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Just one week ahead of David Cameron’s trade visit to China, the Office for National Statistics confirmed that, for the first time, Chinese citizens account for the largest group of migrants to the UK, with 40,000 coming to Britain in 2012 compared with 29,000 in 2010.就在戴维?卡梅伦(David Cameron)对华贸易访问前一周,英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)确认中国公民首次成为移民英国人数最多的群体,2012年进入英国的中国人有4万人,相比之下2010年为2.9万。China’s rise to top spot is partly because of India’s sharp decline – caused by steep falls in the number of Indian students coming to the UK to study. While Indian arrivals topped 60,000 in 2011 and 65,000 in 2010, the number has now fallen to 37,000 after a clampdown on student visas and Home Office rhetoric about cutting immigration from outside the EU.中国升至移民人数榜首,部分是因为印度移民人数出现了剧烈下滑,主因是到英国学习的印度学生人数剧烈减少。尽管2011年和2010年从印度移民至英国的人数分别以6万人和6.5万人位居第一,今年在英国收紧学生签及英国内政部宣称要减少欧盟(EU)外移民人数之后,这一数字下跌至3.7万人The latest statistics show the number of visas being granted to Indian students has fallen 24 per cent.最新统计数据表明,发给印度学生的签数量已下跌了24%。China’s new dominance in the immigration table represents a partial success for the coalition, which has been striving to build links with the country. But critics urged ministers not to pursue new diplomatic ties at the expense of existing friendships.中国在移民人数中新占据的首要地位在一定程度上表明了英国政府的成功——这届政府一直在努力加强与中国的联系。不过,批评者敦促政府官员不要以牺牲传统友好关系为代价培养新的外交关系。Mark Hilton, head of immigration policy at business lobby London First, said there was a “worrying decline” in markets such as India. “While we must engage with new markets like China, we ignore our traditional ones – which remain much larger – at our peril,” Mr Hilton said.商业游说团体London First移民政策主管马克?希尔顿(Mark Hilton)表示,印度这类市场出现了“令人担心的下滑”。希尔顿表示:“尽管我们必须努力与中国这类新市场接触,但如果我们忽略了依然大得多的传统市场,那将是非常不利的。” /201311/266650。

The Chinese state could be behind a surge in gold imports that will see China overtake India as the world’s largest consumer of the metal, according to one of the sector’s most influential investors.黄金行业最具影响力的投资机构之一指出,中国政府或许是中国黄金进口量大增背后的主要因素。中国将超越印度成为全球最大黄金消费国。Evy Hambro, chief investment officer of BlackRock’s Natural Resources Equity team, said the investment community had been surprised by the amount of gold flowing into China given its spot as the world’s biggest gold producer.贝莱德(BlackRock)的自然资源股票(Natural Resources Equity)团队首席投资官韩艾飞(Evy Hambro)表示,投资界对流入中国的黄金数量感到惊讶,因为中国是全球第一大黄金生产国。“The total amount of gold being consumed in China is a gigantic quantum, and you have to wonder where that gold is going,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times. “Is it going on to wrists, ears and necks or is it going into state reserves?”韩艾飞在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“中国的黄金消费总量是一个巨大的数值,你不能不猜想这么多黄金究竟去了哪里。是变成了人们手腕上、耳垂上以及脖子上佩戴的首饰,还是成为了国家储备?”The People’s Bank of China has not provided an update on its gold reserves since 2009, when it reported a holding of 1,054 tonnes. But the suspicion among some analysts is that China’s central bank has purchased up to 300 tonnes of gold this year.中国央行(People’s Bank of China)自2009年以来就未再公布过有关其黄金储备的最新数据,2009年该行持有1054吨黄金。但一些分析师怀疑,中国央行今年买入了多达300吨黄金。