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Employee: Welcome to Grubway. What can I get you?欢迎光临Grubway你想吃点什么?Jared: Irsquo;m still deciding. Irsquo;m trying to lose weight and I hear that eating a sandwich lunch every day will help me do that. Do you guys have a BLT or a club?我还没决定我想减肥,我听说每天午餐吃一个三明治会帮助我做到这一点你们是否有三明治或俱乐部吗?Employee: We donrsquo;t have a BLT, but we do have a ham or turkey club.员工:我们没有三明治,但我们确实有火腿和由 3片面包做成的三明治Jared: Okay, Irsquo;ll take the club.好吧,我要3片面包做成的三明治Employee: Ham or turkey?加火腿或火鸡肉?Jared: Can I get half and half, or better yet, can I get double ham and double turkey?两样都加一半行吗?或者更好些,可以加双倍的火腿和火鸡肉?Employee: Sure, no problem.当然可以,没有问题Jared: Irsquo;d like cheese on that, too.我想在上面涂写奶油Employee: Would you like your b toasted and the cheese melted?你想要烤面包和融化的奶酪?Jared: Uh, sure.是的Employee: What else would you like on your sandwich, the works?三明治还想加点别的吗,套餐?Jared: What comes with the works?套餐有什么Employee: It includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, olives, and pickles, and any sps, condiments, or seasonings yoursquo;d like.它包括生菜,西红柿,洋葱,青椒,橄榄,咸菜,和调味品或您喜欢的调味料Jared: Oh, okay. Irsquo;ll have the works, but hold the pickles and olives. Irsquo;d like mayonnaise on the side, too, please. You know what? Irsquo;d like to add some chicken to that.哦,好的我来份套餐,不要泡菜和橄榄我想也抹点蛋黄你知道吗?我还想添加一些鸡肉Employee: Thatrsquo;ll be . additional.需额外另付1.美元Jared: Thatrsquo;s fine. Irsquo;d also like extra cheese, and why donrsquo;t you add some roast beef, too?这很好我还想多加些奶酪,你为什么不多放一些烤牛肉?Employee: Okay, I can do that. Will that be all?好吧就加这些吗?Jared: Yeah, but while yoursquo;re at it, throw in two bags of chips and a couple of cookies.是的,但是当您在扔两袋炸土豆条和两片饼干Employee: Okay, I can ring you up down here.好吧,我可以打电话叫你来这里Jared: Hey, tell me, how long bee I start losing weight?嘿,告诉我,我得多久才能开始减肥?Employee: Well, thatrsquo;s hard to say. You may want to look at the nutritional inmation chart to determine that.嗯,这很难说您可能得根据营养说明来决定Jared: Nah, I can aly feel the pounds coming off!不,我已经可以感觉到自己变轻了!BLT abbr. 三明治culb 由 3片面包和至少种肉做成的三明治half-and-half n. 两者各半之混合物,on the side 私下while yoursquo;re at it 在你做那件事的时候...throw in 外加nutritional inmation 营养说明come off 脱落 737上饶弋阳县激光祛胎记多少钱上饶市韩美整形医院脱毛手术多少钱000The apprentice angel实习天使One day, a little angel who wanted to be a big angel was spending some time with a more seasoned angel.一天, 一个一心想成为大天使的小天使和一个经验丰富的天使在一起They were invisibly walking down a busy city street, and the older angel said to the apprentice angelWould you like to hear something amazing?他们隐身走在闹市的街头,年长天使对实习天使说想不想听点惊人的事?The little angel didnt know but he finally said, Well, all right, what is it?小天使有点茫然,于是说那么,好吧,是什么?They proceeded down the street and into a little coffee shop, and in there was a man drinking his coffee.他们继续沿着街道前行,来到一家咖啡馆,里面正坐着一个喝咖啡的男人As soon as the two angels took a seat, an invisible devil sauntered in and sat right next to the man drinking his coffee.这两个天使在咖啡馆里刚坐下,一个隐身的魔鬼踱着步子走进来,在喝咖啡的男人身边坐下了Come on over here. said the senior angel.到这儿来,大天使对实习天使说Now, angels can see devils but devils cant see angels, so this devil couldnt see the two angels watching him.顺便说一下,天使可以看见魔鬼,而魔鬼是看不见天使的,所以魔鬼不知道有两个天使正在看他If he could have seen them, then he never would have done what he was about to do,because everything that angels learn about what devils are doing gives angels the opporty to teach human beings how to be smarter than devils.如果说他能看见天使,他一定不会做接下来的事情,因为天使对魔鬼的臭名早就一清二楚,他们要教人们如何变得比魔鬼聪明So, this devil leans over to the man sitting there in the coffee shop,and the angels lean ward to hear something that the devil whispers into the man ear.魔鬼低伏在喝咖啡的男人身边,天使们向前倾着身子想听听魔鬼对男人小声说了什么The little angel falls back and says, Ah ha! I see now.This explains so much. The senior angel confirms, That right.小天使直起身子说道啊哈,我知道了,这就难怪了大天使点点头没错What the little angel heard the devil whisper in the man ear was thisTake this pain and pass it along.