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上饶市注射丰太阳穴多少钱上饶玉山县副乳切除多少钱上饶德兴市注射丰唇一针多少钱 Got a difficult decision to make? Why not mull it over auf deutsch?面临艰难的抉择?为什么不试试用德语来思考?A new study suggested that people are prone to make more sound, less risky decisions if they are thinking in a language other than their native tongue.一项新的研究结果显示,当人们用母语之外的语言思考的时候,往往更能做出理智而非轻率的决定。The series of experiments, conducted by Boaz Keysar of the University of Chicago, led the scientists to believe that ‘using a foreign language reduces decision-making bias,’ Dr Keysar’s team wrote.美国芝加哥大学的宝姿·凯莎教授带领其学生进行了相关研究,他们的研究成果向科学界实——如凯莎教授的研究团队在发表的文章中所述——“使用外语能够减少决策过程中的母语偏见。”Their findings, published in an April 18 Psychological Science study, say that human reasoning is shaped by both systematic, rational ideas, and another that’s emotionally-charged and rapid.他们的研究报告刊登在4月18日的《心理科学研究》中,报告指出,人的逻辑思维分成两个部分,其一是系统的、理性的思维,另一种是情感充裕、迅速的思维。The team gathered 54 UC students who knew Spanish as a second language to place bets on a coin toss.研究团队对芝加哥大学内54名以西班牙语为第二语言的学生进行了调查,参加实验的学生被要求参加猜硬币正反面的游戏。Each student was given in dollar bills, and could bet at a time on either heads or tails. If they bet and won, they could win .50, and lost nothing if they did not bet.每名参与调查的学生都有15美元可下注,每次用1美元猜抛出的硬币是正面还是反面。如果他们猜对了,就可以赢得1.5美元。如果他们不下注,就不会损失任何钱。When they were given the experiment in English, the students acted narrow-mindedly, and took the bet only about half of the time.当这些学生们在实验过程中说英语的时候,他们思路狭窄,在游戏中有一半的时间内并没有下注。But when the same students heard instructions in Spanish, they bet 74 per cent of the time.但是当研究者们用西班牙语讲述游戏规则的时候,这些参与调查的学生在游戏74%的时间里都愿意下注。The conclusion, then, these scientists believe, is that thinking in a foreign language distances people from snap emotional decisions, allowing decisions to be more logical.研究者们相信,这项实验明,使用外语思考能够避免人们在做决定时感情用事,过于轻率,从而使人们做出更符合逻辑的决定。The hope, they wrote, is that people can think in foreign languages to make more prudent financial and economic decisions.研究人们表示,他们希望人们在进行金融和经济方面的决策时,通过运用外语思考来做出更理智的决定。 /201404/293873上饶横峰县去抬头纹多少钱

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上饶脱毛整容医院Depression is the second most common cause of disability worldwide after back pain, according to a review of research.据B新闻网站4月3日报道,研究显示,抑郁是引发身心障碍的第二大原因,仅次于背痛。The disease must be treated as a global public health priority, experts report in the journal PLOS Medicine.美国著名医学杂志《PLOS Medicine》的专家报告称,必须将抑郁作为全球公众健康首要问题来对待。The study compared clinical depression with more than 200 other diseases and injuries as a cause of disability.该研究将临床抑郁症与其他200多种引发身心障碍的疾病和伤痛进行了对比。Globally, only a small proportion of patients have access to treatment, the World Health Organization says.世界卫生组织表示,全世界仅有小部分病人得到了治疗。Depression was ranked at number two as a global cause of disability, but its impact varied in different countries and regions. For example, rates of major depression were highest in Afghanistan and lowest in Japan. In the UK, depression was ranked at number three in terms of years lived with a disability.抑郁已成为世界第二大身心健康影响因素,但其影响因国家和地区而异。比如,重度抑郁的比例在阿富汗最高,在日本最低。在英国,困扰病人最久的健康问题中,抑郁排在第三。Dr Alize Ferrari from the University of Queensland#39;s School of Population Health led the study.昆士兰大学人口卫生学院的阿利兹·费拉里(Alize Ferrari)士负责此项研究。;Depression is a big problem and we definitely need to pay more attention to it than we are now,; she told B News.她在接受B采访时说,“抑郁是个大问题,我们必须予以更多的关注。”;There#39;s still more work to be done in terms of awareness of the disease and also in coming up with successful ways of treating it.“要让人们意识到这种疾病的严重性,研发成功的治疗方法,我们任重而道远。”;The burden is different between countries, so it tends to be higher in low and middle income countries and lower in high income countries.;“各国人民承担的压力不同,中低收入国家往往负担更重,而高收入国家负担较低。”Policy-makers had made an effort to bring depression to the forefront, but there was a lot more work to be done, she added.她接着说道,决策者们曾努力使抑郁问题得到重视,但还有许多工作要做。;There#39;s lots of stigma we know associated with mental health,; she explained.“我们知道许多病症和心理健康有关。”她解释道。;What one person recognises as disabling might be different to another person and might be different across countries as well, there are lots of cultural implications and interpretations that come in place, which makes it all the more important to raise awareness of the size of the problem and also signs and how to detect it.;“对病症的理解因人而异,有可能各国的解释都有差异,一个国家独有的文化内涵和诠释在其中起了重要作用。因此,让人们认识到问题的严重性,了解病症和诊断方法,显得更加重要。”The data - for the year 2010 - follows similar studies in 1990 and 2000 looking at the global burden of depression.2010年的数据是采用1990年和2000年研究全球抑郁负担的类似方法得出的。Commenting on the study, Dr Daniel Chisholm, a health economist at the department for mental health and substance abuse at the World Health Organization said depression was a very disabling condition.丹尼尔·奇泽姆(Daniel Chisholm)士是世界卫生组织心理健康与药物滥用署的健康经济学家,他说抑郁非常容易导致健康问题。;It#39;s a big public health challenge and a big problem to be reckoned with but not enough is being done.“这是对公众健康的巨大挑战,是应认真对待的大问题,现在做得还远远不够。”;Around the world only a tiny proportion of people get any sort of treatment or diagnosis.;“全世界仅有一小部分病人得到相应的治疗或诊断。”The WHO recently launched a global mental health action plan to raise awareness among policy-makers.世界卫生组织最近启动了一项全球心理健康行动计划,以便提升决策者们对此问题的认识。 /201404/290135 德兴市妇幼保健院打瘦脸针多少钱上饶韩美整形医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱



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