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玉山县注射丰唇一针多少钱江西省韩美整形医院口腔美容中心3.Flooding Therapy3.满灌疗法Phobias, extreme and irrational fears, can cause much anxiety and pain. But never fear; anxiety caused by spiders, dogs, and even elevators can all be alleviated through flooding, an intense form of exposure therapy that requires patients to face their fears.恐惧、惊骇会引发焦虑和痛苦。但不用担心,满灌疗法(患者直面他们所恐惧的情景),能帮患者摆脱害怕蜘蛛、,甚至害怕电梯的心理焦虑。Irrational fears are cured by exposing the patient to the fear-inducing object over a long period of time. For example, a person looking to get rid of his fear of dogs may start by just looking at photos of dogs under the supervision of a trained professional. Therapy continues with an ;exposure; to dogs in person and eventually working up the courage to pet actual puppies. The slow pace of learning to manage fear has proven to have high success rates in gently treating anxiety, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder.让患者长时间接触他所恐惧的事物,能治愈他对此事物产生的莫名恐惧。譬如,要让患者摆脱;恐症;,专业人士一开始会引导他们尝试着去看的照片。接下来治疗师会让患者和;直接接触;,最终激发他抚摸宠物的勇气。试着战胜恐惧的缓慢过程,对焦虑、恐惧和创伤后应激障碍等症状疗效显著。Flooding therapy works just like exposure therapy, except there is nothing slow about it. Patients will be asked to face full-on fear in the first visit. There is no gradual introduction to the feared object, and flooding can be quite intense. Dog-phobic individuals will be asked to play with puppies right away and elevator-hating people will spend their first flooding session riding the lift without breaks. Flooding therapy evokes a strong anxiety response that in theory, will exhaust the patient into letting go of the irrational fear.满灌疗法和暴露疗法一样直截了当:患者第一次求医,医生就会让他们直面所有令其恐惧的场景。满灌疗法带来的刺激十分强烈,因为这种疗法不是循序渐进的,不会让患者慢慢接触他所恐惧的事物——理疗师会安排害怕的患者直接和小玩耍,让害怕乘坐电梯的患者直接去乘坐电梯。满灌疗法的原理,是激发患者内心强烈的焦虑感,进而消除恐惧感。However, critics say that intense exposures may not be therapeutic but instead traumatic to people aly struggling with extreme fear. In some cases, flooding actually makes the phobia worse. There is no way to know if a patient will respond well to flooding therapy, so the general consensus is that slow and steady wins the race.然而,有批评者指出,这样的暴露疗法不但不会起到治疗效果,反而会适得其反,让已经备受恐惧折磨的患者更加痛苦。的确,有患者接受满灌疗法后,恐惧感有增无减。患者是否会对满灌疗法产生不良反应,无法预测;所以,使用满灌疗法时不急于求成,效果可能更好。2.Puppet Therapy2.玩偶疗法Dragons, pigs, and puppies can help you learn to deal with an overbearing boss, an annoying neighbor, or a troublesome child. Puppets play an important role in therapy by helping patients express emotions and practice difficult conversations in the safe company of a stuffed animal. As they practice being assertive with a toothy tiger puppet, patients might feel freer to stand up for themselves outside of therapy. Puppets make it easier for patients, especially children, to practice expressing difficult emotions, discuss abuse, or practice social skills in a playful way.龙、猪、小等一些玩偶可以帮助你学会怎样应对一个难以忍受的老板、一个令人厌烦的邻居,或是一个难以管教的孩子。玩偶在治疗中很重要,不仅能够帮助病人表达感情,而且在填充玩具的陪伴下,病人可以安全地练习有难度的对话。如果病人能在张牙舞爪的老虎玩偶面前保持勇敢自信,那么他们可能会在治疗之外更自然地相信自己。玩偶使得病人,尤其是孩子们,在练习表达复杂的感情、讨论被虐待的情况或者实践社交技能时更加容易,方式更加有趣。