小天使听到魔鬼跟男人说承受这些痛苦,并把它带给别人With those words, the devil gave that man a little bit of pain.说着,魔鬼给了男人一些痛苦The angels followed the man as he walked down the street.男人走上街道,两个天使也跟了出去When he got to his car, he found that somebody had parked his car too close to his,making it very hard him to get out of his parking space.当他来到自己的车旁时,他发现有人把车停得太近了,这使他很难把车开出停车场A string of oaths came out of the man mouth as he contemplated banging his car into the offending car.男人说了一连串的脏话,打算撞向那辆讨厌的挡路车Then, just as he lets out that stream of violent energy, a woman walking down the street nearby—who actually didnt hear what the man said—did exactly what the devil had told the man to do, which was to take this pain and pass it along.就在他发泄那股暴烈的怨气时,一个女人正从街上走过来女人并没有听到男人骂了些什么,然而男人遵照魔鬼的指示承受这些痛苦,并把它带给别人That woman picked up the man pain and never even knew it, never saw it, never felt it going into her.就把痛苦传给了她,而她却完全没有意识到那看不见,摸不着的痛苦正在慢慢向自己袭来The moment that pain entered into the woman walking down the street,she looked in a store window and saw a co-worker who had said something to her yesterday.就在痛苦侵袭了街上那女人的时候,她恰好看见昨天曾和自己说了些什么的同事在逛商店Now she knew why she was in pain because there was the idiot that made her feel that way.现在她终于明白自己为什么会痛苦,因为让她痛苦不堪的笨蛋就在商店里The woman in the shop looked out and saw the woman looking in with a scowl on her face,and felt the pain that woman was passing to her.商店里的那个女人往外张望,恰好看见了街上正怒视着店内的女人,她感受到了这个女人正在传递给她的痛苦The minute the woman in the store felt it, she began to think of her son who had gotten bad grades and who continued to resist the education that was necessary.就在这一刻,她开始响起自己成绩又差又厌学的儿子She made up her mind that when she got home, she was going to ground him and really show him something.于是她下定决心回家之后一定要让他尝尝大人的厉害And to the devil delight, the pain was passed along endlessly to unsuspecting human beings.让魔鬼高兴的是,这种痛苦就这样不断地在毫无防备的人类世界蔓延开来 018上饶朝天鼻整形价格

上饶肿瘤医院激光去胎记多少钱上饶抽脂手术51. rat,鼠Rats carry very nasty diseases.老鼠传播讨厌的疾病. significant,显著的,有效的 356Instructor: Do you remember Regine? Where does she come from? Is she married? Where does she work? Listen to Regine speaking.Regine: My name is Regine. I'm German. I live in a small town. I'm not married. I live at home with my mother and father, my sister Heidi and my brother Rolf. I work in a department store. I sell writing paper, envelopes, ball pens, pencils and colored postcards. I walk to work every morning. I don't work on Saturday afternoon or Sunday and I have a three-week holiday in the summer.Instructor: Regine was seventeen then. Now she's twenty-two. Her life is very different. Listen to this television interview.Interviewer: Regine, at seventeen you worked in a big shop. Now you are the manager and you are only twenty-two. From seventeen to twenty-two. Five years to success. Can you tell us? The secret of your success?Regine: The 'secret', as you call it, is work. When I was seventeen, I lived at home. I walked to the shop every morning. I saved my money and I went to evening classes. I worked in a good department and I sold so much that I got a good commission. I really wanted to be a success. Now I'm the manager.Interviewer: Congratulations, Regine. But please tell us ... do you like your job? Are you happier?Regine: You are asking me two questions. The first answer is 'yes' and the second answer is definitely 'no'. Good afternoon, my name is Schwartz. That is S-C-H-W-A-R-T-Z and I come from New York. My wife and I would like a double room with a shower. I have our passports here. We are hoping to stay about a week. I have a question. Do you know where I can get two tickets the permance at the theatre tonight? On my first day in London I felt hungry, so I went into a restaurant and sat down at a table. I waited ten minutes, but nobody came to serve me. Then I saw that there were no waiters. The customers stood in a queue and got their food themselves. That was my first experience of a self-service restaurant.