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上饶市立医院光子嫩肤多少钱婺源县妇幼保健人民中医院脱毛多少钱Michigan has 883 operating wind turbines.Theres been a big push for wind farms since 2008. That was when lawmakers decided a certain amount of our electricity must come from renewable resources, and utilities built wind turbines to comply.The cost of building wind farms has fallen dramatically since then. But nobody is rushing to put up more turbines.In fact, the man who has developed the wind farms we have in northern Michigan says his enthusiasm for wind is waning.Marty Lagina used to drill for natural gas. His new company, Heritage Sustainable Energy in Traverse City, builds wind farms and Lagina has been surprised by how angry it makes the neighbors.;We thought we were doing something really good,; he says. ;We still do, but to be the target of these vicious attacks, it gets old pretty quickly.;Heritage has been sued in both counties where it has built wind farms, and also has filed one lawsuit of its own.The most recent suit against the company claims turbines on the Garden Peninsula in the U.P. are a threat to human health and the lives of birds.Lagina finds some criticisms of wind energy ridiculous, but he will acknowledge there are issues, like the noise.;They make some sound and to some people, at least ostensibly, its very aggravating,; he says.Even though the cost of building a wind farm today is less than half of what it was when he started about five years ago, Lagina isnt sure its worth the trouble.;The wind industry is sort of on the cusp of being the low-cost producer,; he says. ;But the big obstacle went from price to this pushback.;But pushback from the neighbors is not the only problem. Not everyone in the electricity business thinks wind is a good deal. Dan Dasho at Cloverland Electric Cooperative in Sault Ste. Marie is one skeptic.;Ive talked to a lot of people who are thinking about projects, but they could find no one to buy the output,; he says.Cloverland supplies electricity to the eastern U.P., and Dasho says the cooperative will be looking to burn natural gas to meet its electricity needs in the future. Dasho says the problem with wind is it doesnt blow all the time.;So what do you do for the rest of the time?; he asks. ;Well, youve got to have a gas generator to back up that wind. So the cost of wind isnt just the wind generator, its wind plus gas, so you have the capacity there when you need it.;Looking inlandWind proponents contest that math. Skip Pruss was the states chief energy officer in the Granholm Administration and now has a consulting business called 5 Lakes Energy. Pruss says all energy generators need backup, and the electricity is fed into a common market.;Every generating source, whether its a coal plant, a natural gas plant or a wind farm or a solar farm, that is backed up by other generation sources,; he says.And Pruss says the cost of backing up wind power is negligible.He says people living in coastal areas like Benzie County and Leelanau County may never warm up to wind farms. But he says new studies have shown the wind blows better than they thought in the center of the Lower Peninsula.;We can build a lot more wind capacity in central Michigan, in agricultural areas where wind becomes the most reliable revenue stream and crop or harvest for farmers,; he says.But even some farming communities are tired of windmills. Most wind farms in Michigan are in Huron County. Earlier this month, the county approved a moratorium on new ones.201504/369983江西上饶点痣多少钱 The cat in the hat can be merged with a verb phrase to create a new object, a sentence: The cat in the hat came back. And that sentence can be merged into bigger sentences: You think the cat in the hat came back. And so on.”the cat in the hat”再与动词短语结合就能组成句子” The cat in the hat came back”。短句继续结合组成长句” You think the cat in the hat came back”。以此类推。Why would this be of any use? No one else had Merge. Whom did Prometheus talk to? Nobody, at least not using Merge. (Humans may aly have been using cries and gestures, as many animals do.) But Merge-enabled, hierarchically structured language, according to Mr Chomsky, did not evolve for talking at all. Rather, it let Prometheus take simple concepts and combine them in sentence-like ways in his own head. The resulting complex thoughts gave him a survival advantage. If he then passed the mutant Merge gene on to several surviving children, who thrived and passed on the Merge gene to their children, Messrs Chomsky and Berwick believe that they must have then come to dominate the population of humans in Africa. Only later, as Merge came to work with the vocal and hearing organs, did human language emerge.