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英语日常口语 12:After the film本单元是关于看完电影后的对话Michal: Well that rom-com was much better than I expected. It was really romantic. Thank you.Alice: Oh, it was my pleasure.Michal: Would you like to do it again? go out on another date with me?Alice: Another date? Michal, that wasn't a date we were on there.Michal: It wasn't? Oh, I thought it was.Alice: No, we're just good friends.Michal: Yes, we are good friends and I'd like us to be better friends so I'm going to ask you: would you like to go out with me?Vocabulary:(词汇)To go out on a date/To go out with someone: (和某人约会)To have a romantic time (usually an evening) with someone.To witness: (亲眼见到) To see something and be able to describe it later 本单元的语言点是关于电影词汇,下面介绍一些与电影工作人员有关的词汇,还有告诉你如何询问与电影有关的问题。Here is some vocabulary to describe people connected with making films and some questions you can use when asking about a film.People involved in making a film:(电影幕后工作人员)The producer is the manager of the film, and deals with the money and schedules. The director is the creative manager of the film; the director calls 'Action!' and 'cut!'. The cinematographer/director of photography is responsible for the look of the film - the photography. The screenwriter writes the script or screenplay. The leading actors/the main actors are often famous stars, and they have the most important roles in the script. The supporting actors are the other actors in the film, they have less important roles in the script. The extras are people in the background of the film, they usually don't speak in the film. If you want to find out more about a film, you can ask these questions: (想要了解更多有关电影的信息,你可以用以下问句) What's it called? What is the name of the film? What's it about? What is the story and who are the main characters? Where and when is it set? Where and in what historical time does the story take place? Who's in it? Who are the leading actors? Who's it by? Who is the director (or the screenwriter)? What's it like? What is your opinion of the film? Is it any good? Is the film good? /200707/15904。

72 books words author autobiography novel non-fiction hardback paperback volume publisher page spine introduction preface chapter encyclopaedia margin book review dedication acknowledements textbook picture sci-fi illustration graphs inspired by co-written by atlas a classic horror dictionary thriller cookbook bestseller phrases cover design publishing house detective story be based on a true story a collection of short stories/poems can’t put it down …from cover to cover beginner a: what are you ing? B: oh, it’s the latest novel by ray blune. It’s a sic-fi thriller. A; I thought he usually wrote horror books. B: he does. He’s good at this genre too. It’s a captivating . A; we’re going to the bookshop. Would you like to join us? B; yes, I would. I need to buy a textbook for my course and, as you know, I love browsing through the latest paperbacks. A: me too. I need something to on the flight to new york. I can never sleep on planes. Sarah wants to pick up some children’s books for her daughter. B: I want to look at nelson mandela’s autobiography. A: this is sure to be a worthwhile . Intermediate A: good morning. I’m from the new york book review. Could I ask you some question about your latest book? B: sure. Take a seat… what would you like to know? A; first, I’ve heard that