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Claire最近工作压力大,我们听听Jim告诉Claire该如何减压。J:There are lots of options for dealing with stress. What do you find works for you?C:I have no idea. Ive tried ginseng, herbal teas...nothing seems to work.J:Oh, look...theres Tina. Tina is a yoga fanatic. She swears its reduced her stress levels significantly. hey, Tina...got a second?T:Hi Jim, hi Claire.J:I was just mentioning to Claire how yoga changed your life.要给自己减压,有很多options可供选择的方式,但是Clarie说,她尝试过ginseng西洋参, herbal tea草药茶等等,nothing seems to work. 好像都不管用。正说着,另外一个同事Tina正好路过,被Jim叫住。原来,Tina is a yoga fanatic. Tina特别热衷瑜珈,fanatic is spelled f-a-n-a-t-i-c, fanatic指对某事特别热衷和投入的人。Tina说,做瑜珈帮她大大减轻了压力。瑜珈真有这么灵吗?我们听听 Tina 是怎么说的。T:Oh, yes. Im totally addicted. When Im there on my yoga mat, Im able to tune out the rest of the world. Its such a peaceful feeling.C:Do you think the exercise part of yoga is what helps reduce stress?T:Yes, but theres also a spiritual element. You take a little time to concentrate on yourself and forget about the world. Are you feeling stressed, Claire?Tina说自己,Im totally addicted to yoga. 意思是我做瑜珈上瘾。addicted is spelled a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d, addicted 意思是对某事上瘾。Tina说,坐在瑜珈垫子上的时候,Im able to tune out the rest of the world. tune something out意思是把某事排除在外,完全不去注意。Tina还说,做瑜珈释放压力,不仅是因为瑜珈里有运动成分,还因为瑜珈带有精神上的原素,the spiritual element. 让人忘却外部世界,身心放松。Tina问Claire是不是感觉压力很大,Claire回答说:C:Big time. I feel like Im ting water, but not getting anywhere. Im constantly frustrated.T:Its funny, but relaxing is actually quite difficult. Our brains are so revved up. Its really hard to slow down.J:Thats right. I still think about work even when Im trying to go to sleep.T:You really have to make an effort to relax, and each person is different.Claire说,自己最近感觉压力特别大,I am stressed out big time. big time有强调的意思,表示特别,非常。Claire还说,自己好像永远在踩水,就是不往前走。Tina说,想让身体放松还真不是一件容易做的事情,Our brains are so revved up. Its really hard to slow down. 大脑过于兴奋,想松弛下来很难。rev is spelled r-e-v, rev up 是加速,快速运转的意思。Claire 能找到适合自己的方法吗,我们下次继续听。 /201205/181564第一句:Im sorry to say that the price you e is too high.很遗憾你们报的价格太高。A: Im sorry to say that the price you e is too high.很遗憾你们报的价格太高。B: So you have problems?也就是说你们有困难?A: Yes. It would be very difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.是的。如果按这种价格买进,我方实在难以推销。B: Well, if you take quality into consideration, you wont think our price is too high.如果你考虑一下质量,你就不会觉得我们价格太高了。第二句:Lets meet each other halfway.那咱们就各让一步吧。A: Lets meet each other halfway.那咱们就各让一步吧。B: Thats a good idea.是个好主意。A: How about granting us a 10 discount on the final price?在最后的价格上给我们打个九折怎么样?B: We have to have a meeting.我们要开会商量一下。要想在谈判中掌握主动权,就要尽可能地了解对方的情况,尽可能地了解掌握某一步骤对对方的影响以及对方的反应如何,投石问路就是了解对方情况的一种战术。其他表达法:Im sorry to say that your price has soared. Its almost 20% higher than last years.很遗憾,贵方的价格猛涨,几乎比去年高出20%。Thats because the price of raw materials has gone up.那是因为原材料的价格上涨了。 /201209/200729第39期:与同事沟通昨天的会议幵得怎么样?How did the meeting go yesterday?会议开得很顺利。The meeting went just fine.反义句:The meeting didnt go well.你说得没错。Tell me about it.For example:A: Arent you glad its Friday?今天是星期五,你不觉得高兴吗?B: Tell me about it.你说得没错。