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Everyone has a bad financial habit. We live in a country that spends billions on advertising to make us want to make purchases; However, if you are looking to make change and break your bad financial habits use these tips. Remember: even though the habits are hard to break and require conscientious effort, there is payoff.每个人都会有些不良的理财习惯。我们的国家在广告上花费数十亿,引诱我们花钱购物。然而,如果你想改掉自己糟糕的理财习惯,那么可以采纳以下建议。记住:即使坏习惯很难改正,需要持之以恒,但只要努力,总会有回报。1. Pay bills when you receive them. Think of all the stress and anxiety that you experience when you put off paying your bills. When you receive the email notification or open the bill in the mail, take care of it. It will only take five minutes, and you won#39;t be swamped with bills at the last minute.1. 到手的账单及时付。当你拖着账单不付的时候,想想堆起来的这些账单以后会带给你的压力和焦虑。留心电邮的通知和邮箱的账单。查看账单只需5分钟,却可以免除你在最后一分钟被未付款账单淹没的窘境。2. Use cash and not your card. You must have had a hard time controlling the amount of swipe purchases you are making. Minimize this urge by using your ATM card once a week to withdraw the amount of money you have allotted yourself for the week. Keep your cards at home, and even stow your credit cards in a hard to reach place in your closet to keep you from using them.2.用现金代替卡。你肯定碰到过刷卡购物时难以控制金额的这种情况。要减小花钱的刺激,方法是每周仅使用一次提款卡,这仅有一次是提出你下周要用的钱。平时不要把卡带出门,为了避免使用信用卡,甚至可以把他们藏在壁橱里难以触及的位置。3. Buy only what you really need. Most of us take impulsive shopping trips to buy items we really don#39;t really need. Some claim shopping eases their tension, gets their mind off of other things, or gives them a boost of happiness. Take the time to figure out what spurs you to buy unnecessary items. Try to replace shopping with some hobbies like riding your bike or taking a walk with friends.3. 购买真正需要的物品。大多数人都会冲动购物,买一些并不真正缺少的商品。有些人说,购物可以缓解压力,把注意力从其他事情上移开,或者提升幸福感。你应该去弄清楚是什么刺激你购买那些无用的商品,还应该其他爱好替代购物,比如骑车或者和朋友散步。4. Track your expenses. Sometimes restaurants and businesses will charge you the wrong amount, but you won#39;t have the receipt to back up your claim. Other times, you might have insufficient funds for the check you just wrote. Keep your receipts, and spend a few minutes every night to double check your charges, and know the current balance of your bank account. It beats getting overcharged or having to pay an overdraft fee.4. 核对费用清单。有时候,饭店和商户会多收费,你却没有收据为自己讨说法。或者,你可能开了票,账户里却余额不足。你应该把收据保存起来,每天晚上花上几分钟核对两遍费用出,清楚自己眼下的账户余额。这样做可以避免消费超额和透。5. Check your credit score annually. Get in the habit of checking your credit score to make sure there are no errors or inaccuracies. If you do notice something wrong, you can send in correction letters, so your applications for credit cards, car loans, or a mortgage are approved.5. 每年查看信用评分。养成查看信用评分的习惯,确认没什么差错。如果真的发现数据有误,可以发送修正信件到,这样他们就可以对你的信用卡、汽车贷款和房屋贷款的申请进行审核了。 /201212/217552

One of the most common questions that gets asked is "When should I kiss the girl?" 男人们最常问的问题就是“我什么时候可以吻她?” The number one thing men worry about is rejection. No man wants to attempt to kiss a woman only to get shut down on the spot. Most men are so scared that they won't even bother trying to a kiss a girl! 男人最害怕的事莫过于被拒绝了。当男人想要与女孩接吻时被拒绝,这种感觉没有几个男人受得了。大多数男人害怕被拒绝,所以连尝试亲吻女生的想法也被扼杀在了摇篮里。 So when do you know when a girl is y to be kissed and how can you make her want to kiss you? 那么,你怎么知道一个女生什么时候准备好你去亲她?又或者让她主动来亲你? /201111/160310

