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Fonts are brillo, they come in all shapes and sizes and colours. That doesnt mean youre allowed to go mad and use just ANY font though: these ones are banned, for the public good.字体千姿百态,从形状,大小到颜色各有不同。然而,这并不意味着你可以肆无忌惮地使用任何字体。在公共场合,有一些字体是禁用的。Step 1: Arial1.ArialArials been around so long, now, that its comforting and familiar in the same way that makes middle-aged men trade in their wives for a younger, sexier model. Arial is therefore the pixel equivalent of a frumpy, disappointing housewifeArial已经面世太长时间了,已经太舒适,太熟悉了,就像一个中年男子想要把自己的妻子换成更年轻,更性感的模特的那种感觉。因此,Arial字体就像没见过世面的失望的家庭主妇。Step 2: Times New Roman2.Times New RomanTimes New Roman is rarely appropriate in a futuristic web2.0-enabled society. Its clumsy, and has weird ugly sharp twisty bits coming off each of the letters. Ack, what a mess. Pick something properly classy like Verdana or Calibri, and let Times die.在比较新潮的web2.0互联网时代,Times New Roman是非常不适用的。这种字体非常笨拙,在每个字母的末尾都有非常丑陋的弯曲的一点。乱七八糟。选择Verdana或Calibri这样比较经典的字体,让最先使用Times New Roman的泰晤士报去死吧。Step 3: Papyrus3.PapyrusPapyrus makes everything you type look like it was written in Ancient Greece!, albeit by a ROBOT FROM THE FUTURE. Thats not a good thing. If youre using it, why not go whole hog and flip the colour to green and write “Save the trees! Please dont print this e-mail unless you really need to...” in your email signature like any of your emails are worth printing off.Papyrus从任何角度看上去都像是古希腊文,不过是由来自未来的机器人书写的。这并不是好事。如果你正在使用这种字体,为什么不更彻底一点,在你的邮件签名中,把颜色调成绿色和白色,书写“拯救树木!请不要打印此邮件,除非确实需要!”这样看上去好像你的邮件都值得打印出来一样。Step 4: Comic Sans4.Comic SansThe granddaddy of all unusable fonts. Initially intended to be a quick comic book substitute, Comic Sans quickly found itself over used to the point of eye-bleeding saturation, and is now rarely seen outside the realm of ignorant passive aggressive office notes.这是所有不适用的字体的鼻祖。最初用于一本喜剧书籍,后来,Comic Sans字体逐渐被滥用到令人眼睛充血的饱和状态,现在,在被动的具有攻击性的疏忽的办公室便条之外已经很少使用。Step 5: Curlz5.Curlz“Look at me!”, this font says. “Look at how what I write perfectly embodies the sort of person I am! Im a bit crazy, and a bit different. I stand out!”这种字体说,“看看我!看一下我书写的多么完美,体现了我是多么完美的一个人!我有点个性张扬,有点与众不同,我鹤立鸡群!”It doesnt matter that you cant actually what theyre writing, because the sort of person that chooses a nonsense font like this invariably hasnt got anything important to say anyway.你认不出他们写的是什么并不重要,因为选择这种毫无意义的字体的人没有任何重要的事情要说。Invariably written in pink, and accompanied by acres of rubbishy clip art.有人还偏偏喜欢选用粉红色字体,还用大量垃圾一样的艺术字。TRUE STORY: the email invite to last years VideoJug Christmas Party was written entirely in red and green ‘Curlz and the entire office was SICK BLOOD.一个真实的故事:去年VideoJug的圣诞节派对邀请函就是完全用红色和绿色的Curlz字体书写的,办公室所有人都感到恶心。In short: be careful about which fonts you use, because the wrong one makes you look like a proper wally.简言之,谨慎选择自己使用的字体,因为错误的字体会让你看上去像个十足的笨蛋。Thanks for watching The Top Five Fonts To Never Ever Use感谢收看“永远不要使用的五种字体”视频节目。201209/200102

