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Famous Americans-Muhammad Ali; The Golden Gate Bridge; valuable versus invaluable; northsouth versus northernsouthern; common ground and universal experienceWords:to take upprofessionallyagileto reignnationalistsocial activistto be draftedto indictbridgestraitfogprecautiondizzinessvaluableinvaluablenorthsouthnorthernsoutherncommon grounduniversaldHI@]CqWd8v_SlOkbxv;WoWAxf7XvwyR0bB(D#*tU5p~HFrank is not an old man. He is only 61 years old. But he is dying. He is in the home old people. Nobody visits him. His wife doesn’t visit him. She is aly dead. She died six months ago. She died in the street. She was crossing the street. A car ran over her. Frank loves his wife. He got sick after she died. He never got better. The doctor says that nothing is wrong with Frank’s body. The doctor says that Frank wants to die. The doctor is right. Frank does not want to live without his wife.30jVqF-@b;GdI++0Oke~_pjE~-Gg+ck5_oI8VA|iiI0jE@zfQpi9p7bEO( 389

Voice 1: Vampires are imaginary creatures. They exist in films and books. They have human-like bodies. And they usually have some kind of supernatural power. They survive by drinking blood - at night! Vampires bite their victim neck with their sharp pointed teeth. Vampires are not real. They do not exist. But the vampire bat still takes its English name from them. This is because the vampire bat survives by drinking blood!声音1:吸血鬼是人们幻想出来的生物它们只存在在电影和书籍中它们的身体和人类的身体很像一般来说,吸血鬼都拥有某种超能力它们通过在晚上吸血来生存下去!吸血鬼会用它们的尖牙去咬受害者的脖子吸血鬼并不是真实存在的它们并不存在但是吸血蝙蝠的英文名字却而来因为吸血蝙蝠通过吸血而生存Voice : The vampire bat is the only kind of bat that drinks blood. It makes a small bite in the skin of a sleeping animal. The bat has a way of helping the blood to flow. Without this, the blood would grow thick quickly, and the bat could not drink.声音:吸血蝙蝠是唯一一种吸血的蝙蝠它们会在睡着的动物身上咬一小口这种蝙蝠有种方法可以让血流动起来如果不这样,那血液很快会变稠,这样蝙蝠就不能喝到血了Voice 1: The secret is in the liquid inside a bat mouth, the saliva. The saliva contains a chemical that stops the victim blood from becoming thick. This chemical is very interesting to scientists. In fact, they are now researching the use of this chemical. They are perming tests using the chemical to treat strokes.声音1:秘密就在蝙蝠嘴里的液体中,也就是它们的唾液吸血蝙蝠的唾液里含有一种化学物质,可以阻止其吸血目标的血液变稠科学家对这种化学物质很感兴趣实际上,他们现在正在研究如何使用这种化学物质他们正在对利用这种化学物质治疗中风进行测试 译文属 5376

Long-Named Hawaiian Woman Wins ID Battle夏威夷长姓女子赢身份大战A Hawaiian woman whose last name contains 36 letters and 19 syllables won a petition to have her full name placed on her driver’s license. Since getting married in 199, the Hawaiian woman (Janice Lokelani Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele) has carried an ID with only part of her last name and none of her first name. The computer system in Hawaii could not handle more than 35 characters. Janice was insulted when a traffic officer recently suggested she use her maiden name “Worth” since it is short and simple. Like many Hawaiian last names, hers has important meanings. Her name also helps her feel close to her late husband who passed away in . By the end of this year, state IDs in Hawaii will be able to accommodate longer names.夏威夷女子上诉成功,驾驶将以全名呈现,该女子姓氏含36个字母,19个音节自199年结婚以来,贾尼丝(Janice Lokelani Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele) 身份姓氏只保留一半,且没有自己的名夏威夷政府部门只能容纳35个字母近日,某交警曾建议她使用简短的婚前名“沃思”,这令她感到受到伤害就如诸多夏威夷姓氏一样,她的姓氏有着重要意义因为有了这个姓氏,她能感觉到自己就在丈夫身旁,丈夫在年逝世到今年年末,夏威夷身份将“扩容”译文属原创,,不得转载 1

New Kittens小猫Mama cat had six new kittens. Three kittens were black, and two were white. One kitten was black, with white feet and a white face. Nancy asked, “Mom, can we keep all the kittens?” Her mom said no. “We can’t afd to keep six kittens,” she said. “When the kittens are three months old, we will give them away.” Nancy asked if she could keep one kitten. Her mom said okay. Nancy decided to keep the kitten with white feet. She called him Boots. When the other five kittens were three months old, Nancy’s mom took pictures of them. Nancy took the pictures to school. She showed the pictures to her friends. All her friends wanted a kitten. They came to her house the next day. They took all the kittens except Boots. “Boots is my kitten,” Nancy told her friends. Then her mom said, “We have to take mama cat to the cat doctor.” Nancy asked why. “We have to fix her,” her mom said. “We don’t want her to have more kittens. The doctor will fix her.”猫妈妈生了六只小猫三只黑的,两只白的其中一只黑猫的脸和脚都是白的南希问道:“妈妈,我能认养所有小猫吗?”妈妈说不行她说到:“我们没钱供养六只猫等小猫三个月大,我们就要把它们送人”南希问是否能收养一只妈妈说可以南希决定收养那只脚是白色的小猫她管他叫Boots等五只小猫三个月大时,南希的妈妈为他们拍摄了照片南希将照片带进了学校她向同学们展示图片所有人都想收养一只第二天,他们来到了南希的家除了小猫Boots,其它五只都被拿走了南希对朋友们说:“Boots是我的”妈妈说:“我们要带猫妈妈去看病”南希问为什么妈妈说;“我们要帮助她我们不能再让她生小猫了医生会帮助解决的”译文属原创,,不得转载 5578

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