your latest book is based on a true story. B; that’s correct. It’s a murder mystery based on actual murders that book place in florida several years ago. The main character-the police invesigator-is based on the man who investigated the case. A: how do you research your books? B: I always visit the places that I use as setting for stories. Readers like things to be as factually correct as possible-even in fiction! I usually base my characters on people I have met. Most character are a mixture of the characters of two or more people. A; I really like your books. I’ve just finished this one. I it from cover to cover in a single day. Congratulation on making the bestseller list yet again! B; thank you. Let met sign it for you …there you go. A; oh! Thank you very much. I heard that you are currently writing a collection of short stories. What are the stories about? B: there’s a real mix of stories in the book. I haven’t finished all of them yet, though. Many of them are short detective stories, but there are also horror stories and sci-fi ones. If you give me your business card, I’ll make sure you get an advance copy to review. A; thanks very much. I’m sure it will sell well. I can’t wait to it. Here’s my card. Thank you for you time. /200705/13744。

In the tradition of the Palestinian society,在传统的巴勒斯坦社会,its forbidden for men to enter the household.禁止男人进入家门So, no male journalists get the story. But I did.因此,没有男性记者能进行采访。但是,我可以。I have a wonderful husband,我的丈夫非常棒,a wonderful husband who supports me despite all the criticism he gets from the society.他持我,尽管他承受着来自社会的所有批评。Hes at home now with my two kids, and I have another one thats growing in here.他现在和我的两个孩子待在家里,我带着另外一个孩子,在这里生活成长。When Im working, I call him every two hours,当我工作时,我每隔两个小时给他打电话and he knows if he doesnt hear from me, he should call my contact,同时,他知道如果他没有接到我的电话,他应该打电话联系我the one who gives me access to the story, which is the one who I trust.带我进入这个故事的人,是我最相信的人。One of the times in Gaza, during the kidnapping of the British journalist Alan Johnston,有一次在加沙,英国记者约翰斯顿被绑架期间,I was asked by an American magazine to set up a meeting with the kidnappers in Gaza, and I did.一个美国杂志要求我在加沙组织一个和绑匪的会面,我做到了。The journalist covering the story and I were asked to meet outside of his hotel.记者报道了新闻,我被要求在他的酒店外会面They came, they picked us up in a black van with black windows,他们来了,他们将我们架上一辆带着黑色玻璃的黑色面包车they were wearing masks on that day.那天他们带着面具。And they drove us away, far away in the middle of a field.他们开车载着我们,远离中心地带。They took our cell phones and we did the interview with the kidnapper outside in that field.他们拿走我们的手机,我们在这批区域的中间和绑匪会面。201608/460409。

美国习惯用语-第73讲:wimpturkey 每种语言都有一些特殊的词汇用来形容人的不同特性。例如,在中文里我们把那些只会念书的人叫做“书呆子”,把那些老是屈从于别人意志的人叫做“软骨头”等。美国人也有好多类似的习惯用语。今天我们首先要给大家介绍一个美国人常用的字:wimp。美国人经常用wimp这个字来形容一些比较软弱,缺乏勇气,办事无效的人。参加竞选的政界人士往往喜欢用wimp这个字来描述竞选对手。不管是不是符合事实,有的时候,这种形像就在选民心目中留下了印象。例如,下面这个人正在和一个朋友讨论投哪个候选人的票。他对他的朋友说: 例句-1: "As far as I know, this guy Roger Bly is honest. And he's had a pretty good voting record in Congress. But he looks like such a wimp: I'm afraid he doesn't have the guts to handle a real crisis when it comes up. So I guess I'll vote for the other guy." 他说:“就我所知,罗杰·布莱这人很老实。他在国会里就各种问题投票的记录来看也很不错。可是,他看起来像个软骨头。我担心,在真正发生危机的时候,他可能不会有足够的勇气来处理问题。所以,我想我还是投另外一个候选人的票。” 我们在生活中不难看到有些人胆小怕事,不管是不是他错,他老是听任摆布。