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2018年04月22日 10:49:44 | 作者:医苑社区 | 来源:新华社
英国公投落下帷幕 这几个国家或将步其后尘 --5 ::19 来源: 在英国对脱欧进行全民公投之前,就存在不少末日言论欧洲理事会主席唐纳德.图斯克曾警告说,英国退出欧盟将会严重威胁“西方政治文明”现在,随着英国公投结果的尘埃落定,这些担心也令人震惊的被放大预测欧盟将会解体可能还有点遥远,但一定会给下面这些有可能需要进行类似公投的国家一些动力 LONDON — There was no lack of doomsday rhetoric bee Britain’s referendum on E.U. membership. European Council President Donald Tusk warned that Britain leaving the European Union could seriously threaten "Western political civilization."伦敦——在英国对脱欧进行全民公投之前,就存在不少末日言论欧洲理事会主席唐纳德.图斯克曾警告说,英国退出欧盟将会严重威胁“西方政治文明”Now, those fears have been stunningly amplified by the decision of British voters to break away. Predictions that the E.U. could break apart might be a bit far-fetched, but there certainly are other countries where demands similar referendums could gain momentum.现在,随着英国公投结果的尘埃落定,这些担心也令人震惊的被放大预测欧盟将会解体可能还有点遥远,但这一定会给下面这些有可能需要进行类似公投的国家一些动力Sweden瑞典The country views itself as the Scandinavian equivalent of Britain: It refused to introduce the euro as a currency. And in terms of E.U. politics, Britain and Sweden agree on 90 percent of all issues.瑞典把自己看作是“斯堪的纳维亚半岛上的英国”,拒绝引入欧元作为货币,并且,在欧盟的政治方面,英国和瑞典在90%的问题上都持相同意见Hence, a Brexit would raise particular worries in Sweden. The country accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees last year but has struggled to integrate some of them. Consequently, Sweden’s far right has gained momentum in a development that has reminded some of the rise of pro-Brexit U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) in Britain.,英国脱欧可能会给瑞典带来特别的担忧去年,瑞典接收了数十万的难民,但仍一起致力于整合他们结果,瑞典的极右派在一次运动中取得了优势 ,这让人联想到了英国独立党中亲退欧派的崛起Most Swedes still have a positive impression of the E.U. However, this could potentially change if Britain voted "out." In that case, one of the central questions would be whether E.U. leaders will try to strengthen cohesion by deepening cooperation and focusing on core members, or whether they will loosen the union to allow national governments to have a bigger say.大部分瑞典人对欧盟仍持积极的态度,然而,这可能会因为英国“退欧”而发生改变在这种情况下,一个关键问题将是,欧盟领导人是否会尝试通过深化合作,聚焦核心成员,以增强凝聚力,又或者他们会放松政策,让各国政府有更大的发言权Swedes probably would start to have bigger doubts about whether their voice as a smaller country without the euro would still be heard in Brussels, should the E.U. continue its integration process.瑞典可能会怀疑作为没有使用欧元的小国,他们在欧盟是否仍有话语权,欧盟是否会继续一体化进程Denmark丹麦Denmark held a referendum last December, although with a much more limited impact: Danes decided against handing over more powers to the E.U.去年月,丹麦曾举行全民公投,然而影响力很有限:丹麦决定不移交更多的权力给欧盟That alone is not enough to predict whether Danes would really want to vote "out": In fact, most citizens of E.U. member states think that Brussels should not become more powerful than it is, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.仅此一点不足以预测丹麦是否真正想“脱欧”事实上,根据皮尤研究中心最近的一项调查,欧盟成员国大多数公民都认为,欧盟不应该比现在更强大As in Sweden’s case, two arguments would be particularly likely to influence voter behavior. First, many Danes fear that more immigration or an influx of refugees could threaten the small nation’s welfare system. Second, Denmark has so far relied on Britain as a strong ally in negotiations with the E.U. as both countries have had similar policy stances.