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上饶韩美医院去疤多少钱上饶市第二人民医院整形美容A terror attack in Norway last week, which was carried out by an extreme right-wing Norwegian man, has raised questions about security threats in Europe. Is the perceived threat from Islamic extremism has overshadowed security threats from the extreme left and right? 挪威上周发生的恐怖袭击是由一名极右翼挪威男子制造的,这次事件使人们提出欧洲的安全威胁问题。Non-Islamist threats After last week's attack in Norway, the European Union's criminal intelligence agency Europol said it would set up a team of experts to investigate non-Islamist threats in Scandinavian countries. It said that task force may in the future stretch to a larger range of European nations. 欧盟刑事情报机构欧洲刑警组织说,它将组建一个专家团队来调查北欧国家面临的非伊斯兰威胁。该机构表示,这个特别小组的调查范围未来可能扩展到其他欧洲国家。Blanka Kolenikova, a Europe analyst at IHS Global Insight in London, says expanding the focus of security reviews may be useful. IHS环球透视驻伦敦的欧洲事务分析师布兰卡·科勒尼克娃说,扩大安全审查的焦点可能会有帮助。"It can be said that maybe that there is a feel that the threat of Islamic extremism was recently in the center of the attention and maybe other forms of extremism, like this far right extremism, has slipped from the radar of the security agencies," Kolenikova said. 科勒尼克娃说:“可以这么说,我们可能感到来自伊斯兰极端主义的威胁是人们最近关注的焦点,而其它形式的极端主义、例如极右主义躲过了安全机构的雷达侦察。”In a report this year Europol said there were no European right-wing terror attacks in 2010. It said extreme left wing groups carried out 45 attacks. 欧洲刑警组织在今年发布的一份报告中称,2010年欧洲没有发生右翼恐怖袭击。该机构说,极左翼组织发动了45次袭击。The overall view was that right-wing groups didn't have cohesion or public support. But it did say those on the right were increasingly active on the web. 总的看法是右翼组织没有凝聚力或公共持。但该机构确实指出,右翼势力在网络上日渐活跃。201108/146768德兴市做双眼皮埋线多少钱 Geithner Says US Jobless Rate Likely to Climb美财政部长称失业率可能还会攀升 The U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the unemployment rate may go above its current 25-year high of 8.5 percent, but says the ed States and other countries must keep moving forward in making steps toward economic recovery. 美国财政部长盖特纳说,失业率可能超过目前8.5%的25年最高点。但他同时指出,美国和其他国家必须继续采取步骤,推动经济复苏。Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says there are some encouraging signs about the economy, but he was quick to temper expectations. Geithner says the typical pattern of an economic turnaround dictates that only when businesses start to hire again will there be a peak in unemployment. 财政部长盖特纳说,经济方面有一些令人鼓舞的迹象,不过他很快话锋一转,调降人们的期望值。盖特纳说,经济回转的典型模式意味着,在各公司再度开始招聘之前,失业率将会达到顶峰。Geithner, who appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation" program, called it the "crude reality" of recoveries. "It took us a long time to get here. It is going to take some time for us to work through this. Progress is not going to be even. There is going to be a period where it is going to feel very bad still and very uncertain. And that is again why it is so important that we just keep moving," he said. 他说:“我们走到目前这种境况用了很长时间。我们渡过这个局面也需要一些时间。进展不会是均衡的。还会有一段让人感到很糟糕而且很不确定的时期。而这就是为什么我们持续行动是如此重要。”Secretary Geithner pointed to mortgage interest rates being at their lowest in history as a positive development. He says this will allow U.S. homeowners to take advantage of the low rates and refinance their homes. 盖特纳指出,房屋贷款利率处在历史最低点是个利好的发展,这使美国的房主们能够利用低利率,将他们的房屋重新贷款。