下面就是一个例子,这是一个人在说他的夫: 例句-2: "I'm afraid my sister married a real wimp. Sure, he makes a good salary and treats her well. But he lets himself get pushed around by everybody--waiters, clerks in stores, the guy who pumps gas--he's afraid to stand up for his rights." 这个人说:“我看我的大概是嫁了一个真正的软骨头。不错,他工资不低,对她也很好。但是,他听任周围任何人的摆布:饭馆务员、售货员、加油站的人等,他从来不敢维护他的权利。” 下面我们要给大家介绍的一个字是:turkey。大家大概都知道,turkey就是火鸡,美国人在感恩节和圣诞节时家家户户都要吃火鸡。可是,活的火鸡非常难看,行动迟顿,而且笨头笨脑的。所以,要是你把一个人形容为turkey,那你就等于说,那个人是愚蠢无用的。下面是一位父亲在说他女儿的男朋友: 例句-3: "I'm worried about this young fellow my daughter is dating. He never finished school, he doesn't have a job, he dresses like a bum--he looks like a real turkey to me." 这位父亲说:“我真担心我女儿的那个男朋友。他书没念完,也没有工作,穿得像个叫化子。我看,他真是个愚蠢的,毫无用处的人。” 每个大公司或机构里总会有几个什么事也干不了的人,可是要想开除他们还不容易。下面这个人说的是一些机构如何处理这些人的办法: 例句-4: "Some private firms and official agencies have what they call a "turkey farm", a part of the organization where their turkeys can be sent to get them out of the way until it's possible to fire them." 这个人说:“有些私营公司和政府机构都有一种叫做“火鸡农场”之类的地方,这是那个机构的一部份,为了不让那些生产力低的人影响其他人的工作,这些单位可以把他们送到“火鸡农场”去,直到能够开除他们为止。” 以上我们给大家介绍了两个美国人常用的字,一个是:wimp。Wimp就是形容那些软弱,受人摆布,不敢坚持己见的人。我们给大家介绍的另一个字是:turkey。Turkey是指那种愚蠢,毫无价值,没有用的人。 /200601/3028。

「美国习惯用语」第十四讲Sweeten the potThe cards are stacked against you打麻将是中国人发明的。像棋一般人总是认为是俄国人的游戏,虽然它实际上是古代波斯人创造的。美国人最普遍的纸牌游戏就是扑克,扑克牌游戏就像牛仔裤一样具有美国特色。那末,扑克牌游戏是怎么玩的呢?很简单,每次游戏开始,在发牌前,每个参加玩扑克的人都在牌桌中间放同等数目的钱。发牌以后,每个人再下赌注。发牌前每个人拿出来的钱和发牌后下的赌注都归游戏的获胜者。由于扑克牌游戏在美国人当中十分普遍,因此有许多牌桌上的语言逐渐就成了日常用语。例如:Sweeten the pot。Sweeten the pot 在牌桌上的意思是把赌注的总数加得高一些,这样可以对玩游戏的人更有吸引力。可是,这个词汇已经变成一个日常用语了。它的意思是:为了使一个提议更有吸引力而在原有的条件基础上再增加一些对对方有利的条件。我们来举个例子看看:例句-1: ;Miss Smith didnt want the job until the company sweentened the pot by offering her a higher salary and the use of a company car.;这句话的意思是:“施密斯本来不想要那份工作的。后来,那家公司提高了给她的工资,还给她一辆公司的汽车用。这样,她才接受了那个工作。”下面一个例子是关于房地产生意的:例句-2: ;Theyve built so many new office buildings here that they have trouble renting out all the space. So some landlords sweeten the pot; they offer a company six months free rent if it signs a three-year lease.“这句话翻译到中文的意思就是:“他们在这儿盖了那末多的办公楼,现在都租不出去。所以,有的房产主就设法增加一些吸引人的条件。他们对一个公司说,要是这个公司和他们签订一个三年的租房合同,他们就可以免交半年房租。”另外一个来自玩扑克牌游戏的词汇是:The cards are stacked against you。The cards are stacked against you。这句话是说,你处于很不利的情况下,成功的机会很少。下面的例子是说一个人受了骗:例句-3: ;Last night I got into a poker game with these men I met in the hotel bar. And I lost a thousand dollars before I realized the cards were stacked against me. All I could do was pick up the money I had left and walk away.;这人说:“昨晚上,我和几个在旅馆酒吧间里碰到的人一起玩扑克游戏。直到我输了一千多美元后,我才忽然省悟到我想要赢他们恐怕是不可能的。我只好拿起剩下的钱就走了。”下面我们要举的一个例子是说,有的时候形势就是对你不利,但是毫无办法。例句-4: ;I really wanted to try out for the basketball team when I was in college. But the cards were stacked against me: Im only five feet six inches tall and everybody else was six-two or even taller.;这个人说:“当我上大学的时候,我真想参加篮球队。可是,那不可能,因为我身高只有一米六多,而其他人都至少有一米八。”今天我们讲的两个习惯用语都是来自玩扑克牌游戏时用的词汇。第一个是:Sweeten the pot。它的意思是:为了使一个提议更有吸引力而在原有的条件基础上再增加一些对对方有利的条件。另外一个是:The cards are stacked against you。这句话是说,你处于很不利的情况下,成功的机会很少。 /200601/2969。