我最讨厌重复做同一个工作。I would hate to duplicate the work.For example:A: Arent you glad the work is done?工作都做完了,你不觉得高兴吗?B: I would hate to duplicate the work.我最讨厌重复做同一个工作。如果有什么亊情我可以做的话,尽管说。Let me know if theres something I can do.#8195;For example:A: Let me know if theres something I can do.如果有什么事情我可以做的话,尽管说。B: Thanks. I appreciate that.谢谢你,我很感激。你这一季度的销售额如何?How are your sales looking this quarter?For example:A: How are your sales looking this quarter?你这一季度的销售额如何?B: Unfortunately, overall sales are down this quarter.很不幸,这一季度的总销售额下降了。How...looking? 怎么样?你有没有听到销售部门的消息?Did you hear about the marketing department?For example:A: Did you hear about the marketing department?你有没有听到销售部门的消息?B: I dont know.我不知道。到底是怎么一回事?What is the deal?What is going on?For example:A: Did you hear about the takeover?你有没有听到接管的消息?B: What is the deal?到底是怎么一回事?那个日本项目进行得怎么样?What is the status on the Japan project?How is the Japan project coming along?For example:A: What is the status on the Japan project?那个日本项目进行得怎么样?B: I keep you posted on the status.我会随时告诉你进展的情形。What is the status on...? 进行得怎么样?谁会来接任他的职位?Who will fill his position?For example:A: Who will fill his position?谁会来接任他的职位?B: John will fill his position.约翰会来接任他的职位。我听说约翰辞职了。I heard John quit his job.For example:A: I heard John quit his job.我听说约翰辞职了。B: Yes,he gave his two weeks notice today.是的,他今天递交了提前两周的辞呈。quit ones job 辞职公司正在裁员。The company is laying off people.For example:A: The company is laying off people.公司正在裁员。B: Any idea who will be丨aid off?你知道谁会被栽员吗?lay off辞退(临时)解雇这个汽车厂估计要解雇50名工人。The auto plants are expected to lay off 50 workers.新的政策是什么?What is the new policy?For example:A: What is the new policy?新的政策是什么?B: I dont know exactly.我知道得不确切。你们的部门生意做得如何?How is business in your department?How is your department doing?For example:A: How is business in your department?你们的部门生意做得如何?B: Not very good ,Im afraid.恐怕并不是很好。我们24小时不停地工作。We are working around the clock.For example:A: Ive heard your department is really putting in the overtime.我听说你们部门最近加班加得厉害。B: We are working around the clock.我们 24 小时不停地工作。你今晚可以加班吗?Could you work overtime tonight?For example:A: Could you work overtime tonight?你今晚可以加班呜?B: For how long?要加班多久?你拥有公司的股票吗?Do you own any company stock?For example:A: Do you own any company stock?你拥有公司的股票吗?B: I invested a lot in the company stock.我对公司的股票投资很多。你知道我们公司提供什么福利吗?Do you know anything about the benefits our company offers?For example:A: Do you know anything about the benefits our company offers?你知道我们公司提供什么福利吗?B: No,丨have a handbook, though.不知道,但是我有一本手册。你今天下午有空吗?Are you available this afternoon?Are you free this afternoon?For example:A: Are you available this afternoon?你今天下午有空吗?B: I am available all afternoon.我整个下午都有空。be available 有空你们什么时候可以把项目完成?When will you have the project finished?#8195;For example:A: When will you have the project finished?你们什么时候可以把项目完成?B: Ill have the project finished tomorrow.我明天就可以把项目完成。我们的进度有一点儿落后。We are running a little behind schedule.For example:A: We are running a little behind schedule.我们的进度有一点儿落后。B: How far behind schedule?落后了 多少?behind schedule落后于预定计划(或时间) /201502/359852