Geithner also defended President Barack Obama's decision last week to oust the chairman of ailing U.S. automaker General Motors. Critics accused the Obama administration of holding a double standard by being more lenient on financial institutions also receiving federal assistance.  盖特纳还为奥巴马总统上星期让困境中的美国通用汽车公司的首席执行官辞职的决定进行了辩护。批评者指责奥巴马政府采用双重标准,对同样接受联邦救助的金融机构比较宽容。Geithner said there will be strong conditions for any company requiring additional taxpayer money. "If in the future, banks need exceptional assistance in order to get through this, then we will make sure that assistance comes with conditions, not just to protect the taxpayer, but to make sure this is the kind of restructuring necessary for them to emerge stronger. And where that requires a change of management of the board, we will do that," he said. 盖特纳说,对任何要求得到额外的纳税人钱款的公司都有严格的条件。盖特纳说:“如果将来需要额外的援助来渡过难关,我们要确保这种援助附加条件,不仅是为了保护纳税人,而且也是确保这些为了更强壮而进行必要的重组。只要需要变动董事会的管理层,我们都会这样做。”Geithner noted the government overhauled the boards of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and insurance company AIG. 盖特纳指出,政府改组了房地产贷款巨头房利美和房地美以及保险公司美国国际集团(AIG)的董事会。Geithner says he wants to help General Motors do whatever works to restructure, even if it means filing for bankruptcy, and emerge stronger from the recession. 盖特纳说,他想帮助通用汽车公司采取任何可行措施进行重组,即使这意味着申请破产,以便让它在衰退之后,变得更强有力。New GM chief Fritz Henderson agreed, saying bankruptcy might be the best alternative. "As I look at the situation, we need to accomplish a set of goals, and accomplishing those ... cannot be compromised. So if it cannot be done outside of a bankruptcy process, it will be done within it," he said. 新的通用公司领导人亨德森赞同盖特纳的意见。他表示,破产可能是最佳替代方法。亨德森说:“在我审视目前形势的时候,我们需要实现一整套目标,那是不容妥协的。所以,如果这不能在破产程序之外做到,就要在破产程序之内去做了。”Henderson, appearing on N, said General Motors is building a plan around four core brands and hopes to improve the quality of its vehicles to regain the confidence of the American consumer. 亨德森在美国全国广播公司节目上露面时说,通用汽车正在制定一项关于4个主要品牌的计划,希望改进车辆的质量,以重新赢得美国消费者的信心。04/66449Wikipediarsquo;s fund-raising维基百科集资Free but not easy免费百科不容易The online encyclopedia needs its usersrsquo; money and volunteersrsquo; time. Gaining the first is the easier task维基百科既需要用户捐款也需要志願者的时间,前者比后者更容易完成MANY mocked, but the money rolled in. For the last few weeks of 2010 Jimmy Wales fixed his piercing gaze on Wikipedia users, imploring them from banner ads to help ;the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit; pay its bills for this year. The founderrsquo;s plea worked. Wikipedia reached its target of m in just 50 days (compared with .7m in 67 days at the end of ).很多人嗤之以鼻,但是维基百科的筹款确实滚滚而来。在2010年最后几周里,维基百科创始人吉米-威尔士(Jimmy Wales)眼光独到,瞄准了维基百科的用户们,用网页上的横幅广告恳求他们向;任何人都能编辑的免费百科;伸出援手,为网站付当年的费用。他的恳求成功了。维基百科在50天内就实现了集资1600万美元的目标(与之对比,年末在67天内筹到870万美元)。This month those pleading banners will return;but with many sets of eyes. Backing up the earnest Mr Wales in the attempt to raise m by the year-end will be Brandon Harris, a long-haired programmer wearing a full-sleeved T-shirt and a surly expression, who says he quit his job building ;some crappy thing thatrsquo;s designed to steal money from some kid who doesnrsquo;t know it; to work with Wikipedia. 400m unique users every month make it the worldrsquo;s fifth-biggest website, according to Alexa, an internet research company. It also has a good claim to be the worldrsquo;s most important provider of non-entertainment content.