3 kinds of false friends you must fire from your life离开误交的三类朋友I often blog posts, here at Forbes and on other platforms, that spark further thought. I just one at Inc.com, by Jeff Haden, about the types of people you should remove from your inner circle if you’re a business owner.我经常在福布斯和其他网站上读一些客帖子,有些帖子发人深省。我最近在Inc.com网站上读了一篇杰夫.哈登写的帖子,帖子讲的是企业主应远离的几类人。It got me reflecting on the folks I’ve removed from my life over the years (not removed in the Mafioso sense – I mean ‘stopped interacting with’), or those I’ve encouraged others to remove. It might sound callous or draconian, but I’m convinced that life is too short to have people around you on a daily basis who make it more difficult to succeed or to be happy.Now of course, we all have days when even the folks we’re fondest of – friends, colleagues, family – make us want to tear our hair out. That’s not what I ‘m talking about (that’s life on the planet). I’m talking about those folks who consistently make your life harder or less pleasant.So, here’s my observation of the three types of people to invite out of your life:这让我不禁想到了几年间那些被我从我的生活中消除的人(我的意思是“停止交往”,而不是黑手党意义上的消除),和那些我劝别人疏远的人。这听起来可能有些冷漠无情,但是我坚信人生苦短,我们不应该让那些阻碍我们成功和快乐的人整日出现在身边。有时候即使是我们最喜欢的朋友、同事和家人也会是我们发狂,但那不是我要说的情况(这个星球的生活就是这样)。我要说的是那些总是你的生活充满困难和不快的人。下面的三类人,就是我通过观察认为你应当远离的人。Energy vampires. Some people just wear you out; you feel more tired and stressed, less vital after interacting with them. These folks seem to believe that the main job of their friends and colleagues is to help them feel better. I once had a friend who required hours and hours of “processing” – his pain, difficulty, emotional upheaval, the unfairness of his past life: everything needed to be gone over ad infinitim. Sadly, no matter how deeply you listen, no matter how much counsel you offer, no matter how much you put your own needs on the back burner to support these folks, it will not be enough. Think about the friends and colleagues who consistently take more from you than they give back, and ask yourself why you’re still offering yourself to be sucked dry.精力吸血鬼。一些人总让你精疲力尽,与他们交往后,你感到很累很压抑,甚至萎靡不振。这些人似乎认为朋友和同事的主要工作就是使自己过得好。我曾经有一个朋友,他分秒不停地“诉苦”——关于他过去的生活所经历的痛苦、遇到的困难、遭遇的情感挫折和不公平待遇。每件事他都要无休止地讲下去。可悲的是,无论你多么用心聆听,无论你提出多少建议,无论你为了帮助他们放下自己手头多少事,在他们看来似乎都显得不够。想想你的那些朋友和同事,他们从你那里拿走的远超过归还的,然后问问自己,为何还要让他们吸取你的精力。I Me Mine: My brother used to be married to someone who expected much more from others, on a daily basis, than she was willing to give. For instance, she had no problem asking someone to babysit for her child, or watch her house, or run an errand for her…but when it came time to reciprocate, somehow it just never seemed possible. When she came to visit, everything had to be oriented to accommodate her: the foods she required, the quietest room with the proper light, the cats farmed out to friends because of her allergies. No such accommodations were possible when others visited her. “I Me Mine” people are the center of their own universe, and if they’re in your life, you are always going to have to work around their needs and preferences. Collaboration, reciprocity and give and take are not part of their vocabulary. Do what you can to minimize your interactions with these folks (although they may let you know in no uncertain terms that you’re being unreasonable or unfair not to be available to fulfill their every whim).我,我的。我弟弟曾和一位女士结了婚,这位女士总期望别人为她出更多的力,而她自己却很少付出。例如,她毫不客气地让别人帮她照看孩子,看管房屋,或者跑腿等等。