现在,和瑞典的情况差不多,可能导致丹麦投票行为的因素有两个:一是许多丹麦人担心更多的移民或难民的涌入可能会威胁该国的福利系统;二是至今为止,在与欧盟协商方面,丹麦过于依赖英国,把英国当成强大的盟友,因为两国有相似的政治立场"Without Britain, Denmark won’t have the locomotive to tow Danish interests,” political scientist Marlene Wind of the University of Copenhagen was ed as saying by Bloomberg News彭社援引哥本哈根大学的政治学家玛琳.温德的话称,“英国既已退出,在关乎丹麦的利益时,它就失去了掌舵人”Greece希腊The Greek government’s debt crisis has mostly disappeared from the public debate and the headlines -- but it will return sooner rather than later.希腊政府的债务危机终于从公众讨论和各大头条消失了——但早晚有一天,它还会卷土重来的Greek newspaper Kathimerini fears that this ongoing crisis combined with a Brexit could ultimately become a threat to Greece’s E.U. membership status.希腊《每日新闻报表示,希腊的债务危机和英国退欧最终将威胁其欧盟成员国的地位"Athens’s main concern should be that a victory Leave will weaken the eurozone’s resolve to bolster Greece’s position within the single currency, which could require more tools and a greater level of integration than currently exists," the paper argued.该新闻称,“希腊的主要担心是,英国退欧的胜利会削弱欧元区持希腊地位的决心,希腊使用单一货币,需要更多工具和比当前更高程度上的一体化”“In many ways, Greece depends on greater burden sharing in a closer-integrated eurozone.”“在很多方面,希腊更加依赖欧盟的更紧密的欧元区一体化的负担分摊”Hence, what Greece fears most is not an anti-E.U. referendum influenced by right-wing parties, but rather the E.U. pushing Greece out in order to save cohesion among the remaining members.,希腊最担心的不是受右翼政党影响呼吁反欧盟公投,而是欧盟为了增强其他成员国的凝聚力而将希腊移出欧盟The Netherlands荷兰Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad had a clear message the British ahead of Thursday’s referendum. "Don’t leave me this way," a cover story’s headline .荷兰《每日汇报此前曾针对英国星期四的公投发出了明确的信号,它的一个封面新闻的标题写道:“不要这样丢下我”But this may not reflect how most Dutch think about the E.U.不过这还不能完全反映荷兰人对欧盟的看法Geert Wilders, the head of a right-wing populist party, has supported a Brexit and hopes a similar referendum to take place in the Netherlands. "If we want to survive as a nation, we have to stop immigration and stop Islamization," Wilders told the B in a recent interview.荷兰右翼自由党主席吉尔特.威尔德斯曾表示持英国脱欧,并希望荷兰也举行类似的全民公投他最近在接受B的采访时说,“如果我们想作为一个民族生存下去,我们就必须阻止移民和伊斯兰化”"We cannot do that inside the European Union," said Wilders -- who is is currently leading in the country’s polls.当前正在领导荷兰公投的威尔德斯说,“我们在欧盟内,无法做到这些”Hungary匈牙利Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not known to be a particular friend of the E.U., either. In fact, he has gained quite the opposite reputation. Last May, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker greeted Orban, saying, "Hello, dictator," while TV cameras were recording the awkward incident.匈牙利总理维克托.奥尔班也一直因为与欧盟不友好而闻名,事实上,他最近还得到了相反的名声去年5月,欧盟委员会主席让-克劳德容克欢迎奥尔班总理时说,“你好,独裁者”,摄像机记录下了这尴尬的一幕Despite disagreements, Orban recently urged Britain to remain part of the E.U. -- but he did so most likely because E.U.-skeptical Britain is an important partner the Budapest-based government.尽管有分歧,奥尔班最近还是敦促英国留在欧盟,不过他这样做主要还是由于,对欧盟持怀疑态度的英国是匈牙利政府的重要合作伙伴In Hungary, it might not be a clear-cut "in or out" referendum about E.U. membership that could cause trouble but rather a referendum that is designed to indirectly question Brussels’s authority.在匈牙利,可能不会出现将带来麻烦的、明确是“保留还是退出“的全民公投,但会出现用来间接挑战欧盟权威的公投France法国The French are some of the biggest E.U. skeptics: 61 percent have an unfavorable view of the union. (In comparison, in Hungary, only 37 percent of the population hold a similar opinion.)