这能有什么用呢?别人又没有“合并”。“普罗米修斯”与谁去谈话?没有人,至少不用“合并” 。(人类可能正如许多动物一般,一直使用叫喊还有手势。)但是根据乔姆斯基,合并型的、纵向结构的语言并不是为会话而进化。确切地说,这种语言使得“普罗米修斯”采取简单概念,并自己思考用句子的方式把它们结合起来。结果这些复杂思维给了他生存上的优势。如果他当时将这一突变的“合并”基因遗传给自己几位幸存的孩子,而他们继续繁衍并将“合并”基因传递给他们的小孩,乔姆斯基与贝里克认为想必他们那时已经主导了非洲人类。之后只有当“合并”与发音、听力器官相结合,人类语言才得以出现。 Many scholars find this to be somewhere between insufficient, improbable and preposterous. The emergence of a single mutation that gives such a big advantage is derided by biologists as a “hopeful monster” theory; most evolution is gradual, operating on many genes, not one. Some ability like Merge may exist, but this does not explain why some words may merge and others dont, much less why the worlds languages merge so differently. (Not a single non-English example appears in “Why Only Us”, nor a single foreign language in its index.)许多学者认为依靠具有“合并”大优势的单一突变体的这一语言进化理论是不充分、不恰当,而且荒谬的。同时这一观点也被生物学家讽刺为“有前途的怪诞”理论;就生物学上认为大多数进化是渐进型,需要很多基因共同作用,而不是单独一个。一些像“合并”的能力可能确实存在,但这不能解释为何一些词汇可能合并而其他不能,更不能解释为何这个世界的语言合并地如此不同。(《为什么我们是唯一的》书中所举的例子都是英语的,在索引里也没有一门外语)Mr Chomsky says those who disagree with his ever-more contentious ideas are either blind or hucksters. Critics refer to a “cult” of “acolytes” around a “Great Leader”, unwilling to challenge him or engage seriously with the work of non-Chomskyan scholars. (One critic has said “to be savaged by Chomsky is a badge of honour.”) Linguistics is now divided into a Chomskyan camp, a large number of critics and many more still for whom the founder of the modern discipline is simply irrelevant. He is unlikely to end up like Freud, a marginal figure in modern psychology whose lasting influence has been on the humanities. Mr Chomskys career is more likely to end up like Einsteins—at least in the sense that his best and most influential work came early on.乔姆斯基表示,那些不同意他曾更具争议的想法的人都是瞎子或是跳梁小丑。批评家们把这些解释为一群围着“伟大领导者”打转的信徒们对乔姆斯基的狂热崇拜,他们不愿意挑战他或从事非乔姆斯基学派的学术工作。(一位批评家曾说过“被乔姆斯基抨击也荣幸之至”。)语言学如今被划分成乔姆斯基阵营、大量的批评者以及还有更多是与现代语言体系建立者不相关人等。乔姆斯基本身是不可能像心理学家佛洛依德那样结束他的学术生涯——在现代心理学被边缘化,但却能一直对人性产生持续的影响。乔姆斯基最有可能像爱因斯坦那样—至少在狭义上,他在初期就开始推出最佳且最有影响力的学术著作。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:杨霭琳 译文属译生译世 /201604/435412江西省韩美整形医院去痘多少钱

万年县鼻部修复多少钱As we hear about the many ways that Dan Gilbert and the Ilitch family are reshaping downtown Detroit. We hear about the new businesses, bistros, bars and restaurants in Corktown, Midtown. The question persists: What about the neighborhoods?All around Detroit, there are homeowners who have made the choice to stay, to roll up their sleeves and do for their neighborhoods what the city has not been able to do.Chuck Brooks is one of those homeowners. He joined us on Stateside.Brooks story starts with being shot on a Detroit street. He felt as though his world and his life were over.But then, he became a man on a mission to help rebuild his city, brick by brick.Some of those bricks went towards his own home, which he built and named ;The Castle.; It has three huge garages, a fountain, new curbs and new sidewalks.Brooks tells his story in a memoir titled 4234 Lakewood: The Story Behind the Glory.Hell be holding book signings on June 25 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on June 26 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Castle—4234 Lakewood in Detroit.GUESTChuck Brooks, author of 4234 Lakewood: The Story Behind the Glory201606/450914上饶韩美整形做去眼袋手术多少钱 Greece and Germany希腊与德国Angelas Athens安吉拉在希腊Greeks bearing grudges希腊怨声载道AS a stiff Aegean breeze fluttered the hair and lapels of Angela Merkel’s pale-green jacket, one Greek reporter thought the outfit looked familiar. The German chancellor, making a one-day working visit to Athens, seemed to have picked the same jacket she wore in July while watching Germany trounce Greece 4-2 at this year’s European football championship. Was Mrs Merkel planning to blast the Greeks again, this time for foot-dragging over economic reforms?德国总理正对希腊进行为期一日的工作访问,安吉拉·默克尔身着淡绿色夹克站立在爱琴海的微风中,头发和衣领随风翩翩起舞。此情此景令一名希腊记者觉得似曾相识。七月份的欧洲足球锦标赛决赛上她穿的也是这件衣。她似乎特意挑选过,难道默克尔打算再一次扇希腊一嘴巴吗?上次是因为希腊以2-4大败于德国,这次难道是因为停滞不前的经济改革?Antonis Samaras, the prime minister, need not have worried. The European Union’s toughest advocate of austerity gave a positive message, even if it was typically cautious. Mrs Merkel said she hoped and wished that Greece would remain a member of the euro zone, praised the country’s progress with cutting expenditure and offered “practical” assistance with structural reforms, such as German expertise on overhauling tax administration and modernising local government.