Im even prouder to share a fundamental truth that you might not have learned, even as graduate of Harvard, unless you studied the ancient Greek role with professor Nagy.同时 我要更自豪地分享一件事尽管你们是哈佛毕业生 可能也不知道这个除非你攻读的是纳吉教授的古希腊角色Professor Nagy, as we were coming in this morning said: ;Please, Ms. Winfrey, walk decisively.; I shall walk decisively.我们今天早上来的时候 纳吉教授对我说:;温弗瑞女士 请自信地走起来吧!;我的确要自信地走起来This is what I want to share. It doesnt matter how far you might rise. At some point, you are bound to stumble.这就是我要分享的事情了无论你有多么成功难免会遇到失意之时Because if youre constantly doing what we do, raising the bar, if you are constantly pushing yourself higher, higher, the Law of averages, not to mention the myth of Icarus.因为如果你们像我们这样 不断提升目标如果你们不断为自己设定更高的目标根据常规 我指的不是伊卡洛斯神话哦Predicts that you will at some point fall. And when you do, I want you to know this, remember this: There is no such thing as failure.你们会在某时失意届时 我希望各位可以记住一点 请记住:世上没有失败Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction. Now, when you down in a hole, it looks like failure. So, this past year, I had to spoon-feed those words to myself.失败只不过是命运试图将我们推向另一个方向罢了当你身处困境时 这只是看似一种失败而已在过去的一年中 我时刻提醒自己牢记这一点And when youre down in the hole, when that moment comes, its really okay to feel bad for a little while. Give yourself time to mourn what you think you may have lost.当你深陷困境时 在那个时刻到来之时暂时的难过是正常的给自己一点时间去哀叹失去的一切But then heres the key: Learn from every mistake. Because every experience encounter, and particularly your mistakes.然后就是关键所在从每次的失误中汲取经验教训因为 所有的经验 尤其是你的失误201608/462489。

VOA流行美语 81: ZIP / DRAMA QUEEN李华和Michael这个周末什么功课都没有,原来准备好好玩一玩,可是后来计划落空。李华会学到两个常用语:zip和drama queen。L: 嗨,Michael, 你这个周末有功课要做吗?M: Nope. I don't have to do zip. I'm free the whole weekend.L: 你不用做zip? 那是什么意思呀?Zip不是衣上的拉链吗?M: No, I mean zip as in zero or nothing. I don't have zip means I don't have anything to do.L: 噢,zip可以解释为"零","什么也没有"。那你的意思是你周末什么事也没有,对不对?M: Yes. If you ask me for money and I don't have any, I could say I haven't got zip. Get it?L: 知道了,你没有钱,我本来也没有想问你借钱啊。M: Good. Now, do you have any money I could borrow. I want to buy a coke.L: "No, I don't have zip." 我这么说对不对?M: Yes, you used it right, but I really want to buy a coke.L: 你真的要问我借钱哪?Michael, 我可真是没有钱,我不骗你。M: Oh well, I guess I'll have to go to the bank before we can do anything interesting this weekend. If I don't have any cash, then we won't be able to do zip.L: 没错,你要不到去取钱,那周末我们哪儿也去不了。We won't be able to do zip.M: Now you've learned the word zip. The bank is over there. I'll get some cash and I'll come right back.L: 快点,我饿了,要去吃晚饭了。嗨,Michael, 你多取点钱,I don't have zip in my pockets.M: Alright.******L: Michael, 我们周末出去玩的计划全被打乱了。我们的历史教授从电脑上发给我们一个新作业,星期一就要交了。啊呀,我真气死了。M: Oh, don't be such a drama queen. The assignment can't be that bad, and I know for a fact that you do have free time.L: 你叫我什么? Drama queen? Drama是戏剧,queen是女王。这两个词合在一起,嘿,我虽然不知道drama queen的具体意思,但是我肯定你是在讽刺我,对不对?M: Not really. A drama queen is a girl who exaggerates her problems, usually to get attention. Your problem really isn't that bad, but you make it sound like the end of the world.L: 噢,drama queen原来是说一个女孩,为了引起别人的注意,夸张了她面临的问题。 哎哟,就是小题大作。嗨,我可不是小题大作。我是因为没有时间完成作业,所以我才心烦意乱。M: Oh, please. You are being a little too dramatic about this homework assignment.L: 只是一个作业,你说得倒简单!算了,算了,不跟你争了。可能是我还不清楚drama queen的含意,Michael, 你再给我举个例子,好不好?M: Do you remember my friend, Angela, who called me crying because she couldn't find her math book?L: 当然记得。她呀,为了找不到她的数学书给你打电话的时候还哭了,我真是难以相信。她好像老是有什么事感到不高兴似的。M: She is such a drama queen. She makes a huge deal out of losing a book or a bad haircut. Once, she wouldn't talk to me for a week because I forgot to call her back.L: 对,她总是大惊小怪,小题大作的,丢了一本书也不高兴,剪头发剪得不好也不高兴。你忘了给她打回电,她当然要生气,一个星期不跟你讲话就算客气的了。我可没有象她那样,所以别叫我drama queen.M: Yeah, you're not quite as bad.今天李华学到了zip和drama queen两个常用语,zip就是零,什么也没有的意思;drama queen是指那种喜欢小题大作,大惊小怪的女孩子。 /200602/3156。