法国是欧盟最大的怀疑论者之一,有61%的人不持欧盟(相比之下,在匈牙利,持相同观点的人仅占37%)Besides Germany, France is continental Europe’s driving ce. But it also faces a multitude of problems, including a weak economy and a high terrorism threat. Some of the origins of these problems have been blamed on the E.U. or conditions created by its member states.法国同德国一样,也是欧洲大陆的驱动力但它也面临着许多问题,包括疲软的经济、恐怖主义的威胁等法国将很多问题的根源都归咎于欧盟或其成员国必胜客员工遇车祸 有爱警察路过帮送餐 --5 :00: 来源: It can be very frustrating when a pizza you’ve ordered isn’t delivered on time.  你点的披萨要是不能时到,那可真够糟糕的  That said, given many drivers deliver their food on motorbikes, there’s one good excuse turning up late, or not at all: being in a road accident.  考虑到许多送货员骑托车送餐,车祸是迟到或不到的不错理由  Over in Portland, Oregon, this was the fate that befell a Pizza Hut worker as he made his way to hand over some cheesy goodness to a customer.  俄勒冈州波特兰市的一名必胜客员工就在送餐途中遭遇车祸  But to ensure his efts didn’t go to waste, two police officers decided to finish the job on his behalf – and since, a picture proving their valiant efts has been circulating on Reddit.  为了不让他的努力白费,两名警官决定接过他的工作一张足以说明警官们辛勤工作的照片在红迪网上传播开来  ‘Commy policing at its finest!’, the contented user said.  心满意足的点餐者说: “社区警察太棒了!”宜家周一宣布召回潜在致命家具决定 -- :: 来源: 宜家近日遭遇质量风波,所售抽屉和梳妆台因无法固定造成美国六名儿童死亡近日,宜家宣布召回中国大陆同类产品 IKEA said it will decide no later than Monday whether to recall chests of drawers anddressers on sale in China, as the public questioned whether the company was applyingdouble standards after issuing a recall the products in the US, but not in China, after they caused six child fatalities.宜家称,它将在周一前决定是否召回在中国出售的抽屉和梳妆台的柜子,因为继六名儿童死亡后,它在美国发布召回产品,而不是在中国,公众质疑公司是否采用双重标准"We are discussing the issue of a recall with the country’s consumer quality watchdog today, and will give an answer to customers on Monday," Xu Lide, the IKEA spokeswoman,told the Global Times via a phone call.宜家发言人徐立德在电话上告诉《环球时报.:“今天,我们正在和国家消费者质量监督讨论召回问题,将在周一给消费者一个答复”"If the chests of drawers and dressers can’t be anchored to a wall, customers can returnthe item a refund," she said, noting that IKEA has an appropriate returns policy.IKEA recalled 9 million s of Malm and other models of drawer s and dressers in the US due to a serious tip-over and entrapment hazard, which caused six child fatalities,the Wall Street Journal reported on June .她说:“如果抽屉和梳妆台的柜子不能固定在墙上,消费者可以返还商品要求退款”她强调称,宜家拥有一套合理的返还政策由于严重的翻到和圈套伤害,宜家已经召回了美国境内900万马尔默和其他抽屉组件模型以及梳妆台,这导致六名儿童死亡,华尔街日报于7月日报道However, IKEA took different measures in China.然而,宜家在中国采取不同措施"IKEA will help Chinese consumers attach Malm chests and dressers to the wall, and if these items can’t be anchored, they can be returned refund," said an announcement on the Shenzhen Consumer Council’s website late on Thursday.在周四晚些时候,发布于深圳消费者委员会网页的一份声明称:“宜家将会帮助中国消费者将马尔默柜子和梳妆台固定到墙上,如果这些东西不能被固定,他们能够退还获得还款”"Currently, we haven’t received complaints about IKEA’s chests and dressers," the China Consumers Association said Friday, adding they are investigating this issue.周五,中国消费者协会称:“目前,我们还没有收到关于宜家柜子和梳妆台的投诉”他们补充道正在调查这起事件"I am angry that IKEA should discriminate against Chinese consumers. IKEA has to treatus equally," a 30-year-old white-collar worker in Beijing surnamed Xie, who often shops atIKEA, told the Global Times on Friday.周五,北京一名经常在宜家购物的谢姓30岁白领告诉《环球时报:“我对宜家歧视中国消费者很生气,宜家必须平等地对待我们”IKEA is extremely profitable in China. In , IKEA generated revenue of .5 billionyuan (.9 billion) in China, ing nearly one-third of its total revenue, the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Friday.宜家在中国利润巨大周五,北京青年报报道,年,宜家中国获利1亿元(9亿美元),占它的总收入约三分之一[]吴亦凡蜡像究竟像不像?