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The car jostled along a bumpy road into the countryside. In the front seat, the brothers chatted in Arabic while local music played on the stereo. I began to panic. Should I open the door and dive outside on the road? Where would I run to? 汽车在一条颠簸的路上跌跌撞撞,驶入了乡下。在前排,两兄弟用阿拉伯语在聊天,车上的音响播放着当地的音乐。我开始慌张。我应该打开车门跳出去吗?我能跑到哪里呢?We drove for nearly an hour, finally pulling into a small desert village. The car wobbled along gravel streets; half of its low-slung concrete apartment buildings demolished, the other half under construction, as though recovering from some recent war. My visions of the Arabian Nights were replaced by replays of CNN clips of Al Qaeda hideouts. Was my robe to wear for my beheading ?我们走了将近一个小时,终于在一个荒凉的小村庄里停下。汽车在铺满砂石的街道摇摇晃晃;低矮的混凝土建筑物已有一半被拆毁,另一半尚未完工,仿佛刚经历过一场战争。《天方夜谭》的情景被 CNN 所播放的有关基地组织藏匿处的片段所取代。难道我的长袍是为了斩首视频而穿的?I exited the car and stood on an empty street with the two “brothers” behind me. They motioned for me to put on the robe and enter the darkened building in front of us. A few men milled about in the shadows in the alley; one was viciously kicking a mule. Mustafa saw my concern and asked me what I thought.我下了车,站在空荡的街头,那两位“兄弟”在我身后。他们示意我穿上长袍,走进我们面前黑暗的建筑里。有几个人在小巷的影子里游荡;其中一个故意在踢一头骡子。穆斯塔法看出了我的担忧,问我在想什么。“Being a mule is a bad job in Morocco,” I replied.“在洛哥做一头骡子不是个好差事,”我回答道。He laughed and nodded.他大笑着点头。Feeling beyond the point of no return, I pulled the robe over my head and walked to the door. I half expected to open it and see dark, bearded men squatting around a fire, maybe armed with rifles, gazing with fierce blazing eyes and lurid smiles toward their victim dressed for slaughter.我已别无选择,只能将长袍拉过头顶,走进那扇门。我原以为打开门后将看到黑色的、留着大胡子的人蹲在一堆火旁,可能还装备有步,带着冰冷残酷的眼神向穿戴好准备接受屠杀的受害者们投以恐怖的微笑。Instead, I entered a bright, modern room crowded with a dozen sharply dressed Moroccan men in khakis and sport coats, daintily holding cups of tea. They howled with laughter at my outfit. A young girl peeked out of the kitchen and giggled. I stood stunned in the doorway, my bright red blushing face contrasting with my fresh-out-of-the-bag white robe.相反,我所踏入的是一间明亮而现代的房间,里面挤满了穿着卡其裤和运动外套的时髦的洛哥男子,优雅地举着茶杯。他们看到我的穿着,爆发出了哄堂大笑。一名年轻的姑娘也从厨房探出头来咯咯地笑着。我在门口傻站着,我的明亮红润的脸色和刚穿上的白色长袍形成了鲜明的对比。A peppy older man with ramrod straight posture marched into the party, wearing a similar robe to mine. He smiled, eyes bright with mirth as he cross-ed the room to take me by the shoulder. He patted his heart and spoke to me in Arabic.一位精神矍铄的老人以略显僵硬的笔直姿态加入到宴会,穿着一件与我的类似的长袍。他微笑着,明亮的眼神里带着欢快,穿过房间抓住我的肩膀。他拍着自己的心口用阿拉伯语对我说话。Mustafa translated: “My father says, ‘A thousand welcomes’. He is honoured that you have travelled so far to join us for this special occasion. And he says he really likes your djellaba.“穆斯塔法翻译道:“我父亲说,‘非常欢迎你’。他很荣幸你赶了这么远的路来参加我们这个特殊的场合。他还说他非常喜欢你的长袍。”