但当别人有事请她帮忙时,几乎不可能。她去拜访别人时,衣食住行都要符合其要求:食物要合口;住房必须安静且光线适中;由于她对猫过敏,主人要托朋友看管猫。当别人回访她时,却根本得不到这样的待遇。“我,我的”这类人总是以自己的世界为中心。如果你和他们一起生活,你将不得不总是围绕他们的需要和喜好工作。在他们的字典里从来没有诸如“合作”“互助”“互相谦让”之类的字眼。你要尽量减少与这些人来往(尽管他们可能明确告诉你,如果不满足他们每次的心血来潮,你会显得多么不公,多么不近人情)。Liars. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times – why are you still on the list of people whose calls I return? If someone is consistently unreliable, or tells you things that aren’t true, or says one thing to you and another thing to someone else in order to protect themselves….cut them loose. Liars are the worst. Energy Vampires and I Me Mines are a pain and make your life more difficult – but Liars can create honest-to-goodness legal and moral problems.说谎者。愚弄我一次,你真不害臊;愚弄我两次,我真丢脸;愚弄我三次——我为什么还和你交往(我都不会再回你电话了)?如果一个人一直以来都不可靠,总是告诉你一些不真实的事,并且为了保护他自己的利益,总是当面一套背地一套,你应当远离这样的人。说谎者最可恶。“精力吸血鬼”和“我,我的”这两类人只是让你痛苦或者活得更艰难些,但说谎者却能真正造成一些法律和道德问题。The great thing to realize is that you actually have the power to do this. You don’t need have to these people in your life. You can kindly but firmly minimize your interactions with them. And that frees you up to invite wonderful people into your life.重要的是,你应该意识到实际上你有能力去做这件事。在生活中,你不需要这些人。你可以友好但要坚决地减少与他们的交往。这样一来,你就可以自由地邀请一些令你愉快的人进入你的生活了。 /201211/211477

One of our great symbols is the American flag,13 red and white stripes corresponding to the number of original stats on a rectangular piece of color, one corner blue with 50 white stars for 50 states.  美国的象征之一是国旗,长方形布上13道红白相间的条纹表示美国原来的州数,蓝色一角上印着的50颗白星代表50个州。  You see the flag everywhere now, "what so proudly we hail.” It means the World Trade Center happened to all of us. "We're proud to be Americans, "say flags on front porches in small towns across the country. Some homes seem to have been built to fly the flag. This wouldn't be complete without it; just perfect. "We're American too" say the flags inelegant glued to the city apartment windows. The declaration of patriotic intent is everywhere, the simplest as persuasive as the displays where one was considered not enough. Rockefeller Center with 150 beauties is in show business, a stirring sight although it's unlikely that management there loves our country more than the owner of the smallest small business, displaying just one.  现在是四处都能看到国旗,"是什么让我们感到骄傲。"那表示世贸中心事件与每个美国人息息相联。美国各小城镇的前廊悬挂着的国旗体现出"身为美国人的自豪"。有些房子仿佛就是为了挂国旗而建的。没有国旗便不完整;挂上后便完美了。"我们也是美国人"--这是斜贴在这所市内公寓窗外的国旗传达出的信息。处处洋溢着爱国宣言,从小处看最能让人信这一点,比如,有些人认为挂一面国旗还不足够。洛克菲勒中心高高飘起150面美丽的美国国旗,景象令人叹为观止,但这并不说明此处的管理者就比只挂出一面国旗的小商店店主更爱国。  The Annin flag company makes most American flags. They have more business than they can do now. You don't have to go to Annin to buy a flag though. Flag sales are a street corner cottage industry. Furtive operatives set up shops, to them the buck means more than the banner.   安宁国旗公司出产全美大部分的国旗。现在他们的生意是应接不暇。但要买国旗并不非得到安宁公司。街角也有出售国旗的摊子。对于那些偷偷售卖国旗的街贩,钱比国旗更重要。   The color of our flag and the numbers of stars and stripes are ordained, but there is no rule regarding dimension. There are tiny flags on sticks made in China. This grand flag is so big on a building in New York that it had to be continued around the corner. This beauty hangs from the side wall of a fire house. And you wouldn't want a dirty flag so they wash them.  美国国旗的颜色、星星的数目、横条都是规定好了的,但尺寸大小就没有限制。也有中国制造的小签国旗。纽约一栋大楼外的国旗巨大得要转弯接着挂起。消防局的墙上挂着一面国旗。如果不想挂脏国旗就像他们一样拿去清洗吧。 /201109/154502

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