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Listen, you have to understand just #39;cause you#39;re a human being听着,你要明白你虽然是人,doesn#39;t mean you#39;re entitled to be a successful entrepreneur.但并不意味着你有资格成为一名成功的企业家。They do what everybody else does in every genre.在各个行业,他们做得事和其他人一样。You want to be an NFL player,an NBA player, you try.你想成为一名NFL球员,一名NBA球员,那就试试you#39;re not good enough,you do something else.做得不够好的话就做别的事。You want to be a famous actor, you go to LA, you wait tables,你想成为一个著名的演员,就去洛杉矶,等着机会you try to be on a show, it doesn#39;t happen, you do something else.努力表演,没可能的话就做别的事。I don#39;t know what they do.我不知道他们会做什么。Like, something else, but they#39;re not gonna build a million dollar business.就是一些其他事情,但他们不会建立一个百万美元的公司。Guys, do you know how many million dollar businesses are actually built that sustain?伙计们,你们知道多少个资产数百万美元的公司能够建立并确实维持下来?The data is not in our favor. And I#39;m not trying to be cloudy in this sun.数据对我们不利。这并不是我消极。I#39;m trying to save people, some money and some heartache and create some upside.我试图救赎人们,挽救一些财产,减少些心痛,创造些好处。This is just practicality. Like...it#39;s just data.这是事实。这只是数据。We#39;re not talking about it and listen, a lot of you know my spiel.我们不是在谈论它,很多人知道我喋喋不休。I#39;m not excited to talk about this.我不喜欢谈论这个。I#39;m happy-go-lucky. I#39;m positive. I#39;m crushin#39;, but I#39;m fuckin#39; telling you the truth.我是乐天派。我很积极。我很洒脱,但我要告诉你真相。It#39;s just here right now listen, a lot of you know my spiel.刚刚在这的人听着,我又开始唠叨了。A lot of you have businesses that can actually be successful.你们的很多企业其实是可以成功的The problem is you have 17 employees when you should have five.问题是你应该有5名员工的时候却雇了17名。A lot of you have businesses that can be successful你的很多企业其实能成功,but you want to have a nice office, right, in SoHo instead of being somewhere shitty.但你想在苏豪区而不是恶劣的地方有一间很好的办公室,对吗?Right? A lot of you could have businesses that are successful对?你们很多人本可以创业成功,but you come to fuckin#39;(censored) and waste time instead of building your business.但你却跑去(审查)浪费时间,而不是创业。Not that last part. That last part and all the other shit.这不是最后的部分,而是结尾部分和废话。Are you building a business? You better fuckin#39; work tomorrow.你要开公司吗?你最好明天就去上班。And the only reason some of you will is #39;cause it#39;s gonna rain #39;一些人这样做的唯一原因是认为今天下雨,Cause if it was like this today tomorrowyou#39;d all be somewhere and that#39;s just losing.如果今天明天都像现在这样,那么你早晚会找到自己的位置,这种想法很失败。And that#39;s happening at scale.这也很普遍。How many 25-year-olds don#39;t do the cool ideas on the projected thing that they#39;re gonna go buy themselves an office.多少25岁的人没有实现给自己买间办公室的想法。Of course and by the way, a good percentage of them are gonna win.当然,顺便说一句,他们中很多人是会赢的。I hope you#39;re sitting there and getting mad at me我希望你们坐在这里,对我生气,and saying, ;Fuck this guy,;and I can#39;t wait to get your emails并说,“他妈的这家伙,我不能迫不及待地想要你的电子邮件,saying, ;Oh you said I wasn#39;t gonna win at (censored).写上:“哦,你说我做审查不会成功。”;I built a 0 million business.; Respect. Great.“但我建了一亿美元的公司。”我尊重你。你很伟大。I want that. I hope every fucking person looking at my face right now wins everything.我想要的就是这点,我希望每个在看着我的人都能赢得一切。Money, life, health, great. I want that more than anybody. Why not? Be the greatest.金钱,生命,健康,伟大。我比任何人都更想要得到那些,为什么不成为最伟大的人呢?I just think there#39;s an enormous lack of practicality right now.我只是觉得现在不实际。Alright, let#39;s move it in the positive direction. That was positive.好吧,让我们朝着积极的方向努力,这很乐观。That was the positive direction. More in the positive direction. That was the positive.那是积极的方向,更多的人在积极的方向上,这很乐观。Let#39;s follow up on that and keep that train going.让我们来聊点积极的东西,I think that#39;s positive instead of people pontificating here like, ;Yeah, we#39;re all gonna fucking do it.;我认为这是积极的,而不是人们站在这里喊“耶,我们都要做到。” Article/201706/513790[00:03.10]It was your turn to wash them yesterday. 昨天轮到你把它们洗干净。[00:11.44]Let's go out to have a dinner, shall we? 咱们出去吃饭吧,好吗?[00:19.08]Please push the ladder against the wall. 请把梯子靠在墙壁上。[00:26.64]She is standing in the front of the bus. 她站在公共汽车的前部。[00:34.16]The doctor asked me to watch what I eat. 医生要我注意饮食。[00:41.58]The grass is moist early in the morning. 清晨的草地湿漉漉的。[00:48.92]The test finished. We began our holiday. 考试结束了,我们开始放假。[00:58.06]This question is too complicated for me. 这个问题对我说来太复杂了。[01:06.09]Tony speaks English and he plays tennis. 托尼会说英语,打网球。[01:14.48]What is worth doing is worth doing well. 只要你觉得某事值得去做,就一定要把它做好。[01:23.62]Would you like to go to a party with me? 你想不想和我一起去参加一个聚会?[01:32.26]All at once, a rabbit came out of a hole. 突然,一只兔子从一个洞中跑了出来。[01:41.44]All characters in the book are imaginary. 书中所有的人物都是虚构的。[01:49.51]Do you feel like going to that new disco? 你想去那个新开的迪厅[01:57.50]Ducks know how to swim when they are born. 鸭子天生会游泳[02:04.63]He spent most of his life gathering money. 他一生大部分时间用来积聚钱财。[02:13.84]He usually stays at home with his pet dog. 他通常跟他的爱犬待在家里。[02:22.56]How peaceful and beautiful the country is! 多么平静美丽的国家呀![02:30.30]I am told that you dance wonderfully well. 我听说你的舞跳得特棒。[02:38.25]I have had several conversations with him. 我已经和他谈过几次了。[02:46.50]It is the best film that I have ever seen. 这是我所看过的最好的电影。[02:54.63]It's only a party in honor of my birthday. 这只是为了庆祝我的生日而举行的晚会。[03:03.88]Learning English is like building a house. 学英语象盖房子。[03:11.01]Listening with your heart is good for you. 专心聆听别人说话对你有好处。[03:19.40]My grandpa died of hunger in the old days. 我爷爷在旧社会死于饥饿。 /200810/53588A major Chinese city shut down and others are on red alert thanks to a typhoon.台风造成中国一主要城市停工,其它城市进入红色警报状态。Schools and the stock market closed, and most transportation shut down in anticipation of Typhoon Nida hitting Hong Kong on Tuesday. 预期周二妮妲袭击香港,学校和股市关闭,大多交通运输停止。The typhoon was expected to be the strongest typhoon the region had experienced since 1983. 预计此次台风将是自1983以来该地区遭遇的最强台风。It produced wind gusts of 90 miles per hour and dumped several inches of rain on the city.台风引发每小时90英里的强风,并降下几英寸的暴雨。Luckily, no major damage or casualties have been reported.幸运的是,没有重大损失或人员伤亡的报告。The Hong Kong Observatory downgraded the typhoon to a tropical storm on Tuesday around noon. The storm is now slowly moving inland.周二中午,香港天文台将台风降级为热带风暴。风暴目前正慢慢地向内陆移动。译文属。 Article/201608/458325

