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横峰县脂肪丰胸价格上饶面部脱毛哪家医院好 双语新闻:胡主席白宫致辞全文英汉对照 -- :: 来源: Remarks by President Hu of the People‘s Republic of China at Official Arrival CeremonySouth Lawn9: A.M. EST总统先生,奥巴马夫人,女士们,先生们,朋友们:很高兴应奥巴马总统邀请,在一元复始的时节来到华盛顿,对美国进行国事访问此时此刻,我谨代表亿中国人民,向美国人民致以诚挚的问候和良好的祝愿!PRESIDENT HU: (As translated.) Mr. President, Mrs. Obama, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to come to Washington and pay a state visit to the ed States at the beginning of the new year, at the invitation of President Obama. At this point in time, let me extend, on behalf of the 1.3 billion Chinese people, sincere greetings and best wishes to the people of the ed States.我这次访问美国,是为增进互信、加强友谊、深化合作、推动1世纪积极合作全面的中美关系继续向前发展而来I have come to the ed States to increase mutual trust, enhance friendship, deepen cooperation, and push ward the positive, cooperative, and comprehensive China-U.S. relationship the 1st century.中美建交3年来,两国关系已经成长为具有战略意义和全球影响的双边关系奥巴马总统就职以来,在双方共同努力下,两国各领域合作成果丰硕,中美关系得到新的发展,为两国人民带来了实实在在的利益,为世界和平与发展作出了重要贡献Over the past 3 years, since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the China-U.S. relationship has grown into one with strategic significance and global influence. Since President Obama took office, with concerted efts of the two sides, our cooperation in various fields has produced fruitful results and our relations have achieved new progress. This has brought real benefits to our two peoples, and contributed greatly to world peace and development.在1世纪第二个十年开始之际,中美两国人民都期待中美关系发展得更好,各国人民都期待世界发展得更好面对新形势新挑战,中美两国拥有广泛的共同利益,肩负着重要的共同责任我们应该登高望远、求同存异,共同推动中美关系长期健康稳定发展我希望通过这次访问,推进积极合作全面的中美关系,开启两国伙伴合作新篇章As we enter the second decade of the 1st century, the people of both China and the ed States want to see further progress in our relations and people around the globe want to see greater prosperity in the world. Under the new circumstances, and in the face of new challenges, China and the ed States share broad common interests and important common responsibilities.We should adopt a long-term perspective, seek common ground while resolving differences, and work together to achieve sustained, sound, and steady development of our relations. I hope that through this visit, our two countries will advance the positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship, and open a new chapter in our cooperation as partners.——中美伙伴合作应该基于相互尊重我们生活在一个越来越丰富多的世界之中中美两国要尊重彼此对发展道路的选择,尊重对方核心利益,通过沟通加深了解,通过对话增进互信,通过交流扩大共识Our cooperation as partners should be based on mutual respect. We live in an increasingly diverse and colorful world. China and the ed States should respect each other’s choice of development path and each other‘s core interests. We should deepen mutual understanding through communication, increase mutual trust through dialogue, and expand common ground through exchanges.——中美伙伴合作应该基于互利共赢中国的前途命运日益紧密地同世界的前途命运联系在一起,中美交往更加紧密,交流互鉴应该成为我们的共同选择,合作共赢应该成为我们的相处之道Our cooperation as partners should be based on mutual benefit. China’s future and destiny are increasingly tied to those of the world and China-U.S. relations have become closer. Our two countries should seek to learn from each other through exchanges and achieve win-win progress through cooperation. This is the right approach us to develop our relations.——中美伙伴合作应该基于共迎挑战中美两国应该就国际事务加强沟通和协调,合作应对各种全球性挑战,为世界和平与发展作出更大贡献Our cooperation as partners should be based on joint efts to meet challenges. China and the ed States should step up communication and coordination in international affairs, work together to counter the global challenges, and make a greater contribution to world peace and development.——中美伙伴合作应该基于人民广泛参与中美两国人民相互怀有深厚的友好感情,曾经在决定人类前途命运的重大历史关头并肩战斗两国人民应该扩大交往、加强友谊,为中美关系发展提供不竭动力Our cooperation as partners should be based on the extensive involvement of the people. The Chinese and American people cherish deep friendship towards each other, and they fought side by side at defining moments in history when the future and the destiny of mankind were at stake. The two peoples should extend exchanges and enhance friendship. This will offer a inexhaustible driving ce the growth of our relations.女士们、先生们!当今世界正处在大发展大变革大调整时期,求和平、谋发展、促合作已经成为不可阻挡的时代潮流让我们抓住机遇、携手前行,共同加强中美伙伴合作,同世界各国一道推动建设持久和平、共同繁荣的和谐世界再次感谢总统先生对我们的热烈欢迎!Ladies and gentlemen, our world today is undergoing major development, major changes and major adjustments. To pursue peace, development and cooperation is the irresistible trend of our time. Let us seize the opporty to ge ahead, hand in hand, and work together to enhance cooperation as partners, and let us work with all other countries to build a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.Thank you once again, Mr. President, your warm welcome. (Applause.)PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you very much. Thank you.江西省上饶韩美医院隆胸多少钱

上饶隆鼻多少钱为回馈观众们对《星球大战7新片那激动不已的心情,一大批“暴风兵”在中国长城上集合亮相 Violinist Richard O'Neill (L) poses after winning the "Arts Programming" award "Hello?! Orchestra" during the 1st International Emmy Awards Gala in New York, the ed States, Nov 5, .上饶隆鼻医院上饶韩美整形医院打玻尿酸多少钱



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