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2018年01月21日 04:50:02 | 作者:康泰助手 | 来源:新华社
More than two-thirds of Americans disapprove of the way President Barack Obama is handling high gasoline prices, although most do not blame him for them, according to a Reuters/Ipsos online poll released on Tuesday.根据路透社/益普索在线调查周二发布的结果,超过三分之二的美国人不赞成奥巴马总统应对高油价的策略,尽管大多数人没有将油价上涨归咎于奥巴马。Sixty-eight percent disapprove and 24 percent approve of how Obama is responding to price increases that have become one of the biggest issues in the 2012 presidential campaign.68%的人表示不赞同,24%的人一致认为奥巴马如何应对油价上涨已经成为影响2012年总统大选最关键的问题之一。In the past month, US fuel prices have jumped about 星级典句:第一句:Something seems wrong with the light meter in my camera.我的照相机里的曝光表好像出毛病了A: May I help you, sir?我能帮你吗,先生?B: Yes, Something seems wrong with the light meter in my camera.是的,我的照相机里的曝光表好像出毛病了A: It could be the battery. Let me check it.可能是电池的问题,让我瞧瞧第二句:The battery has run down.电池没电了A: The battery has run down.. Do you have this kind of bettery?电池没电了你这儿卖这种电池吗?B: Yes, we do.是的A: Good. Get me one and install it me please.太好了给我拿一节帮我装上吧B: All right.(several minutes later)Now it works well.好的(几分钟后)装好啦! 95.30 per gallon to about .90 and the Republicans seeking to replace the Democrat in the November 6 election have seized upon the issue to attack his energy policies.在过去的一个月里,美国油价每加仑上.3美元,涨至每加仑3.9美元,力图在11日的大选中取代民主党的共和党已经抓住这个问题来攻击奥巴马的能源政策。The disapproval reaches across party lines, potentially spelling trouble for Obama in the election, although the online survey showed voters hold oil companies or foreign countries more accountable than politicians for the price spike.尽管在线调查显示,投票者认为对油价上涨应负更多责任的是石油公司或外国,而非政界人士,然而各党派对奥巴马能源政策都普遍持不赞成的态度,这可能会在大选中给奥巴马带来麻烦;Obama is getting heat for it but people arent necessarily blaming him for it,; said Chris Jackson, research director for Ipsos public affairs.益普索公共事务部的调研总监克里bull;杰克森说;奥巴马为此正受到抨击,不过人们并不一定把油价上涨归咎于他;Majorities of Republicans, Democrats and independents all disapprove of the presidents handling of gas prices, according to the online poll of 606 Americans conducted March 26-27.根据36日至27日开展的涵盖06名美国人的在线调查,大多数共和党人、民主党人和独立派人士都不赞同总统处理油价的方法;People are unhappy that they are having to pay .90 a gallon. They want somebody to be able to lash out at and the president is as good a person as anybody,; Jackson said.杰克森说;人们不得不为每加仑汽油.9美元,这让人们很不满。他们想找人痛骂一顿泄泄愤,总统也不例外;The most common reason cited by voters of all political stripes for the rising cost was oil company greed.关于油价上涨的原因,各党派的投票者列举的最多的就是石油公司的贪婪。Overall, 36 percent of respondents said ;oil companies that want to make too much profit; deserve the most blame for higher energy prices. Twenty-eight percent of Republicans said so, as did 44 percent of Democrats and 32 percent of independents.总体上,36%的应答者称;想获取暴利的石油公司;应该为能源价格上涨承担最多责任。有28%的共和党人,还有44%的民主党人和32%的独立派人士这样认为。Twenty-six percent of all respondents said a range of factors was equally to blame, including oil companies, politicians, foreign countries that dominate oil reserves and environmentalists who want to limit oil exploration.全体受访者中6%的人认为,一系列因素也同样推动了油价的上涨,包括石油公司、政界人士、控制石油储备资源的国家和想限制石油勘探的环保人士。The poll has a credibility interval of plus or minus 4.6 percentage points for all respondents.这项调查全体应答者的可信间隔率为正负4.6个百分点。来 /201203/175767据太子港海地当地记者报道,海地2日发.0级强烈地震后,海地总统府、财政部和文化和交通部目前都受到了地震影响,当地通讯和电力供应受到严重影响  据B当地记者Nick Davies报道,感觉大地剧烈摇动了将近1分钟。他看到当地人利用简单的工具,甚至徒手从废墟中抢救废墟中的伤员。  美国总统奥巴马对地震遇害者深表哀悼,并表示美国将全力提供援助。美洲开发将向海地提0万美元紧急援助款。目前海地国际机场尚能正常运行。  海地是加勒比海地震多发国家,但此.3级是16年以来最大的一次。海地人口约900万人,由于多年战乱,政局不稳,国家基础设施落后,大多数房屋都达不到抗震要求。据美国南加州大学教授汤姆乔丹估计此次地震将造成大量人员死亡。Hundreds of people are feared dead after a powerful earthquake rocked Haiti, causing massive damage across the country。  The quake, which struck about 15km (10 miles) south-west of the capital, Port-au-Prince, was quickly followed by two strong aftershocks。  A 7.0-magnitude quake which hit south of the Haitian capitalPort-au-Prince is feared to have killed hundreds of people across theCaribbean country。  In the space of a minute, Haiti’s worst quake in two centurieswrecked the HQ of the UN mission, the presidential palace and numerousother buildings。  A "large number" of UN personnel were reported missing by the organisation。  The capital is now said to be in total darkness with many people sleeping outside amid fear of more aftershocks。  Describing the earthquake as a "catastrophe", Haiti’s envoy to the US said the cost of the damage could run into billions。  A number of nations, including the US, UK and Venezuela, are gearing up to send aid。  As night fell, Rachmani Domersant, an operations manager with the Food for the Poor charity, told Reuters: "The whole city is indarkness. You have thousands of people sitting in the streets with nowhere to go. There are people running, crying, screaming."  Adding that he had seen no rescue vehicles in the hillside suburb of Petionville, he said: "People are trying to dig victims out with flashlights. I think hundreds of casualties would be a serious understatement."  A French official told AFP news agency about 200 people were missingin the collapsed Hotel Montana, which is popular with tourists。  There have also been some reports of looting overnight。  Earlier, bodies white with dust could be seen piled on the back of apick-up truck as vehicles tried to ferry the injured to hospital。  Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and hassuffered a number of recent disasters, including four hurricanes andstorms in 2008 that killed hundreds。  Three million affected  In a statement issued in New York, the UN said that its local HQ inHaiti had "sustained serious damage along with other UN installations"and "a large number" of personnel were missing。  The quake, whichstruck about 15km (10 miles) south-west of Port-au-Prince, was quickly followed by two strong aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude。  The tremor hit at 1653 (2153 GMT),the US Geological Survey said. Phone lines to the country failed shortly afterwards。  Aid workers and reporters at the scene estimated the number of dead to be in the hundreds or even thousands。来 /201001/94587