Relatives began plying me with orange sodas and an assortment of home-cooked sweets. Achmed and Mustafa led me upstairs to the pre-wedding feast on a rooftop patio, where I joined a group of men and boys sitting on the floor around a giant platter. Together we broke b and dipped it into sauces tinged with mint, saffron and honeyed yoghurt, along with some garlicky, creamy tahini. We grabbed hunks of grilled lamb on the bone, and washed it all down with sugary mint tea as we looked out over the moonlit Moroccan countryside. I felt like I had arrived in an Arabian Nights tale, and the night was only beginning.亲属们开始不停地用橙汁汽水和各种自制甜点招待我。艾哈迈德和穆斯塔法带我上楼到屋顶露台上的婚前宴会,我加入了一群围着一台巨大唱片机席地而坐的男人和男孩。我们将面包分开,浸泡在由薄荷、藏红花和蜜糖酸奶,以及少许大蒜和芝麻酱混合而成的酱料。我们从骨头上撕下大块的烤羊肉,一边就着香甜的薄荷茶大快朵颐,一边欣赏着洛哥乡村月光下的美景。我想我已进入天方夜谭的传说,而这一夜只是开头。After dinner we gathered outside the building for the wedding procession. Drummers warmed their animal-skin drums over small fires to tighten the tops. Trumpeters carrying the traditional brass nefarhorns tuned up with a flurry of toots. The bride in a shimmering white gown and jewelled tiara mounted a precarious white throne atop the long-suffering mule, while the groom leapt on another. In a cacophony of clapping, drumming, honking and ululating, this group of about 50 colourfully dressed men, women and children (and one white-robed foreigner) began a midnight march through town. Villagers emerged from their homes, rubbing sleep from their eyes to smile and clap along with the celebration.晚宴之后我们聚集在外面,列队参加婚礼仪式。鼓手们在小火上暖着他们的兽皮鼓以使鼓顶收紧。拿着传统铜管号角的号手们在调音时发出嘟嘟的声音。新娘身穿一件闪亮的白色礼,嵌满珍珠的头饰安放在稍显不稳的白色宝座上,由一头长久受苦的骡子驮着,新郎则跃上另一头骡子。在一通掌声、鼓声、号声和叫声的混杂中,这一由大约 50 位衣着鲜亮的男子、妇女和儿童(还有一位穿着白色长袍的外国人)所组成的队伍开始了穿越小镇的午夜进行曲。村民们从家里出来观看,被惊扰到美梦的愤怒随着庆祝而转为微笑和掌声。Our procession concluded in front of another nondescript cement apartment building, where the wedding party climbed to a rooftop covered in rugs, tables full of yet more treats and an endless supply of orange soda, all illuminated with strings of bare light bulbs hanging from wires. A slick-suited Moroccan band, complete with electric guitars and keyboards, burst forth with music. The brothers pulled me out to the gender-segregated dance floor for a few songs.我们的队伍在另一处平淡无奇的水泥建筑物前面停下,在那里婚礼宴会转移到了铺满地毯的屋顶,桌子上摆满了更加丰盛的美食和无限供应的橙汁,从电线上接下来的裸露的灯泡将光线洒满每个角落。一衣着光鲜的洛哥乐队,带着电吉他和键盘,爆发出了音乐。兄弟俩将我拉到了男女隔开的舞池中欣赏几曲歌声。Befitting this mixed Arab-Berber wedding, the band left to be replaced by a traditional Berber horns-and-strings ensemble, while the bride and groom re-emerged to the roof with a new set of Berber wedding clothes, the groom dressed in a desert nomad’s robes, the bride in a billowing white dress bedecked with swaths of dangling multi-coloured jewellery. Fuelled by sugar and tea, I clapped, sang and danced along with the extended family as the band and costume changes continued until sunrise. 为了配合这场阿拉伯人和柏柏尔人之间的婚礼,乐队表演之后是一传统的管弦合奏,而新郎新娘换了一套柏柏尔婚礼之后再次出现在屋顶,新郎身穿一件沙漠牧民的长袍,而新娘则穿着随风飞舞的白色裙子,上面装饰以五斑斓的珠宝线条。在糖和茶水的刺激下,我和这个大家庭一起鼓掌、唱歌和跳舞,而乐队和礼不停地更换,直到黎明。