Gold has lost more than a quarter of its value this year, falling from ,674 a troy ounce to ,233, and is on course to record its first annual price fall in 13 years. Against a backdrop of persistently low inflation, an improving global economy, surging stock prices and the imminent end of US monetary stimulus, institutional investors have dumped gold.今年以来黄金价格下跌超过四分之一,从每金衡盎司1674美元降至每金衡盎司1233美元,即将在近13年以来首次出现全年价格下跌。在通胀水平持续偏低、全球经济形势好转、股票价格飙升以及美国货币刺激政策即将告终的背景下,机构投资者纷纷抛出黄金。Holdings of gold-backed exchange traded funds, one of the most popular methods of gold investment, have fallen by 824 tonnes to 1,939 tonnes in the year to date, according to Barclays. Demand from India has been muted because of government restrictions on gold imports. Indian consumption fell 32 per cent in the third quarter to 148 tonnes, the lowest since early 2009.实物黄金持的交易所交易基金(ETF)是投资黄金最流行的方法之一。巴克莱(Barclays)提供的数据显示,这类基金的黄金持有量已从年初的1939吨降至目前的824吨。此外印度的黄金需求也受到抑制,因印度政府出台了限制黄金进口的措施。印度今年第三季度的黄金消费量下降32%,至148吨,为2009年初以来的最低水平。China does not report on its gold trade. Analysts rely on data from other countries, of which Hong Kong is by far the biggest supplier. Records show exports of gold from Hong Kong to China reached 955 tonnes by the end of October, up from 376 tonnes over the same period in 2012.中国不提供其黄金贸易数据。分析师依靠其他管辖区的数据来推算中国的黄金进出口规模,其中香港是中国内地遥遥领先的最大黄金供应来源。记录显示,今年1月至10月,香港对中国内地的黄金出口量达到了955吨,远高于2012年同期的376吨。Including local mine production and recycling of scrapped gold, Macquarie estimates total gold supply into China this year could reach 1,800 tonnes.若计入中国国内矿企的黄金产量以及废旧黄金回收利用,麦格理(Macquarie)估计中国今年的黄金供应总量可能达到1800吨。Outside of China, central banks have slowed their purchases of gold this year to 300 tonnes by the end of September.在中国以外,各国央行今年放缓了黄金购买速度,截至9月底的黄金购入总量仅为300吨。 /201312/269478。

Detroit is beautiful-though you probably have to be a child of the industrial Midwest, like me, to see it. As you may have heard, the city is in trouble. At the end of the 2013 fiscal year, Detroit had a balance sheet with liabilities of .05 billion. The city#39;s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, estimates long-term debt at billion.底特律是个美丽的城市,但你得跟我一样,从小在这个中西部工业城市长大,才能发现它的美丽。你可能已经听说了,底特律碰上了麻烦。2013财年末,底特律的资产负债表上的负债有90.5亿美元。该市的应急财务经理奥尔(Kevyn Orr)估计,该市的长期债务将达到180亿美元。But I know how to fix Detroit, because it reminds me of another favorite place, Hong Kong-two things so opposite that they evoke each other the way any Kardashian is a reminder that you love home and mother.但我知道底特律该怎么办,因为它让我想起了另一个我非常喜欢的城市――香港。这两个城市迥然相异,但又都会让人在看到其中一座城市的时候在头脑中想到另一座城市,就好比卡戴珊(Kardashian)会让你想起,你爱自己的家,爱自己的母亲。Hong Kong#39;s per capita GDP is among the highest in the world. But it was once a worse mess than Detroit. Devastated by Japanese occupation, the British colony#39;s population had declined from 1.6 million in 1941 to 600,000 by 1945. Then, after the 1949 communist victory on the mainland, a million refugees arrived. Most of them were penniless. Britain#39;s Labor government was penniless, too. Maybe Hong Kong could have gone into 9. But who would have been the bankruptcy judge? Chairman Mao?香港的人均本地生产总值(GDP)在全球属最高之列。但曾几何时,香港的麻烦比底特律还大。因为日占时期受到蹂躏,当时为英国殖民地的香港的人口从1941年的160万降低到1945年的60万。然后,在共产党于1949年在大陆获得胜利之后,100万名难民来到香港。大多数难民身无分文。英国的劳动党政府也一文不名。香港当时可能差不多都要破产了,但谁能来当法官主持这宗破产案呢?毛主席?Instead Hong Kong had the good fortune to get John (later Sir John) Cowperthwaite, a young official sent out to push the colony#39;s economy toward recovery. #39;I did very little,#39; he once said. #39;All I did was to try to prevent some of the things that might undo it.