Puppets create a safe distance between the therapist and patient, so it feels more comfortable speaking through the puppet. Trained therapists can creatively mirror the child’s problems, which makes introducing difficult topics easier. For example, a girl struggling with moving to a new town is told that the puppet has just moved, too.玩偶在治疗师和病人之间创造了一段安全的距离,所以通过玩偶来说话会让人感到更舒。训练有素的治疗师能够创造性地反映出孩子的问题,这也使得进入有难度的话题变得容易。比如,一个纠结于搬到新城市的女孩得知玩偶也已经搬过去了。The therapist interviews the puppet, rather than the patient, which gives the patient license to say whatever they feel. Puppets, and other forms of play therapy, have proven to be excellent ways to teach autistic children social skills or to practice imaginative thought.治疗师会询问玩偶而不是病人,这给了病人说出所有他们的感受的许可。玩偶,以及其他治疗形式,已经被明是自闭症儿童学习社交技巧或是锻炼想象力的绝佳方法。1.Horticulture Therapy1.园艺疗法Imagine the patience and knowledge it takes to grow a tiny seed into a strong tree. In horticulture therapy, therapists combine their love for nature with their expertise in mental health to teach those skills. Much like equine therapy uses the horse to teach skills, horticulture therapists use plants to convey different lessons and skills. Working in prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes, therapists initiate conversation while gardening or crafting pinecone bird feeders.试想让一颗种子长大成一棵大树需要花费的耐心和知识。在园艺疗法中,治疗师们结合他们对自然的爱和精神健康方面的专业知识去教授这些技能。很像马匹疗法中用马匹教会患者一些生活技能,园艺疗法用植物去传授不同经验和技能。在监狱、医院和疗养院的治疗师们,会借用进行园艺工作或者制造松果喂鸟机的机会展开对话。As groups work together to plant flowers or grow gardens, therapists lead conversations on confidence and teamwork. Horticulture therapy is especially useful for people with disabilities. Activities can be designed for people in wheelchairs or with other special needs. Anyone can delight in the happiness of watching a flower grow. It can be a great source of pride to watch a planted seed grow and be instrumental in its care. By connecting with nature, patients find calmness to bring into their own lives.当每个组一起种花或打理果园时,治疗师们会引导患者谈论信心和合作的话题。园艺疗法对身患残疾的人特别有帮助。可以为坐在轮椅上的或有其他特殊需求的人设计活动。任何人在看到花儿成长时都会感到幸福和喜悦。看到种下的种子不断成长,并且自己的呵护有了作用,这会带来一种极大的自豪感。通过与自然相联系,病人们将平静带进了自己的生活中。审校:Amy.L 编辑:Freya然 校对:落花生 /201507/385683上饶永久冰点脱毛价格 上饶去蝴蝶斑多少钱

玉山县去痘坑多少钱I stood on the ledge of a skyscraper and looked down at the cars—tiny specks, really—driving by on the street below. All that stood between me and the pavement was hundreds of feet of air.我站在一幢天大楼的窗台,俯视着街道上一辆辆犹如小蚂蚁的汽车。我和地面之间只隔着几百英尺厚的空气。Suddenly, a woman’s voice jolted me from my near-hypnosis: Step out, she said. Walk around.突然,一个女性的声音让我从将近催眠的状态中惊醒过来:“迈出去,走一走。”Well, sure. Why not? (I told myself this with my usual cavalier attitude about danger.) Then my brain took over and my feet refused to budge for fear of falling off the edge. Nope—not going to happen, I told her.好吧,当然,为什么不呢?(我对危险的态度就是如此漫不经心。)随后,我的大脑突然变得清醒,我的脚也拒绝向前迈出一步。我告诉那个女声:“不,我不会那样做的。”