When the party ended, I dozed in the car as the brothers drove me back to town, trusting they would get me wherever I needed to be. Still wearing my robe, I slept past noon in the comfortable hotel, the only effects from my abduction being a sugar hangover and a newfound appreciation that even with all the trouble in the world, sometimes a friendly invitation is simply an invitation, and a humble robe can be a treasure.宴会结束时,两兄弟开车将我送回镇上,而我在车上不停打盹,相信他们会把我带到我想去的地方。穿着我的长袍,我在舒的酒店里一觉睡到了午后,这次在蜜糖中宿醉的“绑架”唯一的影响和最新的体会是,纵然世界麻烦不断,有时一次善意的邀请也仅仅是一次善意的邀请,而一件简单的长袍可能成为珍宝。 /201606/450660Whenever we#39;re introduced to strangers, we make snap decisions about them according to our first impressions.每次我们结识陌生人的时候,都会根据第一印象快速对他们做出判断。Whether they#39;re attractive.他们有没有吸引力。Whether they seem like a decent person.他们看起来像不像正经人。How much they earn.他们赚多少钱。For most Brits, simply asking someone how much they#39;re #39;worth#39; financially is considered grossly impolite. Thankfully, most people are kind enough to drop several clanging hints about their relative wealth or successful careers. They#39;re the ones who post on social media about flying to a meeting for work, or Snapchatting you a photo of their #39;cheeky cocktail#39; from a beach in Tenerife. They#39;re the ones wearing clothes with labels big enough to silently scream about how loaded they are and how well they#39;re doing.对大多数英国人而言,询问别人的薪水很不礼貌。幸好大多数人都很好心,能给出一些关于他们相对财富或成功事业的一些暗示,他们就是那些往社交网站上传一些打飞的去开会或工作的照片的人,或跟你分享他们在特内里费岛海滩上喝鸡尾酒的照片,衣上大大的商标无声地宣誓着自己的阔绰和成功。It#39;s a worrying trend, and I#39;m not immune to it. I#39;ve felt the warm guttural glow of knowing I earned more than somebody, and the baseless grey irritation of knowing that I earn less than another. I#39;ve #39;checked in#39; to places when I know full well that anybody ing it will either get jealous or think I#39;m an arse.这个潮流让人担忧,我真的受不了。我知道自己比别人赚得多了心里会暗暗窃喜,知道自己比别人赚得少了心里会略感悲伤。我也曾去过自以为比较豪华的场所,而且我明白,别人看到了要么会羡慕要么会觉着我厚颜无耻。It seems as though self-worth is increasingly being tied to the careers we choose and the money we earn. A study in 2013, for example, found that nearly 17 percent of unemployed Americans were depressed, compared to almost six percent of those who had a permanent job.貌似自身的价值正逐渐和我们选择的事业还有赚多少钱联系在一起。比如2013年的一项研究发现接近17%的美国失业者很郁闷,相比之下有稳定工作的人中这个比重只有6%。We need to stop placing so much value on what a person earns, and putting more on what they do. Don#39;t get me wrong - being ambitious is not a fault, and achievements should always be celebrated. But when a person uses their success to judge you negatively, it becomes a problem.我们不能再继续把价值都附加到一个人赚多少钱和他们的工作上。你不要误会,有抱负本身没有错,成功也应该得到喝。但当一个人用自己的成功来否定你时,问题就出现了。We need to stop thinking that somebody is worth admiring if they#39;re filthy rich but stabbed everybody in the back along the way to get there. We need to consign the expression #39;Nice Guys Finish Last#39; to the dustbin of history, by realising that being a decent person is not a sign of weakness but a positive and desirable trait.