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课程笔记:17. Food [fu:d]Basic need 音形义Everyday Expressionsn. 食物,养料I have not touched food today.常见搭配 Useful Phrases绿色/健康食品 health food冷冻食品 frozen food加工食品 processed food快餐 fast food海产品 seafood包装食品 packed food熟食 cooked food中餐/ 西餐 Chinese/ western foodcuisine [kwi(:)'zi:n] n. 烹饪 food世界上的菜系:Chinese cuisine, French cuisine, Turkey cuisine习语与俗语 Idioms amp; Slangsjunk food 垃圾食品food for thought 值得深思的事 生活用语 Street TalksA: I eat dog food when my parents are out. (乱七八糟的食物)B: We're in the same boat! I've eaten fast food the whole week. I hate it now. (我俩彼此彼此)A: Poor us! All this junk food lacks nutrition! (垃圾食品)B: Caul, let's dine out tonight for a change!(下馆子)A: Good idea!People never dine they only eat. 人们不讲究品位,只求果腹。 18. Foot [fut]Basic need 音形义Everyday Expressionsn. 脚Rose hurt her foot.脚背 instep脚趾 toe脚弓 arch脚后跟 heel 高跟鞋 high heelAchilles' heel [#601;'kili:z] 致命弱点foot massage 足底n. 英尺Tom is six feet tall.复合词语(注意读法,失爆)football (橄榄球);footnote (脚注 );footprint (脚印);footwear (鞋类);footstep (脚步);bare-footed (光脚的) /201107/146092The hardest thing I faced in college: I was a little undersized上大学我面对的最困难的是我个矮,不强壮So a lot of the high D-I(NCAA(National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I) coaches didnt think I was able to play at their level所以许多大学教练认为我不能适应NCAA的水平My weakness was I was weak我的弱点就是我身体弱At Davidson, after every practice, my coach would add a penny to a jar在戴维森学院,每次训练结束后,教练都会往一个罐子里放一分钱的硬币By the end of season, that jar would be filled, to symbolize the improvement that we as a team made throughout the season等赛季结束时,罐子也随之填满了,也代表着我们整个赛季满满的努力和整个队伍的提升That focus on getting better was the fuel that kept me going对于变强的专注,鞭策着我不断前行As a freshman we got in the NCAA tournament作为大一新生,我随球队闯入NCAA锦标赛Faced the Maryland team that was heavily favored对手是被十分看好的马里兰队We didnt win but that I was a motivation, for us to take that next step next year我们没能赢,但那场比赛激励了我,整球队都决心要更上一层楼,明年再来Guys coming back to campus队员们都主动回校训练To sacrifice just a little bit more to be y for, you know tougher opponents为球队多牺牲一点,为明年更强大的对手多准备一点When I was a sophomore当我大二时We were able to put ourselves in positions to make a great run我们球队已经做好大干一场的准备了Because of the time and the work and the sacrifice everyone put in to it我们付出了那么多时间,流过那么多汗水That did give us a shot to beat the No.2 ranked team这一切,帮助我们战胜了高高在上的二号种子We are gonna find ways to do more to win it当时我们也相信,我们一定能拿到更多胜利的It wasnt a Cinderella story to us对于我们来说,那次胜利并不是福从天降We had to prepare ourselves for that moment我们为这一刻准备了太久A performance like that, is special这样的表现,不同寻常Striving to improve, to get to that next level of accomplishment挑战新高度,追求新成就Its what the game is all about这是篮球的本真Every day, theres an opportunity for me to add one of those pennies in the jar of my game每一天,我都有一次不断提升自己的机会更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201612/485117Business: Apple From iPhones to iCars商业:苹果,从iPhones到 iCarsApple is entering the auto business, but the road ahead could be rough.苹果进军汽车业,但前路艰难。Having redefined the personal-computer and mobile-phone industries, Apple has set its sights on a new, moving target.在重新定义了个人电脑业和手机业以后,苹果又将目光聚焦于全新的、移动的目标。The darling of the tech industry is aiming to debut an electric car in 2019, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.据《华尔街日报》报道,科技行业的宠儿苹果公司计划在2019年首次推出电动汽车。For years there had been speculation that Apple had auto ambitions.多年来,外界一直猜测苹果对汽车行业野心勃勃。It has been hiring swarms of engineers to work on the project, code-named Titan, which now employs around 600.苹果已经雇佣了一群工程师启动了代号为“泰坦”的汽车项目,现在约600名雇员参与研发设计。With around 0 billion stored up, Apple certainly has enough cash to spend on a new venture.苹果公司拥有约2000亿美元的资金储备,这保障其投资这项商业冒险的充足资金。Its legions of fans are always eager to see it launch a new offering that makes a splash.长期以来众多的“果粉”翘首以盼,期望能看到苹果发布轰动一时的新品。Its most recent product, the Apple Watch, has not been the massive hit some analysts expected, and Apples launch event earlier this month was rather dull, showcasing mainly tweaks to existing products.但是苹果公司最新发布的产品——苹果手表,并没有如分析家预期地那样造成强大的冲击。而在本月早些时候,苹果举办的发布会则是相当无聊——主要是展示对已有产品进行的一些改进。Launching a car would be far more daring and, in theory, highly lucrative.苹果公司推出汽车是更为大胆的举动,从理论上讲,能有更高的收益。Global car sales were worth around trillion last year.去年全球汽车销售金额高达约2万亿美元。However, there are many things about the car business that make it quite unlike peddling phones.然而,汽车产业的许多特点使其与手机的销售大不相同。The replacement cycle for an iPhone is a mere two years.一般iPhone的更新周期仅为两年。Consumers hold on to their cars for far longer.客户使用汽车的时间更久。To make business sense, Apples cars would need to earn returns comparable to those of its existing products.商业要更好地运作,苹果研发的iCar就要赚取高于它现有产品的利润。But gross profit margins like Apples current 40% or so are something most large-scale carmakers can only dream of.但苹果现有的总利润率为40%左右,这是大多数大型汽车制造商梦寐以求的。At BMW, one of the most profitable of these, such margins are around 20%.宝马是利润率最高的汽车制造商之一,但是也只能达到20%左右。An even more important factor is that, as demonstrated by all this weeks attention on Volkswagen, cars are more heavily regulated than consumer electronics.正如这周公众对大众汽车的关注明,汽车业相比消费类电子产品面临更严格的监管,这是更为重要的影响因素。Compliance with safety standards and emissions rules is likely to be more rigorously enforced in future.在未来会更加严格地执行相关措施——满足安全标准、符合排放规则。That is a tricky prospect for even the most experienced carmaker, let alone an industry newbie.即便对最有经验的汽车制造商而言,前景依然艰难,更不用说行业新手了。The firms capabilities in mobile devices will be an advantage, as cars become ever more connected to the internet.随着汽车与互联网的关系愈发密切,苹果在移动设备上的能力将会成为一个优势。But the risks associated with connected cars are of a different order to those with mobile phones.但是如果发生危险,联网汽车比联网手机的后果更加严重。This week it was revealed that malware had infiltrated some of the smartphone apps sold in Apples store, including two of the most popular apps in China.本周据有关消息,有恶意软件入侵了苹果商店贩售的部分智能手机应用,其中包括两款在中国最流行的应用。This was embarrassing but not disastrous.这使得苹果陷入窘况,但不至于损失惨重。If similar malware got into an Apple car, the results could be deadly.如果相似的恶意软件入侵的是苹果汽车,那么结果将是致命的。Such concerns are not enough to discourage tech firms from driving at full speed into the car business.这样的担心并不足以阻止众多科技公司全力以赴进军汽车业。Leading the way is Tesla, a maker of upmarket electric vehicles set up by Elon Musk, a successful tech entrepreneur.这条路上的引领者是特斯拉——一家由成功的科技企业家埃隆。马斯克建立的高端电动汽车制造商。Google is working on a self-driving vehicle and an operating system for cars, and recently hired a former motor-industry executive to run its autonomous car project.谷歌正在研发自主驾驶汽车和汽车的操作系统,并在近日聘请了一位前汽车行业的执行官来运行这个自主经营的汽车项目。Apples decision to enter the motor industry may be fuelled in part by not wanting to leave Google with control of the dashboard and cars operating systems.苹果之所以进军汽车业,原因之一可能是不想将对汽车仪表盘和汽车操作系统的控制权交予谷歌。Their rivalry is turning into a road race.他们的竞争正在转向汽车业。译文编自聂聂 /201702/493059