即学即用英语会话词典B部分:自我评价 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14992。

Two Here comes the bride.新娘来了。 1 IntroductionA Some American men have this thinking - why buy the cow if you can get all your milk free? 一些美国男人有这种思想——如果你可以免费得到牛奶的话,那又何必去买头奶牛呢?(这句话有很明显的引申意义:身边有女人愿意跟着,又何必一定要自寻麻烦娶个老婆呢?)B Marriage is not like having a room full of roses; you get out of it whatever you put into it. Another way of expressing this is, you’ve made your bed now you’re going to have to sleep in it. 婚姻不像是一个房子装满了玫瑰;你付出了什么就收获什么。另一种说法是,你已经铺好了床,现在你就得睡在里面。C She got the gold mine, he got the shaft. That means when the judge decided how the property would be divided in the divorce. The woman received the biggest part of the marital assets. Most men say, “It’s not marriage that scares me; it’s the divorce court I am most afraid of.” “她分了金矿,他得到的是茅杆。”那就是说离婚时当法官作出决定财产是如何划分的。大多数男人说,“让我害怕的不是婚姻;是离婚时的法院最让我恐惧。”D In most instances, a man who has never been married will prefer to marry a woman who has also never been married. 多数情况下,没结过婚的男人比较愿意娶也没有结过婚的女人。E Most men prefer having a wife who is younger than them. But it’s usual for a man to marry a woman older than himself. Older women who like younger men are frowned upon in American culture. 多数男人比较愿意妻子比自己年轻。但是娶比自己大一点的女人也是常有的。老女人喜欢年轻男人,这在美国文化是会引起别人皱眉的。 2 Sample Sentences1. Brad really means a lot to me.布莱德对我来说真的很重要。2. As soon as I met her, I knew I would spend the rest of my life with her. 当我一见到她,我就知道我将会和她共度此生。3. If you love someone, set them free; if they come back to you, they’re yours; if they don't, they weren't yours in the first place.如果你们爱某个人,就让他们自由;如果他们回到你们身边,他们就是你们的;如果他们没有,一开始他们就不是你们的。4. I think some people get married before the age of 20.我认为一些人还没满二十岁就结婚了。5. In fact, we are planning a formal engagement for this Christmas, 2001, and an exchange of vows in spring of 2006. 事实上,我们正计划2001年的圣诞节举行一个订婚仪式,在2006年的春天结婚。6. They are looking forward to the union of our love.他们盼着我们的爱走到一起。7. I simply knew I wanted to have certain qualities in a mate and that if the right person came along, marriage was great.我只知道我想要我的配偶有一些特定的品质,如果要找的那个人出现了,婚姻就是幸福的。8. When we finally met in person, it was love at first sight!当我们最终碰面时,那就是一见钟情。9. He is the person I will always love, without end, without bounds, and with all my heart. 他是我将永远爱着的人,没有尽头,没有界限,用尽我全部的心。10. We sometimes struggle with being newlyweds and an instant family. However, we wouldn't trade any of this for anything in the world.结为新婚夫妇以及速成一个家庭,为此我们有时不免有些斗争。然而,我们不会拿这些与世上任何一样东西相替换。11. As a matter of fact, we are talking about marriage, although it is not official yet (he hasn't formally proposed). 事实上,我们在谈论结婚,尽管还不是正式的(他还没正式求婚)。 3 Conversations1. Here Comes the Bride.At a wedding reception in St. Louis, Missouri.Tim: Thanks for inviting me to your friend’s wedding. I was surprised to hear the bride and groom1 talking to each other that way during the marriage ceremony2. Is that common? Sam: Well, some people use a standard set of words, but many couples today write their own wedding vows3. Tim: Your tradition of throwing rice as they got into their car was interesting, but it didn't look like real rice to me. Sam: It wasn't. It was birdseed4. We don't throw rice anymore because someone discovered that birds come along and eat the rice and have trouble digesting it. Tim: Oh, I didn't think of that. Well, this reception reminds me of wedding parties back in