如果一个人腰缠万贯但却在通往成功的路上对捅了所有人,那么我们就不要再认为他们很值得尊敬了。我们需要把“人善被人欺”这句话丢进历史的垃圾桶,我们要意识到做一个正派的人不意味着懦弱,而是一种积极优秀的品质。If you want to know what you#39;re really worth, here#39;s a tip: It doesn#39;t have anything to do with your bank account.如果你想知道自己到底有什么价值,这儿有个建议:这跟你卡里有多少钱没关系。It#39;s about how many times you#39;ve been there for your friends. It#39;s how many times you#39;ve been kind to a stranger. It#39;s every time you did something unselfish, or told your partner you loved them, or treated someone with respect no matter where they were in their own life.你的价值与你帮朋友多少次有关,与你善待陌生人多少次有关。价值体现在你每一次的无私,或者对爱人表达爱意,或者无论一个人在生活中扮演什么角色你都尊重他。So the next time someone boasts about their wealth, remember that they can have all the money in the world, but they can never buy their way out of being a douchebag.所以下次有人再吹嘘他们多有钱,记住他们可以拥有世界上所有的金钱,但永远摆脱不了人渣的本质。 /201606/451949Reputable Areas of Manufacturing Woodcut New Year Picture木刻年画的著名产地Reputable woodcut New Year picture manufacturing and printing shopswere rampant across the country,namely,Yang Liuqing in Tianjin;TaohuaWu in Suzhou ; Minazhu in Sichuan ; Linfen and Xinjiang in Shanxi ; ZhuXianzhen in Henan;Long Hui Tan Tou in Hunan;and Pingdu,Liaocheng and Wei County in Shangdong; Wuqiang, Hebei; Zhangzhou, Fujian; Fushan, Guangdong;and Fengxiang,Shaanxi. With unique styles and features,they each held a place of its own in the forest of folk New Year picture.信誉良好的木刻年画的生产和印刷厂猖獗全国各地,分别是天津的杨柳青;苏州桃花吴;四川米娜朱;临汾和山西新绛,河南朱仙镇;湖南龙辉潭头;和平度,山东聊城潍县;河北武强,福建漳州;广东福山,以及陕西凤翔。凭借独特的风格和特点,他们各自在民间年画林举办中有自己的一席之地。 /201608/461635

1. London, ed Kingdom英国伦敦There#39;s so much to see and do in London, it#39;s easy to be overwhelmed. No matter what your interests, you#39;ll probably find something here. Art lovers should make a beeline for the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. If military history#39;s your thing, don#39;t miss the Cabinet War Rooms.伦敦有这么多能看的、能做的,让你很容易就会不知所措。无论你的兴趣点是什么,在这儿都能找到些让你感兴趣的东西。艺术爱好者可以直接去国家美术馆和泰特现代艺术馆。如果你喜欢军事史,不要错过战时内阁物馆。Don#39;t miss:British Museum, Churchill War Rooms, St. James#39;s Park不要错过:大英物馆、战时内阁物馆、圣·詹姆斯公园2. Istanbul, Turkey土耳其伊斯坦布尔Europe and Asia meet in Istanbul, and throughout this vibrant city, you#39;ll find centuries-old mosques, churches and markets happily co-existing with modern restaurants, galleries and nightclubs.欧洲和亚洲交汇于伊斯坦布尔,在这个充满生机的城市到处都能找到有数百年历史的清真寺、教堂和市场,与现代的饭店、艺术馆和夜店很好地交错在一起。Don#39;t miss: Suleymaniye Mosque, Kariye Museum (The Chora Church), Sultanahmet District不要错过:苏莱曼清真寺、卡里耶物馆(柯拉修道院教堂)、苏丹艾哈迈德区3. Marrakech, Morocco洛哥马拉喀什Your local farmers#39; or flea market may be a fun place to spend a Saturday morning, but it#39;s got nothing on Marrakech#39;s markets.当地农民的市场或者跳蚤市场都是周六早上闲逛的好去处,但马拉喀什市场上什么都没有。