必背句型:A:The death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.死刑减成终身监禁B:The life imprisonment is not satisfactory.终身监禁不能令人满意The life imprisonment is far from being satisfactory.终身监禁不能令人满意The life imprisonment is not to our satisfaction.终身监禁不能令人满意The fragrance is not satisfactory.香味不能令人满意延伸阅读:A:He wants to extent the time to solve it.他想要延长时间来解决B:It was a waste of eft.那只是白费力气That a waste of time.那只是白费力气My eft was wasted.我的努力白费了All my eft went down the drain.我所有的努力都白费了 69

Next Up for MicroHoo: An Antitrust Battle?摘要:看来,微软(Microsoft)和雅Yahoo)已经让对方相信,把双方的搜索和广告业务结合起来是好事一桩。不过,它们是否能让反垄断监管机构相信这桩交易对市场有好处呢?So, Microsoft and Yahoo have convinced each other that search and advertising between the companies is a good thing. But will they be able to convince antitrust regulators that the deal's good for the marketplace? Possibly, but it won't happen without some considerable scrutiny by federal antitrust regulators and lawmakers.Under the partnership deal, Microsoft's technology will power Yahoo's search engine, while Yahoo will sell ads on behalf of both companies.Shortly after the deal was announced, the two companies went on a full-court press, sending out separate letters to major ad agencies and advertisers. One was entitled 'Benefits to Consumers, Customers and the Internet.'But it's just the opening gambit in what could be a long chess match. In the few hours after the deal was announced, Sen. Herb Kohl (D., Wis.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Committee, said it warrants 'careful scrutiny' since it would combine 'industry giants and direct competitors in Internet advertising and search markets.' He promised the deal would be 'closely reviewed' by his committee.A Federal Trade Commission spokesman declined to comment. A Justice Department spokeswoman said the agency is 'aware of' the deal but declined to comment further.Consumer groups weren't as reticent, saying the deal could lead to less choice for consumers and more tracking of their online activities. 'There are questions that must be answered regarding the collection and sharing of consumer data by the two companies,' said Jeff Chester, founder of the Center for Digital Democracy, a Washington nonprofit focused on privacy issues.The companies are confident that the deal will be approved, Yahoo General Counsel Michael Callahan and Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith said in a joint interview. They argued that the deal shouldn't be seen as reducing the number of players in Internet search from three to two but rather as helping both companies better compete in online advertising with Google.The combination is 'really the only way to ensure' that there is 'going to be a competitive long-term alternative to Google in paid search,' Callahan said. /08/79943

It's official - Britons are the fattest people in Europe, a report found today.It appears that we have enjoyed one takeaway meal too many with a quarter of adults in the UK now termed as obese.  今日发布的一项报告称,据官方统计,英国人是全欧洲最胖的人。现在英国四分之一的成人都被称作胖子,看来英国国民们似乎外卖食品吃得太多了。  Ireland is a close second at 23 per cent, while Malta, Iceland and Luxembourg bring up the rearin the overweight stakes.  爱尔兰的肥胖率比英国略低,达23%,排在第二位,而马耳他、冰岛和卢森堡则是肥胖率最低的欧洲国家At the svelteend of the scale are the Italians, with only one in 10 termed as obese. The figure is also a low 11 per cent in Holland and France.  最苗条的人是意大利人,只有十分之一的意大利人是胖子。荷兰和法国的肥胖率也很低,只有11%。  The study, from the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), examined the health of people in 31 countries, including the 27 European Union member states.  这一研究是由欧洲委员会和经济合作发展组织开展的。该研究调查1个国家民众的健康状况,包7个欧盟成员国。来 /201012/120353


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