是,它们都有一个共同的特点,那就是它们一般都含有贬意。今天我们要向大家介绍两个用water 这个字组成的习惯用语。第一个是: in hot water In hot water的意思并不是“在热水中”,它的确切意思是指某人或某些人遇到非常麻烦的问题了。举个例子来说吧: 例句-1:"Joe is really in hot water now -- his girlfriend just found out he's seeing another woman."这句话的意思是:“乔伊现在可是难办了,因为他的女朋友最近发现他另外还有一个女朋友。” 我们再举一个例子: 例句-2:"That movie actor tried to cheat on his income tax, but he got caught and now he's in hot water with the government."这是说:“那个电影演员想在缴纳所得税的时候弄虚作假,可是给税务局发现了。现在,他可麻烦了。”今天要讲的另一个和water有关的习惯用语是: to throw cold water on something To throw cold water on something和中文里说的“泼冷水”意思完全一样。下面的例子是一个人在说他办公室里发生的事: 例句-3:"Everybody else in the office thought my idea was great, but the boss threw cold water on it."他说:“办公室里所有的人都认为我的主意很好,就是我们的老板给我泼冷水。” 我们再举一个例子。这是一个儿子在说他的爸爸: 例句-4:"I had planned on going to medical school but my dad threw cold water on this idea the other day when he told me he wasn't sure he had the money to pay my tuition for so long."他说:“我一直想上医学院。可是,那天我爸爸给我泼冷水,说他不一定有能力替我付那么多年的学费。”今天我们讲了两个和water这个字有关的习惯用语。第一个是 in hot water;另一个是 to throw cold water on something。 In hot water是指面临严重困难;to throw cold water on something意思就是泼冷水。 好,「美国习惯用语」第五讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2960

When I got back to London, Tony phoned me.当我回到伦敦时,Tony给我打了电话He said, ;Why havent you been returning my calls?;他说,“你为什么还没给我回电?”I said, ;Well they say that youre a psychopath.;我说,“因为他们说你确实有精神病。”And he said, ;Im not a psychopath.;他说,“我没精神病。”He said, ;You know what, one of the items on the checklist is lack of remorse,他说,“你知道吗,检核表上有一项是缺乏懊悔but another item on the checklist is cunning, manipulative.但另一项却是狡猾,且控制欲强So when you say you feel remorse for your crime,所以当你说你对犯罪感到懊悔时they say, Typical of the psychopath to cunningly say he feels remorse when he doesnt.他们会说,典型的精神病患者狡猾地欺骗说他感到懊悔,其实不然Its like witchcraft. They turn everything upside-down.;这就像巫术,他们完全颠覆了一切。”He said, ;Ive got a tribunal coming up. Will you come to it?;他说,“我接下来有个裁决,你要来吗?”So I said okay. So I went to his tribunal.然后我答应了,之后我去了那个裁决And after 14 years in Broadmoor, they let him go.在布罗德莫精神病院住了14年后,他们总算让他离开了They decided that he shouldnt be held indefinitely because he scores high on a checklist他们决定说他不应该被无限期拘留,因为他在检核表上分数很高that might mean that he would have a greater than average chance of recidivism.这意味着他再犯的几率要比平均数还高So they let him go.所以他们让他离开了And outside in the corridor he said to me,就在外面的走廊他跟我说;You know what, Jon? Everyones a bit psychopathic.;“Jon,你知道吗?每个人多少都有精神病。”He said, ;You are. I am. Well obviously I am.;他说,“你有,我有,显然我是有的。”I said, ;What are you going to do now?;我说,“那你现在准备干什么呢?”He said, ;Im going to go to Belgium because theres a woman there that I fancy.他说,“我打算去比利时,因为那里有个我喜欢的女人But shes married, so Im going to have to get her split up from her husband.;但她结婚了,所以我准备去让她和她丈夫离婚。”Anyway, that was two years ago, and thats where my book ended.总之,那是两年前的事了,也是我书的最后情节And for the last 20 months everything was fine. Nothing bad happened.过去的20个月,一切正常,安然无恙He was living with a girl outside London.他和一个女孩住在伦敦以外He was, according to Brian the Scientologist, making up for lost time -- which I know sounds ominous,按照科学论派学者Brian的说法,他在弥补失去的时间——我知道这听起来不是好兆头but isnt necessarily ominous.不过也说不定Unfortunately, after 20 months, he did go back to jail for a month.20个月后,很可惜,他又回到监狱里待了一个月He got into a fracas in a bar, he called it -- ended up going to jail for a month,他在酒吧里和别人发生争吵,他是这样说的,所以在监狱里待了一个月which I know is bad,我知道这并不好but at least a month implies that whatever the fracas was, it wasnt too bad.但至少一个月的刑期,说明不管是什么争吵,后果应该不算严重And then he phoned me.然后他打电话给我And you know what, I think its right that Tony is out.知道吗,我觉得Tony出来是对的Because you shouldnt define people by their maddest edges.因为你不能单靠人的疯狂举止就去判定他们And what Tony is, is hes a semi-psychopath.那Tony算什么呢,算半个疯子吧Hes a gray area in a world that doesnt like gray areas.他处在世界上一个不像灰色地带的灰色地带But the gray areas are where you find the complexity,这个灰色地带是复杂和纠结的聚集地its where you find the humanity and its where you find the truth.在这你能看到人道,也能看到真相And Tony said to me,Tony跟我说;Jon, could I buy you a drink in a bar? I just want to thank you for everything youve done for me.;“Jon,我能请你去酒吧喝一杯吗?我想谢谢你为我所做的一切。”And I didnt go. What would you have done?但我没去。换做你,你会去吗?Thank you.谢谢201603/430753

5_06 Pick a movie. Pick a movie. 挑一部电影. What looks good? 哪部电影看起来好呢? What are we going to see? 我们要看什么电影? I’ll wait in line. 我去排队. I’ll get the tickets. 我去买票. Why don’t you go take a look around?你何不到处看看? See what’s going on. 去随便看看. See what they have. 看看他们有什么. Check out the food court. 看看美食广场有什么好吃的. /200706/14164

3_10 Check, please We’re y. 我们准备要结帐了. We’re done. 我们吃完了. Check, please. 请给我们帐单. We’re finished. 我们要走了. We’re set to go. 请拿我们的帐单来. Please bring our bill. 我们一起结帐. We’re all together. 你们接不接受这张信用. Do you take this card? 我付给你,还是付给柜台. Do I pay you or the cashier? /200706/14143

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