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上饶市中医医院打美白针多少钱上饶韩美整形光子脱毛手术多少钱On Tuesday, President Obama called for quicker development of tests, vaccines and treatments to fight the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus. 周二,奥巴马总统呼吁加快对蚊传播病毒的检测、疫苗和治疗。The fast-sping virus has been linked to birth defects and could sp to the ed States in warmer months. 迅速传播的病毒与婴儿出生缺陷有关,在暖和的月份可能会扩散到美国。The White House said in a statement, ;The president emphasized the need to accelerate research efforts to make available better diagnostic tests, to develop vaccines and therapeutics, 白宫在一份声明中表示,“总统强调需要加快研究工作,以便更好的诊断测试、开发疫苗和治疗,and to ensure that all Americans have information about the Zika virus and steps they can take to better protect themselves from infection.; 并确保所有美国公民了解寨卡病毒,更好的保护自己免受传染。”On Monday, the World Health Organization also predicted the virus would sp to all countries across the Americas except for Canada and Chile.周一,世界卫生组织还预测,除了加拿大和智利以外该病毒将扩散到美洲的所有国家。译文属。201601/424516上饶丰胸哪家医院好 You may have heard of the Five Pillars of Islam, but have you heard of the Six Articles of Faith?你可能已经听说过伊斯兰教的五大柱,但你听说过信念之六条吗?The Five Pillars of Islam-the profession of faith, prayer, zakat, Ramadan and the Hajj-are considered the foundation of the faith.伊斯兰教五大柱的信仰,祈祷, 施天课,斋月及到麦加朝觐是伊斯兰教信仰的基石。But the Six Articles are also important-without them, there is no faith.但六条信念也是同等重要,没有它们就没有信仰。To be a Muslim one must believe in all six.穆斯林必须相信全部六条信念。A Muslim must believe in the oneness of Allah-God had no parents, siblings or children.穆斯林必须相信阿拉神的一体性,无父无母,无兄弟,无子嗣。Allah is singular and unique.真主是奇异且独一无二的存在。Another article of faith is the belief in the existence of angels.另一条信仰是相信天使的存在。A Muslim must also have faith in the revelations of God-these include the Quran, Torah and the Gospels.穆斯林也必须相信神明的启示,包括《古兰经》,律法及福音。201501/353751The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on our planet.大堡礁是我们星球上最大的珊瑚礁。Its one of the seven recognise to wonders of the natural world.它是自然界七大公认的奇迹之一。The reef itself is the place that most people explore.珊瑚礁是大多数人探索的地方。But theres much much more.但这远非大堡礁的全部。The coral reef is actually a very small part of this under water world as little as 7%.事实上,珊瑚礁只是这片海洋世界中的一小部分,至多只占7%。There 93% of the marine park in composes of the variety of habitat,each one remarkable in its own way.大堡礁海洋公园的剩余93%有着许多种生存环境,每一种都非常独特。And beyond the marine park, there are even more environments that are important to the reef.在海洋公园以外,还有更多对珊瑚礁十分重要的环境。Some close to shore, others in land.有一些靠近海岸,其他则在内陆。All together, there are more than a hundred different types of habitat in and around the Barrier Reef.总之在大堡礁内部及其周围,有一百多种截然不同的生存环境。Each with its own distinctive plants and animals.每一种生存环境都有各自独特的动植物。There are creatures that you would expect to see on the reef, and others that you would not.珊瑚礁上会有你希望看到的生物,也有不希望看到的。All the places in which these animals live are linked to a vast deep water lagoon which lies between the coast of mainland Australia and the out.所有这些动物居住的地方都与巨大的深水环礁湖相连。深水礁湖介于澳大利亚海岸和外礁之间。 201501/352775上饶那些医院脱毛手术比较好

南昌大学上饶市医院打美白针多少钱上饶雀斑诊疗医院 Thats very nice.very nice.you get used to that.Dont you.You get it every night.真不错 真好 你一定习惯了欢呼 是吧 你每晚都能享受欢呼No,no,Im often booed when I come out.不 不 我出场时经常被嘘Tonight just happens to be a good night.今晚只是运气好而已But you,Mattew Perry,people must love seeing you.you know,youre beloved.但是你 马修·派瑞 人们一定很喜欢见到你 你知道 人们很爱你Well,you know,it feels like it tonight.That was a very nice reception.好的 感觉就像今晚 这是很棒的欢迎I think Im too relaxed right now.You are too relaxed?I was just sitting in your massage chairs backstage.我觉得我现在过于放松了 你过于放松吗 因为我刚才坐在你后台的椅上In our greenroom we have very nice massage chairs for the guests.Unbelievable.在我们的休息室有一把很棒的嘉宾椅 难以置信And I think if I talk about them on your show,maybe I can get a free one.我想如果我在你的节目中提起 或许我能免费得到一把But Im so relaxed.Youre going to ask me a question and Im going to be like,may!但是我太放松了 如果你问我问题 我只会回答 五月Its incredibly,they are very good massage chairs.I have actually only tried one time.but Andy,youre in there all the time.那是很棒的椅 我其实只试过一次 但是 安迪经常去坐Oh,no,Not all the time.Maybe once a month or so.不是经常 也许一个月一次吧I dont like the idea you were in the chair first.我不喜欢坐你坐过的椅子sorry,I got to get the lotion on sometime.I do.抱歉 总得找机会涂乳液嘛 真的This is all rehearsed,by the way.we actually toured this around the country as a play.