This was my first try of Oculus Rift, the virtual-reality goggles that can place a person wearing them into a sort of uncanny game. Despite my initial skepticism, the technology seemed all-too realistic—to the point that I couldn’t overcome my natural instinct for self-preservation. Intellectually, I knew full-well I was standing safely inside a former military warehouse in San Francisco with a ridiculous looking electronic device strapped to me head. But my brain overrode logic and left me immobilized.这是我第一次亲身体验Oculus Rift头戴式显示器。这款虚拟现实设备可以让人体验一些不可思议的视频游戏。尽管我一开始有点怀疑,但这种技术给人的感觉实在太真实了,甚至让我差点失去了自我保护的本能。理智上,我深知我的本体还安安全全地待在旧金山一座废弃的军事仓库里,头上戴着这个看起来很怪异的电子设备。但我的大脑却失去了逻辑,让我动弹不得。Last year, in a bit of a head-scratching move, Facebook FB -0.67% acquired the startup behind this headset, Oculus VR, for billion. The sci-fi technology seemed like a big departure for a company best known for a social network filled vacation photos, s of cute kittens, and parents sharing silly stories about their children. But Facebook has big plans for Oculus that include games, movies, and virtual doctor appointments. The goal is to bring people together in ways they never could before, Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, said last week at the company’s developer conference.去年Facebook做出了一个当时看来令人难以理解的决定,以20亿美元的天价收购了该设备的制造商——创业公司Oculus VR。这项科幻技术貌似与Facebook的主业大相径庭——Facebook给人的印象就是个用来分享旅游照片、萌宠视频和萌娃的社交网络。但对于Oculus,Facebook却有着雄心勃勃的计划,包括视频游戏、电影和虚拟就诊预约等领域。上周,Facebook首席科技官麦克o斯科罗普夫在该公司的开发者会议上表示,Oculus VR的目标是要以前所未有的方式将人们聚合在一起。He used the example of his daughter’s birthday party and how some friends and family had missed it. In the future, they could instead wear Oculus to put themselves in the middle of the celebration, even if they are really thousands of miles away. “I wish that everyone would have been teleported to that moment,” Schroepfer told the audience.他举了自己女儿的例子。在女儿的生日宴会上,有些朋友和亲人因为有事没能来参加。在未来,即便他们身在千里之外,他们也可以戴着Oculus置身于宴会上。斯科罗普夫对参会者表示:“当时我真希望每个人都能被‘传输’到宴会现场。”Well, Facebook vision for Oculus is certainly ambitious. But there’s still a lot of technical work to be done to live up to the hype, as Schroepfer ily acknowledged. (The Oculus headset isn’t yet available to the general public. For now, only software developers can buy the headset to toy around with and invent ways to use it.) Moreover, does wearing bulky goggles that preclude face-to-face contact really bring you closer to friends and family? Or does it create distance and isolation?Facebook显然为Oculus设定了雄心勃勃的未来。不过就连斯科罗普夫自己也承认,Oculus还有大量技术工作要做。(Oculus头盔目前还不对大众开放。目前只有软件开发者可以购买这种设备,然后开发使用它的方式。)另外,戴着这种笨重的设备,是否真的能让你离亲人和朋友更近?还是会导致人与人之间变得更加疏远和隔膜?I hoped to find out in my test of Oculus, which involved the latest, prototype version of its headset, called Crescent Bay. For around 10 minutes, I tried it out in a dark empty room with a woman standing nearby to guide me (and keep me from wandering off a small floor mat and face-plant into a wall).我希望通过这次测试找到。测试对象的是一款名叫Crescent Bay的最新版本。我在一间黑暗的房间里测试了大约10分钟,有一位女士站在一旁指导我(同时防止我走出地上的一块垫子,并撞到墙上)。In addition to standing on the skyscraper, I faced off with a snarling Tyrannosaurus Rex with a mouth full of sharp teeth. I was also caught in a street battle with bullets and explosions going off all around me while debris hurtled through the air in slow motion.