China. Plenty of food and drink, music and dancing, and interesting traditions. Sam: Wait until you see what happens next! The bride is getting y to throw her bouquet5. Let's go over and watch. Tim: She’s got quite a crowd around her. Oh, look! That little girl caught it! Sam: She’s my friend’s ten-year-old niece. I guess there won’t be another wedding in this family for a long time. Additional Information: Most American weddings are held in churches. The reception may take place in a rented hall such as a hotel banquet room. Guests always give gifts at the reception. Often the wedding reception is catered by the hotel or an outside catering service. Alcoholic beverages are usually served including Champaign. 大部分美国婚礼在教堂举行。举行宴会的地方有可能是在一个租用大厅,例如酒店的宴会厅。客人一般在宴会上赠送礼物。通常结婚宴席由酒店或者由外面一个承办宴席行业承办。各种酒饮料像香槟通常会供应。——谢谢你邀请我来参加你朋友的婚礼。听到新娘和新郎在婚礼上这样互相说,我真惊讶。那样很常见吗?——一些人使用一套标准的词句,但是今天很多夫妻自己写他们的结婚誓言。——当他们上车时,你们传统上的扔大米很有趣,但是在我看来不像是真正的大米。——不是。是鸟食。我们不再丢大米是因为有人发现鸟儿一起来吃大米,很难消化。——噢,我还没想到了。这宴会让我想起中国的婚礼。很多吃的喝的,音乐、跳舞,还有有趣的传统仪式。——你等着看下面的!新娘要准备丢花束了。我们过去看看。——她周围可围了不少人。噢,看!那个小女孩捧到了!——她是我朋友十岁的侄女。我猜这个家族很久不会再有人结婚了。2. Living together before getting married. Zoe: Hey Kevin, what are you doing here? Don't you usually spend Tuesday nights at home studying?Kevin: I needed to get out of the house. My parents just went ballistic6 over something my older sister told them.Zoe: What did she tell them? Is she dropping out of college?Kevin: Nothing that serious. She finally told them that she moved out of the dormitory a few months ago and has been living with her boyfriend.Zoe: And your parents took it badly? Kevin: That's putting it mildly7. My father started shouting at my sister and my mother just glared at her. Zoe: Ouch, that sounds bad. What did your sister do?Kevin: She started arguing back to my dad that how much she loves her boyfriend, how they're in love and it's not hurting anybody, and so on. My dad said she's too young to do this, and that she should move out right away.Zoe: How long has your sister been with her boyfriend?Kevin: Three years. They've been dating since freshman year. They're even talking about marriage.Zoe: Really? Then I guess living together would be a good idea.Kevin: What do you mean?Zoe: Well, these days too many people are getting divorced. If they live together, then at least they're finding out if they're really compatible8 or not.Kevin: I guess so. Better to find out now than after you're married, when it's harder to get out.Helpful Information: Since the 1960’s, America has been much more tolerant of couples living together—like husbands and wives—without being married. The issue of sex before marriage is generally not as upsetting to parents as it was before.自1960年以来,美国对未婚同居的伴侣就越来越能够接受。父母对婚前性行为通常也不会像以前那样伤心。——嗨,凯文,你在这儿干什么?星期二晚上你通常不是在家学习吗?——我当时是迫不得已要离开这个家。我父母对我告诉他们的事一下子大发雷霆。——她对他们讲了什么?她要从大学退学吗?——没那么严重。她最后告诉他们几个月前她搬出了宿舍,一直和她男朋友住在一起。——那你父母觉得很不好吗?——那样把事情说小了。我父亲开始对我大喊大叫,我母亲对她怒目而视。——哎哟,听起来很糟糕。你怎么做?——她开始对我父亲回嘴说她有多么爱她的男朋友,他们怎么相爱,而且没有伤害任何人等等。我父亲说她太小了不该这样,而且她应该马上搬出来。——你和她男朋友在一起多久了?——三年。他们从大学一年级开始就一直约会。他们甚至在谈论结婚。——真的吗?那么我想在一起生活还是个好主意。——你什么意思?——唔,现在太多的人离婚。如果他们在一起生活,那么至少他们会发现他们是否能真正和睦相处。——我想也是。现在发现比结婚后发现要好,到那时就很难摆脱了。