#39;香港并没有破产,相反地,它运气很好,它有郭伯伟(John Cowperthwaite),也就是后来的郭伯伟爵士。当时的郭伯伟是一名年轻的官员,他的任务是推动香港经济进入复苏轨道。他有一次这样说道,我几乎没做什么事,我所做的就是努力防止发生某些可能毁掉香港经济的事。Such as taxes. Even now, Hong Kong has no sales tax; no VAT; no taxes on capital gains, interest income or earnings outside Hong Kong; no import or export duties; and a top personal income-tax rate of 15%.比如税收。即便是现在,香港也不征销售税,不征增值税,不征资本利得税,利息收入或者在香港之外地区的盈利也不征税,不征进出口关税,而且个人所得税最高税率为15%。Cowperthwaite was financial secretary from 1961 to 1971, Hong Kong#39;s period of fastest economic growth. Sir John, however, wouldn#39;t allow collection of economic statistics for fear they#39;d lead to political meddling. Some statistics nonetheless: During Cowperthwaite#39;s tenure, Hong Kong#39;s exports grew by an average of 13.8% a year, industrial wages doubled and the number of households in extreme poverty shrank from half to 16%.郭伯伟在1961年到1971年之间任香港的财政司司长,而这段时间是香港经济增长最快的时期。不过,郭伯伟不许采集经济统计数据,因为他害怕这会引来政治的干预。不过,统计数据还是有一些的:在郭伯伟任职期间,香港的出口平均每年增长13.8%,行业工资翻了一番,极端贫困家庭的占比从50%降至16%。With that in mind, I was talking to a friend in Michigan. We discussed Detroit#39;s poverty, crime, depopulation and insolvency.我在跟密歇根的一个朋友聊天的时候,脑子里就想着这件事。我们讨论了底特律的贫穷、犯罪、人口减少和无力偿债等情况。#39;Make it into Hong Kong,#39; I said, #39;with polite Canadians next door instead of a scary Politburo.#39;我说,把底特律变成香港吧,而且隔壁是彬彬有礼的加拿大人,不是让人心生恐惧的政治局。#39;Someone#39;s way ahead of you,#39; he told me.他对我说,有些人早就想到了。Real-estate developer Rod Lockwood wants investors to buy Detroit#39;s derelict 982-acre Belle Isle Park and persuade the U.S. to allow Belle Isle a territorial status like Guam and all the tax benefits of Hong Kong-with easier access to Red Wings games.房地产开发商洛克伍德(Rod Lockwood)希望投资者们买下底特律被遗弃的占地982英亩的百丽岛公园(Belle Isle Park),并说美国赋予百丽岛跟关岛(Guam)一样的地位,拥有香港的全部税收优惠,还要能更方便地观看底特律红翼队的比赛。Belle Isle has room for only about 50,000 people and just one bridge to the city. It might seem more of a gated community than an overseas possession. So Mr. Lockwood has expanded his proposal to include 15 square miles of Detroit#39;s distressed east side. I think Mr. Lockwood should try for the city#39;s entire 143 square miles.百丽岛上只能供5万人居住,与主城只有一桥之隔。这看起来就像是一个封闭式社区,不像是海外私产。因此,洛克伍德还在自己的企划中加入了底特律萧条的东区15平方英里的地块。在我看来,洛克伍德可以试试把底特律这143平方英里都卖掉。Could it really work? Mr. Lockwood took me on a city tour with Larry Mongo, owner of Café D#39;Mongo#39;s Speakeasy, a popular hangout for Detroit#39;s hipsters. (Hipster scenes tend to spring up anywhere cheap real estate abuts young people, and just up Woodward Avenue, at Wayne State, there are 31,000 of them.)这真的能有用吗?洛克伍德带着我和蒙戈(Larry Mongo)在城里转了一圈。蒙戈是Cafe D#39;Mongo#39;s Speakeasy的东家,这个咖啡馆是底特律赶时髦的人常去的地方。(赶时髦的人聚集的地方往往是房地产价格特别便宜的地方,年轻人喜欢这样的地方,在Woodward Avenue北部,在韦恩州立大学,这样的地方有3.1万个。)Detroit#39;s industrial ruins are picturesque, like crumbling Rome in an 18th-century etching. The tragedy is the desert of blue-collar neighborhoods. Almost every home is burned, a crack house, a cellar hole or stripped of all that#39;s salvageable.底特律的工业废墟别具一格,就像18世纪蚀刻画中残破的罗马。这个悲剧是蓝领社区撤离造成的。几乎每一栋房子都被烧过了,只剩下断壁残垣,几乎没有什么值得抢救的东西了。Hong Kong economics would mean curtailing U.S. welfare and benefit programs, but Detroiters seem to have found the holes in the social safety net aly. Forty-four percent are living below poverty level. They could, however, benefit from the jobs and commerce in a vibrant, tax-free Hong Kong economy.