明星蜡像PK(双语) -- 18:: 来源:sohu 最逼真蜡像 The most realistic wax statue NO.1 范冰冰 Fan Bingbing 冰冰的蜡像应该是中国艺人蜡像里最受关注的一个了为庆祝中国羊年,旧金山杜莎夫人蜡像馆就已经揭幕展出范冰冰“CHINA瓷”蜡像作为本次展览中唯一东方面孔,此番首次亮相旧金山,很快引来了许多国外游客和媒体的关注众多外媒也对此进行了大篇幅的报道,并称:“如果蜡像是在馆外一个真正的红毯上,一眼看去你很可能误以为这是真正的范冰冰 ” In order to celebrate the lunar calendar 's new year of China in , the Madame Tussauds of San Francisco exhibited the wax statue of Fan Bingbing. Since Fan Bingbing was the only Eastern face in this exhibition, this wax statue received extensive attention from both eign tourists and media. Many eign media wildly reported about her wax statue, and they highly appraised the statue ;if the wax statue was in an outdoor red carpet, you would consider it as Fan Bingbing herself at the first glance. 发图从来不p,说话直肠子的外媒都对范冰冰的蜡像给予了如此高的评价,可见这尊蜡像还是十分逼真的 Fan Bingbing's wax statue in San Francisco 再来看冰冰本人,是不是傻傻分不清楚呢~ Fan Bingbing's wax statue in Shanghai's Madame Tussaud Museum. “上海范冰冰”是不是和“旧金山范冰冰”一样逼真呢? Fan Bingbing's wax statue in Shanghai is also very delicate. NO. 吴亦凡 Kris Wu 比起范冰冰的蜡像,吴亦凡的蜡像可能没那么惟妙惟肖,但也算是众多明星蜡像中相似度较高的一尊了 The wax statue of Kris Wu is not as vivid as Fan Bingbing's statue, but after comparing with other stars' wax statue, it aly can be regarded as a pretty good one. Kris and his wax statue in Beijing Madame Tussaud Museum. 当然,和蜡像比起来,还是本尊更胜一筹 最诡异蜡像 The strangest wax statue 说实话,中国众明星的蜡像,有逼真的,有似像不像的,但其中几个,还真是越看越诡异 To be honest, among the wax statues of Chinese celebrities, some are truly vivid, but some are also truly weird. NO.1 姚晨 YaoChen 你说这是我们可爱的姚大嘴!?原谅我年纪轻轻眼就花了 但不能否定的是,如果你盯着这尊像仔细,仔细看,再仔细看,也许还是能找到一丝姚晨的神韵 But it's undeniable that if you look this statue, closer, closer and closer! You may find out that some features are quite similiar to Yao Chen herself. NO. amp; NO.3 何炅 He Jiong amp; 鹿晗 Lu Han 说到诡异,这两位的蜡像还真是难分高下啊,口说无凭,我们还是上图 要不是何老师背后的快乐大本营logo,我实在不敢相信这是我们青春永驻的何老师 Excuse me? If I did not see that logo behind this statue, i may never be able to figure out who he is! 发型好像塌了,法令纹好像深了,总之牵一发动全身,看着就是说不出的别扭 This statue is so strange that more than words can express. 鹿晗的蜡像,确实能看出来是鹿晗但是真的比本人丑了一些些,眼距似乎有些大 The wax statue of LuHan is more ugly than LuHan himself. 各位快来帮小鹿看看,究竟问题在哪里! Can you find out why his statue looks so weird? 这些只是明星蜡像中的冰山一角,小伙伴要想亲自感受更多蜡像的奇妙之处,还是自己去看看吧目前,杜莎夫人蜡像馆已在北京,上海,武汉开设分馆,其中陈列了不同艺人的蜡像,再也不用长途跋涉去香港看啦~

巴西少女遭轮奸视频震惊全国 --9 19::1 来源: 巴西警方正在追捕30多名男子,这些男子涉嫌在里约热内卢轮奸一名少女,并将犯罪视频上传至社交媒体 Brazilian police are hunting more than 30 men suspected of raping a teenage girl in Rio de Janeiro, and of putting of the attack on social media.巴西警方正在追捕30多名男子,这些男子涉嫌在里约热内卢轮奸一名少女,并将犯罪视频上传至社交媒体The girl, , believes she was doped after going to her boyfriend’s house on Saturday and says she woke up in a different house, surrounded by the men.这名岁的女孩称她在上周六前往男友家后被迷晕,当她醒来后发现自己身处另外的房子,周围是一群男子Arrest warrants have been issued, including one the boyfriend.逮捕令已经发出,而她的这名男友也在其中The assault has provoked an online campaign against what campaigners call a culture of rape in Brazil.此案在互联网上引发了抨击所谓巴西“强奸文化”的舆论潮Conflicting versions of the story are still coming in, but the rape is said to have taken place in a poor commy in western Rio over the weekend.关于此案的各种争议版本也在不停流出,但这起案件据称上周发生在里约西部一个贫困社区里According to a statement she is reported to have given to police, she woke up on Sunday, naked and wounded, and made her way home.