本月,那些筹款横幅广告又要回归了-这次关注的人却更多了。持诚恳的威尔士完成到年底筹得2500万美元的目标的是程序员布兰登bull;哈里斯(Brandon Harris),哈里斯一头长发,身着一件大T恤,一副胸有成竹的表情。他称他上一份工作是做出;一些没用的东西;专门去骗不明真相的孩子的钱,辞职后他加入维基百科。互联网研究公司Alexa称每个月都有4亿用户访问并成就了这个世界第五大网站,同时它也是世界上最重要的非性信息的提供者。Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit company that runs the online encyclopedia, has devoted much effort towards finding a way around its reliance on its founder. The banner featuring Mr Harris was the first to outperform the one with Mr Wales, and more successes have followed. Though Wikimedia received .6m from a charity, the Stanton Foundation, it wants to raise money from large numbers of happy users rather than big donors who might want some clout for their cash.负责维基百科运营的维基媒体基金(Wikimedia Foundation)是一家非盈利公司,它竭尽全力寻找其他途径以不再全部依赖于创建者威尔士的身上。哈里斯的标语是第一个胜过威尔士的,更多的还会接踵而来。尽管维基百科从慈善机构Stanton Foundation获得360万美元的捐款,但是它仍然希望从大量快乐的用户、而不是那些大的捐赠者那里筹资,因为后者想用金钱交换某种影响力。Wikipedia has just 78 full-time staff (due to reach 117 in 2012) and 370 servers, against some 60,000 for Facebook and over 1m for Google. Unlike other internet giants, its content comes from unpaid editors. It spends 44% of its income on technology (including programmers); other administration costs make up just under a quarter. Fund-raising takes up 8% of the budget. It accepts no advertising.维基百科只有78名全职员工(2012年将达到117名)和370个务器,脸谱网和谷歌公司则分别有60000个和100万个务器。与其他互联网巨头不同,维基百科的内容出自没有酬劳的网民的编辑。花在科技上(包括程序员)的收入为44%;其他管理出仅占不到25%。筹集的资金占预算的8%。不接受广告。Raising time筹资时刻到了But raising cash to keep Wikipedia running is an easier task than getting people to donate time. Month-on-month article growth in the English Wikipedia was as high as 5% in 2006 but has stayed stubbornly at 1% for the past two years. Worse, Wikipedia fears that without remedial steps, the number of active editors will decline to below 80,000 by the middle of next year (in March, the figure was 90,000).不过,比起让人们奉献时间来编辑百科,让人们捐钱以维持其运行比更容易。2006年,英语维基百科文章月环比增长为5%。但过去的两年里,这一数据却一直保持在1%。更糟的是,维基百科担心如果没有纠正环节,到明年年中,活跃编辑的数量将下降到80000(今年三月时是90000)。Editors are a scarce and hardy breed. They must understand the sitersquo;s policies, gain authority among other Wikipedians so that their decisions stick, and be able to write in the cumbersome code required by Wikipediarsquo;s software. Moreover, says Barry Newstead, Wikimediarsquo;s chief global development officer, 90% of users outside Wikipediarsquo;s ;core community; arenrsquo;t even aware that they can edit the encyclopedia. Users seem to ignore the plentiful invitations to get involved: ;Wersquo;re furniture in the living room,; he says plaintively.编辑是稀有坚韧物种。他们必须了解网站政策,在其他维基使用者中获得权威,这样他们撰写的词条才能被保留,还得会用维基百科软件要求的复杂代码进行编写。此外,维基百科全球发展官巴里bull;纽斯蒂德(Barry Newstead)说,维基百科非;核心群体;成员的用户占全体用户的90%,这部分人甚至不晓得他们可以编写百科。用户们似乎忽视了网站发出大量的邀请他们参与信息:;我们就是客厅来的家具,纯摆设,;他无奈地表示。Sue Gardner, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, says she wants to break down the ;psychological barrier; between ing and editing, so that improving an article feels like a natural extension of ing it. Attracting people dedicated (and thick-skinned) enough to fend off special interests and trolls (internet hooligans) is tough. So Wikipedia is trying to make its editorsrsquo; lives simpler and more attractive. One move is to try to cut the number of discouraging automated messages warning editors of style breaches and other peccadillos.