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.直到回家了睡在自己熟悉又旧的枕头上时才体会到旅行是多么美的一件事情。单词记忆:realise/realize 理解rest 休息、安置familiar 熟悉的pillow 枕头 /201604/439441

关键词:lead someone by the nose 牵着(某人的)鼻子走;完全操纵(某人)短语释义:今天的图片上画着一只犀牛,代表big 4 banks(四大),这只犀牛的鼻子被一个人牵着,这个人代表govt.(government,政府)。我们可以用这样一句话来描述这幅图:The government is leading the big 4 banks by the nose. 政府牵着四大的鼻子,其实寓意是指政府操控着四大。今天我们要学习的俚语就是lead someone by the nose。从古时起,人们为了便于驾御牲口,给牛装上鼻环,再把绳子拴在鼻环上牵着走。Lead by the nose的原义就是“牵着(牲口等的)鼻子走”。这个短语非常形象,于是后来它被应用于人,表示“牵着(某人的)鼻子”“完全操纵(某人)”。很多时候这个短语也用作被动语态,即led by the nose。情景领悟:1. You should make up your own mind instead of letting others leadby the nose.你应该自己做决定,而不是让别人牵着鼻子走。2. Im tired of being ledby the nose.我烦透了被人牵 着鼻子走。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201211/207129

迷你对话:A: You are starting to learn English?你开始学英语了?B: Yeah. I like it, Dad.是的,爸爸,我喜欢英语。A: You’re lucky you start to learn it so easily. I learned English very late, and learned it all by myself. At that time we didn’t have a good English studying environment. I have to keep my dictionary on hand.能这么早学习英语,你真是很幸运。我学英语很晚,而且都是自学。那时候,我们学习英语的环境不大好,我不得不总是把字典放在手边。B: Really?真的吗?地道表达:on hand解词释义:hand指“手”,on hand指“手头上有急需处理的事情”或者是“在手边,手头上”,常含有紧迫和令人疲劳的意思。持范例:He has too much work on hand to go picnicking with us. 他手头的工作太多了,不能跟我们去野餐。We should settle the business on hand first. 应该先处理眼底下的事。We have no copies of the book on hand. 这书我们现在手头一本也没有。I always like to keep a certain amount of money on hand. 我总喜欢在手头备好一笔钱。拓展讲解:on hand除了指“手头上有要处理的紧急事情”外,还可以在“到现场”。持范例:In daytime well have a clerk on hand to handle queries. 白天,我们这里有一名职员处理询问事宜。All the residents and storekeepers in the neighborhood were on hand. 邻近的居民和店主们全都闻声赶来。He assured Magnus that he would be on hand. 他跟曼克奈斯说,他到时候一定出席。 He should be on hand to direct operations personally. 他应该亲自到场指挥。 /201301/218129

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