女孩在给警方的陈述中称自己周日早晨在男友家醒来,发现自己全身并有伤痕,然后她自己回到了家Only days later did she find out that some of the alleged rapists had put images of the attack on Twitter.几天后她发现强奸嫌疑犯们把案发现场图片上传到了推特A 0-second- was widely shared and followed by a wave of misogynistic comments, bee the users’ s were suspended.在嫌疑犯的账号被封前,一段0秒的视屏被广泛传播并充斥着大量厌女者的言论In a message posted on Facebook, the victim said she was thankful the support and added: "I really thought I was going to be badly judged."受害者在脸谱网发布消息称她很感谢所有的持,并补充道:“我真的觉得我将被不怀好意地评判”She later said: "All of us can go through this one day. It does not hurt the uterus but the soul because there are cruel people not being punished!! Thanks the support."她之后又说:“我们所有人有一天可能都将遭受此劫这伤害的不会是子宫,但是是心灵,因为那些残忍的人仍在逍遥法外!感谢所有的持”The attack has shocked Brazil, says the B’s Julia Carneiro, and campaign groups have been aly been calling protests over the coming days.据B记者茱莉亚·卡尼罗,此案震惊巴西全国,运动团体也在呼吁接下来的几天举行抗议活动There has also been an outpouring of anger on social media, under the hashtag #EstuproNuncaMais (Rape never again).社交媒体上也有网友宣泄愤怒,他们打出了#EstuproNuncaMais(停止强奸)的标签A collective of journalists posted a satirical image of citizens donning devil’s horns, condemning a rape victim having provoked the attack.一群记者发布了一张显示公民们吹响了恶魔号角的图片,这张图片带有讽刺意味,谴责是受害者自己引发了这场轮奸The inscription s "No to sexism", and the images, clockwise from top right: "But look at her clothes…", "She deserved it!", " years old and aly has a son…", "Apparently she was on drugs".图片文字说明写道“拒绝性别歧视”,但照片里从右上角顺时针写道:“但是看看她穿成什么样…”,“她活该!”,“岁但是已经有一个儿子…”,“很显热她磕了药”

职场效率低下的罪魁祸首 -- :6: 来源: 如今人们变得越来越依赖智能手机,甚至在上班时也要忍不住用它一项调查显示,智能手机已经成为职场员工工作效率低下的罪魁祸首 Do you waste time at work? No, of course you don’t. Never! You’re very productive. And do you have a smartphone? Yes, you do, but that’s not relevant to your work quality. Sure, it’s usually within sight while you’re working, but that doesn’t mean it’s distracting you. As we’ve aly established, you’re no time-waster. Your phone just sits there on your desk. It doesn’t keep you from doing your job.亲,工作时有没有虚度光阴?当然不了,你向来惜时如金!是的,你就是传说中职场的效率达人你有智能手机吗?当然有了,可你的工作质量丝毫未受影响是啊,上班时一抬眼就能看到自己的手机,可那根本不会令你分心你善用时间的特点可是经过认的手机静静地躺在桌子上,而你却在一如既往地专心工作Yeah, about that: 83% of workers have smartphones, and 8% keep it within eye contact while working, according to a new survey. About two-thirds of people with smartphones use them several times throughout the workday.一项最新调查显示,83%的员工有智能手机,其中8%的人在工作时将它放在一眼能看见的地方有三分之二的人在上班时用过智能手机So it should come as no surprise that 55% of employers say that cellphone use is the most common cause of productivity loss.如此背景下,听到55%的员工承认工作效率低下的主因是使用智能手机毫不令人惊讶These figures come from a Career Builder survey of 3,1 full-time workers over the age of 18, and ,186 hiring and human resource managers (the survey didn’t include self-employed or government workers.) The results have margins of error of plus or minus 1.78 and .1 percentage points, respectively. Error margins vary among sub-samples.上述数据来源于Career Builder对31名18岁以上的全职员工和186名招聘和人力资源经理的调查(本次调查不涉及个体户和政府职员)调查结果的误差在正1.78%和负.1%之间,各个次级样本的误差有所不同Of course, some people use their personal phones work matters, but 65% of workers say they don’t have their work email on their smartphones. While only % of workers with smartphones said it’s decreasing their productivity, 81% said they use their phones things unrelated to work while they’re on the clock. Those two things are at odds.