Don#39;t miss: Photography Museum, Ben Youssef Madrasa, Jemaa el-Fnaa不要错过:摄影物馆、本·优素福宗教学院、赛义德-埃尔广场4. Paris, France法国巴黎Everyone who visits Paris for the first time probably has the same punchlist of major attractions to hit: The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, etc. Just make sure you leave some time to wander the city#39;s grand boulevards and eat in as many cafes, bistros and brasseries as possible. And don#39;t forget the shopping.每个第一次来巴黎的人可能都去相同的几个主要景点:卢浮宫、巴黎圣母院、埃菲尔铁塔等等。你一定要留出时间去巴黎的林荫大道漫步,尽可能多去几家咖啡馆、酒吧和啤酒吧吃点东西。别忘了购物。Don#39;t miss: Musee d#39;Orsay, Pont Alexandre III, Sainte-Chapelle不要错过:奥塞美术馆、亚历山大三世桥、圣礼拜堂5. Siem Reap, Cambodia柬埔寨暹粒市Siem Reap is a fast-growing city with plenty of new hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. But chances are, you#39;re here not because of the city itself, but for what#39;s nearby: amazingly well-preserved ancient temples. Even if you have the worst jet lag ever, drag yourself out of bed to be at Angkor archaeological Park when it opens—sunrise over Angkor Wat is worth losing sleep over.暹粒市是一个快速发展起来的城市,有很多新酒店、饭店和夜店。但很有可能你来这儿不是因为这个城市本身,而是因为附近的景点:保存特别完好的古寺庙。即使你的时差还没倒好,也要从被窝里爬起来,吴哥古迹公园一开门你就去——吴哥窟上面的日出绝对让你觉得少睡一会儿也值得。Don#39;t miss:Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Angkor Archaeological Park不要错过:吴哥窟、巴戎寺、吴哥古迹公园6. Prague, Czech Republic捷克布拉格Sure, everyone#39;s heard of it, but it#39;s still a grand city with extraordinary historic and cultural sights, and it#39;s definitely worth a visit. The often-rebuilt Prague Castle has overlooked the city since the 9th century, and the synagogues and cemetery of the Jewish Quarter are must-sees. Nightlife here is diverse and plentiful.当然每个人都听说过这个城市,但它仍然是一个拥有非凡历史文化和名胜奇观的大都市,绝对值得一游。多次改建的布拉格城堡从9世纪开始俯瞰这座城市,犹太区的集会和公墓是必去之地,这儿的夜生活丰富多。Don#39;t miss: Old Town Square, St. Vitus Cathedral, Lobkowicz Palace不要错过:老城广场、圣维塔大教堂、布科维茨宫7. Rome, Italy意大利罗马It#39;s nicknamed the Eternal City for a reason. In Rome, you can drink from a street fountain fed by an ancient aqueduct. Rome is also a city of contrasts—what other place on earth could be home to both the Vatican and La Dolce Vita?它被赋予“不朽之城”这个别名是有原因的。在罗马,你能直接喝街道喷泉里的水,是从古渠道流过来的。罗马也是一个对比强烈的城市——还有哪个城市能同时容得下罗马教廷和《甜蜜生活》(电影名)?Don#39;t miss: Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini, Colosseum, Borghese Gallery不要错过:乐多莫斯罗曼瓦伦蒂尼宫、罗马斗兽场、波格赛美术馆8. Hanoi, Vietnam越南河内The charming Vietnamese capital has aged well, preserving the Old Quarter, monuments and colonial architecture, while making room for modern developments alongside. Lakes, parks, shady boulevards and more than 600 temples and pagodas add to the appeal of this city, which is easily explored by taxi.迷人的越南首都历史悠久,保存有老城区、纪念碑和殖民地建筑,同时也为现代发展留出空间。湖泊、公园、林荫大道和600多座寺庙、宝塔都为这座城市增添了魅力,搭乘出租车就能轻松游览这些景点。Don#39;t miss: Old Quarter, Vietnamese Women#39;s Museum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology不要错过:老城区、越南妇女物馆、越南人类学物馆9. New York City, New York纽约州纽约市The first time you go to New York, go ahead and be a sight-seer—everyone should visit the Statue of Liberty, the Met, Times Square, etc. But on a return trip, pick a neighbourhood and go deep. You#39;ll find hole-in-the-wall bars, great delis, quirky shops… exploring the non-touristy side of New York is an incredibly rewarding experience for a traveller.