维基媒体基金会执行董事苏珊bull;加德纳(Sue Gardner)表示她想打破横亘在阅读和编辑之间的;心理障碍;,读者参与编辑完善一篇文章就像是阅读后自然而然的拓展活动了。吸引住人们,让他们足够热诚(足够厚脸皮),避免有人心怀不轨,也要小心网络流氓,这绝非易事。因此维基百科正在努力让编辑活动更简单更有趣。措施之一是减少针对风格不符和瑕疵的警告信息,这类自动生成的信息容易打击编辑的士气。Another change, due by the end of 2012, will make editing a lot easier, and more like using popular blogging software. But the Wikinauts are steering clear of the bandwidth-hungry features favoured by other content-rich websites. The aim is that a humble user visiting the site from a cheap mobile phone in Africa will find loading a page just as quick and simple as a rich-world user with a powerful computer and a broadband connection.另一个变化就是到2012年底,维基百科的编辑会更简单,更像流行的客软件不过Wikinaruts在努力避免在载入百科的过程中耗费用户过多带宽(许多内容丰富的网站就需要如此)目的是为了方便非洲的手机用户,这样他们用廉价的手机访问时就可以又快又方便地找到某一页,就像富裕世界里的用户使用功能强大的电脑和宽带连接一样。By the end of this year, Wikimedia will have opened an office in India, its first outside the ed States. Branching out to the far side of the world (rather than opening an office in somewhere comfortable like Europe) is meant to signal the foundationrsquo;s global ambitions. India is a sensible choice for an outfit with limited resources: a large, English-speaking Wikipedia community aly exists there. Indians are the fifth-largest donors and rank sixth among most-active editors. The encyclopedia has two dozen versions in Indian languages. But even the largest of these, Hindi, has only 100,000 articles (against over 3.8m for English). 300m Hindi speakers mean plenty of scope for growth. India alone is expected to triple the number of its internet users to nearly 300m by 2014. The push should provide useful know-how for expansion under way in two other big growth areas: Brazil and the Arab-speaking world.维基百科定于今年年底在印度开设办事处,这也是它在美国以外开设的第一家办事处。向世界另一端发展(而不是在欧洲这些地方舒舒地开一个办事处)尽显维基集团向全球进军的雄心壮志。对于一家资源有限的公司来说,印度确实是个明智之选:国家广大并且有大量使用英语的维基百科用户社群。[colorBlue]。印度人是维基百科第五大捐赠者,在最活跃编辑排行榜上名列第五。维基百科有12个印度语版本。但是即使是最大的版本,北印度语版本里也仅有100000篇文章(英语的则为380万文章)。3亿北印度语使用者蕴藏巨大的增长空间。仅印度一国就能让维基百科的在线用户数翻两倍,在2014年达到近3亿。在印度的进展可以为即将在巴西和阿拉伯世界的扩展工作提供经验,这两个地区也的增长前景也一片光明。Despite rosy forecasts for emerging-market growth, Wikipedia still faces two big obstacles. It is good that so many people in the developing world now access the encyclopedia from mobile phones, but such devices are ill-suited to editing. In deferential cultures and those with little experience of public participation, Wikipedia has also had particular trouble explaining that every single user has the right (and indeed the duty) to edit an article if he thinks he can improve it.虽然在新市场增长前景一片大好,但是维基百科仍然面临两大障碍。现在发展中国家的很多人都能通过手机进入维基百科,这是好事,但是这些手机编辑功能不强。在顺从型文化背景下,在人们几乎没怎么参与过公共管理的社会,维基百科也很难向那里的人们解释其实每一个用户都有编辑权(这也是一种责任),只要他认为自己能改善百科。One solution is partnerships with universities. Wikipedia works with three institutions in the western Indian town of Pune, an education hub. Students are assigned a theme;corporate social responsibility, for example;and must write articles for course credit. They are happy to gain a wider ership than just their professors, while Wikipedia gets an enthusiastic batch of new recruits. Articles created through these partnerships range from topics as broad as ;output (economics); to an arcane entry on a 1985 committee on Indian monetary policy.措施之一是和大学进行合作。维基百科和位于印度西部城市、学校集中地普纳的三家学校合作。学生的作业中有跟社会责任有关的,比如,必须编写维基百科以获得学分。