当然有些员工的工作中要用到个人手机,不过65%的受访者表示自己的手机上根本没有工作邮件只有%的受访者承认智能手机让自己的工作效率下降,而81%的受访者则说自己在上班时间用手机处理私事,两种说法本就自相矛盾The most common activity? Sending personal messages (65% of people using their smartphones non-work things admitted to that one). Checking the weather was next common (51%), followed by ing the news (%), playing games (%) and shopping (%).那么这些人通常用手机做些什么呢?65%的受访者选择了发信息,51%的受访者在查看天气预报,%的受访者在看新闻,而玩游戏和购物的人各占%Distracted employees result in about hours of lost productivity per day, 75% of the employers surveyed said. It’s not just phone use: Many employers (1%) blamed the internet, 39% blamed gossip and 37% blamed social media. Conversations with co-workers, smoke breaks or other breaks, email and meetings were also cited as common distractions.有75%的受访雇主认为,员工的分心会导致他们浪费约个小时的工作时间在雇主眼中导致员工效率低下的还有这些因素:1%的雇主选择了互联网,39%的人选择了闲言碎语,而37%的人则认为社交媒体难辞其咎和同事聊天,包括吸烟在内的休息时间,收发电子邮件,参加会议同样榜上有名Lost productivity can come back to the workers who are causing it — wasting time could cost your company money (which they need to pay you), and if you’re distracted enough, you might find yourself in jeopardy of losing your job. Unexpected job loss can wreak havoc on your finances (and it’s one of the reasons to have emergency savings to fall back on), and then there’s the need to find a new job, which is stressful and might even involve potential employers checking your credit.出来混迟早要还的浪费了工作时间,相当于浪费了公司的钱(即便工作时间浪费了,公司也是要付给你钱的),如果做得太过火,你会丢掉工作突然间失去工作,个人收状况会陷入万劫不复的境地(平时多存点救急钱吧)你得找份新工作,这可不是什么轻松的差事,甚至那些潜在的雇主可能会核实你的信用记录

愤怒:网曝男子恶意毁坏长城 -- 18::57 来源: 网曝河北一男子手掰脚踹、恶意毁坏长城,目前警方正在调查 Police in China are searching a man filmed tearing down bricks of what’s thought to be the Great Wall of China.中国警方正在追查一名男子,这名男子在一份视频中被拍摄到手掰脚踢长城砖块The man was filmed on a section of a stone structure pulling and kicking bricks while making kung fu poses, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,视频中这名男子站在一段石质建筑之上,手掰脚踢从上面掰下了砖块,还摆着功夫姿势The footage was posted online on July 19 and has caused outcry on China’s social media sites.这份视频于7月19日被上传到网上,在中国社交媒体网站上引起了愤怒In the footage, the man can be seen pulling at one of the bricks and tearing it off the wall.在视频中,可以看到这名男子正在掰城墙上一块砖头,最终将它从墙体上掰了下来He then tries to perm some kung fu moves, kicking at the wall causing a giant brick to shatter to the ground.后来这名男子又想要表演一些功夫动作,用脚踹城墙,导致一大块砖头掉在地上砸得粉碎From the footage, the wall looks like it is an unrestored part of the wall.从视频中可以看出,这段建筑是一段未修复的长城Dong Yaohui, vice president of the China Great Wall Society told Chinamil.com.cn that the section in the looked like it was Dapanying Great Wall located in Hebei province.中国长城协会副主席董耀辉(音)告诉中国军网说,视频中这段城墙看起来像河北省境内的大盘营长城He says that this section of the wall is from the Ming Dynasty (68–) and is a wild section that has not undergone repair and is not monitored.董耀辉表示说这段长城是明(68-)长城的一部分,是一段没有被修复和监管的野长城People have been discussing the story online.人们一直在网上热议这件事On Sina News, one user wrote: ’Destruction of cultural relics must be punished. Scum!’新浪新闻上一名用户写道:“破坏文物必须受到惩罚败类!”While another commented: ’Scum. This person should be arrested.’另一名用户道:“败类这个人应该被抓起来”And one user said: ’In this world, there is no nation like ours that is as good as destructing their culture.’还有一名用户说道:“在这个世界上,没有那个国家像中国一样这么善于破坏自己的文化”Destruction of the Great Wall, a Unesco World Heritage site, could lead to a maximum of years imprisonment, according the Chinese law on protection of cultural relics.