故事的背景是上世纪30、40年代,珍珠港战争爆发前后的上海。战争的阴云笼罩着世界,各国谍报人员云集在这个看似奢靡繁华、歌舞升平的孤岛上,他们为了各自的信仰和使命,穿梭在这个即将沉沦的都市里。这一特殊时期,不知有多少改变国家命运的秘密被历史掩埋,多少无名英雄默默地为祖国奋斗。《东风·雨》项目描写的就是在这个大背景下一段谍报精英的精壮烈的传奇故事。 《东风·雨》反映的是一部拯救人类和平的英雄史诗;是一部闪耀着人性光芒的鸿篇巨制;更是一部呼唤和平的现代启示录。 Spies infiltrate China's big screenPerhaps the only thing that's not mysterious about spies is that they are becoming an increasingly popular feature in China's film and TV dramas. And the reason for that is, well that spies are mysterious. In late April, "East Wind, Rain" will join the growing list of flicks about the shadowy lives of secret agents. In today's Spotlight, we take a look at this new spy film as well as the growing trend. At a recent event to launch the film's official website, director Liu Yunlong led a cast of Chinese A-listers, including Fan Bingbing, Li Xiaoran, and Wang Baoqiang to meet the press. "East Wind, Rain" is actor-turned-director Liu Yunlong's silver screen directorial debut. The espionage thriller takes place against the backdrop of old Shanghai during the 1940s when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred and the espionage wars between various countries was heating up. During World War Two, Japan allegedly prearranged coded weather forecasts to alert its diplomats overseas of ensuing attacks on a foreign country. "North Wind, Cloudy" would mean the Soviet Union; "West Wind, Clear" means Britain while "East Wind, Rain" meant the ed States, or more specifically, Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Liu himself directs and takes the lead role in this film. He plays An Ming, a Chinese agent who works undercover as a pianist in a local pub. He decodes the "East Wind, Rain" message and tries to pass along the intelligence. Popular Chinese actress Fan Bingbing plays a spy opposite Liu. As a veteran actor, Liu Yunlong has previously taken the role as a Chinese James Bond-type in conspiracy TV shows he directed like "Mist of Blood", "Sun at Dusk", and "Plot Against", a 2005 hit which was based on a same novel. The three-chapter TV series unveiled the mysteries underlying China's intelligence agency in the 1930s, 50s and 60s respectively. The shows were a tribute to honor, ideals, and patriotism. Even rarer than the difficult themes are the commercial success and the frenzied response the series achieved among both audiences and critics. Directing his first film, Liu says he wants to make it as flawless as possible. Liu Yunlong, Director of "East Wind, Rain", said, "As the director, I'm the third eye for the actors. I always want to suggest another possibility for them so they can be better." The sweetheart of China's big and small screens, Fan Bingbing is her own worst critic. Fan Bingbing, Actress of "East Wind, Rain", said, "As professional actors, we should always be one step ahead of the director in terms of acting. If the director has aly made his suggestions, that is to say that I didn't fulfill my task and I should blame myself." Liu is approaching that goal scrupulously, as evidenced by the effort put into filming just the opening four minutes of the film. The opening scene of "East Wind, Rain" took 20 days to shoot and involved nearly 35-hundred extras, and half of them were foreigners. That means Liu had to hire ten translators to help him during shooting. "East Wind, Rain" will opens across China on April 22nd. 201004/100648

Twelve cute baby Pandas spending the Winter at Cheng Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding are attracting a lot of visitors. Meanwhile, two more of the cute litte creatures from Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan province are enjoying winter in Yantai, Shandong Province.The Sichuan pandas, named Qingfeng and Huaao, were moved to Yantais Nanshan Park in April last year. This is their first winter there and they seem to be enjoying the change in scene, especially when it snows.According to the caretaker, The baby pandas are fed 30 to 40 kilograms of bamboo a day, and also need some supplementary food, including steamed corn b, carrots and apples.Huaao has gained over 10 kilograms since autumn, while Qingfeng has gained 9 kilograms.十二只可爱的熊猫宝宝在大熊猫繁育基地过冬吸引了不少参观者。与此同时,两只四川卧龙自然保护区的可爱小动物也正在山东烟台享受冬季。据照料者称,熊猫宝宝每天要吃30 至 40公斤的竹子,也需要一些辅助食物,包括蒸玉米面包,胡萝卜和苹果。201201/167289

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