这都是排过的 顺便说句 我们实际上在全国巡回演出这一段First of all,congratulations on ;The Odd Couple;,the show is doing so well.Big hit.You have great chemistry.首先 祝贺《单身公寓》 这部剧表现优异 大热 你们间的化学反应很棒With your co-star,Thomas and you two have a very nice,you mesh well together as an ;Odd couple;Cast would have to.你和你的搭档托马斯·列侬 你们俩非常合拍 就像《单身公寓》演员应该的那样Thank you,thats great chemistry.Yeah,hes a very interesting guy.谢谢 你们有很棒的化学反应 是的 他非常有趣he thought of Thomas Lenin who plays Felix and the show hinges on that chemistry so we got really lucky.托马斯·列农扮演菲利克斯 这部剧中化学反应最为关键 所以我们很幸运But hes very much like Felix.he carries Listerine with him all the time and Purell.但是他很像菲利克斯 他经常带着漱口水和洗手液After you shake his hands he Purells his hands.He has that fussy,a little bit like that,yeah.跟你握过手后 他会用洗手液洗手 他有那种挑剔的 他有点挑剔 是的201607/457138德兴市脸部激光美白多少钱

上饶韩美整形美容医院纹眉好吗Italys president意大利总统Matteo gets his man伦齐如虎添翼The choice of Italys president is good news for the prime minister意大利总统的新人选对首相来说是个好消息SERGIO MATTARELLA, a 73-year-old Sicilian, constitutional-court judge and former government minister, became Italys 12th president on February 3rd. Matteo Renzi, the prime minister who backed him, said his election would “turbocharge” his reforms. Mr Renzi (shown above with Mr Mattarella) is prone to exaggeration: he faces a long, hard climb. But he has again shown formidable political skills.意大利前政府部长兼宪法法庭法官、73岁的西西里岛人塞尔乔·马达莱拉于2月3日成为意大利的第12届总统。这位新总统的忠实持者、意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐表示,这位总统的当选将“增强”伦齐的改革。伦齐先生(如图,与马塔雷先生一起),常常言过其实:他面对的未来是“路漫漫其修远兮”。但他却再次显示了其高超的政治技巧。When the 89-year-old Giorgio Napolitano stepped down in mid-January, Mr Renzi promised a successor by the end of the month. That he delivered was no mean feat. Mr Napolitano agreed in 2013 to serve a second term only because parliament could not agree on his successor. This time Mr Renzi managed to unite his fractured Democratic Party (PD) behind Mr Mattarella, and secure the backing of the opposition Left, Ecology and Freedom party and of Angelino Alfano, his interior minister, who leads the New Centre Right party. That was enough: after three days of voting in which no candidate won a two-thirds majority, Mr Mattarella was elected on the fourth round, which required a simple majority, by 665 votes out of 1,009.89岁的乔治·纳波利塔诺一月中旬下台,伦齐承诺月底会有新的继任者上台。伦齐所说绝非易事。纳波利塔诺2013年连任仅仅因为他的继任者未能得到国会的通过。这一次伦齐设法联合分裂的民主党(PD)来持马塔雷拉先生,并确保左翼反对派,左派生态自由党以及领导新中右党派的内政部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺的持。这样的形势足矣:前一轮投票所有候选人票数都没达到三分之二的票数,在三天后的第四轮选举中,1009票中马塔雷拉以665票的绝对优势胜出。Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia, the main right-wing opposition party, and former prime minister, was against Mr Mattarella.That was mainly because he had not been consulted more carefully, despite his pact to support Mr Renzis constitutional reforms. Most in Forza Italia backed Mr Berlusconi, but quite a few defied him.而主要右翼反对党意大利力量党、前任总统贝卢斯科尼对马塔雷拉持反对态度。这主要是因为虽然贝卢斯科尼同意持伦齐的宪法改革,但是伦齐在这一方面并没有仔细地咨询他的意见。多数力量党人持贝卢斯科尼,但是也有不少人藐视他。The result has strengthened Mr Renzis position both in the PD and in government, weakened Mr Berlusconi, and thrown the right into disarray. Mr Renzi will press on with his reforms, with or without Mr Berlusconis backing. He hopes that opponents on both left and right will not risk an early election, since that could produce a more Renzian parliament. A new electoral law should be approved by the lower house by April. The reform of the Senate will take longer, but could be done next year.此次选举结果巩固了伦齐在PD党和政府中的地位,削弱了贝卢斯科尼的力量,并且并让右翼陷入了混乱之中。无论有没有贝卢斯科尼的持,伦齐先生都将加紧他的改革进程。他希望左、右翼反对党不会冒险提前举行大选,只有这样更为伦齐式的议会才会产生。新的选举法会在四月由下院批准。参议院的改革则需要更长时间,但明年会完成。The economy is at last showing glimmers of life. But as Mr Mattarella himself conceded, Italys prolonged economic crisis has damaged the countrys social fabric. He called for more reform of institutions, of public administration and of the judicial system. And he spoke of the need to combat corruption and organised crime—a highly personal theme, since he entered politics in 1980 only after the assassination by the Mafia of his brother, then Sicilys president.经济总是在末路时回光返照。正如马塔雷拉本人所说的,意大利长期的经济危机已经破坏了国家的社会结构。他呼吁更多的机构改革,司法系统改革和公共管理系统改革。马塔雷拉谈到了一个高度的个性化主题—打击腐败和有组织犯罪,因为马塔雷拉是在1980年其担任西西里大区时任主席的兄长被黑手党暗杀之后步入的政坛。