—Is that Mr. Smith's son?—No, it isn't. It's Mr. Morgan's son.—Is he Irish?—No, he isn't. He is Welsh.—Where are your parents now?—They are in Zagreb.—Is that in Austria?—No. It's in Yugoslavia.—Who is the girl by the door?—It's Jone Smith.—Is she a nurse?—No. She's a librarian.—My hat and coat, please. Here is my ticket.—Thank you, sir. Here they are.—These not mine. They are Mr. West's.—I'm sorry, sir. Are these yours?—Yes, they are. Thank you.—Whose handbag is that?—Which one?—The big leather one.—Oh, that's Miss Clark's.—What are you looking at?—I'm looking at some stamps.—Are they interesting?—Yes. They are very rare ones.—Where's Miss Green at the moment?—In her office.—What's she doing there?—She's typing, I think.—Are there any pencils in the drawer?—No, I'm sorry. There aren't any.—Are there any ball-point pens then.—Yes. There are lots of ball-points.—I need some oil, please.—How much do you need, sir?—Three pounds, please.—Thank you, sir.—Is there any shampoo in the cupboard?—No, I'm sorry. There isn't any.—Is there any soap, then?—Yes. There is a whole pack of soap.—Where does Miss Sue come from?—She comes from Tokyo.—What language does she speak, then?—She speaks Japanese.—What does Miss Jenkins do?—She is a nurse.—Where does she work?—At the Westminster Hospital.—Do you like your manager?—Yes. He is nice and kind. Is yours kind, too?—No. Mine is rather a brute.—Oh, I'm sorry about that.—Is anyone attending to you, sir?—No. I should like to see some dressing gowns.—What sort are you looking , sir?—I fancy a red, silk one.Instructor: Henry wants tickets Romeo and Juliet so he tries to telephone the box of office. First he hears: (wrong number tone). He has dialed the wrong number. Then he tries again. (busy tone) Henry is fed up but he must get some tickets. He tries again and finally, he gets through.(sound of phone ringing, receiver picked up)Clerk: Cambridge Theatre. Box Office.Henry: Have you got any tickets Romeo and Juliet this Saturday evening?'Clerk: Which permance? 5 pm or 8:30 pm?Henry: 8:30 pm please.Clerk: Sorry, that permance is sold out.Henry: Well, have you got any tickets the 5 pm permance?Clerk: Yes, we have tickets at .50 pounds, 5.50 pounds and 6 pounds.Henry: I'd like to reserve two seats at .50 pounds, please.Clerk: Right. That's two tickets at .50 pounds. Saturday, 5 pm permance. What's the name please?Henry: Bishop. Henry Bishop.Clerk: Thank you. You'll collect the tickets bee 3 pm on Saturday, won't you?Henry: Yes, of course. Thank you. Goodbye.Clara: That number has been engaged ages. Nobody can be that popular. I wonder if her number has been changed. I think I'll try again.(Sound of dialing and ringing tone.)Sue: 36791.Clara: Is that you, Sue?Sue: Who's calling?C1ara: This is Clara. Clara Ferguson. Don't you remember me?Sue: Clara! Of course I remember you. How are you? I haven't heard from you at least two years. What are you doing?Clara: Nothing very exciting. That's one reason I'm ringing. I need some advice.Sue: Advice. Hmm. That's a good one. I've just been sacked.Clara: There are the pips. Hang on, Sue.Clara: What do you mean ... you've just been sacked? Sue, you're the most successful woman I know.Sue: That's probably why I've been sacked. But let's talk about you. You said you needed some advice.Clara: I certainly do. I wanted to ask you about interviews. Have you had a lot of them?Sue: Yes, I have. Too many.Clara: So, could you tell me the sort of questions you're usually asked?Sue: Let me think. The first ten questions are almost always the same. I call them the 'whys', 'hows' and 'wheres'.