Lets find a happy medium.我们找一个折中的方法吧。happy medium中的medium在英语里有“中间、中道”的意思,所以这个习语的字面意思就是:“幸福中道”,这刚好就是孔子所提倡的中庸之道,但是这个习语也可表示:“折中的办法”。因此,当美国人说;Lets find a happy medium.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Let us both compromise to solve this problem.;、;Lets think out an eclectic method.;。情景对白:Shirley: I cant agree with you. Your idea is far from mature.雪莉:我没法同意,你的想法太不成熟了。Colleague: OK, lets find a happy medium.同事:好吧,我们来想个折中的办法吧。搭配句积累:①Both of the two plans have their own merits and demerits.这两种方案都各有优缺点。②Your ideas are either too immature or too complex.你的想法要么太幼稚要么太复杂。③Our friendly cooperative relationship might break up if we take extreme measures.如果采取极端措施的话,我们之间的友好合作关系将会破裂。④I have to fire him but I am afraid he will resent me.我不得不辞退他,但又怕他心存怨恨。单词:1. eclectic adj. 折中的His habitual touch was that of the eclectic.他惯用的是折衷的语言。My style is always very eclectic but I dont find it to be so unusual because its the way I like to do things.我的风格总是非常倾向于折中,我觉得无需太标新立异,这就是我喜欢的工作方式。Still the rich, like most voters, have eclectic views, often supporting liberal and conservative positions simultaneously.同样,富人和大多数选民一样持折中的观点,往往同时会持自由主义和保守的立场。2. resent vt. 怨恨She resents her mother for being so tough on her.她怨恨母亲对她太严厉。I resent being dependent on her.我很讨厌自己对她的依赖。I bitterly resent his attempts to interfere in my work.我非常讨厌他企图干涉我的工作。 /201305/242263

Singapore takes in new immigrants to keep population numbers steady, but must manage the inflow carefully, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said.新加坡总理李显龙日前表示,新加坡会接纳新移民以保持人口数量稳定,但是必须谨慎管理移民涌入。The people who come must be able to integrate into society, have the abilities and skills to contribute to the economy and have their hearts in the right place, he added at a citizenship ceremony at Townsville Primary School.在汤斯维尔小学的公民仪式上,李显龙还表示,来到新加坡的人必须能够融入新加坡社会,拥有为新加坡经济做出贡献的能力和技巧,并拥有一颗真诚的心。About 20,000 people become new citizens here every year. Together with the 30,000 Singaporean babies born, this adds 50,000 to Singapores citizen population each year.每年大约会有两万人成为该国的新公民。再加上三万名新加坡新生儿,新加坡每年共计会增加五万名公民人口。This allows Singapore to have a stable population, as Singaporeans are far from replacing themselves with a total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.3, said Mr Lee.李显龙称,这使得新加坡拥有稳定的人口,因为新加坡1.3的总生育率还远远不能进行自我更新。Mr Lee said ideally, more Singaporean babies should be born, so the Government has worked to support young families through marriage and parenthood policies.李显龙表示,理想状态下,新加坡需要生育更多的婴儿,因此,政府已经努力通过婚姻和生育政策来持年轻家庭。Over the years, schemes have been launched in the areas of housing, pre-school services, workplace and community support to encourage people to start families.多年来,新加坡在住房、学前务、工作和社会方面启动计划来持和鼓励人们结婚。National University of Singapore sociologist Paulin Straughan said there is a limit to how much the TFR can be pushed up, so other strategies are needed to sustain population growth.新加坡国立大学社会学家波林·斯特劳恩表示,总生育率提高多少是有限制的,因此需要采取其他策略来维持人口增长。For instance, making Singapore an attractive destination for talented residents, so the country can ;pick and attract people who can bring the best to Singapore;.比如,将新加坡打造成一个吸引有才华居民的目的地,这样该国就可以挑选和吸引能为新加坡带来最好东西的人了。来 /201706/513650

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