翻译:上官喵 校对 王颖译文属译生译世 /201502/360022 When you think of Cuban exports, you probably think, cigars, sugar, and rum. But Cuba exports something of much greater value to third-world countries: doctors. Cuba has trained 23,000 foreign physicians for free at the Latin American School of Medicine near Havana.In 2001, Cuba opened the school to Americans.While in Cuba, we met one such American, Samantha Moore of Detroit, in her final year of medical school.Medical school is no picnic—whether youre in Cuba or the U.S.The day we met, it was nearly 90 degrees, and Moore had just finished a more than 24-hour shift on her surgery rotation. Yet she appeared cheerful and full of energy. ;There were so many cases last night for surgery alone, so we got swamped,; Moore says as she both laughs and sighs. ;I was in an operation at 5:00 a.m. this morning. Una appendicites.; (Appendicitis in English.)She takes us on a tour of the main hospital, which seems dated but not that different from U.S. hospitals—except many of the hallways and courtyards are open air. Many other buildings on the sprawling campus are a bit shabby. Some are being reconstructed.Moore rates her education in Cuba highly. Her textbooks are the same as those in American medical schools. She has a lot of interaction with patients. In her fourth year, her class went door-to-door for several weeks, teaching Havana residents how to protect themselves from dengue and the Zika virus.Shes assisted in many procedures as well.;Ive got to see hip surgeries, knee surgeries...and I can cast you, I know how to do the casting and everything. Its one of my favorites.;When I look surprised, she says, ;It is! I like putting people in casts!; and laughs.U.S. medical school was out of reach—so the dream was deferredWe sit under the shade of gigantic trees on the campus and I ask Moore to tell me her life story.Her path to medical school wasnt linear. She got a bachelors degree in math and computer science at the University of Detroit Mercy, and a masters in computer science at Lawrence Tech. She worked.;It wasnt that I didnt want to go to medical school,; says Moore. ;I couldnt afford to go to medical school.;Then, one day, she got a call from her dad, with news. ;You can become a doctor if you want to,; he said.Moores father had about the Latin American School of Medicine in the Michigan Chronicle. He urged her to apply, and he kept urging her, until she did. ;Youll be bilingual,; he argued, ;and youll be a doctor. You have nothing to lose and—its free!;With the average medical school debt in the U.S. about 0,000 dollars, free had a good ring to it. She applied, was accepted in the program, and, seven years later, seems to have no regrets.Not everything in Cubas health care system is rosyMoore says the big weakness with Cubas government-run health care system is financial. Theres not enough money to pay doctors, for medicine, for buildings, for tests. Thats not surprising, given the Cuban governments limited budget.And Moore says the U.S. embargo doesnt help. If a hospital in Cuba acquires a U.S.-made MRI or other machine, and it breaks down, it can mean long waits for patients who need tests.;They eventually find the parts, but its not something they can fix right away,; notes Moore. ;Where in the U.S., Oh, we need this part, we can special order it, and have it there in the afternoon or the very next day.;Whats next for MooreThe main goal of the Latin American School of Medicine is training primary care physicians to serve impoverished and underserved people in their home countries.Moore would like to be a family physician, but says the paperwork and staffing required to run such a practice in the U.S. is daunting; perhaps shell specialize in internal medicine and work in a clinic or hospital.;I would like it to do it in Michigan. I really would like to stay in Michigan.;Shell graduate in June. Cubas top leader Raul Castro is expected to attend the graduation ceremony.Like all doctors in the U.S., Moore will have to run the gauntlet of passing her exams when she returns to her native country—and then go through the nail-biting process of being matched with a hospital for her residency years.Meanwhile, medical students from Michigan State University found much to admire and criticize—when they saw Cubas approach to health care first-hand. Well have that story later as part of our series, Pure Cuba: Opportunities for Michigan.201605/441775江西上饶市韩美医院去胎记多少钱南昌大学上饶医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱



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