I#39;m in Montana, faced with a deep ravine,and I need to find a way across.我身处蒙大拿州 面前是一条峡谷 我必须找个跨过去的方法I plan to use my cable to create a zipline from the cliff to a tree that I can then climb down.我打算用缆绳 从悬崖这边 拉到树上 做成滑索攀爬下去But first I#39;ve got to get the cable over there.不过首先我要把缆绳扔过去And this antler#39;s gonna be good to use just because it#39;s light.这根鹿角就是现成的材料 首先它很轻It#39;s got to be thrown for about 50 foot to that tree.可以扔到50多英尺外的树上Strong, it#39;s got these natural hooks on it.而且还很坚固 本身就呈倒钩状And that#39;s what I#39;m gonna use as the grappling bit of it.所以用它来做爪钩再好不过It#39;s actually very strong, this.But it#39;s gonna need to be.它真的非常坚固 也必须要这样才行The cable#39;s too heavy to throw straight across.缆绳很重 直接扔过去比较困难Instead, I#39;m gonna throw the grappling hook first with just a loop of paracord attached.所以我要把爪钩先扔过去 带着一个轻质的伞绳环Then I can pull the cable into place.然后再把缆绳拉到位Here we go.Bull#39;s eye.Got to be caught around that branch.开始喽 正中目标 应该是钩住了那根树枝The grapple#39;s in place,now to pull the cable through.爪钩已经就位 现在把缆绳拉过去Heck, yeah, that#39;s working nicely.Almost back.看上去一切顺利 差不多都收回来了The cable#39;s locked in place,and I#39;ve got my zip line.缆绳固定好了 我的滑索就完成了But the angle of the line is very steep.不过滑索的角度很陡And with a drop of 150 foot,I want to make sure I not only stay on the line上下落差达150英尺 我不仅要保能待在绳索上but that I also control my descent.还要能控制下爬的过程 Article/201608/461457

雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!所有的单词都配有发音,每天更新五句话,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步!生来像父母(2)1. I want to talk about my mother because I think we are very similar.我想谈谈我的母亲。因为我认为我非常像她。2. To be frank, my father and I do not look alike but we are extremely similar in our personality.坦率的讲,我在外表上不太像我父亲,但是我在性格上同我父亲非常相像。3. I guess my brother and I are alike not only in appearance but also in hobbies.我和我哥不仅外表相似,而且有着共同的兴趣和爱好。4. We have the same hobbies and in our spare time we often play badminton together.我们有着共同的兴趣和爱好,而且在业余时间,我们常一起出去打羽毛球。 /200604/6619

This would be an upscale French cafe for me. -Oh, really?这家咖啡厅对我来说算高档的了。-哦,是么。Not terribly upscale, but upscale.不是最高档的,但是挺高档的。I like very simple, down-to-earth, basic things.You know, I don#39;t like anything fancy.我喜欢非常简单朴素的东西。我不追求那些花哨的东西。And of course, I suppose that#39;s such a contradiction. Well, exactly.不过这听起来也有些矛盾。Here I love all these women dressed up in all these...But I don#39;t mind it. L...What other people do doesn#39;t concern me.我喜欢那些穿着华丽的女人,但是生活上的事,我真的不怎么在意别人怎么样我也不关心。It#39;s just not my interest.我就是没什么兴趣。Tell me something about your family.说说你的家庭吧。Oh, my family#39;s just working-class people.哦,我的家里不过是普通的工薪阶层。Just marvelous, normal, hardworking people.就是些普通的,勤劳的人。And Catholic people.我家信天主教。I think I have, uh, half and half.我大概继承了我父母双重性格。When I#39;m outgoing, I guess I#39;m my dad.我有时像我父亲那样开朗。And when I#39;m...uptight you#39;d call it now, or whatever you call it, uh, I#39;d be definitely my mother.有时又很谨慎…不管你怎么说,那时的我就完全是我母亲的性格。What does your family think of what you do?你家人对你的工作怎么看呢?No one ever said anything about it, but I think in years, in retrospect...#39;cause I never thought about it...他们没说过什么做这行这么多年以来我也没想过家里人会怎么想,they didn#39;t think fashion was a very manly pursuit, or profession, for a man, you know.不过他们大概觉得男的不该做时尚这行吧,对于男性来说,他们显得不太专业。So it was that kind of thing. Right.大概是这样。Whatever.无所谓了。 Article/201609/460804

If you plan to walk out a survival situation,若你准备走出生存困境count on one thing:nature will throw everything at you,and block your part at every term.铭记一件事情 大自然总会阻碍着你 尽其所能挡住你前行的路To move on,sometimes you#39;ll have to take risks.若要前行 有些时候不得不冒险When on the lining,really,I got a bit lucky then.吊在绳上的时候 说真的 我真是有点儿凭运气了But you#39;ll need more than a bit of luck.但是你需要的不仅仅只是丁点儿运气Do everything you can to improve your chances of finding your way out and back to civilization.尽己所能增加找到出路 回归文明的机会So hard to just keep following the trails there.只是循循踪迹就这么困难The world#39;s hottest desert -- the Sahara.And it#39;s immense-- nearly the size of the USA.世界最热的沙漠 撒哈拉沙漠 广阔无垠-- 面积相当于整个美国With no land marks to guide you.It#39;s easy to lose your way.没有地标可循 很容易迷路But apply of you basic navigation tricks and you should stay on cools.但是运用基本的导航技巧 就不会走错路One way can check my direction, you just use my knife and the sand.有一个办法 可以检验我的方向 只要利用我的小刀 和沙子And then the shadow that it casts.And if I just stick this into the ground,and put a pebble where the sun casts a shadow.和它投下的阴影 就可以了 我只要把这玩意儿土里 然后拿一块小石头 放在阴影投下的地方See that, just And if I then leave this for just 15 minutes and so.瞧那 就是它 然后我放之不管15分钟左右The shadow now has moved around to there.Just there, it gives me two points.现在影子已经 移动到了那里 就那儿 这样 我就得到了两个点And if I mark that like this that#39;s gonna be my east-west line, which means north-south is like that,which means northwest is like that.然后像这样 标记下 那么它就是我的东西方向线 也就是说 南北方向是那么着的 也就是说西北方在那边Travel northwest and risk your safety at the endless mountains.向西北方向行进 在无边无垠的群山冒险前行 Article/201605/445269

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201606/449772

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