(Sound of pips.)Clara: Not again. Don't go away, Sue. I've got one more coin.Clara: Are you there, Sue?Sue: Yes, I'm still here.Clara: Sorry, I didn't understand what you were telling me. Could you repeat it?Sue: It's very boring, but here you are:I'm always asked:Why I want to leave my present job?Why I am interested in the new job?How I intend to get to work?How long I intend to stay in the job?Where I live?Where I went to school?How much I'm paid in my present job?How much I expect to be paid in the new job?Oh yes. I'm always asked if I'm married.(Sound of pips.)Clara: That's it, Sue. No more coins. I'll write to you soon ... and many thanks. I am not going out with George again. Last week he invited me to go to a football match. I do not like football, so it was silly of me to say yes. We did not have seats, so we had to stand two hours in the rain. I was cold and wet and I could not see a thing. So I asked George to take me home. He got very angry and said some very unpleasant things. Last week the sun shone and it got quite hot. I decided to put on my light grey summer trousers. But I got a shock. I could not put them on. They were too small. It is possible that they got smaller during the winter, but I do not think so. I am afraid I got bigger. So I am going to eat less and I am going to take more exercise. I am definitely going to lose some weight.—Is that Mrs. Brown?—No, it isn't. It's Mrs. Bright.—Is she English?—No, she isn't. She is American.—Where is Susan now?—She is in Glasgow.—Is Glasgow in England?—No. It's in Scotland.—Who is the man over there?—It's Mr. Watson.—Is he a teacher?—No. He is a doctor.—My bag, please. Here is my ticket.—Thank you, Madam. Here's your bag.—This is not my bag. It's Mrs. Brown's.—I'm sorry, Madam. Is this yours?—Yes, it is. Thank you.—Excuse me. Is this your book?—No. It's not mine.—Whose book is it, then?—It's Pedro's, I think.—Whose bicycle is that?—Which one?—The old green one.—Oh, that's Robert's.—What are you looking at?—I'm looking at a photograph.—Is it interesting?—Yes, it's a picture of my girlfriend.—Are there any oranges in the kitchen?—No, I'm sorry. There aren't any.—Are there any bananas, then?—Yes. There are plenty of bananas.—I want some butter, please.—How much do you want, Madam?—Half a pound, please.—Thank you, Madam.—Is there any cream in the refrigerator?—No. There isn't any, I'm afraid.—Is there any milk, then?—Yes, there is plenty of milk.—Where does Pedro come from?—He comes from Mexico City.—What language does he speak, then?—He speaks Spanish.—What does your friend do?—He is a bank clerk.—Where does he work?—At the Middleland Bank in Birmingham.—Do you like your apple?—Yes. It's nice and sweet. Is yours sweet, too?—No. Mine is rather sour.—Oh, I'm sorry about that.—Can I help you, Madam?—Yes. I want to see some cardigans.—What size do you take, Madam?—About fourteen inches, I think.1. I really need some new curtains but I'm afraid I can't sew.. My problem is that I can't find a job. Managers always say my hair is too long.3. I do love listening to the radio but I'm afraid my radio isn't working.. Just look at these shoes. They cost ty-five pounds last year and they have holes in them now.5. Do you know anything about cars? My car is using too much petrol. John Haslam is talking about his garden. You know, I don't really like the country. It's too quiet. There's not enough movement,not enough action, not enough to do. But I'm like most other people: I need some peace and quiet sometimes, and this little garden is my peace and quiet. It's big enough me. During the summer I may spend three or four hours out here. But even in the winter I may come out here an hour or two at the weekends, if the weather's good. It's a good place to sit with my typewriter. And it's a good place to sit with a book and a drink. And do you know something? I spend as much time out of the house now as I did when I lived in the country. Funny, isn't it?