他们很高兴能读到更多东西,而不只是听教授讲课,而维基百科则得到一批兴致勃勃的新编辑员。通过这种合作关系写出的文章涉及各种话题,从;产出(经济);到出现在1985年关于印度货币政策的会议上一条晦涩的词条。The aim is to encourage the indigenous creation of information and to lessen reliance on imports from outside. The university focus also helps Wikipedia inch closer to meeting one of its diversity targets;increasing the share of women editors from 9% in 2011 to 25% by 2015.这样做旨在鼓励信息原创,减少对外部输入的依赖。大学还着重帮助维基百科逐步实现另一个多样化目标;让女性编辑的比例从2011年的9%到2015年的25%。Wikipedia has suffered in the past from ill-informed criticism from outside, and complacency on the inside. Signs now are that both are diminishing. The idea that an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit can provide high-quality content is increasingly established. Wikipedia entries are rarely perfect, but their flaws are always open to instant remedy; that is a big plus. The outfit also seems to be moving away from its dependence on the charismatic Mr Wales, and from its over-reliance on a narrow caste of Anglophone enthusiasts. Wikipediarsquo;s survival and expansion are also encouraging signs for those that worry the internet is in danger of becoming too commercial and closed off. Wikipedia is not just collating knowledge: it is making news too.过去不明真相的外界责难维基百科,其内部也渐生自满情绪。现在看来两种情况都有好转。维基百科推广的概念,即任何人都可以给在线百科提供高质量东西越来越得到人们的认可。维基百科的词条几乎都不是尽善尽美的,但是它们随时欢迎人们完善修改,这就大大地给它加分了。维基百科也正在逐步摆脱极富个人魅力的威尔士先生的控制和对一小波讲英语爱好者的过度依赖。对那些担心互联网越来越商业化、越来越孤立的人来说,维基百科逃过一劫继续扩大也是一种积极的信号。它不仅仅是在整理知识,它也在制造新闻。201111/161330上饶减肥中心

上饶市中医院做双眼皮多少钱FBI investigates IndyMac failure Federal authorities are looking into whether the mortgage lender committed crimes in making home loans to risky borrowersThis is the second biggest bank failure in US history, so it seems only obvious that the Feds will be involved and try to find out if the mistakes made were honest ones or something more sinister.Indymac was taken over by regulators last week, and now we learn it's been investigated for possible fraud. Sources with knowledge of the investigation tell/s/ CNN the FBI is looking into weather any crimes were committed when Indymac made home loans to risky borrowers. The FBI would not comment, but one source says the investigation is focused on the company and not individuals of this time. "I would suspect that looking at data appraisals, data underwriting/s/ which would mean false statements on low applications." And now if the bank is being taken over by regulators, experts say it will be easier for the Feds to get their hands on what they need to conduct their probe. "There's been so many issues associated with the mortgage failures and the subsequent losses. The question is weather the FBI has enough resources work in this cases."The Bureau says it's made investigating mortgage fraud a priority and signed nearly 200 agents. In all, it's investigating 21 companies, officials won't offer any details, but CNN has previously confirmed that the nation's largest mortgage lender - Countrywide financial is part of that probe. "Our mortgage fraud case load has doubled in the past 3 years to more than 1400 pending investigations. We've engaged each of our 56 field offices to focus on this criminal priority. "And these investigations are very complicated, they'll take a lot of time, so don't expect any announcements anytime soon. For CNNmoney.com, I’m Kelli Arena.