如果在经济上借用香港的方法,将意味着削减美国的福利和优惠计划,但底特律人似乎已经感受到了社会安全网上的破洞。有44%的底特律居民生活在贫困线以下。不过,如果底特律效仿香港的做法,底特律人或许可以从充满活力的免税经济所带来的工作岗位和商贸活动获益。Amid the desolation, we came across a tidy bungalow-lawn mowed, sidewalk swept, flower beds planted, and bars on every downstairs door and window. Mr. Mongo said, #39;The old folks are still living there.#39; A lifetime was spent paying the mortgage and making improvements on a place that now isn#39;t worth the ,500 it costs to demolish a house in Detroit.在一片荒芜中,我们发现了一座干 整洁的房子――修剪整齐的草坪、打扫干 的便道、种满鲜花的花坛、楼下的每扇门窗都钉上了铁栏杆。蒙戈说:老人们仍生活在这里。有些人一辈子都在偿还抵押贷款,改造房屋,而如今在底特律这样一座房子的 值还不及拆除房子所需的8,500美元。Christopher Brooks, senior pastor at the 1,500-member Evangelical Ministries Church in Detroit, said a concept like Belle Isle #39;would initially be greeted with hostility because of the widesp suffering in Detroit. A #39;Wealth Haven#39; would cause a war on the middle class.#39; However, he said, #39;If you#39;re talking about the whole city...If Belle Isle is the start of a plan, I#39;d support it. A lot of clergy would get behind it.#39; Pastor Brooks said, #39;If there were a real plan to encourage jobs and wealth, the welfare problem would solve itself.#39;底特律福音事工教会(Evangelical Ministries Church)高级牧师布鲁克斯(Christopher Brooks)说,由于底特律人普遍生活困难,像百丽岛这样的概念开始时将受到敌意的对待。该机构有1,500名成员。他说,财富避风港将给中产阶级带来一场战争。不过,他说,如果你说的是整个城市……如果百丽岛只是计划的开端,我会持它。很多神职人员都会持。布鲁克斯说,如果有一个真正的促进就业和财富增长的计划,福利问题将自然而然地解决。Granted, turning Detroit into Hong Kong wouldn#39;t be simple. I talked to Chris Crosby, a municipal bond analyst at Raymond James. He listened patiently as I explained the advantages of a city that would actually be worth something to prospective municipal bondholders. Here is the main part of the rest of our conversation.诚然,将底特律变成香港并不是件容易的事。笔者曾与Raymond James的市政债券分析师克罗斯比(Chris Crosby)谈过。他耐心地听我解释一个在潜在市政债券持有人看来有些价值的城市所具有的优势。以下为我们剩余对话的主要内容。Me: #39;Is this feasible?我:这可行吗?Mr. Crosby: #39;No.#39;克罗斯比:不可行。The political barriers are too high-politicians don#39;t like to give up power. Of course, politicians also give up power in a bankruptcy, which is why Mr. Crosby likes Detroit#39;s bankruptcy. It will be so politically painful that other big cities won#39;t try it.政治壁垒太高了――政客们不愿放弃权力。当然,政客们还是得在破产案中放弃权力,正因为如此,克罗斯比喜欢底特律的破产。这在政治上太痛苦了,所以其他大城市不愿尝试。Detroit#39;s politics are aly painful. Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is serving 28 years in prison. Local joke: #39;What#39;s the difference between Chicago and Detroit?#39;底特律的政治形势已经很悲惨了。前市长基尔帕特里克(Kwame Kilpatrick)目前正在监狱里刑,他被判28年有期徒刑。当地有一个笑话是这样说的:芝加哥和底特律之间有什么不同?#39;Chicago got Michael Corleone. Detroit got Fredo.#39;“芝加哥有迈克尔#8226;科莱奥内(Michael Corleone)。底特律有弗雷多(Fredo)。”(编者按:迈克尔#8226;科莱奥内和弗雷多都是《教父》系列影片中的人物,弟弟迈克尔让人把哥哥弗雷多杀死了。)Plus introducing Hong Kong#39;s sharp-clawed wolverine species of capitalism into the Wolverine State would require a bold stroke from Washington. It#39;s hard to imagine anything bold from this Congress of head-butting pro-wrestler wannabes.此外,将香港尖牙利爪的资本主义之狼引入素有“狼獾之州”之称的密歇根州,将需要华盛顿的大胆行动。难以想象这届充斥着不惜打得头破血流的急功近利者的国会会做出任何大胆的举动。But something needs to be done. Sen. Rand Paul weighed in with a Dec. 6 speech at the Detroit Economic Club. (The economy may be gone, but we Midwesterners are #39;joiners,#39; so there#39;s still a club.) He said he#39;d introduce legislation creating #39;Economic Freedom Zones#39; with personal and business tax rates of 5%.