据中国文物保护相关法律规定,长城是联合国教科文组织规定的世界遗产,毁坏长城可能导致最长年的监禁In June , it was reported that the Great Wall is disappearing at an alarming rate.年6月,有媒体报道说长城正在以一个惊人的速度消失Natural erosion, human destruction and a lack of protection means that a total of 1, miles of the wall, which dates back more than 00 years, has vanished.自然侵蚀、人类破坏、以及缺少保护意味着这座可以追溯到00多年前的长城已经消失了多英里Only eight percent of the Ming Dynasty (68–) wall, which was first built 700 years ago and is the most visible section of the wall, is well-preserved明(68-)长城于700年前开建,是目前墙体最明显的长城但是即使这样,目前也只有8%的明长城保存完好The Great Wall, which is actually made up of many different structures over many centuries, is estimated to have measured between 5,600 to ,000 miles, depending on which sections are included.长城实际上是一座由许多不同结构组成的建筑,他们建于不同的年代随着纳入长城的建筑范围的不同,长城的总长度在5600到000英里之间The findings of a survey conducted by the Great Wall of China Society suggest that plants growing on the walls have increased damage, as well as the number tourists visiting the attraction.中国长城协会曾进行了一场调查,其结果显示墙体上生长的植物加剧了长城的损毁,而且游客参观也会使得长城进一步损坏The practice of stealing bricks from the wall also poses a great threat to the conservation of the wall.偷取城墙上的砖块也对长城的保护造成了巨大的威胁Bricks from the Great Wall, which have been carved with Chinese characters, are being sold 30 Yuan (3.0 pound) each by local villagers in Hebei province in northern China as souvenirs.长城上的砖块镌刻有汉字,河北当地村民以每块30元人民币(约合3.英镑)的价格当做纪念品卖出People who steal bricks from the wall can be fined up to 5,000 Yuan (567 pound) under Chinese regulations.根据中国的法规规定,偷盗长城砖块的人最高可被罚5000元人民币(约合567英镑)

百度陷入舆论危机 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:“有问题,问度娘”作为国内最大的搜索引擎,百度是我们日常生活中最常用的搜索工具之一而接连出现的血友病吧事件、魏则西事件,让我们不禁开始思考,有问题还敢问“度娘”吗?Baidu, the company behind China’s leading search engine, is facing a storm of criticism after the death of Wei Zexi on April . Wei was a 1-year-old student at Xidian University. He had synovial sarcoma, a rare m of cancer.月日1岁的西安电子科技大学的大学生魏则西因患一种罕见癌症——滑膜肉瘤去世,他的死将国内搜索引擎领军者百度公司推向了舆论的风口浪尖While searching doctors that could help him on Baidu, Wei found a Beijing hospital that reportedly provided him with expensive treatments that ultimately failed.魏则西曾在百度上搜索过哪些医生可以治他的病,据报道,根据搜索结果,他曾在北京一家医院接受过昂贵的治疗,但最终还是没能救回自己的命Bee dying, Wei accused Baidu of promoting false medical inmation, a result of Baidu’s practice of mixing paid advertisements among its search results.魏则西生前曾指责百度提供虚假医疗信息,因为百度将付费广告混淆在搜索结果中This practice has been in place years, as a means of driving up Baidu’s profits. But Wang Shichuan of the People’s Daily argues that companies like Baidu should be particularly conscientious when conducting their business. They have an ethical duty not to mislead ordinary people, who are becoming increasingly reliant on their services.作为百度提高利润的方式之一,这种做法已经存在了多年不过《人民日报员王石川指出,百度在开展业务的同时更应该小心谨慎,他们应承担起不误导那些越来越信任他们的普通民众的道德义务At present, Baidu enjoys roughly 80 percent of the domestic market search engines. “Billions of internet users trust Baidu as their search engine, so the company is responsible maintaining that trust and is obligated to be socially responsible,” Wang wrote.目前,百度占有国内搜索引擎80#37的市场份额王石川写道:“基于对企业的信任,亿万用户使用搜索,企业有责任善待这种信任,更有义务承担社会责任”Some internet users also cited President Xi Jinping’s remarks on internet enterprises to emphasize that Baidu is responsible more than just profit margins.