(Sound of radio playing. Telephone rings.)Betty: Listen, Mum. The phone's ringing. Can I answer it?Julie: Yes, of course. But please answer correctly.(Receiver being picked up.)Betty: (excited) Hello. This is Betty.Male Voice; (confused pause) Uh ... good evening. Is that 789-6 double 3?Betty: Yes, it is. Would you like to talk to my mother?Male Voice: Well ... I'd like to talk to Mrs. Henderson ...Betty: Just a moment. I'll tell her.Julie: Mrs. Henderson speaking. Who's calling please?Male Voice: This is Brian Murphy, Mrs. Henderson. I'm your new neighbor. I moved in yesterday.Julie: Oh, good evening, Mr. Murphy. Welcome to Oak Lane. Can we give you any help? Male Voice: Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Henderson, but I'd like to ask you some questions.Julie: I'm never too busy to help a neighbor, Mr. Murphy. What would you like to know?Male Voice: Well, first, could you tell me what time the milkman calls? And which day do the dustmen come? Who's the most dependable newsagent? (pause) Oh, yes ... where is the nearest police station?Julie: My goodness, Mr. Murphy. You have got a lot of questions. Look, I have an idea. Why don't you come to tea tomorrow afternoon? Then we can meet you and answer all your questions.Male Voice: That's very kind of you, Mrs. Henderson. What time shall I come?Julie: Any time after 3 o'clock. We look ward to meeting you. Goodbye.Male Voice: Goodbye, Mrs. Henderson.(Receiver being replaced.) Everything changes. Once a lot of people went to the cinema to see silent films. Then when talking pictures started nobody wanted to see silent films any more. But people still went to the cinema and everybody knew the names of all the great film stars. Now we have television. People sit at home night after night watching their favorite programs. But what is going to happen to the cinema?Dear Mr. Scott, Thank you your letter of th January. You say that you telephoned our office five times in two days and did not receive a reply. I am sorry about this, but we have had problems with our telephone. Yours sincerely, D. Renton 190弋阳县治疗狐臭多少钱诗歌原文:Write Your Own Life 谱写生命的乐章Suppose someone gave you a pen - a sealed, solid-colored pen.假如有人送你一笔,一不可拆卸的单色钢笔You couldnt see how much ink it had. It might run dry after the first few tentative words or last just long enough to create a masterpiece (or several) that would last ever and make a difference in the scheme of things. You dont know bee you begin.里面究竟有多少墨水看不出或许在你试探性地写上几个字后它就会枯干,或许足够用来创作一部影响深远的不朽巨著(或是几部)而这些,在动笔前,都是无法得知的Under the rules of the game, you really never know. You have to take a chance! Actually, no rule of the game states you must do anything. Instead of picking up and using the pen, you could leave it on a shelf or in a drawer where it will dry up, unused.在这个游戏规则下,你真的永远不会预知结果你只能去碰运气!事实上,这个游戏里没有规则指定你必须要做什幺相反,你甚至可以根本不去动用这笔,把它扔在书架上或是抽屉里让它的墨水干枯But if you do decide to use it, what would you do with it? How would you play the game?但是,如果你决定要用它的话,你会用它来做什幺呢?你将怎样来进行这个游戏呢?Would you plan and plan bee you ever wrote a word? Would your plans be so extensive that you never even got to the writing?你会不写一个字,老是计划来计划去吗?你会不会由于计划过于宏大而来不及动笔呢?Or would you take the pen in hand, plunge right in and just do it, struggling to keep up with the twists and turns of the torrents of words that take you where they take you?或者你只是手里拿着笔,一头扎进去写,不停地写,艰难地随着文字汹涌的浪涛而随波逐流?Would you write cautiously and carefully, as if the pen might run dry the next moment, or would you pretend or believe (or pretend to believe) that the pen will write ever and proceed accordingly?你会小心谨慎的写字,好象这笔在下一个时刻就可能会干枯;还是装做或相信这笔能够永远写下去而信手写来呢?Youre listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, Im Faith. Now, suppose someone gave you a life...您正在收听Faith轻松电台,我是Faith现在,假如有人给予你一生命的笔······ 0上饶比基尼脱毛价格

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