但有些事需要去做。参议员保罗(Rand Paul)去年12月6日在底特律经济俱乐部(Detroit Economic Club)发表了演讲,由此加入了这场论战。(经济可能不行了,但我们中西部人“爱参加各种社团活动”,所以俱乐部还是要有的。)他说,他将提出立法建立“经济自由区”,自由区内的个人和企业税率为5%。Anyway, Detroit is broke. And so was Hong Kong. In 1949 the colony had just one asset. Hong Kong owned Hong Kong-all the land except what was under the Anglican cathedral. Hong Kong sold leaseholds, first for a little, then for a lot.但不管怎样,底特律是破产了。香港也曾破产过。1949年,当时还是殖民地的香港只有一样资产。香港拥有香港――除 约翰座堂下的土地以外的全部土地。香港出售了租赁权,先是一点点,接着是大量出售。And Detroit owns Detroit, or a very large chunk of it. In 2011 more than half the owners of Detroit#39;s 305,000 properties failed to pay property taxes. Detroit has approximately 40 square miles of vacant land.底特律也拥有底特律,更确切的说是底特律的很大一部分。2011年,底特律30.5万套房产的房主中有一半以上没有缴纳房产税。底特律有约40平方英里(约合4,100平方公里)的闲置土地。If people cannot be convinced by reason, maybe they can be convinced by greed. Forty square miles equals 1.1 billion square feet. One recent estimate put Hong Kong land prices at more than ,300 per square foot. Translated into Detroit, that#39;s .4 trillion.如果讲道理无法说人们,那么也许可以用贪婪来说他们。40平方英里相当于11亿平方英尺。最近的一项估计数据显示,香港地价超过每平方英尺1,300美元。按这样的单价计算,底特律的土地价值达1.4万亿美元。So my investment advice: go short on Manhattan penthouses and long on empty lots in Detroit.所以笔者的投资建议是:做空曼哈顿顶层公寓,做多底特律的空置地块。 /201401/272906。

Finnish music fans who are left disappointed by a sub-par live performance can now get a refund, it#39;s reported.据报道,芬兰乐迷若对现场表现欠佳的演唱会不满意,可获得退款。A landmark decision by the country#39;s Consumer Disputes Board means music fans can ask for their money back if an artist#39;s performance is well below what they reasonably expected, the national broadcaster Yle reports. It follows a complaint by a Chuck Berry fan, who saw the rock and roll pioneer perform inHelsinkiin 2013.Berry, who is now 88 years old, seemed unwell during the concert, and apologized to fans while on stage. The consumer body decided that the event#39;s organizer should refund 50% of the ticket price.芬兰广播公司报道,国家消费者争议委员会作出了一个重大决定:如果音乐迷们觉得某位艺术家的表演低于他们的预期,就可以要求退票。此前,一位粉丝在看过2013年摇滚先锋人物查克·贝里在芬兰首都赫尔辛基的表演后,表示非常不满并发起投诉。贝里现在88岁了,他当时在音乐会上似乎状态不佳,并且在台上向观众道歉。消费者争议委员会决定该活动的组织者应该退还票面价值50%的金额。But it isn#39;t as simple as just not enjoying a performance, according the board#39;s chairman, Paul Stahlberg. ;Anyone seeking a ruling like this is always spurred by a subjective opinion, but that#39;s not enough to get a refund,; he tells Yle. ;What is significant is a generally agreed view that the concert was a failure, as it was in the Chuck Berry case.;据该委员会主席保罗·斯坦伯格表示,申请退款并不仅仅是对表演的不满。“任何想要申请退款的人都或多或少会受主观思想的左右,个人的主观判断并不足以让委员会作出退款判决,”他对芬兰广播公司表示。“观众普遍认为一场演唱会很失败,这才是重要的据,就像查克·贝里那场一样。”While refunds are standard practice for cancelled concerts, it#39;s rare that fans can expect to be reimbursed when one goes ahead. In 2008, singer Neil Diamond offered refunds to 11,000 fans who attended a show inOhio, during which he sounded hoarse. Many ticket-holders walked out when it became apparent Diamond was unwell. The singer was subsequently diagnosed with acute laryngitis, and cancelled two concerts later that week.演唱会取消时会获得退款,这是标准的做法。不过,去现场看了演出还能获得退款就很少见了。2008年,歌手尼尔·戴蒙德在俄亥俄州的一场表演中,歌声嘶哑,完全不在状态,很多歌迷中途离场。后来戴蒙德给1.1万名到场粉丝退了款。该歌手随后被诊断出患有急性喉炎,那一周接下来的两场演唱会也被取消。 /201507/388080。