希腊总理安东尼斯·萨马拉斯不必忧心忡忡。欧盟中态度最强硬的紧缩政策拥护者虽然仍保持谨慎态度,但其已向希腊传达了积极的信号。默克尔表示她希望希腊能维持其欧元区成员国的地位,她表扬了希腊在削减财政出方面所取得的进展,并切实为希腊提供结构改革方面的援助,其中包括为希腊税收管理大检修提供德国专家的指导,以及为当地政府现代化提供帮助。The chancellor’s efforts to empathise with ordinary Greeks suffering the pain of a five-year recession were less successful. Hostile protesters outside parliament waved banners declaring “Angela you are not welcome”. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the radical left-wing Syriza, now the main opposition party in parliament, joined the demonstration, railing against “barbarous” measures imposed by international lenders. Several municipal workers in full Nazi uniform, one of them with an Adolf Hitler moustache, drove a jeep flying swastika flags through a central boulevard as a tasteless reminder of the German occupation of Athens in the second world war.德国总理向5年经济衰退中受苦的希腊民众表示同情,但是却并不受待见。满怀怨恨的抗议者在国会大厦外面挥舞旗帜扬言“安吉拉,我们不欢迎你”。极左派联盟西里扎(Syriza)是议会中主要反对党,其领导人亚历克西斯·西普拉斯也参加了这次游行示威,斥责国际借贷者强制实行的政策“惨无人道”。更有些市政工作者穿上纳粹全套制,其中一人还留着阿道夫希特勒的八字须,开着吉普车,挥舞带有卍标志的旗帜,穿行于中央林荫大道,不痛不痒地提醒着人们二战时德国侵占希腊的罪行。At one point, as riot police briefly used tear gas and stun grenades to block protesters from approaching the parliament building, it looked as if the visit might backfire disastrously. Shortly afterwards Karolos Papoulias, the plain-speaking Greek president, told Mrs Merkel the Greeks could not endure much more austerity. At a business gathering, Greece’s senior industrialist complained about pressure on Athens to legislate a lower minimum monthly wage of 580 (7), aimed at making Greek companies more competitive, The chancellor said mildly she would consult the troika-the EU, European Central Bank, and IMF officials working with the Greek finance ministry on a new 13.5 billion austerity package.当防暴警察用烟雾弹闪光弹阻止游行者靠近国会大厦时,人们一度觉得此次访问会产生灾难性的反作用。此后不久,希腊总统卡罗洛斯·帕普利亚斯明确的告诉默克尔,希腊没法承受这么大幅度的紧缩。在商业聚会上,希腊资深企业家也抱怨紧缩给希腊的巨大压力,法定最低月工资降到了580 (7),尽管此举旨在提升企业竞争力。德国总理态度很柔和,表示将与“三头马车”商讨,即欧盟,欧中央行和国际货币基金组织,努力与希腊财政部长达成新的135亿的紧缩方案。Mr Samaras’s approval rating at home may benefit from having hosted Europe’s most powerful politician. Even so, he must wrap up the new economic package and persuade the socialist and left-wing party leaders, his coalition partners, to back it before the European summit on October 18th. He must also push the measures through parliament before Greece can draw down a long-overdue 31.2 billion loan disbursement. For as long as government suppliers continue to be unpaid and banks undercapitalised, the cash-starved economy has no prospect of moving again.萨马拉斯在国内的持率会因为接待欧洲这位最有实力的政治家而提升。尽管如此,他必须完成新经济计划,并在10月18日欧洲峰会前说其联合党派社会党和其他左翼党派领导人。他必须先在议会上通过紧缩方案,然后才能获得期盼已久的312亿的贷款援助。若政府资金提供方一直不提供贷款,便资金不足,亟待资金的希腊便没可能挪动步子向前走。All the measures for 2013, amounting to 9 billion of spending cuts, have been agreed on, including reductions in farmers’ modest pensions and a new tonnage tax that patriotic shipowners whose vessels fly the Greek flag have unexpectedly agreed to pay. The gap for 2014 is “fairly small” and could be closed within days, barring an upset in talks with the troika, negotiators say. Greece should be able to balance its budget next year (before interest repayments). Yet if reforms start falling behind, talk of a “Grexit” from the euro will quickly resurface.2013年的财政削减共达90亿,对此各方都已达成一致,其中包括削减农民适度养老金。另外插有希腊旗帜的爱国船商竟然出乎意料地答应交付巨额税款。2013与2014的差距已经相当小了,并且这个缺口将在数天内填补,但是与三头马车的协商却不是很顺利,谈判者如是说。希腊应能在明年平衡预算(不包括利息偿还),但是如果改革跟不上,“希腊退出欧元区”的议题又会被放到议桌上。Mr Samaras has come a long way since his centre-right New Democracy party scraped a narrow election victory in June. As opposition leader he denounced Greece’s first bail-out in 2010. Advisers recall that afterwards Mrs Merkel and the troika berated him as an irresponsible southern European politician. Mr Samaras says Greece has turned a page; he chose to make his first trip abroad as prime minister to Berlin. His efforts may be starting to show results, but Mr Samaras still has a long road ahead.自从萨马拉斯领导的中右翼新民主党在6月的选举中勉强获胜以来,他已经取得了很多突破。作为反对党领导人,他曾谴责2010年对希腊的救援行为。据回忆,那次救援行动后,默克尔和三头政治批评他为不负责任的南欧政治家。萨马拉斯则表示希腊已经改过自新,并且决定对柏林进行成为总理以来的第一次访问。萨马拉斯的努力将初显成效,但他还有很长的路要走。 翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世 /201608/458307上饶地区人民医院激光祛痘多少钱

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