除了站在天大楼的边缘以外,我还面对了一只张着血盆大口、满嘴白森森利齿的霸王龙。此外我还置身于一场街头巷战之中,身边子弹横飞,爆炸不断,被炸起的废墟以慢镜头飞过空中。I could tilt my head up, down and behind me to get a different view, just like in real life. Images shifted smoothly with no lag time that would have made the experience seem phony. In a welcome sign, I never felt nauseous—a common problem reported by people who have used previous versions of Oculus. But my reaction never matched the vertigo I felt standing on the skyscraper ledge. Maybe my brain isn’t hardwired to fear slightly cartoonish dinosaurs and robots.我可以抬头、低头或转身,以获取不同的角度,就像在现实中一样。画面的转换非常流畅,也没有出现导致失真感的画面迟滞。在播放欢迎标志时,我并未感觉到恶心——测试过之前版本的Oculus的人,都曾抱怨过这个问题。我只是在天大楼边缘那一幕时感到了眩晕感,这或许是因为我的大脑并不是很害怕卡通恐龙和机器人的缘故。Next, I moved downstairs to try out Samsung Gear VR, a headset with a lower resolution display that seemed, in some ways, to be more immediately y for prime time. I could easily imagine television and movie studios along with game makers using the technology to make their productions more immersive.测试完这款设备之后,我又下楼测试了三星的Gear VR,这款设备的分辨率稍低一些,但在某种程度上,它更有希望在短期内投入市场。我能很轻易地想象,影视制作公司以及游戏制作商很可能利用这项技术让他们的作品更有真实感。While sitting in a chair, I dropped in on a Mongolian family filmed inside their yurt and thought how fantastic the technology would be as part of a documentary. I spun around to inspect every part of their home, although the family didn’t seem to notice me.虽然我的身体坐在椅子上,但我的精神却进入了一座蒙古人的圆顶帐篷。我不禁想,如果能把这项技术用在拍摄纪录片上该多好。我转头仔细查看帐篷的各个角落,不过住在帐篷里的这家蒙古人似乎并未注意到我。I also spied a scene from the Hollywood movie Wild as actress Reese Witherspoon’s character, an exhausted backpacker, spoke with an apparition of her dead mother on a mountainside. They never saw me standing there between them, which made me feel almost like an eavesdropper.我还出现在电影《荒野生存》的一幕场景——瑞茜o威瑟斯彭扮演的那个精疲力竭的背包客正在山坡上与她母亲的亡魂对话。她们并没有看见我站在她们中间,让我觉得自己像是一个偷听者。It was the same feeling watching Jerry Seinfeld warm up the crowd during Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary show. I could watch the monologue from the perspective of atop the main camera near the audience. After a few seconds, I realized that celebrities filled most of the chairs around me. While Seinfeld joked, I turned my back to him and tried to pick out the actors I recognized like Adam Sandler, John Goodman, and Michael Douglas.我又出现在了杰瑞o斯坦因菲尔德在《周六夜间秀》40周年庆的演出现场。我可以从主摄像机的视角看见他的表演。过了几秒后,我意识到我身边的椅子上坐满了好莱坞的名人。当斯坦因菲尔德讲笑话的时候,我转过头,认出了身后的几个大牌明星,如亚当o桑德勒、约翰o古德曼和迈克尔o道格拉斯等等。On one hand, it was an incredible experience to feel like I was there with Hollywood’s elite, and, course, the Mongolian family and the snarling dinosaur before. But I also felt a twinge of apprehension because it seemed so easy to confuse this virtual world for reality. In some ways, it could be a blessing by letting people better experience other cultures, like the Mongolian yurt, than they can by watching broadcast television. But I also feared the potential risk of some people choosing to spend most of their time in this fantasy world to escape their hum-drum existence and real human contact.