参考中文翻译:联邦调查局正在调查该抵押贷款巨头涉嫌将家庭贷款借给高风险借贷者。这是美国历史上倒闭的第二大。非常明显,联邦调查局将会介入,调查其真实性,是否存在欺诈行为。IndyMac上周由监管机构接管,现在由于涉嫌欺诈正在接受调查。该调查的相关知情者告知CNN,FBI正在调查在IndyMac有无将家庭贷款贷给高风险者而犯罪。FBI没有发表任何,但是有消息说,此次调查集中于该公司,而没有针对某一个个体。“我怀疑那些数据评估,可能在申请程序的表述方面存在一些错误。”现在,如果被监管机构接管,专家说,联邦调查局在调查方面更容易着手。“跟抵押贷款失败和随后的破产相关的问题非常多,问题是FBI有没有足够的资源来调查这个案件。”联邦调查局说,他们目前把调查贷款欺诈案放在首位,已经签署了接近20个文件。他们总共调查21个公司,相关官员不会透漏细节,但是CNN之前以前得到实,国家最大的贷款巨头——Countrywide金融公司是调查对象之一。“在过去的三年里,贷款欺诈案的压力增加了一倍,共产开了1400多次调查。我们所有的56个下属办公室都把贷款欺诈案放在首位。”这些调查非常复杂,而且非常耗时,所以不要期待很快宣布调查结果。200812/57699德兴市中医院隆鼻多少钱 上饶市第一人民医院玻尿酸多少钱

广丰区妇幼保健人民中医院韩式隆鼻多少钱Redistricting rows重新划分选区之争Not so easy并不容易Republican hopes of snagging extra seats following last year’s census look doomed to disappointment 共和党人想要通过去年的人口普查数据再获得一些新席位,不大可行May 5th 2011 | AUSTIN, TEXAS | from the print edition ..REDISTRICTING, so the old saying goes, is when politicians get to choose their voters. Every ten years, following the national census, each state must redraw the constituency boundaries for both its members of Congress and its state legislators. In most states, the party in power controls both those processes, either directly through the state legislature or indirectly through the appointment of members to commissions charged with the job.老话讲,重新划分选区就是政治家选择投票者。每隔十年,在全国人口普查之后,各个州要为国会代表以及州立法委员重划选区界限。在大部分州,执政的党派决定着选区界限的划定,或直接通过州立法机关、或间接地通过指派人员处理这项事务。The whole business has been riven with conflicts of interest for at least two centuries. This time around, though, Republicans are in charge in far more states than Democrats, so should be able to weight the political odds in their favour for the next decade. But that is proving trickier than normal, for a variety of reasons.这项事务为利益冲突成为的焦点已经至少有两百年了。这一次,共和党执掌的州大大多于民主党,所以共和党应该会争取在接下来的十年时间里获得政治优势。不过,有许多原因导致情况非常复杂。201105/135177 Piano at the Proms夏季音乐会上的钢琴天才Going for Grieg诠释格里格A talent for the Romantics浪漫时期作品的演奏天才Aug 13th 2011 | from the print edition Playing from the sole 独一无二的演奏ALICE SARA OTT, a German-Japanese pianist, has been impressing audiences and music executives since 2002, when, at the age of 14, she was named the most promising artist in Japan’s Hamamatsu International Piano Academy competition. On August 8th she chose Edvard Grieg’s concerto in A minor for her Proms debut at London’s Royal Albert Hall.爱丽丝.纱良.奥特,德国日籍钢琴家, 自2002年,14岁的奥特在日本宾松国际钢琴专业比赛上,被誉为最有潜力的钢琴家之后,她一直受到观众和音乐专家的好评。今年的8月8日,奥特选择了爱德华-格里格的A小调协奏曲,拉开了在伦敦皇家埃尔伯特音乐厅夏季钢琴音乐会的序幕。At 23, Ms Ott is just a year younger than Grieg, a 19th-century Norwegian composer, was when he penned his iconic—and only—piano concerto in 1868. Hugely popular, the piece has been recorded by pianists as well known as Arthur Rubinstein and, more recently, Leif Ove Andsnes. Ms Ott is used to comparisons with high-profile performers. Last November she replaced an ailing Lang Lang at a day’s notice and performed Liszt’s first piano concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra to critical acclaim. Even so, the Grieg was a brave choice.奥特今年23岁,只比1868年的格里格小一岁,这位19世纪的挪威作曲家在当时写下了他的代表作——也是唯一的——钢琴协奏曲。这首曲子随即带来很大反响,之后分别被著名的钢琴家,例如阿瑟.鲁宾斯坦,以及更近代一些的,利夫#8226;奥韦#8226;安兹涅斯重新录制。人们把奥特和这些著名的演奏家们相比较。去年11月,她代替生病的朗朗,在演出前一天通知的情况下,与伦敦交响乐团合作了李斯特的第一钢琴协奏曲并获得了好评。即便如此,选择格里格的钢琴曲也是一个勇敢之举。201109/153210婺源县妇幼保健人民中医院光子脱毛手术多少钱江西省上饶祛痘要多少钱



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