3. Talking about mother in laws. Ned: Hi, Becky, what's up?Becky: Not much, except that my mother-in-law is driving me up the wall9.Ned: What's the problem?Becky: She loves to nit-pick10 and criticizes everything that I do. I can never do anything right when she's around.Ned: For example?Becky: Well, last week I invited her over to dinner. My husband and I had no problem with the food, but if you listened to her, then it would seem like I fed her old meat and rotten11 vegetables. There's just nothing can please her. Ned: No, I can't see that happening. I know you're a good cook and nothing like that would ever happen.Becky: It's not just that. She also criticizes how we raise the kids. Ned: My mother-in-law used to do the same thing to us. If it wasn't disciplining12 them enough, then we were disciplining them too much. She also complained about the food we fed them, the schools we sent them too, and everything else under the sun13.Becky: You said she used to? How did you stop her?Ned: We basically sat her down and told her how we felt about her constant14 criticizing, and how we welcomed her advice but hoped she'd let us do our things. She understood, and now everything is a lot more peaceful.Becky: That sounds like a good idea. I'll have to try that.Additional Information:Nowadays wives seldom live with their mother in laws. So this doesn’t happen often. 现在妻子很少和他们的婆婆住在一起。所以这类事很少出现。——嗨,贝基,有什么事吗?——没什么,只是我婆婆让我气愤。——怎么啦?——她喜欢吹毛求疵,批评我做的每件事情。当她在边上时,我什么事都做不好。——举个例子?——比如,上周我邀请她过来吃饭。我丈夫和我对饭菜都觉得没什么不好,但如果你听了她说的话,那就似乎是我给她吃臭肉、烂菜。简直没有一件事能让她高兴。——不,我看不出会发生这种事。我知道你是个手艺不错的厨师,像那样的事决不会发生。——事情还不止那样。她还批评我怎么抚养小孩。——我岳母娘过去也常对我们这样。如果不是对他们管得太严,就是对他们约束太多。她还抱怨我们给他们做的饭菜,我们所选的学校,以及世上的一切事情。——你是说她过去也这样?你怎么阻止她的?——我们主要是让她坐下来,然后告诉她我们对她时刻不停地批评有什么感受,我们怎样欢迎她提建议,但希望她能让我们做我们的事。她理解了,现在一切都平静多了。——听起来是个好主意。我得试一试。4. Indiscretion. Janice: What's the matter, Lisa? You don't look too good. Lisa: I just found out that my husband is cheating on15 me. Janice: You mean Mark? He seems like such an honest guy.Lisa: That's what I thought. It seems that he's been seeing someone else for about two months. Janice: Two months? How did you find out?Lisa: I asked for leave and was at home when the telephone rang. I picked it up and a girl asked to talk to Mark. She then asked if I was his sister, and I said no, I was his wife. She hung up immediately. Janice: So you asked him about the girl who called?Lisa: Yeah, he first said it was someone from work. He gave me a lame16 excuse, and so I pressed him on it. Janice: What'd he do?Lisa: He kept trying to make stupid excuses, and then broke down17 and admitted to a small indiscretion18.Janice: Indiscretion? How can an indiscretion last two months? I mean, you two have been married for two years! How can he do that to you? Lisa: I told him I would divorce him if he wouldn’t tell me the truth or end the relationship with her.Janice: Good. I totally agree with what you did.——什么事,丽莎?你看上去不高兴。——我刚发现我丈夫对我不忠。——你是说马克?他看上去像一个很诚实的男人。——我过去也是那样想。他好像已经和别人约会了近两个月。——两个月?你怎么发现的?——我请了假在家, 电话响了。我拿起电话,一个女孩说找马克。然后她问我是否是马克的姊,我说不是,我是他妻子。她立即挂了电话。——然后你问他打电话的那个女孩是谁?——是的,起先他说是同事。他找了一个根本就站不住脚的借口,所以我逼他说。——他怎么做?——他不断地找些愚蠢的借口,然后又说不是,承认有点言行失检。——言行失检?言行失检怎么能持续两个月?我是说,你们两个已经结婚两年了!他怎么能那样对你? ——我说如果他不告诉我真相并和她断离关系,我就和他离婚。——很好。我完全赞成你的做法。 4 Words and Expressions 1. groom 新郎2. ceremony 仪式, 典礼3. vow 誓,誓言,誓约4. birdseed 鸟食, 鸟饵5. bouquet 花束, 一束花6. ballistic 弹道的7. mildly 温和地, 和善地8. compatible 能共处的; 可并立的 9. drive up the wall 使...大怒 10. nit-pick 挑剔;吹毛求疵12. discipline 惩戒,训导 13. under the sun 世界上14. constant 不停的,接连不断的,持续的15. cheat on (夫或妻)表现不忠,不贞16. lame 站不住脚的,无说力的17. break down 失败;故障18. indiscretion 不慎重;言行失检 /200603/5416。