和好莱坞明星坐在一排,深入蒙古人家庭,面对咆哮的恐龙的感觉,的确非常震憾。但另一方面,我也感到了一丝恐惧,因为这项技术实在非常容易让人对真实与虚拟世界产生混淆。从某种程度上,这项技术的到来是一种福音,因为它让人可以更好地体验其他文化——比如蒙古人的帐篷,这种效果是看电视无法比拟的。但我也担心或许有些人会把大部分时间沉浸在虚拟世界里,以逃避他们单调的人生,更加不愿意从事真实的人际交往。 /201504/371650上饶韩美美容医院激光脱毛多少钱 The movie Big Hero 6 has delighted audiences of all ages and the biggest reason for itssuccess is the film`s highly-squeezable hero, Baymax. The soft-spoken robot begins the story as a personal healthcare assistant and ends it fully weaponized, morphing into a rocket-fueled superhero thanks to his newest buddy, Hiro Hamada. These are the top 10 coolest things about him:令男女老少都喜笑颜开的《超能陆战队》可谓大获成功,而影片中超大号充气机器人“大白”正是其最大卖点。言语温柔的大白最开始只是个私人医疗伴侣,不过在好朋友小宏的改造下,大白 “全副武装”,成为了“一飞冲天”的超级英雄。下面就一起来看看大白最酷的十件事吧!10. He Comes With His Own Docking Station自带“压缩包”Baymax can be stored compactly and out of the way as he deflates into his own personal docking station about the size of a toolbox. He`s a practically-built piece of artificial intelligence.在放气之后,大白可以被压缩进一个工具箱大小的“压缩包”中,方便携带。而实际上,他却是一个智能机器人。9. He Can Diagnose Any Health Problem诊断一切疾病Baymax was designed by Hiro`s older brother, Tadashi, to “heal the sick and injured” as a personal healthcare assistant robot. So his diagnosis capabilities are seemingly endless. He`s equipped with a happy face diagnostic scale, defibrillators in his hands, and an admirable bedside manner. He`ll tell you, “There, there, it will be alright” if you are his “patient” and he won`t leave you alone until you`re well again.大白出自影片主人公的哥哥泰迪之手,是一个私人医疗辅助机器人,能够“治愈疾病和伤痛”。他拥有无比强大的诊断能力。他的“胸口”装有表情诊断等级、双手可做除颤器,还有可敬的医护态度。如果你是他的病人,他会对你说“乖,一切都会好哒”,而且一直陪伴你左右,直到你痊愈。8. He Loves Animals热爱动物Baymax is a protector of all life forms and that includes Mochi, Aunt Cass` Calico housecat. He likes cuddling up with the little furball and ensuring his safety.大白守护着一切生命,就连卡斯阿姨家的花猫Mochi也“不放过”。他喜欢抱着这只小猫,给它安全感。7. His Soothing Robot Voice and Face治愈系的语气和面庞Not only does Baymax heal the sick, he does it with a relaxing voice that patients of all ages would find comforting. Voiced by Scott Adsit, Baymax will follow instructions, but he`s not immune to the occasional robot misunderstanding. He`s also simply designed so he`s incredibly easy to love, like Hello Kitty.大白不仅能治病,还拥有令所有病人都听着舒的治愈系嗓音。大白由斯科特#8226;埃德希特配音。他能听从指令,不过偶尔也会产生机器人普遍都有的误解。他拥有极简的外形设计,像Hello Kitty一样讨喜。6. Baymax Gets “Drunk” When His Battery is Low电量不足时就会“醉”One of the funniest scenes in Big Hero 6 is when Hiro has to sneak Baymax back into Aunt Cass` house. The robot`s battery is low and Hiro gets a taste of Baymax the drunkard as the big guy deflates and has trouble walking and talking.《超能陆战队》中最有趣的场景之一莫过于小宏和大白偷偷溜回卡斯阿姨家中,电量不足变瘪的大白就像喝醉了一样,走路摇摇摆摆、说话也断断续续。5. He Can Repair Himself自我修复只需透明胶带As a robot, Baymax feels no pain, obviously, so he carries some of the same qualities as his other movie robot ancestors. Like The Terminator, Baymax can fix himself if need be. All he needs is some Scotch Tape.身为机器人的大白自然感觉不到疼痛,他和其他电影中的机器人“前辈”一样拥有各种奇异的功能,比如像“终结者”那样自我修复。而大白修复时只需要透明胶带就够了。