你第一次来纽约的话就去游览一番吧——每个人都应该参观自由女神像、大都会艺术物馆、时报广场等等。但如果是再次来,那么就选择一个地段深入探索,你会发现狭小的酒吧、很棒的熟食店、古怪的商店……探索纽约非旅游区的一面对游客来说非常值得一试。Don#39;t miss: Frick Collection, The High Line, Broadway不要错过:弗里克美术收藏馆、纽约高线公园、百老汇10. Ubud, Indonesia印度尼西亚乌布The village cluster of Ubud is the ideal place to try a famed Balinese massage and soak up the ambiance of one of Asia#39;s top spa destinations. Ubud is also the vivacious centre of Bali#39;s arts scene, home to a small treasure trove of museums and galleries. Monkey around at nearby nature reserve Monkey Forest Park, home to hundreds of mischievous long-tailed macaques. Don#39;t miss the valley of tomb cloisters at Gunung Kawi.乌布村落是体验著名的巴厘岛传统和亚洲顶级矿泉疗养的理想之地。乌布也是巴厘岛充满活力的艺术中心,是一个小型物馆、艺术馆宝库。到附近的自然保护区猴子森林公园逛一逛,那里有数百只淘气的长尾猕猴。不要错过卡威山的石龛群峡谷。Don#39;t miss: Neka Art Museum, Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), Kecak Fire amp; Trance Dance不要错过:奈卡美术馆、阿贡拉伊艺术物馆、凯卡克火焰舞 /201608/461896

Google has thanked an 86-year-old British grandmother who proved old-fashioned manners have a place in the modern world when she typed ;please; and ;thank you; in an internet search.谷歌近日向一位86岁的英国老奶奶表达了感谢,这位老奶奶在网络搜索时不忘写“请”和“谢谢”,明了老式的礼貌在现代世界中依然有一席之地。May Ashworth#39;s grandson Ben John found her laptop open and took a photo of the unusually polite online request. She was asking for a translation of the Roman numerals MCMXCVIII.梅#8226;艾什沃斯的孙子本#8226;约翰发现她的笔记本是开着的,于是就给她极为礼貌的网络搜索请求拍了张照片。当时老奶奶正在搜索罗马数字MCMXCVIII的译文。John, a 25-year-old from Wigan, has been retweeted more than 11,000 times.来自英国威根市的25岁小伙子约翰的这条推文被转发了超1.1万次。He told the B he and his boyfriend do not have a clothes dryer so they go to Ashworth#39;s house for their laundry.他告诉B说,他和他男友没有干衣机,所以就去奶奶艾什沃斯的家里洗衣。;I asked my nan why she used #39;please#39; and #39;thank you#39; and it seemed she thinks that there is someone – a physical person – at Google#39;s headquarters who looks after the searches.他说:“我问奶奶她搜索时干嘛要用‘请’和‘谢谢’,她似乎认为谷歌总部有人——一个真人——在看这些搜索请求。;She thought that by being polite and using her manners, the search would be quicker,; he said.“她以为如果礼貌地询问,搜索结果就能更快地出来。”British television shows use Roman numerals on their credits for the year the program was made. Ashworth had seen them and wanted a translation into modern-day numerals.英国电视节目用罗马数字来记录节目制作的年份。艾什沃斯看见了这串罗马数字,想让它们翻译成现代数字。Google UK thanked ;Ben#39;s Nan; saying: ;In a world of billions of searches, yours made us smile.;谷歌英国对“本的奶奶”表示了感谢,说:“在数以亿计的搜索词条中,你的词条让我们微笑。”;Oh, and it#39;s 1998,; it added. ;Thank YOU;.谷歌英国补充说:“哦对了,你想知道的数字是1998,谢谢。”Google#39;s official global Twitter account, with more than 15 million followers, also expressed its appreciation.拥有1500万粉丝的谷歌官方全球推特账户也表达了赞赏。Trillions of Google searches are made every year.谷歌搜索量一年可达数万亿。 /201606/449943

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