还有网名引用习近平主席对互联网企业说的话,强调百度需要负责的不仅是公司的利润Xi said at an April 19 symposium that web entrepreneurs should not regard clicks as their only goal. Search engines should not arrange their results pages based on how much each website pays.在月19日召开的网络安全和信息化工作座谈会上,习近平总书记就要求互联网公司不能一味追求点击率搜索引擎不能仅以给钱的多少作为排位的标准This isn’t the first time Baidu has been accused of breaking the public’s trust. In January, a hemophilia sufferer revealed online that Baidu had sold moderation rights several disease-related ums, and as a result, users received dubious medical advise.这已经不是百度第一次被指则辜负公众信任了今年一月,一位血友病患者在网上揭露百度将血友病吧经营权卖给他人,导致许多用户接收到可疑的医疗建议“[Baidu’s] responsibility is not limited to ‘not being evil’, or to tolerating evil. Instead, it should stand up company ethics,” Wang wrote. “Selling online ums and allowing companies that pay more to appear higher on search result rankings can generate quick cash. However, when companies overlook their social responsibility and pursue economic gain exclusively, it can cost them the public’s trust.”“(百度的)责任不仅是‘不作恶’或包庇恶它更应维护的是企业道德,”王石川说“将‘贴吧’卖给生意人更有利可图,开发‘竞价排名’可坐地生财,问题是,如果只追求经济效益而忽略社会效益,就会挥霍掉公众的信任”

美女CEO身价从5亿跌到0元 现在被判两年禁令 -- 3:18: 来源: 作为每一个数据都跟性命息息相关的医疗行业,Theranos 已无法挽回公众对他的信任而掌握着这个公司 50% 股份的CEO的霍尔莫斯,她5 亿身价也随着公司从 90 亿美元的估值到跌倒一文不值美女 CEO 霍尔莫斯则被判处未来 年内禁止从事医疗实验室相关领域 Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of the medical-testing company Theranos, has been barred from operating medical labs two years, The Wall Street Journal reports.据《华尔街日报报道,医疗检测公司Theranos的CEO 伊丽莎白.霍尔莫斯被判处未来 年内禁止从事医疗实验室相关领域Theranos has been the subject of high-profile media coverage about the effectiveness of its blood-testing methods. Its flagship product is a finger-prick blood test, but reports claimed that the test didn’t produce accurate results.由于对其血液检测结果有效性的质疑,霍尔莫斯近来备受瞩目,频繁出现在各大媒体的报道中该公司的旗舰产品是一项手指针刺血液采样检测,不过报道指出检测结果并不准确Controversy over the effectiveness of Theranos’ tests caused its main retail partner, the US chain Walgreens, to end its relationship with the company.鉴于对Theranos 公司测试效果的争议,Theranos 最大的合作伙伴——美国连锁药店沃尔格林也终止了与其的合作Now Holmes is coming under investigation by federal health regulators. The Journal reports that Holmes has been hit with a fine along with a two-year ban from operating a lab that tests blood samples. Theranos’ lab in Calinia has also had its approval revoked.现在霍尔莫斯正在接受联邦卫生监管机构的调查据《华尔街日报报道,霍尔莫斯需要缴纳一笔罚款,同时被判处未来 年内禁止从事医疗实验室相关领域该公司在加州的实验室也被撤销执照Theranos explained in a post on its website that it would move testing to other labs, and the revocation won’t happen 60 days. These sanctions won’t stop Theranos from operating, but it’s a blow to the company that does nothing to improve its public image.Theranos公司公布的官方声明解释说,它将转移到其他的实验室做测试未来 60 天内,加州的实验室暂不会被吊销执照Theranos也不会因这些处罚措施而停止运行,然而,这对公司的公众形象确实是一个沉重的打击Theranos issued the following statement to The Journal about the regulators’ decision:对于联邦卫生监管机构的处罚决定,Theranos公司发表了如下声明:"We accept full responsibility the issues at our laboratory in Newark, Calinia, and have aly worked to undertake comprehensive remedial actions. Those actions include shutting down and subsequently rebuilding the Newark lab from the ground up, rebuilding quality systems, adding highly experienced leadership, personnel and experts, and implementing enhanced quality and training procedures.“我们对加州纽华克的实验室出现的问题负全部责任,并已经进行全面的补救措施这些补救措施包括关闭并彻底重建纽华克实验室,重建质量体系,引进更多经验丰富的管理者、员工和专家,以及提高质量,改善培训程序”

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