4. He`s Not Fast行动缓慢The most hilarious thing about Baymax may be his dainty little footsteps. Equipped with a fat body and tiny legs, the inflatable hero ily admits, “I am not fast.” But that doesn`t stop him from heading out into the world.大白最搞笑的地方莫过于他“小巧”的步伐。胖胖的身体搭配一双小短腿,就连这只充气机器人自己也得承认 “行动缓慢”。不过,这步伐丝毫不妨碍他席卷全球的速度。3. He`s Highly Huggable看着就想抱抱Baymax`s “non-threatening huggable design” makes you want to squeeze the ever-living life out of him. He`s the Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Michelin Man, and a giant teddy bear all rolled into one. Fred even compares him to a “warm marshmallow.”大白的“无威胁可拥抱”设计,让人忍不住就想紧紧拥抱他庞大的身体和那颗萌萌的心。他就像是“面团宝宝”(美国贝氏堡食品公司的经典广告形象),米其林先生以及大号泰迪熊的综合体。影片中,弗雷德甚至将他比作一团“暖暖的棉花糖”。2. He Makes a Pretty Sweet Superhero软萌的超级英雄After he gets “upgrades” compliments of Hiro, Baymax becomes a rocket-fueled fightingmachine who can soar above the city of San Fransokyo and take out any enemy. Hiro gives Baymax a carbon fiber suit of armor to protect his soft underbelly and creates an Iron Man-like power fist for him that can be launched at evil targets.小宏为大白添加了一系列“升级”组件,让大白变成了一个会飞的战斗机器人,他能在旧京山上空飞翔、战无不胜。为了保护大白柔软的腹部,小宏为他制作了碳纤维铠甲,还为他创造了像钢铁侠一样的火箭拳套,能有效地攻击坏人。1. Baymax is Tadashi哥哥泰迪的化身Hiro realizes halfway through Big Hero 6 that his brother, Tadashi, never intended Baymax to be used as a weapon of vengeance. Tadashi wanted to help a lot of people and Baymax was how he would do it. The robot carries Tadashi`s selfless personality andcalming demeanor and through him, Hiro can still keep a little piece of his brother always.影片中,小宏一度想要把大白改造成复仇的武器,而这与哥哥泰迪创造大白的初衷相去甚远。泰迪希望能帮助很多人,而大白正是他的化身。在大白身上,我们可以看到泰迪无私、冷静的身影。而他也是小宏对哥哥的一丝念想。 /201503/362439上饶肿瘤医院做抽脂手术多少钱

上饶妇保医院激光除皱多少钱 The most popular private jet route in the world is a flight from Moscow to Nice/Cote d’Azur in France, according to a new report.最新公布的一份报告显示,从莫斯科到法国尼斯蔚蓝海岸是全球最热门的私人飞机航线。Rounding out the top five, according to the so-called “Wealth Report,” an annual survey produced by the real estate consultancy Knight Frank, are Miami to New York, New York to Los Angeles, New York to West Palm Beach and London to New York. The frequency of flights are based on data from 2013.国际性物业顾问公司莱坊根据年度调查发布了全球最热门的五条私人飞机航线。调查,除了第一条之外,另外四条分别为迈阿密到纽约、纽约到洛杉矶、纽约到佛罗里达西棕榈滩以及伦敦到纽约。该报告根据2013年数据估算航线的航班飞行频率。While the Russia-France route is the most popular for the world’s richest, the U.S. “remains the world’s most important private jet market,” Knight Frank says. That’s because 60% of the world’s private jet traffic starts and ends in the ed States.莱坊上述报告指出,虽然世界上身家最高的那些富豪最喜欢飞俄罗斯到法国的航线,但美国“仍是全球最重要的私人飞机市场”,因为全球60%的私人飞机航线始发与终点站都在美国境内。There’s also a gender divide among travelers who use private planes: More than 80% of private jet passengers are men, the report says. And the most common travelers are in the 40-55 age range, with private entrepreneurs being the most frequent flyers.该报告还指出,男性和女性使用私人飞机的差异很大。80%以上的私人飞机乘客都是男性。私人飞机的乘客大多年龄在40-55岁,私人企业家使用私人飞机的频率最高。 /201504/368003波阳县卫生学校附属医院去眼袋多少钱上饶双眼皮修复多少钱




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